Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio now playing along with latest Live on MNN. See bottom of this blog for the video. Due to working on HBO's "The Deuce" the next new blog will be this coming Monday.

Saturday Update:
Update on the ratings for the show and it's a big hit. Will it stay that way? It looks that way as some other shows are having problems with their ratings. Good for her.

Wow what a surprise, lol. This season so far has been great along with a superbody count,Zombies and superhero are ruling the airwaves. How wonder the studios are scratching their heads, lol.

Wednesday Update:
Good for her and the crew. My favorite thing about this show and I hope they keep this up that it's light and not like Agents of Shield being dark and depressing. No fun. I like fun! Even tho the premise is dark with her enemies the overall is upbeat with Flockhart as her boss and comedy relief.
Not like another show I loved and got cancelled after one year...

WTF?!!! Great writing, great acting all around, great premise and funny as hell and this gets cancelled. While Ballers did better ratings and we all love The Rock, it was not as tight as The Brink. They both should have been a double header for a Saturday Night. Hopefully the same doesn't happen the Blunt Talk with Patrick Stewart who is also funny as hell and his age he dances? WTF! lol.

So how did we like the premiere episode. While it';s exactly the same show that leaked a few months back there was some tweaking with the special effects, just sharper really. As far as Supergirl herself she's perfect for the role as is the rest of the cast. Never heard of her before, have you? No? Well check out the next link below for a little bio...that was her in Homeland? Wow!

Her bio courtesy of Joblo. Man these guys don't miss a thing, lol. And she's a brunette too?

http://movieweb.com/star-wars-7-force-Even tawakens-luke-skywalker/
OK, he's not in the trailer but that is his hand next to R2D2. As far as I'm concern just more publicity for the movie. But with the release so soon they still haven't got to do the score? Kinda close, don't you think?

Even through both The Killer and Hard Boiled could use an update, they will screwed it up with to much wired harness and green screen like the superhero movie nowadays. These should be hardcore and Hollywood is just going to ruin it no matter who is directing it.

Does it deserve it? Why not. There's not much out there to begin with. Sure there's talk of Depp and Fassbender but both their films tanked. There's Spielberg for Bridge but no repeat there. Again if anything it will get the tech awards for sure.

Godzilla rip-off which every way you look at it. That's all this is. Hence on the bottom of the list.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday's Movie News

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Did they get around and fixing this especially the special effects near the end. When I first saw this back in early summer, it seemed like a rush job of trhying to tell so much in it's one hour time and the effects were ok to really bad. but it was still fun and looking forward to seeing it tonight. And catch the in joke with the Plane near the beginning.

As predicted Vin got wiped out. Him and witches was a bad idea to begin with. Stick with the cars. Everything else who cares. Good for Damon and Jack Black. Goosebumps is a 3 out of 5, a fun movie. Bridge of Spies is all Hanks who should get an Oscar nod.

Spoilers? Not if the actor just signed on for more seasons. And forget about the flashbacks. They did that with the premiere and that can get very tiresome. One thing for sure, this season is kicking ass big time. The body count in the first 3 episodes makes up for last years yawner.

Nice collection pf pics from empire magazine. The overall look sure looks dark, guess to fit the Batman look.

Well he was part of the Falcon so this makes sense but just a cameo. They should give him a line or too. He was pretty funny considering it wasn't meant that way.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

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Saturday Update:
And the Martian wins again! Well at least goosebumps wasn't a total wipeout Like Vin's movie.

Friday Update:
Total wipe out like The Cubs, sorry baseball fans, couldn't resist. Vin needs F8 for sure but I've been saying this for months. And he help produced this! Lucky for Damon and his damn Martian, lol.

Review of the Kimmel segment.Lots of fun plus a cameo at the end. For the clip see the bonus section below links.

Includes Video. While The Cubs got their asses kicked and not being World Series winners (that's gotta hurt big time) at least one prediction are those Nikes. Even tho just few are for charity, just the idea that it came true not like those half ass hoverboards. And what happened to those flying cars. Instead we get drones, yes they were mentioned walking dogs but in reality they are getting in the way of airlines, etc.

A bit long, disappointing ending, bitch bitch bitch. This is going to be in the top 10 of all time so who cares? But for the most part it's a winner. No spoilers here by the way.

Talk about the part fits! Not much of an acting stretch here besides being a mad scientist. Good for Laverne. She's going to do a great job on this. There's a new BBC live production now playing on cable. Pretty good job with the monologue updated with mention of aliens and Ufo's by Dr. Scott.

The mian reason for posting this is, not only the 40th anniversary, but that stupid studio mentally goes back all the way back to the 1970's. Killing a movie before it gets to open big in major cities. Wow, talk about dumb. A movie that cost only $1 Million to make and winds up grossing over $100 Million through the years with midnight showings.

So now Australia is the hot spot to make movies. Guess whatever it takes to bring those budgets down.

Bonus Section:
 Back to the Future on Kimmel:

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back to the Future Day

The Dolorean at Time Square off Broadway 2 years ago. New Radio show tomorrow and Live on MNN on Saturday at 5pm.

2 cute videos featuring both Micheal J Fox and Christopher Lloyd. The big surprise is that The Cubs almost came close with the World Series Predictions but as of tis writing it's pretty much a wipeout.
And I am not being mean as a New Yawker, lol. Let's Go Mets! lol.

Yes, the force is that strong with Imax ticket sales. This all points to a top 5 of all time.

These budgets are crazy! Didn't they learn from Amazing Spiderman 2? Throwing shit money after shit money? I wouldn't be surprise if this bankrupts the studio. And after the pre-sales for Star Wars. It's never going to catch up with that.

Nevermind the opening weekend. This movie will have legs and last a few weeks till SW Force Awakens. The only competition is Hungers Games and that franchise is so over.

Finally we get the facts, over 250 shots to compose Walker for the movie, something that the BR/DVD strangely skipped over. There were only 2 small mentions on the discs and even Director Wan lightly passed over it as an after thought. This should have been a special featurette for the discs.

This all sounds dumb. But check out the end of the article. Female Ghostbusters will have a change at the ending with Bill Murray having a dream as Kristen Wig. Jeez, what a suck ass ending.

I said a few weeks back that the idea was going to fly with the audience and the ratings have prove it.
They should just have made it a variety show instead of having a "high concept" idea.

After all these years with different hosts does it matter who hosts. Last year was a disaster with the nominations, like the ones who didn't get nominated aka the Lego Movie.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Star Wars Final Trailer

New Blog Talk Radio show coming this week before our next Live on MNN show this Saturday.

Well Luke is in there, at least his robotic hand is with R2D2. But that quick shot of Leia was such a tease. The one thing I did notice a lot of the action takes place in daylight and above ground. Not so much outta space and nighttime scenes. After the video plays there's other videos including a making of from Comic Con. .

Check out the comments, very funny. Yep the force was not strong when trying to get presale tickets.
At this rate we know that SW7 will take out No. 3 all time Jurassic World and looks like Titanic will finally be taken care of, lol. All that matters now is how many repeats people are going to see this to take out No. 1 all time Avatar.

65 scene breakdowns that covers the trailer. One of my favorites is of course Leia being held by Han Solo mainly because that lasted about 1 second of screen time. Wow that was a pain in the ass to freeze frame! But a lot of cool shots included.

Behind the scenes video. What surprises me is they are now pushing this when the song tanked in the USA, but it do great in Great Britain hitting No. 1. See the link below.

Those Brits I tell you, lol. Only they could take this to No. 1. Smith died a quick death over here tho.

It's all about numbers again. But funny that this article comes out while SW7 is being release this winter.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Poster Revealed

New Radio show coming this week: It will be a redux as the last one didn't cover enough.

And the big question on the internet. Where's Luke? They are probably saving the image of his character for the Star Wars 8 poster, since they're filming his scenes already for the next film. But wow, that was a head turner.

At least we know that a new trailer is coming out. But will it have Luke in it? And the mystery continues....

While Goosebumps makes the No. 1 spot, to make for PAN for the younger audience, the one to look at here is Crimson Peak for the older audiences which turned out for Spielberg's Bridges instead. (Which I give a 4 out of 5, very interesting drama all the way through). If Del Toro's overseas box office doesn't pick up this could affect his other projects, Mostly Pacific Rim 2 which is in trouble as it is. He should have made Peak a PG13 for a safe bet. It couldn't have hut.

China to the rescue again, lol. While the picture was fun, do we really need another Ant-Man movie?

Is this how the movie is going to end aka the original Planet of the Apes? And how will this lead to the fourth and fifth movies?

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thursday Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio Show now playing.GZ vs KK and a phone call from the casting agency. Please see way below for explanation about the show.

Saturday Update:
Umm, shouldn't that skull be a little it bigger to match Godzilla's size. At least we know he is not the only one of he's species. But is he the last of his kind something Peter Jackson's hinted  in his version.

Friday Update:
And here is big stupid article Just to make news. Again with the size but it creates the buzz like "how they going to figure that out?!" DUH.. They include Stay Puft and Cloverfield for comparisions. Really?

Final confirmation with Thor and Hulk for the next Thor 3 movie. Well that takes care of that, lol.

With a different story (ignoring the classic 1930's plot) they can match him up in size to Godzilla. And if the stuck with the original story King Kong would look like a tiny little monkey compare to the skyscapers of today. So it all makes sense now about their sizes.

Guess they didn't read the above article. Good article hear on what was said already but they still question about the height. Did anyone remember that King Kong DIED in the original and then its back on the island getting wasted on that Berry Juice? No explanation there. So a new Kong chilling out on the island and Hiddleston and crew discover him for the first time and release "Wow, this gorilla is HUGE! ..and there's your match up. No big deal.

New York, Baby! Talk about street credit, racing in NYC which is crazy as it can get. And with Gray as credit this will bring everything together with The Compton movie (street Cred) and Italian Job (cars for escape heist) this will come full circle for the franchise.

Some pics of the new Trek in Dubai, out of all places.

How does Captain Kirk do it? He's constantly busy and working. Teh last film I saw with him was

As a musician and rockhead, it's good to finally see some of my favoties who have ignored for such a long time like Yes, Chicago, Deep Purple. These 3 bands always been ignored by Rolling Stone magazine, the guys behind these awards, and now they're recognized. It's about time. This award is basically a ego thing among this crowd anyways. Pretty soon there won't be anyone to be inducted. Like who? Bieber, Miley, Nicki? How wonder the music industry is shot to hell.

Funny with a lot of points to be made on what's wrong with the film, well alot. At the end it rates Porn Parody.

About the show: 10 minutes into the show I got call from the Casting agency about work for tomorrow, which is what is screwing up my schedule.. So there is some dead air in between but still there as there is no edits whatsover. So..it's a behind the scenes on the very subject I was talking about on the show. A big coincidence for sure. I couldn't postpone the show as the cutoff deadline was approaching so the show had to go on. And if I didn't get that call I would have missed both shows. And that's why I sound like a nervous wreck. Even after all these years doing this damn think, lol. Thanks for listening everyone.
PS next shows I will do that background actor thing, Godzilla special. James Specials and that Big Star Wars/Trek special I promised.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

Hopefully that radio show tomorrow since my schedule is kind of crazy now. I'm surprise I did this blog today, lol.

We finally got that official announcement. So Skull Island, GZ2 then GZ VS KK. But no mention of Pacific Rim 2. Ummm. That would have been the royal crown. But great news either way.

After "PAN" got panned and tanked at the boxoffice, this could beat The Martian which had a good run. Crimson Peak is going after the older crowd but already the reviews have come in cold for that one. Not good for Del Toro who asked for alot of money to make it and insisted on the R rating.
That will cost him on his other productions especially for Pacific Rim 2 ust to be ball busters.

Cute video. Wow did we get old, lol but still kicking. 2 other videos follow this, a featurette and Micheal doing Johnny B Goode clip.

Cameron finally getting around to this considering this has been on his list like forever, all the waysince Titanic. Rodriquez would be the right director since he nows how toget the most bang for the buck especially with the Sin City movies.

Finally got around getting the BR disc with the featurettes and this film does deserve awards in the tech departments especially for Cinematography and Editing. Remember when Batman got those same nods and lost? But at least it was recognized instead of these biopics getting those awards as usual.

Who the hell greenlighted this to begin with. There are so many versions this was totally not needed.
Shouldn't they be concentrating on thier DC catalog instead. These guys just don't learn.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

Hopefully that radio show will premeire is Thusday as it will be the only day I will have to do it.

Lando, Yoda, C3PO coming back for the 2nd season. Looking forward to it. Something to fill in the gap before Force Awakens opens.

Well you can't blame and it makes sense. And lets not forget how Mattel screwed up bit time by not letting the producers of the Original Toy Story have Barbie in the cast. Well they should changed their mind big time then they literally went back to the producers and Begged to be in Toy Story 2. Headless Suits with thier great corporate thinking, yeh boys and girls.

Most of the audience don't care about the format, whilesome take it as a treat like IMax and 3D as a special treat at the cinema. This is not sci-fi and not Spartacus. It's just a western, while one of my favorite genres, it doesn't need the big treatment. This is has to do more with the director's ego.

A sign of things to come. Can't be a bad ass all your life so what's the next bext thing. Produce aka Brad Pitt or Direct aka Angela Jolie, both high paid stars who know bad ass and great looks don't last forever. Exceptions like Robert Redford don't count. Up there in age and still marries someone way younger his age. Way cool. So good for Denzal.


Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday's Movie News

Going to try to do that Radio show this week depending on work schedule. Lots of Marvel links and videos on today's blog.

First, who's idea was with the title. Bad omen to begin with. How wonder the movie got panned. Ha Ha, see what I mean? And nobody was asking for this, did they see the ratings for NBC tv musical. Oops, the movie was made before that musical, well another bad omen. Good for The Martian!

So Planet Hulk might be incorporated in the script. Now that makes sense. And Thor 2 was good but weak. And having Hulk part of this would be a blasts. Looking forward to that Hulk and Loki confrontation again. Puny God!.

Recap from the season premiere at Madison Square Garden, NYC. Scroll down halway to see "Daryl" ride his bike onto the stage. Very short but better than nothing. Very cool.

Another video of Dude getting setup with his costume then walking around the con. Another cool video with stats on how he put that together.

This doesn't make sense. How could he make more money with Dr. Horrible than the first Avengers movie? Who is his acccountant? Or was Marvel that cheap with his paycheck. Unreal.

One hour video interview Brian Grazer interviewing JJ. Lots of details, filmmaking 101.

They should do at least a season for the hardcore fans. Even the movie was not enough to fill  the gap but still glas a got a movie to begin with. But this really belongs back on tv/cable.

At least we are getting 2 more films unlike Pacific Rim where everything is hanging in the air. But it would be nice if Charlize has more of a presence instead of a cameo.

Again? What are the chances to get offered this part. Remember him in Batman Returns as Penguins father. Was more of a cameo so hopefully he's got long scenes this time. Cool gimmick tho..

Lucky that Hugh Jackman has a coffee business going in case that acting career doesn't PAN out. Ha Ha Ha, just couldn't resist. Actually he does own this by Greenwich St,. Tribeca, NYC.

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

Live on MNN cancelled for today due to workload. New show on Blog Talk Radio next week.
See third link for Infinity War to cost $1 Billion. Yikes!

Big Screening at Madison Square Garden on Friday night was a huge success. Article has some minor spoilers but the premiere episode sure has some zingers in storytelling. Looking forward to it.

Friday Updates:
Three other versions of the end credits which are different from the one on the BR/DVD.
This link includes snippets and screen shots of all 4 videos of the end credits. I would have picked the Crackle edition as far as design goes.

Cool looking trailer from comic con. Now fans are finaly getting into this. Where were they at the first season? Anyways it looks good for the 2nd season.

This is crazy, for a comic book movie? Just for a two parter while The Hobbit, a trilogy cost $745M. And why did Pirates: Stranger Tides cost $378M. I don't even remember what this movie was about.
And you know RDJ can retire after this big Kaching.

Wow that's alot on a slate. Will people get tired of seeing these by the time Infinity War comes out. And do we need another Ant-Man movie?

The one picture they shouldhave concentrted on and waited till all these other superhero movies ccome out. All because franchises like Cars is so money driven with merchandise. And I agree with one of the comments that Cars 1 is the worse Pixar of the bunch. Actaully that ties with

Even the figure of Han Solo looks old. Now that's funny. And finally we're are going to get that final trailer. It would be nice to see Leia and Luke in action or doing something. Just a great big tease till the movie comes out.

Maybe Jackman should rethink about leaving Wolverine all together or take up that 007 Bond offer which is still on the table. Too old? Ford did with Indy Jones Crystal Skull and Moore was 57 on the last Bond movie. Again a movie nobody was asking for and a franchise on top of that. See The Martian instead. Finally caught up with that. 4 out of 5. Funnier than I thought just a little long near the end but Damon was great, especially with the disco jokes.

Why? It was done rightthe first time around. And since this was a period piece there's not much they can add to this. It got released on Blu-ray and all you need to know from the book is in the film.

If you listen to the commentary on his Bram Stoker's Dracula Br release, he was getting fed up with the system all theway back then. Same thing with Steven Sodenberg who has gone to table and walked away from the studio system. Trivia: In Hotel Transylvania 2, the party scene the son has the wig on from Gary Oldmans take on Stoker's Dracula.

Spoiler if  you haven't seen the episode yet. But tthe point is having an idea written but not used for a scene then bring it back again for a future scene as mentioned here about the dinner table. An old trick Speilberg uses quite a bit. As in Indiana Jones Temple Doom scene where they use the life raft goin down theriver after Jumping out of the plane. That ws suppose to be tagged at the end of the first movie when Indy jumps into the plane afeter being chased by the big rolling rock. Again that trick was used in the Jurassic Park trilogy. More on the radio show.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

Yesterday's and today's blogs are combine for today as I had to work late yesterday and couldn't get the blog up in time. But still new radio show coming before Saturday's Live on MNN.

Spoiler for those who haven't seen the premiere yet. Took me by surprise for an opener but it made sense in a way. But the makers are show not oking around with this material. Great start for a new season aka Gotham.

Check out the video where the Ceo said they have to do some research to see if there's an audeince for them. While this article hits a lot of points, it did missed something and that is "Micromanagement".
And that is what is killing a lot of these moive aka Fantastic Four. When you have too many cooks in the kitchen it kills the meal so to speak. Obviously Arnold is not waiting as far as his Apprentice ob tells us, lol.

Simple. People heard that only the third act, the walk itself, is worth the 3D format while the first 2 acts are just boring. That kind of feedback on social networks can kill any film.

Part Seven hasn't even come out yet and already they're pushing No. 8. They are not wasting time with this are they, lol.

Hype or just good publicity? Either way, beating John Ford's record with the most Oscar nods is no small feat, considering this is one of Speilberg idols. Again John Wayne's The Searchers being one of his favorite films. Remember that western that Joss Whedon mentioned in his commentary for Avengers Ultron. Buy just the idea of having all those nods and only winning once must be fustrating as hell.

Spoiler! WTF? I was looking forward to this actor and character and they did a Jon Snow on us?
Why so early in the season. Looks like we are going back to the Penguin. Well this sucks.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Monday's Movie News

New Radio coming for sure before out Live on MNN this Saturday. FlickR link posted at bottom of this blog.

So Damon has final laugh as this is one of his biggest hits at the Boxoffice. Met him, nice guy, no problem. I didn't think this would a big hit as I was still disappointed with Ridley's Prometheus. So I have to catch up with this one. Should have seen this one instead of Sicario (2 out of 5, overrated, boring, if you saw the trailer..well). I reposted pictures of Damon on the set of Bourne Ultimatum, which was the same exact spot of I Am Legend at the Brooklyn Bridge, NYC. See link at bottom of this blog for my flickr page.

Yikes! How much can they squeeze out of this franchise? And look at the writers who are part of the screnwriters club. Some of them are responsible for trainwrecks. Amazing Spiderman 2 anyone?

And That's why he turned down those DC Superman Justice League films. He needs to do these films since it's his signature on them. With DC he would just be hired help with a bunch of memos handed to him everyday.

Well we can all thank Godzilla Jurassic World for this one. The studios are jumping at the chance for big creatures/monsters. But Director Bong did a great job on Snowpiercer and The Host maybe he should direct one fo the Godzilla movies in the future. He sure gets a good cast going.

Great mashhup. Count the cameos from Disney classics thrown in the trailer. My favorite is that annoying snowman finally getting it.

That pepsi bottle from BTTF No. 2. And let's not forget the Jaws Trailer from No. 2....

This is so funny where they explain all the other Jaws movies up to no. 19. Some good imagination.
Syfy channel should try some of these. Can't be worse than Sharknado, lol.

I Resposted the album link so you can see all of the albums that I put together through the years. With the Bourne album I was invited to film (without flash of course) as it was an open set. I manage to say hello and say good lcuk with the movie and was very nice. But of course security was like 'move it along so he can finish his scenes'. For you Bourne fans, this action sequence was film in winter with snow on the ground, but for this final scene they had to come back in April to finish the scene, notice the light jacket I'm wearing and there's no snow on the ground as he approaches the car. See if you can catch that blooper on the BR/DVD.
PS I also got chased away from Bradley Cooper when he was doing Limitless, the jogging scene you can see the two bridges and Brooklyn in the background. But he did say thank you when I said good luck with the film. I use that trick as it always get a respone, so now you know, lol
PSS A lot of pictures are filmed in this area by the Brooklyn Bridge, East River Drive. So now you know that too, lol...Thanks for watching.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

BTR show postponed due to work schedule. ust had enough time to update this blog. Hopefully by Monday.

Like the comment in the article about no Sam Smith song featured in the trailer. Ouch! How fast that went south. Blame the producers, they have final say if the song gets greenlighted or not. Oh well.

Includes link for the first three comics of Young Luke for Free!

Well that saves time for my review on this disc. Love the western and Frankenstein references.

Long interview which gives a great insight to the writing skills required for a project like this.
Either way this is goingto be a big hit. But how big compare to the competition, that should be interesting.

Roger Moore was 57 on his last year. Craig can do a few more and money always talk. With that kind of money, he can afford a Doctor to look after his back and the rest of his aging body. Shame if he quits after this one now that they got this whole Spectre and Blofeld thing going.

While Cohen did start the franchise on the right track, the film needs a director with extreme action skills under his belt. Especially if the next location is New York City. No laid back shit here folks, we New Yorkers mean business!

4 seperate mini videos exploring the background of the film and it;s characters. This is probably moe exciting than the movie itself. Stilll have doubts on this. Hope I'm wrong. I gotta spend bucks on this.

Well this is screwed. Arnold on Celebrity Apprentice, Max Max costing less and grossing more (Max Who? but we all know the Terminator) and the rights going back to Cameron in a few years, they can pretty much write this off. Wait until the BR/DVD sales will be the final nail in the coffin. If those discs don't sale then it's really over.

While he directed one of my favorite disasters moives of all time what theydon't mention that a lot of the action sequences were directed by Producer Irwin Allen (Lost In Space amontg other tv shows), and of course he directed 1976 King Kong the fun campy version with Kong on the World Trade Centers, another favorite of mind.