Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio Show now playing: Trek, Bond, Transformers, more.
Reviews are coming in and it's all good. See below. All the trailers are seperated so you can click on them individually. Yes, Fast Five is my favorite so far, followed by 6 then the original.

Is it because of Walker's death nobody wants to say anything bad or is it that good. Let's face it.
Is there such a thing like a bad Fast Furious movie. Maybe weak aka No. 2 but this is not for the critics but the fans. For me a celebration of family and a final goodbye. And then......

F8 in NYC. Hell yeah! Now where do I sign up? They have to have a chase scene on one of the bridges. That is a NYC must have. Hopefully the producers don't screw that up. Interview on Kimmel included here:

Hamill always did like this role.And to see him in even more shows is a good thing. Again this show just keeps raising the bar. And lets face it, after seeing an episode of the Flash, watching Shields is such a downer. But maybe that's me...

Another Disney animation to live action. But can't help thinking of the concept a girl who pretends to be a boy. Yentl with Barbra Streisand is probably the most known. Hopefully this Mulan won't be a musical. I can hear it now. "Papa can you hear me?..."

Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday's Movie News

Check out Fridays Blog 3/27 and today's as they are both referenced on today's New Blog Talk Radio Show.

Since the Blu-ray release has done huge business with fans like me who grew up with this in syndication, this is so cool to see. With the original dynamic duo doing the voices. Check out the video included.

Maybe he's in or not. Maybe he's a Klingon or not? Same thing they did with Cumberbatch as Khan.
This reminds me of the "007 Spectre". Is Chris Waltz not Blofeld or is he using another name? Kind of fun I must say. The mystery continues. Just the idea Pegg is helping writing this is good enough for me. Again check out the picture "Paul" with Seth Rogen doing the voice of the Alien. Total si-fi Fandom. Yes, I do own that Blu-ray.

Spoilers ahead in the article. But it looks like a big opener. New stills and the video trailer again.

Time to wrap this trilogy up. The last two sucked big time. Especially the last one. That looked more like a Hollywood parking lot than Japan. And fighting a robot again aka Iron Man. Please.

Funny and stupid at the same time. Of course the video everyone is talking about is just to nasty to post here. But it's all over the internet so you can find it there.

Note: New Photo albums will be added all doing the week on Flickr, Please see website for details.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday's Movie Links

New BTR (Blog Talk Radio) Show this weekend. Lots of Trek Talk.
In this blog: Trek News and all related, Bond, Transformers, Bats VS. Sups
What did I say? Finally somebody woke up at the office. It makes sense. 50th year Anniversary.
And Singer being a total geekster Trekker/Trekkie (huge plus) and being in the last Trek:TNG movie, Nemesis (he gets sucked out the window at the end, freeze frame) he is the best person to make this happend. Actually he tried and got shut done thanks to the reboots. Oh heck read the article.

This has unseen TV pilots (can you recongnize some of the actors from previous shows?) and has the 14 page Treatment written by  J. Micheal Straczynski of Babylon 5 and Bryce Zabel in PDF from. Thank you LR!!!

Like Roddenberry's son David,Trek Nation (on Hulu, free) was a well done Documentary. Nimoy deserves one himself and who can do that better than his son? Looking forward to it.

Congrats to Ms. Collins on her DBE. Great photo. The one and only Edith Keeler looks fantastic.

Stewart and Macfarlane working on this should be a hit.  Fans of American Dad, like me, should get a kick out of this. What I love about Steward is he's great sense of humor about himself. He knows how to make it work.

This will add extra bucks at the boxoffice which will guarantee to beat Skyfall all time box office and it will fall into the top 5 of all time. That's not a prediction. It's a fact. Just check out Boxofficemojo.com for all time World Wide and you'll see what I mean.

Basicallya giant tease if anything else. No action what so ever but thrilling no less. Wait till the next one.

For crying out loud, Let it go, Let It Go!!! And they want Akiva Goldsman to lead the charge not Micheal Bay. Akiva who? Writer of Batman (the really bad one) I Am Legend (horrible third act) and Lost In Spcae (thanks for ruining for childhood). Talk about from bad to worse with this franchise. Funny video included about product placement in the last movie. Wish I could say this is  funny but when you think about it, this is so sad.

Another article worth repeating Tranformers? Hell No! Scroll to the bottom to see a 6 minute video on Batman Vs. Superman, Who would win the fight. Cool 6 minute breakdown.

Movie reviews:
Kill Me Three Times: 2/5. Disappointing considering the ensemble cast and Pegg plays it mostly straight. But it does have some interesting twists near the end. For Pegg fans and the curious only.

Tom Felton Meets the Fans: 4/5
Felton from Harry Potter fame goes to meet the fans at convention with interviews from fellow celebrities including Potter himself. Lots of cosplay scenes from Trek to Apes!  Felton does a great job in this documentary. Really fun even tho ab it short when you start getting into it like I did.

Note: A New Radio Show will premiere next week. To Boldly Go... but is still part of the Live from PR series.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thursday Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio coming this weekend. Live From PR, Pt. 2, Pt.1  now playing.

Does anyone remember this show and it's movies? Well it started as a movie with James Caan and Mandy Patinkin (above). A reboot aka Apes with writers from Iron Man. Now this can work as this needs to be presented to a new audience and if they can work it out as a franchise like Planet of the Apes  then better still. The movie was great but the tv show was shakey but when it was cancelled ahead of time the studio knew they screw up and came out with the mini movies for tv at the time.
I love this see this back on the big screen and where did District 9 get the idea in the first place?

Hopefully he can with Trek is what he did with Zombies. Like in the previous blog enough with the retreads. With Trek and MI5 coming up, Pegg has "Kill Me 3 Times", An Australian film with a cast ensemble. Review coming tomorrow. In the meantime check out this interview with one of the stars..

Good interview with Braga. Haven't seen her in quite a while so glad she's making the rounds.
Movie review here and on a brand new show on BTR (Blog Talk Radio).

Another IPMan movie with a CG Bruce Lee. Not big on these movies and the idea of a Bruce CG, while a great curious piece of entertainment, is really a bad idea. If this works, would we see more of this in the future. Knowing Hollywood....

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wednesday's Movie Links

New Blog Talk Radio show now playing. Live From PR Special, Pt. 1

Klingon Villain and as noted in the article some will root for him to win. Twould be a great role after Thor and Pacific Rim. But the last thing he needs to play is a previous character in the Trek universe. It has to be a brand new Villain. Resorting to rehashing old themes aka Khan is very tiresome sholwing no imagination and just plain lazy. I don't care if it's an alternate universe, enough is enough. Can we have something original? Wrap up this trilogy and get Star Trek back on TV where it belongs.

Lousy looking poster if you ask me. And they couldn't have given Gimm a better face? But it still looks like its in good hands. But then again anything could be better than the last two pcitures.

While this might be a stretch, fans will be curious (me) and zombie fans will be hungry (yep a pun) once Walking Dead ends the season. And the trailer is good timing with that. But will it end his losing streak at the boxoffice? Well this would be different thats for sure.Video and pics included.

There's more behind the scenes about Eastwood not doing Star Is Born so Cooper doing this with Beyonce is one hell of a gamble. I can see Eastwood saying this now:
Better you than me kid.

AS mentioned on the last show. Note the website as this is one of the sites Background extras use
to keep inform on the shooting locations for movies.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio Special now playing: Live From Puerto Rico, Pt. 1

Well we do talk about moviesright? Well there's do cool movie poster and the very cool 7 minute video short to go with it. All Action with Heavy Rock music and no dialogue. Well done Paul.

This is so much fun and that's why we love Tom Hanks. And which other actor would acknowledge all the bombs he did in the past. Joe vs. The Volcano? Really. What a great sense of humor. Love the ending with song. Nice touch.

I'l let you guys decide on thsi one as this is just a rumour but everything has been approved. Ok, whatever that means.

Oh oh, too many in one movie aka Expendables 3 doing cameos with 17 major actors.  That wouldn't be so bad if the movie is 3 hours long. Hopefully we won't get the rush job we got in XM3. At least we finally get Tatum as Gambit as that was long time coming. With Singer behind this this will be fun. Ratner ruined XM3 that won't happen again.

Concept: Rude nasty talking teddy bear with a passion for smoke, liquor, party girls. But wait!!! let's him some heart and soul and who actually cares about people. That is a big difference. As mentioned previously on the Family Guy and Simpsons crossover, even they acknowledge some of the same traits. But while Homer is dumb, he is sweet. Peter is just a plain loveable asshole. But both are idiots, but you can never get enough even tho the haters beg to differ, then you can't win. But glad Seth did.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio taped this past weekend is now playing: Live From Puerto Rico.
After the success of Capt. America 2 it's no surprise. Still can't believe these guys started with Arrested Development, a show I didn't even bother watching. One show is enough for me. But if you listen to the Commentary on CA2 along witht he writers, who hopefully will do this film, these guys know how to approach this material. With Josh moving on, it's good to know this is in good hands.

Tom 'Cajones' Cruise is back, on a plane no less. These stunts are better and better.  This and F7 are bringing back the macho action back to the summer. If Sly had the budget and better scripts (less actors) he would be part of this action. And looks like Simon Pegg has a bigger part. That's more like it.

What did I say on my latest Blog Talk Radio Show? What is new is old and what is old is new.
Who knew this would come back. But it makes sense. The fans didn't like the way the show ended ans the second movie sucked. And Both Duchovny and Anderson are back. Especially Duchovny, he has to starte acting again. Californication was not much of a stretch from his real life, Duh! A short season if perfect so they can do a third movie and do it right  this time!

Casr in point: Why did Fox Tv Empire over 16M viewers tune in. Cause of people like me
who missed it the first time around and caught on Hulu (for me a Saturday & Sunday binge) so when we got to the last episode we had to see how the season ended. If there was a special report about the Big One hitting Earth we would have caught up on Hulu. And now Hulu has exclusive rights to the show for Season repeat and all future seasons. Proud to say I am a Cable Cord Cutter. So there Comcast!

Note: The latest Blog Talk Radio shows are part of a 6 part series that are taped live from
Puerto Rico. These are solo shows which are a supplement to this blog. A chance to catch up.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday's Movie News

Update 3/22: New Blog Talk Radio Show
'It never got that bad when we were in the recording studio. Did I miss something?'

Wow, this got real big. Heck, that's how I caught up with this show. Binging from Ep. 1 to 6 on a Saturday and the rest on the next Sunday a few weeks ago. Yep, right on Hulu. How wonder they got the gig.

Atlanta, Berlin and Puerto Rico. How's that for strange locations in one movie. Not even Bond 007 did such a stretch. And for PR it's from the storyline of Agents of Shield when they went to San Juan.
I'm leaving PR by the time they get down here. Talk about missing the schedule.

Look at the picture of the group reunion. These were the same bad MF from all those years ago?

So far Mark Millar transition to the big screen has been a mix bag. But with Writer Chris Morgan from Fast Furious franchise this would get a better treatment. But lets face it, it's hard to screw up time travel but Hollywood still manages to mess it up anyways. And no I didn't see Hot Tub Time Machine 2. It disappeared after the first weekend where I'm at. Wow, that's bad.

2 videos included. Good fun. Lucas probably wishes he included it on one of his many re-releases.
By request this was the original article posted a few days ago which I didn't post. Oops.
From an video editor's point of view it's interesting how three different set pieces are put together for the final act of the movie. A style of the franchise that hopefully JJ will follow in No. 7.

Note: From the "Empire" episode where Lucious and Son were both playing on the guitar and keyboard, this is the Casio CZ-5000 from our Brooklyn studio. In the show they were playing a CZ 3000 which was in black casing and doesn't self record. Old gear that still matters and works.

Note: Radio show coming by the end of the weekend.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thursday Movie News

Finally. And who knew Leviit was a Jim Henson fan. This actor is always dedicated to the work he's nvolved in and he's is going to produced this? Even better. And I could see him as Doc. Actually he could play whatever the heck he wants. Just the idea him pushing this project after so many false starts is great news. Something new from our youth is always great news besides the usual remakes.

Mentioned in the same catagory as Walking Dead and Big Bang Theory, two big huge ratings busters. Not too bad ain't it? And hopefully it doesn't burn out in the 2nd season. But with artists like Snoop Dog and Classic Patti Labelle with Jennifer Hudson belting out tunes this will get even bigger.
And even I didn't get my big fight with the two leading ladies jumping into the pool, they did have it next to the Pool table. Close enough. Next year I'll wait for the Pool scene. It's tradition damn it!
Trivia: In the episode "Die But Once" they find an old keyboard which is a Casio CZ-3000 (old school) which is the same keyboard we have in our recording studio in Brooklyn which was a big surprise.

As this answers a whole lot of questions (continues after A2) it also brings up new questions.
Like dealing with both the girl and Hicks death in A3. Oh the mystery. Whatever. Just get this done.

Now this makes sense and he would be perfect. Of course the fanboys are not happy with anything and probably would hate this for whatever reason. Check out the video interview with Parsons. Cool.

Live from Puerto Rico is still on. Due to family drama getting in the way, I'm hoping this will premiere this weekend. This will be a 5 part series (maybe more) before I leave here and head back to NY at the end of April.
An Empire Photo will be posted here tomorrow with more details.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

Say Hello to my little friend!
WTF, Why? Pacino's Scarface is a modern day Fking classic. How the Fk they're going to top it? What, more FU's? Fk that. Total Fking fail and Fking LA out of all Fking places.  Fking Hollywood, not a Fking original idea in their Fking Head. Check out the video included and count the Fking FU's included. Yep, a Fking masterpiece.

Another Fking Masterpiece. Brand new Blu-ray release. What! Double dip again? Fk yeah, with abooklet included that they should have done the first time around.  This and Scarface are the perfect
double feature on a Saturday Night.

Hey dude, forget about the N word. Want to make it real? Look at the 2 pictures above. That's what the show need. Regardless of musical styles, all my years in recording and rehearsal studios, we were not talking shakespeare that's for sure. Especially yelling at the drummer for not keeping time, thank god for drum machines back then. (See Whiplash). This show belongs on Showtime/HBO then let the colorful language begin.

Sandler needs this so bad. At least it's not Grownups 3. While it's a cute idea, this has a lot against it:
Video game movies suck.
Pac Man is the villain?.
Ghostbusters wanna be ripoff.
Screenplay by Writer of Grownups 2 and Little Nicky. Total Fail.
Trailer looks like it has the best parts to the movie. Ok I'm done.

 Blog Talk Radio Special is happening for sure. Right after Empire Finale. Can't miss that.
"Live From Puerto Rico" will be a special mini-series which will include photos posted on different
Socials including Pinterest and a bunch of others. More on theshow.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

Have to agree with everyone. It does look like the cover of GQ magazine. Where are the girls? Every cool Bond poster has the females. Well back to the shop until they get that right. Just show the mini videos and that should be good enough.

Rumours that Mike Myers wanted to do another Austin Powers. But with this and the success of Kingsmen that idea might be to late. Also Man from Uncle, another Mision Impossible and others in the making with Carig saying Powers ruined Bond I don't think the picture would be welcome.

Ptretty cool to see the new cast members but is it me or is this starting to look like an Expendables movies with all these charcters trying to squeeze in at 2 hours plus. How many are going to be in the next one?

Now this would be something that RDJ would say to DC. If anything Momoa should tell Fox with the X-Men franchise to take a hike, you just can't beat Marvel at this stage fo the game, Sorry Aguaman.

The decline of regualr tv thanks to all that binge watching on our tablets. Thanks Hulu your the best.
I would say Netflix but we don't have that hook up where I'm at or I would thank them too, lol.

Note: The radio will now be a 5 part special Live from Puerto Rico. All 30 minutes back to back for the next 3 weeks. More on tomorrow's blog.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday's Movie News

Reviews are coing in good and strong. This includes more scenes that shows a lot of the action. I wish they stop already. Save something for the premiere will ya guys? How much more convincing do you need I'm going to be there that first weekend. Oh maybe this behind the scenes clip then?
Quick behind the scenes 3 minute clip from ET show. Real stunts to tribute of Walker.

Like Big Bang Theory with their quick Leonard Nimoy tribute at the end of the show, The Simpsons included a quick video at the end of the episode. Short but to the point.

How could she top this past season singing that David Bowie song? She should have stuck around for one more season but can Lady Gaga pull it off in the new season? That Oscar bit was impressive.

Great choice. I predicted his score for Grand Budapest Hotel would win an Oscar as it was that good even tho I didn't think much of the movie. While Godzilla was disappointing his other scores prove he can pull it off. This should be interesting how his score is going to measure up against John Williams work for Star Wars. But he can pull it off.

Since Ted the movie there has been interest in bringing back Flash G but the amazing thing is tht they actually might bring the original Gordon himself Sam Jones for this. Seth Macfarlene is happy that's for sure considering what a big fan he is of the movie.

Note: Due to a tech problem both the Radio show and this blog have been delayed due to a big outage at my location. The radio show special will premiere this week.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio Show by the end of the weekend.

We got the title but no mention of the plot. Is this theone on Boba or not?  Director Johnson from "Looper" is doing SW 8. While I liked Looper his previous films where whacked. More on the show.

This past week I post Evans and Pratt visiting the childrens hospital and now RDJ is pitching in with this. This is very cool. More celebrities should be doing this. On ABC news they mention the arm costs $350 to produce. All thanks to 3D printing. The beginnings of Star Treks replicator. Yes!

Love the classic and this is really not necessary butone for an all star cast and so far the cast looks good. My problem is Director Fugua. He's direction drags too much for my taste and Equalizer was a friggin yawner for anything to happen. I know Denzal and Fugua are tight but this has the wrong director.

This should have been a few years ago instead of the Cars sequel which I did like but a sequel to Incredibles was the sequel to make and they blew that. But you can never go wrong with a Toy Story sequel. And talk about a sequel nobody is asking for (ok it's me)........

Noooooo! All I can say is Let it go, Let it go already.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio show this weekend.

Cheesy, over the top, melodramatic, soap opera, tv novella nonsense. It's the 1970's all over again!
Dallas meets Dynasty meets Rap. The only thing missing is Cookie and Anika going mana a mano fighting into a pool. (Dynasty)  My new favorite show. After the last Talk Shoe Radio show I got busted that I haven't seen any of the shows. So I did my producers homework and the spend this past weekend on  Binging Watching the show courtesy of Hulu.  Now I'm all caught up and hooked. More on the next radio show bu this really has to be the big surprise of the year so far and no one is talking American Idol that plays before it. Man that is so over....
PS: SNL sendup of Empire with Chris Hemsworth was funny as heck, space chicken not so much.

Capt. Kirk as the Lantern. Ok but one problem. Isn't The Lantern suppose to be tall? Pine is kind of short. Nick picky, maybe. Hopefully he won't have a cgi suit to wear, that was aweful. Poor Reynolds, bouncing from film to film until he landed back with Deadpool. And check this video out with a 12 year old Reynolds dancing. Rock it Deadpool!

One word why this won't happen in two years: $$$$$. Sorry couldn't resist, it was too easy. This is a great way to get a raise by telling producers all over I'm not doing this anymore. Besides, look at Harrison Ford and Indy Jones and the Crystal Crap. He was in his mid 60's and at 72 he's going ahead with Blade Runner. That's if he stop flying those old planes. Neeson is going to milk it for what it's worth. Besides he has to do another Taken Trilogy like those Fast Furious movies anyways.

Disney is jumping on this bandwagon and with other studios to remake these new hybrid of Live/CGI. How original.   And having Tim Burton doesn't help matters. He is one of the most overrated Directors. Never a fan. Alice in Wonderland. Sucked. Planet of the Apes. Horrible. Big Eyes was cute but not for a second viewing. I'll wait for Netflix to see how bad it is.

I have to put my 2 cents in on this one. First they deserve a raise. The movie did huge and they didn't even get a backend, profits from the boxoffice!. Excuse me but they did take theri clothes off. And like this project is going to make them big stars. Maybe if they could act. Not their fault, the script sucked. But still you think these are Oscars winners? Lets be real. Look at The Hangover, so called comedy. Everyone got a raise. That film was horrible. Let these two have their raise, its' all they got.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuesday Movie News

"Oh no, I've been branded and re-franchised! Who am I gonna call?"

New Blog Talk Radio show coming before the weekend.
This really has gotten out of hand. I put some news on this yesterday but nothing like the listing thats included in this article. They are not Busting around with this (couldn't resist the pun). But who would have thought Tatum is behind this? And his real life Pratt is being mentioned in this. Well Dan Akyroyd finally got his wish of rebooting this after all.

I didn't post anything related to Harrison Ford as it was too early to tell if anything really happened after the fact. But luckily instead of posting a dedication, we can look forward to Blade Ruuner news as the re-release of the original and the go ahead with the sequel. At least that's happening. The Final Cut by the way

It's about time. For us hard core fans we've waited for this a looong time. He's going to need this. That Zombie movie is not going to cut it and the jury is still out on Terminator. And we don't need a sequel to Twins. The first time was a one joke idea to begin with. Arnold, what's up with your agent?

Serkis finally got to be Director of his own film. But I can't believe his got competition with another Jungle Book from Director Jon Favreau with help from Disney's no less. Apparently someone didn't get the memo.

Monday, March 09, 2015

Mondays Movie News

New Radio Show coming this week.

Have to admit she was a highlight of the show especially going up against the Penguin. But with so many other original characters from the comic books it makes sense to move on. But man she was good.

How the heck did this happened? Talk about not letting go. Goes to show you after that Spidey disaster Sony is desperate to franchise anything! Producer Reitman evenmoved in the studio lot to set up shop for his productions. Of course there must have been office space available after they cleaned up shop after that Spidey disaster.

This was faster than I thought. But then again considering eveything else at the boxoffice this weekend bombed. With no competition this beat Hungers Games 3 for the top spot for 2014.. It might be a cheat that most of the money was gained in 2015 but that 2014 released date is officially.

Since I didn't post last Friday this was mentioned the next day for those who might have missed the ending of the episode after the credits. Includes video of the Spock action figure episode.

While not a big mention as some others he left a major contribution both in the animation world and to the real world to help others. And a huge animal lover to boot ith his causes. Very noble.

More on the car chase and behind the scenes in Rome. Great location for a chase scene.

While the show is stll weak the year, Hemsworth sure made the best of it. And that Avengers skit was the highlight. he's having a ball with that. The episode is playing at Hulu for free.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Thursday's Movie Links

This weeks TAlk shoe Radio show now playing. NewBlog Talk Radio show next week.

Back in the old days, we had the original "Planet of the Apes" Marathon. See all 5 movies in one day.
Didn't make it even at a young age that takes a lot of coffer to sit thru. But I love this idea for anyone who can pull it off. And the price is cool. But is there a pillow big enough for your ass to be comfortable?

Holy crap Batman, it's Daivd Bowie aka The Thin White Duke! Look it up, this is how Bowie exactly looked like back in the 70's has his alter ego Duke. Now that's scary.

While going to TV makes perfect sense since their is an audience but not as big as some other franchises, I\what I'm really surprise is that they still have 3 other movies in the works. Aren't we stretching this a little bit much?

American Sniper is going to be the Second biggest picture of 2014 after this weekend. It was released around the 2014 holidays to that's why it counts for that chart. This was the point I was making, if the Oscars had more top grossing movies, more commercial nominated the ratings would be better. The only reason the Oscars had the numbers it had to begin with was because of the awareness of Sniper.
Now the question is will it take out Hunger Games 3. Looks that way by next weekend. Let's see.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News.

Leonard Nimoy dedication now playing on Talk Shoe Radio.

1 video and 2 shots included in this article. While I love the trailer I hope they stop putting out anymore before we know the whole damn movie. These trailers show enough already as it is, lol.

Well you still have familiar faces and it's all about the alien attack anyways. Shame, Will Smith should have done this, his latest movie is a stinker.

Said this before and I'll say it again she is miscast and miss built. Call me spoiled or a hounddog (our choice) but I grew up with Linda Carter in the 1970's and unless this actress can grow to 44 Triple D this is not going to work. And don't get me started on the acting, who the hell cares!

I said this a few years ago and this makes perfect sense. What did I say on the radio shows? Most of the movies this year didn't even deserve to be nominated to begin with. The box office proved nobody went to see these. . And that's why nobody cared about the oscars. Who cares who wins?Look at the Saturn Awards 2015 nomination list which I posted on yesterday's blog. If the Oscar had those nominated they would get better ratings. Duh!

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

Leonard Nimoy Tribute now playing on Talk Shoe Radio.
Note: I shorten the blog title to Movie News instead of Movie News Links since it's the same thing.

Now this is the picture that should have been made a few ago. Six Director Goddard taking over is the right way to go. And both Aunt May (really?) and Venom (did work the first time) projects gone they concentrate on getting Spidey into the Marvel fold.  Spectacular this is.

Another angle on this news. Finally Avi Arad is out. Remember he said nobody would be able to fire him as it's his "property". This is so funny. Mr. untouchable is out along with others. See, anyone can be fired unless your the Mouse at House. Man I love this...

Look at the transformation begin as they shave the beard and all. That final picture does make him look like a younger Joker. I don't care what anyone says, with an Oscar win and able to change like a chameleon he should be able to pull this off.

I know, again with these friggin awards but look at this list of nominees, if the Oscars had these films nominated maybe the ratings would have been bigger. Best Sci-Fi Film Release nominees includeds Godzilla! And they have a Best Superhero Adaption TV series including Flash, Arrow & Gotham!
If only this was televised this would be fun. Maybe one of these days....

PS Heard about that James Bond Bootleg video. Yep they took it down already. So much ofr posting that article.

Note: Another Blog Talk Radio coming this week as promised. Didn't I would catch up did ya? lol.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Monday Movie News

New Talk Shoe Radio Show now playing: Tribute to Leonard Nimoy with Special Guest David Skolnick from Celluloid Club, whom I met on the Google Community "To Catch a Movie".
Another show on Blog Talk Radio coming this week celebrating Star Trek.
Also Please see Friday's blog for this blog's dedication to Nimoy.

Great article with a cool video collage (near the bottom) and they picked ST3" Search For Spock as the most underrated. Glad I am not the only one who feels that way. How wonder I'm a member on this site, lol.

Love the comments posted on people's opinion on how this should be played out. For me, forget about 3 & 4. All that fighting and rescueing Newt just to kill her off in No. 3 just ruined the franchise for me. Good to see Newts character and bringing Biehn is the way to go.

Gimmick or cool idea.? I like the idea of bringing of people from previous movies and shows into the fold. They had Christopher Reeve in Smallville so why not. Cool idea.

Again check out the comments, most agree with her. It's her opinion anyways. I'm just waiting for her in Furious 7 to kick some ass. What's wrong with that?

Looks like another country has better tastes in movies than the U.S. C'mon, why the hell did Shades makes so much money. Besides being a total bore it also had 2 actors who should have kept their clothes on. This is going to get the Raspberry awards for the worst everything for 2015. My first picture for the worst of the year so far.