Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links
It had to take Star Wars to beat The Avengers especially with those trailers. But Shades of Gray at No. 4, really Ladies, did you expect to see anything?
You can actually print these and read the scripts yourself and see what the big deal is with some of these films. At the same time you can see how some of these films transitions on making it to the big screen. Spoiler alert: If you read these without seeing the movie don't be surprised by the ending, The Butler Did it!
If you compare Steve Carells performance to this video you see that Carell has half of it right but just concentrates on that one moody side of him. This was the same with Jesse Eisenberg take in the Social Network. Eisenberg just took that one look and milked for the whole film. A lot of actors take this approached and get Oscar nominated. See, you don't have to go full retard. Go figure.
This is so funny and so sad. Some of these deserve to be taken down a peg ro two especially with their salaries, most overpaid. But the funniest is No. 1. You get naked and nobody bothers seeing your film. Man, that's gotta hurt the ego.

A very family oriented cinema in the town. Not a rated R movie listed. Maybe an occasional Horror movie but far and between.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tuesday Movie News Links

Well everything else coming back like Star Wars and Jurassaic Park sequels from the 70's & 80's why not throw this in the bunch. Even with the female cast angle. It was ok with Bill Murrey, right?
The point to all this? Please read the following articles and it's sad the studios are going backwards instead of original material for the future.
More 70's & 80's but at least Stallone has his fans to keep these projects happening. He sure keeps busy. While Ex. 3 tanked over here he just keeps pushing on with more projects. Rambo 5 is a stretch but Creed is a good angle to bring back Rocky and finally getting that Gangster flick, which is way over due.
"Fck it. I quit!" Was my favorite moment. And People in the background are always good for a good laugh. Great 15 minute video to put a smile on your face. But some are not laughing looking back at 2014. See the next article. I find it funny as heck
Not to repeat myself but I've been saying and my co-host partner Mark and Me said it loudly
on our live show this summer. At this point Hollywood is just plain in denial. And like I said before the tv/cable ratings prove it.
This was to obvious with everyone in denial again. But it sure helped Seth Rogen and Co. on "The Interview". That's what Sony gets for making a bad Spidey movie.

Xmas week had 2 screens for Exodus and NY Eve week has 2 screens for the Hobbit 3.
And those penguins are still around. A very religous and family oriented cinema for this small town.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday's Movie Links News

Blog News: SW Rebels Clips, Lego Avenges Ultron Clip, Box Office, Interview Update,
Who is this guy? Who the hell cares when you have one of the greatest Sci-Fi ships of all time on the big screen. Even I built quite a few model kits myself through the years of the Falcon.
PS there are a lot of articles on rumours of what's going to happen. If it's not solid I don't bother anymore so as far as that Han Solo thing, Prove It!
What's with the hate with Rebels. Fans are still complaining about this. We're getting Yoda back with Frank Oz doing the voice.  Ain't that a reason to celebrate? I like the show, much better than Clone Wars, which took me forever to get used to that style of animation.
Can never get tired of this. With all the work that goes into this you really have to appreciate it.
Hobbits go out with a bang and with a final laugh to have the top spot with so many new movies that came out this weekend. But congrats to Jolie and Streep for typing up for the 2nd and 3rd spots. Wow that close. Girl Power all the way! But let's face it, without top Franchises selling the box office the future looks bleak and TV/Cable is killing it. Talking about home viewing........
Not shabby at all considering the mess this film was in. This is the future and Hollywood doesn't have a clue. But read at the bottom about the guy who brought $650 worth of tickets for this to scalp. What was he thinking besides greed of course?

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links

Sandman as Big as Godzilla? NOT!
In this blog: Marvel, Sandler, Ash, Turtles, Wahlberg. New Blog Talk Radio now playing.
And this is the reason Hardy moved on to Suicide Squad. Even he knw nobody can be bigger than Godzilla. These are the geniuses are work at  major movie studios who think they know everything.
And this studio just doesn't have a clue and here's another proof in the writing. Forget about rebooting Spidey, forget about Spidey going back to Marvel. How about forgetting about Sony and tell them to get out of the movie business all together. Bigger than Godzilla. Really?
Here's another reason what's wrong with this business. Not only him. Check out the top 10 salaries listed on the bottom. Besides Hanks and Denzal are they really worth the money. Let's face it, these guys made a lot of crap compare to some decent movies. But everyone has their favorites.
Now here is a head scratcher. But there is a misprint as far as the "brief statement" goes. It should read:
     "Kaching Kaching Kaching. Sequel, spinoffs, netflix, oh my! I saved my parking space for life!"
Gotta love the original statement tho: "High-quality repeatable entertainment", what film are they talking about?
This is so cool since that last lousy reboot killed the franchise. Kind of like Ash-Walking Dead style.
We all know that Chris Rock and Jim Carrey were attached to this. And by time Wahlberg gets around to this it's going to be called the 6 Trillion Dollar Man. Doesn't matter. They'll probably spend $100 bucks on the script anyways. But Director Peter Berg and Walhberg from "Lone Survivor" doing this? Now I'm curious.

Note: Well that's it for the week. Part 2 of Blog Talk Radio Award Predictions coming after New Years as soon as I can catch up with more nominees like Birdman and Theoryof Everything.
And of Course Talk Show Radio will be a end of year Best of before those Specials in the New Year.

Happy Holidays everyone and don't drink too much eggnog. I know I will.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tuesday's Movie News Links

In this blog: Pee Wee, Trek, Interview (again). New Blog Talk Radio show now playing.
What a kicker. Pee Wee is resurrecting his career with Netflix being his next move releasing his movie. While Adam Sandler is trying to save his career by going to Netflix. (Men Women Children was horrible).
PS They also coming to the rescue by giving Chelsea Handler's her own Late Night Show. Ch. E! gave her a hard time with censors and all.
Wow, didn't see this coming! Read the comments, fans are pissed. They are right. Trek is Smart SCi-Fi. Not dumb over the top action Well the last trek was kind of hyper. I loved the last few Fast Furious movies for what they were and Lin did a great job with them. But for this gig? It comes down to the script but this is a studio call and it's obvious they want a dumb over the top action summer movie no matter what the subject is. Another reason for Trek to go back to TV. One good thing tho, at least the movie won't have wall to wall lens flare.
For those who still are curious. What no LA or New York release? What are we scared of?
Bad Reviews by major critics?

Mondays Movie News Links

New Show Now Playing on Blog Talk Radio: Award Predictions. Please see widget.
This was a great goof. But actually the reason I'm posting as this relates to a previous article where Daniel Craig says Austin Powers screwed up with the parody of Blofeld and Spectre. Now this brings up memories to the Austin Sequels. Rumours of course of a fourth one. Favorite line was "If you want a bomb in the theatre just play Love Guru. Who can forget of that stinko?
PS The Interview lastest rumour is that is going to Crackle which is own by Sony. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Oh hell no. How about a female Indy Jones while your at it. See the comments, same thing. Make him a 006 or 008. (009 died in Octopussy). Another Spy spinoff would be cool if they want to keep this modern, I would hae no problem with that. But 007 has to be a womanizing, booze hound, gizmo carrying White Guy. Simple as that. How wonder those rumours of  Exe. Pascal of being fired keep coming up if she keeps coming up with these dumb ideas.
Talk about last laugh. I posted this last week and over the weekend this has turn out to be a big deal.
But 5th best selling comedy on Amazon and 53rd best selling DVD? Really? FK Yeah!
Look who's talking! I was not a fan of a 300 page book turned into a trilogy with 2 hour plus times.
While the third did kick ass finally it just couldn't hold to the previous trilogy. It had a big been there done that feel. And massive CGI overkill. While the film did  have it's moments including a nice final shot of a picture frame showing.....NO Spoilers! Another great moment was seeing Christopher Lee's appearence as this might be his last one due to health problems. Check out the video as a nice touching goodbye with Billy Boyd singing the song. I didn't know Hobbits could play instruments!

Note: Got Blog Talk Radio Show finally posted with Talk Show next in time for the Xmas Weekend.
Boyhood is the most overrated of the movies nominated. With that said.........

Friday, December 19, 2014

Fridays Movie News Links

In this blog: Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Robert Rodriguez, Sony and Bongs.
Now here is something nice for the holidays among all this other selfish crap about studios losing money, internal politics and all that nonsence. Well we got Chewie and Co. but where's Luke and his crew. Common, new trailer at Superbowl halftime.
I posted a link yesterday (third one down) and said maybe they knew they had a bomb on their hands. Well a lot of things are pointing in that direction isn't it. I'll leave at that.
At this point nobody cares. But I just want to add from previous articles aka Hollywood Reporter and Variety that Rogen got paid $8M and Franco $5M upfront. And as far as those  backend points this will eventually show up on cable/netflix so there's no need for Seth and Franco to worry about those refilling those Bongs till next year and more, lol.
This most have no budget whatsover. Rodriguez Sin City 2 lost major bucks, Sony is losing everything including their minds, why this got green lit in the first place is beyond me. Sure, Robert can make things on the cheap and still being effective, I'm not going to take that away from him. Look at Machete 2, cheap but fun for those who like that style of genre. But Fire & Ice needs a major budget since the first one was costly for and used blu-screen animation primitive for it's time. But Sony? Hope Robert has Machete 3 lined up just in case.
Over 6 scripts? Well don't be surprise. Back when the first "Hulk" Director's Ang Lee's version had 6 scriptwriters and only 3 got credit and most movies now a days have at least 3 passes of  script writers before landing on the final one. And don't be surprised there's even a few more to added to brush up on the script. I know, somethings so simple and still they have a hard time. Just look at the art work. Re-designing Wonder Woman is a nightmare in itself. And you thought I was going to pick on DC again? Or back to picking on Spidey and Sony? Don't need to, they're doing find destroying themselves as it is.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thrusdays Movie News Links

Blog: Puppets, Hobbits and Kong?
Puppets, really? This is a threat to our well being. Since when wooden objects hanging by strings are a threat? I didn't even know they were still showing this at theatres, now that's pretty cool. Fk Yeah! Speaking of which....
Actually too many funny moments but I could never look at Thunderbirds Are Go the same again after this. And that goes for Stingray too (remember that show?) and anything puppets.
What do I think? This will do huge on DVD/Br just for curiousity sakes. Either that or the movie was so bad Sony didn't mind pulling it out of theatres on Xmas. A lot of people agree you can't buy publicity like this. Well nothing else to see for the Holidays but The Hobbits which reminds me....
Noooo, people are just tired of Hobbits. Those 2 hour plus did not help matters either. But the audience will get the action they've been waiting for and this will do great for the Holidays. Face it, there's not much competition.
Kaching if he can get the rest of the rights. But scroll down and a few mention Skull Island and Son of Kong. That's what I said when they made the announcement. But Legendary Pictures is doing a modern reboot which makes sense if they are going to pair up with Godzilla.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links
Wasn't Galaxy more of a Star Wars style movie? But Hey, instead of repeating itself with Khan, Klingons and time travel let go ripoff Marvel! Look I love my Sci-Fi but after binging on Star Trek TNG and DS9 on my Amazon Prime it's time for Star Trek to go back to it's roots on tv/cable.
Just when everyone thought The Avengers Ultron was the coolest trailer of the year along came the Star Wars video which was just one big tease. Where's Luke? Oh by the way these two will cross the $1 billion mark or Very Close. 50 Shades of Grey? That doesn't count. Like that's going to make $1 Billion at the box office. Ladies please.....
And this article...
It sounds good except for one problem. Read the comments posted and I agree with them. There isn't enough movies in a month to go to see. Most can wait till Netflix and other sources. Take away the blockbusters, which of them suck anyways, and what do you have?
PS Most of the Xmas movies have already got mixed to bad reviews. What does that tell you?
First just the hacking alone was great publicity for the movie but now this is just bad news. This is the kind of publicity you Don't want for your movie. Well there's always sales on DVD/BDF. And if you notice I haven't been really posting news on this much since the big news will be the aftermath after all said and done.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesdays Movie News Links
Multiple pics included here. Notice no price mentioned? Go to Amazon for your mouth to drop.
My friend got The Iron Patriot LTD edition for $300. He's got the better paying job, what can I say.
So here we go with the cross overs. I like westerns and this seems like a good idea but my question is:Yo Quentin, where the hell is "Kill Bill Complete Uncut 4 Hour Directors Platinum Edition"?. I mean you have time for this crap.
Well according to Honest Trailers they are both the same which is funny in itself
Now this will be the way to start the New Year. Plot? Really? Who Cares. Body count!!!
Love No. 2 with that Heavy Metal Black Death Yell: 2 Dead Thugs!

Bragging Rights Department:
Again I was right with Gone Girl for the top nods and Interstellar for the SFX nods
but this time it's the Best Supporting Actress catagory: Tilda Swinton for Snowpiercer!
But these awards have something none of the other awards have, Best Action and Sci-Fi/Horror.
Does it matter? Nah and nobody cares but for us fan boys it is fun:
Action: Caps, Edge, Guardians and my choice is Edge of Tomorrow with Cruise as Action Actor.
Sci-Fi/Horror: Snowpiercer, Apes, Interstellar with Snowpiercer as my choice.
Both Under the Skin and Babadook were both boring dreadful piece of crap that should get no nods.

PS So what is this bragging rights crap? No I'm not showing off. Lol. It's an inside joke I'm sharing with you guys, where I bet my friends if I can guess the right picks by the end of the year. Yeah, they call me a show off.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Mondays Movie News Links
Pics and video on the first day of filming. They are sure not wasting any time filming this.
Talk about 007, remember when the Bond producers turn down Spielberg for a chance to direct one of the films, so Lucas said they have their own James Bond and Indy was made. So, how many different actors have portrayed James Bond. Same thing here. Ford is too old. Some people just have to let go. And talking about Indy Jones....
Ford says it's the best script written? Translation: Lost the Indy Franchise so let me milk this one.
So many don't like Rebels but I get a kick out of it. And now Yoda is showing up. I wish some fans would quit bitching. Too catoonish, same line clone wars, jeez give it a break and don't watch!
So thye modernized the story aka KK 1976 to present times. So he can do battle with Godzilla.
I mean thats everyone wants. Who cares about this story? This all leads to the remake to Godzilla Vs. King Kong. Thank you.
This is horrible even with a huge 3D price cheat and playing at multiple screens at the same cinema. And contrary what the studio thinks this will get wipe out on Christmas weekend with so many movies coming out on at the same time. This will need a miracle.

Note: Did a new test run on Blog Talk Radio. Very short but still have the dropouts. Now thats
the Stations problem. Putting a New Talk Shoe Radio show on before Xmas. Wish me luck, lol.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursdays Movie News Links

$300M for a Bond Movie? Yikes! But they will get their money back that's for sure...
Today's Blog: Frakes (Riker) as Trek Director, Star Wars, Female Dr. Who, Golden Globe Nods
Budget talk and that big spoiler about Waltz role in the film, Duh! More of this on the next show.
Commander Riker as the next director? Hell yeah! He did great with First Contact, Insurrection was a bad script he got stuck with and does a Lot of TV. Didn't J.J. come from TV?
Trading Cards anyone. I still have my Empire and Jedi cards. But somehow lost most of the original Star Wars New Hope. Oh well as far as the names go kind of boring, don't you think?
A female Dr. Who ! There's been talk about this for a long time and would love this happenm. Just the dynamics played into the show would bring this up a notch. That and some better scripts. This past season was a mixed bag for sure.

Special Note: Bragging Rights Department
Golden Globe Nominations List:
From our Live Show on MNN this past summer we did call out Gone Girl for
Best Director, Screenplay and Actress.
We called Interstellar for all the Best SFX aka Gravity the year before. Why?
Christopher Nolan got dissed for Best Director and nod for Screenplay. Good. Overrated.
And this is what is going to happen for the Oscars. So far so good in our yearly predictions.
More on this on the Radio Show.
The we didn't see coming was Jolie's Unbroken and American Sniper for Film and their Directors.
The other big one was Walking Dead! What the hell were they thinking. No Zombie love here.
The big surprise was Q Wallis for Annie. I backed up her up for her Beasts Southern Wind and won me a $20 Buck bet but even she couldn't save Annie. Thanks to the Hackers for letting me see the film  ahead of time. If your a huge Annie fan of the original your going to hate this.

More details on the Radio Show coming before Xmas Holidays. Date to be announced now that the family drama is out of the way.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links

I'm going to leave you with these 3 articles on the matter and let you decide. You already know what my opinion is on this matter. I'm just waiting for me and Mickey to have final laugh.
That Sony hacking sure opened up a can of worms and know the Wall Street Journal out of all things are jumping on the bandwagon. Great stuff to talk about by the water cooler at the office. lol.
By the way the best stuff is in the comment section. Looks like the people posting know more than the studio itself.
Everyone is an expert but nobody can get anything done. That's the good old studio system for ya.
Other studios read this and are jumping on the band wagon. (see Jump St/MIB link below).
Like we've been saying before if Ming Na and Chloe Bennet were not on this show I doubt we be seeing this every week. The Flash took me by surprise and fun to watch. With a pretty cool crossover with The Arrow to boot. Talking  about The Arrow.....
I posted this way down here as this might have a slight spoiler with the vide and pics. Beware.
While I like the idea for crossovers but this is a stretch. Now it looks like they'll mash anything to make a new franchise. But this states that MIB3 lost money. At over $600M? How the hell did that happen?

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Tuesday's Movie News Links

In this blog: Bond, Oscars, Pacino, Krypton news.
Slow news day so I decided to post this as the first article. You can never go wrong with Bond girls.
Of the 3 pictured I would have preferred Adele Exarchopoulos from Blue is the Warmest Color, way cuter than Seydoux, one in the middle of course. So who would be your favorite Bond Girl of all time. Mine? Quite a few, lol. Hint: Video link posted on the bottom of this blog.

Hell, Boyhood is getting all these nods and NO WAY that deserves even to be considered for Best Picture. Well in that case I want my Apes in there along with Snowpiercer, Edge of Tommorrow and Guardians. I didn't mention Birdman as I haven't seen it yet. Got to be fair. But it did get 6 nods for the Spirit Awards, Film Independent that is. This Oscar show is going to be the worst. Oh I forgot, nobody cares. Well that makes my job easier for the Radio Show next year, lol.
Does anyone remember Dick Tracy? Which Pacino got an Oscar nod for Best Supporting Actor, make and all. He'll fit right in with a comic book./marvel franchise. Dick Tracy was suppose to be one but that didn't work out.
Jumping on their own bandwagon aren't they? With no established characters who is going to relate to this? At least they have the freedom to explore any kind of background and make it up for the most part and not put themselves in the corner. But is anyone going to care besides the hard core fans?
Ok not THE favorite but one of my favorite scenes of a  Bond Girl.
ps blog wouldn't let me upload the video for some reason. This Youtube page was put together
by me by the way for my partner who no longer works with the show. This page is a spinoff to our main page on Youtube by the way.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Monday's Movie News Links

In this Blog: Flash, Godzilla, Bond, Star Trek, Star Wars and a new cinema experience?
I remember this from way back when, and it's so cool for Hamill to do this. He knows his fans appreciate this from the conventions he does. This show keeps coming up with surprises thats for sure.
Great news for us Godzilla fans who want more of the big guy but The Studio makes us wait. And Toho listened! They also listened to the big Kaching when the merchandise flew off the shelves with a new generation discovering Godzilla. Whatever it takes the ore the better. Now, who is he going to fight? A classic Kaiju or a new one?
Time Travel script to feature Captain Kirk. So they re-visited Wrath of Khan and then they wanted to go with shades of "The Voyage Home" (time travel, not the whales, lol). So what happened to the big Klingon show down? This franchise needs to go back to TV so bad. One last film with who ever the hell directs it with whatever plot, like to see this crew one last time, then send it to syndication land.
Love this trailer. Simple, direct, straight to the point and going back to it's roots. Perfect.
Talk about denial. Knowing that whoever makes the next Star Wars is going to be way better than
what he did with the first trilogy (I do like the third). THEN knowing J.J. is going to nail it has to hurt....big time, lol.
Desperate gimmicks. Just make better movies and stop depending on these HUGE break the bank blockbusters. The cinema experience is not going to change to fact that they can still screw up the Spiderman Franchise, giving us another Transformer movie, and giving us a comedy sequel nobody was asking for (I'll let you fill in that blank).

Friday, December 05, 2014

Friday's Movie News Links

Blog: Dr. Strange, Deadpool, 3 Bond Link with behind the scenes 14m video.
He is finally getting is own franchise instead of being second banana aka Star Trek and Smaug. And after getting his Oscar Nod for Imitation Game (it's a sho in) he's pretty soon going to get his Robert Downey Jr. F.U. Money. Guess being nice, humble and being a good actor helps, lol.
He actually wasn't bad as the Green Lantern (movie sucked) and that Deadpool character was botched up. And considering how much time he spend on developing this I think he deserves a shot. We all know it can be worse with another actor and DC has a loving passion of screwing their movies (stay with tv) so lets see how this pans out.

2 More follow ups to James Bond:
14 minute video with 43 picture slide. Very cool.
To you hard core fans who have been listening to the shows and reading this blog:
Craig hits it on the head in this article. Blofled, Spectre and that Damn Volcano!
How many times have I mentioned that stupid volcano along with the girls on the beach, lol.
Bring the fun back, the gadgets, gizmos, girls and the villain's hidden liar inside a.......wait for it....
This will bring you up to date on the Bond mythology. Pretty good for a short article.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Bond...James Bond 007

Update includes The Flash/Arrow rating news and "I'm Back!" Terminator Trailer.
Spectre. Aston Martin. Blofeld?. The Alps. He's back! Old school Bond.
Playback of the Livestream is now in repeated looping mode. Very short presentation surprisingly.
Breakdown of the event from this morning.
While they mention Spectre they never mention Blofelds character himself. But what a great cast. Bautista, Belluci, Seydoux, Scott and of course Waltz.
But the best part about this is the title:
"Spectre" Gotta love it. Short and Straight to the point. Non of that Quantum of Solace crap.
But Waltz is not playing Blofeld but a character named Oberhauser. So where's Blofeld?
Either Oberhauser is a disguised name for a big reveal at the end or he's working for Blofeld.
The producers got the rights to Spectre and Blofled so for them not to use Bond's ultimate nenemis would be a waste. Sooner or later Blofeld will show up.

While the story has not been mentioned, all this points to On Her Majesty's Secret Service revisited.
Even tho it won't be a remake the plot points will be there to start off Spectre.
Sam Mendes acknowledged he grew up with the Sean Connery and Roger Moore films and Skyfall even had nods to Moore's Live And Let Die. When Craig's Bond stepped on the Komodo Dragons in Skyfall that was a direct reference to Moore's Live stepping on the crocodiles.

For those who grew up with the Connery films in the 60's You Only Live Twice was the film that we officially saw Blofeld even tho he was always in the background in the previous films.
But in the novel it was OHMSS is when Bond is introduce to Blofeld for the first time.
The films were done out of order. It was confusing at first when fans went to see Majesty's as some thought it was a reboot since Bond would have obviously remembered him in Twice.

For me this is a dream come true and saving egg on my face as I'be been saying for years that once the producers get those rights they will go old school. Well another bet won.

More on my next blog tomorrow and highlights of my favorite Bond moments.

Other Big News if that's what you want to call it. Whose idea was this anyways after Bond?
Basically a remake even with those friggin lines, you know them. This franchise needs The Rock to save this. At least the flippin bus looks cool. But Arnold as a Grey haired Terminator?
And some good ratings to boot. While some shows are getting cancelled after a few shows these two will be around for a few more seasons. Keep up the action like this last Arrow episode and some headless suit will be able to keep his parking space.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links
Like I said in previous blogs, Leto was the right choice and Smith was obvious when he turned down ID4. And good for Hardy after doing Bane. He's had way too many flops after that. He deserves a hit. One more role is still open: I'm going for Viola Davis, she nails it as that Laywer who gets away with murder tv show, lol.
And nobody mentions the Superbowl, the most obvious one with over 100 million viewers, DUH!
That's the one where we see the original cast. For Christmas should be a variation of the first trailer like what they did with the Avengers trailer. But that's just me.
This and Stallone doing Creed is all fine and dandy to relive the good old times and to bring them back the new generation just doesn't care, it's all about Superheros. There's only a small audience for these films and even then they get pissed off when the movie makers changed things around and refuse to see the movie.
At one time his "Smokey and The Bandit" was the second biggest film of 1977 after Star Wars and was a movie idol to a lot of fans including yours truly. Fast forward to see this as one time he was the biggest money making star of his time. Wow.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Tuesday's Movie News Links
The last big hurrah for the fall tv season that now we are going to get those holidays special all the way through the New Year. And back to back no less, no waiting till next week. Cool.
A follow up with no spoilers. The ratings were of course huge. This is what fans were looking forward to instead of the boxoffice. And the article leaves hanging for the rest of the season. Way cool.
All this points to is a remake of "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" another film Sam Mendes is fond of aka Live and Let Die. And that had the original introduction of Blofeld. Now about Bond going into outer space from a volcano, that can wait till the next movie. Just get the whole Spectre thing going and man we are good. Super Cool
Another one with an cast ensemble to be announced. But this has a lot of great names in the mix.
But the big name here is Will Smith, he could use the gig, maybe that's why he skipped ID4 Sequel.
He played an superhero already in Hancock and his last Sci-Fi tanked. Well let's see how this turns out.

Monday, December 01, 2014

Monday's Movie News Links
This is why people stay home to watch cable and binge on their favortie series. When a movie called Hunger Games has no games, well people look somewhere else. And man what an ending. But my favorite part of the night was the follow up show, The Talking Dead. Wow, even that was sad!
Note: See final link below to see the bad Box Office numbers for everyone this past weekend.
That's all? He should do all the creatures cause at least we know we'll never get a Jar Jar Binks ever again. Can't believe I said that name. Wow, he things I do for this blog, you know?
The more the better. This part of the norm on most movies nowadays anyways especiallytent pole and blockbusters. These studios don't take any chances. Now if they learn on how to edit down these movies intead of these 3 hour bore fests.
Everything is pointing to this damn movie. Very overrated Nod if you ask me. This is what we have looking forward to forthe Oscars next year. Oh I forgot. Nobody gives a crap. At least The Lego Movie won for Best Animated film. Every other catagory, who cares.
Yep the awards season is coming but at least this is one catagory I look forward to.
Loved the inflatable Hero but then they made him into Gigantor (remember that?), Cool looking white dragon but not enought of him, I always respect stop-motion but man those trolls were ugly, so the winner is......Batman! ...I mean the Lego Movie. It's hard enough to put those things together never mind filming them. At least the NY film critics agreed with me on this one, lol. And how come those Lego Star Wars trailers didn't get a nod?

Last but not least the Holiday Predictions and the experts are already wrong:
Horrible Boses, Penguins, Interstellar are all way off. And Hunger Games is still to be determined.
But where were all the HG fans. $56M fro a Thanksgiving weekend. Embarrassing.