Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Force Is Not with Lucas!

New Radio Show coming after New Years Day, *Question: Why is this so great and so fast at the boxoffice? Simple: Repeats and that is due to all the easter eggs that people miss the first time. 007 as a stormtrooper, Jedi Ghost voices, etc. New blog coming tomorrow.
No. 8 of all time after knocking off Frozen. At this rate one film per day till it hits No.1 with only 7 to go (including No. 1). And as far as Wednesday it's No. 4 breathing down Jurassic World and just $130M to take out AVatar. Mere Pennies!
Includes 54 minute video interview on Charlie Rose Special. Damn, Anger leads to Hate, Hate leads to the Dark Side, the Dark Side leads to Lucas.....Damn.
Other leading article about this slavery thing. So the House of Mouse is into slavery. Why does Princess Leia in that slave outfit come to mind.
Picky picky picky...One beef I agree with is the trio never got together, something I mentioned on the show. I like the end of the first paragraph: It's possible Avatar all time record could fall..but we'll have to wait a few months to see if...break this unbreakable record. How about a few days eh?
On the positive side, this is about Mark Hamill signing things from the fans. I have a few myself after I interviewed him and if you look closely it's the double LL's that the forgers get wrong. But he is very cool about the fans that's for sure.
Where's the screen test on that one? OOH Ah OOh Ah! "I'm going to make Jabba an offer he can't refuse." Holy crap don't me started. Check him out doing his Rod Steward impression in Danny Collins, A nod for Golden Globe.
Corporate greed at it's best and hurting the very fans who help keep the franchise alive. Simple solution to all this. Make it a parody like Seth McFarlane did with both Star Trek and Star Wars and they touch them for the most part. Check out the 14 quotes from Trek in the gallery. Makes a lot of sense.
Those little guys still have it. While getting knocked of the top 10 of all time ( now No. 11) they still hold the No. 1 on home sales.
The nerve of this guy turning down all these iconic roles just to wait all this time for a little thing called an Oscar. Jeez some people, ya know? Gotta admit, he does cool holding that light saber.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Force Will Take Out Titanic for No. 2 U.S.

New Radio Show coming: The Force Awakens Boxoffice Review
Another $29.5 for a Tuesday with only 6% drop in ticket sales. At this rate Titanic will lose it's No. 2 spot by this weekend. Now it's only a matter of days before Avatar will lose it's spot. Great way to end the year for the U.S. Charts. And the New Year will start will The Force landing on the Top 5. So cool.
So what happened here. Are they still made at us for Slumdog Millionaire? Oscar winning picture which benefited no one but the producers? A movie I thought was way overrated and not worthy of the Oscar. A shame all around. So one tiny little spot where The Force wasn't strong. At this point it really doesn't matter does it?
Has anyone read her biography, the one with Princess Leia passed out on a table holding a martini?
She tells all on rough it was after Star Wars, with drinking, pills, and electro therapy, Yikes! She had a tough road and her face shows it in the film. What would you expect? It was not gravy train for a lot of these stars unlike Harrison Ford who had Indy Jones and Oscar nods. Damn lay off the Princess already, I mean General Leia. And if you don't like my opinion, Blow me!
Duh! Now that Ford killed off Han Solo he can go back to the business at hand. Remember, he was part of ensemble in the original SW trilogy and even tho he was the main star in TFW he was still part of an ensemble. With Indy, He Is the star of the movie. That's he wanted in the first place right?

This shows our age but shows our love, what do you say to that Padewans?

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Force Awakens is Now Top of 10 All Time

New Radio Show coming before New Years: ST:The Force Awakens Part 2. For the New Year the Best of 2015, Golden Globes and Oscars talk and other surprises. Check out 1977 pic below links.
Top 10 of all time. Took out my Minions at the No. 10 spot but it's worth it. One more weekend to take out Jurassic World at No. 3 and the game is on! Titanic is history for sure. Includes boxoffice numbers of international totals.
Tribute to Lucas is No. 3 on the program, mostly likely the second hour. Even tho this was film before TFA is now top 10 all time, how did he feel knowing the very thing he created got taken away and be a huge box office titan as it is now. Wow under the bus even before it premiered. 
Updated correction: He was No. 2, half hour in. So much for this article getting it right, jeez.

Look at this chart. Two of my favorite films side by side. At this pace this is going to skip the rest of the top 10 and hit the No. 3 by New Years. Sweet.

Posted late as I had to background check a trivia question. The movie? The Conversation 1974. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola and starring Gene Hackman and co-starring Harrison Ford in a small role. Wexler helped out on the camera work but was  not credited on the movie. This was Harrison's 2nd big feature after American Graffiti, pre-Star Wars.

A long long time ago, that was me and my generation, the first, seeing Star Wars before it was known as "A New Hope". and yes we dressed like that along with the bell bottoms and hardly a female in sight. They came a few months later.

Monday, December 28, 2015

SW: The Force Awakens Hits $1 Billion

Radio show now playing: The Force Awakens pt. 2, new show Pt. 2 coming this Wednesday. Lots of trivia on this show. Please see links below for talk on the show. Top 10 mini-reviews listed on our previous blog. This list will be used for our award show next week. Photo of me (wearing Phantom Menace shirt) at the old MNN studios below links.
The Force Awakens hits the $1 Billion mark. That sure was fast. And if it keeps up this pace it will hit the $2 Billion mark and ready to take out Avatar in a few weeks. Ok China its all yours on Jan. 9. Lets go China!

Updated Links:
No.1 had a tri-wing tei fighter. I mentioned that on the last radio show from The IMperial Handbook which were called The Defender and The Phantom. No.3 was scary and too close. See link below. Some of the rest might be in the next movie. Who knows.
Wow, what a bad idea. And it wouldn't have been fair to show one ghost and not the others. And Yoda would have been the one to see more than the others especially Christensen. Sorry dude, but the force ain't with you man. This guy can't catch a break can he, lol?

Previously earlier today:
This thing about the stormtroopers being kidnapped when they were kids instead of being cloned still turns out the same result. They can't shoot straight let alone hit their targets. Well if you got a beef with this one, check out the next list with 40 plot holes from the movie.
Stupid long ass link. Most of these nail it. I still have a problem with thatfrigging damn mask Kylo wears, like why. My favorite is No. 40. They take the franchise from Lucas only to repeat the same damn plot from the trilogy. Well ain't that what most franchises do? If ain't broke, why fix it? Just re-arrange the parts, that's all, lol.!Han-Solo-v-Kylo-Ren-How-It-Could-Have-Been-If-Scripted-By-George-Lucas/c9uh/56804e9b0cf21caddb9859cb
This would have been a great scene but then again there would be no sequels. Lets face it, Han Solo died a punk ass death, he deserved better.
Remember when Disney tried to sue people for revealing That Rey action figure a few weeks that showed a plot point, which made no sense either way. But tying Finn to Land to via a jigsaw puzzle is a stretch. Or are we running out of ideas for articles?
The article that Trekkers and Jedi's refuse to acknowledge and are in complete denial. Something I enjoy to laugh at. Aren't we all sci-fi fans? But the Falcon an R2D2 cameos are the best along with Simon Pegg being in both. Man that is funny.

Live at MNN Studios, 1999, 10 years on the air. This was The Big Phantom Menace show, reviewing the movie and taking phone calls. Cheapo supremo many years before the studio went digital. With The Force Awakens this brings me full circle of celebrating 25 years on the air and wishing of seeing a new Star Wars movie come true.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Force Breaks a New Christmas Record

New Blog Talk Radio now playing, The Force Awakens Review Part 1 with other mini movie-reviews. Part 2 coming on Monday for more Star Wars talk. Above: The new trio of Star Wars.
Today's blog will continue through the weekend with a list of mini move reviews now listed below the articles. Best: The Revenant 4.5, Leo's Oscar!

Saturday Update:
The Force was stong with Xmas and breaking more records. Let's see what kind of record it breaks New Years after hitting the $1Billion mark as I predicted before. See below.
21 reasons why it the deserves the money. I have just one (two). Being an old die hard since 1977 since I first Star Wars it was a dream come true that we actually got a new film finally. That and, with all its faults, better than the Menace trilogy.

So the big question is will it clear the big $1 Billion mark world wide this weekend? Duh! And after New Years it will be all gravy train from there on.
Well it did it again on Tuesday. It broke Spideys record for biggest earnings on a Monday and now it took out Tuesday's record. And for Wednesday? What ever record that was is now gone.
Great 45 minute video. This include above the line (salaries above the $1 million mark) and below the line (salaries below the $1M mark, don't feel bad as they are part of the union who still make a hell of a lot). Good insight on the making of the movie with funny stories to boot.
Total collection of the past week tweets with pics, videos, interviews, cameos, eggs, and a lot of other goodies. I love when this sight puts this collection together. It saves me time with putting multiple articles on one blog.

Extra: Mini Reviews for now until the New Years Radio show right after Force Awakens Part 2.

Anomalisa: 3 - Amazing work but midlife crisis subject is boring. But sex scene was funny.
Spotlight: 4 - Better cast ensemble than The Big Short with a unexpected twist at the end.
The Big Short: 3 - Not to funny as it could have been due to confusing terminology.
Trumbo: 4 - Cryston is excellent but miscasting throws the story off. That was John Wayne?
Joy: Bore gets a 1 out 5. Where was the comedy? Golden Globe nominated? For what?
Concussion: 3 - Will Smith did a good job about a doctor who cared about the truth and I was actually interested.
Point Break: 2 - Lousy remake, bad editing which ruined some decent action scenes.
Carol: 3 - I can see this being a favorite of Oscars but this is a Netflix  Two for Tuesdays
Brooklyn: 3 - This is the other 2 for Tuesdays on Netflix. Period piece for yawners.
Steve Jobs: 3 - Fassbender does a great job of making Jobs look like a real scumbag of an asshole.
Was he really like that? Since this plays out more like fiction than actual bio we'll never know.
Hateful 8: 4 - While a good 30 min could have been cut out for a tighter picture, it's still a dialogue driven film. While the language is racist it does represent the time period. And what violence? Didn't they see The Revenant?
The Revenant: 4: More of a visual film and more violent than Hateful 8, Indians attacking, body count and that bear scene alone. And again it could have tighter if 30 minutes been cut.
The Danish Girl: 4: While this is not my kind of film, I did feel the pain of the character and that ending was sad as hell. Oscar's kind of film and Redmayne is Leo's competition for sure since Redmayne did win already and Leo's overdue. But these damn British actors are so damn good.
Assassin: 1 - Foreign film nominated for the most boring picture of the year.
Beast of No Nation: 3 - Excellent cast but with a story a bit long about a child soldier.
Legend - 2 Tom Hardy is great as both brothers with a story that goes nowhere.
Ridiculous 6: Seriously 1; All these comedians and the Mule steals the show in just a few scenes.
Bill Murray Xmas: 1: Lady Gaga and Clooney couldn't save this. Where was the Star Wars theme with lyrics? This was just so awful and not funny. This can make anyone into a Scrooge. Wait didn't he do a film called...oh never mind.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Force Is With The Critic Choice Awards

New Blog Talk Radio show now playing: The Force Awakens Big Review. Note: 10 minutes of mini-reviews then Star Wars talk. Do not listen if you haven't seen the movie! Spoilers galore.

This is going to clean up at the boxoffice obviously but to all the other movie studios releasing their movies this weekend, what the hell were you thinking? Idiots!!! The $1B is so close now that the only talk is when is it going to take out Avatar.
Good article on the magic the man and machine did for R2D2. The good old days. The Arp 2600 was a synthesizer that had cables and could only play only one note at a time. Main songs to listen to? David Bowie Space Oddity, Elton John Rocket Man & Funeral for a Friend, Edgar Winter Group Frakenstein, Early Emerson Lake and Palmer LPs. This was before today's software does all the work for you.

Luke, use the Force! Well it worked here, something that has never been done before. The panel went back and voted Star Wars in after the 10 nominations had been mentioned and the voting was closed. So it looks like the Oscars were not a joke after all.
SW:TFA breaks Mondays record passing Spiderman 2 for most money for that day. What is going to happen for the Christmas weekend? Regardless of Star Wars most films are going to cancel each other out as there are too many coming out so it looks like The Force Awakens will win again. Not that its a bad thing, you know?
Well this makes sense as Captain Phasma had so much publicity and so little screen time and we never did see what happened to most of the First Order when it got blown up at the end. I can see it now, her armour got damaged from the attack and now she wants revenge. New 12" figure just like C3PO's Red Arm. Collect them all! LOL.

Last Saturday at the neighborhood theater with tickets in hand before the showing. Then me and family friends were surprised when they had popcorn in Star Wars buckets and Soda cups with your choice of one your favorite characters to put on top. And this theater never does that.

Note: More talk on Force Awakens on the next Radio show then more mini reviews.
PS we will start doing test runs for Talk Show Radio starting this Saturday at 1pm live. Not 
taking any phone calls but you can here us yakking.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Star Wars Box Office & Oscar Talk

New Radio show coming tomorrow: SWs Force Awakens review & more. Spoiler articles are in the bonus section for those who haven't seen it yet. Also included with my interview with Mark Hamill 1992 on Youtube. I'm updating this blog cause Han Solo holding an Oscar looks so friggin cool.

So its obvious he gets paid the most, read paragraph 8 about those backend bonuses Only after the film clears $1Billion. DUH!
Clear of spoilers review. Read paragraph 6 as that will be my picking point on the radio show about Kylo Ren and the actor. Sorry dude but total miscast.
Will somebody make up their minds? LOL. So it Did beat Jurassic World for all time opening. Now about that China thing...
This has a breakdown of all the records that Force Awakens broke this past weekend. Pretty cool.

Big opening but it didn't beat Jurassic World all time international opening. It had China to thanks for that one. So now it's all up to China to make this the all time champion when it's released on Jan. 9.
Includes a cool chart showing how much it made in the different terrotories
Yep all the nods for tech awards but remember AFI picked this for the top 10 of the year and usually 7-8 get nominations for Oscars. It did make the shortlist for VFX. See article below.
Let's face it, the main competition are Mad Max and The Martian. Ant-Man is a surprise but what the hell is Tomorrowland doing here? No big deal on the visuals.

Bonus Section: Spoilers are included in the following articles:
These 3 articles cover a lot of ground on the movie. One thing for sure, it does bring up a lot of questions.Much more will be covered on the radio show before Xmas Day for sure.
14 big reveals. My biggest reveal was what a spoiled punk  Kylo Ren was with Daddy issues to boot. Really?
Numb, Ackbar, Raid 2 actors, Simon Pegg and Daniel Craig as a stormtrooper which was a highlight and one of the funniest scenes. But couldn't hear the "Force Ghosts" during the flashback scene. It was edited to fast to catch.
The three most annoying was when Maz said "another time maybe" not explaining how she got to own lightsaber, C3PO with that stupid red arm and R2D2 waking up at the last minute. Had a good nap trash can?

Note: More articles coming tomorrow on other subjects. Below my interview with Mark Hamill back in 1992.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Force is Strong at the Box Office

New Blog Talk Radio Show now playing.The Force and The Globes. Got my tix for this Saturday, pics included below links.

Last Update:
It's official. The @250M is in. Now here comes the fun part. It Mentions the trouble the film will have in China as the first trilogy was a bomb over there. Will it make the money it needs to help it be all time boxffice. And tme mystery deepens, lol.
Predictions for a $250M count, more than they thought. So that takes care of the opening day record. Now the fun begins, where is this going to land in the top 10 or 5. Three weekends to go thru Jan. 9 when it opens in China.

Great collection of tweets, pics, vids, trivia, rumours and other goodies throughout the net. One of my fav vids? JJ and Ford on Conan where he tries to sign the Lego Falcon and destroys it. Sofunny.
Long article with predictions for Force Awakens with comparisons, numbers and other calculations.  The writer must be getting paid by the word. It' simple a this: Repeat performance. All the hardcore fans are showing up early because before spoilers get to them. But already there's negative feedback as some are not happy with some of the major plot points. That can kill repeat performances. Big time. This has 2 holidays to go thru. Will it keep the momentum?
So James Bond did make a cameo. Daniel Craig as a stormtrooper? And I was wondering what was up with that Kelvin egg thru our J films ( a nod to his father). And Kevin Smith helping out with the voices. Makes sense with Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. ll these and more.

So far so good but I'm surprise we still have to wait for India and Greece. Why didn't they release the movie like the other countries? And of course China being the last will be the big crown at the end to put this on top. That and the repeat performances the film will need to top Avatar. How you think that got to be the all time champ.
Talk about Boxoffice, this mentions the worst of the year like Jem and the Holograms, and the big surprises that they didn't expect  aka Jurassic World. Nice little chart included of the pro and cons.
Adn that's why they are keeping an eye on Star Wars, will be the all time champ?
A trip down memory lane, with many not with us any more. And for those who are still with us many have moved on to busy careers. A hard thing to do with the nature of this business.
Here goes Director Lin explaining what he's going to do with Beyond. Read the comments (mean and funny) and you can see why the fans are not buying this movie. While I loved what Lin did with Fast Furious Franchise and he's great with action with Pegg writing who is a sci-fi geek, somehow this is not adding up to what Trekkers are looking forward too.
Just the idea of having a sequel to Edge is the reason for seeing this. Love that movie and MI6 hit it on the mark. Something the next Bond film should be looking into. That's right I said it from a Bond fan himself.
Strange that Diesel is making all this noise with Riddick and XxX 3. Trying to make up for Witch Hunter? Yeah people forgot about that and not paying any attention now with that 800 lb Gorilla from a galaxy far far away.)I mean that affectionately of course). Talk about bad timing.

Town of Aguadilla, PR, Thursday afternoon showings sold out. Got the tickets straight from the box office for 1 pm Saturday by family request. I was warned not to go to an earlier showing without them. So wait I must do.

Originally only 2 theatres were going to play The Force Awakens when management decided to play it safe earlier in the week and have three open. Duh!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Force is Strong With Reviews

New Radio show coming soon before seeing Force Awakens. The Force & The Globes.
Note: No spoilers on today's blog.
$200M and counting now. And after the film opens in China in Jan.9, the only question left is will it take out Avatar? It all depends on repeated performances. How many times will they see this to make it all time Box Office.
Video interview with the actors. While already there's talk of Christie's role not being big enough, remember Boba Fett in Empire Strikes Back which was mostly a Cameo and forget Jedi and now he has his own film?
Fallon, Roots and cast doing the themes with Harrison Ford doing the final notes. And those girls can sing!
Review by Co-founder TheForce.Net. A pro and cons review but check out the bottom of the article where he lists his best to worst of all the films. And this one comes at No. 4 after Return of the Jedi? Ain't that a bit harsh?
A breakdown of some of the highlights without giving away any spoilers. "Impressive". At least this review just mentions what fun it was without the cons.
Is everyone caught up with the hype and are in denial like Phantom Menace when the dust cleared and we had to admit we got screwed with the last trilogy? Or did JJ actually knocked out of the park. These reviews shows JJ could do no wrong.
You know somethings wrong when the director has to explain the trailer after all the bad feedback. Not a good sign at all. And this what makes Star Wars fans laugh at the Trek franchise. Can't blame really blame them especially after seeing that motorcycle. Yeah that bothers me a lot, lol.
After Star Wars the only thing to talk about will be the award season at the beginning of the year. While most don't care for me the idea of Mad Max and The Martian representing Sci-fi is a reason to cheer the awards this year. And maybe Force Awakens will get a few nods itself. Well I'm putting in my bets.

Updated late this afternoon:
Star Wars has joined Mad Max and The Martian for the American Film Institute. Guess my bets paid off already in one day, lol. Not to shabby.

Note: Saturday is the big day for Star Wars so we will have a Radio show before then.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Star Wars Premiere

New Blog Talk Radio Show before the weekend, Star Wars and the Globe nominations.
No spoilers included but it looks like JJ has pulled it off. But what about the hardcore and the repeaters? We'll find out soon enough.
After seeing this you probably be saying the same thing I did. "How come I wasn't there!" Levitt as Yoda is a hoot. Lucky basterds all around.
Ticket sales cross the $100M mark. Can't wait for those final numbers come Monday.
Have to give it to JJ. All this talk and he still reveals nothing. No even a name or character.Now that is a gift.
Who knew that Christophen Walken was that close to working on Star Wars. Wow, that was close. Remember Kevin Spacey on SNL doing Star War Auditions as other people. I thought all that was a joke all this time. Now that is scary. Nice long interview by the way if haven't got the magazine yet.
PS Clip included below links.
History of the lightsaber. Yeah why not. Don't worry if you miss this as this should be repeated to cash in on the ratings thru out the weekend.
Gunn has good taste. Russell would be great in this. No stranger to sci-fi he would be a perfect fit.
Does anyone care? Not that Ihave a problem with Wahlberg, still love that scene in Ted 1 where he mentions all those girls names in one take. That is not easy. But it was always about those damn robots and that annoying editing. But what the hell do I know if these things make a $1Billion plus.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Star Wars Week

New Radio Show coming before The Force opens with predictions.
Again with the piracy nonsense. That is not going to matter with this film. It's all about those plot points especially the big guess about Luke Skywalker and why he is not on that poster. And once the fans find out that Luke is bla bla bla and his light saber is bla bla bla nad veryone else spilling the beans on the internet, will a friggin bootleg copy going to make a difference? See below.
Number One Rule: Do Not Talk about Fight Club. Anything else? The Shit hits the fan!
By next Monday morning every detail is going to be known about the film and there's no where to hide. But once the audience finds out will this hurt the box office and its repeat performance?
2 Video interviews with 99 pics included. Personal opinion. What's up with hiding the good looking ones? Lupita is cute as heck and a Oscar winner and they hide her under heavy CG. Same thing with Idris Elba in the new Star Trek Beyond Trailer under heavy makeup. Women want him as the next James Bond (is that a friggin compliment or what) and they got him as some new alien, not evena Klingon. WTF?
Mad Max leading the charge with 13 Nods! It's only competition is The Martian with all these tech awards. Carol will be the Drama favorite with the Oscars who love those Period Costume Dramas.
More on all this in January when award season comes into play.
This B & W version was supposed to be on the BR/DVD. Well it looks like double dip as they were features shown on other websites that were not on the BR release.
Interesting history on bringing the book to life and its journey to total box office failure. Filmmaking 101, it's all in here folks. But releasing a movie about a Whale before Star Wars, C'mon. Really?
Singer is doing his best on fixing the franchise and reintroducing a lot of the characters from the earlier films since they screw that up in the first place aka Ratner's Angel. Uuggh.
Great, another new alien species on a rock. Saving on the budget are we? Check out the comments on this. Man they show no mercy. And to be honest where the hell are the Klingons? or the Romulans, Ferengi's, Cardissians, (add more here.......).
Tired of doing sequels? Bullshit. Smith, Lawrence, Bay want to do another Bad Boys sequel and it was Smith who's been pushing for a I Am Legend No. 2 whether he died or not. And if Suicide Squad is a huge hit you don't think he be in that also. Bottomline: ID4 couldn't afford him.
It's official, we are getting a whole seasons worth of shows with a holiday episode to boot. Can't wait to see what movies they are going to spoof on. And if this works then more seasons will come our way. God knows there's enough bad movies out there to rip form indys to majors.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Golden Globes and SAG Nominations

Last weeks Radio show now playing. New one for this weekend: Mad Max Best Picture Nod!

One thing for sure. It will get all the technical awards in it's favor. If you've seen the bonus features on the BR/DVD you'll see why. The only other competition will be The Martian as far as the tech awards. But there is too much love for this picture. Now we have to wait for the big suspense and see what Oscar has in mind.
The big surprise is Mad Max and that's it. Now a quick take about the snubs shall we?:
Johnny Depp - Black Mass: The picture was no Goodfellas and Depp hiding under makeup is been there done that. No special anymore so no surprise even tho he was really good but not great.
Tom Hanks Bridge of Spies: Saw it once and that was good enough. Nothing to grab on to.
Meryl Streep Ricki and Flash: Really a snub? Worst Streep picture ever. They did her a favor.
De Niro The Intern: Pleasant performance but Pacino was a Hoot! No snub here.
Liz Banks Love and Mercy: 2 snubs here, Liz and John Cusack were the ultimate love story. Shame.
What should have been snub: Songs for both Spectre and 50 Shades of Gray, Hell no!

3 of my favorites made it and if you been following my blog, you know I'm no bullshit!
Mad Max and Dirctor George Miller, Stallone and Shaun the Sheep (what have I been telling you all along?), Ridley Scott and Damon for The Martian.
Surprises? Al Pacino as Danny Collins (he was great as a Rod Stewart Rock Star), Lady Gaga for American Horror Story (both overrated), Spy for Best Movie Comedy??? (overrated) and The Good Dinosaur for animation??? (ok who got paid off?). And Last Paul Dano as Brian Wilson for Love and Mercy? What happened to John Cusack asthe older Brian Wilson. They both deserve the nomination but glad the movie was recognized. All this and more on the next Radio Show or this would have been one long ass blog.
NOTE: This article was printed before the Golden Globes nominations were announced.
This year is not a mess, that was last year. This year there's nothing to root for unless they listen to Golden Globes. They are always closer to want the fans like and want. Oscars still needs to catch up to the 21st Century. Check out these catagories:
No. 1 - They mentioned everything that got nominated at the Globes.
No. 2 - "..anyone's guess"? Stallone is in. Done.
No. 3 - "Mad Max?" they didn't see that coming did they?
Forget no. 4 & 5. Obviously they don't have a clue. And these are the experts!!!
And yet another trailer from China, but this does show quite a bit more especially the first half of the movie. And the Falcon does land in snow. Where does that goes in the story.

Creed 1:Quick clip of the no cut boxing scene after 13 takes after a week of blocking and rehearsals.
Update Creed 2: Full article not posted earlier with more clips.
No video but good article on the making of in rough weather conditions. Leo got the nod with Director. Tom Hardy is in the cast as supporting but no nod. But his Max got Best Picture. Sweet.
What's ironic is out of these clips not one shows Best Supporting Actress Jennifer Jason Leigh. Talk about breaking up the boys club. And of course Tarantino gets his Screenplay nod.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New Radio Show now playing, please check the first widget, with another new show coming this weekend.
In this video he mentions Lucas retiring and the future of Indiana Jones. Like I said before they will have a new Indy Jones since Disney now owns the franchise. But hardcore fans it would be nice for Ford to do one more which hopefully will end on a Grand Note instead of the last one which fans refuse to acknowledge. (The one about that crystal crap or something).
Multi videos showing he conferences. They must be paying a fortune in back pay points cause not only he hates interviews he never sits down with the cast with any film. Can you remember the last time he did one if he did at all?
Simple: you spent $4 Billion on a franchise you better the believe that kitchen sink is going to have it's own series. Again even though they threw Lucas under the bus, whatever he left on the shelf is Disney's and they're are going to milk it for what it's worth. This what happens when you throw shit money on properties like Tomorrowland and Good Dinosaur. Gotta get that money back somehow. For us hardcore we were promised a live action series since The Phantom Menace but with a different story line. Well what ever we get is better than nothing.
Eldris Alba gets to Nods! Great for him. Now about that Bond thing. Spence, John Spence 009 Secret Agent. That number was mentioned in Spectre. Remember they were thinking of having Halle Berry character Jinx from Die Another Day her own spin off. So give it to Alba and everyone will be happy. Trivia: There was going to be a spinoff with Michelle Yeoh from Tomorrow Never Dies but she was sign up with other films already and the schedule wouldn't permit. Damn that would have been a good one. So see even the producers of BOND already were thinking of it. Anyways as far as the other nominations more on that tomorrow as I will mention the list on the next radio show this week.
As far as movies go both Damon and Stallone makes no sense. DAmon was the picutre and Stallone gave one his best performances which was underplayed to perfection. No "ADRIANNE!"
Tarantino screwed up with Hateful 8 by not putting out a screener for the nod but Straight Outta Compton for Best Ensemble was the best choice. They should get it. But then again....
And for TV: The one I have to agree with is Empire. They put so much in the first season that they ran out of steam and it's like they are repeating themselves. Which hurts the actors since they themselves are repeating the same dialog and drama from last year. Conflict can only go so far.
Here is that list of the main actors considered for the role of Solo. Malek is one fo the worst, he's great for Mr. Robot but not for Solo. Maybe Teller could do it but he's way to serious. At the bottom I voted. Guess which one? You would think Hilarious right? So close but I vote SAD. VERY SAD.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

This picture is begging for a lot of quotes. So he liked the film?
New Blog Talk Radio Show now playing bringing you up to date for the rest of the season.
Let me answer a question I've been getting lately and which I mentioned on the last radio show.
Why are we getting SW:Force Awakens advertising/marketing shoved down our throats?
Simple: Disney is all and failure is not an option. Good Dinosaur has to break even at $500M and Tomorrowland is a complete write off. Meaning a loss of almost $1B in one year and a complete embarrassment for The House of Mouse. So how are they going to make up that lose? Yep Star Wars.
This must be tearing his heart out unless he's getting points from the boxoffice somehow. After throwing him under the bus why would he say nice things about the movie Unless it gets Phantom Menace backlash meaning the story, not the cash cow, then he feels vindicated.
Kind of dumb but I figure I put it up anyway. We all know Han shot first, Greedo was a putz. So there. The next video is funnier with Bill Hader doing impressions of Jabba and the dying Taun Taun.
But wait for the the third video with Harrison Ford yawning in the next video. Then there's the Micheal Moore interview..........!-The-Cast-of-The.htm
Great interview with Tarantino explaining 70mm and Roadshow formats which he applied to The Hateful Eight. I remember seeing these kind of flicks back in the day but now you can see this on Blu-ray with classics like Ten Commandments, Ben-Hur, Gone with the Wind. But for this?
They are not wasting anytime promoting Avengers 3, I mean Civil War. Who's missing? Hulk and Thor? but they got everyone else with the kitchen sink in this. But whatever it's called it's goin to be great seeing all these in one movie.
Didn't see that coming. But then again I'm not hardcore with the storyline so I take the show for what it is and this was a cool surprise. Can't wait to see this mesh with The Flash speaking of which...
So the Flash is in here but without the costume. Why wait. Looks like everyone else is making some sort of cameo.
"The fans mis the action fighting in the arenas" What bullshit. They miss the extra Kaching these films bring. Which this damn thing will go away already. Didn't the burn Battle Royale enough already?

Monday, December 07, 2015

Monday's Movie News

New Promo for Blog Talk Radio now playing then the big show. Mini-review of In The Heart of the Sea included: 2 out of 5. So disappointing. Saw the trailer? You saw the movie.
No Jar Jar and no Ewoks and no Post Credits. Good! That belongs in the Marvel universe so keep there.  As far as Jar Jar he did make through 3 movies and that's enough. One movie with Ewoks is more than needed before we get cuteness overload. Now that we got that out of the way, just 2 more weeks till we find out what happened to Luke Skywalker. I mean that is the big story ain't it?
Trek trailer plays during SW The Force Awakens. Thank you JJ to show it's ok to love both Star Wars and Star Trek! I don't get it with some of the fans. There's enough room for everyone, jeeez.
This breaks my heart as I was looking forward to see this. So disappointing. 2 out of 5. The whale gets about 20 minutes of screen time. It's all about Thor and his crew and you couldn't care less. Very disjointed in the editing department and in this article Howard stated he had to cut down some of the book and it shows. And lets not talk about the green screen, it's very apparent in some of the scenes.
I met Ron Howard when he was directing Splash with Tom Hanks (met him too, also cool) and Howard was so gracious and cool when talking to him and he was in the middle of directing a scene! And I love the Moby Dick story when I grew up and this movie came up short all around. Wait for Redbox,
Worst films of the year. Who cares about most of these but Mad Max is actually on this? The film that the National Board of Review named Best Picture of the year next to Pixels and Paul Blart, really? Think it's time to cancel my membership with these guys.

Let's face it. Slow news week as everyone is waiting for that 800 lb Gorilla to premiere next week.
The Force is very strong indeed with this one, lol.

Note: The show starts at the 1:00 minute as I was fixing the headphones when the show started. Sorry about that, lol.

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio Show Special coming soon. Today's blog will be updated this weekend.

Krampus? Really? Strange weekend all fighting for No. 1 which Hunger GM3 will take regardless. Go see Creed instead. Stallone for Suppt Actor, no joke. Really.
Worst kept secret as we know Spidey is going to be in Civil War. To what extent? Well some are calling it Avengers 2.5 which is fine with me, whatever. Look at Bats Vs Sups formally known at Man of Steel 2 or Pre-Justice League or....oh hell just bring it on already!
Ratings buster. Nobody saw this coming. Best Broadway show that gets a Tony? Nah. Movie version with Micheal Jackson? Uughh. Now this worked, maybe because of Circus De (yeah thoes guys) helped expand the version. Now that we got this out of the way, we DO NOT need another movie version. Can we move along now? PS about the commercials, it was needed to give the show a break in between on changing those massive sets. Free tv and people still complain. jeez..

Well now that the trailer pretty much tells you what the movie is about, there goes the plot. But at least we know what we're getting. Affleck as an older Batman works but whats with the gun? Cavill as Sups, working are we? Skinny Wonder Woman is not shown much so that can be a surprise on what she does near the end. But over the top Luthor? Now we got a problem. Too hammy but having our Heroes all gloomy is what is needed here. Abomination I mean Doomsday courtesy of General Zods body. Whatever. Let them all fight! The internet is screaming CGI, Green Screen, etc. What do they expect from the makers Man of Steel?
All these numbers gives me a headache. Long story short everyone's done good and no one is getting cancelled for the season. But that Flash/Arrow crossover worked out great. Even if the villain, Vandal Savage, called them out on their "Silly Costumes". Can't believe they left that. Good sense of humor. And next week we'll have the return of Mak Hamill as the Trickster. It's all good.
Funny video. All for a good cause. Wonder how many people knew it was him. Did you see my interview with him from the 1990's? It's on Youtube in case you haven't seen it.
All I can say about Boseman is he should have been nominated for "42" along with Harrison Ford for Best Actor and Suppt Actors Oscars. And he got James Brown dead on in Get On Up. He will kick ass in his solo movie. So check out those two movies to see what Panther has in store.
I love westerns and while I thought Django Unchained was a good send up of spaghetti westerns it just kind of missed its mark. Now the reviews are coming and the one mention that caught my eye was the mention of Sam Peckinpah, director of my favorite western The Wild Bunch. Now I'm there.
Sweet as Peter would say. We worked for The Simpsons so why not. But they really got push the PG-13 rating on this one without going overboard with the nasty stuff. They can save that for the BR releasel

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New Blog Ralk Radio Show coming soon. Lots of reviews.
For a busy they sure covered a lot and we still have part 2 to cover. Lots of fun all squeezed in an hour. Then I turned in to Agents of Shield and was bored to tears. Again DC is getting TV right. Marvel is another story.
Includes behind the scenes video. What a great setup for Legends of Tomorrow. Now that rumour of Supergirl making a cameo and Superman himself is showing up on that show what will the future bring? Something very much to look forward to.
Mad Max and The Martian are the big winners with The Hateful Eight getting Tarantino the screenplay award. The big surprise is Stallone for Supporting Actor. Are the Oscars listening. He nailed it. Finally saw Creed yesterday and it is all that. 4 out of 5. Especially that 5 minute boxing match at the 55 minute mark. This was the best film to see for the Thanksgiving weekend. As far as this list goes, why is Inside Out getting so much praised. Easily the most overrated film of the year, animation or not.
Funny video of Ford using Han Solo doll. Hopefully it wasn't a collectors item. He just ripped that sucker apart. Ok now, Let's make this easy: EVERYONE'S wrong for this!!! Get a complete unknown who has massive training in the theatre either Broadway or the London Stage and you can't go wrong. While some like Teller might be good for the role,  these shoes are just to big to fill. And fans will judge big time.
Spielberg can talk all he wants. Father time has the final answer and only he knows when there will be another Indy Jones. But Wait! There is another! That's right, the Mouse himself also has the answer. Remember it was a package deal with both Star Wars and Indy Jones. And if Disney can tell Lucas to take a hike and re-invent the next trilogy without him, what makes you think they can't do the same thing with this franchise. And the most ironic thing. Spielberg wanted to do a Bond Flick and they turn him down, and Lucas told him in so many words "we have our own James Bond" hence Indy Jones.Yes Spielberg still has a grudge against the producers of Bond. Trivia: Guess which picture he was going to do? For Your Eyes Only, the very same one which might be the next Bond.
Why they can't get this franchise right is beyond me. While Iron Man 3 sucked beyond belief at least Shane Black was on the first film and should have an idea where to take this. Either that or this is going to suck too. But I do want this to happened. Not like Producer Rodriguez version where he was given a small budget to make it happen.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New Radio show coming before the weekend is out.
Video included. Dream sequence or not, there wasn't much to go on. I like the Civil War trailer better. Just seeing Iron Man getting the crap beaten out of him was hysterical. But what was also funny was the dude on the slab with Penguins umbrella sticking out of his mouth. That was a riot!
PS Doesn't Wonder Woman look just a tad to skinny next to these dudes. I mean, really.
Screw this up JJ and back to TV you go. Naaaw, only kidding. That's the last thing we need. For him to go back and make Lost 2 is the last thing we need since "Lost" was one of the worst shows ever shown on TV. See? I'm not afraid of no studio executives ghosts, lol.
A remake of "For Your Eyes Only"? What, Bond ain't going to outer space? Besides being regarded as one of the best Moore's films it would bring the budget down big time as Spectre was too big of a budget and bloated to boot. More down scale this franchise would be the right move and still keep the gadgets, lol. And would someone mind to put a Bond girl back in a bikini? Thank youuuuuuuuu.
River Song is a favorite character and should be interesting to see these two together. Her Clara had a nice setup but that last episode of her dying was a total waste and quite depressing for a lovable character like that not to go in a blaze of glory. So a little pick me up for the Holidays should be fun.
The big talk about the 5 minute sequence is shown here with a quick snippet. Still kicking myself out of all films not to see this past weekend and I've been a Rocky fan since day one and even gave Rocky Balboa high praise exception being Rocky 5 of course. There's always one stinker in the bunch, lol.
Talk about Stallone, Ramob is going to TV well at least RAmbo Jr. with Dad at his side. Heck, why not. It workd with Creed with Rocky being his mentor and that's getting a sequel. The way I look at it it beats RAmbo fighting a creature made by the military science lab or some insane plot. Remember that. And lets not get started with those military raptors that Spielberg can't still let go off.
Cool behind the scenes making of on the making of this. As explained in the video it takes 48 frames per day to help make a scene. Tried it once, never again and that's why I call this an art form. But the raves this is getting is unbelievable for a stop motion film. Lets not forget Shaun the Sheep. 10x better than Inside Out. Friggin overrated.

Note: My neighborhood cinema for the winter. Usually no more than 2 screens hold a big opening picture. Lets see what happens with Star Wars.