Sunday, December 29, 2013

Worst Films of the Year List 2013 According to Forbes.

I gotta admit, some of these are agree with and one or two are on my list: Die Hard 5.
But some of these don't:
Elysium: While not as tight as District 9 and it does play like some fo the sci-fi movies of the 1970's
like Soylent Green, there was enough action to keep this running along and the cast was good.
Sharknado: This was suppose to be a bad sy fy movie of the week. Actualy this was one of the
funiest movies of the year. Adam Sandler couldn't touch this stuff! And if I had a beer for everytime
I yelled "INCOMING" I'd be past out drunk on the floor by the end of the movie.

As far as "Men of Steel" that was the one movie tht I agree I had so much issues with but
didn't make my top 10 lworst list. The film had it's moments. Crowe as Sups father still works for me.
I like the Godzilla comparison for the third act. Good observation. That's the third paragraph in the
"Men of Steel" review.

MOnday more top 10 lists and Tuesdays a couple of movie reviews.
Hint: All is Lost: Redford Oscar Nod for Best Actor. I was very surprise.

PS Hopefully that Big Mish Mash this week or anything! I need to put something up before the NY.
Letts see what happens.

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