Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Aftermath of Godzilla

Updated for a total of 5 links. 2 videos included. Some of these have been posted earlier this week.

Jimmy Kimmel street interviews on the real Godzilla. Can't believe some of these people. So funny.

Video Included here:
Imagine trying to get out of the way of Godzilla, flying with Spidey thru the skyscrapers of NYC, fighting the fight with X-Men. Imagine anything with water sports. Won't go there, too nasty.
This is fukin dumb. If I want a motion experience all I gotta do is ride the No.5 train in NYC.
And lets not start with the smell and forget about anything near my face. And this is suppose to be fun? And how much is this sucker? Like tickets are not expensive as it is.

Battle Cry of Godzilla:
This has the argument of why we have enough of Godzilla in this movie.
You be the judge on this article. As I stated on a previous blog there should have been more
and this is from a video editors point of view. And it has to do with balance and timing.
Sure he mostly shows up near the end of his movies but those are 90 minutes. If you going
to do a movie slightly more than 2 hours then you should have Kaiju time. If not like
Director Edwards did then cut back on the actors. We don't need to spend that much time with them.
As stated on an audio commentary in one of the original pictures 1960's, an actor came to the set and proclaimed "Hello everyone, I'm the star of this picture"   "No! Godzilla is the Star!", said the crew.
I will elaborate more on this when we go back live next week when I go back to  NYC as my main notes are over there at my studio.

A critical breakdown by catagory. I agreed with some of these and others are just an opinion anyways. But it did have some interesting insight, 3 pages worth.

Everyone always have a different top 10. A lot has to do what time period they grew up with. The oldest fans go for the 60's and the youngest go for the 90's plus. But Hedorah is on this list and I am good. Yep like I said its a personal favorite and that director is one of the Executive Producers for GZ 2014. Sweet.

To all the faithful who actually made it down this far on this blog, this will be the last one for the week going thru Memorial Day Weekend as I'm hopping on a plane on Thrusday and heading back to NYC and seeing Godzilla on the big Imax screen over there. And with 4 days enjoy the Godzilla repeat and X-Men. Yeah going to that one, I just love time travel plots.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Godzilla And The Sequel.

Mini mini Review: 4 out of 5. More Godzilla & Monsters (you can never get enough of that) and less darkness (next time I'll help them buy some lightbulbs but man that Breathe Looked so cool.)
Full review Memorial Day weekend as I saw this on standard screen at the town cinema. Heading back this week to NYC to Lincoln Square for the full maximum experience. Then the big write up.

Love the website and  crew are fun but this makes no sense at all.but I don't get this at all. under the James Bond, a long lasting franchise was rebooted with Casino Royale and solidify that on Skyfall with a New M, MS Moneypenny and a young Q.
Read the comments and they filled in pretty much on what I was going to say. Now where's Mothra?

Mothra Easter Egg confirmed. And looks like Johnson is back. Hopefully with acting lessons.

The official announcement. Why do they keep mentioning Cloverfield? It looked like a Teletubby on acid. Man I hate that picture. Even if it was filmed in hometown NYC. And I almost worked on that too. (Brooklyn Bridge is across the street)

Somebody else who didn't like it. Who cares......

June 7 release of the original 1954 version in theatres and July 25 Japan will be the last market.
Great way to end. Can't wait to see those numbers.

Some people had a lot of time on thier hands. Special thanks to Stella Y from our Godzilla community for the article. Good posting.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

King Godzilla and the Sequel

Wow, The numbers are in: We have a winner and a Sequel! This blog was being written all day as the news came in. So I posted accordingly in order to the last news that arrived this evening.

No Mothra and the gang but a new monster? How about that new dinosaur they found. Bigger of course. And the Big G has to show up in the FIRST ACT! Non of this Jaws shit when you see him at the end. Been there and done that. Same with the monster, none of that Cloverfield crap!

Last Box Office Post:
Includes final tally for Sunday according to time input.

Godzilla is Box Office King:
$93M Plus just behind Captain America which is the big office leader for this year so far.
It also didn't hurt having 51% of that in 3D and voer $14M in Imax format.
While some say this is a cheat today it is the box office norm. Look at TASM2, it had the same cheats and that tanked for an Iconic Superheo merchandising brand.
(PS luv Spidey and luv my city New York, but lets be real, it wasn't amazing)
Also it still has that stigma of Zilla (as the fans of GZ 98 like to call him, I call him NY Iguana)
All in all everyone said $70m  and he came in at over $90M. Mission accomplish.

Godzilla in International Markets:
It started off with $103M to bring the total to $196M.
Very nice start with China in June and Japan coming in July.
This page doesn't have the stats yet when you click the "Foreign" box. Those will be availabe
tomorrow but the link above does cover some of those already. So just come back to this page
and you will sees those numbers.

"Biggest opening ever for a Monster Movie"
That title alone saved me a lot of typing.

So this will be out summer of Godzilla as we have China, Japan for June and July, August will be the final tally for the most part and we start all over in September with the Blu-ray.
Speaking of which I want a Muto figure with that. Spidey fans going to get Electro, uuggh. Yikes.
And of course the Sequel, which Kaiju is it going to be?
The hints and eggs in the movie already point to Mothra and King G. Hope Rodan is in there somewhere. 2 more sequels and then hopefully Monster Island. We can only hope.

Final Note:Memorial Day Weekend:
Some are finding out that Big G is mainly in the 3rd act and because of that people are staying.
Repeat performance from us fans is what is going to make this stay in the top 5 in the next 2 weeks.
X-Men will blow its load all in its 4 day weekend and disappear like Spidey.
So Godzilla competition will be Jolie and Seths Western. No problem there.
Staying power is the key this super and the only one who did that was CAPS.
But he had no competition and that was a big cheat in itself to begin with.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Godzilla No. 1 Box Office

Let's Talk about the obvious:

It's going to be close to $100 M !!! Of course that 3D Imax didn't hurt either. In the meantime...
Blasphemy, what is wrong with these pictures?

Just at one screen?

Godzilla got no love at the towns cinema.
This theater always share the No. 1 & 2 spot so the headline here is not the problem.

The problem is Spidey still gets 2 spots???
(third and forth posters from the left).
No one is seeing this crap! And the big guy
only gets one?

Also the big towns like San Juan are showing double spots with 3D Imax. No problem. I'll see him like the good ole days on the simple screen until Memorial Day Weekend in NYC at Lincoln Square 5 Story Imax 3D theatre. Sweet....

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Big Godzilla Links Follow Up

What was I thinking when I  thought I was done with the links. So much more is coming this weekend. Guess no rest for the wicked and being a Godzilla Fan.  Update tomorrow with the figures.

Wait til it hits China. It will make Pacific Rim look like chump change and that was Huge over there.

Check out 3rd paragraph, even they are no to sure how much its going to make.

"Never tell me the odds". Numbers don't matter here. Internationally is where it counts. For the sequels of course. Talk about sequels.......

This would be a shame but they are like "We got Godzilla, why do we need PR" Pretty Dumb....

Duh! this is so obvious but I guess he wants to be on the safe side. Video is a rehash by the way.

Only Godzilla Stomps, critics follow whether they like it or not. Check out NY Times review:
"Bloated" guess he meant his opinion was....

Your friend knows superheros inside out but weak on Godzilla know how. This is a fun way
to help him catch up before the movie. In case he gets smartass about a guy in a suit thing.
Note: Check out CAptain Picard of Star Trek give out the Lifetime achievement award. So cool.

All soundtrack and scores related.


Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Big Godzilla Links Page

Lots of links with some spoilers in the articles. A few were posted on our community page but most are new on this one page. You might want to wait to check these out after you see the movie because of the spoilers.Review coming next week.

Great recap on all the movies comics and video games. 42 pages worth.

For lovers of big giant monsters destroying things. Love this list except Cloverfied. That sucked..

Funny video to make us appreciate the new Godzilla, funny looking feet and all but thats just me.

And will do huge business Memorial Day Weekend. 3D Imax and repeats is going to kill at the B.O.
My first big screen was Hedorah back in '72 but never 3Dmax and with that sound system. Special!

These guys always complain about the 3D even with the best like The Avengers but a 5 out of 5?!!!

Check out the last page for that fun fact. Talk about last word! Tradition damn it!

Imax featurette video interview with Edwards. S

He points to Jaws as a big influence. Good choice.

Love the detail and the different POV.

4 different designs before the current one was chosen. But includes a 14 minute Featurette behind the scenes makign of....DO NOT WATCH unless you saw the movie. Way to many spoilers in this one.

Same designs but bigger pictures to represent them.

Bunch of stats and graphs with a cool video to show it all.

He loves his Godzilla but check out the comments. Its that ice cream thing as a kid. Funny.

This guy should not be invited for the next Godzilla movie. Screw him, simple as that.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Movie Reviews

Again catching up on last week and this week release as to give me a chance to check out the bonus features on the Blu-rays.

Neighbors: 3 - The revenge of the Green Hornet. Good for Rogen. The movie that took out TASM2 at the Box Office No. 1 spot. They laughed at him doing a superhero and now he has final laugh. Funny but more of a coming of age story and Efron played a pretty good nut job. Better played on home release but still worth checking out. Fav scene: Rogen and Efron doing Batman voices.

Memphis Belle: 4 - True Story of the WW2 B-17 Hollywood style with tons of liberties taken and with sfx really dated due to budget but great cast from Batman and LOTR. This includes the Oscar winning Documentary of famous director William Wyler who fly with the crew at the time. Worth checking out as a double feature on ne disc for a piece of history.

Wind and The Lion: 4 - Old school epic aka Lawrence of Arabia but short on the budget, lol.
Sean Connery 007 playing the sheik with a wink wink nudge nudge on the role his playing is a keeper itself. Commentary with John Miluis (Arnulds Conan) is well detailed in the making of.

Art of Steal: 3(RB) - Kurt Russell and Matt Dillon are brothers going for one last job with many twists, humor and some tense scenes on the hiest itself. Good supporting cast with Terrance Stamp (Superman 2 Original General Zod) lead to the fun with the surprise ending. Great 2 for Tuesday.

Stalingrad: 3(RB) - While the action is great the director does get carried away with his slow mo shots, drags in the middle and concentrates on just a small group of soldiers on the defense and does not cover the whole battle as the titles suggests. But the action does remind you of Saving Private Ryan covered with some CGI.

Squatters: 1(RB) - Stupid movie and what is Richard Dryfuss doing in here? A complete waste of time. Love story that drags on until boyfriend get involves with wrong...oh fuck this flick....

Monday, May 12, 2014

Godzilla News and Reviews

Latest news and reviews plus a picture that can be a stand in for Monster Island.
Warning: The reviews have slight spoilers, mostly how the story goes in order. But of these are mostly positive with Rotten Tomatoes have a 85% Fresh. The only negative seems to be about
characters not fully developed. Excuse me but Godzilla is the star....Hello!

Note: I put the most positive first, then a video review then my pictures with chat.
Some of these have been posted on our Godzilla Community page already.
Also look at the mentions here including Independence Day, War of the Worlds, Jaws,Transformers,
Irwin Allen ! (Lost in Space TV show, Original Lost World, see imdb).

Black and white on the big screen.

I will agree 3D Imax is a cheat in prices but who deserves more than the Big G. Like Pacific
Rim this helped at the Box Office hopefully we can get our sequels.

You know for a fat creature he's doing pretty at Rotten Tomatoes don't you think? lol.

Best review so far. How come I'm not surprised, lol.

He saw this twice! Damn not fair!

Godzilla 8 out of 10 here.

Impatient aren't we? What's he's problem?

The only thing that has no substance and is an empty shell is this guy. And he works for Forbes? Jeez, they hire anybody don't they.

Short video. I wanted end this blog on a positive note.

Monster Island.?
It's an island near Puerto Rico called
Monkey Island which belongs to well...
No humans live here as they are protected by the government. You can find this on Google Maps.

I didn't have the right camera and the zoom was poor so this is the closest I got without distortion. Hopefully I'll get another shot.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Spider Gets Step On By Neighbors

Holy Kato! The Green Lantern Splats a Spider

Updated Monday 12, 2014
It's over for Spidey.  Itsy Bitsy Spider is already history. And don't let the overseas B.O. fool you.
The studio wanted TASM2 to come close to a $ Billion for the money it cost to make.
Which means clear sailing for Godzilla and with all it's postive reviews this will do huge.

I couldn't wait to post this for Monday. This is so friggin hilarious. Seth Rogens comedy is beating Spidey at the Box Office and is going to win  the weekend.
A fraternity comedy is NOT suppose to beat an Iconic Super Hero. Looks like Spiderman is not so amazing after all. That means Godzilla is going to share next weekend with Seth and bury Spidey all together. And what about X-Men? Those guys are going to need a 4 day weekend just to stay afloat. And who else is going to do great?

1. People are in the summer comedy mood. Macfarlane got that covered with Million Ways to Die.
2. Family wants to see another Disney Frozen. Jolie got this with Maleficent.
3. And make room for the Apes in July. No more monkeying around with this superhero thing.

No, it just killed itself. Now the real summer is going to start with Godzilla.
Poor itzy bitsy little spider. LOL.

PS: You know what makes this sweet. SEth was Green Lantern which comic book fans trashed.
Got the Blu-ray that's how much I like that one. And for him to beat Spidey. Sweet.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

New Web Sites

I'm going to re post this weeks blog for the rest of the weekend and just post on our Godzilla Community Page with some Godzilla related news and trivia. In the meantime.....

Here is the new Revamp Main Site which is in Beta but these are the main pages and all the links
are in working order. Then do some tweaking for the rest of June. Due to requests I made the site streamlined as possible and a lot less cluttered for the links. The advice was greatly appreciated.


Also we have our NEW Music Site also in Beta form. We added SoundCloud to this and next
month we will be adding Reverb Nation with all new original music. The sites blog will start
in June. All other announcements will be done on this blog for all the sites. Hope that's clear, lol.


Special thanks for all of your support and patience. And more to come!

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Movie Reviews with Spidey 2

Update: Goblin pic added.
Amazing Spidey 2: 2 out of 5. Don't know about the BR but if it does come with a shitload of goodies I'll get to keep AS1 company on the shelf. Not mad but sooooo disappointed.
Pros: Spidey itself got comfortable with his skin. After opening credit he flys all over the city,
making jokes and having a good time and Andrew was really good as Peter.
Like the music cues, kinda cute. Nod to NYC like the Brooklyn Bridge.
Easter Eggs: Like Ramones Poster who did Spidey theme on the Adios Album.
Cons: Too much love story just to kill her off. Twilite meets Titanic.
Too much exposition and setup for Sinister 6. Why not call it that instead of Rise of Electro.
Rhino as the bookend villian for the beginning and ending of the picture. Boring.
Editors POV: 90 minutes of bullshit and just 35 minutes of action, last half hour with just 15 minutes of action crammed in. I agree with the critics on the Venom Sandman comparison.
Just much to much to mention here which I'll leave the rest for the show. But here is this link:

The mouse is waiting on his throne with a big grin on his face:
"Soon Darth Soon." 
"Yes my master"

Brick Mansions: 3 - A remake of the original Franch version Distrcit B13 which was way better, a solid 4, this still had a lot of action and very fast pace. A good 2 for Tuesday on rental. And Paul Walker held his own with the fighting and of course the driving scenes. Shame this was he's last complete film. So that lone I would recommend this when it comes on DVD/BR.

Son of Batman: 3(BR) - A Lot of bad reviews about the voices, story, kid is a bratty smart ass, bla bla bla. While not as great as the other Direct releases it shows DC does great on these and never a disappointment. As I said before why TW doesn't go and base the movies on these releases is beyond me. Besides that this had a good sense of humor and plenty of action. A good rental for sure.

Bad Country: 2(RB) - Directed by one of the producers on Boonodock Saints and died while making this. That's the good news. While the actors are great in doing thier best on material that's based on a true story, this whole movie is flat. While is does have some action and tries to build up up to a mano a mano big fight at the end this has no momentum whatsoever. Good for a rainy day for the curious.

Gimme Shelter: 3(RB) - Vanessa was actually good in this. Surprise! Based on a true story the movie is friggin sad and is a chick flick so guys you've been warned. It ends like Vanessa's other movie with Cage "Frozen Ground" where they show the real people the movie is based on at the end credits. But her performance surprised me like the previous. Made me forget that Spring Breakers garbage. If she's serious about her career she won't do SP2, who hell asked for that anyways!

Sony Store NYC

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Amazing Spiderman 2 Backlash

Updated: 5 links that question the film and 4 fun links on behind the scenes. Still no BR for me.
Guess Spidey wasn't all that. The reason I'm including these links and those on the previous blogs as they represent the way I feel on Spidey 2. It will make my review a lot shorter to the point I'll just use Pros and Cons. For now my rating is 2 out 5.

A follow to a previous post. A list of deleted scenes or a Directors cut. Does it matter? Remember Hulk with Ed Norton. 45 minutes of deleted scenes. See they were smart, they cut out the love story.

Plot holes galore. For a film that over 2 hours, really? These are not epics, they're comics!

Raimi got my vote on this also. For me Doc Ock was the best. And they screwed up Lizard.

They sent way to much time on the love story when everyone knew she would die. Most of this time could have been use to build up the villians instead of rushing Rhino and Goblin at the end.
Last sentence in the 2nd to last paragraph said it:
"...at some point audiences are going to notice that they aren’t all that crazy about these films."

This is right up there with all the easter eggs that were in this thing. They keep this up and soon the studio doesn't have to spend a penny on these things. Let Sears pay for it all.

This was a nice surprise for us NYer's. This was also used for Denzal Travolta "The Taking of Pelham 123" Little trivia.

Video of electro using Green Screen. Cool behind the scenes. All this and the film was still a mess.

2 more making of scenes for Spidey.

Saved the best for last with more cool tricks on filmmaking.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Was the Force (4th) with You?

Updated: 6 pm - More Star Wars and Spidey News.
May the 4th Be With You. Was it? It was for me as I finally have 2 new websites up:

The first is our main site with a brand new look and is much more streamlined.
And the other is my music site featuring all new original music. Both will expand for the summer.
More details on Blog Talk Radio which will have some other annoucements. Hopefully this week.
So let's catch up from the news this weekend onto today's news.

Speaking of Star Wars:
Why so damn short? But the thought was nice.

Simple: A friggin good script and the death of Jar Jar. What more can you ask for?

SPOILERS! Read only if you've seen the movie! Hint: Directors cut?

2nd Spoiler. This was different to see and a cool surprise.

This continues on a article I posted on the last blog. Talk about being defensive. But read the comments. The writing is on the wall, especially since TASM2 did OK compared to the previous Spideys.
More Soap Opera, so the articleabove is bullshit? Or Arad is bullshit? You decide.

Yep the big cheat was it had the 3D prices. So it really wasn't all that. But here is the trick.
How long will it lat in the top 10. Godzilla is around the corner and X-Men. Captain America 2
had a whole month with no competition. In 2 weekends we will have our answer.

They got a lot more wrong than 6 especially the last act which repeats Spidey 3 with last mintue Venom. They did it twice with Goblin and Rhino. Yeah Yeah it was just a setup/preview for Sinister 6. "Do or Do Not, There is no Preview! Yeah Yeah another franchise, thats right I said it!

TASM2 review coming Tuesday or Wednesday depending on the news tomorrow.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

The Star Wars Cast List

This was a busy week for news. Here 3 more which are long articles but that should do it for the week. Taking a break till next Monday so enjoy Spidey everyone. Review coming next week.

Shots of the Actors in the new movie. But check out the comments the main reason I post this. LOL.

An update with a lot of pages included and again check out the comments. I don't think the force is with some of the crowd.

I used to work on Wall Street, not the Wolf of Wall St. kind but good enough to tell you these guys know thier business. Then again we kinda know JL doesn't have a chance. They just started late.