Friday, May 22, 2015

Supergirl TV Pilot Review

Blog Talk Radio Show Now Playing with the Supergirl Review. MNN live today at 5 pm. Link below.
Thanksguys for loading this up! 4 out of 5.
Mini-review. Same style as Arrow and Flash and ti shows as CBS owns those two shows. The main problem is just way to much information crammed in one episode. Example: The making of her suit is so rushed in one minute that they couldn't bother with details on the materials used. The Second BIG problem is the special effects. They look cheap! Damn it! Put more money into this will ya?
But it is a pilot and these things can be fix. But it is the same style as The Flash which is great and can fit along side with those shows. Well somebody couldn't wait to see it, lol, who ever posted this or somebody is pissed of at CBS. Either that or it's a ploy to get an audience response so they have time to retool the show like replacing some of the cast which are good as it is. Especially a grown up
James Olsen, not Jimmy.

Well they got Flash right for the most part and that's why Supergirl is modeled so much like Flash.CAn you blame them, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Now tell that to the guys doing the Superman movies.
Wow, Tomorrowland will get it's ass kicked by those Pitches. It won't even clear $40M for a Memorial Day weekend. Clooneys movie sucked by the way, 2 out of 5 last night. Boring and the big reveal at the end was a let down. I should have gone to see Mad Max instead for the second time.

Boxoffice predictions for the Memorial Day Weekend.With the mix reviews for Tomorrowland, will it be No. 1 and the Poltergeist for No. 2 considering that is going down as a bad remake. Nobody knows.
Over 40 movies covered here with summary along with tidbits on behind the scenes.
Well somebody couldn't wait to see it, lol. Either that or it's a ploy to get an audience response so they have time to retool the show like replacing some of the cast.
Live tomorrow on Saturday at 5pm. Click on the icon to see the show.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday Movie News

Well most of the shows are done with the season and Dave says goodye. Next show topic for the radio show before the live show on MNN this Saturday.
Review of the show which is broken down in order with the videos. My fav was the Foo Fighters ending the show with Everlong while showing vids and pics throughout the years including Andy Kaufman getting bitch slapped at 1:40 mark. Multi-repeat and pause is necessary to view it all. I mean it was a lot. Nicely done Letterman. Has anyone found me on that Thanksgiving Special? And by the way I never saw the clip myself. Go figure.
So the three raptors got names. Kinda cute. Hopefully there will be a lot of action with some intense scenes. Hopefully the movie will be good period.
More pics which looks like the same day of the shoot from the previous post.

Note: Radio show then the MNN show and this blog will be udpated tomorrow since it was a slow news day.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Flash Finale

New Promo on Talk Show Radio playing. BTR show coming tomorrow.
Do not read the following 2 links if you haven't seen the show yet:
Well somebody had to go I guess so this makes sense. Not to surprised considering.
Nice recap of the show with stills in order of the plot as it went along. For me the last 15 minutes was a rocker. This is what you call a finale ending. Did anyone notice the line "May the speed force be with you"?
Mini vid plus some behind the scenes of the cast on the set. This still looks like an Avenger picture than a Captain America flix.
Again with the Green Goblin but seeing Matthew taking the role would be fun and different. Let's not forget he started in Texas Chainsaw 3 as part of the crazy family and worned a suit in Wolf of Wall St. so this wouldn't be a stretch for him.
As I said in a previous blog the Hathway Monster Moive was a ripoff of the Hensei series when one of the characters can mind talk with Godzilla. Well now Toho seems to think so. Or maybe they read my blog, lol. Who knows...

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New Promo on Talk Shoe Radio now playing. Please see the widget.

No bloated over 2 hours running time is fine with me. I mean wehave a trilogy to tell the arc of the story. And Lando is not out of the count. Let's not forget, Ford Han Solo always wanted to die and there is still that rumour going on with the new story. So who would fly the M Falcon but the original owner Lando himself which he flew in Return of the Jedi. So this would make sense not that I would want Solo to die. We would like to see him again to finish off this new trilogy, right?

The Untold Story of ILM. Wow, what a big article. You might want to read this on the weekend. Many inerviews including those on the cover shot. I remember getting the book about ILM called The Art of Spocial Effects which I still have to this day. There has been different covers since then.
Some spoilers here about the ending if you haven't yet seen the movie. The actual take for this past weekend is $45M. The 3 day weekend will help even more as Tomorrowland is getting mixed reviews. But that sure didn't hurt Pitch Perfect 2 did it? What they don't mention is that the top 3 films, Pitch, Max, Ultron together made over $150M on a none holiday weekend. People are coming to the theatres indroves.. Now the experts are keeping quiet here aren't they?
CAn we say cute overload? Something very original and it will be a huge hit.2 vids and 38 screen shots. Nice.
Fun cast with Director Columbus (Harry Potter) should be a hit. My probelm with this is not the concept (whihc I love as wacky as it sounds) but execution. Too much of a Ghostbusters ripoff. But all of our favorites from the day are here. It sure brings make memories of these games. Well at least this trailer makes the film look better. But I don't expect Wreck it Ralph here. Now that was fun.
The big summer blockbuster that was bumped to......October? Not even for the year end holidays.
Well the trailer explains a lot. Besides some money shots it looks like crap. Didn't they get the memo? Nobody was asking for this. Hugh better think twice about retiring from X-Men and Wolverine all together. He still got a few runs with that character.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend Boxoffice Report

Coming this week: Radio promo, Radio show and new Live show on Saturday on MNN.
Already the top 10 of all time but where will it land? Will it pass F7 and tied with Avengers for the No. 3? It looks that way. Considering F7 is just $30M away from the Top 3 spot. Memorial Day weekend we will see the fina tally on the competition. But of course Star Wars is going to change all that.
A few shots from a womans point of view. That takes a lot of guts, male or female to pull off some of these stunts. Couldn't pay me enough.
A spinoff would be a great idea. He needs a franchise himself instead of saving the day with sequels.
In the meantime he can keep on doing these even as a crossover doing cameos in later sequels of No. 8.
2 quick mini-videos filmed in Africa. They got to filming this real fast. Marvel is taking no chances on falling on behind wth the scedule.
No video here but a couple of good closeups on the set.
By this point it's just sounds like to much covering up on what happened. All different angles to the story. But even when people hae to be reminded this is the guy who played BAne in Batman, when I mention Star Trek:Nemesis, people just go Wha........? The Trek movie that nobody saw and Trekkis refuse to mention. Believe or not, at Boxofficemojo, it took months fro them to reveal what the final tally was, guess pressure from the studio, that the final take was just $60M. Ouch!
A few shots but Warners took down the video already. Well it was on this morning. Basterds. It looked cool. Somebody else will have it on Youtube. Just have to be quick about it.

Note: Still working on those radio shows. And more FlickR pics will also be posted.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Mad Max Preview

New Radio Promo coming later this weekend. New show on Monday.

Sunday Update:
$70M for the weekend ofr Pitch Perfect 2. Boxoffice Mojo didn't even bothered to predict the weekend cause even they didn't know the outcome. They are suppose to be the experts. This boggles the mind. But $44M is not shabby, anything less than $40 would have been a wipeout considering the price tag. More on the radio show this week..

Saturday Update:
How the heck did this happened? Not even the "experts" thought the movie could pull this off. Even top of the bad reviews on Pitch compare to the rave reviews of Mad Max. But Max will still do good next weekend while Pitch will have a huge dropoff. And on top of that Max will do huge internationally. My review coming soon.

Now where in the top 10 All time is this going to land at? And close will it get to pass F7.
This linki includes another gallery of 83 pics, for those who can't get enough.
Top 10 Quotes from all 4 movies. My favorite is fromthe new one at No. 10.
Video Feature on Director George Miller with scenes from MM Fury Road. It also covers the supporting cast including some of the cuties who were not even born when Road Warrior was made!
Video Feature on the Movie's Villain Immortan Joe in MM Fury Road,
Looks like we have a wiiner! The actor from Ender's Game and Hugo might be the new Spiderman.
Filming has started on Capt. America Civil War so time has run out to find the new Spiderman.
What I love aobut these guys you never what language they speak but you still understand what's going on. Very international and very funny. It's just summer dumb fun. Nothing more.
Another western to make a comeback, that's 4 movies now that are western based. Makes sense for Jackie since Rush Hour franchise is now a tv show. Bring back the western!

Our premiere live show on MNN is now playing on our Youtube page.
You can also see the video posted on yesterday's blog.
I'll be doing a test run on Talk Shoe Radio with a new phone line, to see how that works.
More on this updated blog tomorrow.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

Live show Youtube video included below links. New Radio show coming this weekend.
More behind the scenes on the making of Mad Max. So far the reviews have been killer. Check out this review, a 10 out of 10:
Also includes a separate video review, link included in the article.
I included this as it will have a quick mention on the show. Includes all channels on regular tv.
This is one heck of a cast and crew. Well that got Flash and Arrow right, how can they go wrong with this? Looks like they got another hit on their hands.
Hopefully it won't suck like the movie. Actually it a pretty funny film so bad it's good kinda way but I that's not what the filmmakers had in mind.
Politics at play here but who ever thought this show would go on forever. But it is kind of cold when your voice over can be replace with another actor after you perfected those characters.
Double dipping again? How many copies do I haave of Star Wars anyways? After releasing them on HD digital?  I can hear George Lucas laughing his head off. And by the way what happened to all those 4K releases.
This is so funny. Even the Russians recognize crap when they see it coming. This movie was awful. Top 10 worst. Hopefully there won't be a third.
Never thought he was that funny. What was even less funny is when I was on the show without my permission. Yep that's right. I was on one of the Thanksgiving specials. Remember when he had the camera out in the streets and made remarks about people passing by? Anyone has a copy of that try to find me in the special.

Below is our Live show from May 9. Video is slightly distorted due to processing.