Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday Mini Reviews

Al Reviews: 1 to 5, bad to great. I added a TV article just to try it out.
Remember Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup (my Fav)? With Ringo Starr doing a guest spot
and supplying a new song. A lot of Beatles news lately, hasn't it?

Why these guys? Anyone remember Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park? Detroit Rock City?
Gene Simmons in Runaway with Tom Selleck.? Most don't. And for those of us who do,
we like to forget about that time, lol.

Hobbit 2: 3 - I'm done with this trilogy. As I said before, you take a 300 page book and make a trilogy?
And make the movies at 3 hour each to boot? Can't wait for Hobbit 3 just to get it over with.
4 highlights: Spider fight, Waterfall barrells, Smaug Dragon, Cliffhanger? And who steals the show?
Orland Bloom ! Sorry I grew up with these books and this was disappointing but at least this was better than the first one hence the 3 rating.

Lone Ranger: 1 - For both the movie and BR. One of the worst westerns ever made. How can you screw up a western? Only the train sequence at the end almost saved the picture. So 3 features, blooper, gag reel for less than 40 minutes. No commentary either? What a waste of time.

Elysium: 3 - Well not as tight as District 9 this still gives you a lot of action even if it's heavy on the politics.
Haven't seen the features but will see this again on disc.

Percy Jackson: 3 - A little weak than the first one but still a reminder of the Clash of the Titans.
Only a few features which don't add to much. The basic behind the scenes.

Raiders of the Lost Ark: 0 - You read right folks. A big fat zero. The big FU of the year. Yo! Where are the extras? None but a trailer? Hell, even the dvd re-releases had extras. Doesn't matter, if you a fan of the franchise you probably brought the box set anyways.

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