Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday Links including Best and Worst Lists.
Everything but "Machete Kills". It was an in joke on 007 Bond Moonraker that nobody got.
Everything but "The Call" with Halle Berry. Great "B" movie that has it's moments. With an over the top ending.  A 2 for Tuesday worth seeing.
"Dads" should have been the first one. Shame for M Fox and Sean Hayes. Those are great comedians but stuck in bad shows. Parks and Community should be on this list, never liked the damn thing to begin with.

Make sure you read the comments that he viewers lift, pretty much on the money.
At this rate I';m surprise this wasn't on those lists above. This has no chance at the Oscars. Oh well.
So Fast 7 is going ahead.still curious how they are going to edit this together.
Let's not forget Vin did the voice of the "Iron Giant" which much people forget. And that was a great movie
which paid tribute to the old 1950's sci-fi movies of the day.
We said this on our live show a few weeks back with our review of the show.
Chick flicks are taking over. Well they can't be worse than the male macho movies of lately.
Some of which are bad or just pain boring.

The Big Mish Mash showing coming this week. The Best and Worst with a new co-host also coming.
Godzilla show coming first week in January. Other specials will be premiere also in January.

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