Thursday, July 28, 2016

Bourne Vs Trek At The Box Office

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Note: This blog will be extended for the weekend. Notice Damon pic below the links on the set of Bourne 3.

"Sequel Fatigue" No shit. Now they're finally listening. And getting their due. Really what did they expect? Nothing lasts forever, lol.

With mixed reviews and the audience getting tired of sequels will it beat Trek for the No. 1 spot. While trek does have great reviews it is still behind with the numbers compared to Trek 2 Darkness.
While I like the Bourne series and Met Damon on the set of Bourne (last one) and was very nice I still have to behind Trek. Ain't that what Trekkies do? lol.
They talk about the writing process and why the first meeting took 16 hours! to bring ideas to the table. Guess which one didn't go over well. Yep blowing up the enterprise in the first half of the movie.
Riding on the tails of the Bourne movie in case this tanks? And yet another movie filmed in China. It will be just a matter of time when that country takes over Hollywood as a major source for movies.
Holy Blu-ray Batman! One of the biggest debut sellers of all time. Not bad at all. Right behind Star Wars Force which is the all time champ. Sorry but the first half film is still bloated and now it takes forever to get to the better second half. More on the radio and live show.
Interesting look on being on an actual set filming a scene. Cool 10 minute video even tho the hand near the hand on the lenses was annoying, lol. Now you know what I see when I worked on these shows & movies.

This was taken at The South Sreet Seaport on the set of Bourne 3 the end of the chase scene. Which was filmed during the winter but above was filmed during April spring as the scene was completed on time. Look carefully at the scene at the very end he shoots the guy in the car, there is no snow in the scene while through out the chase there's snow all over. More on the radio show.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Star Trek Beyond Wins Big

This is a special edition posted Sunday and updated today. A new blog will be posted tomorrow.

This is their take from comic con.
And this has the hits and misses from the con.
Trek did better than expected but deserves to do better as I thought it was better than the first two.
Anyways Pets won again for No. 2 while the other animation Ice Age did horrible. Time for the franchise to go to Disney channel. And it's pretty much over for Ghostbusters landing at No. 3 for the Second Weekend? Ouch. What a shame, I thought the women did a great job. At least It was better than GB No. 2 with the original cast. Wow that sucked!
More on a new Radio coming before Live on MNN next Saturday.
Whatever. We all know who stole the show was Wonder Woman. And the trailer looked so cool. This has to work. Maybe DC has a chance. Still haven't see seen the Directors cut  but I did see the bonus features, good stuff. More on the next radio this week
Areal life size Enterprise in Vegas? If you read the article the one in charge didn't think this would work but flash forward they have a Vegas presentation and now  a ST:TNG exhibit at NYC Intrepid Museum. DOH!
Just some fun stuff to check out. Just in cast you want to know how to say Beam Me Up in Japanese.
Cool one minute video. More  to say on the radio show.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Star Trek Beyond Big Weekend

New Mini-review Radio show now playing. Tomorrow a special edition of this blog will be posted due to heavy workload on Monday. Trek 5 out 5, Pets - 4, Green Room (with Yelkin and Patrick Stewart, 3 out of 5) Ghostbusters -3, Ice Age -2, this franchise needs to retire.  More on the Radio show coming very soon.
Trek deserves better. They finally got it right. Great writing  with some clever plot twists ! How wonder the trailer sucked. They couldn't show anything. But there's a new trailer that shows has a big spoiler, try to avoid it if you can. Because that is the big reveal so it's a big spoiler.
5 out of 5. So much to say but can't without spoiling anything. But lots of nudge nudge wink wink to the tv and the original cast movies (Shatner, Nimoy, not TNG) with one to hold back the tears.
Only complaint is some of the camera moves by Lin as it got me a little dizzy at points but it was essential for some of the scenes involving the Enterprise. But Link does pull a rabbit out of the hat and has a Fast & the Furious stunt near the end of the movie. See if you can tell what it is. (Hint:FF6)
Note: Stay for the end credits that shows different planets while Micheal music play in the background. The fade to black. Tribute to Nimoy and Yelchin plays out. Then fade to black again.
Normal credits play while Rhianna song plays.  I never saw a place clear out that fast in my life. You go girl. LOL.
$60M is a good opener considering the lame trailers, the Sulu thing and that friggin song. It won't open big like that last one with $75 but at least it won't be DOA in a week or so like so many other movies this summer. It won't have to worry about Ghostbusters since that's tanking thanks to the Pets movie and Ice Age is getting really bad reviews. Yep to boldly to indeed, especially with another sequel announced this week. Review coming this Saturday.
Well this is kind of sad for a premiere but at least both Yelchin and Nimoy get the respect they deserve. But at least J.J. won't be replacing Chekov in future movies. Just let it be and remember that Trek animation the Chekov character was replace with an alien anyway. So that would fit.
Wow what a slap in the face and trying to save the franchise with a tv show. No shame. Like anyone is asking for this. These did lousy overseas so why did they bother. Well something else for me not to waste my time to see. So that's a good thing, hee hee.
It took them that long to get this back on the air especially since the Superhero craze hit so many yeats ago. Same with Pixar with The Incredibles. I mean wake up suits. No craze lasts forever.
Shame that Patrick Warburton is not back as the main character. He really added something to the role.
I grew up with Marshall tv show like Happy Days and Mork & Minday among other shows along with films like Pretty Woman. But his last films were kind of hard to put up with especially with the Holiday Trilogy which includes Mothers Day. (2 out of 5) All that talent and it added up to so little.
But there's no denying his earlier work is legend of course.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Those Pets Win Again

New Radio show coming this week covering Star Wars that we didn't cover on the MNN show which is posted below as a bonus.
Did anyone notice there was hardly any mention of all those reshoots not being mentioned?
And I still have a problem with that poster. It just reminded of Gilligan's Island with those damn palm trees. But hell whatever works and still looking forward to it. Especially those AT-At, one of my favorite from the franchise. But is a Funeral for Han solo necessary?
Bullshit. Sony is trying to save face from the fact that this is not doing good. Pets won or first place and Trek is getting great reviews (man am I glad on that one) and Bourne is up next. This will never catch up and that thing with China didn't help. Note: Remember when Green Lantern was release to a lousy opening weekend and the studio was trying to drum up business by saying it's going ahead with a sequel. Same ploy here. They even repeated an Ellen episode featuring Hillary Clinton and the Ghostbuster girls. Man, Sony is trying hard. And with all the news with Star Wars and Trek this weekend it's lucky it made as much as it did.
Of course this annoucement didn't help the Ghostbuster cause at all. Of course Sony had to say something after Trek did. Now that's funny. Man the desperation. But for us Trekkers/trekkies this is great news. Of course I was bitching last week thanks to that damn trailer and song but damn we want this to work so bad. So far no Pegg as Writer and Lin as director but if this goes thru the roof they'll be the first one to be offered the job.
Translation: This will even be easier for bit torrent sites to post this once it goes to Netflix.
Yep all access indeed. hee hee.

Our latest show from this past weekend. Star Wars talk is near the end. And premiere of the music site.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Pets Vs. Ghostbusters Weekend

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Saturday Update:
But Pets should win the weekend. But will Ghostbusters have legs and repeats? Not with the good reviews on Star Trek and Bourne around the corner wither way it don't look good for the franchise.
For you Ghostbuster fans of the original. Some great behind the scenes info ont he making of the film. I wonder how John Belushi would have looked in this.
Includes Live stream from the London Con. Read the 4th paragraph. Moaned? Nope it was more like: WTF! Less than 5 minutes screen time still kind of pisses me off.

It's going to be tight between these two considering reviews of  Ghostbusters have not been that bad. Actually Ghostbusters needs to be gangbusters more than anything else if they want a franchise out o it. See what happen below.
This picture is so screwed. This has to be huge stateside (maybe) and do great in the european market. Remember both Japan and India nixed STar Wars a heavy SFX driven movie. So who knows.
This is more of marketing pushing this idea than anything else no matter who they have in thier pocket. The only reason this would make that much is there's no competition and fans themselves are looking forward to this DC title after the disappointment of BvsS.
Looks like fun but are people looking forward to seeing this after all these other sequels have tanked. How many times can you tell this story anyways?

Monday, July 11, 2016

Pets Rule The Box Office

I ain't afraid of no Ghosts, bring it on !

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Tuesday Update:
Translation: X-Men Apocalypse didn't even clear $600M so lets have a back up. And all comments on the internet say the aame thing: Agents of shield sucked and like this is going to be better? I agree, another desperate move to keep a franchise going.
Is it me or does the costume look a bit cheesy. But who cares. If they can finally get this right that would be good enough for us die hards. Well can it be any worse than F4.
4 second video but still funny. For an actor who has been nominated so many times for Oscars, Golden Globes, Baftas and so many other, it's great to see him having a good sense of humor doing this.
When Variety magazine reports this then it's a big deal. This is how serious Universal is about their Monster franchise. Interesting casting even tho Bardem was a bit of a freak in 007 Skyfall.
Huge $103M opening. Not even the studios saw this coming. So much for the expects, again.
Now this is the film that Ghostbusters should be afraid of, never those ghosts. Actually the reviews are coming in and it doesn't look good for the ladies. In the meantime Dory has taken out Civil War for the big win of the year which will last until Star Wars Rogue One comes out at the end of the year. Let's face it, the rest of the year is going to be one lame duck. And final note, Dory has taken out Toy Story 3. Wow animation is ruling and most others are tanking. What a year.
Really? Not if China has a say so. They got their own ghosts stories. And this is what this franchise needs, China. REviews are in and while they say the picture is not that bad will it have repeats? No. Are people going to scream for more Sequels? Prob not. What arrogance. Ghosts beating cute little white bunnies and a blue fish, both who came first and second. Let's see. I love these girls but remember Grown Us 2? All those comedians and I laughed once.

Slow news day, more to be posted later on tonight.

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Pets Will Rule The Box Office

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Saturday Update:
$96 MIllion??? Wow nobody saw that coming. By the makers of Despicable Me and Minions. Daddy's proud. By the way, Mike and Dave need box office. Wedding Dates? Dumb friggin title.
With Dory killing the competition on 4th of July weekend that has pretty much run it's course. So of course Pets will do huge. Even tho Tarzan did better than expected that was a one shot deal. Everyone else is going to go including Trek, Bourne, Ice Age until we get to Suicide Squad. Will that be the big surprise of the summer aka Deadpool back in winter. And as mentioned on our live show, guess that big giant thing is getting worn out fast as both the Alien Queen and BFG did horrible at the box office.
Mini Review: The BFG: 3 out of 5. Regardless of reviews (aka IMDB) the biggest problem was the length of the film. This should have been no more than 80 minutes long. It dragged on way to long with a snail pace that put it dead in it's track. Other than that it had Speilberg doing his magic from the 1980's, low key charm, Good CGI, etc. Again waaaaay too long for it's own good.

Catching up news:
A little late with this  news but look at this list. Shame if the movie really does blah this summer.
Lame trailers, Blowing up the Enterprise, Spock and Uhura (let it go already), introduction of another species (guess their short on that), Sulu is gay bla bla bla and that damn song! Another 007 theme that does not match the movie. Shame they can't sue over song titles or Peter Gabriel would be rich. (10x better song by the way).
No if Cameron has his way but he gets away with it. There's no reason for this to cost a fortune. Just bad business all around.
Read the comments on this: My favorite when you scroll down: When did Green Screens get expensive? LOL.
Out of all places, lol. But it makes sense since the character comes there. Hey I was born there so that makes it pretty cool to be shared a birth place with a superhero. A damn good one at that too.
Cool, and if that works out then give hi the damn movie. You can get a lot worst to direct, remember Green Lantern?. And it keeps Smith from making those awful horror movies. That Walrus movie, uugh.

Updated Bonus:
Wow whose idea was this? ID2 tanked and BFG bombed. So let's make another Alien attack movie with the director of giants with the same storyline from another alien 2005 flick which I hated. Hollywood doesn't get it does it? This one boogles the mind.
Now this one bites. Takei rejects this idea from Simon Pegg himself. They sure didn't expect his negative reaction. Even tho it's a different timeline it just smacks as an angle for the film. What gets me is Pegg is the ultimate fanboy for liking both Star Trek and Star Wars. Even I say those quotes on the shows which pisses of die hards of both franchises. But this one is a head scratcher. I hope Pegg knows what's he doing. Talk about Fanboy check out his movie "Paul" alien movie with Seth Rogen doing the voice of the alien. With a Spielberg cameo voice over to boot.

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Finding Dory Wins July 4th Weekend

Live on MNN video posted below links. Radio show: July Preview now playing. New one later this week.
Check out this video with the top 5 countdown with trivia. Cool stuff. And Tarzan wasn't so bad after all. Yep it was a date movie for me after all. I figure, what the heck, apes kicking ass, yeah let me get drag to this. While it had a lot going for it the thing that bothered with me was those damn flashbacks, way to many and the apes did look a little cheesy. 3 out of 5. More on the radio show.
More excuses on the poor performances of these movies. This one is simple no matter how many excuses you can come up with: "What the fck is a B.F.G.?" Enough said.
How can they make this a series. Every week the Warriors are being chased by a different gang?
I grew up with that movie and it is a cult favorite for everyone who grew up in that time period but for a tv series? But considering who is behind this I'm all for it. It should be fun to see how they pull this off.
Shatner leading an all star cast for the 50th Anniversary. Hopefully the movie won't be so bad to celebrate this. But damn those trailers are so bad. Either way I wish could make this event. Well we still have out NY date in September.