Wednesday, May 25, 2016

X-Men Vs. Alice Box Office Weekend

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While X-Men will do huge, is anyone really interest in Alice considering how bad the last one was?
Depp needs this one to do great as his last chance for box office gold will be the Pirates franchise.
They make a cute couple. Short video along with 99 pics.
Cool 6 minute interview with Isaac and the difference between on both X-Men and Star Wars franchises.  A couple of years he got nominated and some where like, Who? Now look at him, how lucky indeed.
Sounds like they have no faith in the JL franchise. And that BvsS fiasco didn't help matters. A big sign of desperation. And even if it is a big hit, there's not much competition in August, will the spinoffs work as well. They can't all be Deadpool, lol.
A female redo of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?  Well that won't happen when this tanks. People have already made up their minds and these girls don't have a chance. My main problem with this is not the female angle at all. It's when you have comedian ensemble and the jokes stink. Think
of Sandler's Grown Ups. All those comedians for a lame ass comedy.

Monday, May 23, 2016

X-Men Week

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While Angry Birds did take the no. 1 spot, the thing to look at is Caps and crew in the top 20. Needing just $150M (no brainer) where in the top 10 will it land especially during the Memorial Weekend with it's only competition being X-Men which has been getting less than Stellar reviews.
Already a deleted scene? Something to look forward to on the BR disc. This scene along with 5 other promo are included.
5 videos included plus gallery included. Thanks to these videos today I can make this blog short so you have tie to check all these out, lol.
While the article complains he's has a small role in the film at least he's in it so it can be in the same timeline so these characters can show up in future films. Picky picky picky.
I want to stick my head in a sand and make this go away. 5 year mission? Make it 5 months and call it a wrap.

Bonus: Lots of trivia included even tho I miss some other details These will be included in the next Radio show.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Big Summer Movie Guide

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Now it's just a matter of where in the Top 10 of all time it's going to land. Near the top 5 maybe?
Finally we're getting The Vulture after both John Malcovich (part 3 instead of Venom) and Ben Kingsly trying out in full costume. Now with Iron Man being in the movie it could be a matter of time before Disney getting their hands on this property.  PS I had that comic book issue with The Vulture, the first time I read Spiderman hence why I 've been looking forward to that villain.

Despite the shakeups Sack Zack still has he's job since they started filming JL. But remember what happened to Richard Donner when he was let go in the middle of Superman 1-2 with Christopher Reeves to be replaced with Richard Lester. That can happen here. The big surprise is them fixing the third act of Suicide Squad. Being over cautious doesn't help matters. Can't wait the outcome on that.
They are putting to much faith in all these other movies. Civil War will still rule big time. Angry Birds has lots of talent of no big name, Neighbors 2 been there done that and Crowe hasn't had a hit in years. Caps and crew win this round. 2 More weeks and we'll see CW near the Top 10 all time.
Speaking of Suicide Squad, the article highlights this very film. My favorite part is the third part, Anyone's Guess: Both Independence Day 2 and Star Trek fell on this list. Wow, no faith in these 2 what so ever. While I agree with Trek, I'm still hoping for ID2 to be decent. Actually most of these I can wait for Redbox. This summer will be nothing like last years. Remember we had 5 new Top 10 all time for 2015. Will that happen again. Nowhere close.
Can't believe they spent over $3M an episode as the SFX sure didn't show it. Now the budget is going to be even lower. Now what's going to become of that and the overall look of the show?
With the new Han Solo starring in a bio about Howard Hughes. Didn't Leo do that already. Anyways take a look at the photo. Does that look anything like a Han Solo?
So the show takes place in the same tv universe ST:TNG and DS9? Right move. Can't wait to see this show bit torrent all over the place. But if the show sucks like Enterprise CBS need not to worry. Who's going to bother to begin with.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Details on SW: Rogue One

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Along with the details, lots of great images included even if they are not final. Just as summer is around the corner (still feels like November here in NYC) at least we know how the year will end after all these blockbusters this year.
Very short video but still looks like a cool prop. Loved the first film and hope this works just as good. Anytime you have Aliens attacking Earth is always fun no matter how bad the script is, lol.
The X-Men spinoff is still on the boards with a female Wolverine to take over. But what happens if X-Force tanks? Hope their ready to hand over a big check to Hugh Jackman for a comeback.
Does it matter who comes back for these? It's all about Prime and his crew. And didn't Micheal Bay say he wasn't going to make these anymore? Oh I forgot, KACHING!
Well here starting that China/U.S. made films first emtnmentioned on that 60 minutes episode a while back. But didn't they learn from previous films based on video games and especially Pixels with Adam Sandler with bombed last year? And to top it off they're going to make it a trilogy?

Monday, May 16, 2016

Civil War $1Billion This Week

Hopefully a new radio show this week. Busy as heck since I got back so hopefully soon.
Ready to break the $1 Billion mark, make the top 20 of all time and 4th biggest superhero movie behind Iron Man 3, which needs to be knocked off anyways. DC really needs Suicide Squad to do huge to save face.
While I have no problem with females leading the charge aka Ghostbusters, it will be strong enough as a solo project. While Wonder Woman can hold her own as in the TV Series, can Harley and crew hold theri own. My main worry that this will push Marvel into Black Widow who does need a solo movie. I'm just thinking Wolverine and those suck.
Speaking of Iron Man 3, this corporate thinking is what is killing DC.  Another bad decision along with messing Mandarin is why I hate this damn picture so much.
Wow what a long ass article. But worth it. Scroll to the bottom for the behind the scenes video and that photo of Yoda is a keeper. Most video game adaptions bomb at the box office but this could be the big surprise of the summer. It just looks great.
Sorry Dolph too old and you don't even know the character that good.And I'm speaking as a Dolph fan.  Actually it really doesn't matter who they get since it'll go thru a CG process of some sort. Love the Deadpool Blu-ray with the two commentaries. Hugh Jackman helped out getting the movie made more than people know.

Was that a cool ending where Homer takes live phones calls? This article explains how they did that.
Note: Also includes link to a Youtube channel by an animator using this software. Nice.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Civil War Runaway Box Office

Slow news week but radio show still coming.

Thusday update:
Now the bet is will it top Zootopia as the big hit of the year by passing $900M and reaching the $1 Billion mark. At this pace it looks like it will with no competition until X-Men and even that won't be much of a challenge,.
What's interesting here is that Del Toro himself is ust being the executive producer and not directing the picture himself. This is the studio saying "we're having others directing and wirting this to keep under budget".
Once upon a time you would only hear of Andy Serkis name being mentioned in Mo-cap. Good to hear there's more names being recognize in this field. And anyone working on those Planet of the Apes reboot are exactly the ones you need to pull the new King Kong.

Wow that is fast for a Marvel sequel. And it looks like it's going to break the $1 Billion mark. Wonder if including Spiderman kind of helped it at the box office. Duh!
Second Wow for the day. Over $1 Billion in U.S. alone! What is scary with this is the studio can start making deals with other studios like they did with Sony's Spiderman and take over all the other franchises. Nudge Nudge Wink Wink: Warner's DC catalog anyone?
A superhero movie for $30M from the guys of Captain America? That alone I like to see how they are going to pull that off. Even Deadpool was made for a little bit more but at the sacrifice of having more X-Men. A joke within the movie that mentioned it, making it one of the funnier moments.
Cool video with Capt. Picard haning out on Byran Singers cell phone. Pretty funny remake by Stewart.
So Mad Max is doing Stormtrooper cameo thing aka Daniel Craig which was one of the funnier moments in TFA. So who are they going to get for SW9? Anyone for a Dr. Who cameo? Pick the actor.
Nice breakdown on directing the Flash as told by Smith. A fan boys dream to say the least.

Monday, May 09, 2016

Civil War 5th Biggest Opening

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Well at least it took out Iron Man 3 as that did not deserve it's status. But we all know what should have been in the top 5 here don't we. Well that's why Warner/DC promoted Ben Affleck...Next.....
Well shit just got real. Not only Batman but now JL. Sack Zack better real careful now as in this business Affleck can just drop a note and Zack is outta there. That's the power of Executive Producer can do. It doesn't hurt that he got an Oscar for Producing Argo and directing it along with an Oscar for Screenwriting. With both Deadpool (blu-ray sales) and Civil War making huge money Warner's is not taking chances. Good for Affleck.
Why the 90's. That was such a boring decade.. Actually you can't even tell when these movies take place. Take a way a few props and characters and it could be any decade. Blame the budgets on that. But speaking of X-Men....
This is a Singer's baby. If if the universe is a mix bag with some good movies and some lousy ones, looking at you Wolverine. What Disney should do is buy out Fox and all of it's properties and bring over Singer and let him run the properties since Fox doesn't have a clue what to do aka F. Four.
Bring it on. These are always fun. And always a good body count. And rather see Damon do this instead of that spinoff with Hawkeye which was just plain awful.

The Writers explain how they manage to include Spiderman without all the drama of rebooting.