Sunday, December 01, 2013

Monday Links and News Updates

So what happened? Big internet shutdown thanks to Time Warner NY screwing up my connection. I did manage to catch up my e-mails thanks to my Nexus tablet but typing on that 7 inch screen is a bitch so decided to wait for my daily Monday list to start up again. My details on my Blog Talk Radio show later this week. That will be my big Mish Mish Catch Up show.

The big shocker this weekend was Paul Walkers Accident. The irony of course has to do with cars.
But the sadness to this is that he was going to his charity event which helps out to help out victims of different situations. Below are 2 links which I thought represented this news and I will review his last few movies  for our Tuesday mini-review including Vehicle 19,

Update: 6pm Monday - Also added 007 Bond links on bottom of the page from last week.

Update: 12pm Monday

Update: 6pm Sunday
Why wait? Because I'm just as curious as the rest of Furious fans.
Now this is confusing. How are they going to handle this?. This BR will sell huge to begin with and now with Walker's death it probably be one of the years biggest sellers. Article has a spoiler so beware.
This article does mention some of his other projects than the Furious Franchise.
I included this article as you scroll down you can see the posts other people had put up. The main question is how are they going to handle the next sequel since some filming has been done.
This list goes to show you, having a big name in a picture doesn't mean box office gold. And having seen most of these they deserve to be on this list. But I didn't see Cumberbatch flick and I don't plan to.
I just don't get it. Lots of people hate these movies but make Billions. But of course with Transformers being in China which is a huge market now (Pacific Rim) this will also make Zillions. Cool pictures tho.
It figures. But what about New Hope. Now that's the one fans want to see in 3D.
Lots of Star Wars news all on one page. I put this link up for the pictures (Check out Princess Lea, yeah baby!) and some videos and vintage stuff. Very Cool.
Talk about Lea, the Princess at the beach. Fans of my age just can't let this go. Can you blame us?
yeah old news but a leftover from last week. But man, some take their Doctor seriously.

Last weeks Leftover but damn important!
Spectre, Blofeld, that damn volcano and Bond in outerspace! Now we're talking. And all the naysayers
that this plot device is too old to work nowadays. Who the hell cares? That Solace idea was crap so bring it on. And Bond back in space? Hell, Lady Gaga is going into outer space. Enough wih the serious Bond. that is getting old real quick. And more gadgets, more bikini women on the beach, more martini's, and more......

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