Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursdays Movie News Links
This will be huge. All I can say is I'm getting my Star Wars fixed so I am so there. LOL.
The nly thing that is going in my head is Marvel gets to right and DC is such a Fuk Up. Sorreeeee..
I wish somebody would make up thier minds. So they are NOT during it but they are still pitching it.
It would makes sense for them at least to produce but looks like Legendary got their own take.
Sharknado No. 3? This film was a hoot. It helped if you were a New Yorker and how they filmed arond the city in 20 degree weather. Just look at the Baseball Game scene, you see their Breaths!
The man who started all this name combo titles on SyFy channel The B King himself Mr. Corman.
I'm  HUGE fans of his and will be doing a special on him. Great interview about these movies.
Legendary Makeup artist who Rick Baker was a student who went on to doing King Kong 1975 and other famous Sci-fi Horror films. Look at his projects on IMDBfor a full listing.

Note: another test is playing. actually sounds good. Going to tape something tonite, lol.
Update: New show now playing with comic con topic....check out the widget...

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links
Nope didn't see this coming. Wow this is different and brilliant. Makes sense when you think about it. This makes a great cross over. 2 franchises which I love, together as one. Looks like another one for the collection. Time to clear some bookshelf space.
They say he's a bad mother...Shut your mouth!..I'm only talking about Mace
Can you count how many, I stopped after 50, wow thats a lot.
Guess he's trying to jump on the band wagon in the getting his career rebooted after EX3. But the problem here is Marvel now owns it and can just get a young blood to restart the franchise. Oh well.
Holy Cash Cow! Talk about friggin raises. And the back end. Talk about F.U. retirement money.
They are so lucky that they are still funny or this wouldn't happen. Me? I wouldn't mind a more years. And Sheldon is the funniest Nerd on the planet.

Doing another test run as last nights was a total disaster. Time to change mic and laptops.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Comic-Con Follow Up

Just a few tidbits left over from Comic-Con as we are getting ready for the biggest summer blockbuster of the year. Hint: It has a Racoon with a nasty temper and a Walking Tree.
Quick Blog Talk Radio Promo later tonite at 9PM.
Excellent choice as I loved Attack The Block. But the big surprise here is Screenwriter Max Borenstein to write this. So much for Del Toro and Peter Jackson even tho Jackson did do teh groundwork on the legend of Skull Island. Maybe uncredited consultant. But the problem here is that its obvious that GZ Vs KK is what they are aiming for, it will be the size of King Kong. Jackson's King Kong is short compared to Edwards Godzilla who is way to huge in the reboot. Either way we getting that remake.
And it was pretty obvious that Legendary is going the Avengers route and linking up all thier big creatures for a big new franchise. Something I said this past weekend. Glad the articles mentioned finally mentioned that, they need to catch up to me, LOL..
I know this sounds like a complete copout and just a way to milk the box office and fans of thier dollar. But I have to admit if they got it riight the first time they wouldn't have to go thru with this.
But if you understood the politics, Bryan Singer went thru so much bullshit when doing the first 2 movies with FOX politics to the point Director Ratner took over XM3 and completely ruin the crap out of it. Lots of fans want some of these characters done right while still bringing in new ones. If Singer is still behind these future movies I have to agree, Let Singer has his way and let him fix what needs to be fix. Now that he has his way and the budget to go with it I can see no wrong.
I love this article. Never mind DC's Wonder Woman. This is the real Wonder Woman going against type and odds. YOU GO GIRL!
"This Video has been removed"
Everything that is wrong with this picture to begin with. What, They don't talk, dont take Questions to begin with and then you don't show the video? God I love this train wreck!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Comic -Con Final Day

Above: From  old collction aka 1990's. Press the red button to hear King Gidorah roar. Well not anymore, it's so old the battery died out. PS Brand new Blog Talk Radio Plug now playing.
Well that got my favorite Kaiju in there so it's all good. That's what this franchise needs, bring back all the old classics Kaiju's since thye all going to get a complete makeover due to size and CG. But like the other news yesterday with bringing back King Kong will Andy Serkis be part of that and how will that effect a hopeful Godzilla Vs King Kong. Let''s face it the original also needs a makeover.
So we got Edwards Godzilla Franchise, Peter Jackson's King Kong, and Del Toro's Pacific Rim all run by Legendary Pictures, what are the odds for a Mish Mash aka The Avengers. You know the studios are all thinking of it.
While Hercules didn't do all that good openingweekend The Rock has to look at other franchises and  this makes sense. Unfortunately that EX3 bootleg is all over the internet, shame it will kill this franchise as Pierce Brosnan says he wants in, The Rock would like to join and we are still waiting for
Seagal to changehis mind to join and of course Jackie Chan. There is still juice with franchise.
Can't wait to see this and then that Futurama crossover episode. Great season to look forward to.
Great video but man this has spoilers. They do tell quite a bit for the year. Wish they stop that.
Evil Dead for TV? Why not, they screwed up rebooting the franchise and then Raimi got in that lawsuit so I'm glad for all of them. Wish they still would go ahead of Army of Darkness sequel tho.
SAy goodbye to the cast, shame they blew it with that fairie crap a few seasons ago as they are grying to get back to the first seasons basics. But I agree it's time to call it as this season is dragging.

I haven't mentioned to much on Sups vs Bats mainly cause I laugh to hard at this train wreck everytime I post something. Like this disaster:
Everything is wrong with this. A short clip then Ben and Henry show up with no talk or q&a with the audience. Then they show this dreadful pic of Wonder Woman custom. This is NOT Wonder Woman. I dont know what the hell is that. Maybe Red Sonja or Conans sidekick but not WW.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Comic-Con Surprises

King Kong Sequel? Nobody saw this coming! Well it official, a new wave of big giant creatures are coming to the theatres. Reminds of the old glory days 1950's and Ray Harryhausen pictures. Of course that includes Godzilla and his buddies, Mothra Rodan, King Gidorah for his sequel.
Scroll down to video #4 for introduction of the new cast for AVengers 2. Hey they got 2 actors from Godzilla 2014 in this. Way to go! And my personal fav From the Black List, Spader! YES!
Now that annoucement has been made finally and getting King Kong to boot where they hell is...
GAMERA?  WTF? Left out in the cold. Hoping we get a reboot of GZ vs KK here is a dream
that hs never been done: GZ vs. Gamera. Damn Legendary your that close with all this, get the rights for Gamera. He needs love to you know.....
5 minute Video interview. Near the end at 4:00 he mentions Skull Island and this is the first time he's hearing about it and how he's busy thru 2017. HOLD ON!!! Del Toro is Best Friend with Peter Jackson who is a certified King Kong NUT! He did the remake right? They both worked on Hobbit trilogy until DT quit. But still got writing credit and he never heard Skull Island. Yeah Right.
There are probably producers of this with someone else directing. Who the hell cares. Make the dman movie and get KK to fight Godzilla already. And will someone give Gamera a call....
A sequel already? Yeah why not, anthing to bury DCs League, poor bsterds don't have a chance.
This too? umm what happen to machete 3? and what happens if a copy leaks out like Expendables 3?
that is a sitting duck. People already telling me they saw the filmm, luv it of course, but no reason to see it in the theatres, there goes Ex4....I would be nervous as a studio thats for sure...

More to be added tomorrow. Then on to that GZ shows on Blog Talk Radio.
Now I got a lot to talk about, LOL......

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Highlights of Comic-Con 2014
Now that is a busy poster. A lot more pics including below.
A wrap up so far on the past few days with a lotmore coming for the rest of the weekend.
Whovians are really waiting where this is going to go and with Peter Jackson directing a episdoe?
Hell yeah, and a cinematic release, well it's all god. Looks like August is going to be a busy month.
What's with the diss? This film needs the break for the old fans and new ones to show up or we won't get an EX4. It wasn't bad enough that they had to tone it down to a PG-13 to get everyone in for the boxoffice. Looks liek somebody was pissed and wanted to sabotage this. Seagall was that you? lol.
Still going to be there regardless, most bootleg copies are terrible and have scenes missing anyways.
Taken was bootleg where before it open in the US and did did huge. So let's see.

What ever I didn't catch today I'll post tomorrow to continue with the Con events.
Don't forget to catch the previous posts as I posted the second half of our last live show.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Live Show on MNN Pt. 2 Now Playing

The second half where we talk about the rest of the summer movies and give thanks to everyone for supporting us for the past 24 years as this show marked our anniversary.

Note: Becuase of the delay on posting these shows due toa coding error which took time to correct, I missed our Planet of the Apes show on Blog Talk Radio. I will catch up with that when the Blu-ray comes out.
So I'm going ahead with the Godzilla 60th Anniversary show this coming week to celebrate its final release in Japan this weekend. More details will be on the Radio show next week.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Links Including Comic-Con Highlights

Note: Live show now playing on You Tube. Please see previous Blog. Comic-Con Scroll down.
The Expendables behind the scenes video shows a lot more now but if this keeps up there be nothing left to see, lol. But seriously for much screen time can every one have. It's more like cameos than anything else. Like that is going to stop me. This is old school and I am so there. It should be fun.
Talk about no faith in your own property. Sinister 6 is going ahead and Spidey is left behind. Ouch.
At this point no studio is going to catch up with Marvel. And Disney will get Spidey. Simple as that.
Not much to look at but they need every gimmick to save this train wreck. And about that date?
Yeah I agree Bat Sups will move their date. CAPS is way too solid to mess with.
7 ? Damn talk about milking it. Well why not, they screwed up Clash of the Titans and Percy Jackson did nothing with that franchise. At one point Spielberg wanted to revisit Jason and the Argonauts mythology.  Ray Harryhausen did some of this with his films going into the history of the different countries and their folk stories.
Never mind the car chase. Where Spectre and Blofeld? They got the original characters like M, Q and Ms Moneypenny back in the fold so they're almost there. Also don't forget the Volcano and Bond going into outer space. Hell, Lady Gaga is going in real life (one way ticket we hope) so why not Bond. Remember Gravity did a shit load of money and we do have a space station up there.
"WESTWORLD: Were nothing can go wrong" I remember seeing this back in the 1970's as a kid as was always a personal favorite. Arnold ShweThey finally got this off the Ground.

Comic Con News:
CBlend always do a great job on covering CC. Check them out for the rest of the weekend
for complete coverage. They don't miss a beat.
Over 250 pictures Name it its in here, even Godzilla...
Pacific Rim" Jaeger Pilot Preview
Alien: Isolation. How many variations have we played over the years. I even had Alien on Sega Game Gear at one point. Anyone remember that hand held system. But with the original cast included this time I have to check this out, a trip down to memory lane.
What a ham! Gotta love it. Video surprise announcement.

Note: Recap of Comic-Con throughout the weekend.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Live Show Now Playing On You Tube

This is the first half of the show as we had a problem with the coding in the second half.
Apes and all other films from the summer so far. Then the Radio show before the weekend is out.
Thanks for watching everyone.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday Movie News Links
New video With James Gunn explaining his doing with the Imax Process. So Cool. Did everyone see the cast on Jimmy Kimmel Monday Night? That was fun. Of course they wouldn't dare go up against that little girl. Man she Owned Them! LOL. Really looking forward to this. This will take care of my Star Wars fix until that film comes out.
Who loves you Baby? Vin is keeping busy these days. But looks like Fast Furious will be on hold.
Talking about that Star Wars Fix I'm mostly looking forward to No. 7. This animation is better than nothing but been there, done that. Where is that live action tv show Lucas promised us? Oooops,
never mind, I don't think The Mouse appreciates that, oh well.
Glad they didn't use this idea. More on the Radio show later this week on the subject.
So Sandler last film sucked big time. What else is new so he needs this. But this should work.
I loved Leog Movie and Wreck it Ralph and it's a throw back to our younger years and with Chris Columbus behind it with a great supporting cast like Peter Dinklage YES! this can't go wrong.
Now about that Sapce Invaders, hold on a second does anyone remember Battleship?
There is a fine line to these properties what can work and cannot work.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Movie News Links
Cool video with JJ on the set.
Great insight on the new model system of filmmaking. Now the big wigs gotta hustle. Bet they didn't see that coming! Best line: It's all about branding and franchising. How wonder Game of Thrones and Orange New Black are huge. It's about people and stories. Guess they don't understand that. umm.
And it should fail, big time! Enough with this dark side angle aka Batman. It only works for him only. All it does is bring down the fun factor with all this serious crap. It's boring! Give it up already.
Murdoch thought Brian Singers X-Men was a waste of time. HELLO?!! But Mudoch never cared for the superhero crazed. And if he did take over it wouldn't matter. He's more interested in cable and other ventures than DC. And he doesn't need to interfere like he did with the X-Men series. Zack and the gang are screwing that all by themselves.
Hey it's not me man! They are the ones (studio) fuckkin with this. They just don't know what to do.
This is a looong article but does make some good points.
The most overrated Disney film ever. Now we stuck with this franchise. Please let it go....

Friday, July 18, 2014

New Show On MNN

New show tomorrow on MNN at 5 PM at MNN.ORG
Click on the Ch. 2 Icon to see the show.

I postponed the Apes show until next week for those who still want to see the movie
as my show will have lots of spoilers. This give people to catch up on the movie.
Then we will do our big Godzilla anniversary special tied in with the Ray Harryhausen Show.

Then starting in August will go weekly with half shows into the fall to the end of the year.
See you at the show.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Guardians on Kimmel
The whole cast will be on the Jimmy Kimmel show Monday night. This should be fun. I'm there.
Spoiler Alert! Howard The Duck? Really?
Female Thor, CAps is Black, Iron Man in San Fran for Phase 4? And DC STILL can't it get right.
Now thats FUNNY! And some of us just don't care, well I do, I can't wait to see that train wreck.
Fox Taking over Time-Warner? Rumours or hype or what the heck!
This could have its own blog but by the comments nobody is buying this. So lets see.

Apes! Filmmaking 101 behind the scenes interview on the state of Mo-Cap.

Filmmaking 101 on Bayhem! Great video on Micheal Bays style and influences.
West Sdie Story? Really?


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday Movie News Links
Well besides all the damn easter eggs in the movie and Paperback pointing to Mothra what else?
Article from June confirming the rest of the Trilogy? Let's see what Comic Con finally says.
Shout out to Hunter on our Godzilla Community Page for bringing this to my attention.
Regradless on who is wrong or right they both work together but it is Serkis performance that makes the SFX come alive. Also in the middle of the article it mention how a bad actress performance was edited together and later on winning an Oscar for that same performance. What a cheat.
Love the last line in this article: "Too many cooks in the kitchen."
This goes in more details on teh scripts changes. How wonder the movie was a mess.
The one film this year that everyone is making an example of on what went wrong. So don't blame me for bringing this up. I'm using this as an eample on whats wrong with the business today.
What bullcrap. Someone trying to cash in. While vulger Ted did have heart and was very funny.
This gives you a link to the other vids and they are horrible! 5 vids in all and are friggin lousy.
Strange tho, I saw this again this past Monday when someone ask me about the scene on how many Girl names he mentions in a minute, over 40-45. And my other fav the fight in the hotel room, LOL.

New Radio show coming before the weekend as I will also keep up with Comic Con announcements
to mention on our live show on MNN this Saturday.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Secrets of the Planet of the Apes Links

From my collection. Ceaser Bust from the Ultimate Planet of the Apes DVD Collection. Yep still in good shape after all these years. I even still have the box. You can still find this on Amazon.
Guess he was signed up to do No.3 after ll. Unless it bombed of course. But Invisible Woman?
Spoiler Alert! Includes Pics with different ending. Paperback has that ending too so beware of book.
Writer screwed up naming Conquest as the worst of the series. The comments corrected that and I agree it's Battle. But we got this answer as far as Taylor. We want to see more apes, not Taylor.
This has spoilers regarding the storyline. If you haven't seen the movie yet........
A quick recap of all the movies in the franchise.
Battle for the Planet of the Apes. This next to Conquest has the most edited versions through out the years. This will be a topic we are going to cover on the Radio Show.
Conquest always had talk about a different ending. Finally on the Blu-ray release you can see these.
You can find all these different scenes on You Tube.

Note: The Blog title comes from the alternate title for Escape from the Planet of the Apes.

Monday, July 14, 2014

It's A Mad House with Monday Movie News Links

With over $70M at the Box Office, People love their Apes. These are links from the past few days and decided to post most of them today to celebrate. These will be mentioned more with a new show later this week on Blog Talk Radio. Also: Happy BDay Ford and RIP Tommy Ramone., so
Final figures from this past weekend. Well looks like Part 3 will be green lighted soon.
This has spoilers in which explains some of the stories related to the movie if you haven't yet seen it.
5 pictures included but if you click on the first picture it will take you to the major wite that has all the picutres from the gallary and its a lot of great stuff included here.
All the major actors who starred in the franchise but they missed one important one.
As much we Ape fans are, we don't like to talk about Burton's Planet of the Apes" BUT
Charleton Heston, Astronaut Taylor in the original, did a cameo in the Burton's flix in
monkey makeup saying the line "Damn them, Damn them to hell. Heston was retired by then
but did his a a favor. Thank god he was in make up. I rather remember him as Taylor.
Gret article that also hints with his role in Star Wars 7. And why is Jar Jar mentioned?
While I love Blad Runner, that is more of a Ridley Scott film than a Ford film. Here are my Favs:
1. Han Solo 2. Indy Jones 3. Air Force One 4. Blade Runner 5. Fugitive
Rocket to Russia is on my top 100 Album/CD list of all time. It's that good. Being a
Nu Yawker I had the pleasure in meeting these all of these cool guys, and seeing them a whole
lotta times. Both The Tommy Ramone Years and the Marky Ramone Years. And one of the best
Rock and Roll Movies thanks to Roger Corman's Rock N Roll High School.
One of Tommy's final interviews.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Stop Monkeying Around

Getting ready for the Big Ape Weekend with the release of "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes".
This is a primer for the movie and the original classic 5 Part Franchise back in the 1970's. More will be posted throughout the weekend as these will all be part of my Next Blog Talk Radio Show next week featuring The Apes Franchise. And remember don't forget to do the Ape Shuffle this weekend.

Original screen test. After this the studio decided that the makeup did work and gave approval for a budget. Th young male monkey is James Brolin (Josh Father) who went on to do WestWorld and did a screen test for James Bond! This is on my partners website on You Tube. These clips and many others can be found on our main website on the media page also.
11 minute Video interviews with the cast of the movie.
About Franco's cameo in the movie. Slight spoiler but he is in the trailer.
A must site for all things Apes.First link is home, 2nd link are the deleted scenes you can match up with the Blu-ray releases.The DVD release give you the general release when they first came out. The BR collection is the keeper.
How big were these films back in the day. These videos give you an insight and travel back in time to the 1970's. As a kid I remember all these. Yeah I stayed up late night and still got A's in school. Ok make that B's and a few C's. We won't talk about the D's, lol..
PS flash forward and Paul Williams would write a ballad with Daft Punk on their Grammy Winning Album/CD. And of course the Love Boad theme, lol. (first video) Cher is that you?
Love that Carol Burnett Clip with Roddy doing Cleopatra. Great sense of humor that Roddy.
Ape Shuffle Theme included. Lalo Schifrin is known for the Mission Impossible Theme.

Emmy's were annoucned with Games of Throns and Breaking Bad leading the charge. More on this
on the next Blog Talk Radio show.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Tuesdays Movie News Links
With no competition o course this is No. 1. Now everyone is going to kiss China's ass.
More talk on Pacific Rim but whats interesting is how the studios want to make this PG-13. Just like Expendables 3. For me, do a PG13 and then release Unrated Directors cut on BR/Demand/etc.
First just to get the damn thing made and to keep the fans happy with the finale product.
These studios are so full of cowards, I'll tell you.
This says it all: 3rd paragraph, 3rd line " more bodies coming through the door".
So adding new seats is the answer. Poor basterds. How about better movies that are not sequels, reboots, etc bla bla bla...These corpoarations just dont get it, do they?
...And great sci-fi like this suffers at the box office. They didn't bother promoting this. Real smart.
But if you get the chance check this out. Its the whole version. And when I frist saw this a few months ago I didn't know who was in the cast beside Caps Evans. I did not recognize Actress Tilda Swinton who almost steals the show. Again this has a great ensemble cast. But Swinton really puts in a performance worthy of a nomination of some kind. Maybe Saturn Awards.
You think I'm behind with this news check these guy out. Iron Man 3? Wasn't that 2 years ago? Talk about way behind. At least they are different. Anyone who votes "Big Ass Spider" as Best DVD release can't be all that bad. That was a fun cheesy film. We fans get it.
Already? Besides "Chef" which I still haven't seen, and railway Man which was great everything else on this list was ok to sucking big time. Nymphomanic was horrible and boring and Under the Skin was boring as hell besides the part where a full body naked Scarlett looks in the mirror. That's 75 minutes into the movie if you see this torrent or whatever. Last I can't stand Wes Anderson Films, his camera work drives me nuts. Ralph Fiennes was great but still couldn'tsave the film.

On a topic of a question I answered on my Blog Talk Radio show:
Why did they pick another director for Star Wars 8-9 instead of JJ Abrahams. Look at this:
On Page 2, Directors David Lynch and Cronenberg were asked to direct Return of the Jedi.
Glad that didn't happen. To bleak. But Richard Marquand who directed a a WW2 spy flick. Still cant figure that one out.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Mondays Movie News Links

Both the Live MNN show and  Blog Talk Radio show are now playing. See previous blog for links.
How wonder the studio bragged about that $100M opener. It tankedthis weekend. It couldn't even clear $40M with a 3 day July 4th weekend That is bad folks. And if you take out China's $200M this movie is not doing all that overseas. Um, are people getting tired of Bay and his Transformers? One thing for sure, It's not going clear the $1 Billion mark like the last one.
Talk about denial: The first line reads "expected to threaten $1Billion. Threaten? Bitch please. It's obvious people are getting tired of this and it's going to barely cross the $200M. With Planet Apes coming out this weekend this will get buried. Well here is one way to keep both franchises alive becuadse I would love to see this instead.
This idea is been around since day one. They fell to mention even Chris Rock was also going to take a chance on this and with inflation of course it would be 6 Billion. Wahlberg is better off with Ted
The people have spoken, well one has and that's me: Less subplots and human characters, no more than 2 hours long and MORE MONSTERS! Simple as that. But man still glad this is happening.
Why "Frozen" was such a huge hit is beyond me. Japan doesn't even help it's own pictures. That doesn't look for Godzilla 2014 over there that's for sure.
Saving the best for last, this should do huge after the disappointing 4th of July weekend. Look at the reviews so far. Like I said new show next week of Apes premiere. An All Ape show.

Update: New show posted on the widget... and the MNN show posted on our last blog.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

New MNN Show Now Playing on YouTube
Our live show from July 5. The copy is kinda fuzzy but you can still hear what we're talking.
A supplement regarding my talk on editing. An excellent documentary on the artform of editing.
Even tho it's a few years old highlighting Star Wars Clone when Yoda fights Counbt Dooku it does cover all the basics of editing.. The funniest part is when Speilberg was worried at the time that the next style of frantic cutting and editing is going to affect storytelling. Flash forward and he hired
Micheal Bay to direct Transformers. Ironic. Highly recommended.

Also playing is the new show on Blog Talk Talk which you can hear o the widget to the right.

Thanks for listening everyone! And the next Live shows will be right after the premiere of the
next Planet of the Apes Movie.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

New Show Now Playing on Blog Talk Radio
Amazon officially announces it's price tag on this collectors gift set. Jeez, They can't wait could they? The movie just opened! LOL. Price does sting a little but man it does look sweet.

New show tonite Live On MNN at 5 PM.
Click on the No. 2 Channel on this site. If you miss the show It will  be posted
later this weekend on our You Tube channel.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Giant Monsters and Robots

Update: New Blog Talk Radio Show now posted. Just check out the widget, as its playing there.
A new video featuring Robots and a repeat of Del Toro Simpsons Opener. I included both original and all references from Del Toro as this is fun a heck but no Transformer  joke in this one. Ummm.
Thye skipped on major movie called "Silent Running" featuring Bruce Dern (who was nomiated last year for Nebraska) which featured 3 small robots called Drones, Louie, Huey and Dewey. Classic film from the 1970's and of course Westworld also from the 1970's with Classic Star Yul Brynne repeating his role as a gunslinger from "The Magnificent 7". In this one he becomes a rogue robot.
Of course they are many others but it's obvious it's all about Transformers for the weekend.
Simpsons opener aka Del Toro. Strangely no Transformers and classic Robby the Robot but B9, Danger Danger Will Robinson!,  from Lost in Space is there. 2 personal favorites.
Same clip but withthe annoying bell ring for the references. Whats strange on this one is the bell ring goes off for Pacific Rim but doesn't mention the Godzilla roar. Hence about Godzilla and Pacific Rim crossover someday. And while the studios say no because they're afraid of the budgets we all know the fanboys are out there for this. And that means Kaching!

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Monster Mayhem Roll Out!

Autobots, time to roll!...Oops sorry wrong franchise. It gets confusing all these big giants creating mayhem for our enjoyment. LOL, it's all good.
Really heavy interview with Del Toro on all of his projects. And he answers that burning question:
What did you think of Edwards Godzilla 2014? I like his phrase, the tone of the movie.
Weird but why not, something from my childhood that looks like its going to work. And check out the other videos behind the main one to see more behind the scenes if you haven't seen them et.
Of course this is all due RAy Harryhausen but for some reason they haven't got it right. Just look at Clash of the Titans. I saw Stalingrad and was impress but when it comes to these mythologies they always get it wrong. But I'm glad there are going ahead with this and not forgetten.

So thats where my beer crushing habit started. I forgot about that , well it been a long time.
The videos included are funny as heck. "Take one for the team Quint!"
Me and my award shows. These guys are usually late. Why IM3 is beyond me. Gravity? Cool.
Quick mention on the show but for next year: Snowpiecer, Cruise, Caps 2.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Going Ape Shiite Over These Links

All links with Videos. Planet of the Apes, Diaz, Swinton and more apes. lol.
25 minutes of new footage to fill in the blanks in the storyline. Great stuff.
This has all the trailers from the original films. The blu-ray collection is now available at Best Buy for $20. Great steal. Dawn starts with No. 4 Conquest and Dawn is from No. 5 Battle. So expect No.3 to go back to the original "Charlton Heston Planet of the Apes" as Dawn does mention a crew sent into space.
Note: Don't worry I will be having a special Apes special on Blog Talk Radio next week and guide you on how this all works out. I'm reviewing Rise again for the details.
Like hardcore Godzilla fans refuse to acknowledge Godzilla "98, we Ape fans refuse to believe in this reboot. Here are 2 videos to put a final nail in the coffin on that one.
She was fantastic in Snowpiercer in case you haven't got a chance to see that considering it was in limited release. One of my favorites of the year.And being a Bowie fan this woman just freaks me out as a Bowie clone. She does have a great sense of humor. Good for her.
Note: Saturn Awards (for Sci-Fi and such) Best Movie: Snowpiercer Best Ensemble cast: Snowpiercer with special shout out to Swinton. I didn't even recognize her until after the movie since I didn't know who was in the case until after the fact as I saw this a few months back when a special edition promo was sent me when I was in PR. And I will keep talking about this film until in comes out on BR. It's that good. Check out the clip on the right hand side link on the top:
"Tilda Demands Slaughter..."
Whatever it takes to get the audience to see this. As the trailer pretty much shows the whole movie.
Diaz always had that booty since Charlies Angels but the problem is Jason. Thanks to him he got
The Muppet Franchise off the ground as he's a puppeteer fan himself. But seeing him naked in
forgetting MArhsall after How I Mother show was kind of freaky then the muppets. Can you
imagine him hanging around with Kermit at the Pool back at the hotel? Yikes!

Note: New show on Blog Talk Radio will be Friday as I have to watch Brothers Bloom and Brick, both directed by the new Director for Star Wars Ep. 8 and 9 and why JJ is not doing these.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Transformers Controversy
So they lied about the box office. What else it's new. With some movies they do cheat but hard to prove but looks like they got busted. This happened back in 1999 with "Superman Returns".
That movie hanged on to the box office for 4 weeks at $196M. Then all of a sudden it clear the$200M with the studio stating if found lost reciepts. What bull crap. They had to answer to the board on why wasn't the big money maker that the studio promised them. Even Box Office Mojo was a lost at words during this time period. Regardles of that this picture is still friggin huge. BUT, will it cross the $1 Billion mark like the last one or is it finally a burn out.
Note: If you scroll down qite a bit it states that Godzilla might be the only movie to open with $90M and NOT cross the $200M mark. Now that really hurts. Glad they gave the ok for the sequel.
Transformer 4 already coming to Blu-ray. Great looking Amazon gift set but with no release date or price mentioned. Click on the picture inside the link and look at the details on this thing. I Wants!
Never enough APE news. More behind the scenes with video included.
Is this really necessary? Sure we get 4 films never before release on BR but how many times I'm going to own Jurassaic Park already on BR? Sure it comes with a 58 page book but what everyone wants are the damn commentaries that he does not want to do!!! Not once has he done a commentary and that sucks! I would still buy this USED on Amazon for about $20 bucks. So there!