Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Apes at Comic Con

After all said and done this was my favorite news at comic con.
I grew up with the original Planet of the Apes Franchise and consider that one of my all time
Sci-Fi movies of all time.

Why? Like Godzilla, Twilight Zone and Apes it's not about them but about us as the human race.
More on the 2 Part Premiere Special. It's going to be a big one..

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sups Vs Bats - Do We Care Anymore?

I Am Legend was the film I worked on as a background actor, all this in my photo album.
Strange how so many years later they are pushing it as the big deal of all time. ZZZZZZZ

Monday, July 29, 2013

Is it me or nobody cares anymore?

Remember when the secret was to stay after the credits for the big surprise for the next
step in the franchise of your favorite movie? Where was everyone this past weekend
and how the internet forums were basically "Yawn".

Losing steam are we superheros? And god knows Jackman has hit the circuit hard time
promoting this shit. Are the fans tired of all this, disappointed because of the last Wolverine
movie or the last few superhero movies?

Let me guess: Hunger Games 2 then wrap it up with Hobbits 2 then the year is over. But....
What about the Oscars? Besides 42, yep I'm calling it early, the others well it's like
the Batman and the Joker, break the pool stick and let the animations films of the year
fight it out.

And the nominees are:
The Croods
Monster University
Despicable Me 2

Man, what a sad year.....and no I haven't seen the new Woody Allen film yet...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Box Office Wrap Up

Both Wolverine and Fast and Furious 6 do huge overseas. But the funny thing about this is
The Blu-ray release on F6 is around the corner and does great at the last stop on the international
box office, something some movies can not do this summer. SORRY SUPS! LOL.

As far as Pacific Rim is still going strong with Japan and China still to open in those countries.
And no, Wolverine won't be a competition due to the different release dates the films are getting.

But as much as Wolverine does overseas he has landed a thud over here and both
2 Guns and Smurfs 2 will clean up this next coming weekend. Imean how is Jackman, Denzal and
Wahlberg going to beat a sequel when the original did great at the box offcie.
Get the Smurf out of here. Those blue ones got it. Especially after the disappoint of Turbo.

And yes I hope to do the premiere this week as I am connecting Japan and Pacific all in one.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Are Audiences Getting Tired of Superheroes?

Read this whole article which if kind of interesting. First it predicted over $65M then
around $60M and now the final tally is $50-55M. My how the mighty have fallen.
Well it;s over for The Wolverine next weekend. The Mighty Smurfs is going to take 
over next weekend. So what is Part 2. Look at DM2. Smurfs are just as mighty as minions.

2 Guns with Denzal and Mark is going to have a tough sale. Buddy cops movies are the past.
Just look a few this past year. No major breakthrough. Not even The Heat lasted long.
Sorry Ladies. You deserved better.

More about August in the next blog.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Are we finally fed up with 3D - Directors Are!

The big surprise of the summer is how Despicable Me 2 is the second highest grossing film of the year
and the lowest grossing movie 3D picture of the year. What does that mean?
Me and all major film fans are just fed up with the 3D. Cute gimmick that has reach the end of the line.
Which goes back to No. 1 film technique of all time:
Great script that represents a good story that everyone can relate to in the most basic human emotion
that we can relate to.

My favorite scene of the year from Despicable Me 2:
Little one bringing out a big ass umbrella to Gru asking what's wrong.
It hit's all the right buttons on the emotional front and you care what's going to happen next.

Man of Steel: Deleted Scene
Lois: "What does the S mean?"
Sups: "It stands for hope"
Lois: Strange, I thought it meant for shitty script:
Sups: But that's two S's.
Lois: Technically since the producers over spent on the CG effects the S had to  be condense
to mean a lot of things on wrong with this picture. Don't worry I won't say suck ass 3D. I'm saving that
for the review of the Blu-ray.
Sups: That's not funny.
Lois: You're right, that's hysterical.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wolverine Doing Better B.O. Than Sups?

Really? But then again that should smack the crap out of Men of Steel. Remember Sups went
from #1 to #3 then #5 at the box office position. Meaning Sups had no legs.
Will the Wolverine have better luck. If it does, all it means that it will be another embarrassing
situation for the suits at Warners. Now that's funny.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bats VS Sups Title - Who Cares?

No Bale No Batman unless is Joseph Gordon-Levitt like the way Bats 3 ended.

Yeah some list, mostly who the hell cares about any of this stuff besides no. 5 and 6 for you
True Blood and Walking Dead fans and where the hell is Godzilla!

GZ had his own display and Rolling Stone doesn't cover this? How wonder their readership
has been lower than usual.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Mini Reviews for Weekend July 19-21

Dead Heat - Released back in 1988 which starred Treat Williams and SNL Joe Piscopo.

RIPD - 2: When I saw the poster and trailer it nagged me. When and where did I see this before?
Only then half way through it click. Holy crap! This is a REMAKE! UUUGGGGGGGGHH!
As stated in the link above, man I felt like a fool. Again a good idea badly redone.
Only Jeff Bridges does a great job as the cowboy but yet cannot save this. Save for Netflix
just for Jeff performance. And no fault to Reynolds, he just looks plain lost.

Turbo - 3: The little snail that tried. It has to be me. DM2 spoiled me. Those Damn Minions!
It kinds of perform on the other animation this past May, Epic. Great Graphics and animation.
But the story kind of dragged. But still good for the kiddies and the voice actors were good.
But if you don't connect the voices to the actors by reading the credits on IMDB it really
doesn't make a difference. It just comes of as weak. But still better than......

Grown Ups - 1: All these talent and comes down to fart jokes and other stupid 5 yr old antics.
1 is for the poor actresses who can actually walk away from this without hurting their reputation.
So it made money. So what. It's going to stop all these actors from going back to sitcom hell.
And gentlemen, please stay there, you guys are just not worth the ticket price and....

Congratlations! you made my top 10 worst crap films of the year.
man that felt good.........

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Batman Saves The Day Again

See what happens when IM3 and Batman crosses over the $1Billion mark and the most
iconic Superhero of all time barely crosses the $600 mark. Who you gonna call?
Gang Buster himself Batman to save the franchise just to get the Justice League off the ground.
That's what happens when those Minions will be the 2nd biggest picture of this year leaving Sups
in third place. How embarrassing. Now they are trying to save safe. And this happen last time.
More details on what happen on the last show will be address on the Premiere this week on BTR.
So what did that "S" stand for? Sups Shitty Script?

All in all pathetic. Pure act of desperation and considering Legendary Pictures leaving the fold,
the company that help produce these pictures, it's no wonder they have to strike as fast as
possible to save this mess. That's what they get for not supporting Pacific Rim especially when
Legendary Pictures flip most of the bill and Warner's screw up the marketing for that one.

Good news is that PR is soon crossing the $200M mark and we still have some major
foreign markets to open like China and especially Japan which is made for this.

All this and more on the Premiere show. Why did I wait so long. I wanted to make sure
I went back to my roots live on MNN. Now I can go ahead on the other projects as promised.

Thanks to all for your patience.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

We went live today at MNN

Thanks to all for watching if you stopped by. The show will be duped later on this week and will
be available to see on my You Tube Channel. MNN does not supply repeats automatically unless
its programmed into my time slot when I do not go live. More Details to follow on the BTR that
will premiered this week as I want to do my grass roots of over 20 years then start premiere all
the other projects as promised.

Blog Talk Show will premiere as a pretape show just to have one in the library.
Again all details will be unveiled this week on this blog.
Thanks to you for watching.

Friday, July 19, 2013

A Crazy Box Office Weekend.

Everyone is going to bury each other, hopefully Turbo will lead just for having
Michelle Rodriquez in the cast, it adds a certain charm. So the Snail it is for me.
We all love Jeff Bridges who was nominated for Best Actor in Starman so he's
no stranger to sci-fi even after Iron Man. But the studio put crap into promoting this.
Already Red 2 is bad reviews thanks to Rotten Tomatoes but Willis has his fans.
But the big one is "Conjuring" which got a whooping 84% on Rotten Tomatoes. 
As for me I'm done with these horror, there hasn't been a good one all year.
Well at least this will  push Sandler and the rest to the bottom of the top 10.
Sandler never got he's No. 1. Adam would say "haw haw haw"

But what the fans are waiting for is how Pacific Rim will do at the international B.O.
The film is being pushed out slowly to different markets for the next couple of weeks.
If Battleship can make over $300M then PR should have no problem breaking even.

Reminder: I will be going live on TV tomorrow, Saturday July 20 at 5pm on:
Click on no. 2 Lifestyle channel or just look for the Videoland Express and
it take you to that channel full screen.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Emmy Nominations with a lot of surprises.

No Dexter or True Blood nods? But mostly Cable shows got nods even Netflix got nods!
Both Matt Damon and Micheal Douglas got nods for Best Actor. Excellent picture
which deserves all the nods it got and both these actors deserved to win but they
might cancel each other on winning night. This picture got released in Europe but not here.

Yo, Hollywood are you listening to this? All top notch movies, actors, subjects are going here.
And what you give us, sequels, prequels, reboots, rehash, recrap etc...
and you wonder why only a few pictures are crossing over $100M at the boxoffice.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Best Monsters of All Time

I do question some of these but I loved the idea that Pacific Rim made the list.
What would your best monsters that you grew up with should be on this list.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Del Toro Future Projects

This article explains a lot. Bu he does mention Ray Harryhausen, one of his idols, and one of our topics
in the next couple of shows as we will pay tribute to him.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Back Live on MNN.ORG

I officially start my new year Live on this coming Saturday at 5 pm.
This will celebrate over 20 years on the air at MNN studios.

For those not in the tri-state area of New York there are 2 ways to see the show
in you area:

   This will take directly to the show at 5pm.

    click on one of the 4 channels that says Videoland Express at 5pm
    and that will take you to that live feed of the show.

The website will be updated later this week to reflec the new changes.

Note: Our season premiere on Blog Talk Radio will be recorded this week and
posted before the end of the week as this will have to go up before our live show on Saturday.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Read the comments from this website. A lot of good opinions on how people view this.
Also on my other blogs P.R. finished 3rd. That's quite OK. For something original
 it a decent almost $40M. Hell never mind that , How the hell did a MINION BEAT
A SANDLER comedy.. ?1?!

Yo Sandler, a Minion repeat performance took you out of the No. 1 spot...

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pacific Rim Mini Review

4 out of 5.
Del Toro has done his best so far. Everything Anime that you grew up with is in here.
And yes every penny is on that screen. A fan boys dream to share with everyone.
For 2 and a half hours this went by pretty quick. The action was top notch.. Great camera work.
You can see all the fights, even under water as the lighting was top notch. You can see the details on both
the robots and the monsters even through all the rain when the action was above ground.
I have no idea what screening the critics went to, but they sure missed something.

My only complaint is they could had more of the fight scenes during the day. Some it was presented as televised news. Maybe in the next one if does great internationally. It worked for Transformers and those stories sucked big time.

Mini Spoiler on the opening: As in the trailer there's a big underwriter fight (one of the a few)
that last for 15 minutes then the Main Title appears. And goes straight into the movie. All the credits are
left for the end which are damn long like many of today's flix. If want to stick around for the credits  I suggest a bathroom break before the Big Fight and is the Highlight of the movie. Yep the ship as a baseball bat sequence as in the trailer. That enough will make me get this on Blu-ray just for that. That's Appx 1 Hour into the movie when more characters are introduce.

Well that's it. Enjoy the movie for the weekend. Hopefully I will have that premiere for this week as I cancelled it for Men of Steel as that minaly suck if it wasn't for Krypton part and for Crowe.
WE are also working on a Hangout on our Godzilla community page. More news on Sunday and Monday.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Pacific Rim Predictions

Regardless how this does in the U.S. this will be huge overseas especially Russia, China and of course Japan. They love their robots and in Asia big monsters always do great.
What ever Grown Ups 2 does it doesn't matter crap where Sandler never makes over $100M overseas.
He needs that US money. Then its a done deal.

Despicable Me has cleaned up both US and International Box Office which leaves The Long Ranger.
While Europe does have a tradition of loving their westerns they genre has been mostly underground
and Depp in makeup is getting really tiring.

And The Winner is....Pacific Rim
What ever it earns in the U.S. this will be huge overseas with no competition. It will break even both
for marketing and its original budget. How much of a profit remains to be seen. But this won't be the
failure that the tracking Department predicted. They should have kept in eye on Lone Ranger instead.
Variety Magazine did a full spead on Bruckheirmer and The Lone Ranger predicting it's big success.
Now it looks like a parody of "Mad Magazine"

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Atlantic Rim - The Knock Off

Pacific Rim rip off. See the credits then the Reviews when scrolling down. The only thing I can say that
the film action mostly takes place in daytime. With no budget these should have been filmed at night time.

I give this a 1 out of 5 as the last sequence takes place in my backyard at the Brooklyn Bridge, NYC.
Check out the pictures to compare the pictures and where I live at. Nice touch, that's about it.

PS The bridge is under repair hence the bandages, lol. For the movie CG was applied.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

RobotJox The Movie

Before Pacific Rim and Transformers there was this. Made by Charles Band, founder of Full Moon Entertainment. Stop Motion effects by David Allen who did the effects for The Puppet Master series and did  quick scene for The Howling but was cut out at the last minute. He has since been gone but left a legacy in the tradition of the stop motion animation.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Mini reviews

Some reviews from the past few weeks: From 1 to 5 being best:

Despicable Me 2: 4 - Well not as funny as the first still cute, adorable and those Minions deserve their own movie.

Lone Ranger: 1 - The western that set the Genre back 200 years back. And these are the guys that made Rango? Congratulations this has made my all time shit list for the year of 2013.

The Heat: 2 - So disappointing with these 2 ladies. The script failed them. Even their talents couldn't save this.

White House Down: 2 - Only because it was better than Die Hard X and Olympus Has Fallen.
I actually laugh with this one and at it it was so absurd. Did have some funny moments and you can tell
they spent $150M on the budget. Next time spend a few bucks on the script.

Again these are quickies as I explain in length on the show. And yes, the show was recorded and thanks
to Windows 8 I have to record the show again. But it will premiere but Pacific Rim.

Special Thanks": To Microsoft for making Windows 8. The worst fucking program on the planet.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Clear Box Office for Pacific Rim

With Lone Ranger out of the way, this should do good at the Box Office regardless
of Adam Sandler and Grown Ups 2. Even if Sandler does OK he never clears $100M
in foriegn sales overseas. PAcific Rim has that in it's corner.

I reposted this article from week thanks to AFI.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Hope everyone had a great 4th July Weekend.

Back in my hometown on 4th July weekend and getting ready with a brand new season on the shows I'm producing.  All details coming this week.
You are looking at Fulton St. looking down to the new World Trade Center. A corner of my life for over 30 years.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Cameron disapproves 3D Movies

I'm sick of this 3D craze, how about making a good movie instead? 3D works great with animation bringing us closer to those characters like those adorable Minions even then they don't need because the stories are good enough as they are.

Pacific Rim will be the exception as Del Toro and Cameron are best of friends. In a biography about
Cameron it stated Del Toro had a big family emergency and Cameron was there by his side who both were introduced to each other by Ron Pearlman. So even the credits don't mention Cameron you know he's in tha
background somewhere.

The only other film that should have gotten the 3D treatment is Star Wars 4: New Hope. But we got
screwed on that one with Phantom Menace getting the treatment instead.

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Only foriegn sales is going to save the Ranger, maybe...

Some showdown, Depp gets his ass kicked by a bunch of minions, now that's funny.
And thanks to Bruckhiemer for sending the western genre back a hundred years.
Well there's always cable

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Lone Ranger Not Looking Good...Update

Despicable Me 2 75% to Lone Ranger 25%..

Ouch ! As said before I love westerns but why did this cost over $200M and why does it clock in at 2 and half hours?
I loved Despicable Me 1 and I'm predicting after the big rush for LR which fans of Depp will support That will crash by the end of the 4th of July weekend and DM2 will win. only because of Depp that
DM2 will win the weekend.
If not than DM2 will be a close second. But it should not be a close second.
If you have Star Depp, Director Gore, Producer Bruckheimer who have done great with the Pirates Franchise this should leave all competition in the dust
Sorry I'm going for the Minions. People want to laugh have fun and not surfer thru a 2 hr 30m movie.
90 minutes is good enough for me. Look at Monsters University.

Monday, July 01, 2013

New Pacific Rim Article by AFI

click on the cover to get the cover story (its a cool looking cover) OR click below to the article directly.

Also couple of good articles for you to click on:
My opening statement with "Casablanca" with no good ending to the script aka
a changed third act ending with WWZ. This will open the show.

Also a 3 minute video from Leonard Martin on the 80th anniversary of King Kong: The one that started it all.