Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Guardians Still Rule The Galaxy and The B.O.

Love this poster, check out where Baby Groot is hanging out. Cool idea. One more week after F8 and Beauty break the all time world wide box office then a new radio show.

Update 2: I'm putting this here as to save space on the next blog for better articles.
Min-review: King Arthur: 1
Great big Elephants crash the party at the beginning of the film. All down hill from there. The editing is what killed this movie. Didn't Director Ritchie get the memo. Zooms went out of style back in the 70's when the cancelled Kung Fu Theatre on Saturday afternoons. Total wreck. But I will revisit this as supposedly there's a 3 and half hour version of this. That figures with the editing mess this has.

Mini review: Snatched: 1 out of 5.
Monkeys in a coma can write better material. There was a slight hint of humour and I love Goldie Hawn. And I like Amy in Trainwreck. But this failed the ladies big time. Check out Goldie in Speilberg's Sugerland Express, he first major film release. Goldie here does drama, that's how talented she is that she can do both comedy and drama. Snatched was a total failure. Next time hire the monkeys for a better film.

The King is dead. Long live the king. And say goodbye to a franchise that will never happened. That's what they wanted. Well that went south, that and $175M down the tubes.So much for Director Ritchie career?  And Amy needs Trainwreck 2. Wow what a wipeout. Again the Guardians have no competition. Aliens? Again the rumour is they only show up near the end? Really? And Pirate Depp? This was going to be an after thought and it's the biggest talk in Hollywood now. Man did that escalate fast, lol.

Pirates hacking Pirates. Oh man the irony. While Pirates has a built in fan base and will do good regardless, lets face it. The ones who are going to see this on bootleg are the curious ones who either gave up on the franchise, does anyone remember the last one? or weren't going to rush to see this to begin with. Like Orange is the New Black with the first few episodes back. You got the curious who can't wait for this in June or you have the binge watchers who can wait for June just to knock off a whole season in one weekend. So everyone is crying wolf but does it really matterat the end?

This was from last week. What is old is new. And an article I'm sure Depp would love to hve people forget. Shame since some of the titles coming out in the future sound better than the ones he did in the past. But never mind he needed better managers, he needed better script readers to help him go thru some of these bad scripts. Funny tho, can it get any worse?

Um let me guess, the rangers don't show up until at the 90 minute point? And then only for 20 minutes worth of action? Then they wonder why it's performing poor all over. Let's face it, 20 years to late and Transformers has taken all the momentum out of this and even their are starting toout welcome themselves.

Last but not least from today's happy go lucky blog (sarcasm folks) here's a cool article predicting this summers box office. While I did say we are taking a break and what are we missing anyways but sequels, remakes etc.y it was a coincidence since I had to leave town for important family business.
Yws we got renewed for the summer and will be back in July for our 28 years on the air. Hopefully and Originals like Wonder Woman will get things going when we go back live.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Huge Guardians Box Office

We are taking a break, I mean what are we missing, Alien, Pirates and Transformer sequels?
We should be back in July for our 28th year and a new radio show soon, probably next week.
PS: Bonus section: Major franchises going to tv/cable.

Now that the top 2 films of the summer are raking up big bucks, it's time for the rest of the slaughter to take place. Both Amy and the King are not even going to clear $20M this weekend. Wipeout.
Mix reviews for Aliens and are people getting tired of Depps business affairs. That article coming in the next blog after this weekend.

Pretty huge opening. And there's no hard competition coming down the pike besides more sequels aka Aliens and Pirates. Again the big question where is this going to land when all said and done. F8 is heading to the top 10 all time and would have been the bi one for the year if it wasn't for that 800 lb beast in the room. See next link.
Mini Review: 3 out of 5. Kind of disappointed. Bit too long with that father and son angle. Too much with the girls fighting back and forth. Never liked the blue guy and not enough Groot. Racoon and Dax rock. But still a lot of action and great SFX. First one is still better.

Unbelievable. One of the most boring Disney flicks of all time and this made the all time Wide World top 10. And it's ready to take out Frozen, the most overrated Disney flick, as the biggest money maker for the house of mouse. This only proves the dumbing of audiences with all the marketing hype that these two are the biggest winners. Sad very sad.

I put this on the blog so you can check out the comments below the article. And I have to agree with most on that 1. Prometheus sucked 2. Who cares about the engineers 3. Bring back Sigorney and do Blomkamp's vision. 4. I do ague about the lead female role. Aliens set the standard for females kicking ass and Signorney got an Oscar nod for it. So more females kicking ass. Besides guys are the bait in this franchise and that's what makes it all fun. Especially if they're dumb scientists who stick their nose in where it doesn't belong like in Prometheus. I mean DUMB!
I am curious about this one but don't expect a major 5 from me.

You know original Hellboy Ron Pearlman is piss off as hell. He's been pushing for this for the longest and now he's been completely written off. If anyone's to blame is Del Toro himself. Notice the pattern? He keeps asking for these big budgets aka Pacific Rim and they take the projects away from him. Hellboy 3 would have had a huge budget and not enough of an audience to back it up even tho the second one did damn good, one that I myself went and brought the blu-ray. Keeper! Let's see how this reboot works. Everyone involved with the new one just brings me one big yawn.

Waste of a video. Talk about being bored while promoting your movie. These guys look like they want to be anywhere but here. Expecially Gosling who looks like if he forgot to take the turkey out of the oven or not.
With big paychecks  they should look involved or if not, your actors! Act involved. Wow what a waste and you learn nothing about the movie.

Is it me or does Cruise look miscast in this one. And this whole premise sounds great but it looks like something is going to get lost in the translation. If it weren't for this scene and Crowe as the mad doctor I might have skip this one. Crap I can't, gotta review it for the show. why, Why, WHY?..me.

Bonus Section: Franchises heading to the big tv/cable screen.
They have to keep it R like Archer and keep it on the edge. At least it didn't go to Disney, lol.
There is a huge cult following for Dredd even if it states the movie bomb, it does have a audience.
* It looks like once Bryan Singer announced the X-Men tv series now many studios are going that route. And I'm for it. It is a mish mash aka Agents of Shield which sucks and Flash and Supergirl nailing it. And it avoids having a Fantastic Four blowout movie franchise with that whole thing being in limbo. So simple and they still can't get it right.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Guardians Huge Box Office Galaxy

Live On MNN now playing on Youtube. This is our last show for the spring season. It will return sometime in June. From now on this blog will be posted on Tuesday for a complete review of the box office. Previous Radio show now playing: FF Franchise.

Got on a plane and I'm currently settling in to my new spot. More on a new radio show next week plus a new blog hence why I took a break this week. Movie review coming Monday for Guardians.

Huge opening weekend predictions. With great reviews how can it miss. While it's expected F8 to hit the top 10 all time and beating that Beauty & Beast Borefest, many are wondering where will GG2 land. This should be fun.

This is doing just as good as F7 and is not track for the top 10 of all time. Where will Guardians land with the final take at the box office And already Guardians has made $100M internationally  with a lot more markets to open in the next few weeks.

Wow this is going to be huge. Even a bigger opening than FF at the U.S. box office. Already release in some international countries this is doing great business as The first Avengers movie and that one wind up in the top 10 of all time. So let the FF vs Guardians showdown begin. Who will win at the end of thier run?

They should have included this in the last film. Well doesn't matter the last one sucked anyways.
Hated tht whole friggin Engineers plot. Well at least we're getting our Aliens in this one.

Love Pirates and their ships. But for the life of me I can't remember anything from the last movie besides the Keith Richards cameo. And the third one sucked to high heaven. First two were fun. Hopefully they have their game back on this one. Well reviews are pretty good for being another sequel.

He's gotta have those one liners. That what made JP2 tolerable even tho most people hated it. I liked it myself just for being darker and that whole Godzilla thru the city ripoff. And hopefully he can make up for ID4 sequel which was just horrible all around.

With Fast Furious franchise doing huge business, why are they waiting so long to release these.
Didn't those 6 Oscars nods and Huge box office world wide make a difference. People can't get enough of these car chases and crashes. And he's going to direct a smaller movie before getting back to these. I just don't get it.

Great news. He would've ruined it like every other film he does. But then again while there's a lot of fans out there waiting for this but like most series from the 1980's they tanked at the box office. Think Power Rangers and how quickly that disappeared. Transformers being the exception.

Fincher and zombies. Two things that don't mix. Wow, this is going to be boring. While Fincher is an excellent director in his own right, some subjects just don't jell well and this could be one of them.
Sure both Pitt and Fincher worked on 4 projects together but this one is a head scrather.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Some Furious Box Office Results

New Live on MNN this Saturday. This will be our last live show for spring. We will be back live sometime in June. New Radio Show now playing: FF Franchise.

Maybe they realized they are running out of ideas and stunts. But money talks and they could still do spinoffs aka Star Wars. Butall eyes are on the box office as there is no competition will the film still fade out as this film is really not built on repeats like the others. That whole NYC sequence was a blowout as far as I'm concern. But being a New Yorker it's a miss opportunity when the city sure looks alot like Atlanta. (well of course it was film down there).

Talk about Furious anyone notice that there are two direct references to Bond, both said by Tyrese in F6 and F7. And the last Bond Spectre needed what Furious has done in the last trilogy. Good drama, great action with imagination and funny in the right places.  After seeing Spectre 3 times, it really is a bore fest for a Bond film. Get new writers and and new Bond, Craig really looked ragged in the last one. Bond needs to be rebooted. Hey hire the guys from Furious that might work. As far as the studios go to believe that Sony only made $38M profit is a joke. Really?

Yikes, that's crazy. And it breaks Force Awakens box office record. Guess the force is strong with Vin. Actually Awaken wasn't release at the same time, it was released a month later in China. But even then it wouldn't have mattered as Awakens only made a little over $125M in it's entire initial run. So there, lol.
Mini-review: 4out of 5. Not as strong as 6 & 7 with No. 5 still being the best. But still a lot of fun.

Thanks to China this should cross the $1B mark. No. 7 made $390M in China alone. And if this comes close to that it will clear that mark. Star Wars wish it had these numbers.Now that's embarrasing.

Outer Space? Don't forget the volcano, lol. In No. 6, Tyrese mentions a reference to James Bond. So writer Chris Morgan really has Bond in the back of his mind. As this article has a point where can the Furious go for more ideas.  While the idea is far fetch don't forget this franchise totally ignores the rules of gravity. So they can go anywhere. If Bond can go into space, anyone can go no matter how ridiculous the idea.

While we are taking a break as I have to head down south to vsit family, look at what we'll be missing in the meantime. Actually not much. Most of these I could stay home and wait for Netflix. But we will have the radio show and this blog for reviews in the meantime until we come back.
Besides Guardians 2 for the summer the ones I'm most curious about are:

Wonder Woman: Will DC get their heads out of their ass? Or screw this up also?
Despicabloe Me 3: Love these minions but No.2 had a stupid plot. Will this have a better one?
Spiderman Homecoming: This has to be better than the last 2 and it has Iron Man cameo.
War for Planet of the Apes: Love my apes and the tech but are they dragging this out a bit?
The big question is after Furious and Beauty braking the $1Billion mark who else is going to join them at the mark. Maybe Transformers but not much else until Star Wars at the end of the year.

Funny how money talks doesn't it. With F8 heading to a $1B mark it would be foolish to break up the team. If it's not broken........

With rumours of another King Kong movie might in the works after the success of Skull Island, it looks like they rather just jump into Godzilla vs KK battle nad just have Kong on tv. So maybe we still get to see those huge ants that was mentioned in the movie seen heard but not seen.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Fate And The Furious Future Box Office

New Live On MNN now playing on YouTube. Radio show this week: Rogue One BR full review.
The answer to the Quiz: The cinematography of Godzilla 2014 is doing the latest Hugh Jackman's film, The Greatest Showman. Check it out on IMDB.com.

While the latest picture will be huge at the boxoffice, the thing that boggles my mind is the budget, rumoured to be $250M. That's fine but do they think it will be in the top 10 of all time like No.7?
Sure it's got Russian and China upfront take but that price tage might be a bit much.

Now we're talking, now this is how to do a a trailer. Playing the song of Led Zeppelin's "The Immigrant Song" was magic. Talk about chills up the spine. And the best punchline ever: "We se to work together!" And why the most watch? The replays over and over, well I sure did.

Kind of lame when you think about it. While the heart is in the right place and coming after the release of the Blu-ray release of Rogue One. But you were kind of expecting a bit more.

Speaking of which... would someone make up their mind? No image CGI but........

Speaking of which again...this is so spot on. Which makes its even funnier. But the break down of this is the best, how much money will you spend on filling in a plot hole over 40 years ago, lol.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Rogue One Blu-ray And Kong World Wide Box Office

New Live on MNN coming this Saturday. New Radio show before that. Also photo of me as a background actor on Law & Order SVU 400th episode. Why? It's the same location that was used for Hugh Jackman's new movie. Also the quiz of  what GZ 2014 and Logan have in common will be answered.

When this magazine of this statue brings this up you know there's a problem with this release.
The big mention of course there's no mention on behind the scenes making of with the reshoots.
More questions than answers can be really fustrating for sure.

I cry Bullshit! there was enough completed scenes for them to include or just give us the directors cut. Either way down the line there should be a double dip as Disney knows the fans would buy this again. I know I would. But how long will this take? Only the house of mouse knows that.

Finally Beauty and the Beast got it's boring ass kick out of the top spot. Good for you Baldwin, lets face it, people love his take on Trump. But the real story here is that Kong Skull Island is a huge hit in China. And with that it's going to cross the $500M. We have a winner folks and that's all that matter. Still in the top 5 for the week and Logan still in the top 10. Hell yeah.

Finally completed work on this project which is edning this week. The ironic thing of this article is that this particular day was filmed 3 blocks away from where I live and they didn't even call me for this day. I was there the previous day as this same location the day before where they filmed Law & Order SVU. The big famous steps at 60 Center St. where they filmed their 400 anniversary episode.
More explain on our live show and radio show.but in the movie they used actual fire breathing people for the film but are going to use CGI animals instead. Talk about backwards, lol.

While it's a short trailer, it does give you a glimpse on the look of the video. Also another hint on that quiz of what Godzilla and Hugh Jackman have in common. The actual clip is on Youtube now.

He's perfect for this. While Marvel was serious about it's movies they did allow Whedon to have humour in his movies, all tongue in cheek which is what those DC movies need. We don't need another gloomy end of the world flix. Which I hope Wonder Woman. Which will show her as smart, sexy sassy with a sense of humour. Which some of us call marriage material.

Another reboot that nobody is asking for. I was never a fan of this except fo the time travel one whatever number that was. It's movie like these is why our show will wrap up in a few years. It's getting to be a stretch talking about something that's already done, been there, etc.

Bonus: Screen shots of some of the shows I've done: Law and Order SVu and Blue Bloods.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Kong Beats The Beast In China

New Blog Talk Radio show coming next week as I am waiting for China Box Office numbers. No Live on MNN this week.This blog includes an extra article on the Making of Logan in the bonus section. Also answer to the quiz coming next week: What does Jackman have in common with Godzilla 2014

Mini-reviews for March.
Logan: 4 out 5: Middle kind of dragged but it had a lot of heart and mucho kicking ass.
Kong: 4 out 5: Great SFX, nice reworking of the mythology and Riley was the Heart and Soul. cool.
Beauty Beast: 1: Good Lord, I was never so bored out of my friggin skull. Total Meh...
Power Rangers:  Didn't see it. 90 minutes before we see the big fight with the Rangers? Really?

2 days with $72M. Now that's kicking ass. When we go back live in 2 Saturdays we will continue with Skull Island since we couldn't because of work on the Hugh Jackman movie. While it's doing good over here and still in the top 5, Beauty and Beast is just killing everything at the box office.
But Kong is great overseas and that's where it counts, so we'll take it from there once it crosses over the $500M mark.

This looks great and having Iron Man there doesn't hurt. But the funny thing for a movie that takes place in NYC, only a week of filming was done with the major actors. And only an extra week by a second unit which filmed the background plates. Oh the magic of Hollywood. As long as it works.

Hasta la vista baby or whatever. They should just make one more with Arnuld to finish up that timeline. Then reboot the whole idea with Cameron at the helm. Ok he'll be producing since he's busy with Avatar franchise and directing but at least he can control the output then having other people screw up with those annoying sequels.

Monkey see monkey do. Now Sony is going the Rated root. And they hired the writer from Alien Covenant, totally aweful all around. Now let's see who they cast in the role, then 3 strikes your out!

While I love Joon-Ho's films and big creatures I was not pleased from my fellow background actors on how they were treated while filming one weekend at Wall St. I almost got to work on this but when I heard what happened on that hot humid day I'm glad I didn't work on this project. More on the radio show.

Lonf byt reat article on the camera work involved in the making of Logan. Seeing Hugh Jackman doing multiple takes with singing and dancing with the camera was an experience that Film School can never teach. And so grateful to be part of that artform. More on the Next Radio Show.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Beast Beats Kong And Logan, Really?

Lots of news to report: No MNN Live this weekend due to workload with TGS so an encore of Logan will be repeated.  A new radio show will be posted next week. And the Website has been put on hold.

Update: Quiz: What does Logan (Hugh Jackman) and Godzilla 2014 (G. Edwards film) have in common?
Ps a fellow bkground actor on The Greatest Showman told me this and got me good.
pss Waiting for China Box Office numbers for Skull Island after this weekend then the radio show.

Jeez this is nuts. While all 3 films are doing great, Logan & Kong,  at the World Wide Box Office, Beast had the edge of because of the Potter fans. At this point the summer box office as we know it is pretty much over. It doesn't matter when a film will premiere at what season anymore.

One of the easter eggs points to Frankenstein Vs. Baragon while it's actually a nod to KK Vs GZ. Wow, did they miss this point? While at least they remembered the Frankenstein version as that is more of a cult movie and not a major selling point.

While no one is asking for this, it actually makes sense with having Fishburne as the center of the film. And lets not forget it was a very young Will Smith who turned down the role before ...took over. Now a very young Jorden will take over the role who has proven himself he can adapt to sci-fi with Fantastic Four and do drama so he would be perfect for this.

They actually pulled this off even tho it was a stretch. Anyone remember Buffy Vampire. Uggh.
But this was a good show  Never saw the twist coming. The villain was actually... oh spoiler, never mind.

So again, lets make a movie that no one is asking for. And let's face it, Eddie Murphy for his time nailed it as a remake. But then again, Hollywood is going back to the books for inspiration for franches aka a new Willy Wonka, uuggh another one?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Kong Is King at No.1 Box Office

Latest Live on MNN now playing on Youtube: Logan and Skull Island reviews. New radio show comng soon with my review of Skull Island. Also in the bonus section: Godzilla 1994 that was never made but written by Terry Rossio who will be the head writer of Godzlla vs King Kong.

So far $151M world wide. This should be a little bit higher but still it's not a wash up and that's a good thing. We still have Australia, London, Japan and China in the coming weeks then we'll have a clearer picture what's going to happen with the sequels and of course the big showdown.
4 out of 5. They got most it right. But it did answer a lot of questions. And that opening credit scene with a giant turtle was a good catch for who ever caught it. I blinked and I missed it. Full review coming soon on the next radio show.

This explains who the writers are for the developement of this franchise. Of course the big question was why the head writer Terry Rossio, co-writer of The Pirates franchise got this gig. Go to the bonus section and that will explain everything. Also being the highest paid writer in the business today doesn't hurt either.

So that is the actor who played Kong with Serkis as his mentor. Great gig if you can get it.

Actaully anyone who died can comeback as a ghost as proven at the end of Return of the Jedi. And you also heard the voices of Obi-Wan And Que Jin in Roce Awakens so this makes sense. It would be great to see all of them in #9 in the trilogy. I mean why not?

A post credit scene for Infinity War would be nice. But just the idea this would make that much money is plain crazy. And having that Baby Root doesn't hurt either. Merchandising sales alone on that will be huge.

Ghost Jedi's is one thing but a ghost Gladiator? Wow, that is just desperate. He should have made this sooner. Just to much time in between for anyone to care.

*Bonus Section: The Script for Godzilla 1994 that was never filmed:

This includes last minute changes to go with the budget cut. If Toho got more money this would included King Gidorah instead of The Gryphon.

This tells the story of the studio making that big mistake of turning down this version and go with Director's Emmerich version which turn out to be Godzilla 1998. Again headless making the wrong decision.

This includes the beginnings of translating the unused script for a graphic novel.

Godzilla Graphic Novel 1994, at the time of publishing only 78 pages were printed.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Logan's Wolverine No. 1

New Live on MNN this Saturday. New BTR radio show now playing. Logan, KK, GZ talk.

Kong battles the Wolverine at the box office for the No. 1 spot. To be honest this will be a tought one.
As the article states, even the studio didn't think Logan would be that huge opening weekend. And those who were dissappointed in the previous 2 entries and were not goin to see this are now going.
Then of course we have the other side of the spectrum. We Godzilla fans want to see this one be a huge hit so we can to the biggest showdown between two icons. Then we have Disney's powerhouse Beauty and the beast arond the corner. Here is my question tho:
Why the hell did they release these 3 during March when they could've taken Memorial Day and July 4th by storm. So what do we get? Another Transformers movie for Indy Day..ZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Check out the documentary on Youtube. It's cut up into 4 pieces last time I saw it tho.

So they got a world wide hit. And Jackman swears he won't do another one. First of all remember, no one really dies in sci-fi/fantasy/comic book movies. We all know Superman is coming back right?
Second, also mentioned in the article below, the studio has new management and are willing to make  "R" movies. Pay him enough and he could do a Deadpool movie. So many options here and no dead ends.

Some spoilers but this includes Hughs screen test and how he got the part. That poor other actor tho, lol.

Cool video seeing Jackman screaming his head off, lol. Even tho its only a snippet, the rest are scenes from the movie, it gives you a good insight of what he does in the booth for overdubbing.

For Best Picture and Director no less. Way to go big guy! Guess the other awards were for effects.
But the funniest thing was the best foreign picture which went to Sully, a film that was ignored at the Oscars. Then again what do they know? They couldn't even get the best pciture catagory right, lol.

Who? Oh him from the Harry Potter series. That's right, thye got themselves an English dude for a captain. Kind of makes sense. That had a French captian so why not. But what kills me is he was born in LIverpool. Yep the same place as The Beatles came from. Now that's cool.

Monday, February 27, 2017

And The Winner is...?

New radio show coming this week: Oscar wrap up and news. New Live on MNN posted on Youtube.
Update: 2 new videos posted below in the bonus section: Paxton with a Kong and music video star.

Not a good sign. All across the message boards and internet, everyone agrees on 2 things: Postponing this means they got a problem on their hands. And again why are they going backwards in the timeline. Remember? To boldly go where no one has gone before like to the future? And nobody is crazy about paying for this either. Losing all around.

Previously this week;
No the title has nothing to do with KK vs Godzilla. That's about the Oscars But that's below.
Well thanks to the trailer we now know what the first half of the movie is about. It's pretty easy to figure out. And Kong still gets the girl as in all the Kong movies do. But the ending will be different from all other movies as if he doesn't get off the island and climbs a tall building. Or does he? lol.

Includes video of highlights from the show but as mentioned on our Live showJust look at all the films nominated that few people saw. How are you going to attract an audience when they couldn't care less who wins. But I do love the idea that La La Land lost. So damn overated. Still can't believe it got that many nominations.
The rest of the winners were predictable. And Denzel lost. And all my other ones I wanted to win also lost. This year was a wipe out. Well at least Suicide Squad got it for Best Makeup out of all things. For me the winner was Jimmy Kimmel. He was spot on with his comedy. And he should come back. Best part ? Bus load of tourists crashing the awards. I'll have more of a review saved for a new radio show this week.

So this is what happened. Like the last paragraph said "They had one job" in giving out the envelope and they screwed that up. Now that's funny.

"Game over man" Wow at 61 too, what a shame. But he did leave a grat bodyof work. And his family can say he was in one of the top  pictures of all time with Titanic. My favorite. The marine in Aliens.
"Why don't you make her in charge, man?"

Yep Paxton did he's own Kong movie with a remake of Mighty Joy Young. Trivia: Ray Harryhausen put down Godzilla saying it's only a guy in a suit. In this version, some scenes it's CGI  but in scenes with Joe Kong in the park (jail) it's a guy in the suit ! Yes perfomed by legendary Rick Baker.

2nd bonus
 Paxton the singer. This was the only muscic video that James Cameron ever directed. And if you look closely you will see some of the actors in Aliens in this video.
Note: Also check out "HowCan The Labouring Man Find Time For Self Culture" video which should show up in the Up Next column. He was really into music and videos for the MTV generation.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Lego Batman No. 1 for 2 Weeks

New show Live on MNN this Saturday and hopefully a radio show before then. In the Bonus section Videos of Oscars nods for SFX of Rogue One, Dr. Strange, Fantastic Beasts included.

5 out of 5. This movie had everything. Great sense of humor, something DC totally lacks. And the mishmap of concepts was perfect. This should have gotten a May release instead of getting dumped in February. More reviews coming this week.

4 out of 5. Brutel, violent, high body count. Loved it. Bring on No. 3. In another interview he expressed interest in a Matrix 4 if only the W Brothers would do it. Those guys haven't done anything worth while since Matrix 1-3 and only Matriz 1 was good, 2 was horrible and  was a suck fest. Forget all this Keanu. Just stick with Wick, a brand new franchise wortha couple of sequels.

So we are getting that extra scene at the end credits. But read the final paragraph which Patrick Stewart says Jackman is just saying he's kidding to promote the movie. Common we all want to see him do Deadpool, right?

Speaking of which. The one day I didn't work on the film and this happens, lol. That would have been interesting. This is one of the reasons I haven't been posting as much due to this workload. I also signed an agreement which is one of the reasons I can't talk about it for now.

More of a tease than anything else. Well at least there's no mention of Mechagodzilla. Which Director Edwards wanted to do. With Classic opponents like Mothra and King G why deal with Mecha? No wonder he went to do Rogue One.

Screw this. Where's the director cut? The one where Ms. Jones goes head on with that Tie-fighter on the plank. That's the one the fans want to see. Well got to settle with this one. Which ain't a bad thing.

5 discs, then 4 disc set then finally a 3 disc set, all with different features and covers. How is a fan suppose to chose? Or are they taking advantage of us fans that we're going to buy all different packages at once? robbery just plain robbery! and no I haven't decided which one I will buy first, lol.

Bonus One:
3 films nominated for SFX at the Oscars. My nod goes to Rogue One.

And another video for SFX:

Bonus Two: Oscar Predictions

Thsi article pretyy much says it all. At least Denzel and Viola will get their dues.
Still with Jeff Bridges as Suppt Actor, Mel Gibson as Best Director. Actress? Who cares.
Best Picture: First Hacksaw Ridge but now that Hidden Secrets got the nod I'm going with Secrets.
Everything else? For the first time in 27 years I give up. It's not fun anymore.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Godzilla, King Of The Monsters

Sorry everyone, really back logged with the different projects I am working on. Soon you will see.
Next Live on MNN will be on Feb. 25 just before the Oscars. Hopefully a radio show before then.

Oh never mind all that. Who is he going to fight? Edwards wanted Mechagodzilla and Toho already gave the rights for Rodan, King G and even Mothra had an easter egg in  Godzilla 2014. So why not the mention. To hell with spoilers, I like to know!

Something to hold us over until both King Kong and Godzilla films come out, including the big showdown between both Icons. But hopefully it won't go the way of Cloverfield. One of the most overrated Big Creature Rampage ever done.

I know nobody cares especially with abunchof movies that are so overrated that its a joke now. And it will be one of the lowest rated Oscar show in years. That will be fun part to see how low those ratings will be.

At this point the movie can be directed by Bozo the clown and have a washed comedian (take your pick) as Batman. Warners just doesn't have a clue. And with Avenges Infinity around the corner it will be pretty much a wipe out.

Ironic that the pilot of the M Falcon has so many accidents relate to flying, ain't it But have to admit at 74 he still gets on a plane and flies it. Personally I would get on the same plane with this guy. Why take chances? aww c'mon fuzzballs laugh it up.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

For The Week Ending February 10

Duw to heavy workload this will be the only blog for the week. Live on MNN will be a repeat this coming saturday. And a new Radio show will be posted next week.

Talk about a busy poster. And a way better looking one than the U.S. version. And you can't say that the poster reveals too much since the trailers have already done that.

And talk about Japanese. Well this makes sense. But I am surprise somebody would remember this as this goes way back. And a proper American release

The ironic thing about this is that the Star Wars franchise has pretty much tanked in China and Pacific Rim is starting a brand new franchise thanks to China after cleaning up at the box office. Yep ironic.

So is this is what replacing the traditional circur. Actually there are so many other arena type tours available that the circus has been passe for many years.Who doesn't like to see car crashes and wrecks by the dozen? It works for Monster Turck type of shows so why not. They should have as special guest Mad Max or even they could have their own tour.

Was it me or did most of the trailers had beenthere done it feel to them. Not to exciting that's for sure. But this tells the whole story until the final showdown. And it looks pretty boring until then. Well at least Arnold has Celebrity App until Cameron decides to redo the Terminator series and help his friend out on this.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

King Kong Skull Island Special

Due to a heavy workload (yeah that musical production by a former X-Men, but worth it!)  the next blog and radio show will be posted next week.  But in the meantime...

Ironic. Rouge One was Edwards tribute to Apocalypse Now ( which at one point was going to be directed by Lucas himself). So now here is that reference point to Kong and Godzilla. More on this reference on the radio show.

Lots of goodies on the production. This also leads to other articles relating to the production.

I have to admit, this should be interesting from a different point of view. If you listen to the commentary (you guys know how much I love these no matter how bad the film is) by Coppola, he pretty much says it all. But to see it all come alive is definately a challenge.

Nice cover up. All this promotion and they still keep delaying the release date later into the year..

Perfect ! I mean look at that mug. But I have to admit Grint (Potter fans wake up!) would take it to anothe lever. The others? Well Some I know some I don't so I won't be the judge here. But I hope the new show runner will bring more imagination than previous. And boot up the Budget already for crying out loud!

Yikes ! this should be boring to the max. David Lynch versions was a mess. Here is the link to the best version that was never made:
Jodorowsky's Dune

This is so cool considering how much each actor have progress in their career to come back and take a pic. Yes, they were all part of a big picture but now all are involve in different projects in their point of their career. Some move on and don't look back regardless of the project and I just don't get that.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Hidden Figures Surprise Win

Live on MNN now playing on Youtube: the Oscar Nominations Edition. Radio show coming soon.

This what happens when your film tanks at the box office no matter if you have an Oscar or not. Many years ago this wouldn't have mattered. But with so much as stake DC/Warners are taking no chances. Shame, I think he would have done a good job.

You go girls. If you listen to the past Youtube and radio shows, my money was Denzel and Viola for the acting catagory. Didn't see Ali get it but still cool. But my favorite film of the year so far got the big ensemble cast win so that was sweet. But the other big surprise was Affleck got beat by Denzel. Double sweet as I thought both the acting and picture were both overrated. So there.

Other big surprise seems like La La Land is losing stream and Westworld lost. Why Westworld was it nominated in the first place is beyond me. Overall just an overrated year all together. But my girls got the win. Just remember that SNL skit this past weekend when both pictures was mentioned. That says it all. Note: Even tho Emma Stone won best actress, it did take away from Natalie Portman in Jackie, another oeverrated performance. Streep should have won. So there, lol.

Still haven't seen Stranger Things which also won Cast Ensemble at the SGA Awards. And now being in the new Godzilla. All this at only 12 years old. Talk about luck at an early age.

If you watched our latest Youtube show(Live on MNN) I got on Sony's case about being the the film busniess. Ok who is watching whom? As I said that as a side bar (while alos mentioning Disney and ESPN) that they should get out while they can. And this article nails that or should I say I nailed it first. LOL.

Chewbacca is back, character from Force awakens and Thrones' Emilia Clarke is rumoured. Man this is getting better and better with more info.

Capaldi should stay for another season now that showrunner Steve Moffat is leaving. He just ran out of ideas and that budget didn't help either. They used that same hallway for half the shows. Shame.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Rogue One Tops $1 Billion

Updated to include a New Radio Show now playing with Oscar nods and reviews. Live on MNN this Saturday at pm. Please see Oscar updated list below links in Oscar Bonus. Last update for the week.

Update: Mini-reviews:
Silence: 3, Great looking film but way too long but Andrew proves himself again.
XXX: 3, not that bad and a fun ending that Cruise should rip off next time he's on a plane.
Live By Night: 2, Boring. No suspence, thrills, low on action, just one big meh.
Monster Truck: 3, underrated for the little ones. E.T. goes Octupus cute.
Monster Calls: 2, Beware ! Not for the little ones, way to depressing aka The BFG.
Nocturnal Animals: 3, Shannon was great as the sheriff hunting down the bad guys. This would have gotten a 4 if it wasn't for the story within the story was so awful. The Amy Adams part was useless.

While it's simple enough the question is what is Pt. 9 going to be called? "General Leia has gone missing?" How are they going to fix that episode with Carrie Fisher gone especially since they stated they are not going the CGI route.

Rogue One Hits $1Billion according to Box Office Mojo
Well it's about time. But where will it land lasts. It took a while to break the top 40, now it floats around the top thirty. Will it break the top 20? $50M away it should but its slowing down all over so maybe in two weeks we'll find out.

Even tho I had probelms with the first half of BvS, the second half rocked so why is this on the list. Zoolander 2 made my list of crap last year so that belongs here for sure. It's all tongue in cheek with the razzies but there was a lot more crap in 2016 that should be on this list than BvS.

Read the very last line of the article: "..so who do we have to talk to...." simple. Disney. Just give the properties to them for the very last line and get out of the superhero business. Fox blew it.

Oscar bonus:
It's official: La La Land is the most overrated movie of the year and Deadpool got totally dissed.
But Hidden Figures is in with Octavia Spencer representing Supporting Actor. Good enough.
While Hanks also got dissed, Micheal Shannon got the nod instead of Aaron eh (Quicksilver, Godzilla, yeah him). And Amy Adams did not get a nod, neither should Arrival but another story.
Scorsese "Silence" got Cinematography at least. Denzel and Viola got thier nods.
Mel snuck in as Director for Hacksaw Ridge which got Best Pic nod. Cool.
Both Rogue One and Deep Water Horizon both at least got SFX and Sound nods.
But lets face it, half the nods for Best Picture dont even deserve it,  Arrival..really?

Hidden Figures is in my top 10 foir the year. Great way to start 2017. Nods for both Cookie and Kevin would be sweet.
Scorsese for "Silence" while a bit long he should get recognized for this. Andrew was great in this. Smart move getting rid of Spiderman. PS 3 out of 5. More on the radio show.
Hanks got dissed at the Golden Globes. Hopefully Oscar recognizes this and makes up for dissing him for Captain Philips.
Again: Both Denzel and Viola for Best Actors. Jeff Bridges for Supporting Actor.
Hacksaw Ridge Best Pciture and Director for Mel.
Last but not least: La La Land, Manchester, Moonlight all over rated for Best Picture. My nod?
Deadpool for Best Picture !!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New Movie Reviews For The New Year

Live on MNN now playing on Youtube. No MNN show this weekend. Radio shwo postpone till next week to announce the Oscar predictions then other movie reviews.

Hidden Figures: 5 out of  5. Great story with an excellent cast all around. Definately a feel good movie.
Patroits Day: 4. Producer Wahlberg should be proud. Wait, is that Supergirl as the terrorist wife?
La La Land: 3. Homage to the old musicals of the day. But best picture? Bit of a stretch.
Fences: 4. The Oscar for best actors belong to Denzel and  Viola Davis. Hands down.
Moonlight: Brave and couragest for its topic. All the actors do a great job. But best picture?
Underworld: ZERO!  What they couldn't afford light lulbs? It was hard to see anything. Editing didn't help either. And man somebody loves the color blue. uugghh.
Collateral Beauty: 2; Will Smith needs Bad Boys 3 now. Wow what a misfire. Didn't anyone care in making this? It was not that bad but Lazy comes to mind as the movie is just a total Meh.
Great Wall: 2, Starts of really great, slow middle then gets redundant in the last half hour. Kind of dissapointment, no fault of the cast which try but it runs our of steam by the end.

Ouch. Rogue One tanks in China. Well so much for hitting the top ten of all time International. The final nail in the coffin. And out of all films it was another space opera that takes the no. 1 spot. Ouch.

A better scene at the bar than the others and this gets cut. And how come this wasn't included in the deleted scene section on the blu-ray that also........oh never mind, its a waste of time....

Wow, everything I don't want to see and I'm going to save mucho bucks and less to review. This is so sad, this is what they haven't learn from the past few years. These films are not all that to ask for sequels. But then again anything that makes  a 99 cents profit gets a sequel. So Sad.

I have to admit. The trailer sucked. This movie has no connection with the tv show besides the title. While not a fan of Jump Street I have to admit the second was actually kind of funny and had its moments. Chips Well I'm going to save some money, lol.

having on this show will be great since who knows we are going to see this character on the big screen. And it makes sense with a proto-Joke(?) being involved. But can't wait for Croc, that will be cool. This show just keeps getting better.

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Rogue One International Box Office

New Radio Show now playing; Rogue One Intl Box Office. This Blog is posted early due to a heavy workload this coming week. The next blog will be before our first show for the new year next Saturday: Live on MNN.

So Rogue is goin to land at either No. 6 or 7 in the top 10 of all time. As far as the top  it needs another $100M and the picture looks like it's slowing down big time at the B.O. Well at least it beat Phantom Menace in the top 10. But Intl the picture has barely hit the top 40 of all time. But at least it's going at full speed overseas so now it's a matter of a couple of weeks where it will land in the top 20.

It's bad enough that China wasn't very big with Star Wars as the original trilogy was never shown in China on the big screens. And now this whole big pollution thing going on in the country which is affecting everything across the board. Well that doesn't help the box office does it?

In other words they are panicking. While some have taken to the CG used on dead actors and a young Leia, other fans hate the idea. Also her being cut out of the script will be a big sin. Soon we should find out how they are going to screw this up  handle this situation. For more on this CG technique check out the article below.

Cool 7 minute video on behind the scenes with the CG Actors. Once people get used to this they can go ahead with Carrie Fisher on EP. 9. She already gave them the nod for a young Princess Leia so why not. I'm sure her daughter wouldn't mind. And her daughter should the a bigger part with lines in EP 9 while thier at it.

This would be so cool. And why not. She's already has the title. But my question is how come Carrie Fisher didn't have a Walk of Fame in her honor. What's up with that?

Famous picture that was shown all over and never used. That and that damn Tie Fighter on the plank.
No matter what anyone says why is that mentioned in the Novelization on Page 300? While the b Novel follows the movie after the reshoots and new script, the Tie Fighter is still mentioned. So,,,
What's up with that. Check the book out and see what you think.

Fustrating ain't it. So many things missing and the studio is like "you'll never going to see this". But you never know, lol.

Here is my take on what I would like to see win. I usually predict what the Globes will pick but this year is different as some I couldn't care less, no hurry to see and what I like to see win instead of them.
Drama Section:
Picture: Hacksaw Ridge
Director: Mel Gibson
Actor: Danzel Washington
Actress: Anyone but Amy (sorry I love Amy, she's done better)
Suppt Actor: Jeff Bridges
Suppt Actress: Viola Davis
Note: "Fences" had the best acting period along with a great ensemble cast. 4 out of  5.

Picture: Deadpool
Actor: Ryan Reynolds
Actress: Meryl Streep (yes the singing was annoying but she sold it)
Note: Screenplays is whoever wins Best Picture in their category.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Rogue One No. 1 for 2016

 New Radio Show coming tomorrow: Rogue One Box Office Review.  Last 2016 Radio Show now playing: Holiday Movie reviews, Fisher Tribute and Rogue One coverage with Superman 2 mention.

Having Woody Harrison is much of a stretch after doing Hunger Games but  Bale would be too much of a stretch. What was he going to do. Yell at Han solo like he did with crew members on the Terminator movie?

Well Rogue One is going to be the No.1 for 2016 by the end of the week. It will also hit the Top 10 for all time domestic gross. So the only thing left is the top of all time World Wide. It still needs to break the top 50 which it will do eventually. But  even after it opens in China next week we still have the rest of the month to get an idea how where in the top 50 it's going to land..

Look who mentions Superman 2 Donner Cut at the bottom of the article. A little late guys. Or who's reading whom? And of course no mention of Supervising Editor Stuart Baird. With Disney behind this you really think there won't be an Edwards cut? Of course they will, it will take a while when they milk with Special edition, 3D version, 4K...anything left? Yeah! Directors cut. Don't believe them. They spent a lot of money on the reshoots not to have this happen. Remember Lucas Special Editions saying you'll never see the original prints since they were altered? Then a few years later both special ed and original were release as a double package. (I showed New Hope DVD on our last show on YT). And how many times Disney release their dvd/br Platinum editions? They just don't t dimished the Box Office right now so fans will just go back for repeats. But Edwards edition it's out there some where.

Another article with them being very vague on what scenes were added and cut. Just look at the first two trailers. All those scenes were the ones cut. (thx IMDB) Also in the Novel the Tie Fighter at the plank is still in there. Most of the book tho with from the re-writes. (reading that now) As for added scenes? Again look at the trailers. The whole attack of the beach (waterfront) is missing with Jyn and Cassian running. So not so much what was added but what was cut out. These sneaky editors, lol.

Instead of the summer now it looks like this is going to be release for the winter Holiday season. So it looks like all the rest of the films are going this way. Makes sense, there's no competition in January compare to the summer as you can see with Rogue One. And now that Rogue has proven itself as a huge hit Disney will go all out with it's solo movies, spinoffs, etc. It's all good.

Just before midnight New Years, the Grim Reaper had to take one more. Ironically an actor who played a priest. How strange. Christoper was of course was in the final episode which goes down in history as the most watch tv show ever.

Most pirated? Then how the hell did it make this much money? I still say this is Hollywood making excuses on putting out bad product. Even with great product making money aka Captain America with over $1B their still crying the blues. But that's not going to stop with Reynolds trying to make that Wolverine/Deadpool movie. Which will happen if Logan tanks.

While I love this franchise just to see the old gang back, is anyone really asking for this? gotta give Stallone credit going against the wind with Superheroes replacing these guys. It's a shame since you really don't have a new generation replacing them with old fashion mano a mano style.

Well this is funny. Alien Covenant was one of his worst movies. Just a remake of the first Alien. And wasn't the sequel suppose to continue the story about "The Engineers"? They dropped that like a hot potatoe and got back to business with the Aliens. I love most of his movies but isn't that kind of hypocritical?

Bonus: For those who didn't think I was a Star Wars or Batman fan plus a item tv from the 1960's which is getting a reboot. Can you spot it? Taken back in 2006 in the old house. They been boxed up since.