Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thursday's Leftovers

We haven't forgotten our Big Mish Mash show as I'm trying to tie up everything to together for a big
finale for the year. And yes we are still updating the Radio page on our website as the host is trying to fix the glitch. But the info is now on the main page and on our News section. In the meantime:
Damn, half of Hollywood is in this friggin thing. What was Willis thinking? Mel Gibson as the bad
guy is going to work as a charm. If anyone saw Machete Kills, it was the highlight of the film.
Note: stay tune after the trailer as they are more clips following the main one.
Zoe can't act. She held up her own against Kurt Russell and what made that film work. Just bring on
all the kick ass babes and this will work. Cause I'm not looking forward to Hunger Games 3. Sorry Jen.

Special thanks to Cinemablend for those extras trailer. More bang for the buck.

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