Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New Movie Reviews For The New Year

Live on MNN now playing on Youtube. New Radio show with full movie reviews coming this week.

Hidden Figures: 5 out of  5. Great story with an excellent cast all around. Definately a feel good movie.
Patroits Day: 4. Producer Wahlberg should be proud. Wait, is that Supergirl as the terrorist wife?
La La Land: 3. Homage to the old musicals of the day. But best picture? Bit of a stretch.
Fences: 4. The Oscar for best actors belong to Denzel and  Viola Davis. Hands down.
Moonlight: Brave and couragest for its topic. All the actors do a great job. But best picture?
Underworld: ZERO!  What they couldn't afford light lulbs? It was hard to see anything. Editing didn't help either. And man somebody loves the color blue. uugghh.
Collateral Beauty: 2; Will Smith needs Bad Boys 3 now. Wow what a misfire. Didn't anyone care in making this? It was not that bad but Lazy comes to mind as the movie is just a total Meh.
Great Wall: 2, Starts of really great, slow middle then gets redundant in the last half hour. Kind of dissapointment, no fault of the cast which try but it runs our of steam by the end.

Ouch. Rogue One tanks in China. Well so much for hitting the top ten of all time International. The final nail in the coffin. And out of all films it was another space opera that takes the no. 1 spot. Ouch.

A better scene at the bar than the others and this gets cut. And how come this wasn't included in the deleted scene section on the blu-ray that also........oh never mind, its a waste of time....

Wow, everything I don't want to see and I'm going to save mucho bucks and less to review. This is so sad, this is what they haven't learn from the past few years. These films are not all that to ask for sequels. But then again anything that makes  a 99 cents profit gets a sequel. So Sad.

I have to admit. The trailer sucked. This movie has no connection with the tv show besides the title. While not a fan of Jump Street I have to admit the second was actually kind of funny and had its moments. Chips Well I'm going to save some money, lol.

having on this show will be great since who knows we are going to see this character on the big screen. And it makes sense with a proto-Joke(?) being involved. But can't wait for Croc, that will be cool. This show just keeps getting better.

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Rogue One International Box Office

New Radio Show now playing; Rogue One Intl Box Office. This Blog is posted early due to a heavy workload this coming week. The next blog will be before our first show for the new year next Saturday: Live on MNN.

So Rogue is goin to land at either No. 6 or 7 in the top 10 of all time. As far as the top  it needs another $100M and the picture looks like it's slowing down big time at the B.O. Well at least it beat Phantom Menace in the top 10. But Intl the picture has barely hit the top 40 of all time. But at least it's going at full speed overseas so now it's a matter of a couple of weeks where it will land in the top 20.

It's bad enough that China wasn't very big with Star Wars as the original trilogy was never shown in China on the big screens. And now this whole big pollution thing going on in the country which is affecting everything across the board. Well that doesn't help the box office does it?

In other words they are panicking. While some have taken to the CG used on dead actors and a young Leia, other fans hate the idea. Also her being cut out of the script will be a big sin. Soon we should find out how they are going to screw this up  handle this situation. For more on this CG technique check out the article below.

Cool 7 minute video on behind the scenes with the CG Actors. Once people get used to this they can go ahead with Carrie Fisher on EP. 9. She already gave them the nod for a young Princess Leia so why not. I'm sure her daughter wouldn't mind. And her daughter should the a bigger part with lines in EP 9 while thier at it.

This would be so cool. And why not. She's already has the title. But my question is how come Carrie Fisher didn't have a Walk of Fame in her honor. What's up with that?

Famous picture that was shown all over and never used. That and that damn Tie Fighter on the plank.
No matter what anyone says why is that mentioned in the Novelization on Page 300? While the b Novel follows the movie after the reshoots and new script, the Tie Fighter is still mentioned. So,,,
What's up with that. Check the book out and see what you think.

Fustrating ain't it. So many things missing and the studio is like "you'll never going to see this". But you never know, lol.

Here is my take on what I would like to see win. I usually predict what the Globes will pick but this year is different as some I couldn't care less, no hurry to see and what I like to see win instead of them.
Drama Section:
Picture: Hacksaw Ridge
Director: Mel Gibson
Actor: Danzel Washington
Actress: Anyone but Amy (sorry I love Amy, she's done better)
Suppt Actor: Jeff Bridges
Suppt Actress: Viola Davis
Note: "Fences" had the best acting period along with a great ensemble cast. 4 out of  5.

Picture: Deadpool
Actor: Ryan Reynolds
Actress: Meryl Streep (yes the singing was annoying but she sold it)
Note: Screenplays is whoever wins Best Picture in their category.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Rogue One No. 1 for 2016

 New Radio Show coming tomorrow: Rogue One Box Office Review.  Last 2016 Radio Show now playing: Holiday Movie reviews, Fisher Tribute and Rogue One coverage with Superman 2 mention.

Having Woody Harrison is much of a stretch after doing Hunger Games but  Bale would be too much of a stretch. What was he going to do. Yell at Han solo like he did with crew members on the Terminator movie?

Well Rogue One is going to be the No.1 for 2016 by the end of the week. It will also hit the Top 10 for all time domestic gross. So the only thing left is the top of all time World Wide. It still needs to break the top 50 which it will do eventually. But  even after it opens in China next week we still have the rest of the month to get an idea how where in the top 50 it's going to land..

Look who mentions Superman 2 Donner Cut at the bottom of the article. A little late guys. Or who's reading whom? And of course no mention of Supervising Editor Stuart Baird. With Disney behind this you really think there won't be an Edwards cut? Of course they will, it will take a while when they milk with Special edition, 3D version, 4K...anything left? Yeah! Directors cut. Don't believe them. They spent a lot of money on the reshoots not to have this happen. Remember Lucas Special Editions saying you'll never see the original prints since they were altered? Then a few years later both special ed and original were release as a double package. (I showed New Hope DVD on our last show on YT). And how many times Disney release their dvd/br Platinum editions? They just don't t dimished the Box Office right now so fans will just go back for repeats. But Edwards edition it's out there some where.

Another article with them being very vague on what scenes were added and cut. Just look at the first two trailers. All those scenes were the ones cut. (thx IMDB) Also in the Novel the Tie Fighter at the plank is still in there. Most of the book tho with from the re-writes. (reading that now) As for added scenes? Again look at the trailers. The whole attack of the beach (waterfront) is missing with Jyn and Cassian running. So not so much what was added but what was cut out. These sneaky editors, lol.

Instead of the summer now it looks like this is going to be release for the winter Holiday season. So it looks like all the rest of the films are going this way. Makes sense, there's no competition in January compare to the summer as you can see with Rogue One. And now that Rogue has proven itself as a huge hit Disney will go all out with it's solo movies, spinoffs, etc. It's all good.

Just before midnight New Years, the Grim Reaper had to take one more. Ironically an actor who played a priest. How strange. Christoper was of course was in the final episode which goes down in history as the most watch tv show ever.

Most pirated? Then how the hell did it make this much money? I still say this is Hollywood making excuses on putting out bad product. Even with great product making money aka Captain America with over $1B their still crying the blues. But that's not going to stop with Reynolds trying to make that Wolverine/Deadpool movie. Which will happen if Logan tanks.

While I love this franchise just to see the old gang back, is anyone really asking for this? gotta give Stallone credit going against the wind with Superheroes replacing these guys. It's a shame since you really don't have a new generation replacing them with old fashion mano a mano style.

Well this is funny. Alien Covenant was one of his worst movies. Just a remake of the first Alien. And wasn't the sequel suppose to continue the story about "The Engineers"? They dropped that like a hot potatoe and got back to business with the Aliens. I love most of his movies but isn't that kind of hypocritical?

Bonus: For those who didn't think I was a Star Wars or Batman fan plus a item tv from the 1960's which is getting a reboot. Can you spot it? Taken back in 2006 in the old house. They been boxed up since.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

RIP Princess Leia

New Blog Talk Radio show now playing: Mini-movie reviews.  Rogue One News postpone till next week. Rogue One will enter the Top Ten of all time domestically and break the top five after this weekend to be the No. 1 picture of the year.

This is so unreal. Right at the end of the year. Guess the heartbreak was all too much. Besides Singing in the Rain, my generation new her as the Voice of the Spider in Charlottes Web. Not a big hit when it first came out but became cult status over the years (remake doesn't count). I remember going to see this as a kid. To young to appreciate until in later years. This article includes two videos including the Spiders death lullabye, now more poignant now than ever.

I included to show what a great sense of humor she had and if you read any of her books it was apparent she could face her troubles and still laugh about it. Not easy to do. Also this article has other links to other new articles you can click on instead of me reposting them here.

What a way to end the year. And for some of us part of our childhood and teenage years are now history, along with many others this past year from the 1970's and 80's  dying way to young and before their time. Kind of scary when you think of it.

While the news is we get to see her one more time but this time her actual performance and not a CGI replacement, no word on Episode 9 as it looks like she ties all 3 films together. (No word on Hamill's take in Ep. 9). But one character could get a big er presence as a tribute to her mother and that is Billie Lourd (see imdb.com) who plays Lt. Connix in Force Awakens and Ep.8. As I mentioned in my previous blog you can see her in Force standing next to Greg Grunberg (Heroes, Star Trek Beyond, dude with the beard) while he explains the Star Killer (alsomentioned in the last blog). Even tho she doesn't have a line there hopefully in ep. 8 & 9 she will have a speaking role. It would be nice to have family there.

Rogue One rules with Sing trying to come close but no cigar. As far as the other films there was just too much competition resulting with them canceling each other out. It just screamed Netflix!
And again Rogue will rule the box office for New Years. The shame is like Paul Walker's passing after finishing Fast Furious 7 that boosted the box office the same will happen with Rogue One. Not to sound cynical but that is the way people are. This will also help boost SW Episode 8 sorry to say. Human Nature.

This was announced last Friday. While this is great news, minus the double dippin again, it does take a different tone considering the bad news. It does not mention which version they remastered tho. And why was this never re-released in 3D is beyond me.

Like the 3 view fx featurette I included last year from The Force Awakens that was Not on the BR, why wasn't this included on any edition in the home release. And this is a reference to the Rogue One edition if we are going to get any deleted scenes from the 3rd act that was seen in the trailers but not in the final version of the movie. Or maybe a Directors cut like BvsS (minus Superman footage) or Suicide Squad version that still left most of Jokers scenes out of the home release. What a mess.
Trivia: So why include this link? There is a connection to Rogue One and Superman 2. More on the Radio Show this week.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Rogue One Vs Box Office Newbies

Radio show coming next week so fans can catch up with Rogue One as there will be spoilers. Live on MNN, last show of the year, now playing on YouTube. New video and article added in the bonus section at the bottom of links.

What a shame, on her book tour at of all things. Which I reviewed on our Youtube show. Good read.
Nice pictures throughout the article sent by family and friends. Wishing her the best recovery.

The Force is strong. Looks like the repeats are already kicking in with all those easter eggs to check out. There was plenty of them including references to Rebels and Clone Wars thrown in which I didn't expect. Great time at the cinema. I skipped the 3D, Some scenes would have been to dark to see.

Spoiler: So Gareth did want some to live at the ending. Hence that contract sing by Jones to do another Star Wars. And the third act had the most changes that why we don't see that Tie Fighter on that plank with Jones. My question is how much of the deleted scenes are we going to see on the BR.

Updated with Variety report on Box Office Counts. Will Rogue keep Sing from being No. 1? We will find out soon enough. Those Minions guys are no joke. Go see Rogue One again. I did.

From yesterday's report. This is where the fanboys do the repeats to keep it at No. 1. I agree with this article. The only competition is the animated Sing. The same guys behind Pets and Minion. Ouch. Talk about a powerhouse. And remember Trolls did huge with old songs sung by new characters. That chemistry works.  Either way the force should be strong this holiday weekend.

$7 Billion World Wide for the year. Can Disney get any bigger? Oh hell year. If they start going after other properties like they did with Star Wars, the other studios will be so screwed. The beginning of the end? It can happen. Look what Disney did with Spiderman Home Coming, a Sony owned property.

Man, that would have been the biggest mistake in his career as this is his biggest film up to this point. Can it get any bigger. Yeah when he comes back as a ghost in Ch. 9 or some other spinoff. Remember he was one with the force before he died. oops spoiler! lol.

Now who's having last laugh. While the nays were complaining about his performance in the movie, he gets to be on Rebels to continue with the character. Someobyd out there is going "Whaaaaaa.."

For those who complained about the CGI actors in Rogue, get a load of this. A young DeNiro and Pacino? Bring it on. The new shtick Hollywood is going to milk to death.

Sure he would LOVE to comeback to this since his latest movie completely tanked at the B.O. lol.Wow does that sound desperate or what, lol.

I really question this. Besides the top 5  the others don't even belong on this list. Well maybe Mag 7 but Squad at No. 1? Heck no. What a strange list.

Bonus :
Rogue One Spoilers and Easter Eggs. I'm putting these here in case you haven't seen the movie as I will be referencing  these for the radio show.
Movieweb did a great job with this one.  14 pages in all. Great way to kill a lunch hour. The one that surprised me was page 4 where The 3D vector graphic is mentioned.  And of course the famous Wilhelm scream. on page 9. Total classic. Includes pictures all related to the topics listed.

So why this one from all the other Easter Eggs Videos posted. At exactly 13:00 Gareth himself mentions his Godzilla movie easter eggs that his crew put into the scene.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Rogue One Number One Box Office

New Radio coming this week: Rogue One review with trivia, eggs and spoilers! LOL. 4 out of 5!

Off to a great start. While some are not to happy with this film (what are they thinking) The Force
is strong with this prequel. Loved the movie, way better than Force Awakens. The only thing was the ending. Some don't make it. I would loved to see some these characters come back. Oh wait a second. One did say "you will see me again" Yes! (that's why I chose the pic above, nudge nudge wink wink)

Spoilers: All about using CGI with real actors to produce classic actors. Don't these writers play video games. That's what they look liked which was fine with me. And that thing about they don't look real enough. It's Science Fiction for crying out loud. A galaxy far way. Hello!
Ps includes video on the Star Wars timeline including the Han Solo and how that fits in the grand plan of things.

So Rogue One made the top 10 to be nominated considering all the fuss about the CGI. Ironic ain't it?

What is the beef with Forest Whitaker. It was the actors take on the character as an older Gerrera.
I was so glad he was in this. An Oscar winner who doesn't get the credit he deserves. See Samurai Dog. Excellent performance!

Interesting in the making of the Logo after all this time. But the last thing you think of is Facist.

Both Wall and Hacksaw Ridge are dong great in China. This is the competition that Rogue One, a picture that Gareth molded after War Pictures filled with fantasy elements. Yikes that is close. Remember China was kind to Force Awakens. Maybe this will change their minds.

Sorry but he still looks like Han Solo holding that gun. And I just can't see Grosling in this.

Picture taken again at Lincoln Square Theatre, NYC. That dude would not move for nothing. lol.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Rogue One Predictions and Rogue Two Sequel?

Live on MNN: All Star Wars, tomorrow at 5pm. New Radio now playing. See Widget. For better sound click on the link to take you to the Blog Talk Radio page.
PS! Beware of Youtube!!! Major Spoiler Videos!  Do not watch! Especially the ending of R.O.

Rogue 2: Highest paid female, 7 figures,  for a Star Wars movie spills the beans. A young Luke?
It's in her contract for a sequel. Straight from Ms Jones in this Interview. PS I wonder how the other actors feel about this who sign up just for one movie. Especially the ones who die in this. LOL.

Top 15 of all time? That kind of lame. It should be at least top 10. By Sunday we will get a better look at the numbers. Now besides repeats, once the audience finds out all the surprises and twists will people rush to see this, the non fans? The drama starts....

Not much of a spoiler if you've seen all hundred trailers released so far. But what they don't mention is what happen to some of the scenes that were shown in the trailers at first and now those scenes are not even in the movie anymore. Yep deleted scenes already set up for the blu-ray edition.

Now this looks good. At least the concept is from a comic book and not some suit going "lets make the cast females aka Ghostbusters and Ocean 11!" What amazes me is Director Ayer got this gig again after all the bad feedback on Squad. Note: see link below on somebody else from Warners who lost their gig. Now who will they get for Catwoman and Poison Ivy?

Finally some titles for these pictures. While Pacific Rim has Star Wars star Boyer, the real big stars will be Rodan Mothra and King G for the Godzilla sequel if that's still the game plan. Gareth wanted to do Mechagodzilla, when they said no supposedly, he jumped ship for Star Wars. Geez, jeez 2 franchises under his blet. All he needs is a Marvel movie then retire. Sorry DC don't count.

Spoiler alert? Unless she can do two shows at the same time. Well it looks like we now know who is going to get killed at the end of Walking Dead season. either way will it help Star Trek new show. So far the cast if pretty good, having 3 klingons added to the cast doesn't hurt either. Fingers crossed.

Talk about another show that had 1960's origins being updated for today. This has "Suck" written all over it. A simple concept andthey have to add all this extra baggage to it. A roughneck smuggling goods. Ain't flying the ship hard enough? So he has a side hobby up to no good. Yikes.

"Your only good as your last hit" Old industry term. This is what happens when 2 of the biggest icons don't cross the $1B mark. It also doesn't help when it made just $200M more than 2 less lesser known titles. Case in point: BvS and Deadpool with Suicide Squad. In this industry it don't matter if you were behind The Hobbit and other worold known titles. You tank at one major franchise and your outta here.

I included this mainly because this has the famous  Bambi vs. Godzilla video. It never gets old.

 I'm putting this link over here as some of my readers couldn't care less while some others are curious what do I think as I follow the awards season every year for the past 27 years.
This is all about acting. So it was nice to see Vitto Mortensen for Captain Fantastic, great acting, ok movie. Meryl Streep for Florence Jenkins along with Hugh Grant. Great acting, ok movie, annoying singing, funny at first then just grating on the years. Personal fav Jeff Bridges for Hell or High Water, all 3 including Ben forster and Cris Pike deserve Nods for a great movie. 4 out of 5.
Last but not least is Andrew Garfield who told Sony go screw themselves for Spiderman. Now who's getting the last laugh. Great job all around including Mel for Hacksaw Ridge. 4 our of 5.

Extra Bonus:
Which will be mentioned on our Live Show. Please take this with a shrug. It's not the worst of all time. If you don't like the first  minutes, you are going to Hate the rest of the clip. Lotsa of details.