Saturday, December 28, 2013

2014 Predictions Already?

Not me but this article already got me pissed off for the new year:
Never mind anything on this list but they got Godzilla wrong comparing this to Pacific Rim.
Pacific Rim had an audience considering it was an original idea on an old concept. And with
no major stars and no familiar creatures. Add a house hold name and Boom, Big Box Office.
And don't forget the American Godzilla had an audience even tho it was a remake of Beast
of 20,000 and was ust an overgrown Iguana.
Godzilla will be huge and wait when they add the oldies like Mothra and King G for the rest
of the franchise.

And talk about a subject that some of us couldn't care less.
Just call this Justice League already and write off Bats Vs. Sups. It's Hopeless.

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