Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday's Movie News Links
Cool video which ends with a cameo of the Batmobile. I gotta admit I'm getting a kick out of these crossover ideas. I'm still waiting for the Planet of the Apes and Star Trek comic book series to come out at the end of the year. And yes that is official. I did say I wasn't going to put up that many Star Wars stuff because all those rumours flying around. But is such a cook joke.
This video is a tease as Quinto mentions at the 30 seconds. But at least it's just another 6 months instead another year. They have to deal with Star Wars now since before there was no compeition for Space movies until of course Gaurdians came out so both of those other franchises had their fix. I know it was for me. Now I have Star Wars-Trek and Gaurdians and still can't get enough.
Spoiled I am, Fascinating it is, cause Yo Soy Groot, LOL.
Good Luck. I like Dan Aykroyd but he's got to let it go. He's trying to cover evey angle he can and I don't blame him. I wouldn't mind seeing a franchise out of this but it's been so long now.
Does anyone remember "The Neverending Story" with the big flying dragon dog? The rocker eater tells the kid it's the "Big Nothing" that istaking over the land. Well that's what Disney reminds me of taking over all thes franchises and basically the Box Office. And the still have TV and Cable. Yikes.
And they wont'b be happy till they have it all. Mark my words: They will own Spiderman.

Note: Radio show coming ths weekend. Godzilla and Mothra BR with Skull Island recap.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links

Radio Show Premiere now playing. Click on the Widget on the right to hear the show. A new show with Godzilla BR review will be posted before the weekend.

Click on poster and it will take you to a promo page, scroll down for 3 mini vids which you probably seen before. But it looks cool.
It psoted this before but scroll down to the comments about the 7th comment someone posted the timings of Godzilla showing up in all of his movies.
For me the first part Monarch explaining the origins was cool as it was mash up for the opening credits. Over here they make it like news reels and actually what happens with the events leading up to the movie. The second part Legendary Godzilla are just 4 part teasers on the making of. And all of the behind the scenes making of before the movie came out are not here. It is the same info but told in different takes. If this doesn't bother you then you should be good. Me? I'm friggin furious! You got the kitchen sink, then throw in there for crying out load! It's the idea of the double dipping when they re-release this again as the rumours there will be a Directors cut. But yes I have it and will talk about it on the radio show which will be posted before the weekend is out.

Special Note Blooper: Godzilla crashes through the San Fransciso Bridge. A scene later the Muto is flying away and the bridge in the background is intact. Last scene Godzilla in diving in the water and the camera follows him, in the background again the bridge is intact. And where are all the battleships in the Bay?
Includes a B roll video on the making of. Great stuff. This BR will be in my collection as this is still on my top 10 Favorite pictures of the year.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday's Movie News Links

Premiere Radio Show now playing. This week a new show with Godzilla BR review with King Kong
They are not wasting time to make this, are they. Well it makes sense. We all know this is heading toward a Godzilla Versus King Kong feature. But a new Godzilla will take at least 3-4 years since Director Edwards has to do that Star Wars Solo Film. So in between why not start setting up King Kong with his own feature: King Kong Versus Loki. Sorry it's cory but I couldn't resist.
Not much of a plot is it. Just another teaser on a slow news day. But Downey says he has a surprise tomorrow. Sorry but Loki during King Kong is better what ever the news is.
Douglas Trumbull had a lot to do with the "Original Trilogy Star Wars" movies and made the classic Sci-fi "Silent Running" with Bruce Dern released in 1972.  This could the  tech angle where Peter Jackson failed on the Hobbit Trilogy. But never mind the tech, will the movies be any good?
All the tech in the world cannot makeup a lousy script. That is still in the writers hands.
Listen to the studio politics that Fincher explains. As I said on my Radio Show Premiere, it's another example of Micro Management where a star can sell tickets in a foreign country instead of making a good movie. Making money overseas is really being a serious
As the songs goes "Moneychanges everything" Hate that shaky cam but still better than that last spinoff with Jeremy Renner. That was so boring beyond belief.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday's Movie News Links

Premiere Radio Show Now Playing. Click on the Widget. Godzilla Blu-ray Review will be the next show coming this week.
Man, were they wrong on their predictions. And these are suppose to be the experts. But it goes to show you that audiences are getting tired of these type of movies, sequels, reboots etc.
I like that they gave themselves and "F" For How To Train Your Dragon 2, which did not cross
over the $300M mark and Guardians of the Galaxy which Did crossover the $300M mark.
As that famous line from Oscar Winner Screenwriter William Goldman (Princess Bride, etc):
"Nobody Knows Anything"
HE deserves he's own movie but he needs to be surrounded by an new ensemble, some charcters that are not part of The Avengers but part of the Marvel Universe. Planet Hulk would be a good story that can be made. Either way after the2 previous failures he needs a stand up movie on his own.
Not a great video but at least it's in action. After seeing more picks than the first ones that showed up I took a liking to the new Batmobile, more slicker. Let's see how it looks on the big screen
Obi-wan with his own moive? Well the polls suggest that's what the fans want to see. If anyone has notice I haven't posted that many things concerning Star Wars lately mainly becausse of all the rumours on what's going on. What's real and what's not can be very frustrating so like this article and the above if it happens it happens, until then "Just the facts Ma'am".
Blu-ray review already. Yep its a disappointment. 1 hour of features and that's it.
Where is the Commentary, Deleted scenes, Gag Reel? And from all those features that where on
the internet, where are those. And last but not least we know there's easters eggs relating to the sequels.  Well you know what that means? Yep The Double Dip! They are getting us fans again.
Will I get this anyways? Yes. Will I get the Directors Edition? Yes. Am I a SAP? Yes!
NOTE: Scroll down on the comments section below the review. He's name is Tony and he has marked down the timings in which how long it took for Godzilla to all the Godzilla to show up!
Thanks for the info Tony.

Major Note: New Radio Show coming this Wednesday for Godzilla BR Review
Can't believe how much better it sounded than the previous show. Now I'm looking forward
for more shows for you guys. Thanks for listening everyone!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Season 3 Radio Show Premiere

Season premiere finally! Just click on the Talk Shoe Widget for Videoland Express to hear the one hour show Premiere. Movies and TV news and reviews. Lots of things mentioned here.

Our live show on MNN was cancelled at the last minute..Sorry about that. Got rained out so to speak.

Next week will be a new Talk Shoe Radio Show Starting with a review of Godzilla 2014 on
Blu-ray and other news I didn't get to on the premiere show.

See You There. Thanks everyone!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Salute to Richard "Jaws' Kiel

Update: 9/5, 5 video clips on some of the projects he'd done.

Everyone's favorite James Bond villain Jaws and the only villain to be in more than one bond film. First he was in The Spy Who Loved Me then Moonraker.And he almost was in "For Your Eyes Only" until the producers thought it was time for Bond to go back to a more serious tone.

007 Moonraker Parachute sequence, closeup Kiel, flying by stuntman. More Behind the scenes of Bond on our Youtube page by the way.

I remember first seeing him as the Kanamit Alien in the Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man"
known for its famous line "It's a cookbook!" On the Blu-ray: Season 3, Episode 89, Disc 4.
So ever since I was a kid I always look forward to seeing him in so many shows then in various movies. He starred with Capt. Kirk Willaim Shatnner in the Barbary Coast TV Show, along side with Han Solo Harrison Ford "Force Ten From Navarone", The Villain Jaws in the James Bond Franchise and even in beginning clip of the TV Show "The Incredible Hulk" even through he was replace by Lou Ferrigno since the producers didn't think he had the muscles even if he had the height.
But he still got paid for 2 unproduce Hulk movies. By his quote from his Bio:
Making It Big In The Movies, the autobiography of Richard 'Jaws' Kiel with a forward by Roger Moore. 
 Trivia: I got his book autograph by him! But I never met him. Huh?
I brought it used on Amazon by someone who sold it cheap, it wasn't till Igot it that I realized
it was signed by him. It was signed "To The Vines" or soemthing like that. I wonder why would they sell it. But man I'm glad I held on to it all these years.
My favorite The original Longest Yard with Burt Reynolds "I think I broke his fuckin neck!"
and everyone's favotie Happy Gilmore.
Gilmore clip included.
He beat Arnold Schwarzenegger for the Hulk role only to have Lou Ferrigno replace him.
But Arnold? Never knew that. He didn't even mention that in his Bio. Good read by the way.

New Update: 5 video clips to highlight some other things he was part of.. They had to mention
Eegah. His only actual leading part. And look how small that chair is on Letterman show.

More on the live show this Saturday on MNN.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links

Trailer of the Live Movie Version included on 2nd page of link below.
Wonder if Guardians of the Galaxy has anything to do with that. DUH! You know that whole psace theme thing. My only problem is the damn title: Star Blazers? Really? That is so Saterday Morning Cartoon Soundish. Geez anything but that. Goods news is they have somebody who is a fan
ad MCquarrie did a great job to MI5, well compare to the precious versions which all sucked.
This looks like crap! All the money there are spending on this and this is what they came up with.
Well that's one model kit I'm not buying. Then again nothing beats the classic 1966 Batmobile.
This is so funny. They really nailed it good on this one. But one thing they failed to mention is how
much time was given to the MUTOs. And there was 2 of them which made it more fun. But I love the idea of the 3 crossovers. Wouldn't that be great? And put Ken W in all 3 so he can stare some more.
The possibilities on this are endless. This could be so funny. Freeman can get nasty with the salty language with the best of them. Hopefully MacFarlane gets back on track from that cowboy mess.
Shame the studio system gets away with this crap. It's bad enough when they hire and fire writers and bring in multiple rewrites and some of them don't even get the credit at the end.
For more horror stories like these watch the film and read the book:
Tales From The Script
Visit IMDB for more info, well known writers tell their stories and behind the scenes of writing.
Love that picture of James Caan from the movie Misery. It says a lot, lol.