Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday's Movie News

Radio Show now playing: Hanging with Ultron on the set of The Blacklist.
Again another bootleg trailer at the cinema has the audience all psyched up. So cool
At the begining of the year I said there would be only one film to cross the $300M mark and that would be Hunger Games Mock. Ok I was wrong, it was The Guardians, then again no one saw that coming. But this Will be the only one to cross over the $400m mark. Maybe The Hobbit might come close but lets face it, this year has been a total wipe at the box office.
When you can't even get horror fans to the theatre when Halloween falls on a Friday, total fail.
Pee Wee is making his rounds, new Playhouse Blu-ray set and is on The Blacklist! He's back folks.
Skull Island rewrite is pointing to origin story. Makes a good case for Godzilla vs. King Kong.

Note: Tomorrow, my favorite horror films of all time list. New radio show coming also.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News

Reminder: New Radio Show now playing, "My Day with Ultron, on the set of The Blacklist"
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Yep Marvel is killing it with these trailers. It's obvious they're doing their best on nailing DC to the wall. I mean this is so relentless with no mercy in sight. That Sups Vs Bats trailer better be a winner.
I love this trailer with the audience. Talk about goose bumps. And even with me you don't hear
"Aw c'mon, they split one movie in 2 for a cash grab, those money hungry basterds! Let's face it.
Can you blame them. If any franchise deserves a Pt 1 & 2 it's The Avengers. Crap like Twilight didn't deserve it and even Harry Potter was just plain abusive. Again the one franchise that deserves gets it.
Last nights trailer added some new things then went in repeat mode. But still a treat. Again with these trailers it's almost like an event itself with Furious 7 the weekend and Bats coming very soon. All trying to get our attention. Well they succeeded. To quote a big summer film: "Let Them Fight".
Talk about killing it and Harry Potter. Daniel was fantastic with this rap bit. From A to Z.
Some down time until he gets his Tony and Oscar nod. Admit it, you know he's going to get those. He's got the talent and there's not much competition, especially Broadway.
Ratings are great for everybody, well except for 'Manhattan Story' which got cancelled quick.. But knew programming is coming down the pike faster than ever before. Which reminds me to......
As per talk about all the good stuff going to cable tv, the old bundle packages will be part of the past.
And people can choose what they want to see like they are doing now. And look how many movie franchises are coming like today's announcement of "Scream" francise. Except for big Cinema brands like Disney and Marvel everything is pretty much screwed. The third age is already here in beta form.
Better for us is all I can say. My problem is trying to watch all this stuff. 5 years ago I called tv a graveyard. Man talk about a turnaround. And a hell of alot of fun just to keep up. Bring it on!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuesday's Movie New Links

New Radio Show now playing: Day with Ultron, Working as a background actor on the Blacklist.
Boseman as the Panther? Yes! Perfect!! I usually don't brag or show off (well only at Oscar time, lol) but I've been behind this actor back when for the baseball movie "42" adn recently Get On Up as James Brown, he nailed it. If you look at my Best & Worst list for the past 10 years on my website
you'll see I picked him for Best Actor and Harrison Ford Best Suppt Actor both which were ignored by the Academy a few years ago. Now he gets he's own Solo Marvel Movie. Good for him!
Scroll down to 2013 on the list:
Sweet. DC response: DOH! It's kind of funny that 2 years ago I said on the radio I was going to retire from this as there wasn't much going on in the future of movies besides the usual reboots, remakes, bla bla bla....Well it looks like I'm going to put that on hold and stick a while longer.
Read the comments below the article and there's mention about Spidey, X-men and FF. What have I been sayingfor the past 2 years. The Mouse will get it's Spider.....
He's got his work cut out for him in post production. After the big news above I'm sure the studio will be on his case to make this work. With over a year to complete this there will be no room for mistakes. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes. Both the shadows of DC Studio heads and Marvel looming over you, he is going to go full white hair when this is done.

New Radio Show coming this weekend, Fall TV Pt. 2 and talk of Avengers Trailer plus my top 10 horror movies of all time.
Hint" The Exorcist and Shining are NOT on the list. Different, yeh?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Mondays Movie News Links

Radio Show Now Playing: My Day With Ultron, Working as a Background Actor on The Blacklist:
The above has pictures and links with references to the show.
What Bullshit! First LOTR won all 11 nods at the Oscars for a fantasy picture. The Dark Knight made history by getting 8 nods but when it didn't get the nod for Best Picture the Academy changed the rules by having 10 pictures to be nominated in the future (the last time for 10 nods was 1939). And the first to have an Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actor. And before that 7 nods for Dick Tracy for which Al Pacino got a nod for Best Supporting Actor. And the last 2 mentioned were both from Comic Books. And a lot of Sci-Fi get nods for the Tech awards so it's not like the Oscars ignores these. But lets face it, a full mental alchoholic dying of a disease that cannot be cured is always a shoe in at Oscars. LOL.
Well he pulled it off with Star Trek so why not. And if he gets nominated this year for Best Actor this will look great for Marvel. While most don't care about Oscars it's a great selling point overseas.
The new trend of sending reboots, prequels and all that to cable tv. I love this idea. Instead of going thru the retreads on the big screen, like how many times do we have to tell the story of Spiderman and Batman, have the roots told here and get to the big stories on the big screen. I didn't think Gotham would work but it's working out pretty good as long they wait 10 years for the Joker to show up, lol.
"Overperform?" Are you kidding Fk kidding me?!!! This is an all out bomb! I have no problem with Keanu. People forget he was the one who turned out Speed 2. Since then I always respected him on that note. But come on, it was like Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds "We were so surprised on how well it did this weekend at the box office, that we are going ahead with a sequel."
To quote a headless suit who lhopefully lost his partking spot the following week. And by the way
that even clear $50M that week at a budget of $200M. Do they think we are that stupid?
Doesn't matter. Again like The Dark Knight (which got 8 nods for Oscars. see above) this like Gravity last year
this will get all the technical awards.

Friday, October 24, 2014

My Day With Ultron Coming This Weekend.

Radio Show Coming this weekend: The Day I Hanged Out With Ultron.

This is in conjuction with the previous blog:
Which has Pictures and Links relating to the topic.

Update: 10/26
So9rt of the technique that Andy Serkis perfected on the Apes movies.

Update: 10/25
More analysis on the trailer. Some interesting what if and speculations.
Viewed 34,3 million times? And more coming next week. Gotta love it.

Will somebody make up their mind here, lol? Maybe they realized they shot themselves in the foot with Agents and decided to put up another trailer? And a third one on Nov.4. Well all I can say is thanks Marvel, you made my life easier as I can split the radio into 2 parts and make the shows shorter, by request of course.

Here is a follow up to that trailer with some speculations as to what's going on.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday's Movie News Links

Pictures and links with the radio show coming this weekend of the Day I worked on the Blacklist.
Screwed. LOL. This show can't get a break can it? What they should do is go after the older audience like Blacklist which has huge ratings and give the comic fans a different trailer (aka #2). Poor Shield, I would be looking for another gig if I was an actor on that show.  ***see note below.
With Spader having his roots in Sci-Fi from his breaking role in StarGate with Kurt Russell, he's coming full circle in what is going to be his biggest picture yet.
Spader compares Ultron and Reddington in this article. Besides that it's almost the same article as above. What the heck, can't get enough of this news.
Warning! Spoiler Article! Plot details all over the place. But for me it's actually seeing the freaky stuff than reading the article. This just gets me even more curious on what's going on with the show.

*** Note: No I'm not screwed for the radio show. I'm switching places and putting this show on for the weekend then the Fall TV special. I know, make up my mind. Tell that to Marvel, they screwed their own tv show. LOL..

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links

Note: Hanging with Ultron Radio Show will premiere next week in time for the trailer. A post from Sunday 10/19 has pictures and links as a preclude for the show.
While all of us are looking forward to the trailer, the funny thing is that they are attaching this to
"Agents". They did the same thing with Capt. America 2 and it did nothing to jump the ratings.
I still watch regardless (yeah because of Ming-na). But this is the thing DC has to worry about.
A killer trailer from Marvel is going to make the folks at DC very nervous.
Why waste time? Even tho the series got the nod for a second season it's good they start introducing
our favorite characters. Hope they don't wait till year 10 to introduce the Joker. Fans will wait to a certain degree but with all the competition with othe shows, fans will look at other shows to fill the gap.
The one big time the Mouse screw up. It was to desperate to have its own Star Wars. Still love this film cause if you look at it carefully you know where Lucas took bits from. The arena fight is the most obvious. I agree with the article. Give it to Legendary Pictures. These guys are on a role.
Does anyone rmember Critters. A rip off of Gremlins at the time. But still a lot of fun with a lot of tongue and cheek humour. Why not, their rebooting Gremlins itself. I haven't heard of the origins of these other projects but a lot is coming down the tracks. Heck, more for us.

Note: Still going ahead with Fall TV Pt. 2 Radio Show along with the Ultron special.
Godzilla has been pushed back slightly but still going to happen.