Monday, February 29, 2016

"And The Winner is......"

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One of my favorite actors of all time. Especially great being Clint Eastwood's right hand man in many of his movies. From his Bio he stated that Eastwood himself asked him so say his lines in Eiger Sanction as people didn't want to hear Eastwood speak as he was a man of action. But he trusted Oscar winner Kennedy to cover him. You can't get a bigger compliment than that. RIP big guy.

My Predictions: Please see the previous blog for my picks.
Well 9 out of 13 for the major awards and 5 out of 5 for the tech awards all going to Mad Max. Yes!
Not too bad except for the big one. Spotlight instead of The Revenant.  Really?
Also  Stallone, Winslet and Star Wars all being dissed. Ex-Machina? Really over TFA? WTF!
As for the rest of the show Chris Rock struggle with the jokes, well he did walk a fine line without going over board as I mentioned on previous radio shows. How to not to offend while trying to make your point across. Tough position to be in.
How Stallone got dissed for Creed was a total ripoff. Over a theatre performer who's had barely enough screentime in his career. What bullshit.
And while I had no problem with Alica Vikander winning for Danish Girl , Kate Kinslet had the better performance in Steve Jobs. didn't even recognize here. So category was up for grabs. Thats fine.
Star Wars getting dissed for all the other awards was also bullshit. Not even one. No force here whatsoever.
And while I did pick Sam Jones Spectre song, it was crime after Lady Gaga did a Tour De Force on her performance. She sold it as an Oscar winning song. And the big tears came after "Writing on the Wall" won. Think about it. How many other cool Bond songs never won that were better. You can have your pick here. For me? Half the damn catalog was better than this B-side of a song.
But for me the highlights was my Minions (thats right I won't let it go) C3PO & Co., Toy Story and of course all those Mad Max wins. What a lovely Day indeed.
And the rest of the show? Too long and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......
Bonus: Again they screwed up "In Memory" leaving out Fish, Leatherface, Phantasm stars and the biggest shame Uggie the Dog from "The Artist" but they include a film Critic? WTF?!?!?
Lowest Ratings since 2008. That's what they get for not nominating Star Wars and Straight Outta Compton. And nobody wanted to hear about that Diversity topic when Chris Rock says Leo made $30M last year. Also most of these movies did not clear the $100M, what was there to root for? And with so many other award shows before the Oscars predicting who will win all the fun is taken out on who's going to win. Most were a no brainer. Even Spotlight won the Independent Award on Saturday.
Again they screwed up on this one. But a film critic made it to the list. How the hell did that happen?
Cool video included but the shoutout goes to David Groel for a cool performance doing The Beatles' Blackbird.

Oscar Bonus:
Wrapup from the professionals on the outcome. Cool if your a Mad Max fan.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Will The Force Be Strong With Oscar?

New Radio Show Now Playing: Deadpool Box office and Oscar Predictions.
Today's Blog will feature everything Oscar. This will be updated throughout the weekend till Oscar time. My Predictions are post on bottom of this blog.

Wipeout! Deadpool No. 1 Third week in a row with an eye at $600M at the International Boxoffice.
Man this is so sweet. Guess the Gods were with Merc and not with Egypt. Oh well.

Deadpool will be No. 1 again. $140M spent on Gods of Egypt will be the big embarrasement for the studio. Ouch. Only the overseas market will hopefully save this one and Butler's career. Quick: Name his big film hit besides 300. Yep that movie about saving the president. What was it called?
Here is one person from the Academy who was asked to remain nameless and gave his votes. The reason I picked this article from all the rest (article gives you links for others) is this one picks Mad Max as the projected winner for most of the technical awards. Of course this can change on Oscar night. So now you know which one I'm rooting for and Star Wars for the big one VFX award. Old school honor: Sly Stallone for Creed. Everything else? Meh.
While I'm rooting for Mad Max to do a clean sweep, damn that Leo and bear, we know that won't happen. But one category we hope to win is Editing. As a fellow editor (Premiere) I really admire what Margaret Sixel did with the film. And she proves what women can do in the industry. Hope she wins.

Oscar Predictions: These are the ones that the Academy will pick.
Best Picture: The Revenant
Director: Alexandro Inarritu
Actor: Leo DiCaprio
Actress: Brie Larson
Suppt Actor: Stallone
Suppt Actress: Kate Winslet
Screenplays: Spotlight, The Big Short
Editing: Mad Max
Cinematography: The Revenant
Music Score: Ennio Morricone
Song: Writings on the Wall ( or Til It Happens To You, Hunting Ground theme)
Animation: Inside Out
Documentary: Amy
VFX: Star Wars TFA
These are my 13 picks for awards.

Mixed bag: I personally picked these but will be shared with The Revenant
Production Design: Mad Max
Sound Design: Mad Max
Sound Editing: Mad Max
Makeup: Mad Max
Costume: Mad Max

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Deadpool's Rated R Craze

Radio show tomorrow: Deadpool boxoffice and my Oscar predictions which will also be list here.
Well it could be the jump start that the X-Men franchise needs and fix that Wolverine mess they did the first time. Remember money talks so no matter how much Jackman says "I'm done" all they have to do is hang a big carrot and say Pan 2 anyone? and those claws would be on so fast it would make Magneto's head spin. But the shame on pushing the R thing is a total disgrace, Deadpool was a slap in the face.
Well this should have been done in the first place but at least they can't say that this is jumping the bandwagon. But even when you had the R rated directors cut the Blu-ray sales bombed cause the film sucked to begin with. So to have an a Blu-ray R cut does not guarantee sales. And talking about not getting the memo......
The film hasn't even come out yet and already they're jumping on the R craze. Like this is going to help sales at the box office to begin with. And those weak sales of Man of Steel is the reason we didn't get MS2 and move on to getting the Justice League of the ground as soon as possible. How wonder Disney is laughing so hard.
Poor Del Toro couldn't win. He made Crimson Peak as cheap as possible but poor boxoffice didn't help matters. So over budget or under budget he didn't have a chance. But at least he's getting PR2 done. As far as Director goes, just roll the dice and see what happens. He's going to get the memo anyways from Del Toro, lol. At least it's getting done, until the studio changes it's mind. Again.

Oscar Bonus:
Now this is the movie that should have been made. It would have been perfect for Netflix or Hulu.
This goes into details what actually happened to Glass during his adventures. Cannibalistic Indians  and eating dogs? A 10 part series as a ratings grab for sure. Read the details, makes the movie so Disney like. Wow, seeing his friend toasted alive. Time to subscribe.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Deadpool Looking at $800M Plus

Radio show coming: Deadpool and Oscars.Predictions coming in the next blog if anyone cares, lol.
Gotta love this. Final laugh and the big Kaching. Again good for Reynolds. Yeah yeah he's signed up to do other movies. This is his big payoff. Sequels and crossovers aka Spiderman and whatever else the studio can think of to cash in on the new franchise. Like the old saying goes "Success is the best revenge." Hear that Green Lantern? It wish it had that $800M tally and it could be more! Sweet.
Lets face it. Most of it sucked and very uninspired. All those years spent on getting this back on tv and this is the best they can do? The only reason to bring this back is to get it right next time. Only two favs: UFO opener and Reptile Man. And whats up with that last episode?
They should pull back a little on those puns. It didn't exactly worked when Arnold played Mr. Freeze in the Batman movie. But look at they way this guy is dressed. They have no choice but to go with the puns. Oh my those glasses.
This is more like it no matter how over the top. Remember this show can hardly do any wrong so all this works. Includes a clip of the introduction of King Shark.
Now here is another big paycheck coming Craig's way. Let's face it, Spectre would be a lame way to end the series for Craig. Less of a convoluted story, more straight forward and no more "Cukoos' and pick one of the short stories from Fleming's gallery and it should work. And give Blofeld a break, it just didn't work. Daddy issues. Let me guess Kylo Ren is his cousin. Oh wait Craig was a stormtrooper and....oh my head hurts. forget it.

Bonus Oscar Special:
Type 2 diabetes with Tom Hanks. No thanks, no job whatever the title is worth the risk. But jeez, Bale does own the No. 1 spot. God only knows what the wife and kids thought.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Deadpool Clearing $500M World Wide

New Blog Talk Radio Show coming this week: Deadpool big box office surprise and Oscar Predictions. Oscar Special below major links including Deadpool rant. Funny.
Clearing $500M in just two weeks. So what are the experts saying now? At this rate will this be the first $1 Billion for the year. Which ever where you look at it, guess which studio is afraid. Very afraid...
"Thanks Deadpool, thanks a lot!!!" said the studio boss who is going to losing his parking space. (that's worse than getting fired, the shame). Before the mix reviews come in for B VS S and well knowing that this might not pass the $1 Billion mark, the studio is pushing this so fast to make anyone's head spin. And having MCU  breathing down their necks is not helping matters.
The ONE character that is not needed in this is Pepper Potts. A completely useless character. With all the Avengers fighting for screen time this is one that is not needed. Hopefully a camneo and be done with. But the screen shots do look cool.
What's up with the Panda? didn't I say last week that if they included Pandas aka ewoks in TFA maybe China wouldn't have been a bust? All joking aside of course but now they mention a Panda.
And that 60th anniversary was kind of a bust, so badly edited.

Hysterical. Aka Kanye rant. Deadpool (Reynolds) should do this. Ratings be through the roof.
God knows the show needs it.

Oscar Special:
Lame award but the point is Max is individaully winning these seperate awards leading up to the big night which means it will get most of the tech awards with Star Wars TFA getting VFX.
Cool chat with George Miller. Even tho everything is pointing to Alexandro winning for Revenant.
What a shame and the bigger shame is Ridley Scott not even getting nominated. What Bullshit.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Deadpool No. 1 Again This Weekend

New Blog Talk Radio Show Now playing with Deadpool review (4 out of 5). New Pilot radio show posted on our Youtube  Channel with co-host Mark. This is a 1 hour plus format with 2 hosts on a weekly basis. Bonus: YT video of Deadpools 100 easter eggs.

One of the things I said  is  the writing and imagination on a small budget. While it states it won't be bigger, stingy studio bastards are like"why spend more money when its going to make shitload anyways" It could benefit a few bucks here and there to expand the story. It doesn't have to be Transformer billions. Just some chump change be nice. Like the credits read: ASSHATS.

OK so Poland didn't get the memo. But it was the biggest opening in Russia topping Star Wars in which Russia was not very nice to. Them, Japan and India. But besides that, Reynolds will have another final laugh when this does No. 1 again at the boxoffice. Hurry up with that sequel indeed. Speaking of which...
Good for these guys. This has comparison video from the old and remasters of the film. Well the rumour is Disney will release the original (with Fox's blessing who still own those rights). Why? To make as much money possible while the property is hot. This new generation has never seen 1977 release on the big screen let alone the original master. Other words, KACHING !!!
Good and Bad.  First the Bad: Ryan Gosling has more screen time than Ford. Second bad: Gosling is in it. Third: Ford doesn't have enough screen time and Gosling is in it. Ok enough of that. The Good:
Oscar nominated Cinematgrapher Roger Deakins "Skyfall" is doing the camera work. Last but not least: "I have a bad feeling about this".
I guess you can never get enough of seeing LA and San Fran sinking into the ocean.  But this time it includes The Ring of Fire !!! (Dark ominous music plays here) which circles the Pacific Ocean. Never heard of it but who cares. Just sink everything as long as it looks cool. And how about a bigger budget this time. That way they can include Hawaii and Japan. It is the Pacific Ocean after all.

While Deadpool went with the R version and is politically incorrect there could never be a better time than remaking this one with the technology they have on on. The remakes from years ago just plain sucked. And with Corman producing and going to the original material this will be a hit on straight BR release. And this has always been one of my all time favorite Corman films. It was just plain funny for such a dark topic. Cheesy and fun for a subject that is so wrong.

Extra bonus: Even tho you hardcores already seen this. But if you haven't seen the movie.....

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Wolverine Is Now Rated "R"?

New Radio show coming this week. Deadpool 4 out of 5. Grammys sucked.

Wednesday Update:
Slow news day. New Blog Talk Radio and blog  coming tomorrow.
"Fox didn't realize what it had on its hand and it blew right past all the X-Men openings" Duh!?!
And these are the guys in charge of making movies. Anyways good for Reynolds and company.

Monkey see, monkey do. The geniuses at the studio of course now decide that Wolverine should get the R rating after Deadpool made a shitload of money. Will this help? Sure if you get the writers involved since the writing on the last 2 Wolverines sucked big time. And how about the Director and Producers? Remember what Deadpool said: Overpaid Tools and Asshats according to the credits.
It's all in the writing and then Hugh will be in good hands. Everyone now involved with that? Give them the walking papers cause it's going to suck like the last two.
Just make Bumblebee and friends and forget the rest of the Transformers. They were so overblown to begin with and never used properly to begin with. Half the time I couldn't tell them apart except for Prime. And get rid of writer Akiva Goldsman, he's always a hit and miss. Well mostly miss. But this is a good direction to go in. Let's see them screw this up.
Mocap to the rescue to put some energy into this show. Let's face it. Time to move on to the movie.
The three minute  is a cute idea but there are sure running of out of ideas.
IN "The Big Lobowski" Jeff Bridges 'The Dude' hated The Eagles.  Whether or not is besides the point. The man who wrote the best Eagles intro ever was not there. Without Felder there would not be Hotel California now considered a R & R classic of all time more than Peaceful Easy feeling. That whole intro verse section of music was written by Felder. Frey wrote the chorus, Henley the lyrics.  And not to invite him. Then of course firing him was not the brightest time in that Eagles period either.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Deadpool Rules

New Radio show coming this week: Deadpool, Bafta's, Walking Dead, Grammy's.
The movie no one saw coming especially the Studio that made it!!! Not only Reynolds got the last laugh, he gets his sequel and gets everyone off his back on why Green Lantern sucked. He was he only good thing about it. But with all the success the film has done what does this mean? That Warner  is running scared with Superman Vs Batman. There's is going to be so much expectation on that it's going to have a hell  of a time getting out of it's own shadow. Putting it at Easter Weekend??? doesn't help matters either.
My main three? That Kick Ass wasn't a fluke and that Great Power comes great responsibility. What bullshit. Get over yourself and go save that Kitten in the tree and stop bitching. You're a superhero for crying out loud. And last Disney wouldn't even go near this kind of material
Well this proves there's a huge audience for these "R" movies. While the Crow is mentioned they skip The Punisher which means the wrong people are running things as usual. But it's a step in the right direction.
Gotta love this trailer. Short but still give you goose bumps. They are wasting no time even when the movie is still at the cinema and the dvd/br is coming out in April.
"Violence against children" ummm on a "Zombie Show" think about that. It's Zombies for petes sake. ZOMBIES!!! Love that biker scene opener tho. Talk about starting things off with a bang.
While the Bafta's can be a mixed bunch, the Oscars can be a total mess. Maybe this year the Brits will steer them in the right direction. Half the time these British awards doesn't have much reflection on what the Academy would chose but this year could be a totally different and most of the winners here will move on to the Oscars. With Leo and the Bear leading the charge and Mad Max picking up the tech awards it all looks like a shoe in. But at least Star Wars TFA got the Big Visual Effects Award and John Boyega got his. BooYaa!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

DeadPool Is A Hit.

New Blog Talk Radio Show now playing: Awards including Bafta predictions, Star Wars B.O. etc.

Well glad I didn't have to change the headline for this posted blog. Now that would have been embarrassing. Good for Reynolds and the sequel is going full ahead. Maybe now we can get some R Rated movies instead of being Disney friendly. Next The Punisher! Yes there was a R rated one before but I'm talking about Triple R no one under 21, massive body count brutal edition. Well studios......

Now this is a nice surprise. Reynolds hasn't had a hit in 100 years. Underground cult status character not like Captain America whose a house hold name. Rated R for foul language (fk yeah) and massive violence (did I hear body count?). Gee wasn't that Kick Ass a few year ago, a movie I own on BR (which mean I loved the hell out of it). So with all the odds against this film goers are actually getting tired of goody two shoes comic book heroes and want to up the game. Hell yeah. Got to give it to Reynolds, he never gave up on this after all these years. And already this has the go for a sequel.
Now this is a trailer instead of those other badly edited ones. Love that Batwing, a must have for the collection. Page includes 87 screenshots.
Spoiler alert but doesn't matter who dies in Sci-fi/Fantasy. Look at SW:Empire Strikes Back, Obi Wan came back and there was no stopping anyone. In Force Awakens every Ghost Jedi was putting their two cents in "Don't do this, don't do that". That would drive anyone nuts. So kill them off so  for another sequel/spinoff etc.
Gee they make a cute couple and she is adorable. Well the episode should kick ass. And adding Jonah Hex to the mix only gets better. At least it's got to be better than that butchered movie with Brolin. Less said the better.
Mr. Freeze was always one of my favorite villains with that cool outfit and helmet. But this features a more slim down version which fits the show. Gotta love those glasses, man they look so whacked. And they mention Killer Croc another favorite. Looking forward to these and more..
Yes an old link and fell behind on this one. But so did everyone else. This site includes how many comments are included. If they love it it's usually over at least 10 comments or if they really hate that this is being made it would get even more. This got only 4. No one cares! Like when Smith says he's going back to music no one jumped. Notice how that fizzled and now he's announced another sequel to this. Again no one cares. You might be saying, "Frank why did you bother putting this up, we don't care." Exactly!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Star Wars 8 News
There's no stopping the force now. This is going so fast where just 5 years ago it was all a dream. My question is where are they going to find all that shelve space for those action figures? That is going to be some huge stock.
Now that Elba got those 2 SAG awards and other nods, he's got a bigger role instead of those cameos he had. Good for him. Now if they got him back for Pacific Rim 2 that would even be better if they ever got that off the ground.
Now that she's such a kick ass from Mad Mad this makes perfect sense. Shame it took this long for anyone to see that. Now who would she play, Statham's sister also out for revenge? Bring on the ridiculous plot. At this point it really doesn't matter.
Why not, after Alvin and those Chipmunks and Peanuts made a boatload of money why not the Hedgehog? A hybrid would be interesting though. Strange tho I just downloaded Sonic on my fire tablet even tho it's not the same without the Sega system. Ah the good old days.
This whole Universal Monster reboot is just a bad idea. And Depps record lately is not all that. He still has to do Pirates and Alice 2 to get his career going. But I have to admit him doing the role is interesting in itself as he doesn't have to depend on makeup this time, lol.
The Six Million Dollar Man returns! Playing Ash's should be funny. Nice face lift by the way.
And of course Ted Raimi is around for the laughs too. Loved the first season, the second should rock.
This and F7 are the movies that Star Wars couldn't compete with. Saw this last summer and it was just too plain cynical for american audiences. But the effects were pretty cool. 3 out 5. Wait for Netflix.

Monday, February 08, 2016

Force Awakens Crosses $2 Billion Mark

"I'm Still King of the World at the Box Office"

Includes links from this past weekend to catch up on the news. New Radio show coming this week.
Slow news day so a new blog will be posted for  tomorrow.

While Fuller got his start writing for DS:9 which is a good start he went on to Voyager which hit a lot of bumps. I prefer DS9 of course. But his latest was Hannibal which was great. Everything in between is a hit or miss but man he has covered a lot of ground. So this should be in the right hands. And Trek is back on TV where it belongs. Especially after that last trailer for ST:Beyond when it said it was trying to be like the old tv shows. With a motorcyle and blowing up the Enterprise for the millionth time? How wonder TFA is the biggest money maker in the U.S.
PS Blame China for TFA not being No. 1 Internationally. But F7 is the biggest grosser over there. Completely illogical. (had to say it).

Well about time. But at this point and it's official, Avatar is still the biggest film of all time. But look at this list and how Disney brag's about all the records it broke. What it does not mention is:
How it TANKED in China and Russia.
Did not open in Japan or India at No. 1.
Taking it's sweet time trying to past Titanic for the No. 2 spot if it does at all.
Will never take out Avatar as the No. 1 of all time box office.
Now it looks like it's up in the air at the Oscars if George Miller will his award for Director.
While The Revenant deserves it kudos it's still overrated compare to Mad Max. All because of that damn bear.
The best thing about the Superbowl was Lady Gaga singing the National Anthem. After that it was downhill. But favorite film trailer was ID Resurgence. All mini-interviews included.
Video included. While there was a few favorites like the Marilyn Monroe Snickers with some very ugly William Dafoe legs, Singing Sheep doing Queen's Somebody to Love but this has to be the best. Ant-Man opening the can for him was hysterical. Now that's the commercial.
What a cheap shot. The reason why HGM2 did only $653M is because the first part sucked big time. Down right boring to the point the hard core fans just gave up on the franchise. But jeez some films wish they had made that kind of money, spoiled brats.

Note: Big tech issue with my comp and radio show so I will be catching up with all that this week for sure including that new theme I wrote for one of the shows. More on the Radio show.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

The Force Awakens Wins 3 Awards

Tech problem so everything will be held over to next week.

This coming Saturday will the the Directors award with all eyes on George Miller for Mad Max Fury Road. Of course this doesn't mean that this will guarantee the winner of this award the Oscar as many times in the past somebody else would get the award. The mystery continues.

While it did get three only one would count for Oscar, Best Visual Effects but still a good sign. Surprisingly Mad Max didn't do all that here but at Oscar it's more of tech awards which is different from here. The other big surprise is the Good Dinosaur got three over Inside Out which only got one. It deserves to get recognize here as it will lose at Oscar time thanks to Disney's push for Inside Out.
"I'm not a reptile. That's Racist!" Now that third episode is what I'm talking about after that second awful one. While all this time you think Michael Caine lookalike was lying all this time it turns out he really was a lizard whatever. Great back to old school episode. This and great ratings and maybe we can see that third movie after all.
While most of these flew over my head, you have to be hardcore to get some of these, I did enjoy the "Kolchak" reference with Guy's wardrobe. A favorite show of mine from the 1970's (what else?) there was a tv remake. Less said the better. That and the ringtone of course.
March 28, my birthday and what a nice birthday present it is. That and Sups vs Bats movie release that weekend even tho we know it probably it won't be good as this crossover. You gotta admit, when it comes to TV, DC has this hands down along with straight to DVD/BR like the recent Batman Bad Blood. But with the movies, well......So how will this crossover happen? Which ever way they do it, it will be easier than pulling teeth with Spiderman and Marvel movie franchises. You know Sony had to save face on that one. TV crossover is much easier all due to ratings and tv trying to survive against tv/cable winning all the Golden Globes. Either way better for the fans.
While the actual franchise will end after these three films there's already talk of the spinoffs for individual characters even when they are all better off as a cast ensemble. Either way Vin will have a job doing cameos in these while looking for another franchise. Guess that witch hunting didn't gothe way he wanted did it.
Why not? After Netflix. Hulu and even Amazon getting recognized at the Golden Globes, other internet outlets are getting into the act.

Monday, February 01, 2016

"Welcome to Diverse TV"

"Nine. Double 0 Nine"
New Radio show coming this week: SAG, 009 and Bond, Grease, movie reviews.

Didn't I say on the radio show 3 weeks ago about diversity went to cable and I mentioned Orange is the New Black? Thank You to the SAG for proving me right. And Idris Elba walked away with TWO award wins! And with the Best Line of the evening!  And Oscar really blew it this time for not nominating Elba. Now how did they over look that one? So with all the different winners for the nod, what does Jada say about all this?
PS: As I have been saying on my shows, forget James Bond and give him the spinoff. 009. Both Michelle Yeoh (Tomorrow Never Dies) and Halle Berry (Jinx) almost got their own franchise so let Elba have his due. Bonus Triva: Only 009 had been mentioned in other Bond movies. Which are they?

How can you forget Abe Vigoda and Dan Haggerty. Fish and Grizzly Adams were staple tv. While the video ended on Leonard Nimoy a Spock but they leave out Grace Lee Whitney also from Star Trek frame. What were they smoking when they put this list together?

Wow the final nail in the coffin for Star Wars when KF3 does better at the box office than The Force. They should have a Panda character to play it safe. Jar Jar Panda or Ewok Pandas, either way it couldn't have hurt.

Wow how desperate. So no Oscar nod, you movie tanked, you wife makes a big embarrassing stink, not so good Suicide Squad reviews, so what do you do? Resurrect your music career. Like anyone cares.

And the winner for Best Musical/Comedy for 2017 is "Grease!" Yeah I can see this getting the Golden Globe, Emmy and SAG for Best Cast Ensemble. Everyone was on their "A" Game.They really took this "Live" thing to a new level. The whole cast was great with Vanessa Hudgens carrying on the tradition "The Show Must Go On" when her father past away the day before. Wow, that took guts, and of course the show was dedicated to him. Great idea of having the audience part of the show and besides a few glitches thanks to wind and rain the show did go on. Now how are they going to top this?

Bonus Link:
Does it matter what the opening weekend is going to be anymore? Rules are changing. Will EVERYONE going to rush out to see this when the last Man of Steel pissed off some fans. Will it have a repeat business? Will having release at the end of March is saying to the public we don't have much faith in this. If anything this should have been released for July 4th Weekend no matter who else opened that weekend. 
Batman Bad Blood 4 out of 5. Pay no mind to IMDB reviews as some obviously have not seen it and are prejudging. Lots of action, good story. This could have added an extra 10 minutes as there are extras characters than the usual. And a nice little twist at the end. Well more of a cameo. Cute.