Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday's Movie News Links
This looks kind of disappointing. They couldn't come up with a better plot? And doesn't it look like they showed the whole move anyways? Still looking forward to this. Hopefully not the best parts is in the trailer. Maybe some of that last western snuck in here somewhere and we know how that turned out.
So people are having problems with Pratt being Indy Jones but no problem him hanging with a machine gun nut racoon and his tree partner, running with Dinosaurs and now a mental cowboy/ninja/viking with issues. But him being Indy Jones? Oh hell no. Go figure. Talk about Pratt..
All the hype on this one and it looks great but doesn't it remind you more of a reboot more than anything else. Even the promo materials look the same for those who can remember that far back.
Who are we kidding, we're all going to be there that weekend. But an I-Rex, kinda lame, ain't it?
For soem reason I just can't get into this show. I don't know what it is but the one episode to miss and has a bunch of references to Avengers 2. Now I have to go back and see this. Am I the only one since the ratings are not the best. Spoilers are in this article so beware if you haven't seen the episode.
I love puttings things together and making them and damn this looks great but how many pieces?
Who has time to makes this? And for me, I lose one piece I would go berserk. Still looks great.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News Links

In this blog: Super Bowl list, FF7, Jupiter A,
Great list with some spot and trailers to preview before the game. Should be fun with all these played and of course the slaughter, I meant the game itself. Now who the hell is playing halftime?.
Nice history on how all this got started. A couple of cool videos are included here.
The trailer is also included in the above link as this too will run on Super Bowl but this deserves it's link here. Since this is coming around the corner so soon and there's nothing really to look forward with Sniper stealing all the money at the boxoffice. Oh I forgot one tho..................
Didn't I mention this yesterday about having Bill Murray in this, but it looks like it's for a new role all together. With all the hate going into this at this Point I don't think is going to matter how this does.
DUH!!! What did anyone expect? The years first major bomb at $170M. Let's not forget marketing at another $50 at least. Everytime a movie gets pushed back so many times is not a good sign.
Look at the top 3 with Whiplash at No.3 and Sniper at No. 4, surprised at that one.
But it looks like Boyhood and Birdman are going to battle it out for that Oscar. Well that sucks.
This is a shame but a warning for up and coming actors. Even after an Oscar it's still hard to pay the rent. Not everyone actor can be Meryl Streep and keep getting nominated. Ouch.

Note:. Special thanks to Joblo for the list. Yep I'm also a member of the site which explains some of the links I provide courtesy of them.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News Links

This blog:F4, Ghostbusters, Indy Jones, X-men tv, Downey Jr's WW2, Sandler Western
Whiplash Full Metal Drummer is Reed Richards? Will he be pushing or dragging? Either way while most agree we don't need a reboot just having Miles Teller is a plus right there. Micheal B Jordon is also a plus regardless of ethnic background, I mean who cares. Act Damn it Act!I just hope they don't screw up The Thing. But imagine they had JK Simmons as Dr. Doom, lol. I be there on opening day so fast.
You go ladies, I like this cast. First get over the idea, second its not GB2, uggghhhhh.
Melissa: He slimed me, I liked it.      Cut to Kristen:
Kristen: how was it?
Yeah this can work, bonus round have Bill Murray make a cameo, oh so sweet.
1. Speilberg got turned down for Directing James Bond, Lucas told him "we got our own Bond"
2. Tom Selleck was first offered the role, got stuck with tv Magnum PI, now doing tv Blue Bloods.
3. Darabont (creater of Walking Dead, co-creator Godzilla '14) wrote the best Indy movie, Lucas turned down Darabont script for Crystal (Shit) Skull. How wonder Disney took Star Wars away from Lucas. They knew he couldn't be trusted with his own material.
4. Hopefully  we might see that great script from Darabont with Pratt in the lead.
5. Ford is old, get over it. Everyone is getting replace, yesterdays X-Men link another example.

htt p://
I love that sticking point, 20th Century Fox has to have Disney's blessing. What have I been saying for the longest boys and girls? The House of Mouse always wins. Next...
While Quint told the story, they actually went ahead many years later and made the film:
Mission of the Shark: The Saga of the USS Indianapolis.
Even tho made for TV this is an excellent movie that should be seen about what happened to the crew. Great acting around up until the very end. A must see until this new version gets made.e
But I really don't see the need to remake this except to see everyone get eaten alive in graphic detail. Not necessary. The original stands alone as it is.
At one time Tom Cruise and Denzal were going to make the classic Magnificent 7. Why? At least Sandler is making this a comedy which fine with me. But will it be funny at Blazing Saddles or Cat Ballou (imdb it folks). Seth tried with A Million Ways and that tanked. Well just imagine Growin Up in the old west and you'll get an idea what Sandler might get away with. Can't beat Saddles tho.

Coming this week: That Radio Show.......

Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday's Movie News Links

Maybe it has to do that Paddleton didn't do all that good at the boxoffice they decided to go to a full animated movie aka Peanuts. This is the rightdirection, remember The Flintsones? You know, the one where Steven Spielberg does not mention on his resume?
Spoiler: Both The Penquin & The Riddler finally meet up. Never mind that Robin angle. These 2 along with the Scarecrow joining the list and getting the show renewed for a full 2nd is really setting the bar for this show. At first I didn't think this show would not work. Man, I was glad I was sooooooo wrong.
Out with the old and in with the new. No Stewart and Mckellan either is just like a reboot. How wonder Hugh Jackman is doing so many other projects, he's ready to lose his day job.
Nice side job for Serkis. Now when is he going to get his Lifetime Achievement Oscar award for his work in Mo-Cap. Oh forgot he's has to finish his Ape gig then get his award. Wait till he starts directing full time. Having Peter Jackson as a mentor is no joke that's for sure.
That was a surprise by Keaton losing and Eddie Redmayne getting Best Actor. While everyone else was a given the Actor catagory threw everyone off for the Oscars. Now we're talking. With every other catagory being predictable this will be the showdown everyone is going to be looking at.
And for Best Picture? No Boyhood was mentioned at either one of these awards. So it looks like
Birdman and American Sniper. Either one is fine with me as long as it's not that damn kid growing up for 10 years.

Yeah Lopez is big down here but Sniper is doing huge down here as this town hastown. But The National Guard and Ramey Base, a former Airforce post  that became the towns airport which has the longest runway down here in the Caribbean. So do the locals love American Sniper? Fk yeah...

Note; Due to a big network crash I manage to sneek this blog in before the deadline. More will be added to this date tomorrow so I can catch up and get that Radio show in also.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday's Movie News Links

Update:SAG Awards Predictions Link included. Please see Note below links.
Funny skit. Love this show. Glad they got out of that Isis thing. That arc was all over the place.
H. Jon Benjamin is one of the luckiest voice over guys right now. This show and Bob Burgers, he does he voice of Bob are big rating busters. And he is funny in both of them with two completely different charcters but same voice. Good job if you can get it, lol. So cool.
Stan the Man tells like it is. Of course this is all hype about the universe as they have so much on their plate. Hopefully when it gets to that point, we don't get a suit saying "Let's Reboot" that is the time to take away his parking space.
Who? Does it matter? This will probably work since DC is on a roll with TV and such.
And this has to be better than that Supergirl movie anyways, something that hurts to talk about.
While Pegg is a self confessed Sci-Fi geek, check out the alien movie "Paul" a  4 out of 5" good time, this ST3 is beginning to be a mix bag of sorts. Just get this over with and Trek back on TV.
While I think it's a great idea with these packages for the inner film geek, the only problemwould be getting throught the mediocre films to get to the good ones.
The first comment says it all. Most of these are not even Oscar worthy which I have been saying since the Golden Globe nominations. They would be lucky to get 5 this year.
Wow, talk about the hype. I'm posting this, again not jumping on the band wagon but as filmmaking 101. Good campaign, strategy, hype can fake people into thinking they are backing a great picture. Which I did say, I gave this a 3, Unbroken a 4 and Imitation Game as Best Picture and Personal Fav Whiplash is in the game.. Just like all the hype on Boyhood and people are brainwash thinking it's a great film. All I can say to all future filmmaker is Do Not put a fake baby in a scene and think you're going to get away with it.

Note: Blog Talk Radio postponed till Monday to include this weekends SAG .
Instead of continuing with more award specials I'm going to wrap up everything  once and for all
with the next special. Then one last Oscar prediction show in February.
For the record I agree with all these predictions especially Keaton for Birdman.
After that speech about his son at the Golden Globes how can they say no. I still stand behind
Benedict Cumberbatch for Best Actor but a Photobomb can't beat a crying tribute to a Son.
Well play Keaton, well played.
Sunday Update: Surprise. They went it Stephen Hawkins dude, something the Oscars would do, hadicapped and all. Well they are fellow actors and saw right thru Keaton's speech I guess.
Who ever wins here usually wins theOscar as they are the same voting party at the Oscars.
Guess which means the only showdown is for Best Picture and at this point that can be anything.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News Links

Blog: Suicide Squad- Sinister 6-Sniper
Excellent  article on Spidey heading back to Marvel. Again something I've been saying for 2 years noEw. It's just to obvious. Also covers Suicide Squad, DC doing TV better than Marvel, something else we've been saying since last summer and more Avengers. Great tidbits.
I'm posting this for the comments alone. Wow they are funny but pretty much on the money. People are fed up and have Spidey go over to Marvel already. Wish it was that easy.
This is actually starting to sound good. While squad has a great cast this needed a jump start and what better than having Batman and Joker going at it again. It just never gets old. Unlike Superman and Lex Luthor, with so many villians who are more exciting like General Zod, Luthor is just a boring charcter no matter what the legacy is in the comics. Some may not like to hear that but I;m still waiting for Braniac to show up, so where is he?
This movie did not need 160 pages of script. It was long enough and got the job done with the right amount of screen time for the story. As far as focusing on the two snipers another picture "Enemy of the Gates"did it better with Ed Harris and Jude Law.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News Links

In this blog: Sups-Bats-Sniper-007-Walking Dead
It's always been about the big fight and if the storyline takes second place well then it's a most. The last ting we need is a boring script as a filler just to lead up to the fight. Or a heavy convoluted script just to confuse the issues at hand. Something simple and direct. Then the next movie can be a total mess. But at least we won't get the Nolan fights if you want to call it that. Wow those were bad.
Somehow they managed to pull this off. I didn't think Iwould like it but find myself tuning in no matter what. Agents of Shield, now thats pulling teeth. Take those 2 hotties out and there's no show.
Now the trick here is can they make it to at least 5 years and not get stuck with the villain of the week shtick?
Cause being unemployed really sucks and being in a cable show that nobody remembers or saw for that matter doesn't help matters. That's "The Tudors" for you cable fans.
No, before you think I'm jumping on the band wagon I did say on my Radio Show I prefered "Unbroken" between both War Movies only because of the confrontation between POW & the Japanese Commander. And Unbroken did great at the Holidays crossing over the $100M at the Boxoffice along with Into The Woods I might add. So why did this do so good? Look at the Oscars nods. Did you go out and rush to see any of them? Didn't think so. Taken 3 Sucked. Did you go out and rush to see that again? Didn't think so. There's nothing else out there. Bradley Cooper is box office gold right now. Oh, you don't think so. His fans think otherwise.
You know, I didn't notice this the first time around even tho I did say "man that's a quiet baby".
But with all the controversy going on (which I refuse to talk about, some actors/filmmakers should just shut the FK up), the only concern I have is this movie losing to Boyhood. Some people just don't want to let go of that movie for crying out loud.
Goldfinger in 4K but only in Europe? This needs to be seen stateside for sure. And maybe then some of the other Bonds too in 4K. We all have our favorite but the early ones should be the first ones need to be screened. Hopeful thinking.
Running out of material? Well everything must come to an end. But it has togo out with a bang. But it seems like there's enough material to go a long while. And since they don't stick 100% to the original material (like those hobbits) they can stretch this out like what they did with that Hobbit book. 300 pages into 9 Hours?!!!