Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween Everyone!

The Ultimate Horror Music Video of all time. From my personal collection.
Yep that is a VHS tape. Remember those?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

For Halloween Eve - Links celebrating the Big Pumpkin

A few links celebrating Halloween:
By request this video has all the references pointed by count. I counted 65 more or less.
Russell Crowe as the Australian Meatloaf singing Rocky Horror Hot Patootie..A Keeper
Page 3 has Lego version of the video and the Vincent Price Lost Rap in the middle of Thriller song.
For you Serial Killer of interests out there. Strange Hollywood still haven't got to these tales yet.
Gabba hey gabba hey I don't want to be a pinhead no more....

Hey Ho, Let's Go!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Show Tonight on Blog Talk Radio

With Special Guest Host: David Skolnick

List of topics: 0 - 60m
War of the Worlds 75th Anniversay
Birth of the Living Dead - Blu-ray review
Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Jack Nicholson and their movies.
Monsters of Universal
Hitchcock: Psycho, The Birds
Rosemary's Baby, Shining, Exorcist, Jaws
Charlton Heston: Omega Man, Soylent Green, Planet of the Apes
Logans Run, Rollerball

2nd Hour: 60m - 90m
Horror Franchises: Freddy, Jason, Micheal, Chucky, Halloween, Saw, Amityville etc
Reviews: Monsters University, RIPD, Bad Milo, House on Straw Hill
Final Tidbits and Gorgo and YouTube

Please note: Due to time restraints we tried to put in as much as we could
but there will be a follow up to this on Thanksgiving week.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Links for Monday and this weeks Halloween Show.

Update: 7 pm
We moved up our Halloween show to Tomorrow as my guest host can only make it for that day.
This has cause me to bump the music show to this Friday we have the Live show from MNN this past Saturday now playing and we thought this would be too much for people to catch up.

Here are few links:
Translation: "I finally get my FUCK YOU  money and will retire with these 2 franchises and not do crap
like Paranoid and Ender's Game. Yours truly Harrison Ford" But notice they had to dangle Indy 5 to
get him to do Star Wars.
The key word here would they use this footage for a new Blu-ray Bundle? Of course.
Now it's Disney's turn to put their label on the previous trilogies to re-release them in time for the new trilogy.
And the blooper reel that was hiding is finally uploaded on You Tube.
A sequel to the remake of Evil Dead? NO! Army of Darkness 2? YES!
The idea of putting Ash and Mia together for a final blowout?
Yeah like putting Jason and Freddie together and look how that turned out. But the idea is different.
a Sequel spinoff to Expandables? Hell why not! Streep is the brains of the operation and everyone kicks ass, which reminds me don't they forget our Hit Girl from Kick Ass. Our little girl Chloe Grace Moretz has grown up to be a find young actress in her own right. And now she can star in this to....KICK MORE ASS!
Att he end of the article they mentioned both teams might match up. Bring it on!
Now I did mention that macho movies have bombed this year but not when you put them in a all star cast ensemble and works like a charm. This has to work.
I know, nobody really cares. It's just the industry slapping its own back. But I always make a bet
with friends and mentioned on the show with my predictions. And as far as with prediciting the winners
I've been doing pretty good the past few years. Everyone thought "Lincoln" was going to be the big
winner and I stuck by Argo since it premiered in October of that year all the way till Oscar night.
And guess what? HA HA....
So far this year for me it's Hanks, Elijor, Bullock for Best Actors...
As far as Picture, not yet but where is "42" for any nods on this list? Han Solo deserves a nod.
And the big surprise of the year "Instructions Not Included" The Mexican comedy that most
critics missed or didn't get. Rotten Tomatoes are on my shit list. They have no fucking clues about movie.
the gave crapfest IM3 over 90% and this import got bombed so a Big FU to RT.
The best Dramedy of the year and an ending twist that you don't see coming. How sad was the ending.
I fucking lost it at the end. That sad. Yep, a nod for Best Picture.
PS there is subtitles for the first hour but then goes mostly English so It's not really a 'foreign' picture
even through it was produced in Mexico. More details on the show.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

MNN Show uploaded to Livestream and Youtube.

Today's show on MNN will be uploaded tomorrow and will be available to see on Monday.
This show features our Godzilla community page on Google Plus in the back ground
during the live show. We scrolled down and try to show everyone's artwork as much as
the engineered would allow.

Thanks for watching and for your support on all the shows.

Friday, October 25, 2013

New Show Tomorrow on MNN

New show tomorrow on MNN at 5 PM, our Halloween Special.
Because of this show and our previous show on Wednesday I postponed the Music Show
to avoid confusion between the shows. That show will be presented on Monday.

In the meantime here is the time stamp for our show this past Wednesday:

1. Announcements: Pacific Rim, Info on Future Shows, Apple Garageband, Music Shows. 0-9m
2. PBS Special Great Powers, Super Heroes Marvel Vs. DC Comics and Star Wars 9m - 14m
3. Franchises and will people get tired? Horror movies, Star Trek, Star Wars  14m- 23m
4. Merchandising, my hobbies like model making, collectibles 23m - 28m
5. Forbes Articles on Macho Movies and Escape Plan with Sly and Arnold, Riddick and
second life and Blu-ray 28m - 40m
6. Final Announcements on my schedule for the rest of the year. 40m - 50m
7. Move music news on Sir Elton Rocketman and Queen Freddie Mercury with James Bond Q.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Website Updated

Plus details on our last show on BTR...
and more into on the future of the shows..

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Now Show Tonight on Blog Talk Radio at 8 PM EST.

New show where we are going to have the chat room open and take phone callers: 347-633-9836

I'm also including this link for this Superhero Special in which the link will expire in 6 days.
This was part of  the PBS special that premiered 2 weeks ago.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Video Links with Movie Reviews

Movie Reviews:
Escape Plan: 3 - This was fun. Actually while Stallone is playing the macho hero of the film it's Arnold who says lets have fun this and rescues the movie before Sly goes into his over the top dramatic role. Just think of "Daylight". Way better than "Bullet in the Head" lame 80's retread style and 'Last Stand' Where Arnuld looks just plain tired with only mano to mano could barely save that movie at the end. And yes Arnuld carries the tradition of one liners: "You fight like a vegetarian" Gotta love it.

Captain Phillips: 3 - Hanks saves the day or movie as you know the story but he manages you to care throughout the whole ordeal. This could have been a HBO cable special as the second half goes on way too long. But Hanks goes for his Oscar at the last 10 minutes and he's worth it.

Carrie: 2 - While both actresses do their best to save this movie, it's just hopeless. A needless remake.
Only does the finale 20 minutes does the real good stuff happens, by then I was ready to head out the door.

Blu-ray Reviews:
Conjuring: 1 - Only at the end it gave me a good boo just to wake me up with this bore fest. And some people swear to this movie. I swear I'll never see this again even if it does have a bunch of features.

Internship: 0 - The biggest promo for Google, shame on you guys like you need it. Next time include the comedy, that would have been fun. This was on the shelf at my local library. I notice it had a commentary on the the disc. Life's to short, I put it back on the shelf. They already took 2 hours of my life.

Tombstone of the Dead: 3 - Trejo does play a mean ass cowboy, I reviewed the movie before on my Horror special on BTR. I'm hoping to get to the features as I still didn't pick this up. But having Mickey Rourke as Satan  is a sure goof.

Why Escape Plan bombed at the box office:

First here are some video links. Make sure you scroll down since some of the videos are on the bottom of the page:

Let's face it. Fast is coming the Expendables with it's multi cast but at least it's a lot more fun. Sorry Sly.

Talking about Sly here is Arnuld doing some of his famous lines. It shows he's sense of humor. Sorry Sly.

Wires and Green screen but out of all the solo Marvel movies Thor 1 really worked. This one will also work.

The Hobbit 2: No videos but 5 links within the page for the set and interviews Including Sir Ian.

Movie reviews coming later tonight including Carrie -2, Escape Plan - 3.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Links To a Few Interesting Articles
Last minute add. At least we know what's going to be on the Blu-ray when it gets released.
Grew up with Sir Lee as Count Dracula and to see him in Star Wars and Lord of the Rings was great to see.
Shame his "Scream" buddies Peter Cushing and Vincent Price are not around to see this but they would have been proud. No comment on Depps hair, still made at him for Lone Ranger.
Talk about Star Wars, as I mention on a previous post in which Disney wants to take over the world with the SW Franchise, now Marvel is going ahead and doing the same. But when is too much is too much. Will
people get tired of the franchise and try to find something new? Nah, they made IM3 a billion bucks.
He deserves it. Hope he gets it. I don't se anyone calling up Tom Cruise for this franchise. Remember Tom turned down Pacific Rim for Oblivion, a one shot deal with no franchise future. And Idris got the gig. Cool.
YES! It's about time. That Evil Dead reboot sucked so bad it's in my top 10 of 2013 worst.
Let Campbell and Raimi take charge of this instead of another bad reboot to the series.
Great actor but this is so embarrassing. But he's not alone. Machete Kills already off the top 10 after only 2 weeks. No. 4 premiere to No. 12 in the second week at the Box Office. Ouch!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

New Show Playing with Breakdown List

I now included 2 movies mentioned on this show and previous shows:

Atlantic Rim Movie:

Robot Jox Movie:

Quick Breakdown of the show:

1. Announcements - 1m-10m
2. Pacific Rim Blu-ray review with Commentary including nods to Directors James Cameron, Alfenso Cuaron (Gravity), Cronenberg (The Fly Remake), quick mentions of Lucas and Speilberg. - 10m - 30m
3. Breakdown on Special Features - 30m - 60m
4. Favorite Godzilla Movies - a quick mention - 60m - 1:15m

Tidbits and trivia are all in the mix.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pacific Rim Show moved to Friday

I've moved the show to Friday include more materials on Pacific Rim including the links below.
I also will be starting at 8 pm and will have the Chat Room Open! so everyone can join in.
This was by request to make it easier for some people who want to participate.

Colors man, Colors!
 GDT color palettes as he explains on the BR at the 24:00 mark. This also includes a blooper....

Talk about bloopers check out this Trivia page which will also be mentioned;

She went from SW:Attack of the Clones to this?

3D talk and why it worked for Gravity and not for PR as will be mentioned on the show.

All behind the scenes tech talk.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

BTR show for Thursday

Surprise! Now you know why I postponed the BTR show for tomorrow. Here are 2 links about the future of Pacific Rim. These articles just posted a few hours ago all based on  information, trivia, behind the scenes for the show:

Thursday as announced previously is our back up day if we can't do the show on Wednesday as this is the case. I am still in he process of reviewing the Blu-Ray edition of Pacific Rim and want to do a solid review for the show with a lot behind the scenes trivia that even I didn't know about.
The show will be live at 9 pm EST.

Also a major announcement on the music show as that is going to share the spotlight with Videoland Express
more details to follow on tomorrow's show.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mini Reviews for Tuesday

BTR show might be postpone tomorrow due to I just picked up Pacific Rim Blu-ray and has a lot more
features than I thought and might not have time to cover all the details. This is one film I must. Full review
will be done on the live show.
Remember to check both and for details on the pictures as these are my opinions as a fan and not as a critic. You saw what I did with IM3. And I still refuse to review the BR on that one.

Pacific Rim: 4 - For the Picture itself. Only complaint was that for a Big Creature picture it should have been a bit shorter. Knowing me, commentary, picture in picture, shitload of features, I'll give this a 5 for the BR.

The Heat: 2 - 2 great female leads wasted on a typical buddy cop movie. But why does this have so many commentaries including from MSK3000? Both deserved better material.

Shrek the Musical: 4 - The Broadway musical was filmed in NYC and this was fun. Great camera work
puts you in front role for the whole production which was very well produced. While some of the musical
score was kind of weak, a very big deal with me, the actors really put their heart into it. Example: Spiderman: Into the Dark. Great Production, horrible score. Living in NYC I still have yet to see it.

The Eagle Has Landed: 3 - Micheal Caine and fellow Germans try to kidnap Churchill in this WW2
drama. It's a bit slow until the second hour when Larry Hagman! and US troops to macho to macho
against the German troops. All star cast is what makes this a big deal for and the story is from the German point of view. Written by Tom Mankiewicz (James Bond) and Directed John Sturges (The Great Escape and last film) this is old school before Steven Speilberg.

Weird Science: 4 - Remember this one? Bill Paxton get turn into a giant turd? Yes it's a dated 1980's flick, think of Back to the Future but a lot of fun. I'm going by memory as this has a 4 part documentary with star
Anthonhy Micheal Hall which I haven't seen. The package refers this as a 'Remember the 80's" film. Cute.

Maniac: 2 - Poor Toby Mcquire. Spiderman to boring slasher flick. While it does have a 70's style of music and camera work, think of Halloween, it has the right amount of gore without going overboard with the scalping. But Toby's point of view (for most of the movie)  this gets tired really fast.  For you horror fans this could be a 2 for Tuesday with Redbox or Netflix. Saw this with a guest past a few months back, not the BR but it does have a short making of feature.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Links to Interesting Articles
AS I mentioned in my last BTR show, Disney built a theme park based on "The Black Cauldrone" which bombed, both the park and the movie. But with technology today this looks like on the money. Yeah I want to go back to Pandora. Note: Scroll down to bottom of page and see the making of Video hosted by
James Cameron. Looks so cool.
I don't get this. While the movie did good at the box office most agree that it was a disappointment
and the Blu-ray sold only ok. So forget about another movie franchise sequel but how about a cable show, but..........5 shows?!?! yep 5 different shows all on different cable stations. But they are all going for the
adult dark side angle. Oh hell no! Loved the box set but this is not really necessary.
Finally Hollywood is getting the hint. Well at least to the Board Games angle. I'm glad we are not going to get most of these and whatever is lying around or the green light, it will be a disaster. So good news here.
Never read the book, couldn't care less. But me being a True Blood fan and Skarsgard so good in it, along with the rest of the cast of course, that I wouldn't mind him having a hit. He could use this. He's made a few pictures and non have made him a star, no fault of his of course. Ok maybe a better Agent. And having Battleship on the resume does not help matters. And this being the last season for Blood, is he going to stay on cable, which is not a bad deal nowadays or will he have his bit shot at the cinema? Sure wasn't for lack of trying. (seriously, he's got to do something about his Agent, LOL).

Sunday, October 13, 2013

MNN Show Will Be Uploaded Tonight

Thanks to everyone for tuning and watching our live show on MNN.
These are currently being uploaded on You Tube and Livestream which will start streaming
Monday. These had to be edited due to YT being a pain in the ass as far as time constraints.
Then this week 2 music shows will premiere on he Furankisan channel on BTR and a brand
new show Wednesday for our Tribute to Pacific Rim and Godzilla tribute.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

New Live Show Today on MNN

Today at 5 pm we are going live on MNN. These of course are recorded and then uploaded on our
Livestream channel and on our You Yube. More details after the show tonight.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

More Mini-Reviews Mentioned On The Show

Here are some leftovers from Tuesday list that was mentioned on BTR show this week.
Behind the scenes article for Gravity effects.

The Exorcist: 4 - Rating from the first BR release which I enjoyed with features and booklet. But this version has two new extras at 20 minutes each. Is it worth the upgrade? If you didn't get the first time then it's worth it. But like me since I have the first release how many times am I going to see those 2 features?

The Purge: 1 - Idea is just a variation from Assault from Precint 13th which was an idea that John Carpenter got from John Wayne's Rio Bravo. He actually mentions it on the commentary on Rio Bravo! Boring movie with only a great shootout at the end when Ethan Hawke goes nuts but then it has a unneccesary twist at the end which kills the movie.

Nothing Left to Fear: 1 - Tries to hard to be creepy but too long and too boring. And Slash music doesn't fit half the time. What's up with that? Not missing anything unless you can't sleep. This might help.

The Fly 1958: 5 - Classic Vincent Price movie with David Hedison (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea TV Series) as The Fly.  Great upgrade on the Blu-ray with extras carried over from the DVD.

Time Stamp on previous list will be up for this weekend before my MNN show on Saturday as promised.

Also second music show will premiere tomorrow on my Furankisan Widget.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

New Show on BTR Now Playing, Oct. 9

Special edition where I go solo and catch up to over 50 reviews!

Full list with time stamp coming before this weekend. Also here are the links related to the show.

1. Simpsons Tree of Horror opening clip and mentions of over 65 trivia references.
2. Godzilla trailer talk. -7m
3. Star Wars comics and links. -10m
4. Wizard of Oz and me being in the school play -15m
5. Recap of last show: Movies: Rush and Ron Howard and Roger Corman, Eat My Dust, Grand Theft Auto, Fast and the Furious Trivia, New Book Biography on Corman and  Gunner Hanson of Leatherface fame with The Making of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. -21m
6.. Animation and Musicals: Disney Classics and Little Mermaid, Little Shop of Horrors, Despicable Me 2 The Croods and Cloudy Meatballs 2 comparisons, Turbo, Epic, Planes, Escape From Planet Earth,
Monster In Paris, Monster University 2 -32m
7. Comedies: James Gunn and Movie 43, Guilt Trip: Rogen, Streisand, Parental Guidance: Billy Crystal,
Internship, Grown Ups 2, Cheech and Chong Animated Movie, We are the Millers, This is the End,
At Worlds End, Hangover 3 -53m
8. Sci-Fi: Gravity, Marooned, Oblivion, After Earth, ST:Darkness, JJ Lens Flare, Dark Skies -75M

9. Last Minute Blu-Ray Mentions: Chucky 6 and Box Set, Danny Trejo: Zombie Hunter, Slash: Nothing Left To Fear, The Purge, Shout at the Devil, Voyage To the Bottom of the Sea, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, BW classics Stalag 17, Star Wars Trilogy Box Sets, Wild Zero.
Also mentions of Metallica, Kiss Detroit Rock City, Rock Band Rush
Wild Zero movie
Shout at the Devil movie

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Mini reviews For Tuesday

Movies and Blu-ray releases: Ratings from 1 to 5, Worst to Best. All details will be on the live show.

Gravity: 4 - Oscar nods for Best Picture, Director and for Bullock for Best Actress, this film shows that
Oscar from before was not a joke. She really carries the show here. Oscar for SFX, excellent.

Runner Runner: 1 - Not Afflecks fault but Justin needs to keep with comedies or just guest host SNL
for the rest of his life. This should go on top 10 list of worst for the year but damn that list is crowded already.

Prisoners: 3 - Directors please cut down your movies, your are not directing all time classics. But this ending did get to me as it left me hanging in suspense. Jackman pulls it off again for another Oscar nod.

Chucky 6: 3 - Back to old school but it does drag for a while and no budget what so ever but what makes it worth going back as this is a Direct sequel to a franchise with cameos from the other movies and 3 multiple endings after the credits! But what about the Scars? Where are they? Oh they are there alright.

Zombie Hunter: 2 - Spoiler! Danny Trejo is in only 3 scenes and is out of the movie by 45 minutes in.
Very Japanese like with it's pink splatter of blood but I did like the Stop Motion of the giant creatures
aka Resident Evil video game. Some cool boy count but some of the editing drove me nuts.

After Earth: 2 - Good try by Shamalaya Caca but it plays like a Sy Fy movie with a better budget.
Wills son fights a giant bed bug. Few features but no commentary. Good. Don't want to hear he's excuse.

Hangover 3: 1- Hated this whole franchise, sick of that asian dude. and Billy Joel songs were wasted.

Star Wars Both Trilogies: 2 - Re-released again without the bonus features! Just the commentaries.
It's cheaper in price but what's the point? And still no Christmas special! LOL.

Honorable Mentions: These are release on BR now but these reviews are based on the original DVD release are they are essentially the same including the bonus features:

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: 4 - The original movie by Irwin Allen with All star cast.
Fantastic Voyage: 4 - James Cameron was going to remake this. Shame it's not on his list anymore.
Note: Both of these were release together on one disc. Separate now but still worth it.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels: 4 - Steve Martin and Micheal Caine as con artists. Funnier than most comedies this year. Now this is comedic writing.

Stalag 17: 4 - Classic WW2 with an all star cast, old school of course, but great. See IMDB to see how many actors you remember. Fans of The Great Escape will love this.

Note: The Purge and Nothing Left to Fear by Rock Guitarest Slash Productions coming later this week.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Links for the Day

Great link, even tho the page is in another language the video covers by the numbers of how many references are in the opening scene. Godzilla and Ray Harryhausen and my Favorite Robot from Lost in Space made the cut.

Tarantino's top 10 of the year so far: But what the hell is The Lone Ranger doing there.

So Jolie was to star then Robert Downey Jr. then everyone in Hollywood. Geez, how did this get to be made in the first place is beyond me.

Note: The Toto show will premiere this Wednesday and the second music show will premiere
Friday before Our main show on MNN this Saturday.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Content List For The Emmy Awards Show

By request here is a short list on the contents for the show:

1. Intro of our guest host David Skolnick
2. Emmy mentions, tv versus cable & streaming services, Kevin Spacey - 10m
3. Box Office: Lone Ranger vs. Despicable Me - 20m
4. Pro Cons of IM3 and superheroes - 24m
5. Horror movies, Corman, William Castle 36m
6. Emmys, In Memory - 51m
7. Grammys and other tidbits - 60m

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Full List for the Best and Worst of 2013 Pt. 2 Macho Films

By request here is the list of contents for this show in which I invited a gentleman from G Plus to be a guest host on the show:

1. Introduction of David Skolnick
2. Movies: Rush, Gumball Rally, Jobs - 5m
3. "42" and Baseball - 10m
4. VOD Movies: AS I Lie Dying, Empire State, Switch, Dwayne Johnson - 21m
5. Dolph Lundgren, One for a Chamber, Blood of Redemption, Midnight Meat Train, Clive Barker
Steve Cold Austin, Vinnie Jones, The Condemned 2007 (The movie we couldn't think of the title)
Hunger Games, Battle Royale, Old Boy, Spike Lee - 33m
6. Nicholas Cage, Frozen Ground, John Travolta, Killing Season, Jason Statham, Redemption
Deniro, The Family - 40m
7. Danny Trejo, The Contractor - 57m
8. Blacklist, Agents of Shield, tv shows - 58m
9. David Says Goodbye - 65m
10. Recap from last week: Karen Black, Oogle Boogle, Trilogy of Terror
last tidbits

Friday, October 04, 2013

Full List of B&W 2013 Pt.1 Horror Films

By request this is the full list of contents for this show. Full list for pt. 2 coming tomorrow & pt. 3 when that premieres it will also be listed here. Also included are trivia and tidbits in between.

1. Announcements, 9/11, South Street Seaport -
2. Film Forum NYC, Ray Harryhausen films - 7m
3. Midtown Comics, Star Wars and Planet of the Apes comics - 11m
4. WWZ, Bob Burgers, Dexter, Ravenous - 22m
5. Zombie (Del Toro), The Colony, Warm Bodies, Day of the Dead Blu-ray, 30m
Halloween 35th anniversary
6. You Tube clips: Q Flying Serpent, Grey Lady Down - 40m
7. Swamp Thing, Incredible Man, Street Trash,  Lifeforce, Texas Chain Saw -46m
8. The Howling, David Allen tribute, Robojox, Pacific Rim quick mention - 57m
9. John Carpenter's Blu Rays butchered: The Thing, Escape from NY, Big Trouble in Little China -60m
10. Friday 13th Box Set, Crystal Lake Memories Disc Set, Bay of Blood -63m
11. The Town that Dreaded Sundown - 68m
12. From Beyond, Jeffrey Combs, Director Stuart Gordon - 69m
13. After Schock, Eli Roth, Grindhouse -70m
14. You're Next quick review - 74m
15. Uncle Lloyd: How to sell your own damn movie mention - 75m
16. Hachet 3, Frankenstein's Army 76m
17. Chillerama - 84M

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Pilot Episode to Premiere Tonight

Due to a tech problem my music show will premiere on our main site on Blog Talk Radio at 11 pm.
Because of that since I'm only to allow one show per day, the Best and Worst Pt. 3 will be
presented tomorrow.

This show is a 30 minute pilot episode as I'm only allowed to have 30 minutes on my other channel.
Then I will have the Premiere episode uploaded later on this weekend on the Furankisan channel.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Both Shows Presented Tomorrow

I moved our Blog Talk Radio Animation special till tomorrow as to highlight
my Soundcloud page as they are both going to tie in together.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Updates Part 2 - The Sequel!

1. New show on Blog Talk Radio celebrating the Best and Worst of 2013 Part 3 with Animation, Music, Comedies.

2. New mini previews of music on Soundcloud all this weekend. One has already been posted today.

3. Furankisan Music show premiering this weekend with all new original music posted.
Yes, there is a method to my madness, lol.