Friday, August 30, 2013

New Show Tomorrow on MNN

Have log in with a new show tomorrow live on MNN at 5 pm.

Then the second episode on Blog Talk Radio later this weekend.

"And all will be revealed" aka Led Zeppelin's lyrics in 'Karshmir'...

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Vin Diesel Hollywood Walk Hall of Fame

Just a quick note since I will be doing my live show this weekend on Saturday at 5 pm, with me holding up the latest copy of  Variety magazine with Vin on the cover.

Does he deserve it? um lets see: FF6 with World Wide Box Office at $786M this year.
Something that Superman couldn't achieve. PS without the 3D gimmick. LOL.
So with sequel No.6 and going back to his roots with the Riddick Franchise, good for him.

Note: Besides justifying his acting roots with Saving Private Ryan and Iron Giant voice over,
Check out his performance in "Boiler Room'. We had a video clip on our You Tube page
and was forced to take it down. Anybody asks, just show this film. The man can ACT!

And last my not lease 3 cool facts of being honest and grounded for what he is.
And he's got a gig in the Marvel Universe. Oh no! double snap to the DC Universe!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mini Reviews Part 2

Oblivion: 3 - While the movie had a cool feel, it sure wasn't original. There is a point of paying homage and a fine line of ripping off ideas when you run out of your own. The commentary, which was fine by director and Cruise on a technical level, refused to acknowledge its inspirations while in the making of the director confesses to. A seperated track for the Isolated score reveals they actually didn't write that much music as it repeats itself way to many times for my taste. 5 features behind the scenes ok, they tried but what a let down.

Percy Jackson: 2 - We get different locations, Giant mechanical bull, 3 blind witches aka Clash of the Titans, Captain of Firefly?, Sea horse dragon, cyclops, and a big fire demon aka Remake Clash Titans 2.
They meant well but fell short of its goal. Open ending for a sequel. Time to wrap it up.

Lovelace: 2 - Story of porn star Linda Lovelace. Besides Amanda going topless at the beginning it goes soap opera and misses a lot of other details on her life and the ending is a complete rush. Both ladies deserved better.

Jobs: 2 - Ok depending on your point of view Jobs was God or a Prick. All I know Ashton is lucky to have
2 Half Men comedy show. Instead check out 'Pirates of Silicon Valley' with Noel Wylie "ER" and "Anothny Micheal Hall" much better film about Jobs and Gates. That gets a 4 by the way.

Q: Winged Serpent: 4 - New Blu Ray release. As stated on the last live show this new release
has a new commentary  by Director Larry Cohen. Most the of information he provided the second time
is basically the same. For those curious about the original commentary that was not provided check out our clip on You Tube:

As mentioned on our show, creature was done by David Allen whose was inspired by Ray Harryhausen,
using stop motion techniques. More about this topic on the show.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mini Reviews

Pain and Gain: 4 -  When Bay wants to tell a story he can and doesn't need $200m to do it.
Based on a true story both Johnson and Wahlberg do a great job with the story.

Great Gatsby: 1 -  No fault to Leo or anybody else but too much green screen but they did get
the NY feel but mainly I read the book, horrible, and the Robert Redford Version had to be one
of most boring experiences ever at the movies. Sorry 2013 Gats, guilty by association.

Killing Season: 2 - What was killing me was Travolta's accent. I was waiting for Sasha Cohen character's
from the "The Dictator" to come out and say "You talking to me?" De Niro does a good job trying
to save the film considering this was suppose to have Nic Cage do the part. Maybe he felt he couldn't
compete with an "over the top" on  Travolta's performance, lol

Muppet Movie: 5 - Still the best of all the Muppet movies but Christmas Carol also gets a 5.
Note: Rainbow Connection song should have won the Oscar for the best song that year but didn't.
"Lousy Human Bastards!"

Devils Backbone: 3 - Criterion Collection: The original creepy ghost story compare to Mama from
earlier this year. All features from original dvd are here plus new 1 hour set of interviews. But my
favorite is his commentary on how he shot this on a very limited budget. Beginning signs for a great

More on the Live Shows.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Former Actors who play Batman and Cranston as Lex

Like I said in the previous blog, I'm supporting Affleck doing Batman.
They could have picked a lot worse: Gosling? Really? B movie actor. And Blue Valentine sucked!
God knows what the Academy was smoking when they nominated him for Best Actor.

But how about this one?

Cranston for at least 6 to 10 films/ Yikes! Ain't he a bit old for the part.
But I will say this. This MF can ACT! If someone deserves an Oscar it's Bryan for sure.
Also both him and Affleck will be together again since Argo. Now that's cool.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Premiere Show Now Playing

Episode 1 for Season 2 now playing with 2nd Episode coming this week before the next
MNN show next Saturday.
Big Batman talk, best and worst of 2013 continued and music and soundtrack talk.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

And the Bashing Begins....

Talk about the Hype bandwagon at full speed. Warner's needed to push that button because of the
poor performance of Men of Steel and mostly the hype  that failed on it's owned expectations.
When Sups vs. Bats was announced I even said "who they hell cares" on the shows.
I couldn't care less. Until now.This was what was needed to rock the boat.

I remember when Keaton was announced and the war cry went out "Mr. Moms"?!!!
Personally I thought Beetlejuice sucked and was overrated but Burton, overrated and for ruining
Planet of the Apes remake, thought it was a good idea to put Keaton as Batman who I thought
sucked as Batman and still do. Only Jack Nicholson as the Joker was the saving grace to that film.

I'm behind Affleck as Batman and should put some guts into the movie as Carvill was as exciting
as an door knob on a broom closet with a personality to go with it.
Then again I never really blame the actors in these comic book movies as most of the time
the directing and the writing are just whack to begin with.
Only when old masters like Crowe can come in and play Sups father that they can put some
fun into the action but when Shannon playing Zod can't do much with his material, well then
it's back to blaming the writing as the Men of Steel was pretty much a mess.
Look at DareDevil, Affleck did the best he could, again blame the material. He did the best
he could and wasn't given credit for that. Instead he got blamed on the material himself.

With Affleck on board this will help the film internationally as the posters will say
With Academy Award Winner Ben Affleck which does help sales a lot even tho'
we snicker as that Banner since most Americans think the Oscars is a joke but
even people like me like to put their bets on whose going to win.
Which I most say I been having a good track record myself with the winners.
(See my Oscar blog earlier this year for that, yes I had to brag, lol).

Well more to say on this and more on the next show.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Holy Surprise Batman! Affleck?

Nobody saw this coming but it makes sense, besides Daredevil bombing.
In the book which I mentioned on the show, Superman vs. Hollywood by Jake Rossen
there's a chapter in which Affleck did a movie called Hollywoodland
in which he portrayed Geroge Reeves who of course played Superman
in the Black and White TV series.
Talk about coming full circle. I love this idea. Better than Ryan Gosling (can't act)
Josh Brolin (too gruffy).
While Bale would have made sense they are going in a different direction but still
needed a friendly face that audiences could relate to and who better than an Oscar
winner like Affleck. I'm behind this 100% until Warner's and Zack change their mind.

Check out the twitter's below the article. Already people are taking their shots even
mentioning J Lo to "topedo the whole thing"....ouch..

Had to add this at the last minute cause it sure blew my mind. I knew what No. 1 was but not some of the others especially the women and Nic Cage for Ghost Rider!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

James Cameron Blaming Hollywood for too much 3D?

First Lucas and Speilberg, now Cameron. What's up with these guys.
These are the guys that expanded the branding and merchandising for the summer 
box office and Cameron made 3D look cool again.

I don't get it. Well at least Del Toro supports 2D conversion. Yeah right.
By cheating on that they took Pacific Rim, sold it as 3D in China and made
$100 Million at the box office in that country alone. Um, maybe he's got a point. LOL.

And the idea that China will not show any film unless it's 3D. Now who is being greedy?

At at least I got my show opener already set up thanks to this article, LOL...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Films That Fizzled Out Quick at the Box Office

Great and funny article that starts off with picking on Man of Steel.
I will be mentioning this on the next sow coming later this week.
Some surprises with a few in which I'm not surprised after all.

One of the films mentioned was based on a book Elmore Leonard who
just passed way this week. Go figure.

Monday, August 19, 2013

New Show Now Playing From MNN

After some announcements I take a phone call that pretty much wraps up the summer movies
for the whole show. He got me on a roll, lol..

Update: Still having a problem uploading this to Livestream as they don't offer You Tube Loader anymore.
Thanks Livestream, your timing couldn't be better...

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Horror Movie Hatchet 3 Director Interviewed

Sorry for the long link but I had to post this for us old school horror fans aka Freddie, Jason, Micheal, etc.
Just to let you know when Adam Green first came out with Hatchet 1, I thought this as a poor man's wanna be student film school. He has come a long way and I loved this movie as I will be mentioning this on our next show on Blog Talk Radio.
New Show coming later this week. And I am loading the video show on MNN for Monday but it's taking
longer than usual as I'm trying a new system. (not looking good, taking way too long), LOL.

More on this tomorrow...

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Friday, August 16, 2013

Blog Talk Radio Season 2 Premiere

Finally! Due to tech errors again I couldn't tape this live. So this was recorded on Audacity then transported to BTR. Yes you will hear some edits as Windows 8 was giving me a hard time. That program sucks!
Anyway here is the show with me going live on MNN tomorrow.
All these live shows from MNN will posted after the weekend for Monday viewing.
All links are on the website, all on the home page and on previous posts here on my blog page.

The State of Hollywood, Announcements, Website coverage, Box Office, Emmy nominations, Batman, Superman, Pacific Rim, Lone Ranger, DespicableMe 2, Iron Man 3, Elysium, Roger Corman, Charles Band, Lloyd Kaufman, Best and Worst of 2013, Reviews and much more.
Plus a :Get to know me reference" on what's leading to the future.
90 minutes of gut wrenching new, lol.Thanks for listening.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The State of Hollywood
In the famous words of William Goldman, Academy Award Screenwriter (Princess Bride, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) he was quoted: "Nobody Knows Anything" on the subject of Hollywood.
After years of saying this, it's funny how this rule still applies....
It's all about the money no matter what nation it is.But it still pisses me off that Iron Man 3 was pushed
into the corner and made the Manderin villian character who is from an Asian backgrond was made into
a non-asian ACTOR?!?!?! not to offend China! What bullshit!
Talk about money, Bats vs. Sups, they need him. All other names were brought up and the forums
were mean about it. The way I see it, they paid mucho bucks for Downey Jr. for crap like IM3,
well Bale deserves it. The Batman franchise tirlogy was well built and Bale did a fantastic job with them.
Downey Jr. brought in his screenwriting friends from Sherlock Holmes and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and
they came out dreadful sequels that made that trilogy sucked! Bale trusted Nolan and that team worked!

More topics for the Grand Premiere, lol....

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Spot on Livestream

Our brand new permanent spot for our MNN shows following a golden rule:
Never put your eggs in one basket. Our back up will still be Tequierocece on You Tube.
With each show uploaded this channel will be playing 24/7 for those trying to catch up with us.

Due to our understanding Vimeo has to be used for our music spot which takes less GB
than the live shows. Hence the last minute transfer. Sorry about that but it is a business
decision to make easier for everyone to enjoy the shows.

Thanks again...

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Q Winged Serpent Release Today on Blu-ray.

Great commentary with some cool stop motion by Randall Cook and David Allen, who did
RobotJox and some experimental footage on "The Howling" which is included in an interview on the Blu-ray
 release but not on the DVD.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Videoland Express Live on MNN Also Posted On......

Sorry but at the last minute it was brought to my attention that the live shows are too big
and over ran the monthly quota for my Vimeo channel. So we have decided that we are going
to concentrate on the music part for Vimeo and ALL the MNN shows will be posted on
this You Tube Channel.
A bit of a mix up but this will be the main spot for all future MNN shows.
Another announcement coming tomorrow.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

MNN Shows now Playing on Vimeo

This will be the new home for Videoland Express Live on MNN from now on.

Above is the first show season premiere posted this weekend as the first 2 shows posted on You Tube
were my back ups in case there was a problem posting on Vimeo which was he case last week.
This site will also be the main site for videos playing original music.

And of course as promised last Friday of the special announcement I'm on Soundcloud also:

So there you have it and thanks for stopping by.

And this week the Big Show on BTR.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lloyd Kaufman Promoting His New Book.

How to Sell You Own Damn Movie! Great book by Uncle Lloyd which brings up a lot of things
on whats wrong with this business. Yep got his books and DVDs about independent filmmaking.
Note: He does get nailed about the reboot of Toxic Avenger tho, but it being done by the guy who
did Hot Tub Time Machine, which I loved by the way, so it can't be bad, I hope.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Premiere song on Soundcloud

As promised I finally posted a rough demo of a jingle I'm working on just to open the account.
I did joined a few months ago but I'm trying to match this up with the other projects I have going
now as they will be intergrated with one another in a few months, finally.

More details on the way. This demo is a rough cut but I will be expanding this in the next week
or so to build a library so I can  to go to the next step. More details coming on this blog.

Special Announcement Coming Tomorrow

The Premiere of the shows like I promised and then that announcement..

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Videoland Express on MNN 2nd Show.

As promised, here is the second premiere for our 23rd years on the air. After one more show on the air we are going back to take phone calls like we've been. The phone numbers will be shown  on the next show.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Live On MNN Premiere Show

Yes, if it seems like I'm nervous, yep sure was as I walked into a brand new studio, expecting the old studio with a few modifications as I was told previously and surprise! Welcome to the new setup, Yikes!
PS the ending got cut off, just 2 minutes of it and yes that background was where our old logo was, hence
that Superman look...

Monday, August 05, 2013

More Pictures From The MNN Studio

1. Engineers Station that helps me produce the show. Notice the big red digital clock.
2. My news desk with wireless mile and my trademark drink.
3. The big monitor which lets me see how the show looks and that everything I put up,
magazines, books, etc can be seen clearly. That's me taking the picture right before the show.
4. Beyond the moniter and behind the speakers is that big red clock.
5. Doing the show I'm always looking to my right (your left on the tv).
That keeps my track on how much time I have left which does get me nervous near the end.

You will be able to see this when I post this on my You Tube page in a couple of days.
You and this more on this blog this week.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Photos From The New MNN Studios

Here are some pictures from the new studio which is completely different from the old studios.
Practically every piece of equipment has been replace. And now I have an engineered to moniter
everything where the old studio I had to do everything. Camera, lighting, taking phone calls.
Now I concentrate more on my list of things to say. More pictures coming tomorrow.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Clooney Also Mentioning What's Wrong With Tent Pole Movies

With the article he does manage to plug his new movie about WW2 with Matt Damon of course.
He seems to fit in these kind of picture. But here we again saying whats wrong with this business
along with Spielberg and Lucas and they just wont listen. Time will tell.

Today at 5 pm I'm going live on
If you can't tune in don't worry. I'll be working late at the studio tonight as I will be in the process
of transferring these new shows to You Tube so you can see them at your leisurely.

Details on that and the rest of the shows Tomorrow with other surprises. Promise!

Friday, August 02, 2013

The Future of Movies Article

As predicted by Roger Corman in one of his DVD commentaries (Sharktopus 2010) who said the future of movies will be on the internet and as above saying it's going to VOD.
Regardless what the next format it's going to take, is anyone going to tune in if Hollywood still giving us
the same overblown garbage it has been giving us the past few years.
Give me Sharknado sequels 2,3,4, least I know what I'm getting. Cheap cheesy fun..

Reminder, I'm waiting for the numbers for Pacific Rim from China to do the Premiere show.
Which will be next week just in time for Percy Jackson that celebrates the greek mythology
that Ray Harryhausen was so fond of aka Clash of the Titans.

Del Toro in the documentary of RH: Special Effects Titan he states how much of an influence RH was
by showing the clip of Hellboy 2, showing the Giant Plant sequence.

So you have Harryhausen, Del Toro, Rim, Godzilla and lets not leave King Kong out since he's
celebrating 80 years this year. It's going to be great Monster Month for August.

Saturday Aug. 3 at 5 pm on ch. 56 on
Please direct links on my website:

The home page comes right on up and the info is there on that first page.

Thanks everyone!

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Background Actor in I Am Legend.

As per request some were asking in which scene I was in. The Evacuation scene by the Brooklyn Bridge.
A block away from where I live. On the disc it's Chapter 12, 40:35.
Look at the end of the Machine Gun nozzle. It's pointing (camera angle) at the man with the hood.
I'm the one above him wearing glasses. When the scene freeze frame and don't blink or you'll miss me, LOL.

More on the season premiere now that Pacific Rim has finally open in China and doing great business.
I was looking for something to really open the show with cause I show hell did not wanted the second
season to open with Men of Steel which my opinion is really changing on..