Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday's left over tidbits.

By request some have asked for the live show on Saturday. I'm going ahead with that.
Stay tune tomorrow for the actual time as I don't know what time in the afternoon this will happen.
Also announcement about the music show finally.
Check out page 4. While I agree that Monster University is way better than Frozen and should have gotten a nod it's still not better than Despicable Me and The Croods which should win the big Oscar.
It's only a movie for crying out loud. But I think Alfonso will get the nod at Oscars and win it.
Talk about over crowding the market with superheros. This is just plain greed. There will be a time that people are just going to get tired of this. I know I'm getting there.
No Shame Cumberbatch. Once Sherlock jumps ship from Trek to Wars there's no turning back.
But check out the video of him on both Conan and Graham's from England.
I'm a huge Beatles fan in case you didn't know, my favorite band of all time (Sorry Zep Floyd)
but this is great news as grew up with the American Releases of these LP's and it's great to see
them get their release finally. Especially Meet The Beatles and Hard's Day Night which has great
orchestra arrangements of their hits from this Album.

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