Thursday, September 29, 2016

Burton vs. Walhberg at the Box Office.

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Check out the 4th paragraph: "Nobody seems to be in the mood to go to the movies". Well with all the new tv/cable shows premiering and binging habits that come with that, its hard for movies to compete. Especially after a crappy summer, its hard to have bi numbers at the box office. Lets face it, besides the next Star Wars, is there anything else to run to the cinema to see?
What, no Star Trek sequel? lol, well at least he won't get his hands on that franchise again. While a fun film those camera angles got me sick. But no word if there will be a ST 4 and with the TV show being push back, the franchise remains in the air.
Another classic ruined. While I'm glad Favreau has got another hit, just the idea of making these live action doesn't work for me. Jungle Book was a total bore compare to the animation and is so overrated. How the hell did it make that much money is beyond my guess.
This is a strange looking cast so far. For a family nobody looks alike what so ever. But forget that. Who is going to be Dr. Smith and what about that robot? Let's not forget, who have people behind the camera who produced and directed, Godzilla, Pacific Rim and Games of Thrones. A lot is riding on this.
2 actors who won't make a dent at the box office. Depp needs Pirates and Michelle goes back to Catwoman. Ouch. While Branagh is a great director, do we need a remake on this. Director Sidney Lumet did right the first time. See Youtube video on the making of the Lumet's movie from our website below in the bonus section. Also our last live show is also posted there.

It's an old article but I waited for a follow up to this and if Squad hasn't open ip by now then it's all over. Squad needed that extra $100M from China to beat Deadpool, which wasn't release in
China and still landed at No. 7 and BvsS which landed at No. 5 which was released in China. So Squad will remain at No. 8 until Rogue One comes out and move all the movies down a notch. But who knows where that's going to land since even the studio doesn't have high hopes for Star Wars.


Monday, September 26, 2016

Magnificent 7 is No. 1

Live on MNN video included below links. New Fall Preview radio show now playing. Fall preview part 2 coming soon. Magnificent 7 review coming soon on the radio show. 4 out of 5 without spoilers.$35m-932339
As I said on the Live show, Mag 7 is The biggest opening western of all time. Contrary to the article which states that Rango with Cowboy & Aliens are the two leading openers, Rango is an animated picture with a Gekko as the leading character in a western setting. Not a official western. And anything with Aliens is automatically a Sci-Fi flix. western setting or not. So Congrats to Denzal for having the biggest western opener of all time. So there....
While not one of the best superhero movies, we all know there's a great movie in there somewhere until they butchered the movie in the editing process. What a mess. 6 different versions no less. While we have to wait what we get when it gets a home release, they should go ahead with a sequel> How can it be worst. Hmn but then again with studios....But Harley gets the green light before Squad So what does that tell you.
Wow, they're not taking any chances considering his age it seems. But the one cameo he should have done is Infinity War but there will come a time there will be no more cameos. That's life. But if one thing they could wrap up is the multi-endinsg with the end credits. Who waits for them anymore? These movies are long enough as it is.
I remember watching his films when I was young and they were way out there.. Now a days they just remind you how much Eli Roth and others just try to do out do him by filming over the top scenes for schock. But he was the first one to push the envelope in horror movies and the others followed through the years.

Note: We are usually kicked out at 5:30 so the next show can go live. This time we got a break and stayed in the studio for an extra 10 minutes for more movie talk. If you saw the show you can fast forward 25 minutes into it. And thanks for watching.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Magnificent 7 Rides The Box Office

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7 and The Storks will this weekend. Well Sully had a good run but let's see if people want to see another remake and of course most of the animated films this year had a good run, but Storks has been mostly a low profile with the advertisements and marketing. Well at least we can say goodbye that Blair Witch crap which earns the title of the Worst Picture of the Year.
Mini-Review: Blair Witch: 0 Zero!!! out of 5. Nothing good to say about this waste of time.
"Won't be as successful as The Force Awakens"  This is the last thing you say to the public if you want a hit. It's obvious that their not happy with the final product and preparing themselves for a wipe out. And this is Disney we're talking about.
No shit. Again the studio talking to investors (kissing their ass) to save their jobs by promising better movies and lighter ones. Well maybe if they did their job right the first time this wouldn't happen, you think? And how much do these suits get paid to begin with?
This is my favorite one for the day. Writer and Director change the script so much it effected the budget and everything else. So what does Executive Producer Spielberg do? Fire the fuckers and start from scratch. Now that's funny.
This one gets written off even before being released, Doesn't help matters that the film is already 2 years old. You notice a pattern here with the above articles. Maybe the studios are better off having the patients run the Asylum. Headless suits making very bad decisions and their wondering why their jobs are on the line.
As a hard core fan of the original series, I still don't see this casting as the right one. But no matter, it all comes down to the role of Dr. Smith and that damn lovable Robot B9.(Danger Danger Will Robinson). But here is the kicker, what demons are we talking about...aka stated in next article?
"Their own personal demons" ??? Holy crap!!! That is what sank the movie remake! They are supposed to be the perfect team to go into space..

Monday, September 19, 2016

Sully Vs Mag 7 For Next Weekend.

I did manage to do a new test run for Blog Talk Radio. Hopefully a new radio show this week.
Then back to Live on MNN this Saturday.
Surprised? Not a bit. This includes a video with trivia on the box office take. Now the question is will Denzal and Western remake take on Sully for a win? Ironic: Would a remake beat Clint at a genre that made him famous in the first place.
Wow that's an expense price tag for a show. And all these music shows are tanking big time like Vinyl, Roadies and others. But check out the numbers of other shows in the fourth paragraph. Mind boggling.
AS some of you know I grew up with this show. And while I think the movie remake just plain suck to hell, I'm glad this is going back to tv/cable/internet/whatever. And while Russell is cute as cheeks shouldn't they have started with the parents and have the rest of the family match the looks? NOt a big deal, as I'm looking forward to this any which way.

Emmy Awards Bonus:
This had some funny momments and Kimmel was good at doing this. Damon coming out and dissing Kimmel was that highlight if you follow the feud they have on Kimmels show. But it doesn't look like he's coming back......
Never go up against football. You don't see that happening with the Oscars then, of course football is over by then. What a coincidence. But it's too predictable. What Thrones win again? Naaaaaaaaa..
Total class with a sense of humour added to it. Way to go Dame Maggie.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Sully No. 1 For Another Weekend?

I did a test tun earlier and it just didn't play. Sorry about. Hopefully we'll get it up and running by next week. No other shows are scheduled for this weekend.

Mini-Review: Sully: 4 out of 5. Good start for the fall season. Hanks should get an Oscar nod for this one. Clint pulls off an interesting story considering we know how everything turns out. And for 90 minutes this packs a lot of info and never a dull minute instead of those other long ass films. Yoou which ones, lol.
So who is going to beat Sully? No one.With sequels that nobody asked for and who's that dude Snowden, Hanks and Clint should have no problem staying No. 1. But then again Horror has had a good year so it might be close.
Wait a second. We have to wait till May because of the Special Effects are not ready. How many times have we heard that, meaning we have to go back and fix things cause the product sucks the way it is. How are they kidding. And they need to hook it up with Good Wife to get a ratings jump. Who the hell ask for a spin off to that show anyways. It this shows CBS has no faith in the show. Not a good sign.
While this is great news, something they should have done in the pirst place, what happened to Suicide Squad 2? No mention what so ever. Again the studio has no faith in the franchise. While it is grossing over $700M the overblown budget was of no help. And it still has to open in China where it was good to F7 and Pacific Rim and not to Star Wars and BvsS. Umm..
Speaking of which...Great news that this is going ahead while other projects are on hold for not even mention aka Squad and X-Men (TV series don't count, lol).
And speaking of tv, lol...Great clips featuring the individual characters. Sorry this is more interesting than AGents of Shield by a mile. And surprisely that show is still on.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sully No. 1 For The Week

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$35M plus is a great start for a September film. Question is will it hang in there for next weekend.
And all bets are for Hanks to get an Oscar nod. He should have gotten one for Captain Philips.
What cracks me up is that even the last JW made so much money, it still has it haters. But what makes the difference? The story is just a setup to see the dinosaurs in action and people worry about the scripts all suck. Really? Does it matter by this point?
The big deal is not with Craig but with MGM deal with Sony to release Bond films is over. Now any other studio could take over the franchise. This is what to watch for, who the next Bond film at this point could be anyone. And with Sony's track record lately maybe The Mouse is paying attention, lol.
They've been talking about this for years and finally their getting someone to do this. But another remake? Uncle Lloyd (Kaufman) got quite a bashing from Troma fans about this, and while I liked Sausage Party, it was just way over the top with nasty language for the sake of nasty language. This is what Toxie does not need. Hm did I just sound like a Troma fan?

Note: Due to workload again this week, just another blog will be posted this week. Sorry about that.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Happy 50th Anniversary To Star Trek

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Looks like Sully is going to do gret for strting the Fall season. Now how about the rest of the films until Rogue One. I mean this had to be one of the toughest summers to review considering much of the films added to a "MEH" at best.
From fans to people who worked on  the show pick their favorite episodes. My list will be on a new radio show coming soon.
Great coverage on the 50 years of Trek. Most of this is old news to us Trekkers but a good read anyways. But there is a stinger to TN with an apology to Patrick Stewart. Whats up with that?Included is a one minute animated video from Shatner and his friendship with Nimoy. Short but very cool.
Finally he nails a superhero part after getting turn down for Superman and Suicide Squad. Because of Will Smith roll getting bigger, both Joe and Tom Hardy quit.
The big question mark here is will Avatar will go up against Star Wars for Christmas release or go back to summer release instead.

Last Saturday's special presentation at AMC Theatres, NYC in memory for Gene Wilder's picture. Willy Wonka was also playing, but we chose this instead. A lot funnier. And the crowd was great!