Friday, December 06, 2013

BTR Postpone till Sunday, MNN Live Tomorrow

Postponing BTR one more time due to illness and have get ready for show tomorrow on MNN at 5 pm.
Hopefully my coughing will be gone by tomorrow. So Sunday it is. I schedule for 6 pm but not to sure.
I will blog again on Sunday for that update.
Great article that I had to post. And you know it makes perfect sense.
Spielberg must be pissed. Disney is going to own everything. The Big Nothing.
Remember Neverending Story?
Note: Remember a while back Ford didn't want to do SW unless he got to do Indy Jones, since he is the star and not part of an ensemble cast like SW. Now Disney owns both does he have to do both?
Umm, blackmail anyone? Or Ford planned it this way for more Points at the B.O.?

Out of these top 10 I would like to see the final nods go to:
Pacific Rim (duh) 
Gravity - When the shit hits the fan
WWZ - Zombies climbing walls, bring it on!
Thor - FLASH - AH AH
Elysium - 2001 space station, old but still cool.

Hell No!:
IM3 - lousy fire efx and the film sucks
Oblivion - all done with film projection, now thats old
ST: Darkness -FCK JJ Lens Flare
The Lone Ranger  - What, for Depps white make up?

Hobbit 2 - Can't say since it hasn't come out yet, but if it's like the last one, yeah why not.

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