Thursday, December 12, 2013

Golden Globe and SAG Nominations

OK, you might be asking: Where's the Friggin Show?!!!
Yep I bumped it up to gather all this info about the nominations cause it's the end of year wrap up on must of these movies and the Oscars are around the corner. And for the smile on my face 3 of my favorite movies of the year based on Family got nominated: Despicable 2, The Croods both for animation and Fast Furious 6 for Best Ensemble Cast Nod at the SAG awards. Now this is going to be a fun show as many of my favs got nominated. Full list on the next bog and on my BTR Show
Not to many surprise here as must of these have been mentioned in the past months except for one:
Wolf of Wall Street as Comedy with DiCaprio as Best Actor in a comedy, with all those drugs and strippers? Now I got to go see this. And Scorsese's not getting a nod for Best Director just plain suck.
Which means this film will get cancelled out at the Oscar's.
And what about Rush getting a nod. Well it is the Foreign Press who gives these nods so the French have made their mark on the picture. We all love Opie but the picture wasn't all that. Oh well.
My predictions will be mentioned on the next blog along with the BTR show but it looks like 12 Years Slave
will get most of the wins.,0,7489569.story
These are voted by their own peers meaning fellow actors nominating fellow actors. My favorite is
Stunt ensemble for FF6 along with others that I scratch my head.
Rush? 2 race car drivers who can't stand each other?
Lone Survivor? That even didn't come out yet! It's a 2014 release!
All is Lost? 1 Guy in a boat? Really?
The Woverine? zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Enough said. Hope you tune in to the show.

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