Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links

Note: Hanging with Ultron Radio Show will premiere next week in time for the trailer. A post from Sunday 10/19 has pictures and links as a preclude for the show.
While all of us are looking forward to the trailer, the funny thing is that they are attaching this to
"Agents". They did the same thing with Capt. America 2 and it did nothing to jump the ratings.
I still watch regardless (yeah because of Ming-na). But this is the thing DC has to worry about.
A killer trailer from Marvel is going to make the folks at DC very nervous.
Why waste time? Even tho the series got the nod for a second season it's good they start introducing
our favorite characters. Hope they don't wait till year 10 to introduce the Joker. Fans will wait to a certain degree but with all the competition with othe shows, fans will look at other shows to fill the gap.
The one big time the Mouse screw up. It was to desperate to have its own Star Wars. Still love this film cause if you look at it carefully you know where Lucas took bits from. The arena fight is the most obvious. I agree with the article. Give it to Legendary Pictures. These guys are on a role.
Does anyone rmember Critters. A rip off of Gremlins at the time. But still a lot of fun with a lot of tongue and cheek humour. Why not, their rebooting Gremlins itself. I haven't heard of the origins of these other projects but a lot is coming down the tracks. Heck, more for us.

Note: Still going ahead with Fall TV Pt. 2 Radio Show along with the Ultron special.
Godzilla has been pushed back slightly but still going to happen.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesdays Movie News Links
While it's cool to see the whole cast JL assemble why not just call this JL the Prequel.
How much time are they going to spend with Bats and Sups? Hopefully it doesn't turn
into X-Men 3, too many mutants and not enough screen time. As far as a solo movie, well
this guy deserves it. Very underrated and don't forget when Iron Man was announced:
"Iron Man? Out of all characters and with that mess, Downey Jr?"
Funny how things turn out don't they? You just never know.
The Dirty Dozen is a film that I regularly refer to on the show as a point of reference. All time classic as in The Magnificent 7. But comparing Squad to the classic is a long shot. They have been a lot of movies who tried to do Dozen and failed big time. But the man hs taste and knows his movies.
Am I one of the few that liked the first one. Yeah it was a SyFy movie with a budget (not saying much) but still fun. And with Frank Grillo added to the cast this should bring up a notch. He was great in Purge:Anarchy whihc was much better than the first one which stunk. If you get a chance check that out. Not a horror film but a great chase who will survive story with a touch of Sci-Fi Big Brother second half. 3 out of 5 for that one.
This is so funny. Now the paranoid are shaking in their pants. Here is the lesson: they are trying something new (the experts) and even they don't know if it's going to work or not.
And again monkey see monkey do. And with these shows doing huge ratings everyone wants a piece of the action.

Note: Sunday's blog has links and pictures ready for the radio show still to be recorded.
Due to family illness this is taking time for me to get to it. But it will happen.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Mondays Movie News Links

Note: My previous blog, "My Day Hanging out with Ultron" posted 1/19/14 is a work in progress. Radio Show will be added this week. But in the meantime check out the pictures and links.
Guardians had that many special effects? And this beats the record. Sweet. It's all good. Read on.

Not a big Arrow fan but now that Vinnie is on the show, back to doing my homework. This guy just plays Villainy great. He was wasted as Juggernaut in X-Men 3 (well everyone was, lol) so it's good he's back in the comic universe. Better write him a good script. Jones can back it up. Yeah, I'm a fan.

Nothing new here but the ironic thing was both him and Spielberg are both responsible for the summer blockbuster and the new breed of franchises. But at least their films were fun. Except for Marvel most of the other films as I said on my Radio Show are burden by Movie studio corporations and their Micro Management. A term I heard on Metallica's 3D Movie Bonus Features. Then they wonder why Cable TV ratings are going thru the roof....Which reminds me.....

Internationally I didn't realize it was this huge. Another 2 years and this cast can retire with some great FU money. Good for them. Then again how hard is it to translate ZOMBIE in different languages around the world, lol.

Cabin Fever remake. Are U FKing Kiddin' Me? And using the same script to boot (no pun intended).
Well they pulled the plug on his Green Inferno horror flick (remember those trailers?) so looks like he has no other choice but to go back to old ground. Where's Tarantino when you need him?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Day I Hanged Out With Ultron

Subtitle: Day in a Life of a Background Actor:
Working on the set of the TV Show "The BlackList". Photo below from Times Square.

Note: This is a place holder for the Radio Show Special detailing the day on the set. Show coming soon.
This is a quick rundown of that day at Coney Island, NY. Yep, that huge dude was one of the crew that looked after the majors actors and the set.

I'm at extreme left side wearing bright blue t-shirt with half my face covered. I'm holding a bag of cotten candy which I still have as a souvenir. You don't see me holding the beer bottle as that was on my other hand but you do see Joe, standing next to me wearing a light blue t-shirt (a fellow producer I met on the shoot) holding the beer bottle in a paper bag. That was a joke from the Prop Lady who gave us the bag and bottles.
Source: The Blacklist: Season 2, Episode 2; Berlin. 26 minutes & 40 seconds (without commercials)

Left hand side: Look at the end of the machine gun nozzle and you see a big hand waving belonging to the woman wearing camoflouge. I'm standing right next to her.
Source: I Am Legend: Chapter 12-Evacuation. At 40 minutes & 55 seconds.
A day on the set of Gotham for this actor.
This article gives you a good insight how some actors just get fed up after time and say the hell with it.

2nd Note: This blog will have more details later during the week once the radio show is posted.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday Movie News Links
Godd for Warwick Davis. No matter what he plays he's still family. Even tho he wasn't in the original he was still part of the original trilogy and appearing in Phantom Menace,Very glad he's in. Good call JJ.

No explanation on what happened yet and why they disappeared in the first place but here is Fridays report with Brad Tank leading.
3 years away? Isn't that the same time frame for the next Godzilla movie? Or am I just reading too much into this. But then again....
Del Toro sure has faith in this franchise. Let's face it, internationally this is popular. I mean, isn't that what the studios want for overseas boxoffice?
This is so funny but seriously, I have friends who are scared of clowns so I have seen people who have this phobia. That serial killer didn't help matters. (name in article, I refuse to say it).
Twins sing Fiona Apple. Next is Nirvana? Bring it on. A freaky show to say the least.
In regard to yesterday's blog on that HBO announcement here is a great article on the breakdown
of this service. Videonuze is a newsletter I received everyday on behind the scenes in the industry.
Highly recommended if you into this kind of thing.
Monkey see monkey do. Well.....Release the Kraken!

Note: Next show will be the Background Actor show to be posted for this weekend.
Then the Fall TV Review Pt. 2.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesdays Movie News Links

Last Live MNN Show now Playing on You Tube.
While this sounds good I do have a few questions.
1. The Flash is already on TV even tho its the younger self or do they think its going to get cancelled by then.
2. Green Lanternis getting another reboot? Nobody cared the first time around.
3. Cyborg, unless your a die hard DC fan, most movie audiences would think its another Terminator ripoff.  Besides Justice League (milk it with 2 parts of course) these don't have the impact like Marvel. Look at Guardians and even that got its fans but that got carried with the Marvel title which is not tarnish like DC and it's Superman Credits.
Why? This has already been done and nobody is asking for this. Let him rest in peace already.
Simple, their shows were on bit-torrent when so many people turn to cable cutting. They have no choice but to compete. For me I hope Comcast, Time Warners and all those blood suckers go out of business for over charging for mostly repeated crap to begin with. No sympathy from me. Fk 'Em!
He was great with both the Emmy and Tony Award shows so this is a no brainer. The best host ever was Billy Crystal and Neil should carry the tradition. This is not to take away from Ellen who I thought was great but she turned it down to come back again. Oh well, all is good.
What this article doesn't mention that the 2 met at a barbecue set up by Ron
Pearlman & his wife for friends and Del Toro. Pearlman worked with
Linda Hamilton on "Beauty & the Beast" tv show and invited her who
at the time was seeing James Cameron. So Linda brought James along and
that's how Del Toro & Cameron met. Source:
JC Biography; The Futurist by Rebecca Keegan
I mentioned this on my radio show when the book first came out. Guess better late than ever.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday's Movie News Links

Last MNN Show for the year now playing on You Tube.
Great article. This is the one that broke the story instead of me posting 10 other aritcles from various sources on this same subject. Either way is a great read. But I did have to add have to the following related to this article. A kind of filmmaking 101, money wise.......
Money: Universal in all languages and the prime motivator to get anything accomplished. Better be damn worth it. Still pissed of at IM2 and 3 as far as solos goes. But this sounds like fun.
Everyone is waiting for the sequel to this and even this is going to cable tv like some of the franchises as mentioned on our blog yesterday.
After the passing of Richard Kiels as 'Jaws" some of fans realized we haven't had great villian that stood as such. How many can you remember after the Roger Moors years can you mention at the top of your head. Bautista will be a great one as long they write him a good meaty role and not some damn cameo and standing there while the criminal master mind explains why he is taking over the role to Bond before killing who of course escapes and blows up a volcano, lol.
This is a leftover article from last week but had to put my 2 cents in. And it's simple:
Coming fom somebody who part of the script that he wrote for The Hulk which was edited out of the movie and put on the Blu-ray in the deleted scenes section I found this in total contradiction.
The Avengers light, fun and a solid 2 hours slight plus. So how many times have you seen Avengers compare to Dark Knight 3? Exactly!