Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday's Links

Here are the Monday links with 3 sad news to begin with. What a sad weekend.
7 nods and not one Oscar win. The academy should be a shame of itself. And that lifetime award
is an insult.
Was in 2 Hitchcock pictures "Rebecca" and Suspicion" for which she won the Oscar.
Completely forgot she did Irwin Allen's "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" a picture and tv show I loved.
Her sister is Olivia De Havilland, another old school classic actress.
Back in the 1970's he was the big deal with Billy Jack as this. One of the first to introduce Martial Arts.
Then came Bruce Lee and all that kung fu and karate pictures flooded the cinemas.
Talking  about action stars, at least The Rock tries making decent films. Funny they don't mention
Pain and Gain. One of my favorite films of the year while most didn't like it.
Reboot. Simple as that. But now that Ford most likely not do Indy 5 will that means he won't be
doing SW7?
Which means he's going head to head with Star Wars? 2 sci-fi movies for Xmas. I'm good.
And all for $415 Million. Cheap!
So that's why these companies are releasing all these old school material. Just to hang on to the
copyrights. Almost the same as Spiderman, keeping the rights by rebooting the series.

The Big show will be sometime this week. News on that tomorrow.
PS The glitch on the radio page is being taken care of so you can see the links which
are also on the main page

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