Thursday, April 28, 2016

Civil War Surprises and More

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No. 1 for a third week in a row, now will it will be Civil War to take over for the next month or so, lol. Not much competition until Memorial Day with X-Men coming out (no reason to talk about Alice Wonderland 2) by then CW should be in the top 20 of all time.

Well on track with Avengers: Ultron which means at this pace it will break the $1Billion mark, something BvS should have done. Oops, that struck a nerve didn't it.
Very sad but kudos to Reynolds for keeping in touch with him all these years. That's the one thing all these Marvel actors do for their fans depending on the situation. Very nice.

All these numbers mean it's slightly behind Avengers: Ultron opening day. Which is not bad at all.
As mentioned before by next Monday we'll see the big numbers and how this will add up for the overseas market. When Star Wars and BvsS opened weak in China and India the writing was on the wall with TFA missing the No. 1 all time spot and Bats and Co. not seeing the $1 Billion mark. Will this happen to Caps and crew. No way.....
Cool 2 minute behind the scenes on the 17 minute battle sequence filmed on Imax. Another notch for the film.
Spoiler Alert about Spiderman. But maybe 3 different credit scenes involved at the end? Nice.
Can this tiny little thing kick ass as Lara Croft? Ask that little thing who played Wonder Woman, one of the best things in BvS and took me by surprise. Man I was so against that. While Ex-Machina was a waste of time Alicia did show her acting skills and got an Oscar win for it. Here's another win for her.
When Kung Fu Panda met Minions. Universal had a great year last year. Now they up the stakes with Dreamworks and the Dude behind Minions. Actually it was because of Minions is why this happened. Now who has final laugh?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Civil War London Premiere

Lots of Marvel news today. Also New Radio show coming soon: Civil War vs BvsS box office.
Many pics and videos with more Spiderman footage in the new promo. And now word has it he's open for IM4 after getting $40M for S:Homecoming. Just stick with Avengers and leave as that.
Now that's smart business. Let Sony pick up the tab and tell them what to do. Hysterical. Keep this up and it's matter of time before they get a hold of the other rights aka FF and X-Men.
Check out No. 10 as Spiderman got an costume upgrade. And how can Puerto Rico be so expensive to film at? With the economic situation down there it should have been the cheapest!
This is funny. That Ryan Reynolds? The one who did Deadpool and not the neighborhood mailman who's always late with the mail everyday? Got that got settled. Oops sorry for calling you out Mailman Reynolds, lol. Should have brought the mail early instead stopping off at the bar. Oops did it again.
No talk of NYC yet? That's when this film will kick into overdrive. A nice crazy chase right down Broadway Times Square.. And run over a few of those annoying Costume guys while their at it.
Why this is a trilogy is beyond me. Forget about all this and reboot A3 already.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Civil War Huge Overseas Opening

New Radio Show coming: End of Spring Special, Goodbye BvsS Hello Civil War, X-Men
Opening overseas in time for this weekend, all the numbers point for a big hit. Then comes in the rest fo the planet including U.S. and China and in two weeks we'll know if this will be bigger than BvsS. DUH! But the question will be will it have repeat performances along with legs before other films knock it off the No. 1 spot like BvsS. Double Duh! Still waiting to hear someone getting fired from Warners, maybe after CW opens, lol.
Now the flood gates have really open and anything that Disney made in the past 1000 years is getting remade, a sequel or whatever they got lying on the shelf. Can't blame them. The new generation is welcoming this with huge numbers at the box office, so who's fault is it?
Here is another actor to claim both Marvel and DC on his resume no matter how small the role. Butat this point of the game after winning the Oscar, don't you think he deserves a bigger part? Sure the JL has a big cast but he is Gorden after all and that is no small character for sure. It works as a TV show, doesn't it?
I don't care what anyone says. That Alien 3 sucked and we got screwed with our favorite characters dying and Sig getting the Bald look. Uuggh. But bringing back a 27 Newt is perfect. This is the film that should have been made as A3. Here's crossing the fingers.

Catching up on old news link:
Never heard of this dude actor and he's she's annoying in the trailer. Time to clean house on this show and reboot everything. And stop using that annoying hallway for every show, up the budget already.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Civil War Outselling Previous Marvel Movies

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Review: 1 out of 5. Spoiler: Charlize is in the first 10 minutes then the last 20 minutes of the movie then she dies. You'll thank me when you see this on a rainy night 2 for 1 Redbox special. Emily is totally miscast (loved her in Edge of Tomorrow, that Cruise flix) and the movie is a total bore. At 45 minutes Thor fights these blue creatures and they all look like I Am Groot! Wow no imagination.

According to Fandango as far as tickets sales. You also have Finding Dory as best selling family film but the female Ghostbusters as best selling Comedy. Ok somebody is getting bribed,
The movie that no one was asking for no matter who the actors are. And those costumes are just in your face, lol.  A prequel out of all things.Jungle Book will be No.1 again until the big Civil War.
2 Commentaries? Yes! plus the usual features aka deleted scenes and more. But having the cast in one commentary and the director on the other is a great way to enjoy this. Another one for the collection.
Purple Rain was one of my favorite Musical Films right up there with Hard Day's Night, Saturday Night Fever among others. At 57 years old is way to young especially when he was coming out with so much music in the past couple of years along with touring a lot more than he used to. I was lucky to see Prince at the Purple Rain Tour in Long Island at the Nassau Coliseum (it was available on VHS a long time ago) and again at MSG during the Under The Cherry Moon tour (we don't talk about that movie). He was a big influence on me as far as being a multi-musician, 1999 album being a big influence along with Purple Rain. While he did have some quirks at least he didn't have a pet named Bubbles.
Great trivia but myfavorite two are: When doves Cry almost didn't make it on the soundtrack. Whew that was close. And Prince called songwriter J. Cain from rock band Journey to make sure there was no stepping on the song Faithfully. The intro chords is the same progression and sounds familiar to some songwriters but come on, This Is Prince!
Now we're talking. So what's the price tag for RDJ to do this. Doesn't matter, it just puts Sony in it's place for screwing up in the first place. Hope it's a HUGE check, lol. That'll teach those suits.
While I thought the first two films were kind of lame especially thesecond I wouldn't mind seeing him with a third. He is great with that English accent when he does Sherlock. And with Director Ritchie and hopefully Jude Law returning maybe this will be the best of all three.
This was the last film that Composer James Horner wrote before he died even before the film was even made! How this worked out remains to be seen. But this is one of the many things to look forward to for this western. A genre that I grew up with. While the idea is the same at least it doesn't look at all like the original. A big plus.

Bonus: There was no blog on Wednesday so this is an add on for Thursday.
Besides Goldfinger being a favorite, I get a kick out of Diamonds of Forever and personal favorite Live and Let Die, Roger Moore's first outing as James Bond. Which was a huge influence on Sam Mendes for Skyfall. It also had the best Bond song, lol. Check out the commentaries on the BR editions, he gives you a lot of insight on the making of those.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Star Wars 8 And Other News

New Radio show coming on Thursday: Civil War, Box office predictions, etc.
One of my favorite models to build in the good old days. Can't wait to see what other ones they are bringing back. Also includes video for charity with BB8 and Oscar Isaac.
Molte Benne! Cool behind the scene with green screen, on the set in Italy. Reminds me of all those old Hercules movies  with Steve Reeves and Gladiator movies back in the day.
And it keeps getting better and better no matter how over the top the storyline gets. But the show does have imagination no matter how silly the plot. My only problem is why is this at the same times slot as Supergirl? I usually see Gotham then catch up with Supergirl. Great double header.
For starters, they got this mostly right. My favorite character is Cat Grant who's always on her case. Flockhart gets some great lines. Last one being on mentioning Harrison Ford: "I don't date older guys" of course in real life both are an item. But about those SFX budget, cut back on the cast and those guest stars and put it to the effects. Some of them are just plain awful.
It took this long to switch to the DC Universe after doing Spiderman all those years ago. You can dowrong with Dafoe as a villain. Whatever character it is, it will be good.
Updated news now stating Cameron is filming all for at the same time! That most be confusing for everyone involved that's for sure. But what happens if after the first sequel the rest tank at the boxoffice and people are just tired of seeing tall blue aliens? Glad it's not my money producing these.
Whichever way you look at it, this does not look good for a 50th anniversary film. Just having new alien villains for the film when they have so much in the catalog to pick from just reminds of ST. Cardissians anyone?

One date that slip through the crack was the anniversary last week of the tragedy. This new video shows the sinking but scroll to the last 10 minutes where the first funnel falls down. This shows the other 2 funnels falling down and the second half of the ship turning to it's side before sinking. Some thing Cameron's movie does not show.

Monday, April 18, 2016

CA:Civil War Box Office Predictions Already?

New Radio show coming this week: BvS VS Civil War Box Office. (No it's not a joke, lol)
$200 Million opening? DUH! Holy Civil War! Fans were disappointed in that other superhero showdown and this has Spiderman back in MCU. How can this fail? And if the track record holds this will break the $1B World Wide mark for sure. Of course this does not help the Justice League franchise what so ever.
While this sounds like a plant from DC Inc. and basically a waste of an article as far as MCU having the final win, I included this mainly because of the animation and pictures included in the article.
REview: 3 out of 5. I grew up with the animated musical and sang Bare Necessities all over the house when I was a kid. So of course I prefer that instead of this version which was too dark for me. While the CG and cast was good, except for miscast Walken , I'll stick to with the 1967 version which was a lot more fun. But this is killing at the boxoffice world wide for now, right Captain America?
All three of them going to TV? Wow, at one time these were the big box office stars of their day. But seeing all 3 of them together will be fun as heck as both Gibson and Russell have done westerns with Kurt doing Tombstone. One of his Best Roles with Val "I'm your Huckleberry" Kilmer (and of course Batman) And Gibson doing Maverick who is Directing, writing and starring in the show. The original show got cancelled due to low ratings. Guess Captain Kirk and 007 Jaws couldn't save it. Yep both William Shatner and Richard Kiel starred in the show back in the 1970's..

Another article from last weeks topic on the editing of the film and the 4 hour cut. This explains on what happened to Lex storyline which hopefully will wind up on the Blu-ray release.

Bonus 2:
From the film Hollywoodland. The story of George Reeves who played Superman on tv. Laugh all you want but this underdog has the final laugh of the year by getting the Batman Franchise.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Captain America: Civil War Reviews All Good

New Radio Show Now Playing: BvS Final Boxoffice. This blog will be updated through out the weekend. Podcast with David Brenner on Editing BvS included as bonus link below.

Friday Update:
We all know Jungle will be No. 1 and all that. But look where the predictions for BvS is, at the 9th paragraph. Talk about no love for the capes, lol. Well here goes the final nail in the coffin.
A lot of Rogue One preview here and some other cool stuff. Great collection of things to check out and already they have a Collectible preview for the Holidays. Can't wait can we, lol?

Minor spoilers if you haven't seen the trailers but nothing really new here. But the reviews across the board is that this is the better of both films were to superhero icons get a chance to beat the crap out of each other. Gotta love it. Two in one year. Not bad for us fans. And all predictions are pointing to the $1Billion mark for this one.
Yes! Hope he gets a raise this time, lol. The best part is the whole creative team is back for this one. If it's not broken not fix it. Now the creative team behind BvsS is back for JL. That is NOT what we want to hear. Fix it!
Now it's up to 4 sequels? What happens if the first one is not all that. Yes it would be rare since Cameron can't do no wrong but Avatar has some serious haters out there and couldn't care less about the sequels to begin with. He should finish the trilogy and take it from there. And maybe think about going back to Terminator and rescue that franchise.
They finally making this and it's about time. Guess that other giant dinosaur movie (Hint:JW) kind of  push it to getting it made. I read this back in the 1990's so it's long overdue. Spoiler alert: The movie ends with Statham biting the Gaint Shark to death. Only kidding but if anyone can, he could, lol.
Does anyone remember this? Not bad for an old flick. Highlight was Al Pacino as the main villian with makeup and all. And he got an Oscar nomination for this too! Kind of late for a sequel and Beatty is way to damn old. He should do the part of The Mummy instead but who am I to judge?

Bonus Link:
By request, this is a follow up to the yesterday's article which included deleted scenes from the movie. This is a lot easier to listen to than to read that long ass interview but he does cover a lot more ground on the editing process. Sack Zack should have edited the damn script to begin and he wouldn't have had such a mess. Check out at 20M into the video there's a picture of Batman meeting Superman the first time. Notice the Winnebago in the background. Talk about a small set, lol.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Batman As Directed By Affleck

New Radio coming soon: DC, Marvel, More  BvsS making of.....

This spread like wild fire last night as the news was posted late and already old news. But good news.
So lets see Actor, Director, Screenwriter, Producer and winner of 2 Oscars doing the new Batman solo movies. Gee what happened to Sack Zack? Oh yeah he's busy doing that other trainwreck. Remember when the internet screamed NOooooooooooo! When his name was announced the fans said he was going to ruin BvS, wow how soon they forget. Him and Reynolds have the final laugh. Underdogs win again, so cool. 

The film that is going to bury BvS at the box office. And already get great reviews. Holy Ouch, Batman. Anyways also at coming soon is the 2 hour video premiere which had a big lag on my PC. So I didn't know how it would play out as a link but you can catch it over there if you like.

While this was to be expected what they don't mention is the 3D format that Lucas wanted and a new transfer for Imax. Us old fans were there for the re-released in plain old 2D. It would be nice to see this revamped since we are not getting the original 1977 release and the 2 that follow. And those tidbits between the films. Why not save it for the Blu-ray release since they are going to milk that too.

Here we go again. Tony Stark visits Aunt May played by a hundredth time by a different actress.
Well at least they dropped the Amazing part of the title. I wonder how much Downey Jr is getting paid for his little part. Whatever it is, it's not enough. Hope he takes them to the bank for screwing up these movies in the first place.

If they pull this off watch every friggin crossover happen in the book. Except for Disney. They just want to hog everything for themselves like Spiderman going over to Civil War. Not thats a bad thing lol.

Save the Best for Last Link:
Right off the bat the show the new Godzilla at the beginning of the trailer then a lot of filler before showing him at the end. Is this the film itself. Like the Godzilla 2014 where he totals about 10 minutes of show time? Hopefully not. But the CG looks great for him.

Bonus Link:
Long ass interview but it explains a lot on what went wrong with the film. Almost a 4 hour cut for a fight that only last 10 minutes? And these are the guys that are doing Justice League, Yikes!
Includes deleted scenes that were trimmed from the movie.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Civil War Promos and More

New Radio Show coming this week. SW:TFA BR Review still playing. See bonus link added below which was not covered in last weeks blog.
Warning: While not major spoilers, it does reveal some major scenes so what do we get?
2 B roll videos with behind the scenes, and 5 videos with over 12 minutes worth of footage and over 30 pics in the gallery! Now that's what I call a promo. This is going to do some box office damage for sure when this is release. And let's not forget our friendly neighborhood Spiderman added to the mix.
"This is a Sony Pictures production of a Marvel Film". Thanks for heads up. Now we know this is going to suck like the others. Control freaks who can't admit to themselves they don't have a clue on what they're doing with this property. And the same people to did AS2 are doing this. Jeez, they don't learn do they.
Cool 4 minute video on the making of the film that is going to bury BvS. Disney is so proud of this fact that they gave the greenlight for a sequel. A sequel? This hasn't even come out yet for crying out loud! Hey is that a 800 lb. gorilla in the film?. Sorry that's just Disney in the room.
Ok so Sly has another coming down the pike but what happened to Expendables Franchise?

Bonus Video:
The Actor who played as The General  in TFA along with Poe Damon character were both in Ex-Machina out of all things which won for Best VFX Oscar over SW:TFA. I like to ask these actors what they think of that! And never mind its a acting gig!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Move over DC, Here Comes MCU

Star Wars TFA BR Review on Blog Talk Radio Show now playing. New Show coming this week.
So, where is Spiderman in the poster? Anyways after that big trailer on the MTV awards it's all MCU from here on up. First with Melissa taking away the No. 1 spot and with Jungle Book around the corner this will pave the way for Civil War with Spidey's big introduction in the MCU where he belongs. Batman Vs. Who? They better hurry with that Justice League thing and quick.
Even better news for Civil War. With great reviews coming in already for the film, this will be icing on the cake for Marvel fans. Well, this should make up for that DC disappointment.
While we all knew this was going to happen, details should be taken with a grain of salt. Either way, this is what DC is facing. Marvel has plan A, B and C (just in case) DC is just throwing shit to the wind and crossing their fingers.
Poor Leo and that damn bear, lol. All in all some good fun even tho this was rigged to the hilt with the awards. Notice those who won were there and no losers in sight. Especially when NWA came down the staircase when they won. How did they know? And where did the audience get those lightsabers. Who cares, all hype and all fun.
The big question here is still how the size will match with Godzilla. But since this takes place during the Vietnam War during the early 1970's he could go to sleep at the end of the movie to wake up present bigger than usual thanks to scientists playing God of course. Anything is possible.
After adding Charlize Theron now we have Eastwood joining the cast who is the spitting of his Dad. "Do you feel lucky Punk?" This will be a be a real breakthru that he needs to make his own name.

China taking over Hollywood? This was on the show last night and I included this trailer. For the full segment you can go to the 60 Minutes website for a better download. This will be mentioned on the new Radio show this week. A real eye opener. And remember "The Mermaid" made over $500M and BvS tanked! Even Pacific Rim made over $200M over there. What gives?

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

The Force Is Strong with Blu-ray Review

New Radio Show Now Playing: SW: The Force Awakens BR Review.
Next show: Box Office wrapup including China and MTV Awards.

10 minute video on the making of TFA. While on the technical side its fun to follow the process. And this lost to Ex-Machina which won the Oscar for Best VFX? Don't get me started.

Thursday Update:
AT first I thought why are we going backwards on the story? We have Clone Wars and Rebels. But nothing like seeing those AT-ATs on the big screen. And with Edwards directing whom I've been a fan since "Monsters" (if you read this blog for a few years now, you know what I mean) this movie can't go wrong. A great blast from the past. Ps check out the next trailer and see a Grumpy looking Skywalker, funny.
Trailer broken down to 44 screen shots to catch the all details that you missed with the fast editing.
Not enough shots of the AT-ATs. So that was the disc closing on the Death Star, that's a first.

Got my copy today. While it has 45 minutes of bonus plus the 1 hour plus documentary, you can't help feeling that there is more content coming in future special editions down the road. The one thing really missing here is a Commentary from JJ who has down these before aka Mission Impossible 3 with Tom Cruise himself. Either way a great package to add to the collection. My review on the BR will be on the next radio show.
And they said they were not worried about the boxoffice results from BvsS. They sure changed their tune on the subject. Besides being nervous (again) and changing things around, they only left is sacking Zack himself. Don't kid yourself.  At this rate anything can happened
3 minute clip from GMA. Interviews with most of the cast but of course while showing Spiderman, there's no mention of him.
Okay it's 2 actors from F7 but is it me or I couldn't help but look for Ewoks in the background?

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

The Force Is Back on Blu-ray

Previous Blog Talk Radio Show still playing. BvsS wrap up coming this week.
The big reveal is that there are some things missing in this release which has come out already on the internet. And it does mention a possible double dip as in other Star War releases. So what is new with this. And it does mention of the 3D coming out later and that probably has features not included here. Of course they know the die hards will pick this up. Kaching! That greedy mouse. The article has some videos included in this article that are on the disc. Full review on my take on all this will be on the next Radio show.
Actually a one pic tease followed by previous released pictures but at least we know she's back to answer that question about her having that light saber in her possession.
While it brags it the second biggest Disney film, it's actually third biggest animation behind Minions! Thank you, lol. But the big surprise it's the second biggest ever in Russia. What's up with that?
Getting tired of this are we? Well I know I am, lol. Big overall breakdown and predictions as well as the aftermath of opening weekend. In one big wrap up, it looks like it will barely hit the $1 Billion mark. Which is not too shabby but compare to other movies like the one above it sure doesn't help matters. And then they expect another Man of Steel 2 to happen. Are they kidding, don't they learn about now?
The real question here is how are they going to match up the size of King Kong with Godzilla when they finally have their movie showdown. And hopefully it won't be so depressing as BvsS.

Yikes! Non of these were ideal for the role. And what's up with Megan Fox, jeez so overrated with Transformers to begin with. That Gadot actress worked out just fine after all, didn't she.

Monday, April 04, 2016

Not So Super Box Office

Blog Talk Radio now playing. Batman VS. Superman Boxoffice Review Part 2, coming soon.
Note: Due to falling for a prank I updated this blog to refleck that. Who knows, maybe some of us wanted to see Sack Zack happen. Either way we know Justice League will be dark like the others.
Warner's put Speedy on the fast track? Really? Wonder why? Guess the studio has to answer to the stockholders and have to answer for the disappointing boxoffice of twobigicons. Wow, this is so sad. Speedy? Well then I want my frigging Road Runner with Cayote getting his due! Beep Beep!
And Warner's said they are not worried. There'll will be when the home release will be less than stellar in sales.  But who gets last laugh out of all this? Affleck. This biggest outcry on the internet when his name was announced, looks like his dream of starring solo and directing Batman will finally come true.
Drop off by 78%. Ouch. Well so much for the $1 Billion mark. China basically killed it as it did with Star Wars being No. 1 of all time internationally.  After Sack Zack was official this weekend it's all full speed ahead with J League. What's funny they even couldn't even wait till Monday morning to give him his walking papers. That is Fk up for sure. Yep fell for this prank. STudio can't be that cold can they? LOL. Either way it comes down such a big franchise for Warners and coming up short at the boxoffice unlike Star Wars (here I go again) where it crossed the $2 Billion mark.  All articles on this on previous blog.
Hopefully the movie is just as exciting as this featurette. But I do love the way Singer is just recasting everyone (most) from the original cast aka Storm. etc. But will it be a burnout Boxoffice after Civil War and BvsS? That is the question.
Does this one deserve a solo movie? And again the question of hero burnout. Sure Deadpool did great but that left Antman  in the dust. Is this what is coming down the road?
The only thing this show killed was my patience. Over an hour to introduce Negan just to watch him bash someones head in who is not signed on to come back, Either that or one of the main actors who is going to act for a raise, lol.

Great interview with Director Donner on Superman 1 & 2 with Christopher Reeve and Marlon Brando.