Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

Centerfold from the new "Wired" magazine. See how many franchises you can recognize in this.
And yes there is room for both Star Wars and Star Trek in the universe. This poster proves it!
New radio show coming this weekend.

Last weekend Update:
No surprise here as HGM2 is No.1 (which was boring as hell) with Good Dinosaur (very cute) and Creed following up. Creed was the biggest surprise as it did better than expected with talk of a sequel alreadyu. And of course the biggest wipeout was Victor Frankenstein (1 out of 5) which should have been released in October for Halloween. Actually it wouldn't have mattered. Victor makes his Monster, realizes it was a mistake, him and Igor fight the monster then they kill the monster. ALL in the last 10 minutes of the film?!!! The monkey had more screen time in the trailer. Wipeout indeed.

Funny article to celebrate Thanksgiving. 29 picks with no mercy whatsoever. Let me put it this way: The Turkey on the table got off easy,lol.

"Let them fight!". lol. Well this should be interesting on people's choices for this weekend. Remember, the experts can predict so much but look at Hunger Games which came up short. This can be anyone's guess.
Mini video on the making of. While I do look forward to seeing the actors in this, this is another re-imagine of a story told too many times no matter how good the effects are.
Love the end of the trailer where Capts and Bucky are beating the crap out of Iron Man. Now we're talking. Again Marvel can't do wrong as this looks like fun. Not like that other franchise *cough* with 2 famous caps going at each other *cough cough*.
Guess the lower ratings are scaring them a bit so lets bring in Superman! But a younger one at that?
Aka a young Bruce Wayne like Gotham. Ok whatever. The show doesn't really need it but if thats what it takes then why not.

Note: The next radio show will address on what's happening  with all the shows for the winter schedule.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New Radio coming show coming for Thanksgiving weekend.
Included video is the Han Solo Chewbacca balcony scene. Pretty cool show but still too short for us die hards. But that game thing at the end was a waste of time. Should have had more interview.
Disney being humble. Like hell they are. They took a beating with Tomorrowland they are going all out with this and want to break every record known to man king. So who are they kidding?
Cruise does better with Sci-Fi for the most part. Does anyone remember Interview with a Vampire?
He should stay clear from this. He would just be miscast all together.
Over 40 pics. While not an Arrow fan, still looking forward to this double header as the last crossover was fun and this should be.
Hey what happened here? No Micheal Gross? He's the one who continued the franchise when Bacon did not want to continue the films. Now he's acting in it and an executive producer. No problem with that but bring back gross, he made the franchise!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday's Movie News

Working on a new radio show for Thanksgiving. Stay tune. This blog is in progress for the day.
The highlight of the show with Fords introduction for John Williams, next to Celine Dion touching  tribute to Paris of course. Pentatonix whose vocals were fantastic (that's what real singing sounds like by the way)  were perfect with the orchestra while showing scenes from the movies. Rest of the show? Who the hell cares.
Well so much for repeats next weekend with 3 other films coming out and Spectre and Peanuts still No. 2 & 3 this past weekend. And with that AMA push with Star Wars people are just too hike about anything else besides the hardcores for Hunger Games. Oh well, lol. (yes I'm enjoying this).

Updated links:
This new article has no faith in the boxoffice. This should be interesting in the long run after the holiday weekend.
I can't believe something this big and Disney as let JJ finish this to the wire. Maybe just to secure that a pirate copy won't show up early so they finish it up at the last minute. But man that is close.
Well now this makes sense by ignoring Alein 3&4 and continue from Alien 2. And let them get Prometheus : (place extra title here) out of the way so we hard core fans can finally look forward to this.
What a lame way to go. They couldn't do any better for Clara? What a lousy send off. They didn't have a better budget for her instead of dying on a small soundstage trying to be a busy street?

As was said before, the actor did re-nup his contract to continue on the show. But you figure they would leave this surprise for the very last episode for the fall finale. So there, he's alive, for now.
Is it me or is this just bad timing for this kind of news. Atually everything is kind of bad timing with that 800 lb gorilla approaching in December. Really what kind of news can top Star Wars. Even Marvel and DC has to take a back seat on this. But I do like the title, different from the original series instead "of" this "of" that. etc.

Bonus: Taken from the centerfold of the new Wired Magazine. How many franchise cameos can you spot?  Godzilla sticks out pretty good. Taken with my LG phone.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday Movie News

Due to late posting, this blog will be updated tomorrow.

Sure it will have a big weekend but will it have legs? Nope. This will get no repeats which will hurt it, then it has 3 good ones to go up against: Creed: adults, Good Dinosaur: family & kids, Frankenstein: teenage horror fans, both Spectre and Peanuts: the final holdouts. All of which will kill Hunger Games. Oh well so much so JLaw power. And look at that face above, what do you think is on everyone's mind to begin with, LOL.

Such a cool video, lots of fun and for a great cause. Check out some of the faces when Ford surprises them. My favorite: Who's your favorite character?
Very cool 13 minute video of one of my favorite cars of all time and all of it's different creations. Shame they didn't include the older ones. My favorite is, of course, The 1966 TV show version.
Going to miss this cutie. Shame she didn't have better episodes this past season. Is it me or are they really filming on the cheap by keeping an eye on the budget. Plus the stories are not all that. But looking forward to River Song, one of my favorites.
It figures they are going to jump on the Hunger Games bandwagon. At least thye are going back to th original concept of the age at 21 instead of 30. But seeing this as a trilogy is just milking the original movie aka The Hobbit into a trilogy when the book was only 300 pages long.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

This includes Tuesdays News as to catch up due to airplane trip. Bond special coming soon on the next radio show as promised.
2 minute video with George and JJ talking over a tablet. Pretty funny. And Jar Jar is still mentioned!
Well they wasted him in Avengers Ultron and Quicksilver in X-Men was so much better. While a cool scene but not much else was given to the actor, at least he's back with a bigger sequence. Something to look forward to.
So the film starts with Ford in the first scene. And then...? Not much of a spoiler. He can show up at the beginning, introduce the rest of the cast then dissapear to just show up at the end.
The reason these were classics was the time period and the black & white filming. Most of these have been remade and not very good to really bad. Updating these ave not turn out classics. But Universal is on a streak at the box office. But maybe this will lose their momentum.
Like I was saying since it's premiere, too long and it should have been tighter. Umm, is he also reading my blog? But I didn't say condensed tho.
Yes. Supposedly one hour was cut. Hopefully that get put back in and Then have deleted scenes that were Not necessary to the plot. Plus the commentary will be interesting on hearing from the man who is going to direct Furious 8, or what ever the heck their going to call that thing.
Do we need to see a movie about drones. Seeing Cruise back in role would be cool and Kilmer needs a break. His performance in Tombstone as Doc Holiday was Oscar worthy for Supporting Actor. But do we need Top Gun 2?
Who would want another movie based on a video game after failure of Pixels. But is the maker of of the beginning of the game aka Social Network. This would make a great film on thecreation of the game. Now where is Wrecking Ralph 2?
Gotham gets 2 nods for cinematography along with Games of Thrones. The big surprise is The Man in the High Castle on Netflix. Great concept for a show and already nominated.
Now wonder! The show was boring. With a great cast I tuned in and surprise how bad it was. HOw the heck did that happened with all those credentials?

Monday, November 16, 2015

Mondays Movie News

Radio show postpone to later this week as it will be a new season for Live From PR! like anyone can tell, lol. Anyways heading on a plane tonite, landing tomorrow and hopefully a new show before the end of the week. The Spectre Special will be the new show.
Spectre and Peanuts stay strong with Bond breaking the $500M mark in 2 weeks. Not bad at all.
But out of all films The Martian has shown it has the longest legs this fall. Still in the top 5 all this time.
Remember when I said on the Radio shows forget about Witch Hunter, Vin should just do Fast Furious 9, 10, 11, 12..20..and so as a joke. Be careful what you wish for folks cuase he it comes. Unless Vin is reading this blog.
Good question. Why? Even through the concept is a good one ust see the original. Duh!
They should give this a break, the last one sucked and again nobody is asking for this. again and again.....
You know, screw this movie, I'm sick of hearing about the different titles. If you can't tell what the script is about then that is not a good sign. Nobody is asking for this. Where's Aliens with Signourney. That's the one everyone wants to see, since the Alien 3 really sucked big time.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

New Radio Show coming before the weekend. This page blog will be updated tomorrow.

For all the mixed reviews Bond will still do great at the boxoffice with Peanuts tagging along. So much for the rest of the films.
What a tease. While most of the same as previously seen with extra little tidbits thrown in. Just show the movie already. 4 weeks with nothing to really looking forward to. Well maybe that whale picture.
JJ is great talking about the mythology and who these characters are in the story and will don't learn a thing. This guy is great talking in circles and for us to keep on guessing. Hope his direction is more focused.

Presented here are 10 things explaining the characters and some of the plot without giving up to much information.
Double Kaching. 3D! with Imax. It just can't fail. And of course tonight ABC is going to milk it with the SW7 promotion heck Disney owns ABC. It should be fun. And lets not forget Sunday AMA hosted by Jennifer Lopez. Of course this doesn't help with any of the movies out there and ones that are coming out. Come on, how many are going: Screw Star Wars, Hunger Games will be the biggest this year!!!   um, didn't think so.
So far JJ has been doing a great job on keeping secrets of the plot unlike T:Genesys which was like a big spoiler in the trailer. And Serkis is so coy at revealing things while not revealing things. Now that's a master of publicity.
I like Pegg but he's here to promote a film that going to tank. So scroll down all the way to his photo as Scotty on Star Trek Reboot. This where he talks Trek and Wars. Wow what a lucky guy.
Bob returns as a Ghost Jedi again.He was so funny that he really earned the Emmy for his role. Hopefully this won't be his last time for the season. They need tobring him back once the BR of SW7 comes out.
Was anyone asking for this. The first one was horrible. One of the few stinkers that Jackman has made. (we won't mention Pan). But Van Helsing needs to be part of the mythology like in the Hammer Films, not a solo film. Jeez they still don't get it.

Why post this? I anyone remembers this and Star Wars were both nominated for Best Picture back in 1977 Oscars and of course Annie Hall won. While I love most of Allen's movie (when he got serious he lost me) this one hasn't aged good. But funniest of all time? Sorry but out of the nominated I'm going for Airplane, great spoof on disaster movies which started with Airport back in 1970. And why Blazing Saddles or Young Frankenstein was not on this list is beyond me. Mel Brooks can be a lot funnier than Woody Allen but that's just me.