Sunday, December 15, 2013

A tribute to Peter O'Toole

A mini tribute to Peter O'Toole. A favorite actor of mine:
My top 5:
Lawrence of Arabia - He should have won an Oscar
Murphy's War - Cool revenge story
Zuly Dawn - The prequel to Zulu 1964 with Micheal Caine, one of his roles.
Caligula - So over the top you gotta see it. See the edited verson instead.
My Favorite Year - His funniest comedy.

Honorable mentions:
Beckett - Oscar nod
Casino Royale - Cameo as Scottish Piper!
Troy - Back to his classic style
Goodbye Mr. Chips - One of his funnier movies
Ratatouille - Funny as the food critic

Trivia: He was in Stardust which also starred Henry Cavill who went on to do Man of Steel.
Toole himself did Supergirl. Less said the better, lol.

And the funny side of 0'Toole, I posted these videos yesterday on "To Catch a Movie" community page.

The above has a part 2 which is available after the video ends.

Below has a story told by his great friend Richard Harris.
He tells a few stories, for O'Toole move forward to 10:30 minutes.

Trying to find the story of O'Toole, Harris and Richard Burton at a London Stage all boozed up.
It was on one of the talk shows as told by Harris. Anyone remember that?

All this will be included on the Big Mish Mash show this week, hence why I postponed.

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