Tuesday, December 12, 2017

SW: The Last Jedi Massive World Wide Opening

New show this Saturday: Live on MNN with The Last Jedi coverage plus other news.
PS There is a review from Variety Magazine. DO NOT READ IT! Major Spoilers !
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Wonder Woman getting completely shut out is the biggest bullshit ever. Also Logan but at least Hugh Jackan got recognized for The Greatest Showman. And Del Toro is finally getting his due for Shape of Water. But the nominations are a total mess. Biggest Gripe:? Get Out the most overrated movie of the year.

More of my beef but this article pretty much says it all. It saves me all this typing of why this year really sucks. More on the show.

The article is kind of a yawner. But in the long run it means the big mouse will own X-Men with Fantastic Four and of course the original Star Wars will get a new release. It's all good.

Translation: Your Fired! Clean slate coming in January with "What you didnt get the memo?"
Major reboot all accross the board. More on the show.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Justice League Doing Great Overseas But......

New Live on MNN show this Saturday. Complete Justice League Box Office update plus more.

Well it figures after all the comic books fans were disappointed by JL. They are so hungry for a good film which Marvel has proben time and time again. You know what they said at  my job?
The trailer was better than the JL movie. OUCH!

So Zack was about to get fired before he even started the movie. So for once the studio heads had the right idea. Shame they had to the "death in the family" route so remoive him. Remember when I said that didn't sound right to begin with. Why wait a few weeks then leave filming because of death. Now it make sense. What a bunch of coat throats.

Wow talk about insult to injury. First the talk of Jedi goiing to have a huge opening and then putting this our. Justice League can't get a break after Coco kicking JL ass in it's second weekend. Talk about a beat down. But the good news the more positive reviews from fans is helping JL doing far from worse and Internationall it's getting the love it deserves with more countries still need to open up aka Japan. But once Jedi opens its pretty much over. Now that matters if it can catch up with Wonder Womans B.O and at least tie with Thor 3. If only JL didn't cost so damn much. Hell even I saw it twice?!?! yep yours truly did. Like I said about Suicide Squad, "there's a great movie in there somewhere"

Kind of old news by now but posted anyways as we are going to reference this on the show.

This one too, any reference. But it does show how editing can affect the tone of  a movie.

Ok the award season is around the corner and no one gives a crap. But the surprise here is that Logan made the list which is great but no Dunkirk. What the hell is that about. Del Toro got dissed but Baby Driver made the cut. Not a bad movie at all. And the Franco scored with The Disaster Artist. Guess directing all those indy films paid off after all.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Justice League Tanks !

Note: Due to a tech problem our last Live show still needs to be updated. Stay Tune.
Holy Wipe out at the box office. Many articles all dedicated to JL, blog still in progress.

JL 3 out of 5: It wasn't that bad. Different tones to be expected due to 2 different directors. Way better than BvsS. My main problem that the whole film was too damn dark. Budget couldn't afford light bulbs? But this had many good moments and the whole cast shined considering all the damn cuts.
Please read the following articles for my take on tidbits on what went wrong.

Talk about insult to injury. DCU is hoping that the box office will pick up for JL for Thanksgiving weekend. And already SW is bragging how much it will clear for their opening. Ouch.

You know it's bad when one of the crew jumps in and wants to see a Directors cut. Wait after this weekend then we are going to see what happens with the DC universe. If they can't get JL off teh ground and Wonder Woman is their biggest hit of the year, somebody is getting fired big time.

This is just plain embarrassing. So what happened? Fans are getting tired of being burned with reshoots and recuts. BvsS, SS, Rogue One, rumours of the Han solo movie,. seeing a trailer and half the scenes are  missing from the movie. Again Rogue One is still the biggest sin, that Tie Fighter scene. More below but what does this mean for JL2 ? Well the title is poison that's for sure. Another version from the Comics is Flashpoint, and that should be the right direction. And never mind that post credit scene. We don't need Eisenberg's Luthor back. Totally miscast. Shame about Deathstroke.

It's amazing how they can get this wrong. Too many cooks in the kitchen. Now ind you Director Weadon was hired to fix this but again tere was interfering from the studio aka micro management. Tha's what happened with Avengers Ultron and Weadon had to take the blame. Notice a pattern here?

They did it BvsS so why not. All that deleted footage is all over the internet so why not spend that extra money and give the fans what they want. For me BvsS they should have taken out more footage as most of it was unwanted crap. But like I said with Suicide Squad there is a good movie in there somewhere. So this needs to be rescued one way or another.

Other News:
Why just admit it and say it's an alternate universe and that will solve that canon mess.
Spores, Ugly Klingons, and a chick name Mike. No thank you: Orville: The Next Next Generation.

While I have to admit Director Branagh did a great job on directing and starring in the Express, even tho it didn't need a remake, I'm surprise about the sequel. The original Death on a Nile was a total bore so maybe Kenneth could bring some life to that story. So this should be a notch better.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Thor 3 Crossing $500M World Wide

New Live Show this weekend Nove 18: Justice League Review plus Disney take over.
Due to workload I just updated this blog. Gotham pix added in bonus sertion. More on the show.

Amazing. Both Thor and JL are doing great at the box office.Thor is crossing the $700M this weekend. JL has opened in 9 different countries this week, Wednesday out of days, and is doing major B.O. already. Damn the critics!

It figures. But giving Johnson a whole trilogy to himself is one big leap of faith. And Last Jedi hasn't even come out yet. But no surprise that is milking this franchise for all its worth is to be expected. But at the speed they are going is way to fast with all the solo projects lined up aka Solo movie.

And now we get this. Wasn't this what Lucas had in mind when he comissioned 2 seasons worth of scripts for his show, but couldn't produce it at the time as the CGI wasn't advance enough and would have cost a fortune. Well not anymore. But what ever did happened to those scripts as it sounds like they are creating this from the ground up. Of course they can ST Discovery for this as that is a big hit in streaming and Disney of course is following that.

Oh hell no! We already got a boring dragged out bloated Bond film. It was Spectre. And didn't we learn from Blade Runner 2? Still an over rated director. Well us Dune fans can kiss this remake goodbye.

Bullshit. This is a huge international hit. Release the basic no frills BR/DVD aka BvsS then release the directors cut. (yeah still looking at you Disney Rogue One, you greedy mouse). So either way they be dumb not to cash in. They know the fans are there. Look at ST Discovey, the fans are there no matter how bad the show is.

The one thing I'm looking thing I'mlooking forward to< a short running time. Short? Hell yeah after all these movies having a bloated running time of over 2 hours. (look at you Blade Ruuner 2).
But there is one thing missing in JL. No, not Superman as he will show up at the end, maybe, or they are saving him for JL2. But lets face it, Green Lantern is sorely missing this but that's just me.

And this is why Disney wants to take over. Um, lets see. Russo Brothers made 2 films that have gross over $1Billion each. And you walk away from that. Yeah right. Great Business Management decision. I should know, I worked a Wall Street for over 20 years and look what happen there.

Now that's funny, talk about jumping ship. Can't anyone get it together back in Hollywood? Notice the pattern. Everyone is so scare about thier positions. There's a movie here but they hate to talk about themselves.

Not so fast. Some in the industry will not let this die. To much at stake. But what happened to begin with. Easy, Disney was cheap in giving what Fox thinks it deserves. And thier right. Look what Disney would be getting, all those franchises. So why so cheap? Thye got spoiled when they screwed Lucas at getting Star Wars francise at a cheap price. But if this does happen what would happen next?
That's right they will go after the gold mine. Warners DCU. Oh no. They got Spidy for thier MCU.
Anything is possible. More on our next Live Show.

In this article they complain about Doc #9 leather jacket which I thought was cool but they ok with this? Besides the long coat they rest looks stupid. Rainbow t-shirt and suspenders?!!!. I wore suspenders for The Greatest Showman and hated it. She deserves better.

Bonus: Gotham Pix
 Riddler dressed up as Penguin releases the 2 little kids in the ring. Upper right hand side above the rope.
I'm right above Monica's shoulder on the catwalk. This was the 3rd day clocking in at 14 hrs.

Friday, November 03, 2017

Thor 3 - A Big Hit !

We're back Live on MNN this Saturday at 5pm on MNN.ORG: Thor, Gotham and News N Reviews!

Thor: 4: Solid fun even tho a bit over the top with the action and a bit silly. But Hulk talks. Great!
Saw 8: 2: Been there and don't that. Not much imagination in the traps either.
Foreigner, 4: Jackie Chan was great in this along with Brosnan. It had both: Characters and action.
Happy Death Day, 3: Great idea even tho it gets redundant in the second half but the film recognizes that as the main character goes silly near at the end: "What again, lol" And a surprise twist. Cool.
Geostorm, 1: Top 10 Worst picture of the year. Only disaster is the script. This was a conspiracy thriller all involving that stupid space station. Only the last 20 minutes had disaster snippets !!!

This is going to clear both Thor 1 & 2 in box office reciepts. Hopefully this gets the respect that it deserves and be big as Wonder Woman and Spiderman. JL well that's another story.

No Lou Ferrigno voice over? It's a shame but it is about time Ruffalo takes over the voice here.

Money. Simple as that. But I do like how he describes Ford the way he is. Now that is funny.

Umm, lets see. An Oscar winning director doing a complete reshoot?.Hell I met Opi, nicest guy in the world. Who am I to complain. Now is this going to happen with all the other movies. Hopefully there's no trend happening here.

Fro those who were not interested in the 1966 TV series DC is on a roll. The last couple of movies based on the '66 have been all a hit in sales. That's why they keep making these.

You mean this was going to be longer with a 4 hr script? Hell there was nothing for a 90 minute movie to begin with. Another gimmick for a directors cut box set even tho the director denies it.

While I dont' like his structure aka Shin Godzilla, lets face it, anything Godzilla is better than no Godzilla. And nother way to keep selling the merchandise. "Collect them all!"

Wow is this really desperate or really sad. Anything to get you in the theatres, right?

This is the episode that I spent 3 days at the studios playing a bookie. I'm actually in 2 spots at 00:6 and 00:12 seconds but it was so damn dark you can hardly see me. I'm mostly up on top by the cakewalk. Anyways it was a great experience. More on the live show.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Star Wars 8 Trailer

New Live on MNN will premiere on October 21. with more show dates in November and December.

Update: 10/19: Due to busy schedule I had no time for a new blog. But in the meantime...
The Foreigner: 4: Both Chan and Brosnan were great. More of a thriller with twists than expected.
Lego Ninja: 3: Not as strong as previous, too much with father/son crap but Chan was funny.
Batman Vs TwoFace: 4: Great Old School aka "66 series. But why are fans pissed off on this?

Mini Movie Reviews: 5= Great, 1= Sucks. It's not fun anymore.
Blade Runner: 2: Too bloated and Ford only shows up in the last third, really? See article below.
Mother: 0: Total Bullshit. Artsy fartsy crap. Guess Lawrence can't even save a movie anymore.
Kingsman 2: 3: Over the top, silly but it had Elton John, lol. And love those music fights. Prince?!!!
Justice League Dark: 3: Glad it had other characters usually not seen even tho I never did like Constantine. Good for Halloween. In the meantime back at DC we're getting another Joker. Meh.
Cult of Chucky 3: Slow build up tho the last third act was cool. But strictly for Chucky fans. but it was too late. Time to retired.

Ok we all saw the trailer, no reason to repost. But I figure post this again. Are fans reading into this a little bit to much. Even tho it's a stretch I can see why they would jump on the bandwagon.

Deakins is the genius behind this film. The jury is still out on Director Villeneuve (not crazy about any of his films and Arrival did not deserve that Oscar nod). Way too long and bloated considering it was just a mystery. And it took four writers for this? And I didn't see that huge budget on the screen. Final nail in the coffin? That music was horrible! But I do appreciate the nods to the first film which I love by the way. But not enough. More on the next live show. (Oct. 21).

Yo Marty, you give these sites to much credit. Example: Blade Runner 2. All those raves and the film tanks given its budget. Bloated running time and Harrison Ford shows up in the last act even tho he is co- headliner in the poster. Instant killer when fans start posting among themselves. Simple as that.

Are you kidding me? That is the main problem with this new franchise. No one likes this character and you continue with this theme? Again Hollywood with its head up its ass. Complete denial. They dont' want to admit that Sigorney version was the way to go. At this point its just too sad.

Back to the one who started it all. Why not? BTW I loved Stallone playing himself in "This Is Us"
Great episode and Director Ron Howard cameo was pretty cool.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Big September Movie Review Blog

What is old is new, and what is new is old. An old motto that I've been saying for the past 29 years live on the air. Hence the angle of this blog aka T2, Star Trek, Stephen King.

Too obvious to mention. We all know the previous adaptions were less than perfect so of course once "IT" is a hit the studios are going to milk the back catalogue. Actually I can't blame them. Everything else they are touching is turning to crap anyways. But do they think these remakes are going to be better? "IT" is the worst remake of the year. The TV series was way better. Even with the poor SFX considering the time period. But Tim Curry was the ultimate evil clown.

It's all about keeping the franchises alive. But this was a storyline  that should have continued as was\
Fans won't even acknowledge T3. So maybe the Alien franchise can take a hint and ignore that stupid storyline about David and the Engineeers and bring Signorney back along with her daughter.

Movie Reviews:
Ratings: 1 = sucked, 5 = great
"IT":0 : Most overrated movie of the year. Too long, too boring too much CGI clown. Done.

American Assassin: 3: Weak plot but lots of action. Micheal is great as always and even tho too much CG it had a great ending at the ocean. PS: check Keaton out in The Founder, the Mcdonalds story guy solid 5 out of 5 and he and the movie should have been nominated to Oscar last yr.

Killing Gunther: 2: Arnold only shows up at the last 20 minutes of the movie but he was great considering it's film in docu style which really sucked. But that 3 cam shot at the end was cool.

Lucky Logan: 2: Daniel Craig was a snap as a southerner and that cameo by Seth was cool but this was so flat and boring, by the end I couldn't care less if they got away with it or not.

Wolf Warrior: 3: Can't believe this is in the top 5 World Wide at the box office this year. Lots of action but I couldn't get into this plot whatsoever. Way overrated for such a money payoff.

Cable/Tv/Livestream Reviews:
Star Trek Discovery Parts 1&2: 3 Not as bad as I thought but I look at this as a different timeline. My main problem? Those are not Klingons! And why is everything so dark. Love the actors tho.

Orville: 4:  Dramedy? Seth needs to have a better balance with this But remember this. ST:TNG Season 1 was so off centered that it took S2 to get it right and Seth did the Screenwriters room on the BR release of ST:TNG. And the parodies on his show. He's doing it better than Discovery. Ouch!

Batman & Harley: 4: This pays homage to the '66 tv series which I grew up with. Along with the music,  graphic balloons (ah my balls!) and Harley was great! Hate the tv series? You'll hate this.

Rough Night: 2: Love the girls but where was the humour? I have no problem with Weekend At Bernies with an all female cast aka Ghostbusters. But did someone forget the laughs?