Friday, December 27, 2013

Assorted Top 10 Movie Polls of 2013

More coming this weekend but for now here are 2 lists for you to compare and for me to add my 2 cents.
Movie Poll with some interesting choices:
Pacific Rim at No. 3 Yes!
IM3 at No. 2, people still brain washed I see
Gravity No. 1, guess some got the hots ofr Bullock. um..okay....
BUT FF6 at No. 16? What the hell? And I mean that compare to the Box Office
which doesn't match?
And both my favorite end of the world flix made the top 20, I'm good with that.
While Gravity is being the big surprise for the year there's quite a few on this
that really surprised me. Besides the horror movies like "The Conjuring" which
was plain garbage and boring to boot considering the talent behind it, most of
the others deserve to be seen.
My personal favorite on this list is "Inistructions Not Included".
The one movie that deserves to be nominated on all lists and won't because of
politics. This one is listed in my top 10 of the year on our web site.

By the way for those who couldn't find that page here is that link:

This page also represents all the 20 years we've been doing this. Man, time flies.
And yes, still having problems with the webserver recognizing the Radio Show page.
They are working on it as I've been told for the past 2 weeks. For crying out loud...

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