Friday, October 31, 2014

My Top 10 Horror Movies

More details on the next radio show but now here is my top 10 in no particular order:
The Thing
Night of the Living Dead
Evid Dead 2
American Werewolf in Londond
Friday The 13th
Nightmare on Elm St.
Dawn of the Dead
Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Honorable Mentions:
The Omen
Near Dark
Last House on the Left
Hill Have Eyes
The Exorcist
The Birds
Child's Play (Chucky)

Most Overrated:
While some of these have cinema history, I find them overrated.

The Shining
Amityville Horror
Rosemary's Baby
Stephen King's It
Paranormal Activity
The Ring

Biggest crap of all time:
Blair Witch Project: Found footage bullshit that started it all.

2 Best Documentaries on Horror with reviews:
Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th
Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday's Movie News

Radio Show now playing: Hanging with Ultron on the set of The Blacklist.
Again another bootleg trailer at the cinema has the audience all psyched up. So cool
At the begining of the year I said there would be only one film to cross the $300M mark and that would be Hunger Games Mock. Ok I was wrong, it was The Guardians, then again no one saw that coming. But this Will be the only one to cross over the $400m mark. Maybe The Hobbit might come close but lets face it, this year has been a total wipe at the box office.
When you can't even get horror fans to the theatre when Halloween falls on a Friday, total fail.
Pee Wee is making his rounds, new Playhouse Blu-ray set and is on The Blacklist! He's back folks.
Skull Island rewrite is pointing to origin story. Makes a good case for Godzilla vs. King Kong.

Note: Tomorrow, my favorite horror films of all time list. New radio show coming also.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News

Reminder: New Radio Show now playing, "My Day with Ultron, on the set of The Blacklist"
Please click on Talk Shoe Widget. It's on the top of the list of shows.
Yep Marvel is killing it with these trailers. It's obvious they're doing their best on nailing DC to the wall. I mean this is so relentless with no mercy in sight. That Sups Vs Bats trailer better be a winner.
I love this trailer with the audience. Talk about goose bumps. And even with me you don't hear
"Aw c'mon, they split one movie in 2 for a cash grab, those money hungry basterds! Let's face it.
Can you blame them. If any franchise deserves a Pt 1 & 2 it's The Avengers. Crap like Twilight didn't deserve it and even Harry Potter was just plain abusive. Again the one franchise that deserves gets it.
Last nights trailer added some new things then went in repeat mode. But still a treat. Again with these trailers it's almost like an event itself with Furious 7 the weekend and Bats coming very soon. All trying to get our attention. Well they succeeded. To quote a big summer film: "Let Them Fight".
Talk about killing it and Harry Potter. Daniel was fantastic with this rap bit. From A to Z.
Some down time until he gets his Tony and Oscar nod. Admit it, you know he's going to get those. He's got the talent and there's not much competition, especially Broadway.
Ratings are great for everybody, well except for 'Manhattan Story' which got cancelled quick.. But knew programming is coming down the pike faster than ever before. Which reminds me to......
As per talk about all the good stuff going to cable tv, the old bundle packages will be part of the past.
And people can choose what they want to see like they are doing now. And look how many movie franchises are coming like today's announcement of "Scream" francise. Except for big Cinema brands like Disney and Marvel everything is pretty much screwed. The third age is already here in beta form.
Better for us is all I can say. My problem is trying to watch all this stuff. 5 years ago I called tv a graveyard. Man talk about a turnaround. And a hell of alot of fun just to keep up. Bring it on!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuesday's Movie New Links

New Radio Show now playing: Day with Ultron, Working as a background actor on the Blacklist.
Boseman as the Panther? Yes! Perfect!! I usually don't brag or show off (well only at Oscar time, lol) but I've been behind this actor back when for the baseball movie "42" adn recently Get On Up as James Brown, he nailed it. If you look at my Best & Worst list for the past 10 years on my website
you'll see I picked him for Best Actor and Harrison Ford Best Suppt Actor both which were ignored by the Academy a few years ago. Now he gets he's own Solo Marvel Movie. Good for him!
Scroll down to 2013 on the list:
Sweet. DC response: DOH! It's kind of funny that 2 years ago I said on the radio I was going to retire from this as there wasn't much going on in the future of movies besides the usual reboots, remakes, bla bla bla....Well it looks like I'm going to put that on hold and stick a while longer.
Read the comments below the article and there's mention about Spidey, X-men and FF. What have I been sayingfor the past 2 years. The Mouse will get it's Spider.....
He's got his work cut out for him in post production. After the big news above I'm sure the studio will be on his case to make this work. With over a year to complete this there will be no room for mistakes. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes. Both the shadows of DC Studio heads and Marvel looming over you, he is going to go full white hair when this is done.

New Radio Show coming this weekend, Fall TV Pt. 2 and talk of Avengers Trailer plus my top 10 horror movies of all time.
Hint" The Exorcist and Shining are NOT on the list. Different, yeh?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Mondays Movie News Links

Radio Show Now Playing: My Day With Ultron, Working as a Background Actor on The Blacklist:
The above has pictures and links with references to the show.
What Bullshit! First LOTR won all 11 nods at the Oscars for a fantasy picture. The Dark Knight made history by getting 8 nods but when it didn't get the nod for Best Picture the Academy changed the rules by having 10 pictures to be nominated in the future (the last time for 10 nods was 1939). And the first to have an Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actor. And before that 7 nods for Dick Tracy for which Al Pacino got a nod for Best Supporting Actor. And the last 2 mentioned were both from Comic Books. And a lot of Sci-Fi get nods for the Tech awards so it's not like the Oscars ignores these. But lets face it, a full mental alchoholic dying of a disease that cannot be cured is always a shoe in at Oscars. LOL.
Well he pulled it off with Star Trek so why not. And if he gets nominated this year for Best Actor this will look great for Marvel. While most don't care about Oscars it's a great selling point overseas.
The new trend of sending reboots, prequels and all that to cable tv. I love this idea. Instead of going thru the retreads on the big screen, like how many times do we have to tell the story of Spiderman and Batman, have the roots told here and get to the big stories on the big screen. I didn't think Gotham would work but it's working out pretty good as long they wait 10 years for the Joker to show up, lol.
"Overperform?" Are you kidding Fk kidding me?!!! This is an all out bomb! I have no problem with Keanu. People forget he was the one who turned out Speed 2. Since then I always respected him on that note. But come on, it was like Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds "We were so surprised on how well it did this weekend at the box office, that we are going ahead with a sequel."
To quote a headless suit who lhopefully lost his partking spot the following week. And by the way
that even clear $50M that week at a budget of $200M. Do they think we are that stupid?
Doesn't matter. Again like The Dark Knight (which got 8 nods for Oscars. see above) this like Gravity last year
this will get all the technical awards.

Friday, October 24, 2014

My Day With Ultron Coming This Weekend.

Radio Show Coming this weekend: The Day I Hanged Out With Ultron.

This is in conjuction with the previous blog:
Which has Pictures and Links relating to the topic.

Update: 10/26
So9rt of the technique that Andy Serkis perfected on the Apes movies.

Update: 10/25
More analysis on the trailer. Some interesting what if and speculations.
Viewed 34,3 million times? And more coming next week. Gotta love it.

Will somebody make up their mind here, lol? Maybe they realized they shot themselves in the foot with Agents and decided to put up another trailer? And a third one on Nov.4. Well all I can say is thanks Marvel, you made my life easier as I can split the radio into 2 parts and make the shows shorter, by request of course.

Here is a follow up to that trailer with some speculations as to what's going on.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday's Movie News Links

Pictures and links with the radio show coming this weekend of the Day I worked on the Blacklist.
Screwed. LOL. This show can't get a break can it? What they should do is go after the older audience like Blacklist which has huge ratings and give the comic fans a different trailer (aka #2). Poor Shield, I would be looking for another gig if I was an actor on that show.  ***see note below.
With Spader having his roots in Sci-Fi from his breaking role in StarGate with Kurt Russell, he's coming full circle in what is going to be his biggest picture yet.
Spader compares Ultron and Reddington in this article. Besides that it's almost the same article as above. What the heck, can't get enough of this news.
Warning! Spoiler Article! Plot details all over the place. But for me it's actually seeing the freaky stuff than reading the article. This just gets me even more curious on what's going on with the show.

*** Note: No I'm not screwed for the radio show. I'm switching places and putting this show on for the weekend then the Fall TV special. I know, make up my mind. Tell that to Marvel, they screwed their own tv show. LOL..

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links

Note: Hanging with Ultron Radio Show will premiere next week in time for the trailer. A post from Sunday 10/19 has pictures and links as a preclude for the show.
While all of us are looking forward to the trailer, the funny thing is that they are attaching this to
"Agents". They did the same thing with Capt. America 2 and it did nothing to jump the ratings.
I still watch regardless (yeah because of Ming-na). But this is the thing DC has to worry about.
A killer trailer from Marvel is going to make the folks at DC very nervous.
Why waste time? Even tho the series got the nod for a second season it's good they start introducing
our favorite characters. Hope they don't wait till year 10 to introduce the Joker. Fans will wait to a certain degree but with all the competition with othe shows, fans will look at other shows to fill the gap.
The one big time the Mouse screw up. It was to desperate to have its own Star Wars. Still love this film cause if you look at it carefully you know where Lucas took bits from. The arena fight is the most obvious. I agree with the article. Give it to Legendary Pictures. These guys are on a role.
Does anyone rmember Critters. A rip off of Gremlins at the time. But still a lot of fun with a lot of tongue and cheek humour. Why not, their rebooting Gremlins itself. I haven't heard of the origins of these other projects but a lot is coming down the tracks. Heck, more for us.

Note: Still going ahead with Fall TV Pt. 2 Radio Show along with the Ultron special.
Godzilla has been pushed back slightly but still going to happen.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesdays Movie News Links
While it's cool to see the whole cast JL assemble why not just call this JL the Prequel.
How much time are they going to spend with Bats and Sups? Hopefully it doesn't turn
into X-Men 3, too many mutants and not enough screen time. As far as a solo movie, well
this guy deserves it. Very underrated and don't forget when Iron Man was announced:
"Iron Man? Out of all characters and with that mess, Downey Jr?"
Funny how things turn out don't they? You just never know.
The Dirty Dozen is a film that I regularly refer to on the show as a point of reference. All time classic as in The Magnificent 7. But comparing Squad to the classic is a long shot. They have been a lot of movies who tried to do Dozen and failed big time. But the man hs taste and knows his movies.
Am I one of the few that liked the first one. Yeah it was a SyFy movie with a budget (not saying much) but still fun. And with Frank Grillo added to the cast this should bring up a notch. He was great in Purge:Anarchy whihc was much better than the first one which stunk. If you get a chance check that out. Not a horror film but a great chase who will survive story with a touch of Sci-Fi Big Brother second half. 3 out of 5 for that one.
This is so funny. Now the paranoid are shaking in their pants. Here is the lesson: they are trying something new (the experts) and even they don't know if it's going to work or not.
And again monkey see monkey do. And with these shows doing huge ratings everyone wants a piece of the action.

Note: Sunday's blog has links and pictures ready for the radio show still to be recorded.
Due to family illness this is taking time for me to get to it. But it will happen.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Mondays Movie News Links

Note: My previous blog, "My Day Hanging out with Ultron" posted 1/19/14 is a work in progress. Radio Show will be added this week. But in the meantime check out the pictures and links.
Guardians had that many special effects? And this beats the record. Sweet. It's all good. Read on.

Not a big Arrow fan but now that Vinnie is on the show, back to doing my homework. This guy just plays Villainy great. He was wasted as Juggernaut in X-Men 3 (well everyone was, lol) so it's good he's back in the comic universe. Better write him a good script. Jones can back it up. Yeah, I'm a fan.

Nothing new here but the ironic thing was both him and Spielberg are both responsible for the summer blockbuster and the new breed of franchises. But at least their films were fun. Except for Marvel most of the other films as I said on my Radio Show are burden by Movie studio corporations and their Micro Management. A term I heard on Metallica's 3D Movie Bonus Features. Then they wonder why Cable TV ratings are going thru the roof....Which reminds me.....

Internationally I didn't realize it was this huge. Another 2 years and this cast can retire with some great FU money. Good for them. Then again how hard is it to translate ZOMBIE in different languages around the world, lol.

Cabin Fever remake. Are U FKing Kiddin' Me? And using the same script to boot (no pun intended).
Well they pulled the plug on his Green Inferno horror flick (remember those trailers?) so looks like he has no other choice but to go back to old ground. Where's Tarantino when you need him?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Day I Hanged Out With Ultron

Subtitle: Day in a Life of a Background Actor:
Working on the set of the TV Show "The BlackList". Photo below from Times Square.

Note: New Radio Show now playing.
This is a quick rundown of that day at Coney Island, NY. Yep, that huge dude was one of the crew that looked after the majors actors and the set.

I'm at extreme left side wearing bright blue t-shirt with half my face covered. I'm holding a bag of cotten candy which I still have as a souvenir. You don't see me holding the beer bottle as that was on my other hand but you do see Joe, standing next to me wearing a light blue t-shirt (a fellow producer I met on the shoot) holding the beer bottle in a paper bag. That was a joke from the Prop Lady who gave us the bag and bottles.
Source: The Blacklist: Season 2, Episode 2; Berlin. 26 minutes & 40 seconds (without commercials)

This girl made at least 4 cameos in this scene alone. Me and Joe called her long legs.
See if you can spot her, she is the only one carrying that umbrella under her arm.

What again in another scene? Long legs had a good day here. One thing for sure. The editor sure
love her. There was over 50 extras in this scene and we all made the chopping block. Lucky girl. lol.

The last major blockbuster I did. Filmed down the block where I live by the Southstreet Seaport.
Left hand side: Look at the end of the machine gun nozzle and you see a big hand waving belonging to the woman wearing camoflouge. I'm standing right next to her.
Source: I Am Legend: Chapter 12-Evacuation. At 40 minutes & 55 seconds.
A day on the set of Gotham for this actor.
This article gives you a good insight how some actors just get fed up after time and say the hell with it.

2nd Note: This blog will have more details later during the week once the radio show is posted.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday Movie News Links
Godd for Warwick Davis. No matter what he plays he's still family. Even tho he wasn't in the original he was still part of the original trilogy and appearing in Phantom Menace,Very glad he's in. Good call JJ.

No explanation on what happened yet and why they disappeared in the first place but here is Fridays report with Brad Tank leading.
3 years away? Isn't that the same time frame for the next Godzilla movie? Or am I just reading too much into this. But then again....
Del Toro sure has faith in this franchise. Let's face it, internationally this is popular. I mean, isn't that what the studios want for overseas boxoffice?
This is so funny but seriously, I have friends who are scared of clowns so I have seen people who have this phobia. That serial killer didn't help matters. (name in article, I refuse to say it).
Twins sing Fiona Apple. Next is Nirvana? Bring it on. A freaky show to say the least.
In regard to yesterday's blog on that HBO announcement here is a great article on the breakdown
of this service. Videonuze is a newsletter I received everyday on behind the scenes in the industry.
Highly recommended if you into this kind of thing.
Monkey see monkey do. Well.....Release the Kraken!

Note: Next show will be the Background Actor show to be posted for this weekend.
Then the Fall TV Review Pt. 2.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesdays Movie News Links

Last Live MNN Show now Playing on You Tube.
While this sounds good I do have a few questions.
1. The Flash is already on TV even tho its the younger self or do they think its going to get cancelled by then.
2. Green Lanternis getting another reboot? Nobody cared the first time around.
3. Cyborg, unless your a die hard DC fan, most movie audiences would think its another Terminator ripoff.  Besides Justice League (milk it with 2 parts of course) these don't have the impact like Marvel. Look at Guardians and even that got its fans but that got carried with the Marvel title which is not tarnish like DC and it's Superman Credits.
Why? This has already been done and nobody is asking for this. Let him rest in peace already.
Simple, their shows were on bit-torrent when so many people turn to cable cutting. They have no choice but to compete. For me I hope Comcast, Time Warners and all those blood suckers go out of business for over charging for mostly repeated crap to begin with. No sympathy from me. Fk 'Em!
He was great with both the Emmy and Tony Award shows so this is a no brainer. The best host ever was Billy Crystal and Neil should carry the tradition. This is not to take away from Ellen who I thought was great but she turned it down to come back again. Oh well, all is good.
What this article doesn't mention that the 2 met at a barbecue set up by Ron
Pearlman & his wife for friends and Del Toro. Pearlman worked with
Linda Hamilton on "Beauty & the Beast" tv show and invited her who
at the time was seeing James Cameron. So Linda brought James along and
that's how Del Toro & Cameron met. Source:
JC Biography; The Futurist by Rebecca Keegan
I mentioned this on my radio show when the book first came out. Guess better late than ever.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday's Movie News Links

Last MNN Show for the year now playing on You Tube.
Great article. This is the one that broke the story instead of me posting 10 other aritcles from various sources on this same subject. Either way is a great read. But I did have to add have to the following related to this article. A kind of filmmaking 101, money wise.......
Money: Universal in all languages and the prime motivator to get anything accomplished. Better be damn worth it. Still pissed of at IM2 and 3 as far as solos goes. But this sounds like fun.
Everyone is waiting for the sequel to this and even this is going to cable tv like some of the franchises as mentioned on our blog yesterday.
After the passing of Richard Kiels as 'Jaws" some of fans realized we haven't had great villian that stood as such. How many can you remember after the Roger Moors years can you mention at the top of your head. Bautista will be a great one as long they write him a good meaty role and not some damn cameo and standing there while the criminal master mind explains why he is taking over the role to Bond before killing who of course escapes and blows up a volcano, lol.
This is a leftover article from last week but had to put my 2 cents in. And it's simple:
Coming fom somebody who part of the script that he wrote for The Hulk which was edited out of the movie and put on the Blu-ray in the deleted scenes section I found this in total contradiction.
The Avengers light, fun and a solid 2 hours slight plus. So how many times have you seen Avengers compare to Dark Knight 3? Exactly!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Movie News Links

New Show from MNN now playing on You Tube. This was our last Live show of the year.
This is such a pale substitute to Box Office Mojo which had much better results and stats. Shame.
For numbers I prefer this new Live Plus Gizmo. Scroll down and see the numbers for your ratings for your favorite shows. We highlighted Gotham as an example as to why Movie attendence is down. And it doesn't matter if the weekdays or the weekends that much. Gotham almost cleared $20M! And just about tied with Big Bang Theory. So much for competition on TV like the old days. Everyone is a winner when I thought no one could compete. And talking about numbers.....
This premiere episode was insane. Damn, Zombies are crazier than ever. Loved the after show talk with Conan O'Brian. How the producers upped the game with original kills. This is what you call imagination , with writing, directing and keeping the show fresh. My favorite part (way too many) was Lt. Yar (Crosby of Star Trek fame) biting it. Pun intended. Good ole crazy shit. And last but not least for the freakout.....
More crazy numbers. With all these options of viewing its no wonder but no one has seen anything like this ever. It's a new tide and a big changer. Now you now why everyone is heading to TV.

So what does that mean to these reboots and remakes for franchises? Yep! Head to Cable TV:
With Beckinsale. I remember when she first came out she was going to be the next big thing to win the Oscar. So what happened? She survived that's what she did, lol. Lucky girl.
While this studio doesn't know how exactly how this will translate to TV aka reboot one thing for sure, give Milla a shot and the fans boys will be there, she's got a crazy following like Beckinsale.

Note; Sorry for late post as I'm done traveling and settled into the new studio.
Fall TV Preview Pt. 2 coming this week. Hopefully, lol.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Last Live Show Today

New Live Show on MNN at 5 pm. This will be our last show for the year as I'm hopping on a plane and hitting the road. We will be back next year for our 25th Anniversary starting in spring 2015.
This blog will continue next week as usual along with the radio shows. But in the meantime nobody saw this coming:
Holy Crap, what the heck happened here? IMDB is great but these 2 should be seperate sites. Now this is confusing, and if you click on more info on the bottom it goes to Twitter. Really?
This is a joke right? What a mess. This is so disorganized. Now What?
Here are some other articles on this situation for us movie fans:
"BOM is down inducing cardiac arrest in everyfilm reporter in Hollywood"
Now that's funny if your in the business.
Maybe these guys should change their title. They are reporting nothing with this short article.

This is more of a mystery than David Fincher's Gone Girl. That twist was not a big deal.
Fincher should have made a film on this instead. Gone Girl was good tho. Affleck very underrated
by the critics in this. He does carry the movie and the rest of the cast was good too. Just too long for me. Damn you directors, start editing your movies and stop letting you egos in the way. Jeez.

Friday, October 10, 2014

New Show This Saturday on MNN

New show this Saturday at 5 pm on MNN.
This might be the last show of the year. There will be an announcement next week
on the status of the show as I am on call to leave town soon.
The radio shows are also put on hold for a couple of days but will be posted soon.
Stay tune.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Thursdays Movie News Links
DC are doing great on TV with both The Flash and The Arrow getting great ratings. Looks like
DC found a home. They should stay there and let Marvel have the theatres. But that's just me. lol.
This talks about that Live + rating system to give an idea how they rate these programs. Now they put everything into account it seems.
Female Ghostbusters, ok. Where's the female version of Expendables 4? But if anything they have to get Mellisa for this. She can do the Bill Murry part. That would really funny. Especially since her last film sucked. She could make it special with her talent and thats one thing she has, lots of it!
When she did SNL she nailed it big time. Even when some of the material was so so.
Speaking of which, talk about covering their asses on this one. They need to sell this like hotcakes
but there's to be a EX4. As the boxooffice was a total disaster. They barely broke even. Some BR/DVD sales can resuce a franchise like Kick Ass but KA 2 that was the end of that. We shall see.
Just a cameo? Boooo. But the idea that he's doing the voice is better than nothing. Way cool.
Wow, no Will Smith. Who cares. Bring on the Aliens and an all star cast. That's good enough.
Good thing about this is that got the original filmmakers. Yeah I know they screw up Godzilla but this one they got right. Look at it this way at least they are not making a sequel to the US Godzilla.

Note: Part 2 of the radio will be posted tomorrow before the Live show on Saturday.
Just to give people a chance to catch up. Filmmaking 101 Background Actor will be post on Sunday.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links

New Radio Show: Fall TV Review and News, Pt. 1. Now Playing. Click on Widget.
Captain Cold and time travel. With an interesting ending. So far so good.
Hell of a long article  but worth the read. Main problem which I've been saying for years is bring this franchise back to TV. That's where the roots are. CBS can produce it but Paramount doesn't want that. JJ was one who back this up. That's why I'm glad he went to Star Wars only to be told he's only one Ep. 7 with Ep. 7-8 going to somebody else. Payback is a bitch. But you can never get enough of Star Trek as long it's not run by a Ego like Rick Berman, This article nailed him right. But greed is the essence here that blame goes to Paramount. Disney should over both houses. That should shut them up thier greediness. Remeber President Lincoln: A house diveded.
This is way to funny. He got dropped by Warners. Even he's not good enough for them.
He is so lucky to have that Netflix deal. I think this western is done. Even for cable. People are just not interested. Better think fast Sandler, what kind of stories are you going to tell, and forget about love stories, This should be interesting on what he comes up with..
Are you kidding me? Want to fight piracy? Make better movies that people want to see and keep on Blu-ray. And for those who can wait there's Netflix. And for people who are curious butcan wait even longer there's always the Public Library. Nudge Nudge Wink Wink....
"There's Gold in them Hills." Many actors get the chance to be a Executive Producer which is a big Lure to do projects for cable. Aka Clive Owens with his show 'The Knick' which he Exe. Produces along side with Steven Sodenbergh. Double paychecks and if the show is a hit means syndication, box sets and a big Kaching at the end of the day. Again that's where all the talent is going.

Note: wow you made it down here, lol. Above picture was taken at The NYC Police Museum in Lower Manhattan a few years ago. More pictures at my FlickR account. See website for details or
just type videoland express at FlickR.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Tuesdays Movie News Links

Tribute to Geoffrey Holder with Youtube Video, Live and Let Die included.
Great but long article which covers a lot of point. I'll let you enjoy instead of sticking my 2 cents in for a change. But what I love are the comments! Everyone is an expert and a critic. No pleasing anyone, lol.
Remember when they said no way Spiderman was going anywhere else besides staying with Sony.
They are not so much worried about Marvel but about Disney owning the property which I have been saying for a long long long time. Once they lost Spidey they'll be out of the running with superheros.
Disney knows this, that's why they are just sitting back and waiting for Sony to come to them with an offer. Rmember the House of Mouse always wins.
No Garfield. See it goes to show you, anyone can be replaced. Somewhere there's a mouse with big ears laughing it's tail off.
Downey wouldn't brag about unless he got his wish of Mel Gibson directing. The one thing about this guy is he looks after his buddies down the road. He got The writer of Sherlock Holmes to write IM2, then he got Shane Black to direct IM3. Now they both sucked but the studios bottom line is the movies did HUGE. And that's the only thing  the studio cares about. So the mentally is Downy wants Gibson and the studio goes Kaching!
Why not? It makes sense. Disney has Agents of Sheilds which is kind of lame, Ming-na the actress is the only reason I'm seeing this, but itdoes have it's fan base. Noargument there. So hardcore fans would eat this up. Hopefully hey will have a better budget for this than Shields.
Strange, just last week on this blog I wrote that the Madonna theme song is the worst ever for a 007 Bond movie. And anyone who has been watching the shows and listening to the radio shows knows I consider Live and Let Die song the Best of all the Bond songs. I always love the quick short credit ending where Holder is sitting in front the train while the song played. What an image. And of course
his laugh when saying "The Un-Cola". Iconic.
Didn't I mention this last week? But with the other franchises aka Family Guy and Futurama. A sequel by itself would be kind of yawner. Of course it''ll be in 3D Max to boost up sells. That's the only gimmick I can think of. Lets face it besides the crossover the show has been kind of slagging in ideas and humour.

Note: Fall TV Review is the name of our next radio show. After The Flash tv show and Agents of Shield the new show will premiere this week.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Monday Movie News Links
Looks like everyone is pitching in as to promoting the idea to drum up response from the fans so hopefully the studio is paying attention. Everything else is getting made aka "Tetris" for crying out loud so why not finish up the trilogy as least. Riiiiiight?
Well this doesn't make sense. They all signed up till the last film of the trilogy. Hype or not but if they bring in new avengers into the mix wouldn't it get crowded like X-Men Last Stand where everyone part was so short it looked it cameos more than anything else. Another example was theLast Expendables. Way to crowded for everyone. Even Jackie Chan he wasn't doing EXC4 for just a short part.
I love the idea of crossovers as I mentioned in my past posts but this seems like jumpng on the band wagon than anything else. Again studios with no originality and just steal other peoples ideas. Monkey se monkey do.
Cute commercial, how come this wasn't made for the U.S. market? Is it me or does Nomoy look like he had a nip and tuck on his face?
Whole article as all the rv shows got together. Lots of pics but sorry no video was included.

Note: FYI
One hour of features and no commentary. Ok the film is still worth it but this what kills me.
"Retailer Exclusive" extras at various retail places. Remember my take on that Star Trek Darkness
fiasco. So if the sales are huge with this release look for a directors cut. Another way for the studio to try to get their money back on the film. Shame it was a Box Office bust. This is still one of the best films of the year.

2nd Note:  The Radio show was recorded but after this weekend with Sarah Silverman and that Ben Affleck I'm going toeidt the show to bring it up to date and the 2nd show Day in the life of a Background ACtor will also premiere. Which means 3 back to back Godzilla special coming.
I have to do all these shows before I get on the plane in November. Sorry about that.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Thursday's Movie News Links

New Radio Show coming this weekend.
Already a seconc season for Star Wars Rebels? Goes to show you how much pull Disneys has.
Even tho I couldn't get into the Clone Wars animation there was some smart writing on that show.
Too many rumours are all oer the place and like I said only the facts. Less I know the better cause in this case I want to be surprise so I'm just posting the facts when they are true. But at least we know he's a Obi-Wan type jedi know. Now if I can only find that interview I did with him all those ears ago. More on the Radio Show about that.
Only one reason: Money Deal. Man this is one lucky Basterd. Talk about a bail out. We all know he's career has tanked with one bad movie after another.  Only one film Translyvania Hotel has made over $300M and a few over $200M at the international Box Office. So this is one way to keep Sandler floating. Besides his hard core fans, the audience has moved on. But this proves again when another actor goes to cable that the Movie experience is really getting it. Well he didn't help with making lousy films nobody cares about.
Of course Ford can be replaced. They did with James Bond so what the heck? And how many Doctor Who have played the role regardless of TV or not. Get the right actor like Bradley and we are good.
Hopefully ti wont a silly script like that Crystal Skull crap. Maybe they can resurrect that great script that Frank Darabont wrote which George Lucas turned down in favor of Skull. Good move Lucas.
Nobody is asking for this. Again with the franchise anglem, Will or not no one cares. We can see this at home aka Train and Walking Dead. But to steal John Waynes The Searchers? 'How dare they!
Shame they have to steal from a classic. No shame Hollywood.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links

Both the New Live show and Radio show are now playing
With a cast like this this has to be funny aka the Lego Movie. Shame it doesn't have the Star Wars version of Angry Birds. And I love all the different versions of the games on my tablet. Maybe whoknows maybe they're saving that for the sequels. But will they pull it off. At this point does it matter?
A Remake of the 10 Commandments. Why. It was told perfectly in the 1956 version which was a remake of the 1923 versions. Lets not forget all the countless mae for TV versions. So why?
For a new generation unaware of the previous versions. Ridley Scott directing but when he did Kingdom of Heaven the studio thought it was too long and chopped that up thus not able to get an Oscar nod which I thought it deserve for best actor. And last he has the budget for the special effects to be over the top that the other versions didn't have the technology or budget for. Even tho I like to see his spin on this I'll probably perfer the 1956 with Charlton Heston and Yul Brunner as the brothers. For me that is the ultimate version. FIY: The Blu-ray has both old versions with a crap load of features. It's a keeper. 5 out of 5.
To be honest I've never even heard of this Live+ thing before the fall season started. Along with that DVR ratings system. I guess it takes whatever. But that's good news for Gotham which I like to see continue into next season. At least it doesn't look like it will turn into a soap opera like Smallville. God, what a yawner that turned into. Trivia. Smallville was supposed to be cancelled halfway thru it's run but CW11 at that time had no shows that would even get small ratings so they left theshow on the air out of desperation.
I love this girl she's just a freak. But lets face it like Madonna who was horrible as a Bond Girl (and wrote the worst song ever in the history of the Bond Film) Rihanna just wouldn't fit. Ok, she proved she can't for crap in Battleship and End of the Year she played herself. But singers should do the song but not be in a movie, Leave that up to Models and Legit Actresses.

Note: New Radio Show coming this Friday, hopefully,lol.