Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tuesday's Mini-Reviews

Couple of reviews for the holidays to see. All good for a change. 1-5, bad to worst.

Saving Mr. Banks: 4 - Great performances are the highlights for this movie. Emma deserves an Oscar nod and she might get it for the Golden Globes. While it starts as an actual depiction of the events turns into fantasy in the second half, that did not bother at all. This is Disney and they will protect their property at all costs. The big mouse can do that. As we mentioned on our last live show on MNN. I know, cheap plug but it worked for the mouse who are celebrating Mary Poppins 50th anniversary. For all the negative reviews they are just a bunch of grinches for the holiday. My only problem was there were too many  flashbacks which in turn do explain why her book was so precious to her as a drama, and great performance by Collin Farrell as the dad I might add. But they could've condensed them somewhat. And Hanks was great as Disney but it is Emma's movie.

Anchorman 2: - 3. Let me start I am not a fan of the first movie. With that said, I was surprised I actually like this one. They are some very funny moments and one liners. Half don't work, some fall flat but they do it works like a charm. Steve Carrell still annoys me but has some funny one liners as I don't think of him much of a comedian. But that line about his shadow had me going. Pual Rudd about his being Lady Killers was so wrong but again so funny. Main problem and I agree with some of the critics out there. This should have been 90 minutes and over stays it welcome. So this in a packed house they laughing all the way through. So what the hell do I know.

Golden Voyage of Sinbad/Sinbad Eye of the Tiger: 4
For us Ray Harryhausen fans these titles are finally on BR. But they don't have the care with bonus features like the previous with only exception of the music score for Golden Voyage which is interesting for composers and musicians alike. Like me, lol. Watched Golden today and the upgrade is still worth it. Saw 15 minutes of Sinbad and this will be my Xmas present to me to watch tomorrow.
Please note: Both films are released separately.

More details on that Harryhausen special like I promised. Thanks Santa, timing couldn't have been better.

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