Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Star Wars 8 Trailer

New Live on MNN will premiere on October 21. with more show dates in November and December.

Mini Movie Reviews: 5= Great, 1= Sucks. It's not fun anymore.
Blade Runner: 2: Too bloated and Ford only shows up in the last third, really? See article below.
Mother: 0: Total Bullshit. Artsy fartsy crap. Guess Lawrence can't even save a movie anymore.
Kingsman 2: 3: Over the top, silly but it had Elton John, lol. And love those music fights. Prince?!!!
Justice League Dark: 3: Glad it had other characters usually not seen even tho I never did like Constantine. Good for Halloween. In the meantime back at DC we're getting another Joker. Meh.
Cult of Chucky 3: Slow build up tho the last third act was cool. But strictly for Chucky fans. but it was too late. Time to retired.
Ok we all saw the trailer, no reason to repost. But I figure post this again. Are fans reading into this a little bit to much. Even tho it's a stretch I can see why they would jump on the bandwagon.
Deakins is the genius behind this film. The jury is still out on Director Villeneuve (not crazy about any of his films and Arrival did not deserve that Oscar nod). Way too long and bloated considering it was just a mystery. And it took four writers for this? And I didn't see that huge budget on the screen. Final nail in the coffin? That music was horrible! But I do appreciate the nods to the first film which I love by the way. But not enough. More on the next live show. (Oct. 21).
Yo Marty, you give these sites to much credit. Example: Blade Runner 2. All those raves and the film tanks given its budget. Bloated running time and Harrison Ford shows up in the last act even tho he is co- headliner in the poster. Instant killer when fans start posting among themselves. Simple as that.
Are you kidding me? That is the main problem with this new franchise. No one likes this character and you continue with this theme? Again Hollywood with its head up its ass. Complete denial. They dont' want to admit that Sigorney version was the way to go. At this point its just too sad.
Back to the one who started it all. Why not? BTW I loved Stallone playing himself in "This Is Us"
Great episode and Director Ron Howard cameo was pretty cool.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Big September Movie Review Blog

What is old is new, and what is new is old. An old motto that I've been saying for the past 29 years live on the air. Hence the angle of this blog aka T2, Star Trek, Stephen King.
Too obvious to mention. We all know the previous adaptions were less than perfect so of course once "IT" is a hit the studios are going to milk the back catalogue. Actually I can't blame them. Everything else they are touching is turning to crap anyways. But do they think these remakes are going to be better? "IT" is the worst remake of the year. The TV series was way better. Even with the poor SFX considering the time period. But Tim Curry was the ultimate evil clown.
It's all about keeping the franchises alive. But this was a storyline  that should have continued as was\
Fans won't even acknowledge T3. So maybe the Alien franchise can take a hint and ignore that stupid storyline about David and the Engineeers and bring Signorney back along with her daughter.

Movie Reviews:
Ratings: 1 = sucked, 5 = great
"IT":0 : Most overrated movie of the year. Too long, too boring too much CGI clown. Done.

American Assassin: 3: Weak plot but lots of action. Micheal is great as always and even tho too much CG it had a great ending at the ocean. PS: check Keaton out in The Founder, the Mcdonalds story guy solid 5 out of 5 and he and the movie should have been nominated to Oscar last yr.

Killing Gunther: 2: Arnold only shows up at the last 20 minutes of the movie but he was great considering it's film in docu style which really sucked. But that 3 cam shot at the end was cool.

Lucky Logan: 2: Daniel Craig was a snap as a southerner and that cameo by Seth was cool but this was so flat and boring, by the end I couldn't care less if they got away with it or not.

Wolf Warrior: 3: Can't believe this is in the top 5 World Wide at the box office this year. Lots of action but I couldn't get into this plot whatsoever. Way overrated for such a money payoff.

Cable/Tv/Livestream Reviews:
Star Trek Discovery Parts 1&2: 3 Not as bad as I thought but I look at this as a different timeline. My main problem? Those are not Klingons! And why is everything so dark. Love the actors tho.

Orville: 4:  Dramedy? Seth needs to have a better balance with this But remember this. ST:TNG Season 1 was so off centered that it took S2 to get it right and Seth did the Screenwriters room on the BR release of ST:TNG. And the parodies on his show. He's doing it better than Discovery. Ouch!

Batman & Harley: 4: This pays homage to the '66 tv series which I grew up with. Along with the music,  graphic balloons (ah my balls!) and Harley was great! Hate the tv series? You'll hate this.

Rough Night: 2: Love the girls but where was the humour? I have no problem with Weekend At Bernies with an all female cast aka Ghostbusters. But did someone forget the laughs?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Gotham Preview Special Edition

The Police Precinct, on the set of Gotham. More on the Live Show when it premieres in October.
More photos below in the bonus section. Repeat of Live on MNN this Saturday.

Now this is more like it even that story of [passing the baton to a young 18 reeks aka Star Wars:TFW but heck that worked out pretty good. over $1B pretty good, lol. So why not, the original gang is back, something TFW did screw up on, and thats what counts.

Well it looks like they tying in to the first Noland film with Scarcrow and Ghul making their debuts in this season. (yes Ghul made a cameo in the last ep last season).
So Lawrence has another dud on her resume. Gee I thought she was a powerhouse at the box office. Well so much for an overpaid paycheck. But what gets to me is how "IT" is killing it at the B.O..
Man I was bored like hell. So overrated. Still prefer the Time Curry version. Yeah the sfx was poor but at least it was not overkill like the new version.
Now this is what we are talking about. Superman with dark issue means a very boring superhero.
Actually why Vaughn isn't hired for thenext Bond movie is beyond me. He be perfect. But in the meantime he be perfect for directing Sups.

They couldn't do this the first time around when the released the big steel box set a few years ago?
Another double dip. Well most of that material can be seen on YT anyways but I do have to admit it would be nice to see it in on one big showcase.

The Live on MNN show was suppose to be in repeats but apparently some people didn't get the memo and it went live, some were pissed off that I wasn't there, lol. Glad to know you support the show and care.
Below are some pix of Gotham on location near where I live at City Hall. This was a day I was not working on a show so I was free to take pics. I did three days on Gotham last week and was not allowed to take pics on the set. Somebody did take a video on the first day and after posting it hell broke lose. Hence the warning do not take pics/video on the set.
The main photo above I was allowed to take a pic as that set was used for holding the backgrond actors to rest and no filming was done there. That is the Police Precinct on Stage 9, since it wasn't used most of the lights wee shut off hence why it was kind of dark.
The experience? One of the best shows I worked on beside the fact it was also one of the longest shoots per day as the last day (Friday) I clocked in over 16 hours. Worth it ! as I got to work with The Riddler, most of the girls and a surprise guest. Signed a waiver that I can't talk about the scenes but when the show premieres, EP 7, in November, then I will talk about it on the Live show.

Note: Look at that very small sign in yellow exactly in the middle on. the floor. Ok now look up at the guy in the white shirt: Jim Gorden folks lol.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

JJ Is Back For Star Wars 9

This weeks blog is short as my workload on Gotham is longer than I thought. Those hours.....
Live on MNN will be back in October for our Halloween Special.
Will someone make up their mind? Actually JJ should have directed all three. Not that the first one was great, the script was also blame on that one. But he did direct in real time instead of Lucas depending on blue screen for everything. And  JJ is also a writer so this should be in good hands finally.
Well there you have it. The highest paid female director and she gets a backend deal to top it off!
And I'm glad they are not playing musical chairs with that position. Warners finally got something right, not counting the Nolan's Batman Trilogy.
Kind of weak but it does include the original theme and it has NO Singing...
"It's been a long time...." ugghhh how wonder the show got cancel. Same for ST Beyond with Rhianna song at the end. Again...No Singing!
Yo Liam, take the money! You earn it! Oscar nominated and all. Hey you got stuntmen, quick editing, and CG to cover up those aching bones. Hell you got Rockers at 70 all over the stage. Sir Paul, Sir Mick, Bob Seger and they on the stage for 2 hours plus and nobody covers their ass!

I got a beef with this list but I'll make it short cause only one Superhero movie made the list. WTF!
Snow White was a cartoon, Mary Poppins also had had a cartoon sequence, King Kong '75 was a guy in a suit (not that's a bad thing) and that blue screen was awful at the end, Jaws was a robotic shark (looked great tho), 300 had massive overkill with the blue screen...
SO only Superman '78 made the cut. How about the first Avengers movie. That didn't bring it up a level or two?

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Bond For Sale

Live on MNN will be doing repeats on MNN until sometime in October with new shows.
Also included in the Bonus section is a screen shot of my cameo on HBO's The Deuce.

Now this is funny, Disney stocks actually drops after the announcement and Netflix rises after losing Disney & Marvel. Again once Netflix put in its bid to own a franchise aka Bond, all eyes are on them. Not another company starting its own streaming. How many of these are we going to subscribe to anyways.
Wow, it's amazing how greed can make things run amok. Not only the franchise but all the spinoffs, tv, and everything they can get their grubby little hands on. Bond should be only the big screen. Remember they did a b & w pilot and that was not the place for it. It's on Youtube by the way.
Well she joins Batman and The Avengers, no small feat that's for sure. But there real be a backlash when Justice League. While the hype of having WW in the film will help the boxoffice clean up but will it last all the months like WW if th fans cry foul and the films sucks there go the repeats and fall short aka BvsS which should have crossed the $1B mark.
Great Q & A on Star Wara. My take, Disney is obviously a control freak on its properties. But also management really don't know how to handle these franchises. Look at Affleck. His gangster film tanked and lost the directors gig for Batman. That Bookk of Henry (didn't see it) really burn Trevorrows and now here's out. And let's not start with Zack, lol.
There's going to be a No. 5? Ford is just too old. Never mind about Shia. Just get a up and coming actor if they want to continue or retire it all together. Of course Hollywood is in denial. So much for that.
Well that takes a lot of guts and it is funny. Either way I like to him direct another Kong feature or something with the GZ/KK franchise.

Bonus: Guess who made the final cut on HBO The Deuce. As mentioned on our last show, the word was some of us were edited out. As it turns out I'm in 4 scenes in the pilot episode. For those who haven't seen it this all take place at the 50-60 minute mark. And too think I Waited 2 years for this.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

End Of Summer Wrapup

Live on MNN now playing on Youtube. This last show will be repeated thru September on MNN.
OK boys and girls: Today's pass word is "Clue" as "They don't have a friggin clue"

Wow worse than we thought. Amc theatres lost 45% and Regal lost 28% attendance. If I was working with any of these chains I'll be looking for a new job. Yikes, talk about the writing on the wall.

Adn the numbers are still going down the tubes compare to the past. The whole spectrum is changing and Hollywood refuses to listen. Aren't they watching Game of Thornes. Now those are numbers.
Other details on what is happening at the Box Office. It's pretty obvious that not only the studio doesn't have a clue but when they do get a hint that something is wrong they are in denial. Great management.
Adn they wonder why the Movie Experience is dying a slow death. So many options and built in stay home audiences it's no wonder that Studios still don't have a clue.
Another bad decision. This is so sad in desperation that their trying to catching up with Marvel. Now that they got that Wonder Woman they think they can't fail. This is even worse with their arrogance and killing DC as it is.
As mentioned on the Live show, this just reeks of desperation. But I could see this on the cartoon network or Disney channel on cable. But on the big screen? Really?
They are really pushing this aren't they. Guess they afford to fall flat on thier face if this tanks. But lets face, fans like me will tune in, give it shot but will we take it for a few years. Remember Enterprise tanked after 4 years. While I love the cast and the SFX is greater than ever will that be enough?
Who cares. Just make a good Bond to make up for the last one. That whole thing stunk. And one of the worse thing was the song which got an Oscar. Not even the British recognized that song!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Wonder Woman: The Big Summer Winner

New Live on MNN this Saturday. This will be the last show of the summer. Promise. lol

New Update:
Wow, kind of mean ain't it. I like the last paragraph about the "5 time married" Cameron. Funny.

This is a really bad idea. And it doesn't matter who's behind this. Jared Leto was totally miscast and made a poor Joker. Hence why his part was cut. Let's face it the best part of Squad was Harley Quinn.
What abummer. No actor wants to be cut from a film. But then again here was another wasted part.
Problem is this movie has been cut to smithereens who knows what we are going to get.
So these pictures are interacting with each other which is kind of cool. But now we know that Kong was still growing in Skull Island, he can match up with Godzilla in size. Man that's huge.
These guys are close to the $1B mark. Even took the studio by surprise. Yet we are getting another DM$ and Minions. If I was one the fimmakers on this I'd be thinking or retirement in a few years, lol.

The one picture nobody predicted for her own solo movie. And as far as the numbers go, mega titles have fallen short aka BvsS which should have crossed the $1B mark and fell short. But if anything it puts pressure on future releases for DC. Both Bats and Justice are sitting ducks now. And only DC has itself to blame.
A legend that I grew up with on TV. My favorite was The FamilyJewels in which he played mutiple chracters all related to one another. Why this was never remade is beyond me. But Eddie Murphy was smart in picking the Nutty Professor. A great remake of a classic. Something very rare nowadays.
My co-host Mark didn't see what the big deal was with this franchise and hated thelast one. Me on the other hand I was like BOSS! But never mind that. According to the article the only other franchise to compete is Shrek which is by Dreamworks. Long story short. Disney is Pissed cause they are out of the loop. And how did that happened? lol.
AS far as the original goes it was a draw. You see Kong swimming away leaving viewers thinking that Godzilla lost. But Godzilla is a sea creature to begin with, so he just swam away from the fight.
"Geez, I'm king of the monsters and I'm fighting an over size Gorilla? Really? I'm outta here."
Another one? Wasn't his background and family covered in the CloneWars already? And was anyone asking for this to begin with? Sign of desperation from Disney or are they just happy to milk the merchandising as much as they could?