Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Show today on MNN at 5pm EST

So what is all this news about no Star Trek TV show. See the link above and you can see where all this started. This will be mentioned on the show today. And talk about in in better detail on a new BTR later next week.

Friday, November 22, 2013

BTR Show Postponed, MNN Live Tomorrow

The Star Trek Special will be postponed until December. But in the meantime I will start having specials starting around Thanksgiving. Sorry about that everyone. More info will be given on Monday.

But we will go live on MNN tomorrow at 5 pm EST.

Note: Thanksgiving there won't be a show cause I'll be watching these guys...

Thursday, November 21, 2013

BTR Show Postponed

Due to a tech problem the show will be postponed until tomorrow for a 9 pm EST Broadcast.
Another announcement will be made much earlier regarding the show.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday's Leftovers

The following are links and info that are left over from Monday's links and Tuesday's Reviews.

Tomorrow I will be going live on BTR at 9 pm as Thursdays is my backup day. Still trying to figure
out that Godzilla Harryhausen special next week as I land right on Thanksgiving Day. But that show  will go on next week sometime. Hopefully I'll make up my mind and let you guys know tomorrow. Hopefully,lol.

The Website has been updated for Dec. 1 to include new info that have been posted this month:
1.We are now on the Stitcher Radio Network which plays back our BTR shows 24/7.
2.We also updated with our Google Plus pages that now include names instead of all those numbers.
3.We updated the schedule list for our live show on MNN as we will doing repeats until spring 2014.
4. We also grouped the info, G Plus, Radio, Live MNN to make it easier to follow.

Some new links for this week's news:
So C3PO is holding out? Or he wants more money? Man these robots are something else.
Sounds to me like one person who works for SHIELD might not be back as a Ghost Jedi.
Abraham does not like people who squeal even even second guess him. That's a no-no.
We mentioned this on our MNN show where in the original script she talks to someone on the radio.
GOOGLE Gravity Script PDF for the link to the script and go to page 70 or so. And you'll see that part.
In the Movie instead she imagines someone and talks to that person instead. So this spinoff is nothing new.
Who the hell cares? That have to go that far back for a sequel for a picture that wasn't even a hit
to begin with when it first came out. Blame Wizard of OZ for this one. Now will people care about the kid from The Shining to see what happen to him as far as sequels go? Well at least Stephen King is actually writing this one.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday Mini Reviews

Here are the reviews based on a 1 to 5 system. 1 = bad, 5 =great.

Freebirds: 3 - "Steve's not here man!" Cute movie with time travel with subtle messages about treatment of animals and other subjects without being heavy handed. Why did the critics attack this?

ST:TNG: Unification: 4 - Good commentary but short 16m behind the scenes but it is Spock.
Season 5 will be featured on the show as way to many features on it.

The World's End: 4 - Plays like a Dr. Who lost episode which is a good thing.
Must be played as a double header with "This is the End" Don't forget the Bong.
See for the features. Way to many. Yep, this is a keeper.

We're The Millers: 4 - Talk about the bong, big surprise on how funny this was.
Must be seen as a double header with Cheech and Chong Animated Movie 2013.

2 Guns: 2 - 2 top stars can't save this. Wahlberg did great in Pain & Gain and here he is meh.
Script was a mess. Can't believe this came from a graphic novel.

Planes: 2 - Disappointing aka Turbo. Mainly for the kiddies and that music was annoying.

Paranioa: 2 - Great cast wasted on a script that begs for you to look away from it's logic.
Good to see Ford and Oldman going at it for a few scenes.

Bonnie & Clyde: 1 - Eric Roberts is in here, what do you expect? No shame no budget this is a waste of time. See Arthur Penn's 1967 version instead. While not historically correct it's still more entertaining.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Links

Lots of links with some having more than 1 page (which will be noted) and the last link with Video with a surprise that took me surprise! LOL...
Now we're talking! And don't give me that crap that Spectre organization doesn't fit in today's blah blah blah...look at the comments. Time to send Bond back in Space! Jeez their sending Lady Ga Ga to outer space and that's more science fiction than Star Trek!
Even Thor 2 was slightly disappointing to me, still getting the BR tho, it's better than Man of Steel which I still have issues with. Either way it's still a slap in the face to Warners/DC coming from Marvel. That's funny.
Nope, not going to happen unless it gets that whole 3D Imax gimmick. But all it takes is include a Jar Jar Binks and it's over. Fans will go WTF? Again?
Nobody saw that coming did they? Then again it did have that 3D Imax cheat. But at least it was put to good use finally. You know  James Cameron is asking for more FU money from Fox because of this.
"Get to the cinemas, Nooooow" Damn not even Arnuld can sell his film in his own homeland. Ouch!
10 pages for the top 9 films of all time. Some head scratchers in there. Most suck as far as I'm concern but that's me of course as I find most of them a total bore. Except The Exorcist, that shit was funny!
6 Pages: Except for Bullock this category will be boring. The Best Actor is the one to look at. That is going to be busy. Where the women will excel is in the Supporting Actress with Oprah (The Butler) and Lupita Nyong'o (12 Yrs Slave) going head to head on that award. More on Oscars nods coming in the next few weeks.
Short Video Tribute to Jolie, with various interviews including Rachel Welch! Wow she looks great!
Who? Fantastic Voyage and 1 Million Years B.C,. ..that's who!
This one was kind of obvious but why not?

Friday, November 15, 2013

New BTR Show Now Playing

After the Godzilla there was a pause of about 15 seconds, slite glitch then Exterminate! yell from the Daleks and the show went on without no sound issues, 10 minute announcements then the review of th BR so no
time stamp for the show as I just concentrate on Superman.
But at the end I blame Goyer on his script being to dark and look now who they are talking to!!! See link:

Thanks for listening everyone! And I'm taking a break this weekend and be back on Monday with links.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Man of Steel BR Mini-Review
Screen Junkies taking a shot at Man of Steel. Funny and they hit on some good points.

Follow the above link and scroll down the page to see other featurettes for Man of Steel.

Man of Steel Review: 4
OK, right of the bat the problem with this movie falls down to the story by Nolan and Goyer and the script
by Goyer. That is my story and I'm sticking story and after seeing the 3 hour Zack Snyder Behind the scenes
still believe Sups Vs Bats is still in good hand with Affleck as the new Batman.
And please for the love of comics no more Flashbacks! That is what killed the first half of this movie!
It ruin the structure and the next one should just move forward in real time without the going back and forth nonsense. I will go into details on the movie itself on the show. For this blog I will review the features.
That will be live tomorrow Nov. 14, 9 pm EST

Disc 1:
Movie with 2 Features, both at 25 min. each.
Strong Characters, Legendary Roles:  This has the actors explaining their characters and motivations and the translation of the original Krypton planet to the big screen. Standard promo made for cable and tv.
All-Out Action: This concentrates on the training of the actors then goes into the stunts mixed in with the live action with actual sets along with SFX with green screen and wires. Short but to the point.
Krypton Decoded: 6 min. Young Clark Kent goes over SFX with the computer artists.
75th Anniversary Cartoon: 3 min. Glad this made it. Little did I realized it starts with John Williams score
then smoothly goes into Hans Zimmerman score and strangely it fits. Nice treat.
This completes the one of bonus features. While these are short they get the job done. Shame the
mini videos that were on the web are not included here but they were edited and show up on Disc 2.
My main complaint here is that there was no commentary by Goyer on the choices he made in writing this like why did Pa Kent had to die with the tornado and not the heart attack that was in the comics.
PS. There's a promo for Hobbits 2 included here. WTF?

Disc 2:
Planet Krypton: 17 min. A fake Documentary aka History Channel about Krypton. Cute the first time around but really, was this necessary?
Journey of Discovery: 3 hours long, this is the centerpiece of this BR and worth the price.
What makes this different from other Zack Snyder's Picture in Picture that while he hosts and discusses
certain parts of the film, technicians and the actors also take part in explaining the scenes often to humorous resorts. Some of these guys have a great sense of humor. And at times it even goes into 3 screens to cover the details that are explained. This is a keeper where it would take at least more than one showing to take it all in. It's more behind the scenes than the actual movie and that's fine with me.

So the big 3 hour PIP makes me give this disc a solid 4. It loses 1 mainly for the lack of a Goyer commentary and some of the mini features that was shown on the internet. Maybe a double dip down the line but for me I'm good and glad I brought this. They can kiss my ass on that dipping twice crap. I'm happy with what I got.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday's Reviews

 Our live show on MNN is now playing on our You Tube page. This is an extended edition as we continued with our live phone caller after the show when we ran out time but kept on recording anyway. So a little behind the scenes is included. Time Stamp will finally be added for reference even tho most have listen to the show anyways. lol, I thank you for that. But I did promised and will do so by tomorrow.

Note: The big Sups Hero show will be postponed till Thursday as I have a lot of reference material to go with that including finishing the 4 hours of material for Men of Steel on the Blu-ray brought today.

Thor: 3 - While that cast is great and lots of action it's Loki that saves the picture in the second half as the picture is kind of generic and nods to other films aka Flash Gordon and even Dr. Who itself.

Blu-ray releases:
Men of Steel: This will be given a full review tomorrow as I'm still in the middle of the Zack Snyder's
Journey of Discovery. The Picture in Picture Making of Behind the scenes while watching the movie which is provided on a separate disc away from the main disc which has the movie with one hour of features. Third disc is the DVD. But yep I brought the BR version and so far just for the PIP this is worth it. But again that's me.

Ambush: 2 - 2nd of a trilogy by Director Serafini along with Vinnie Jones (see IMDB for details). The first release was Blood of Redemption. Wish I can say this one is just as good as it's disappointing as both
L ndgren and Jones are on the sidelines. So don't let the cover fool you. But there is a lot of action but mainly from the other stars that carry the movie.

Turbo: 2 - First 30 minutes it started off great then it came to a slow crawl. YEP I SAID IT! LOL.
By then the big race at the rest which picks up but by then it's too late. The kids will fall asleep. Not bad, just disappointing. Lots of mini features but if you don't care about the movie, the features won't matter.

Birth of the Living Dead: 4 - Short but a great making of the original Night of the Living Dead with interviews of everyone involved (those who are still alive that is) including George Romero himself.

Scrooge: 2 - Not a good remake at all and even Bill Murray can't save this besides some interesting SFX for it's time. At this time Murray got over paid $7M and it hurt him ever since. NO features whatsoever on the BR. Note: Just saw this on DVD from the library and this has not aged good so the BR it's the same thing besides upgrading the look of the film which was filmed dark to begin with, who knows why.

Elf: 5 - One of Farrell's best and who would imagine James Caan (a Corleone!) would be in this.
One of the ultimate modern Xmas fables. Comedy and heart to cheer for the holidays. Nothing new as
features But it does includes everything from the previous dvd special edition which is more than enough.

Dexter Final Season: 3 - This last season was a mess with one of the worst endings ever. The only thing I can say is hopefully they can make a movie with a better ending but as far as this set goes your on your own.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Links Plus More

Note: Videoland Express Live on MNN now playing on our You Tube page now known as
Videoland Express as the former name, Tequierocece while still listed on some search pages, is not used anymore. More updates will be included in Tuesday's Reviews.
Should Loki get his own film? Why not? Since he's not going to be in the next Avengers.
And let's face, not since Darth Vadar who have a villian you love to hate. But they have to be really careful with this on who is going to take him on. Remember he got his ass kicked by the Hulk!
Dr, Who and Poppa Thor had scenes together but cut out? Blu-ray extra? Well add to the collection!
3 Doctors no less. How wonder they didn't have room for Chris Eccleston but Rose is in there. All Good.
A big topic on our next Live show on MNN along with Hunger Games.
Now they are really pushing it. Can we take this one at a time? Jeez...
Now this is funny, something Marvel would like for it to disappear.
Is it me or nobody is asking for this? If you don't have the original cast there to past on the baton like Star Wars then why bother. And who the hell cares who's in the cast.
This article came out a few weeks ago and has Lou Reed included. Now that's scary. Oh Oh...

Note: Due to problems with my chrome more updates will be included on Tuesday's BR list.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Live Show Today on MNN at 5 PM EST

Live show where my co-host Mark gives he's reviews on Thor 2, Enders Game and the news about Marvel going nuts on all these shows>

Time stamp for this past Thursday's show will be posted tomorrow.

Friday, November 08, 2013

Thor 2 Mini-Review

Thor 2: 3 - While the 1st half kinds of drags cause it introduces a bland plot, the 2nd half really gets going when Loki joins the fun. But the villian played by a former Dr. Who doesn't have much to work like Gen Zod in Men of Steel. Forget memorable lines and just look menacing. While they are some familiar trends from other films aka Middle Earth, Big Orcs, Flash Gordon City, Cybermen, and Big Ship landing in middle of city to take over the earth aka Men of Steel it's the action that moves the picture along.
All the actors do their best but it's Loki that makes it fun. Some twists at the end and stick around for 2 endings in between credits and very end of the credits.
While not as strong as Thor 1 and a weak story, it's still a lot fun expecially the 2nd half. It's fun seeing what a dysfunctional family like the Thor family trying to get it's shit together. All said and done while not as strong as Avengers and Iron Man 1, Thor 1 it's way better than IM2 and IM3, the worst 2 of the movies so far.

2 behind the scenes and filmmaking 101 on Thor 2:

Bonus Link: So glad they are out of business. You don't how many times the rip people off including me:
Good Riddence.

Last nights show Time Stamp:
1 - Updates on You Tube accounts, Superman BR Review article (not my review), 2 book review,
all things NY. ..0-23m
2. Thor 2 review with James Bond Reference. 23- 38m
3. Enders Game with Star References along with Death Star app game. 38 - 55m
4. Explanation of the new Monday links and Tuesday reviews days along with tidbits, announcements
and other in betweens. 55- 1:15m

Thursday, November 07, 2013

New Show Tonight at 9 PM

New show tonight at 9 pm EST with chat room and taking phone calls.

Here are 2 articles about the future of tv and why theatres are scared.

Well nobody saw this coming. Netflix out of all company's. Smart move. 
With regular tv cancelling shows left and right and trying to get a foot hold on ratings,
besides a few staples like Big Bang and a few others, other platforms are cashing in
with audiences not afraid and able thanks to wi-fi smart phones tablets to venture out
of the grid and try other forms of entertainment accessible to them.

I did say a few blogs ago and on the show, too many superheroes and will people get tired
of them? Well if they can watch 13 episodes aka showtime Dexter and True Blood, Thrones, etc
fans can get their fix and then look forward for another season without overkill.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Tonight's Show Postponed Till Tomorrow at 9 PM EST

Why? The Big Thor 2 Movie Review! That's Why!
And Thursday is our back up day anyways plus a major
announcement for you music fans.
See you then at 9 PM EST.

Update 2 points of interest which I have mention before:
Are people tired of super heroes?, apparently Fox doesn't think so.
If nobody shows up to begin with at the theatres what choice will they have?
This was funny but still a good movie.

Update: Tonights show Time Stamp:
1 - Updates on You Tube accounts, Superman BR Review article (not my review), 2 book review,
all things NY. ..0-23m
2. Thor 2 review with James Bond Reference. 23- 38m
3. Enders Game with Star References along with Death Star app game. 38 - 55m
4. Explanation of the new Monday links and Tuesday reviews days along with tidbits, announcements
and other in betweens. 55- 1:15m

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Tuesday's Movie and BR Reviews

First we have recent movie releases. Note: If the movie is not listed here I didn't get a chance to see it.
Update to include some more BR releases. See below.

Enders Game: 3 - Going by the movie and not the book since I never even heard of it. Another variation on
"The Kid is the Chosen One" Theme this time sci-fi style. Of all the films of this Genre this is one of the better ones besides Gravity and Star Trek. It does feel some details were left out of the book as the dialogue has a rush feel but once in the second half The Kid leads the charge against the aliens it's all fun. And good backup with Ford and the rest of the cast. Maybe deleted scenes could explain some missing details but still good.

Bad Grandpa: 2 - Not that 2 is a bad number. It's candid camera skits and seeing Grandpa getting
into trouble over and over again. At the end it gets tiring. But there are some funny moments.
Supermarket scene and the Bikers Bars to mention a few.This would play way better with some toke and beers with friends on a Friday night at home from Netflix. But way better than Grown Ups 2.

The Counselor: 1 - Not even a Barkin doing a dance scene on the windshield of a car can save this. (That's 50 minutes into the movie for the curious).Way too long dialogues and characters you couldn't care about except for Pitt who does a good job on being a cowboy of sorts. At the end  it doesn't end well for some of the characters but I couldn't wait for this to end. Only for the curious who might want to see the cast ensemble. Too smart for it's own good aka Company for Old Men which I did not like what so ever. But if you like Company you might like this. And tries to hard to be a David Mamet.

Now the video releases: (First 2 leftover from last week)
Monsters University: 4 - Great story on friendship. My only complaint was the 2nd act dragged on a little bit too long with the contests. 1 hour of features with a brand new cartoon which were really fun. But the highlight is the commentary.This is great for future artists on how to bring a story like this to the big screen. Saw the 2D version and that was good enough for me.

RIPD: 2 - Not only a ripoff of MIB but a remake of Dead Heat. (see IMDB). A Good idea gone bad,
What makes this worst is the angle that people don't see the cops but an old asian dude and a blond chick.
And way over the top SFX which really don't add much here. But I did appreciated the sad ending which did have some heart to it. But by then it was too late. A 2 for Tuesday if your a Jeff Bridges fan. And no I'm not blaming Ryan Reynolds for this one. That guy has no luck whatsoever.

White House Down: 3: DAS (dumb as shit) but this was still better than "Olympus Has Fallen" which was a boring depressing film thats getting a Sequel?! Everyone is on fun that nobody is taking this seriously and it works on that level. A rocket launcher in the presidents car? Really? But the cast pulls it off and James Wood as '"White House Worker" works his character good. Great cheesy, check your brain at the door flix.
with lots of action and very fast pace. By the way Olympus got a '1' ! beating up a defenseless female in a very boring is not my kind of fun. And Gerard Gladiator Butler was wasted beyond belief.

Grown Ups 2: 1 - Only because Selmer tried to save the film and Spade had a funny Tire moment. Oh well.
A few mini features that are not worth it but not much more. Only for Sandler fans.

Bounty Killer: 3 - Mad Max ripoff that pulls it off mainly because the movie doesn't take itself seriously.
It plays in the future with lots of action, cars and chicks. Plain dumb fun. Just check your brain at the door.
Strictly Grindhouse with a good budget and nice body count.

Haunter: 1 - Boring ghost story with a twist at the end. So what. The cast were good especially the parents
but when the ending came I couldn't give a crap. . What really surprise me this was the director of Cube which I liked and Spliced which was whacked but good cinematagraphy. But nothing really added up here. For Mama fans only

Killer Holiday: 1 - Trying to be a new Micheal/Jason/Freddie but the problem you know who he is
and it's just a regular Joe Blow with lame issues right as the very beginning. And it's all down hill from there.
One interesting kill who gets it with a guitar hence the score. For the curious only.

Lizzie Borden's Revenge: 1 - No budget production filmed at somebody's house. The grand kid of Lizzie (axe murderer from the past, ask Alice Cooper) gets possessed and starts whacking people for being really bad actors. Should have also taken out the director and writer for this. 1 is shared by Blonde walking around topless and thong at the beginning and the redhead walking frontal shaved down a staircase near the end. For you hound dogs at there that is at the 70 min mark. Shame on you! It's my job to know this, I'm an editor after all, lol.

Last Days of Earth: 2 - Zombies on Mars! Poor man's Prometheus with an expedition losing it's team members one at a time. Besides some of the cinematagraphy it's kind of a bore with Schriber at the end
what the hell was all that about? After seeing Gravity this didn't have a chance. For space fans only. A 2 for Tuesday.

Xmas Wish List:
Hobbit Extended Cut: While I wasn't crazy about the film being 3 hours and 20 minutes is not going to make a difference but with over 9 hours making of this will still go in my collection.

Farscape: The Box Set: All 88 shows, 15 hours of features!!! and a 16 page booklet. And if that wasn't good enough there are 35 commentaries on the shows themselves. With mechanical effects by the Jim Henson Factory this is a keeper for anyone who grew up with this series. It is kinda pricey but I still feel you get your moneys worth....Yo Santa U hear me?

Monday, November 04, 2013

Links for Monday

This is going to be a standard for Mondays and Tuesdays will be movie and BR review day with our
Shows on Wednesday and Thursdays as backups. Now about that music show, ummmm?

Note: Here are some last minute additions which I didn't want to wait for next week:
By request now that the new Playstation 4 commercial features Lou Reed "Pleasant Day" as it's theme song.
Somebody at Sony must be a Lou Reed fan. This article is old school recording of a classic.
Love that line in Paragraph 2: US Box office is hardly the deciding factor for sequels. It does huge overseas it gets a sequel or if it does great on Video like Kick Ass and Percy Jackson. He was promoting his last movie and said he doubt he would do another Wolverine. Translation: More FU Money for ME!
This is like the video logs that come with the box sets which are always cool.
It's great to see Dorn working hard on his projects, good for him. Worf is always a favorite.
So now, when is Trek coming back to tv/cable/syndication? They know the fans want it. Well FK I do.
Did this actress blow the whistle and she just trying to pre audition by dropping her name to be
Wonder Woman. Either way I don't care. She is cute and she got my bid. LOL.
Now he would be a good choice. So what if they are giving him a big budget. Like the directors
of Jurrasiac World and Godzilla 2014, both of them depended on a good script with no budget and
got Hollywoods attention. Look at the Lone Ranger, Top actors, Top Director, Top Budget and what did we get? Yep, Top Crap,.
And just when I thought Xmas was going to be a bore, I mean was anyone asking for Anchorman 2?
Well here comes this years 2nd biggest surprise next to P Rim that is.
Fans of Pacific Rim and Japanese Anime and Mythology aregoing to love this. Great article really
has me reved up with this one. Mention dragons and I'm there. Keanu is back in sci-fi form.
(The Day the Earth Stood Still doesn't count, lol). Big fight scenes and great costume drama.
And what about the budget. Looks like every penny is going to be up on that screen.
Not like Lone Ranger. I mean how much did those horses and cactus cost in the middle of the desert?
Note: This is not a remake of the Japanese import 47 Ronin, which was based on a real story
but this will be a fantasy mythology retelling. Please see IMDB and Wikipedia for info on the history of the original 47 Ronin to do your own comparison between both pictures.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Lou Reed Song for PS4 Commercial

Somebody at this company was thinking smart. So appropriate and perfect timing while acknowledging
an artist. What would Lou Reed say? Maybe "Well About Time"

Friday, November 01, 2013

By Request, Our Blog Talk Radio Halloween Show Link

Don't let the previous title confuse you. That was the original title of the until I remembered
it was the 75th Anniversary of War of the Worlds then just decided to make it a Halloween

And Yes, some things were not covered but we will catch up for King Kong's Anniversary
Thanksgiving Weekend. And this will feature Godzilla, Harryhausen and much more.