Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Gotham Preview Special Edition

The Police Precinct, on the set of Gotham. More on the Live Show when it premieres in October.
More photos below in the bonus section. Repeat of Live on MNN this Saturday.

Now this is more like it even that story of [passing the baton to a young 18 reeks aka Star Wars:TFW but heck that worked out pretty good. over $1B pretty good, lol. So why not, the original gang is back, something TFW did screw up on, and thats what counts.

Well it looks like they tying in to the first Noland film with Scarcrow and Ghul making their debuts in this season. (yes Ghul made a cameo in the last ep last season).

So Lawrence has another dud on her resume. Gee I thought she was a powerhouse at the box office. Well so much for an overpaid paycheck. But what gets to me is how "IT" is killing it at the B.O..
Man I was bored like hell. So overrated. Still prefer the Time Curry version. Yeah the sfx was poor but at least it was not overkill like the new version.

Now this is what we are talking about. Superman with dark issue means a very boring superhero.
Actually why Vaughn isn't hired for thenext Bond movie is beyond me. He be perfect. But in the meantime he be perfect for directing Sups.

They couldn't do this the first time around when the released the big steel box set a few years ago?
Another double dip. Well most of that material can be seen on YT anyways but I do have to admit it would be nice to see it in on one big showcase.

The Live on MNN show was suppose to be in repeats but apparently some people didn't get the memo and it went live, some were pissed off that I wasn't there, lol. Glad to know you support the show and care.
Below are some pix of Gotham on location near where I live at City Hall. This was a day I was not working on a show so I was free to take pics. I did three days on Gotham last week and was not allowed to take pics on the set. Somebody did take a video on the first day and after posting it hell broke lose. Hence the warning do not take pics/video on the set.
The main photo above I was allowed to take a pic as that set was used for holding the backgrond actors to rest and no filming was done there. That is the Police Precinct on Stage 9, since it wasn't used most of the lights wee shut off hence why it was kind of dark.
The experience? One of the best shows I worked on beside the fact it was also one of the longest shoots per day as the last day (Friday) I clocked in over 16 hours. Worth it ! as I got to work with The Riddler, most of the girls and a surprise guest. Signed a waiver that I can't talk about the scenes but when the show premieres, EP 7, in November, then I will talk about it on the Live show.

Note: Look at that very small sign in yellow exactly in the middle on. the floor. Ok now look up at the guy in the white shirt: Jim Gorden folks lol.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

JJ Is Back For Star Wars 9

This weeks blog is short as my workload on Gotham is longer than I thought. Those hours.....
Live on MNN will be back in October for our Halloween Special.

Will someone make up their mind? Actually JJ should have directed all three. Not that the first one was great, the script was also blame on that one. But he did direct in real time instead of Lucas depending on blue screen for everything. And  JJ is also a writer so this should be in good hands finally.

Well there you have it. The highest paid female director and she gets a backend deal to top it off!
And I'm glad they are not playing musical chairs with that position. Warners finally got something right, not counting the Nolan's Batman Trilogy.

Kind of weak but it does include the original theme and it has NO Singing...
"It's been a long time...." ugghhh how wonder the show got cancel. Same for ST Beyond with Rhianna song at the end. Again...No Singing!

Yo Liam, take the money! You earn it! Oscar nominated and all. Hey you got stuntmen, quick editing, and CG to cover up those aching bones. Hell you got Rockers at 70 all over the stage. Sir Paul, Sir Mick, Bob Seger and they on the stage for 2 hours plus and nobody covers their ass!

I got a beef with this list but I'll make it short cause only one Superhero movie made the list. WTF!
Snow White was a cartoon, Mary Poppins also had had a cartoon sequence, King Kong '75 was a guy in a suit (not that's a bad thing) and that blue screen was awful at the end, Jaws was a robotic shark (looked great tho), 300 had massive overkill with the blue screen...
SO only Superman '78 made the cut. How about the first Avengers movie. That didn't bring it up a level or two?

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Bond For Sale

Live on MNN will be doing repeats on MNN until sometime in October with new shows.
Also included in the Bonus section is a screen shot of my cameo on HBO's The Deuce.

Now this is funny, Disney stocks actually drops after the announcement and Netflix rises after losing Disney & Marvel. Again once Netflix put in its bid to own a franchise aka Bond, all eyes are on them. Not another company starting its own streaming. How many of these are we going to subscribe to anyways.
Wow, it's amazing how greed can make things run amok. Not only the franchise but all the spinoffs, tv, and everything they can get their grubby little hands on. Bond should be only the big screen. Remember they did a b & w pilot and that was not the place for it. It's on Youtube by the way.

Well she joins Batman and The Avengers, no small feat that's for sure. But there real be a backlash when Justice League. While the hype of having WW in the film will help the boxoffice clean up but will it last all the months like WW if th fans cry foul and the films sucks there go the repeats and fall short aka BvsS which should have crossed the $1B mark.

Great Q & A on Star Wara. My take, Disney is obviously a control freak on its properties. But also management really don't know how to handle these franchises. Look at Affleck. His gangster film tanked and lost the directors gig for Batman. That Bookk of Henry (didn't see it) really burn Trevorrows and now here's out. And let's not start with Zack, lol.

There's going to be a No. 5? Ford is just too old. Never mind about Shia. Just get a up and coming actor if they want to continue or retire it all together. Of course Hollywood is in denial. So much for that.

Well that takes a lot of guts and it is funny. Either way I like to him direct another Kong feature or something with the GZ/KK franchise.

Bonus: Guess who made the final cut on HBO The Deuce. As mentioned on our last show, the word was some of us were edited out. As it turns out I'm in 4 scenes in the pilot episode. For those who haven't seen it this all take place at the 50-60 minute mark. And too think I Waited 2 years for this.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

End Of Summer Wrapup

Live on MNN now playing on Youtube. This last show will be repeated thru September on MNN.
OK boys and girls: Today's pass word is "Clue" as "They don't have a friggin clue"

Wow worse than we thought. Amc theatres lost 45% and Regal lost 28% attendance. If I was working with any of these chains I'll be looking for a new job. Yikes, talk about the writing on the wall.

Adn the numbers are still going down the tubes compare to the past. The whole spectrum is changing and Hollywood refuses to listen. Aren't they watching Game of Thornes. Now those are numbers.

Other details on what is happening at the Box Office. It's pretty obvious that not only the studio doesn't have a clue but when they do get a hint that something is wrong they are in denial. Great management.

Adn they wonder why the Movie Experience is dying a slow death. So many options and built in stay home audiences it's no wonder that Studios still don't have a clue.

Another bad decision. This is so sad in desperation that their trying to catching up with Marvel. Now that they got that Wonder Woman they think they can't fail. This is even worse with their arrogance and killing DC as it is.

As mentioned on the Live show, this just reeks of desperation. But I could see this on the cartoon network or Disney channel on cable. But on the big screen? Really?

They are really pushing this aren't they. Guess they afford to fall flat on thier face if this tanks. But lets face, fans like me will tune in, give it shot but will we take it for a few years. Remember Enterprise tanked after 4 years. While I love the cast and the SFX is greater than ever will that be enough?

Who cares. Just make a good Bond to make up for the last one. That whole thing stunk. And one of the worse thing was the song which got an Oscar. Not even the British recognized that song!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Wonder Woman: The Big Summer Winner

New Live on MNN this Saturday. This will be the last show of the summer. Promise. lol

New Update:
Wow, kind of mean ain't it. I like the last paragraph about the "5 time married" Cameron. Funny.

This is a really bad idea. And it doesn't matter who's behind this. Jared Leto was totally miscast and made a poor Joker. Hence why his part was cut. Let's face it the best part of Squad was Harley Quinn.

What abummer. No actor wants to be cut from a film. But then again here was another wasted part.
Problem is this movie has been cut to smithereens who knows what we are going to get.

So these pictures are interacting with each other which is kind of cool. But now we know that Kong was still growing in Skull Island, he can match up with Godzilla in size. Man that's huge.

These guys are close to the $1B mark. Even took the studio by surprise. Yet we are getting another DM$ and Minions. If I was one the fimmakers on this I'd be thinking or retirement in a few years, lol.

The one picture nobody predicted for her own solo movie. And as far as the numbers go, mega titles have fallen short aka BvsS which should have crossed the $1B mark and fell short. But if anything it puts pressure on future releases for DC. Both Bats and Justice are sitting ducks now. And only DC has itself to blame.

A legend that I grew up with on TV. My favorite was The FamilyJewels in which he played mutiple chracters all related to one another. Why this was never remade is beyond me. But Eddie Murphy was smart in picking the Nutty Professor. A great remake of a classic. Something very rare nowadays.

My co-host Mark didn't see what the big deal was with this franchise and hated thelast one. Me on the other hand I was like BOSS! But never mind that. According to the article the only other franchise to compete is Shrek which is by Dreamworks. Long story short. Disney is Pissed cause they are out of the loop. And how did that happened? lol.

AS far as the original goes it was a draw. You see Kong swimming away leaving viewers thinking that Godzilla lost. But Godzilla is a sea creature to begin with, so he just swam away from the fight.
"Geez, I'm king of the monsters and I'm fighting an over size Gorilla? Really? I'm outta here."

Another one? Wasn't his background and family covered in the CloneWars already? And was anyone asking for this to begin with? Sign of desperation from Disney or are they just happy to milk the merchandising as much as they could?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

007 Bond is Back

One more Live show on Aug. 25 before we take a break in September. Latest show on YT.
New Godzilla talk in the bonus section below links. Movie reviews coming soon.

So finally the rumour is true. Here is my thing. No Mcgregor no deal. He is already playing a young Obi-wan, not the old hermit in the original Star Wars. And CG can fix his appearance anyways. Make thing is having another young actoris too distracting aka Han Solo movie. If Ron Howard was not at the helm fixing this, it would have tanked.

Finally he's made if official. Also it helped his 2 year contract for that series was put on hold until he does Bond so looks like he had no other choice. Look lets face it, its huge bucks. Who wouldn't do it? Lazenby (OHMSS) doesn't count. Funny he made this announcement on Colberts show and not any of the others as Colberts ratings are going thru the roof thanks to the politics going on in this country.

Guess who's not coming back, lol. Talk about pushing your own brother under a bus. Damn. The thing was if Afflecks gangster film was not a bust things would be different. Then comes Director Reeves who throws Afflecks script out the window after he boots Affleck out of the director's chair. Affleck was the best choice for a new solo Batman. He should leave and tell them good friggin luck. Lets not forget, Reeves Last Ape film tanked at the box office which earn less then the other films. Did the studio forget that? And that filmed sucked big time.

And talk about the studios need to wake up. This film is clearing over $700M in China ALONE!
AS mentioned in the article only 2 other films can claim clearing over $800 & $900 in the U.S. alone and that is Star Wars and Avatar. China is not fking around that's for sure.

Cruise, Deadpool, Walking Dead. For crying out loud, where's the safety concerns lately? Um doesn't seem right with all this going on. Just saying. Shame.

Stop the bitching. If Hollywood made better movies instead of depending on rehashing franchises this wouldn't happen. But we know this, how come the studios don't.

Bonus Section: Godzilla Talk
This can go so many different ways. My take is that the Oxygen Destroyer can actually meant for King G. He is to big for the trio of GZ, Rodan and Mothra to take on. Hint: leading to more sequels. And to think it's meant to kill GZ is kind of killing the franchise to begin with. Remember: Garth wanted Mechagodzilla to be next and took that walk. And we still have Kong and that Easter egg of Gamera.  There is too many in the canon not to be ignored for this new franchise.

Godzilla in the future . Ok studio copycats, how about Star Trek going into the future instead of backwards. Let Godzilla lead the way for that franchise is the way to go. It came up with the Monach angle and Universal Monsters is trying to do the same thing and that rumour about Bond characters getting their own solo pics. Thanks to Godzilla. So there.

Bonus 2:
Talk about missing the joke Mr. Sensitive. That's their angle. And like any movie there are mistakes that can't be helped but you still enjoy the movie.  I've been trashing crap for over 29 years and still working in this business. Wow lighten up dude. One of the highlights in the video "GAme over man" Funny!

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Games of Thrones Big Dragon Hit

Live on MNN this Saturday at 5pm for the summer. I included a new link for mnn.org.
just go to that page on the day of the show to see it on livestream.

Mini-reviews:1 to 5
Sharknado: 3; Yes silly and dumb but a lot more fun then most summer movies this year.
Emoji Movie: 2; where were the jokes? and not enough of Capt. Poop, the only reason to see it.
Atomic Blonde: 1; besides one or two fight scenes, it was just a total bore. no sequel please.
Kidnap: 3: Halle pulls it off to keep your attention even tho there was quite a few WTF?

The first actor to play Godzilla. My other favorite character he played was one of the Gargantuas in War of the Gargantuas along with King Kong Escapes and Frankenstein vs. Baragon. I met him once at a G-fan con. Very gracious and friendly. A meeting I will never forget.

Surprsingly Tower beats Dunkirk for the weekend but it won't even come close to getting the big International Box Office that Dunkirk is getting. Lets face it, most fans were watching  GOT and Sharknado instead of going to the cinama.

2 articles with different points on the making of the episode from the director. Just seeing the Dragon burn everything in site was a highlite of the show. Took long enough to get to the end tho.

They cover a lot so I decided to include both of them. Heck the episode earned it. Dragons!!!'

Banana ! or just thisis nuts! who figured but those little guys did me proud. And at least shut out Shrek as the biggest animantion money maker. Man I hated that franchise. So overrated.

It's easy to compare the saleries due to the properties, but one is cable and the other is cinema and at the end it's who gets the better back (extra goodies) end is the one who really is the winner.

While this is getting to be tired news, the idea of remaking On Her Secret Majestrys Secret Service sounds great. As that is the only Bond film to feature a One Shot Actor in the role. So at least it can be part of the Craig franchise. Wasn't Spectre a low key remake of You OnlyLive Twice and a bad one at that.

All those writers and the best they could come up with was that train wreck. Actually after the failure it was decided that plan didn't work out. They should of hired that monkey and his typewriter.

A blown opportunity. At least Campbell had final laugh with is own Ash series. Both the Freddy and Friday reboots failed big time. And again theyare going ahead with those Chainsaw and Halloween franchises this October. They just don't learn.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Wonder Woman For The Oscar?

New Live On MNN now playing on You Tube. One more show for the summer and that's it until September which will be one show per month for the rest of the year.

Another one to see in the theatres. While this trend is picking up speed with these re-releases aka TErminator, Close Encounters, etc at least theyare putting classics that are meant to be seen on the big screen. And another way for the studios to fill those empty seats after this years disasters of sequel, reboots etc. I saw Blazing Saddles last year and brought back memories of having a gret crowd laughing along to an old classic like when I saw it in my younger years. Watch Disney re-release Star Wars in 4K for more Kaching!

BAd idea. Does anyone remember a book written about 15 years ago that told this stroy already about Khan. But it was told from Kirks point of view. Barely remember it along with the title but it was about that.
There's a lot of books about Treks past they need to go into the future. Helloooooooo....

Already the Oscar push, this and Dunkirk. But remember this makes sense. Dark Knight got like 7 nominations the first time for a superhero movie so why not WW? Dunkirk is this generations Saving Private Ryan, amovie that deserved to win for Best Picture but lost to Shakespeare in Love. Remember that one? Yep the one with Ben Affleck. Wow that hurts.

Well that was close. Emoji was beating Dunkirk on last Friday. But that burned out quick. Even surprised it even had a chance after all those bad reviews. Nope didn't get to see that one yet.

There was actually a book about Khan stranded on the planet, and Kirk wanted to know what happen on that time period leading up to the Wrath. But then again here is another copy cat about exploring different points of the history of Trek aka Transformers, Universal Monsters, Bond etc..

Dunkirk proved to be a big success in Nolan's choice of filming in 70MM Imax hence in making close to $12M at Imax thetres. What they fail to mention that Transformers 4 was in filmed in 3D Imax and was a total trainwreck.

But it doesn't answer the question. Will it be in 3D now that Imax says its cutting back. See related article.

Yep another gimmick. Maybe for a Star Wars movie but I would rather go to an amusement park for my thrill rides.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Dunkirk No. 1, JL Costly Reshoots

New Live on MNN this coming Saturday. Previous show now playing on You tube.

Dunkirk: 4 out of 5: Nearly perfect except for some editing choices bur that's just me. Nolan and company will get Oscar nods all around. And that boy band kid to my surprise, can act!
Apes: 2 out of 5: Boring, too long, animal abuse, but Serkis still should get recognized for his work

More details on the reshoot process. Having Superman walking around with a moustache is funny as shit fro some reason. But how bad is it that they have to spend $25M to fix this? Then again they did the same with Rouge ONe and that turn out okay. If it's for the better no matter the cost then do it.

Would someone make up thier mind? Besides Jenkins people holding out for more money the real trick is will she ba able to make other DC films like the deal Snyder had. That's the main question.

While Dunkirk is the first Oscar contender so far this year, Valerian is this years biggest turkey for sure. This is going to need that foreign cash for sure to rescue this. Oh well.

If anyone saw our last show and my meltdown with these movies in the past 3 months, imagine what the studios are goin through trying to save their jobs. Bad lazy decisions is what happens.

Wow that's a lot of money for reshoots. Is is that bad that it needs reshoots? And that mustache is hysterical.

Finally we get the official sequel news. Director comes back and Gal hopefully gets a big paycheck.

More woman power. But the film itself will have a lot of new things from the MCU that we haven't seen yet that will keep it fresh. As far as fatigue goes Marvel is doing a great job with all that is happening

This is such a great photo that I had to post it. That's all, lol.

Guess he needs the paycheck. They turned down his Directing chops, got rid of the script he wrote and he came close to getting the boot. But when a studio gets rid of a top director just to be replaced by a even better director (you know the stories), an actor never knows when he can be easily replaced.

Well that was quick gig. Guess the the show really wants a clean slate with a new cast. But that trailer looks wicked. The first original Doctor with Capaldi. That's going to be a fun Xmas show.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Apes Win Over Spiderman

Blog posted late due to workload. New Live on MNN now playing on Youtube.

Both Dunkirk and Girls are doing better than expected. And Valerian tanking worse than they thought. Ouch. Co-host Mark saw Valerian and gave it a 1 out of 5. Enough said, lol.

While Apes should have taken a bigger cut of about $75 is not the news here. That Spidey lost over 60 percent is the news. Again sequel fatigue and it doens't help people got burn with the last Spidey.
What helps here is both will have a great box office overseas.

The first serious film of the summer and one that doesn't clock over 2 hours! Why all these movies so bloated to begin with? And Apes looks like another film not to stay at No. 1 for 2 weeks in a row. And of course there's that Nolan and the Oscar talk and that doesn't hurt at all. This will have legs as it won't have a huge opening but with no competition, A bubble Rhinna doesn't help matters, this will play out thru August.

So while they started introducing new villians and Vulture finally made it to the big screen where are the iconic ones like Mysterio (who almost made it even they did Raimis; number 4, and Kraven the Hunter? At least there's no mention of Goblin. That's enough of that.

Interesting interview on Besson. While I love his films and this one looks interesting, it's greating trashed big time on RT. Well that goes that franchise. lol.

Get over it. This show needs a good kick in the ass. While Capaldi was great in the role as the doctor the show itself was weak, tired and completely out of ideas. And that budget did not help. Did people forget that most Doctors were older then when it came back with a younger Doc thanks to Eccleston that people were up in arms with that, then we got nothing but younger ones. Does that make sense?

Monday, July 10, 2017

Spiderman Brings It Home

Live on MNN this Saturday: Spidey and WW coverage and sequel wrap up. Radio show soon.

Spidey mini-review: 4 out o 5. Nearly perfect. Just needed to cut out about 10 minutes or the pacing and that ending with Tony Stark was kind of dragged out. Did we really need to see Pepper? But that extra end credit sequence about being patient was hysterical. Audience loved it and stay for that too!
And we finally got Vulture after both Ben Kingsley and John Malkovitch costumed fitted for the role but it never happened. Well at least Kingsley got a chance to be in a Spidey film for a forgettable role as Manderin an actor? WTF?!!! 

Spoilers if you haven't seen the movie yet. Wait a second, what are you waiting for? lol.

Article filler. Only No. 5 is what really counts.  And I said this for years and got ridiculed big time that Sony would never deal with Marvel. Even Producer Ava said on the commentary on AS2 that he owned it and that's that. Money talks and with the success of this film good ole Spidey proved me right.

Actually it should be #2 with Doc Oct, #1 with Goblin then Homecoming with AS with The Lizard to wrap it up. Both with Venom and Electro in their reboots sucked big time.

Those little guys did it again. Even tho it's going strong it's doubtful that it's going to break the $1B mark with all the fatigue going one with sequels. Hope doesn't effect a Minions 2, but that's just me.
I didn't know Jackie Chan did a sci-fi movie. Well how about that. Still going strong. But Sci-fi?

Mendez was great on Skyfall but Spectre sucked and he was a fan. Nolan might be a fan but his action sequences are dull. Maybe Dunkirk might change all that. As far as Craig coming back he is getting too old. They avoid that oldest Bond thing like Moore who is my second fav next to Connery. But this series also needs fresh blood. No reboot necessary, just pick up like Spiderman. Bond just reports to M first thing in the morning and get his assignment. Jeez why do they over think this shit?
Trvia: OHMSS Opening sequence: "Why this never happened to the other guy" Get it?

They're actually taking this joke serioulys. I can hear it now. Fast 9 From Out of Space. Let the jokes begin. But really where else can they take this. Aha! Another Bond idea: Undersea! 
See: The Spy Who Loved Me and the Atlantis underwater station. They had submarines right? lol.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Wonder Woman Power

Note: Both Live on MNN and the Radio Show will be back next week. Details then.
This Blog: Franchises sinking big time with only a few survivors. You go Wonder Woman!

Saturday Update:
Spidey to clear $100M for the weekend and looks like this too will have legs like WW. With no competition ahead it's clear sailing for July. Of course we have Dunkirk and that Valerian sci-fi, big fan of Luc, but they ain't no friendly neighborhood Spiderman lol. Review next week.
Note: Spoilers are all over the place including the end credits so be warned.

DM3; 4 out 5: Funnier then the 2nd, fast paced,  a lot of story in a short time, everyone has thier moment, better villain. Could have used more minions but thats just me.
Okja: 3 : Came close to a 4. Main problem was the tone. It just swung way to much. Message here, funny joke there, nastiness against animals. sadness all around. Especially when parents rescue their baby knowing they're are going to die. Jeez that was tough. Cast was great so ignore bad reviews.

Well they're huge as expected but the again will sequel fatigue set in. Also it's the foreign box office saving the day which will collapse when they figure out "Wait a second didn't we see this already?" or even a better "same shit different title, kind of". Just ask Transformers in China....ouch lol.
And who looked who moved up to No. 3 in the top five. Yep girl power.

While everyone is saying this is going to open big, across the internet speaks another story. Another Spiderman and Micheal Who? is playing Vulture (how soon they forget) and of course the whole sequel/reboot thing could hurt this. Opens big then dies quick. So far only Wonder Leggs has proven them wrong (sorry had to go there). The second week $$$ is what to watch for.

All these franchises suffer from tired blood and no imagination resulting in weak sequels. Will they learn? Nope but it comes down to this: An executive greenlights a new fresh concept and it tanks, he'sout of a job. greenlight the same fomula aka reboot, sequel, whatever and whether it's a success (he takes all the credit not the filmmakers) or it tanks (he blames global warming) and he gets a chance to keep he's job while bullshiting the stockholders why he's still the best man to run the studio. Pretty sad ain't it. And anyone tells you different is trying to keep his job. There you have it.

There's a lot of bragging to be had here and let's face it she deserves it. Now the hardcore might say internationally she still can't be BvsS. Actually she won that battle too. How? Simple:
Both Batman and Superman are two of the worlds biggest comic book icons on both tv and cinema. But combine on the big screen they couldn't even break the $1M mark. Hell even Batman solo broke the $1M mark. So BvsS should quietly let WW have her moment. To be honest it's an embarrassment for the DCU. And if you hate that remark, then it's ok to be in denial, lol.
And the best part? Director Jenkins is back for the sequel ! Great news all around.

Even those minions were a little off at the box office, as I said to be expected as the second was weak and some didn't forget that. Even tho a much stronger opening than the others will the minions and family stay strong in the coming weeks with both Spidey and Apes. And the rule applies to both of them also. Except Spidey will have that WW luck of having legs including repeat viewings. And the apes, coming after Spidey, Yikes. This summer has been all about legs in the U.S. market which most have not. And it took the international B.O. to save their asses in recouping of their budgets, and even that has been a struggle. Speaking of which.......

Take away both China's B.O. and U.S. and the picture barely breaks even in both production and marketing costs. But the funny part is how they screwed up on their biggest market to the point of people walking out of the theatre before the picture is over. Wow, if that's not an indication of a dying franchise then the studio is screwed.

Wow all these excuses on why these comedies are tanking. Simple: They're just are not funny. And how many gross out things can you do before you start yawning with the same jokes over and over again. There goes that pissing/crapping/vomiting at the Disney Resort family pool again.

The one film that does not need a remake, reboot, sequel call it whatever. This belongs in a time capsule and call it day. So many other films have come out that it doesn't even matter. And most people nowadays believe there's something out there anyways. What gets me is how many times Spielberg went back to fix this aka Lucas SW and Ridleys Blade Runner. The original was the best one. The Special Ed had Dreyfaus looking up into the ship and we see R2D2 and Mickey Mouse hanging out. Pretty Funny. They don't mention which one they're going to release but it's still pretty cool to see it on the big screen if you get the chance.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Despicable Me 3 For No. 1

New updates on Baby Driver, Rodriquez, Hugh Jackman (see bonus for Greatest Showman).
We will be back Live on MNN July 15. In the meantime repeats are still be played until then.

Mini-review: Transformers 5: 2, the worst of the lot. If it wasn't for Hopkins and the robot butler, who were very funny, this was a bloated and boring long ass movie. And burrowed ideas? 3 headed dragon aka King Gidorah. Spaceship from under the sea aka Cameron's The Abyss? Shame, I like the series with 1 and Moon (Sentinel Prime !) my favorites. Who doesn't love Rock em Sock em robots? Again another tired franchise that needs a break. Bring in Bumblebee solo movie already.

Could this be the surprise action hit of the summer? Fans of F8 and cars should love it. But what gets me is this app is by real people and not critics. Well that should leave a lot of them out of work, lol.

"And do what?" The comments all over were not in her favor. that's for sure.  Guess that whole Wonder Woman thing got to her but did you see "The Assignment" where she tries to stretch her acting skills? (yes besides her going full frontal for you hounddogs out there which is kind of setting the womans movement backwards when you think about it.). Well at least Cameron's got her back in Battle Angel. And she does have 2 top 10 grossing films of all time. Still she shouldn't push it. Right now there are at least over 1000 actresses ready to be Vins girlfriend, and they'll be cheaper to hire.

DM3 is going to kill it for sure. Especially for July 4th week. Only if some like me were very disappointed with DM2. The minions turning into purple creatures were dumb and that villian was annoying. Either way no competition for sure except Spidey next weekend and Wonder Woman still having last laugh as it's still in the top 5. Everyone else are disappearing very fast. No legs whats so ever, right Wonder Woman? lol.

Well talk about a lousy opening for a major franchise. Another sequel biting the dust. But didn't anhyone notice the Knights theme was a dead horse when King Arthur tanked? The signs were there. And know the robots are already old news. The catch here is the big opening in China but from Saturday to Sunday there was a big drop in attendance. Remember I said when T4 opened it barely cleared $100m with the studio bragging the money mark only to have it drop to $25 the next weekend. ON 4th of July weekend! Yep they sure shout up after that. Well again it happened, only it took one weekend in China. Also across the boards it cleared less by losing a third of the box office from the last film.

Finally a sequel that is getting rave reviews. And finally full attention is going to Andy Serkis with actual Oscar seriousness. His name has been mentioned but the Oscars has just planed shrug about it. Is it his time for an award. All across the boards and reviews say it is time and he should recognized after all years and movies.

This has really shaken up the industry but maybe the fault is with Disney for putting on too much pressure on making these films work. At the end I like to see who gets the final credit for directing this. The guys got paid sure enough but will the Directors Guild credit them or will Howard get the final credit. A lot is riding on this on the future of Directors before taking a gig and not getting the credit they deserve regardless of paycheck or not. Translation: Future employment.

"But wait Frank, Frakes is directing a few episodes so this is going to work out great!"
Fascinating, not ! So what, they are still going where man has gone before..backwards! Cue Enterprise sing-along. Man I hope I am wrong on this but its about treks future not the past.
If Rodenbarry was alive this wouldn't happen thats for sure.

The film project I spent 3 months working on. And all worth it. Nope you don't see me yet. But see the bearded fat lady sing. Oscar nod and real funny on the set. Fox is going to push this like crazy and I'll be braggin like nuts so get used to it, lol. This will be this years La la land. But much better everything. I thought Land was overrated anyways with all the hype. Glad it lost. Hugh & co. will win.

Does anyone remember me saying how they can expand the Bond universe?
Remember the rumour of Edris Alba as James Bond? Regardless of Race, he could have been 009 as he was seen as the clown who gets kills at the beginning of Octopussy. Also in Russia to Love when Bond enters the big room and you see 9 chairs, backs to the camera, and Bond sits in the empy one?
So? Well give Alba the spinoff of 009 and there you go. And have all the others aka Felix, Moneypenny, Q , M etc in the film as 009 reports to the office.
BUT.. this idea everyone having thier own movie aka Verse just plain sucks. They are not leading characters, they are supporting regardless of Felix having his own novel series. Are they that empty again with ideas? Well Monkey see monkey do.
Ps I do agree that Brosnan films were not all that (only Goldeneye had the spirit) but neither was Craigs. Spectre sucked (poor reharsh of You Only Live Twice) and Solace is the worst (Bourne ripoff, damn that editing). Just have Craig do one more as the sendoff and lets get on with a new Bond already.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Transformers Roll Out....again.

It's news like this that can make this blog so frustrating to post. Does anyone know what their doing?

Cars: 1 out of 5. Race, boring speeches, repeat. Mcqueen wins race at the end. zzzzzzzzzz. Great animation tho. Shame is wasted  instead of using it for The Incredibles sequel that never happened.

Mama Mia really? Ha Ha the wonder of it all. While the studios were nervous about  how WW was going to do the "Sure Bests" are all disappointments with Transformers being the next train wreck. And all that talk with 3D Max hype (extra $ prices) and its actually bringing less money than the previous sequels. Now that's ironic. Yep WW still has legs.

Well it's official. He got the gig to finish the job. But how could it get to this level with so much at stake. Deja Vu  with Superman 2 with Director Donner getting fired and Lester hired. And to a degree that kind of work out.

Already they're writing this off at $65 for 5 days. Guess they didn't learn from last time. (see below).
Again overseas needs to rescue this. But with all the spinoffs planed won't that be overkill and will the audience be there for those. Again with all the other sequels the audience is looking somewhere else. "What was that? too busy binging on Orange New Black that you didn't notice?" lol.

Remember the last one when it opened July 4th weekend and the studio bragged it crossed the $100M only to make just $25 the next weekend losing 75% of it's box office gross. So now all these films need overseas for any chance of more sequels. As you can see from the past few months most open at No. 1 and die quickly. Like I said before the exceptions of WW, which still is strong with it's numbers, and so will Spidey who has minus competition. Dunkirk? You can see an old version on Youtube and you'll get an idea how it plays out.

Ok never mind the paychecks for first headliner. The second film is the big payoff. But what is her corner is she took one for the team while filming the big battle scene while a couple of monthspregant (CGI covered that up). The studio has to make up to her with bonus points along with a huge bump in pay. And it doesn't hurt that not only is doing great but other films are coming and going from the top spot faster than you can say Wonder Woman Sequel! So ..
Cars was no. 1. So what. That should have cleared $75. Again franchise fatigue. Same with Transformers. While WW will dance in the top five thru July 4th. Man it got legs, lol.
Hey look at Guardians 2, it just broke the top 60 world wide. Big disappointment since both Fast 8 and Beuaty Beast are both 10 & 11 of all time. Besides Minions we just got Spidey left.

$150M for promotional costs? For what? Everyone knows what a Mummy is, and we all know who Tom Cruise is. Wow is the studio out of touch. But the studio will not quit with Bride of Frankenstein still getting the greenlight which is beyond reasoning.

Talk about being nervous with the outcome. They couldn't figure this out at the beginning of production? Again aka Rogue One and DC pulling Justice League bit. But the big news here is that Ron Howard's name has been making it's rounds. Why not, he did Willow, fun fantasy. see IMDB.

Wow can someone get their shit together. And these are the overpaid suits making dumb decisions.
How hard is it to adapt previous material and translated to the big screen? Especially comic books. Their storyboards ready to come alive with sound added and CGI. But then again it takes the boys club at DC to screw that up. Well it did take a woman to get it right, didn't it.

Again with the friggin engineers? And David? And another Sequel? Is the studio so empty that they rather go ahead with this dead franchise than doing something original especially after the Box Office numbers were less than Prometheus? Well......yeah. Another studio in sad shape.

Hardcore fans knew this even before it was revealed in Kong Skull Island after credit. What an insult. Mothra, Rodan, King G, Duh! No he was going to fight Barney the Dinosaur. FU studio.

Who cares. Sure he's a great actor when he gets around to making them. Guess  going to cable is not an option since he only does big screen films and not small screen. So let's see:
No superhero, big VFX, voice animation, dumb R comedies for the summer. Yep looks like he's out of job. He can stay home, make his shoes and polish his 3 Oscars which most actors dream about.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Wonder Woman No.1 Again

Taken back in 2010 at The Police Museum Car Show, NYC. RIP Adam West, My Batman.
 Live on MNN this Saturday will be a repeat: Kong Skull Island for next months BR release.

47 Meters Down: 3 out of 5.Another trap by shark movie?  If they can keep up with the thrills and tension on whats goin to happen why not. If you like The Shallows you'll like this one.

The Mummy: 2 out of 5. 6 writers ?! That explains everything. Main problem it tried to hard with eveything. Moved fast, lots of action, had some funny parts and nothing original to deliver:
MI meets Indy Jones meets American Werewolf meets Walking Dead meets...etc etc etc.

Baywatch: 1 out of 5: Ok I admit it. Waited until someone else picked up the tab to see this.
Such a bad 21 Jump Street wannabe. Just the one liners The Rock calls Zack, that's it.

Latest Update:
With so much on the table and studios banking on franchises, of course top actors can be control freaks. But this article states one major thing. Movies stars can't bank it at the Box Office. It doesn't matter who's behind the mask (who's the new Spiderman, who cares) and little minions and animated Cars there're all sweating it. Anyways Cruise can kiss this goodbye. The big three are around the corner: Cars, Minion, Transformers. Here's the big thing: Can Wonder Woman hold her own in the top 5. July 5 will say it all.

My money is on Minions. I enjoy the whole franchise. Cars on the other hand? the first one was a total bore. I actually liked the second one only because it went to different countries. So don't expect a great review on Cars 3. You've been warned......BANANAAAAAAAA!

Previous Update:
Great article on how many films are being release featuring female directors. It's about time and long overdue. Boo Hoo Hoo they're breaking up the boys club. Bring it on ladies...!

Why? The last one didn't break any records, BR sales tanked and Logan put that to shame. Guess Fox doesn't have a choice but to over pay everyone for another been there done story about Pheonix. With so many sotries to tell and so many X-Men in the catalog.... never mind, wasting my breath here.

No shit. Now that Disney is pulling the strings on Sony of course this would make sense. Another studio that doesn't have a choice. These suits just need to give in to Marvel/Disney already. Cause I'm really getting tired of repeating myself.

So Cruise's Mummy got it's ass kicked this weekend by Wonder Woman. Man that's gotta hurt, lol. Hence the bragging of $52M in China.Good opening but will it continue for the next weekend or burn out fast? While it's doing good everywhere else and will make a profit, already a very nervous Universal is going ahead with Bride of Frankenstein but being very careful with that budget. And if that tanks so much for the franchise.
In the meantime we WW fans are waiting for Director Jenkins to sign the bottom line. No matter her demands, salary and all, she deserves it. Why DC didn't signed her up for the sequel were being too cautious. Remember, Michelle MacLaren (Director of several episodes on Breaking Bad, X-Files, Games of Thrones and the up coming HBO The Deuce in which she directed me in the pilot episode), was going to direct this but they were afraid of it being to dark hence why DC and her parted ways.

For me it was coming home after school back in the 1970's and seeing this in syndication. Ch. 11 PIX in NYC t be exact. Sure it was campy but funny and fun. Again a sense of humour which Marvel has gotten right (without the camp of course). That's what made Wonder Woman a better film than some of the other films. But not only West got in on the joke, he carried over his sense of comic style and humor to Family Guy. Yep he was my Batman and lets not forget the car. My fav of all time.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Wonder Woman's Super Box Office

Live on  MNN will be doing repeats until we go back live in July in time for our 28th year on the air.
These will feature our Fast Furious and Skull Island in time for their Blu-ray release.

Last Update: I included these two articles for the fun of it. WW gets all of the love.
"Mortal danger, to get lassoed by WW...man I love these puns. Like everyone knew Cruise doesn't have a chance domestically. But already it's the biggest opening in South Korea out of all places. And it's opening in China this weekend which will decide whether there will be a franchise or not. But man Cruise gets no love here. lol.
"WW to slay Cruise"..oh stop it, you're killing me with these puns. But these magazines are writing him off, but we already knew that didn't we? And like I said she will have legs for the rest of the month. (that's not a pun, really! That's tech talk on the strength of the box office. really!) But she does have nice legs hee hee. Aw c'mon give me a break, can you blame me, lol.

Mini-review" WW: 4 out of 5. Perfect except a bit long in the middle. That romance kind of dragged on  bit even it was necessary to the over all arc of the movie. The rest? Let's just say it makes up for all the slag in the past month and those hiccups of BvsS and Squad. They finally got it right. But the irony is that Zack wrote the story with 2 other guys (they must of added the humour). 3 people for the story. Really? Itsn't this based on the comics? Credit to the one writer who got it right.
Full review on radio show next week. Then I can mention spoilers, until then see it and enjoy.

Well now she can do her pet projects, that's what success can bring but for hardcore DC fans that mean waiting for the WW sequel and her directing other DC projects like Justice League 2? Sorry Zack, time for a change like adding humour. Aw c'mon, what was the highlight in that BvsS trailer?:
"I thought she was with you"  just that one line!

Note: Check out both Variety and Hollywood reporter for more articles on Wonder Woman as there is quite a lot of converage, too much to cover here but I included the headlines to start off with.

Woman power at full force. And she will own the month. Cruise and tht silly looking Mummy will both get theri ass kick this coming weekend. Cruise needs that International BO or Monsterverse is dead. And while both Cars and Transformers have their fan base, they too will need Intl BO for a long run. Only twoother Woman Power film will try to compete which is a shame, they both should have been released in July and August. 47 Meters Down aka The Shallows with women surviving shark attacks and Meagan Leavey, a soldier and her dog. Look for the Yankee Stadium scene as 300 hundred extras took the place of thousands in the crowd. Yep I was one of those, good luck in seeing me, cloudy and rainy the whole day must of us will be one big blur. Behind the scenes photos coming soon from the set.

The real wonder woman. And the joke going around is have her do the rest of the DC movies especially Justice League. Sounds good to me. They just announced Suicide Squad is the next one, they at least have her co-produce to make it won't be a mess like the last one. Of course DC is going to screw that up anyways.

Note: No spoilers are included here even tho it does have a few nods toward the picture. If you've seen the trailer (duh!) you'll be fine.This page includes many different articles on behind the scenes and making of plus the future of the franchise including Oscar talk already. Yeah baby!

Man did that ending gave me the chills! Talk about DC getting it right. Not much of an appearence from Al Siddig from ST:TNG and Games of Thrones has landed another prime gig. Even tho the show does take liberties on the history of Gotham it still kicks ass. Lets not start with DC TV aka Supergirl and Flash Win and Marvel's Agents of Shield Fail!

They must have read my blog last week, lol. When Captain Underpants beats your Sparrow ass in your second weekend, it's time to call it quits. But with Pirates crossing the $500M mark looks like we're getting another one, especially since they tagged that hint at the end of the movie. As far as Alien goes, the shame is that killed Blomkamp's Alien 5. If anything that's the one they should start pushing. Signorney's character never had closer. And man I am sick and tired of that Fking David android. Did I mention that before?

Finally after all these years. At one time Depp was attach to this. There's a documentary call Lost in La Mancha. The making of the film that never came to be. It actually got shut down at the beginning of the production and you see Depp in a few scenes. Check IMDB for more credits. Available on a double dvd set.

Cruise against Wonder Woman. Wipeout. Not being cynical again but is it me or are they really pushing Cruise with all these other projects just to get the hype up on The Mummy? Or is that a cover up with the studio afraid they might have a bomb here. Remember if this tanks there goes the Monsterverse sending Frankenstein and Wolfman back to the reboot department. While I would love to see these characters make the screen for a new generation the whole concept blows. An organization? Really? That concept belongs on tv aka once upon a time. Only overseas is going to save this.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pirates Rule Internationally

Note that Live on MNN won't be back on the air until July as we have repeats playing until then.
A new Radio Show is coming sometime soon as I still haven't seen Pirates. What's the hurry?
next after seeing Wonder Woman, then I'll have something to talk about.

Mini-review: Pirates 5: 3 out of 5 (compared to 3 & 4 which sucked) 1 & 2 best with 2 my fav.
Ok It wasn't that bad. Simple: It did have it's moments (cameo by a Beatles was cool and so was that surprise ending) but this suffers from tired blood. They need to retire this franchise already.

Man I hope she saves the box office, I'm taking a beating here on this blog. The past few weeks have been tough. Lame Aliens, unfunny babes, sunburn sack jokes, tired pirates. Uggh. Disregard all the negatives in this article. Like I said before, WW will have legs (movie reference, no pun intended) for the rest of June noy like the other DC movies that burned out quick. And that's all that matters.

Video included. Yeah I shook myhead on this one too. Background in horror like the guys from Krampus doing Godzilla 2. But this guy knows his stuff. Check out IMDB for his credits. Jack of all trades but master of non. Reminds of James Cameron,  And look what megahits he's had. Duh!

Ok overseas is what is saving Pirates but the word is out people are just getting tired of this franchise. Say it ain't so Johnny! Uggh who cares. Baywatch so far is a wipeout but will overseas save it as it still hasn't opened up to major International B.O. cause already there's talk of a sequel. What, there's still more Ball Sack jokes that wasn't said in the first one? Same can be said with Alien C as that has completely tanked in the U.S. But if China and the rest saves this, then Ridley Scott is going to have his way with another sequel. Someone pull the plug on David the Android already!!!
But never mind the dull movies this past week cause you know who's going to save the day.......

Video included. Will this save the DCU? Either way looks like we got a hit folks. And this will clean up in June. No competition. Woman power. It's got a sense of humor! (much needed in DC) And a stand alone origin story that's never been properly explored. (tv show don't count). And a love sotry with Captain Kirk. Chicks love it. And this will have legs, meaning repeat and the naysayers who go "What another superhero movie?" and even they will see this. Lets face it, whats next, another Transformer movie? zzzz..Until Spiderman we have to hang in there. Either that or the beach and binge watch Orange is the New Black (I'm there somewhere, lol.)
What we need is a sleeper hit, something new and fresh with a "Wow, where did that come from I didn't even see it coming!" kind of major surprise for the summer. unfortunately this one is already getting thrown under a bus............

Jeez at least give a weekend before it tanks aka Alien C. Whether or not you like him Luc Besson always gives it his all. And he always try to be as original as he can in his style even if the subject has been done before. But to compare this to John Carter Mars is just plain mean. The problem with JC Mars that most of it has been done before (Lucas rip it off left and right for Star Wars, go ahead and stick your head in the sand with denial. You know it's to be true.)
Hopefully it won't be as bad as Jupiter Ascending, now that was bad. Compare to that will you?

Bonus Section: Reboots, Sequels, Remakes, oh my! Movies nobody was asking for. I sure wasn't.
And I leave it as that as my way of protesting against this. Ok just being lazy, saving time on typing.

I got the need for speed and.......Drones? well aint that exciting..zzzzzz.
Last two sucked! Janelle was cool in Hidden Figures. This is backwards. she deserves better.
Milla sounds pissed. Can't blame her. James Wan to the rescue. I'm so excited and I just can't zzzzzz
Beware the Blog and all of it's remakes. Halle, forget movies. Join Orange and get your emmy.
Mama Mia he we go again. Meryl there's a show on Netflix with the word Orange in it. Look it up.

So many others mention in the past 2 weeks like the Jetsons movie but this is just getting tiring.
So I'm going to save both each others time on this. Ending with that note, time to BRAG!

This was the movie I spent 3 months on filming in Brooklyn back in January-March. The studio will go all out in pushing this for the Oscars and yes the Bearded Lady will get a nod and so will the song. More details on IMDB. Me? I played an audience member who had to se Hugh everyday I was working on the set. Yeah very rough work, poor me, lol. More mention down the line.