Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wednesday's Leftover's Plus Announcement

Are far as Blog Talk Radio shows go, I am going to finish those specials starting with the Big Mish Mash Show that might be in 2 parts then the Big Godzilla show for Xmas. After that I'll let you know if we continue with the specials in January or pull back into 30 minute shows for the rest in winter as I'm paying for this and it's not coming out as it should be but we will come back in full mode for the big summer blockbusters.
But for now I signed up to this new radio station and will be doing test shows on this as this site is free and I can do 1 or 2 hours shows except I don't that many liberties as BTR but still can do live shows and take phone callers. I will go into more details in the next coming days.
Wait till they get their own movie. The people at Warner's are not happy as that BR release did poorly compare to this. And a lot of the summer movies are selling dirt cheap at retail stores. Sign of the future.
What's funny is that if this would've gotten released in China (which it wasn't) this would have cleared the $1 Billion mark. Guess China didn't appreciate the main character being Russian?
I'm a huge fan of the original Cornelius/Ceaser films and the TV show with Roddy McDowell.
So I was really nervous when they decided to reboot the franchise. Like Godzilla fans who hated
the American Iguana GZ, we fans didn't want to go thru the nightmare we went through with Tim Burton's which was plain horrible. Wonder how the Chris Columbus/Arnold would've turned out but never happened.
But with the James Franco version our wish came true. And knowing that Andy Serkis is playing Ceaser is a big treat throughout this franchise is also a blessing. Well so far so good.
Talk about Godzilla. Well he set up the first draft for the New Godzilla movie then got re-writes attach to it by other writers. He got screwed on this deal with Walking Dead. Just like he wrote Indy Jones 4 with Lucas scrapping Darabont script and instead with the highly intelligent sophisticated work of art called "The Crystal Skull". And yes I'm being very FRIGGIN sarcastic! How wonder Disney took over Indy and Star Wars Franchises. I tell you Darabont doesn't get a brake. Hope he wins this lawsuit.
Oh hell no! Was anyone asking for this. We all know 90% of tv shows don't work. Exceptions might be The Brady Bunch and 21 Jump Street, but most suck and I'll leave it at that.

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