Friday, December 20, 2013

New Show Tomorrow on MNN at 5 PM, EST

New show tomorrow on MNN at 5 pm, EST. We will be having one more live show on January 11 which will cover the best and worst of the year.

Next week will be test beds for the preview show for Talk Shoe Radio. Scroll down and look for our new widget for that on the right hand side after the BTR widgets.

And of course the Big Mish Mash along with our End of Year  Special along with that Godzilla Special will happen for 2014 kicks in. Full details coming this Monday.
If you scroll down the Home Page you will see the links to all of our Radio Shows as the web server I'm using is not recognizing the Radio page. Something that's out of my hands for now.
They are also on the News Page and you can see them there.
Funny thing most of use agree these movies sucked. Too many to mentioned. What do you think?
Old article of Princess Leia on the beach. Figured what the hell.
Everything on this site is on my Xmas list. Watch Santa look the other way.
And yes I like building models and puzzles and things of that sort. It's great for meditation.

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