Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

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Saturday Update:
Looks like he's got a hit for a non holiday weekend. Poor Arnold. Guess all that bad press some of the journalists gave him this past week didn't hurt him at al.. People want to have summer fun on the big screen. Give them that and people will forget all that other crap.

Friday Update:
This includes a 13 minute video recently taped just last week! Great interview which includes that Hulk Hogen thing and a story with Andre the Giant. but he did look tired. But still at 61 is a friggin shame. Top 2 films: They Live and Hell Comes to Frogtown now playing on Hulu Plus.
Again another angle on picking on Cruise. How about talking how good the movie is. High ratings at Rotten Tomatoes. It did good on Thursday with $4M opening, not great but not DOA either. And he has already mentioned of another sequel. Have to admit he does great overseaswith this franchise, even Edge of Tomorrow did good considering how bad it did over here.

I just don't understand with costume thing when fanboys start bitching. To quote Wolverine in the first X-men: "What did they expect, for us to wear yellow spandex" what looks great in comic books sometimes just doesn't look right in the movies with colors and tones. Look. Superman is wearing his underwear outsie no more, so that's a good thing. He still has the cape so that's cool enough.
At this point nobody cares about Cruise and his Scientology. thwy just want to see a good picture.
MI5 is getting great raves so that won't hurt him at the box office. What amazes me is none of the major magazines are talking about the film which I find strange. The documentary Going Clear is mostly about the organization and it's founder and the people who have taken over since. Cruise and Travolta is mentioned briefly with behind the scenes with Cruise partying. No big deal if you haven't seen it.
They're not releasing this for the Holidays for Oscar consideration? Not a good sign. And Depp needs a hit fast. He can't be making Pirates sequels forever bu then again....
I loved the Bundy's and like for them to pull this off. Kelly Bundy with 9 kids. Thatwould be funny. But Ed O'Neill deserved better than Modern Family. One of the worst comedies on tv. Why and those friggin awards. Don't get me started.
Really? ACtually Ms. Doubtfire would get my vault as they guy to dress as a woman to protect his kids. But still a good choice compare to Boogie Nights. Really?

The I-rex is on the cover when you click the link. Great magazine that goes behind SFX making of
these movies. In this issue you have JWorld, San Andreas, Mad Max and Avengers 2. Very technical and pricey at 12.99 but worth it.  Publish quarterly so it covers a few movies in that time period.
I have quite a collection myself., I don't subscribe since not every issue is a winner like the last issue with had Chappie which I hated! But yep I do own most of the Star War issues. These are not to be confused with Empire and other movie mags. Again strictly for the SFX crowd. Check out the back issues for most of the covers.

Note: That second BTR would have been a bit much so that be postponed till next week.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

Another Blog Talk Radio Show coming tomorrow; The Catch Up show part 2.
Excerpts from Empire Magazine interview with a few pics. But the next article has the goods:
More details when this article was posted later this afternoon. 33 pics also included. This thing is sounding a whole better then when it was first announced.Here's crossing the fingers.
Right of the bat his role reminds me of The Fugitive. Not that's a bad thing. It adds dimension to the picture while some of us might think do we really need another one?with Jones in it I give it a chance.
I could go for this. I loved this movie even through it went over most people's heads. I put a coll spin on the alien attack theme. Not like Pixels which had a good idea and blew it. Heads up to writer Christopher McQuarrie as he wrote and directed the new MI5 which is getting gret reviews.
Cool 15 minute video included with the filmmakers. A little talky but covers alot of ground.
Safari Park. Really? How original. But who caes. I always loved this franchise. And good to see Michael Gross in this as he  is a survivalistin real life which adds a nice touch overall. Even through it's a straight to BR release it has some bonus features which I always get a kick out of. Cool for Halloween.

Note: 2 Radio show are now playing with another BTR to finish  the month before I go back live on MNN this Saturday. And the music show will be posted before then also.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

Mark Hamill: The Lost Interview now playing on Youtube. Or see below.
This past weekend Talk Show Radio show now playing. Please see widget on the side.
New Blog Talk Radio now playing: Pixels review and Sandler's downhill career.
Based on the Graphic Novel by Alan Moore. This, his work on The Flash, The Kingsman and Star Wars 7. He sure knows how to keep busy. Check out my interview with Mr. Hamill down below.
Translation from Netflix: Did we make a big mistake going with Sandler on this one? Directors were backinghim up because Sandler was their bread and butter when nobody hires them. More on the new Blog Talk Radio show.
This article states on my main problem when I reviewed this film last week. And it was to muchexposition which boged the middle ofthe movie. Big time. That and the unbalance of the script due to the rewrites once thye booted original director Edgar Wright. It was to noticeable.
Ant-man 2? Why? Micheal Douglas was the movie.
Anyone remember this theme song? While not a great song listening now, this was a huge hit back then. Moral of this story. None of the Labels wanted this song, lol. And it turned into a huge hit followed by the Album. Sounds like today studios. Nobody knows anything. Or to quote from Brian Grazer (Ron Howard's prodducing partner, the one wih the funny hair who produce Beautiful Mind among others)  in his book "A Curious Mind" P.171: "No one in Hollywood really knows what a vood idea is before a movie hits the screen. We only know if it's a good idea after it's done."
How bad was this? Anyone remember Can't Stop the Music, The Village People movie. No? That's okay you're not missing anything. Unless you love Cheesy movies you love to hate.And if you do remember your probalby in denial and don't admit you every saw these. I like cheesy sometimes they can be fun. But Last Dragon tried to hard. Yikes.
I liked this to a certain extent jut for being different even through it was a stretch being an alternate universe. 3 out of 5.  I'm a huge Dexter fan so it was cool to hear Michael C. Hall as Batman. I used this site when is comes to Blu-ray releases and box sets especially when they were releasing Star Trek TNG. These guys go a great job on reviewing these disks and recommend this alot.

My interview with Mr. Hamill while he was promoting Wing Commander 4 and in developement The Black Pearl, a screenplay he was working on at the time.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Box Office Weekend Wrap Up

New Talk Shoe show playing from this past Saturday. 45 minutes of me and Mark with Pixel review.
So much for a sequel. All the news programs and magazines are talking about Mission Impossible and basically brushed this off all together. The only news is their mentioning of the end of Sandlers career. Nowthat's funnier than the movie itself. 2 out of 5. Big disappointment but we knew that already didnt we?
...Final nail in the coffin of Sandlers career. While trying to be positive on his career, if youread between the lines the author is taking every jab he can at Sandler even when at the last paragraph he maintains a positive attitude. All I can say after Netflix, don't be surprise of sitcom hell for him. Wow, now that's mean, lol.
Great article covering the anniversary at London comic-con. We didn't really cover time travel on the radio show since Terminator Bombed. But thanks to this I will continue to finally cover that on the next show.
The best: Live & Let die, Sir Paul Mccartney. The Worst: Die Another Day, Madonna. So there.
No more bands. They posted Radiohead. The worst, overrated and never liked them.
Give the females a break. Give the guys a shot. Need a Thunderball aka Tom Jones so....
Sam Smith it is..smooth stylist and the best fact is He's British. Now that makes sense.
The sequel nobody is asking for. Drones? And he's worried about getting real jets. No no CGI policy is noble but I think he should be more worried about his next move.

Cool idea. Not bad for a first episode. For impersonations they got it pretty close. A little bit funnier and they got a good skit. But that thinkg with DeNiroand Sandler was hysterical.

This week I will be having multiple shows before our Next MNN show on Saturday which might also be a solo show. Next show will be tomorrow with premiere of the Music show finally.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Jurassic World 2 Is a Go!

New Blog Talk Radio show now playing: Jurassic World No. 3 All Time. Surprise ending at the end of the show by the way, about the original ending of Jurassic Park from the script itself.
Also New Talk Shoe Radio now playing recorded earlier this afternoon.

Saturday Update:
Sad they have to go to these lengths to try to please China aka Iron Man 3 and that sucked big time.

Friday Update:
While the studio knows that Pixels is going to tank this weekend Rotten Tomatoes is hitting this hard, Sony goes and bid on this? Minions they're not. Haven't they learned from those other movies mentioned in the article?
Yet another Johnson movie coming to us. And question remains: Yo Rock, what happened to Big Trouble in Little Chiba, lol?

Wow that was quick. As soon as it hit No. 3 all time, it takes the weekend before July 4thweekend. Now which other franchise is dumb enough to go against this on July 4th. Well it sure won't be Terminator since that didn't work the first time around on July 4th, lol.
Short video interview but also included is long ass Q & A with the director but it does have some spoilers.
Ouch! Put down on Sandler but they don't mention comparisions with Ghostbusters even through it's so obvious. It's got some of my favoritefames I grew up so I'll be there no matter how bad.
While this was mentioned yesterday I waited for today's blog to post this. As they are depending on the success of Pixels when it comes out this weekend. While they mention a lot of other Johnson's projects the one Not mention is Big Trouble in Little China. Yo Rock! What happend with that?
Larson is on for sure. Now it's up to Crowe if the knew script is updated. But what amazes me is how many times Godzilla is mentioned on thebottom of the article with the credits listings. King Kong VS Godzilla around the corner?
 Behind the scenes Video interview on the making of Terminator with pics and scenes from the movie. Filmmaking 101 fun.Now this is a shame. With talk all week about the end of the Terminator franchise, China has to save this or everyone will wait until Cameron takes over.
Besides Star Wars 7 is going to benefit from this, what they don't mention is how this is going to help Bond Spectre has this won't have th 3D cheat at the U.S. boxoffice, But that didn't stop F7 in being in the Top 5 of all time.

Note: If you made it down here, thanks! lol.
I might put another BTR show tomorrow due to todays news, so todays blog might be repeated or a new post to reflect the new radio show. Today I'm working on the premiere of the music show. Hopefully thisweekend. Busy week ain't it?

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Jurassic World No. 3 of All Time

New Blog Talk Radio Show now playing: Jworld, Bond, Antman, Joe Dirt 2 reviews.

Top 3 of all time. Well The Avengers can kiss that spot goodbye. All that matters is how far Star Wars is going beyond that. SW has to be Phantom Menace bad not to make this spot but regardless as JWorld proved the film represents 3 generations who were not around the first time.

Earlier Post:
How wonder they been having all this news in the past few days. Finally the bigtrailer has arrived. Now where is Blofeld in all this? And where is my Volcano! NO, I won't let it go! LOL.
New video of the winner and new props for a behind scenes look on the film. Great contest for charities.  Checkout Spock with a Banjo, so cool.
Cool 10 minute video that was shown at comic con. This is the extended version from what we've seen in the promos already. Look for Elizabeth Banks in a cameo. Funny. Still looking forwards to this big time.
This role is perfect for him after doing The Shield. Then he brought up a notch in American Horror Story. Wow, that was a stretch. This second season on Gotham is going to be a blast.
Actually she looks pretty cute in that Slave outfit. Aw c'mon. Anakin murdered children in the Phantom Menace but people got a beef with this? But C3PO smoking a cigarette is sending out a bad signal to the kiddies. lol.
No he won't. It doesn't look good. And they are taking their sweet time releasing this overseas.
Look at the article below on how this will affect the film in China.
Strange release dates. They finally released Imitation Game in China this past week? But the main thing is we have to wait for Terminator Genisys to see how that does as this will be the drawing card if we are going to see any sequels and to see if Minions goes over the $1 Billion mark.
For the most part this works but quite a few don't belong here. First The Godfather and Citizen Kane should be 1 and 2. Too many Altman films that were not that important are on here. Where's Mash?Along with Terrence Malick films, the most popular Badlands is not on the list. Night of the Living Dead was a nice surprise for us horror fans but The Shining is on the list and not The Exorcist? While The Wild Bunch is my favorite Western, Heaven's Gate is just plain long and boring and that made the list. At least The Lion King and The Dark Knight made the list but no Pixar films. Go Figure.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New Radio Show Specials coming before the week is out. Stay Tune.

Last minute update:
Funny video on Jurassic Park High Heels Edition. A goof on the Jessidca character running in heels.

Earlier Today:
Now we're talking, they mention of a new song but no names yet. But at least we are getting the women in Bond. Next of course the villains even thowe know of two there is always more than 2 in a film, then some of the cool gadgets and last but not least That Stupid Volcano!
He almost became Khan until Cumberbatch took over for the Star Trek Franchise. He is the Collector for  the Guardian Galaxy franchise. Being in Star Wars would be a feather in his cap in being in some of the biggest franchises of all time.Now you might say who about the James Bond franchise? Well that's how he got his start. Check out "License to Kill" with Timothy Dalton as Bond. He plays one of the henchman. Trivia: Hegot to carried away with the role, in using a real knife he cut Dalton hands in the fight scene and had to be sent to the hospital to get stitch up. Bond was not happy, lol.
Great news to us fans of soundtracks and composers. What's ironic to this is one of his first major works was Battle Beyond The Stars, Roger Corman take on Star Wars, with the soundtrack bits used for Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan. And Battle of course was based on Magnificent 7 with one of the stars Robert Vaughn (Original Man from Uncle tv series) being in Battle. So talk about coming full circle. As mentioned on the Radio I mentioned my Top 5 composers with Horner being one of them.
And to answer a question where is Danny Elfman on that list. Sorry but way overrated as far as I'm concern. He's no way as near as to John Williams and John Barry (007).
I don't think it could have been worse since he shows he was a fan of the character. Remember he Fartman in his movie. But he almost became Scarecrow and having a scene with Jack Nicholson as The Joker. Now why the hell wasn't that made? What a missed opportunity.
I can see this as a double header with a Sharknado sequel. And why not, it's the same studio producing it. But I agree, Justin Timberlake should be in this. He has a great sense of humour about himself, like doing the Carlton with Alfonso Ribeiro at the ACC Celebrity Golf Tournament Charity.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday's Box Office Warp Up

Live on MNN now playing on our You Tube Channel which also includes The Lost Interview with Mark Hamill. New Blog Talk Radio this Wednesday and the Music Show Premiere also this week.
So Ant-Man turned out ok at the B.O. But after this week Jurassic World will be the 3rd biggest picture of all time. And it still has Japan to open next month. Will it take out Titanic, that's the bigger question now.
After reading this article I got even more confused. Unles your deep in this mythology which I ain't, you might be able to igure this out. Either way I had a good time with Ant-Man. The best part of the film besides the SFX was the movie had a good sense of humour about itself knowing the subject.
A solid 3 out of 5.
Just remake the original Ghidorah, The Three Headed Monster 1964 original US Title, without the martian princess subplot and it should be good. Skip the subplots with a  bloated script and have Godzilla has to show up in the first 20 minutes or this is going to tank.
Making a Bond film is hard work and bla bla bla, Who cares? That's your job but never mind that.
Who the hell does the Theme Song? It's all about the theme song, the babes, villians, gadgets and let's not forget that damn volcano.
Well at least we are getting our Pacific Rim 2. But he could base the enxt Hellboy on one of the graphics novels that doesn't have a large budget and take it to Netflix and other Cable outlets
The car gave him that much trouble? He wrote a book about making both the moie and his tv show Family Ties and how doing both at the same time got him all screwed up due to lack of sleep and the long hours. Either way, as far as I'm concern he made the ultimate time travel movie. Don't agree, lol? We'll talk more on this ont he radio show.
As you can see the sales are dwindling down from previou years. Adn this is affecting a lot studios in their decisions in having sequels to continue the franchises. Case in point check out last years below:
Check out Spiderman 2 at No. 17 and look at all the titles above it. Spidey should have been in the Top 5, hence why that franchise was cancelled.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thursday's Movie News/New Radio Show Playing- Mark Hamill Interview

New Blog Talk Radio now playing: Comic Conc and other news. at 5pm today.
Here is that interview I promised you on the Radio Show. This was done back in 1994.
And what is up with that bad hairdo? I was in a new wave band back then. Uugggh.

Saturday Update:
Looks likie Ant-man is a hit but wil it have legs, meaning will it last as Jworld and Inside Out?

Friday Update:
Will Minions kick little Antman's ass? Does anyone care or we getting tired of another Marvel Superhero. I still love the idea of man being shrunk to a bug aka the classic Fantastic Voyage (IMDB that folks). For me bananas and papayas is still hard to beat, lol.
Both Emilia Clarke and Lena Headey for Supporting Actress but how about the Stunt Woman who climb down those Church steps? At least Trones will sweep the awards withthat many nods.
Both Viola Davis and Taraji P Henson (Cookieeeeeeee) for Lead Actress. Davis is the only reason I saw How to get away with Murder and Henson with her classy acting in a over the top show Empire (which is fun as heck). But the show itself got total diss at the Emmys besides Henson getting nominating and 2 costume nods. Go figure.
Everything else? Not much to get excited about to be honest. Modern Family, again? Most of the comedy series should be cancelled. Not funny at all.
I've been mentioning this on the shows lately and how you pretty much know what the mnovie is going to be about. In the case of Genesys there was so much exposition on the alternate time line it really didn't matter. In the case of Minions and Inside Out both trailers showed the best stuff at the beginning of both movies. Luckily the didn't showed the end where there were some nice surprises.
Even Bond Spectre showed how the movie is going to start but hopefully not mch else in the nre coming trailers. And Star Wars is a different story all together since the plot is pretty much hidden.
While I don't think muchof these films since I sawt he latest trailers, I have to admit these 2 groups shots look great! I love the second shot where everyone is smiling big and waving thier arms in cheer. Except for Ben Affleck. His look? "Crap I'm getting divorced", lol.
They forget to mention the most important movie on this subject:
Mission of the Shark: The Saga of the U.S.S. Indianapolis.
Starring Richard Thomas, The Waltons, Battle Beyond the Stars (Roger Corman Star Wars)
Stacey Keach, Mike Hammer tv show and Cheech and Chong movies,
David Caruso before NYPD Blue tv show.
This is the most accurate telling on the subject from beginning to Court martial and suicide ending.
While more information has been improved since the this movie was made on a low budget, this is the story that Speilbergs Jaws character Squint tells the story in the movie. The top link has a video clip of Actor Robert Shaw reciting the scene.
Will this new version have more details and a better budget to bring this story to a new generation or will thye screw it up. I mean Llook who they got as the Captain: Nic Superman Cage himself!?!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

Blog Talk Radio Show Now Playing: Wrap up on Comic Con and the Boxoffice.
Here is a head scratcher. Furious 7 is finally listed as the third biggest money maker but still has a No. 4 atttached to it while Avengers is listed as forth but still has a No. 3 listed to that title. Looks like Disney cannot let it go with that number. Remember on my last Radio Show I mentioned about Disney trying to hold on to that spot. Either way JWorld is only $50M away with China final count and Japans count ready to come in to take the Number 3 spot.
Note: Check out the screenshot I did of the page below to se the chart.
Good coverage article. I will use this as a guide for the Radio Show to give my opinion on the whole thing. Well, lol, after Star Wars is there's not much to tell, sorry.
Well this is kind of WTF moment. While I like Kevin Smith and his Jay & Silent Bob characters he should quit doing these horror stories and go back to the smoking dudes. But this is messed up. Getting diss from a franchise that you grew up and loved (and still do) when you were a kid.
Again with the spoilers showing up in the trailers.  What little surprise we had coming is already out there. But I can see why the studio had to do this as to make sure the average movie goer can connect that this is part of the bigger picture, you know the non hard core fans of Marvel, even tho you have to live under a rock not to get this in hte first place.
While I thought the trailer was rather boring this breakdown does make the whole thing more interesting. Yeah Yeah its going to make tons of movie but will it still be good?
Hardcore fans are not happy with this reboot. Now comes this report as Aykyod get a taxi driver cameo only. While I like the female cast idea and bringing back the franchise, they should have just let the original cast have thier kids talk over and continue from there. Once you start messing around with the origianl concept things can always go sour. At least for the hard core fans it already has.bad idea.
Something different even tho it remeinds me of Speilbergs A.I. But......
Is that a robot raptor Bellboy serving you? Man that is weird but fun at the same time. Aka that Godzilla Theme Hotel. They sure do loves robots, themes, gadgets and other goodies don't they?
Japan is on my bucket list of things to do of course.

So 3 is and 4 is 3. Who does the math on this site?

Posted way back at the beginning of summer just take a look on how off these predictions are. Especially Avengers and Jworld. At least they got Mad Max right, just about.
Again to quote Oscar Winning Screenwriter William Goldman (Princess Bride) "Nobody Knows Anything"

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New BTR show coming tomorrow before our Live MNN show on Saturday.
Very cool video for a good cause while introducing Edris to the cast. But watch the ending as he goes into a break dance. Good week for Pegg as he does a cameo for Star Wars and has this gig. Very cool indeed.
Rudd on he Tonight Show explaing the prank. Wow that was dumb. A joke that backfired. Many fans don't like Rudd and I find him overrated myself. But if he can pull off Ant-Man then why not.
Another video showing Cruise doing that plane stunt. Sorry no paycheck is worth it for a stunt like this. But that's Tom, whatever it takes to get them back at the theatre after his past couple of bombs. But I still swear Live Die Tomorrow (whatever title) is a great underrated movie.
One of the best sci-fi movies from the 1970's with Soylent Green, Silent Running, Rollberball, Logan's Fun and many others all before Star Wars. With this cast and crew it should not fail especially with HBO behind it. Love the classic so I'm looking forward to this.
While not as strong as Twlite Zone this still had some classics made.  Still waiting for this on Blu-ray. And this is the show that got Steven Speilberg his start before heading to the movies!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Comic Con Wrap Up

New Blog Talk Radio show coming Tuesday or Wednesday: Comic Con and Final Boxoffice.
With a very special announcement about me and Luke Skywalker.
I posted this in last weeks blog at the last minute. But it looks so cool I'm posting it again. A dream come true after suffering thru the last trilogy. Ugghh....
I'll make this short. Once Granpa Grumby (Han Solo) showed up the Con was over. Harrison Ford doesn't like doing this kind of publicity and doesn't show up to these kind of things, Cons that is. Not only he showed up, he joined the crowd to see the Star Wars music concert and had a group selfie holding a light Saber! How can you top that ?!?! yeah yeah Bats vs Sups Trailer, Full crew X-Men, Suicide Squad, bla bla bla.
Mucho Papayas! Good for the little guys. Who can tired of this. After one more Dis Me 3 they are going to get another solo movie of thier own. Bring it on!
All these are great including the one in the Godzilla costume,. From what I hear it gets hot in that as it's a complete zip up inside the suit that it even includes a fan to keep you cool. Ouch. Slide #8.
The first one was great and glad to see Reilly back for WIR 2. But talk about video games Nintendo President Iwata passed away. That's a shame cosidering how young he was.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio Show now playing including Comic Con highlights. Me and a Minion pic below. New show next week after Comic Con wraps up.

Saturday Update:
Kicking ass at the boxoffice. Yes! Sorry but better than Inside Out. Review on the Radio show.
They look great. Videos from the Con are on You Tube now.
New footage presented at the comic con with a breakdown on the behind the scenes footage. And yes that is Simon Pegg hanging out in a costume on the set.

Friday Update:
AFter Jworld he got the biggest prize of them all, Star Wars. The force was strong with him for sure.
About time. Too much of a stretch between season as far as I'm concern or I'm really spoiled, lol.
Conan at Comic Con with Mad Max opening then Batman/Superheros credits. Very cool.
They picked the top 5 films of Sharif that I would have picked. Good call. Video clip from Lawrence fof Arabia included.

Thursday News"
BANANA! Mini-review: 4 out of 5. Got invited to a preview and loved like I knew I would, lol.
Did not disappoint what so ever. Minor spoiler and this has to do with the trailer like Inside Out.
They showed some of the highlights of the movie but that did not diminish the overall fun of the movie. I enjoyed this a lot more than Inside Out. Saw that once and that's enough, these little guys deserve a repeat. It also helps to be in touch with your inner 10 yr old which I had no problem with.
Another mnor spoiler as this is a DIRECT prequel to Des Me.. picable How? Not telling, hee hee.
Stick with this website and this will highlight everything to do with comic 2015. This is one of many articles on the site.
Man she won't quite does she. She been pushing for this after the first trilogy concluded telling everyone who would listen that the fans want her to have her own movie. A legend in her own mind.
Can't say I blame her. If you do that disappoint series Extant I would be looking for my next gig.
Underrated classic that deserves a second chance and right now Vin Deisel is on top of the world and many don't even know he did the voice of the giant. Better do it now before that Witch Hunter crap. Man that looks bad. No matter this movie is a nod to the classic sci-fi movies of the 1950's.
DAnger Danger Will Robinson. The bonus to this is Will himself Billy Mumy produce most of the bonuses with help of the surviving cast. That is a lot of material.

At Toy R Us Times Square, NYC. Which is closing this year. Shame, what a fun store.

Note: Talk Shoe Radio Show postpone for next week just before out live show on MNN.
New BTR show either Wednesday or Thrusday to wrap up Comic Con.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New BTR show coming tomorrow with the big JWorld top 5 wrap up.
Surprise surprise. well this makes more sense than that Rogue One film. With Lord and Miller behind this they can't go wrong. And Kasdans doing the writing looks like everything is going to be awesome about this. Couldn't help the pun, That Lego Movie was fantastic. Why it didn't get the Oscar for animation still bogles the mind. As far the actor to fill Ford shoes, anyone but Pratt. He'll be better as Indy Jones, he's also got Guardians and JWorld. Someoby just a bit younger would be better.
Pratt training Avengers instead of Raptors. Funny Picture. A good sense of humor amoung these guys. And makes sense when Gaurdians mesh with Avengers down the line.
I know the movie is already old news. But don't count it out yet as this is doing great overseas.
Well they sure took thier time with those ratings. But this hit an all time high beating Sopranos.
Guess that long walk down the stair sequence didn't hurt either. Give that stunt double an award for crying out loud. That took guts!
Didn't even hear about this one. Another crossover idea. But Scooby Doo? Kiss has been doing some crossovers lately the last one being the Japanese Kitty franchise. Who knows what else they can think of.

Update: New BTR show coming tomorrow before the weekend. Hopefully a new Talk Shoe radio show for Saturday around 1 pm. News on that tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

Still playing: Blockbuster Showdown on BTR. New Show coming this week.
This is  a horrible idea. So are they going to have the villains sing the greatest hits of Bond? Remember the other franchises that bombed on Broadway? Spiderman Superman and not even Batman could even open as it was shut down doing rehearsals. Very.Bad.Idea.
It's about time when these movies were getting dates. Notice all these could have been major releases but now Netflix has taken over. Sign of the times. When straight to DVD/Home meant the movie wasn't worthy to be release in theatres it is becoming the norm now since these types of movies can't go up against Superheros and Dinos. And whose fault is that, the same studio who produce these of course.
Actually it doesn't mention much but the idea of Elba being a Klingon is good enough even when they said he's not aka Khan in the last one. Not to hard to figure out. At least it'll keep him busy until some people's wish of him being the next Bond, lol.
They finally got this thing released. Just the idea of Cage being Superman is freaky enough but thewhole idea of what this could have been. Remember Cage got paid $20M for a movie he never got to make. Got to give hit to him. Shame he blew his finances and now does movies back to back to get out of debt. Thought he be done with that now. Oh well. This looks like a great documentary. PS As I mentioned yesterday with Al Pacino in Dick Tracy, they show a quick snip of him in makeup from that film in this documentary.
So's he back. But it doensn't mention what kind of deal he got. Most of  been a good one if he came back. But nobody's talking, lol.

Note: New show on BTR coming before the weekend is out then the Music show. Then hopefully that live radio show on Saturday since that's the only day I can do it. More news tomorrow.

Monday, July 06, 2015

Box Office Weekend Wrap Up

One of my favorite scenes from the movie no matter how messed it was for her to get it. Ouch.
Blockbuster show now playingon BTR. New show coming this Wednesday.
Cool video breaking down the top 10 with trivia included. Jworld wins again with Inside Out a close second. But Arnold really got beat opening weekend. Is the audience going to turn up for he's other moviess like Twins 2 and Conan. He better start talking to his agent about this is all I'm saying.
Saved fro last week I thought today would be good to post this for those who have seen the movie.
While not a perfect film it was still fun but was a littel frustrating as it left more questions than answers, of coursesaved for the next sequel. The studio already have their dates and are not giving up on this. Of course it all depends on the International BO if this is goin to happen.

Translation:" It looks like that Man from Uncle spy movie is going to tank so I need this franchise really bad." Of course every actor who signs a long time deal will say that. But look what happened to Sidey. Nothings gauranteed and this new movie tank expect another reboot.
He's got a point but this has been know for a while now that all the great talent has gone to tv/cable.While some may say it's becuase of superheros and dinos and he might not fit in but remember he was in the movie version of the comic strip Dick Tracy where he played Mumbles.
Which also starred Al Pacino and go an Oscar nod for Big Boy Caprice. Check that out if you can.

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More details coming this week.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

The Big Box Office Showdown

Happy 4th Everyone! The Big Box Office Showdown on Blog Talk Radio Now Playing on 7/3.

Wow, Variety just can't wait tobury these 2 films, pictured above. So looks like Moody Girl gets the win, lol. While dinos land in the top five internationally. Yes! Complete wrap up on Monday with another new BTR Radio Show coming next week. 

Friday Update:
Looks like Moody gril and Dinos are going to take it after all like I said Previously below. But Variety is showing no love what so ever in calling the weekend already. How about Saturday?
Mini-review: T Genysis, 4 out of  5 but JWorld was better but still a lot of action. Main problem was the John Conner character who getting very tiring. Arnold was great and fights a lot more than previous films. I want to see another sequel, Hopefully overseas will take care of that. More on the radio coming very soon. 

Spoiler! but needed as I was confuse about this as heck when this scene happen. Like "What was all that about?". But aftere that you think "Oh, Dr. Who Time Lord and look who they got, lol."

They pulled a Marvel here but not a big deal. If you don't want to stick around the the credits you can read it here.

This is so cool. I like when actors take time to help others or just talk to the fans, like Chris Even and Chris Patt did at the hospital earlier this year and RDJ with the kid withthe prosthetic arm. Nice.

Is Arnold going to be Terminated by Magic Mike? (couldn't avoid the pun,lol). Either way it looks like the Dinos and Moody Girl might take the top spots. But it all depends on Saturday. Will Grill and Fireworks rule? Remember last year when Transformers 4 took in only $35M with NO competition?! Well the grill won tht one. No excuse there. To be fair there is a four way fight this holiday weekend so which ever gets the prize is so lucky.

Wow, they are really pushing for this sequel thing. Only if it does huge overseas, like China saves this but as far as the US it'll be lucky to break even.

They can't wait to push this can they? 20 shots and well, kind of boring. More shots of the Batmobile in action would have been nice. Yeah I know, I'm spoiled, lol.

Take my money! Look at the details on these, they look fantastic. Can't wait to see Mother of Dragons set. Best part is the price tag compare to other sets of this nature. 

Here is another series that didn't even make it on the air. Fox has a long reputation for doing this. Whether the show is good o not is beyond the point. Some are on the air and you say why? Or some good shows with a fan base just get cancelled without a second chance: Constantine, Foreve and Hannibal to name a few. 

Great video below explaining JWorlds CGI Problems. While talking about the effects is kind of picky, he does bring up other points as the brain can't relate to certain effects and that bleaching (coloring) effects for the overall look of the film. Now some of that drives me nuts.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

BTR Show coming tomorrow for sure. Waiting for Todays box office results.
Magic Mik does better than Terminator. Oh crap, that doesn't look good. Screw it, let the Dinos win again. Either way after this weekend JWorld will be in the top 5 of all time.
A breakdown of Arnold meeting Arnold scene. Pretty easy considering. A stunt double then covering the doubles face with Arnolds. Same technique as they did in the previous Terminator movie.
Wel that settles that. Minions will be huge and if Terminator and Mike don't have legs then it's over for them. Of course it all depends on overseas market for Terminator and if it tanks, Cameron is ready for a reboot anyways.
Wow, this is so disappointing. Now who are they going to get to fill those shoes? I like the article mentions that Simmons might have run into Godzilla down theroad. Well no more. Included is a video collage of Simmons best insults from the movie Whiplash. Talk about timing, I don't think they can get away with some of these insults now since things changed with The Supreme Court. But for us open minded this is funny as hell. It's just a character study of what makes this guy tick.
How do you make a movie out of this? But then again look at Battleship. And the jury is out on Pixels. Well it does have a kid on a journey, a sonewhat play it safe story angle but look at the writer involved. Not to bad if I say so myself.
Why? This was remade already in the 1990's. A movie no one saw. So why another remake? Oh right exploding birds instead of robots and cows. And his horror remakes of other classics for the most part all tanked. Bay doesn't learn does he?