Wednesday, August 30, 2017

End Of Summer Wrapup

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OK boys and girls: Today's pass word is "Clue" as "They don't have a friggin clue"

Wow worse than we thought. Amc theatres lost 45% and Regal lost 28% attendance. If I was working with any of these chains I'll be looking for a new job. Yikes, talk about the writing on the wall.

Adn the numbers are still going down the tubes compare to the past. The whole spectrum is changing and Hollywood refuses to listen. Aren't they watching Game of Thornes. Now those are numbers.
Other details on what is happening at the Box Office. It's pretty obvious that not only the studio doesn't have a clue but when they do get a hint that something is wrong they are in denial. Great management.
Adn they wonder why the Movie Experience is dying a slow death. So many options and built in stay home audiences it's no wonder that Studios still don't have a clue.
Another bad decision. This is so sad in desperation that their trying to catching up with Marvel. Now that they got that Wonder Woman they think they can't fail. This is even worse with their arrogance and killing DC as it is.
As mentioned on the Live show, this just reeks of desperation. But I could see this on the cartoon network or Disney channel on cable. But on the big screen? Really?
They are really pushing this aren't they. Guess they afford to fall flat on thier face if this tanks. But lets face, fans like me will tune in, give it shot but will we take it for a few years. Remember Enterprise tanked after 4 years. While I love the cast and the SFX is greater than ever will that be enough?
Who cares. Just make a good Bond to make up for the last one. That whole thing stunk. And one of the worse thing was the song which got an Oscar. Not even the British recognized that song!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Wonder Woman: The Big Summer Winner

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New Update:
Wow, kind of mean ain't it. I like the last paragraph about the "5 time married" Cameron. Funny.

This is a really bad idea. And it doesn't matter who's behind this. Jared Leto was totally miscast and made a poor Joker. Hence why his part was cut. Let's face it the best part of Squad was Harley Quinn.
What abummer. No actor wants to be cut from a film. But then again here was another wasted part.
Problem is this movie has been cut to smithereens who knows what we are going to get.
So these pictures are interacting with each other which is kind of cool. But now we know that Kong was still growing in Skull Island, he can match up with Godzilla in size. Man that's huge.
These guys are close to the $1B mark. Even took the studio by surprise. Yet we are getting another DM$ and Minions. If I was one the fimmakers on this I'd be thinking or retirement in a few years, lol.

The one picture nobody predicted for her own solo movie. And as far as the numbers go, mega titles have fallen short aka BvsS which should have crossed the $1B mark and fell short. But if anything it puts pressure on future releases for DC. Both Bats and Justice are sitting ducks now. And only DC has itself to blame.
A legend that I grew up with on TV. My favorite was The FamilyJewels in which he played mutiple chracters all related to one another. Why this was never remade is beyond me. But Eddie Murphy was smart in picking the Nutty Professor. A great remake of a classic. Something very rare nowadays.
My co-host Mark didn't see what the big deal was with this franchise and hated thelast one. Me on the other hand I was like BOSS! But never mind that. According to the article the only other franchise to compete is Shrek which is by Dreamworks. Long story short. Disney is Pissed cause they are out of the loop. And how did that happened? lol.
AS far as the original goes it was a draw. You see Kong swimming away leaving viewers thinking that Godzilla lost. But Godzilla is a sea creature to begin with, so he just swam away from the fight.
"Geez, I'm king of the monsters and I'm fighting an over size Gorilla? Really? I'm outta here."
Another one? Wasn't his background and family covered in the CloneWars already? And was anyone asking for this to begin with? Sign of desperation from Disney or are they just happy to milk the merchandising as much as they could?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

007 Bond is Back

One more Live show on Aug. 25 before we take a break in September. Latest show on YT.
New Godzilla talk in the bonus section below links. Movie reviews coming soon.

So finally the rumour is true. Here is my thing. No Mcgregor no deal. He is already playing a young Obi-wan, not the old hermit in the original Star Wars. And CG can fix his appearance anyways. Make thing is having another young actoris too distracting aka Han Solo movie. If Ron Howard was not at the helm fixing this, it would have tanked.
Finally he's made if official. Also it helped his 2 year contract for that series was put on hold until he does Bond so looks like he had no other choice. Look lets face it, its huge bucks. Who wouldn't do it? Lazenby (OHMSS) doesn't count. Funny he made this announcement on Colberts show and not any of the others as Colberts ratings are going thru the roof thanks to the politics going on in this country.
Guess who's not coming back, lol. Talk about pushing your own brother under a bus. Damn. The thing was if Afflecks gangster film was not a bust things would be different. Then comes Director Reeves who throws Afflecks script out the window after he boots Affleck out of the director's chair. Affleck was the best choice for a new solo Batman. He should leave and tell them good friggin luck. Lets not forget, Reeves Last Ape film tanked at the box office which earn less then the other films. Did the studio forget that? And that filmed sucked big time.
And talk about the studios need to wake up. This film is clearing over $700M in China ALONE!
AS mentioned in the article only 2 other films can claim clearing over $800 & $900 in the U.S. alone and that is Star Wars and Avatar. China is not fking around that's for sure.
Cruise, Deadpool, Walking Dead. For crying out loud, where's the safety concerns lately? Um doesn't seem right with all this going on. Just saying. Shame.
Stop the bitching. If Hollywood made better movies instead of depending on rehashing franchises this wouldn't happen. But we know this, how come the studios don't.

Bonus Section: Godzilla Talk
This can go so many different ways. My take is that the Oxygen Destroyer can actually meant for King G. He is to big for the trio of GZ, Rodan and Mothra to take on. Hint: leading to more sequels. And to think it's meant to kill GZ is kind of killing the franchise to begin with. Remember: Garth wanted Mechagodzilla to be next and took that walk. And we still have Kong and that Easter egg of Gamera.  There is too many in the canon not to be ignored for this new franchise.
Godzilla in the future . Ok studio copycats, how about Star Trek going into the future instead of backwards. Let Godzilla lead the way for that franchise is the way to go. It came up with the Monach angle and Universal Monsters is trying to do the same thing and that rumour about Bond characters getting their own solo pics. Thanks to Godzilla. So there.

Bonus 2:
Talk about missing the joke Mr. Sensitive. That's their angle. And like any movie there are mistakes that can't be helped but you still enjoy the movie.  I've been trashing crap for over 29 years and still working in this business. Wow lighten up dude. One of the highlights in the video "GAme over man" Funny!

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Games of Thrones Big Dragon Hit

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Mini-reviews:1 to 5
Sharknado: 3; Yes silly and dumb but a lot more fun then most summer movies this year.
Emoji Movie: 2; where were the jokes? and not enough of Capt. Poop, the only reason to see it.
Atomic Blonde: 1; besides one or two fight scenes, it was just a total bore. no sequel please.
Kidnap: 3: Halle pulls it off to keep your attention even tho there was quite a few WTF?

The first actor to play Godzilla. My other favorite character he played was one of the Gargantuas in War of the Gargantuas along with King Kong Escapes and Frankenstein vs. Baragon. I met him once at a G-fan con. Very gracious and friendly. A meeting I will never forget.
Surprsingly Tower beats Dunkirk for the weekend but it won't even come close to getting the big International Box Office that Dunkirk is getting. Lets face it, most fans were watching  GOT and Sharknado instead of going to the cinama.
2 articles with different points on the making of the episode from the director. Just seeing the Dragon burn everything in site was a highlite of the show. Took long enough to get to the end tho.
They cover a lot so I decided to include both of them. Heck the episode earned it. Dragons!!!'
Banana ! or just thisis nuts! who figured but those little guys did me proud. And at least shut out Shrek as the biggest animantion money maker. Man I hated that franchise. So overrated.
It's easy to compare the saleries due to the properties, but one is cable and the other is cinema and at the end it's who gets the better back (extra goodies) end is the one who really is the winner.
While this is getting to be tired news, the idea of remaking On Her Secret Majestrys Secret Service sounds great. As that is the only Bond film to feature a One Shot Actor in the role. So at least it can be part of the Craig franchise. Wasn't Spectre a low key remake of You OnlyLive Twice and a bad one at that.
All those writers and the best they could come up with was that train wreck. Actually after the failure it was decided that plan didn't work out. They should of hired that monkey and his typewriter.
A blown opportunity. At least Campbell had final laugh with is own Ash series. Both the Freddy and Friday reboots failed big time. And again theyare going ahead with those Chainsaw and Halloween franchises this October. They just don't learn.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Wonder Woman For The Oscar?

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Another one to see in the theatres. While this trend is picking up speed with these re-releases aka TErminator, Close Encounters, etc at least theyare putting classics that are meant to be seen on the big screen. And another way for the studios to fill those empty seats after this years disasters of sequel, reboots etc. I saw Blazing Saddles last year and brought back memories of having a gret crowd laughing along to an old classic like when I saw it in my younger years. Watch Disney re-release Star Wars in 4K for more Kaching!
BAd idea. Does anyone remember a book written about 15 years ago that told this stroy already about Khan. But it was told from Kirks point of view. Barely remember it along with the title but it was about that.
There's a lot of books about Treks past they need to go into the future. Helloooooooo....
Already the Oscar push, this and Dunkirk. But remember this makes sense. Dark Knight got like 7 nominations the first time for a superhero movie so why not WW? Dunkirk is this generations Saving Private Ryan, amovie that deserved to win for Best Picture but lost to Shakespeare in Love. Remember that one? Yep the one with Ben Affleck. Wow that hurts.
Well that was close. Emoji was beating Dunkirk on last Friday. But that burned out quick. Even surprised it even had a chance after all those bad reviews. Nope didn't get to see that one yet.
There was actually a book about Khan stranded on the planet, and Kirk wanted to know what happen on that time period leading up to the Wrath. But then again here is another copy cat about exploring different points of the history of Trek aka Transformers, Universal Monsters, Bond etc..
Dunkirk proved to be a big success in Nolan's choice of filming in 70MM Imax hence in making close to $12M at Imax thetres. What they fail to mention that Transformers 4 was in filmed in 3D Imax and was a total trainwreck.
But it doesn't answer the question. Will it be in 3D now that Imax says its cutting back. See related article.
Yep another gimmick. Maybe for a Star Wars movie but I would rather go to an amusement park for my thrill rides.