Sunday, March 31, 2013

Brand New Show for Monday

Yep, now that the holiday is over and finally saw GI Joe,
(better than DH5 and Olympus) we are going ahead with
out special massive movie review show. At least 20 movies
will be covered tomorrow. Hope you tune in.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Show Postponed Till Later This Weekend.

Due to catching a nasty cold I'm postponing the show
so I can catch up with G.I. Joe and do our massive
movie review show including BR/DVD reviews.
Hopefully by the end of the weekend the show will
be up and running, regardless of sound issues.
Thanks for waiting...

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Merchandise Merchandise!

As to quote Yogart in Spaceballs, May the Shwartz be with you.
4 franchises getting to together to really milk the public!

The first one is Disney and Star Wars. Mickey as an Ewok?
Second is Hello Kitty and KISS? Both have origins in Japan
but this really pushing that angle.

One of the many topics for the new show coming this Weekend.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gorgo on Blu-Ray

Besides Godzilla the British had their version back in the 1960's.
I grew up with this and glad to say the new release is worth the
purchase. Full review on the new show this weekend.
Please note the 10 minute documentary is on the 2005 release
and not the new BR release as that has a new 30 minute documentary
which is basically an extended version of the first one.

Monday, March 25, 2013

New Show Now Playing

Yep, there was a show sitting there all this time. Fell behind on updating the info due to doing all that sound testing this past weekend. Which I notice quite a few of you stop by to listen. I while doing those I answered one or two questions on the update of the show. Also I went ahead and deleted those so as to not to get confuse on our man shows as I noticed to some it was kind of a distraction.
The new show has a lot of news and reviews and the next one will premiere on Friday March 29. I'm pushing it back as to catch up and celebrate my Birthday this week. But there will be a lot of reviews
in the next show for sure. Also updates on the live video and the chatrooms.
Thanks for listening.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sound Testing on BTR

Just to let everyone know while we have the new show playing
we are doing sound tests this weekend to try to fix that sound problem
which is turning out to be a windows 8 thingy.
This will go on all weekend but these will be erased as the weekend
progresses as I'm only allowed 2 hours per day to load up so as I go
on these test beds will be deleted  to make room.

In the meantime Jedi Pt. 2 is now playing and the sound was much
better except for the first 10 minutes there was some echo problem.
More details about the show topics will be posted later this weekend.

We are having a new show on WEDNESDAY as I won't be able
to do it on our regular scheduled day which is Thursday.

Thanks again to everyone for your support.

Friday, March 22, 2013

New Show Now Playing

Jedi Mind Meld Pt. 2 is now playing. After a faulty mic problem
on my end we still continued with KJ covering the first 10 minutes
or so until we got the proper levels working. We covered a lot of ground
due to the big sound problem on the last show so we made up for that
plus a lot of new topics. More details tomorrow.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cameron"s Lawsuits

With The Crood animation film coming out with has the tag line
"Animated Avatar" it's ironic that Cameron is getting all these
lawsuits. And look on how many he has dodged so far in the
aritcle. As mentioned in our show.

Note: Besides having a shaky start the show went ahead
as scheduled and manged to do a full 2 hours.
Thanks for stopping by and listening.

New show with Fixed Sound

Brand new show will be posted with a revamped sound  problem
which hopefully will take care most of those sound issues we've been having.
At least we will start the show with a new intro to start off things.
More news will be posted as this happens.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Godzilla Started Filming
It's a video of only a minute long but the Japan airport looks great
from a Vancouver point of view. Lots of info should be coming this
spring now this has become a reality.

Note: New show coming this Thursday March 21 with a new
sound system. Hopefully this will take take of the sound problem.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cameron & His Avatars

Above links are the lastest James Cameron news on his Avatar project. What's funny is that
he is going ahead with parts 2 and 3 while getting his pants sued off. One of the topics for the show.

Note: We are finishing our test bed with the new sound system for the show.
We are going ahead with a new show and we will recap some of the previous
shows with the sound problems on our Big Catch Up Show next week.
Stay tune for more details.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Toto/Oz Show Redux

Well we tried our best to clean up the last show and it's best considered
for the show to be redone. For those who have listened to the show not
to worry as a lot of new information and news will be added to this show
so we can catch up on last weeks news. So the best of the previous show
will be condensed for those who couldn't understand and felt you might
have missed out on some news.
Also we did a test bed this afternoon on the Furankisan channel to test
the new mike and sound with help with Audacity program. It sounded
much better without the dropouts and all that. So the show will be done
either Monday or Tuesday then the previous show will be deleted.
Let's face it, it sucks. LOL.
Again thanks to everyone for being patient and your support.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Best 3D Movies of 2013

As per our topic on the show here is the list and my review of
the movies themselves. So what do you think will be the big 3D
movie will be and what are you looking forward to.

Friday, March 15, 2013

New show is having the sound being fixed.

We are currently fixing the sound as I thought it was beyond repair.
Even there are still some dropouts most of the sound is currently
going back to it's natural state thanks to some editing.
This show then will have a life after all and I don't have to repeat
this again and redo the show.
The next show will be on schedule as promised: Jedi Mind Meld Pt. 2.
Thanks to everyone for being patient.

Godzilla Movies 24/7

All Godzilla movies old and new, Black and White,
wide screen, uncut, no commercials, 24/7. By request.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Which 2013 Movies Could Earn $1 Billion?

Interesting article on predictions for the year but really..
Most of these suck and besides Hobbit 2 which of these
would go back and see twice. That is the magic for the
$1 Billion mark. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

OZ the Great and Subsidized.

Interesting article on how the production cut costs and still winds
up costing $325 million. And they gave crap to Cameron for costing over
$200-300 a few years back. Is it worth it? Loved the movie but still
what's with these price tags. Full review on the next show.

PS: Jedi Mind Meld Pt. 2 is going ahead this week while we still
work on the sound issue.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

BTR Live Show Sound Issues Addressed.

Above is a link to Blog Talk Radio Study Hall. This is one of the many blogs
that producers are sent to make better shows. If you listen to this show at
approximately 9.00 -10.00 minutes into it you will hear the broadcast starts
having dropouts. And this is what they do as a business and it happened to them.
So this was exactly the same problem we encountered during our show.

This is a response in answering the question as to why we had that dropout
problem as we are at the mercy of the internet and outside connections.
And this is no reflection on Blog Talk Radio itself.

We are currently addressing this issue and will continue the show weekly
as per our schedule. Hell or high water we will go on. Thanks to everybody
for standing by us while we deal with this. And hopefully the show
will improve as time goes on.

And special thanks to Blog Talk Radio as of today we have been chosen
as a featured host on their site. Very nice surprise indeed. And to all who
have been listening so far.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Future Directors of Bond?
The Pro list, scroll down for the list.
The Con list, which explains itself, lol.
Here are 2 lists, Pros and Cons, taking a look on who should be and not be the
next director of the Bond Franchise and who should Not be considered for the job.
And of course my 2 cents as usual. Any names left out? Leave a suggestion in our
comment box and we'll read it on the air.

Special thanks to and

PS: We trying to correct the sound problem at the beginning of the latest show.
Hopefully this will be taken care of before the weekend is out.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

No Mendes For The Next 007

This really sucks big time. There are top 10 lists all over the intenet who should take over
to direct the Bond franchise. But remember the producers acknowledged that only English
directors would direct even though Spielberg came close to direct "For Your Eyes Only".
If they went American they should get Ben Affleck. Why not? He did Argo which involved
the CIA so MI6 is not that much of a stretch. And the other would be Matthew Vaughn who
 based his X-Men First Class look on the Bond Franchise and has even mention his love for Bond.
And last but not least let's not forget Duncan Jones who did "Moon" and "Source Code"
Well those are three names I'm throwing in which I think would do justice for future Bond.
That's my story and I'm sicking to it. lol.

Next: Coming later this week, those top 10 lists on Bond Directors.

Special thanks to Entertainment Weekly for the article.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Green Screen Video

Good article on the on going protesters of the Visual Effects Artists and how there are being treated.
Along this article it includes a great video on Green Sren shots with different TV shows and movies.

Next article this week: No 007 for Mendes?

Thank you to Cinemablend for the article.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Alternate James Bond Themes Part 2

Alice Cooper: Man with the Golden Gun

Johnny Cash: Thunderball

Blondie: For Your Eyes Only

Phyllis Hyman: Never Say Never Again:

Julie Rogers: You Only Live Twice

Anthony Newley: Goldfinger

Dionne Warwick: Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Monty Norman: Good Sign, Bad Sign - Original 007 Theme

Special Thanks: The Music of James Bond
                           By Jon Burlingame

Alternate James Bond Themes Part 1

Quantum of Solace Bassey/Arnold rejected theme

007 Goldeneye Video Game - Nicole Scherzinger from Pussycat Dolls Remakes

'Tomorrow Never Dies' rescored title sequence (Surrender - K.D Lang)

GoldenEye Rejected Theme Song

The World Is Not Enough Opening w/ Straw

"You Only Live Twice" Opening w/ music by Lorraine Chandler

"Die Another Day" opening w/ music by Red Flag

Part 2 coming soon....

Friday, March 01, 2013

Skyfall: 50 Years of Bond

Commented by everyone on the planet that this should have been the video shown at the Oscars. I couldn't agree more.