Monday, February 08, 2016

Force Awakens Crosses $2 Billion Mark

"I'm Still King of the World at the Box Office"

Includes links from this past weekend to catch up on the news. New Radio show coming this week.
Well about time. But at this point and it's official, Avatar is still the biggest film of all time. But look at this list and how Disney brag's about all the records it broke. What it does not mention is:
How it TANKED in China and Russia.
Did not open in Japan or India at No. 1.
Taking it's sweet time trying to past Titanic for the No. 2 spot if it does at all.
Will never take out Avatar as the No. 1 of all time box office.
Now it looks like it's up in the air at the Oscars if George Miller will his award for Director.
While The Revenant deserves it kudos it's still overrated compare to Mad Max. All because of that damn bear.
The best thing about the Superbowl was Lady Gaga singing the National Anthem. After that it was downhill. But favorite film trailer was ID Resurgence. All mini-interviews included.
Video included. While there was a few favorites like the Marilyn Monroe Snickers with some very ugly William Dafoe legs, Singing Sheep doing Queen's Somebody to Love but this has to be the best. Ant-Man opening the can for him was hysterical. Now that's the commercial.
What a cheap shot. The reason why HGM2 did only $653M is because the first part sucked big time. Down right boring to the point the hard core fans just gave up on the franchise. But jeez some films wish they had made that kind of money, spoiled brats.

Note: Big tech issue with my comp and radio show so I will be catching up with all that this week for sure including that new theme I wrote for one of the shows. More on the Radio show.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

The Force Awakens Wins 3 Awards

Tech problem so everything will be held over to next week.

This coming Saturday will the the Directors award with all eyes on George Miller for Mad Max Fury Road. Of course this doesn't mean that this will guarantee the winner of this award the Oscar as many times in the past somebody else would get the award. The mystery continues.

While it did get three only one would count for Oscar, Best Visual Effects but still a good sign. Surprisingly Mad Max didn't do all that here but at Oscar it's more of tech awards which is different from here. The other big surprise is the Good Dinosaur got three over Inside Out which only got one. It deserves to get recognize here as it will lose at Oscar time thanks to Disney's push for Inside Out.
"I'm not a reptile. That's Racist!" Now that third episode is what I'm talking about after that second awful one. While all this time you think Michael Caine lookalike was lying all this time it turns out he really was a lizard whatever. Great back to old school episode. This and great ratings and maybe we can see that third movie after all.
While most of these flew over my head, you have to be hardcore to get some of these, I did enjoy the "Kolchak" reference with Guy's wardrobe. A favorite show of mine from the 1970's (what else?) there was a tv remake. Less said the better. That and the ringtone of course.
March 28, my birthday and what a nice birthday present it is. That and Sups vs Bats movie release that weekend even tho we know it probably it won't be good as this crossover. You gotta admit, when it comes to TV, DC has this hands down along with straight to DVD/BR like the recent Batman Bad Blood. But with the movies, well......So how will this crossover happen? Which ever way they do it, it will be easier than pulling teeth with Spiderman and Marvel movie franchises. You know Sony had to save face on that one. TV crossover is much easier all due to ratings and tv trying to survive against tv/cable winning all the Golden Globes. Either way better for the fans.
While the actual franchise will end after these three films there's already talk of the spinoffs for individual characters even when they are all better off as a cast ensemble. Either way Vin will have a job doing cameos in these while looking for another franchise. Guess that witch hunting didn't gothe way he wanted did it.
Why not? After Netflix. Hulu and even Amazon getting recognized at the Golden Globes, other internet outlets are getting into the act.

Monday, February 01, 2016

"Welcome to Diverse TV"

"Nine. Double 0 Nine"
New Radio show coming this week: SAG, 009 and Bond, Grease, movie reviews.

Didn't I say on the radio show 3 weeks ago about diversity went to cable and I mentioned Orange is the New Black? Thank You to the SAG for proving me right. And Idris Elba walked away with TWO award wins! And with the Best Line of the evening!  And Oscar really blew it this time for not nominating Elba. Now how did they over look that one? So with all the different winners for the nod, what does Jada say about all this?
PS: As I have been saying on my shows, forget James Bond and give him the spinoff. 009. Both Michelle Yeoh (Tomorrow Never Dies) and Halle Berry (Jinx) almost got their own franchise so let Elba have his due. Bonus Triva: Only 009 had been mentioned in other Bond movies. Which are they?

How can you forget Abe Vigoda and Dan Haggerty. Fish and Grizzly Adams were staple tv. While the video ended on Leonard Nimoy a Spock but they leave out Grace Lee Whitney also from Star Trek frame. What were they smoking when they put this list together?

Wow the final nail in the coffin for Star Wars when KF3 does better at the box office than The Force. They should have a Panda character to play it safe. Jar Jar Panda or Ewok Pandas, either way it couldn't have hurt.

Wow how desperate. So no Oscar nod, you movie tanked, you wife makes a big embarrassing stink, not so good Suicide Squad reviews, so what do you do? Resurrect your music career. Like anyone cares.

And the winner for Best Musical/Comedy for 2017 is "Grease!" Yeah I can see this getting the Golden Globe, Emmy and SAG for Best Cast Ensemble. Everyone was on their "A" Game.They really took this "Live" thing to a new level. The whole cast was great with Vanessa Hudgens carrying on the tradition "The Show Must Go On" when her father past away the day before. Wow, that took guts, and of course the show was dedicated to him. Great idea of having the audience part of the show and besides a few glitches thanks to wind and rain the show did go on. Now how are they going to top this?

Bonus Link:
Does it matter what the opening weekend is going to be anymore? Rules are changing. Will EVERYONE going to rush out to see this when the last Man of Steel pissed off some fans. Will it have a repeat business? Will having release at the end of March is saying to the public we don't have much faith in this. If anything this should have been released for July 4th Weekend no matter who else opened that weekend. 
Batman Bad Blood 4 out of 5. Pay no mind to IMDB reviews as some obviously have not seen it and are prejudging. Lots of action, good story. This could have added an extra 10 minutes as there are extras characters than the usual. And a nice little twist at the end. Well more of a cameo. Cute.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pandas for No. 1?

New Blog Talk Radio now playing. Awards, Reviews, X-files and Legends (second half of show) plus mini reviews bottom of blog.

Saturday Update:
Gives you some answers on what's wrong with the system of voting with Oscar and other awards. This is for tonight's show SAG awards and why nobody made a big deal with this show.

Friday Update:
So they put Episode 5, the stinker of the bunch, as the second to get it out of way so the rest will get good reviews and keep the high ratings. Or am I reading to much into this, as in a conspiracy to control the viewers mind as to want more episodes or even a new movie. My brain is fried. I need a break.

Everything points to a great box office weekend and this will break the "boring leftovers for January curse" that the month brings. With Star Wars winding down (that's right I said it!) The Revenant and that bear being old news, these Pandas will get much love. Check out the video interview with the cast. Kind of cute. But the one with Dustin Hoffman. They actually had in mind a Graduate 2? Yikes. Glad that never happened. "Are you trying to seduce me Mrs. Robinson?"
PS loved the first two with some great graphics in the second one. This should be fun.
Yep another award show this Saturday, one of which has little to due with the outcome at the Oscars. But the usual suspects are going to win here like Leo and Sly, Brie and Kate for the acting categories.
But two others categories should be fun. Cast ensemble for Spotlight or Big Short and the other is
the Stunt Ensemble witch Mad Max should get. Really who thinks of these categories anyways? Rest of the show? zzzzzzzzzzzz.
Wow, how much back end did Han Solo get for doing Star Wars? Hosting a Disney special is not Harrison Ford's style. He didn't even want to be associated with Star Wars after the trilogy was done.
Well now we know whatever figure it was, it was plenty of bucks. Still looking forward to the special tho.
Finally saw "Amy" and I wasn't to impress even tho it got the nod for Best Documentary. While I haven't seen most of them, the other I did see is "What Happened Miss Simone" the better of the two "music" documentaries. More on the Radio show. But Director Kapadia is very good in covering details with his subjects and with Scorsese on board this should make for an interesting film. Will it do good, probably not. If there's no chase scene with cars it's pretty much dead. Remember the Coppola and Lucas film "Tucker"? Look it up IMDB, excellent film on the making of the "Perfect Car" which the car industry shut down cause it was that good.While it starred Jeff Bridges, Tanked at the box office.

5th Wave: 1, Cool big wave covering London Bridge at the beginning of the movie, the rest was as boring as you can get, a filler to get to a sequel that hopefully will never happen since the movie tanked.
Ride Along 2: 1, If you saw the first one, which was funnier, then you saw this one. A few laughs but mostly a cookie cutter script. Been there, done that.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

X-Files Leading The Charge?

New Blog Radio Show coming tomorrow before somebody else drops.
Argument on the start of Nostalgia tv making the X-Files as an example of leading the charge. As pointed out in the 3rd paragraph no one wants to take a chance of doing anything original. Even tho cable is leading the charge aka Amazon and Netflix and getting the awards too. As Ricky Gervis said NBC was hosting the Golden Globes and didn't have one show nominated. Ain't it funny but at this year at the movies, the biggest hits in the top 5 were Jurassic World and Star Wars and as the internet quoted "What year is this?"
The running joke was he past away every few years and now that he is actually gone, its hard to believe. You could always find him jogging near central park and was always nice. Never met him but some of my friends did and spoke highly how cool he was. Godfather is one of my all time favorite films and Barney Miller was a great comedy back in the day. He was one of the best things from the shows. Note: Gallery included of 13 people who have past already this year. Jeez, 13 too many.
Actually never paid intention to this category but most of the years favorites have made it here. There all very behind the scenes technical nominations with Mad Max, Martian, Jurassic World, Ant-Man and of course Star Wars. But the big curious one left out if Furious 7 for some strange reason. If any movie belongs here it's that one for all the stunt scenes but Southpaw and Sicario are in which make no sense. Just are just punching and shooting so what gives?
Is this the final nail in the coffin for Terminator? We know James Cameron will get bck the rights and can reboot the damn thing. So maybe Arnold can wait for that since the studio yanked it off it's schedule. But this is the way to go and get th
My only question is how hard is it to write a Wolverine script. There are tons of comics on this character and they never run out of ideas for him. And let's face it, the last two films sucked so I'm like, lets get this over with. And we all know if this was in Marvel's hand then.....well enough said.
How working with Bowie helped him with his acting. All interesting reading for us Bowie fans on the show Lazarus. But Dexe comes up and we still might get another series on the character, a rumour that has been floating around since the last episode where Dexter winds up as a Lumberjack, !?!?!?! WTF!!!. They even include a clip from that final scene. One of cable tv big Fkups!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

More X-Files, Star Wars & Marvel Coming

New Blog Talk Radio Show coming this week: X-Files and January recap.
While the article states that the series is back on track, I found this boring as heck. Give me Roswell any day as the first episode while heavy on talk did give me my greys and spaceships. With the ratings doing good of course there's talk of another season or another movie. Either way it's on!
And I won't be around when I drop? Well that's a little unfair. But then again by that time it will be nothing but remakes and reboots as they already doing with Spiderman. But Bob Iger says the audience wont get tired on any of this. Or will they? Disney knows something we don't/
That double dip is finally is on it's way. When the first BR release came out where were some of the behind the scenes that various video magazines were showing and Miller himself talked about releasing the BW version. Well that got the fans again which means I have go out and buy the damn thing again. Well I don't have to but if your fan like me then......damn I hate when they do that, lol.
What happened to the musical? Was anyone asking for this and it looks just as cheesy. Actually the original with a 6 pack and a doobie and it's one of the best comedies out there. What a waste.
So where is Micheal Bay when you need him. If anyone knows about blowing shit up well...
But the cool idea that New York is finally going to get it's due in the franchise is so cool.
Live robots with SFX aka Spiderman on Broadway. Wow, would I like to see that go south. Somebody get's crushed in the front row and falls on the first few rows. Ten watch the whole place blow up aka Bay. Count me in, I'll be watching from across the street. I mean really?

George Lucas on the influence of Kurosawa and how The Hidden Fortress inspired Star Wars. This is from the BR Criterion collection filmed back in 1991. Little he did realize at the time that what he create is now going to last forever after he's gone thanks to Disney. Who knew?
Only 7 days to see this before it's not available for free.

Monday, January 25, 2016

The X-Files Are Back

"We're Baaaack"

New Blog Talk Radio Show coming this week: X-Files and more.
The show didn't start here until 11:30 pm where I am at and after a couple of beers from watching the game it was kind of hard to follow on all the conspiracy theories near the end. Wow, that was a lot of exposition at the end. But still fun as heck. Yep the show is back.
A follow up to the above article since that was posted earlier in the day. Mix reviews and some the the nit picks I have to agree with aka "clunky scripting". They could have left some of that for the next episode but then again maybe they did, lol.
Will somebody make up their minds. It looked like "Spotlight" would be the frontrunner but the PGA awards for the most part have been predicting the Oscar winner for the past several years. Sorry, but while it deserves a nod it is not a Best Picture winner. I'll give that to The Revenant.
Knocked off the top stop by a time traveling Samurai drama. Well that will do it. It's so over for TFA internationally now that it has to rely on U.S. repeats to keep on going to break Titanic World Wide.
A visit to that world and a reboot/remake and no redo of The Goblin King. So far so good. And the idea this was talked about before David Bowie passing is even better. Let's not forget The Dark Crystal remake has also been talked about for years now but still in puppet form. Do this with CGI and it's back to watching old Gumby episodes for me.
Now we're talking. Rock should go after them big time. I figured they would have him on hold and be careful with his dialogue but that's what the Oscars need to put some fire up it's ratings ass.
Trek convention coming to New York in September. 50 Years already, and we still get a trailer that sucks for the new movie. We trekkers can't catch a break can we.