Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Ant-Man & Wasp Hit Big

New Live show on MNN hosted by Mark on July 14. Lots of reviews and Con coverage.

Ant-Man & Wasp: 3, Great SFX with lots of action to boot as set pieces but story itself is so Meh.
Sicario 2: 2, Didn't like the first one, didn't like this one. Great acting, boring script.
Gotti: 3, Travolta nails it for a Golden Globe but this deserves 3 hours on Netflix and not so rushed.

What we don't need is another joker movie. They didn't get him right with Leno and now this? And Leno is still doing another one. The story is from The Killing Joke and I hated that movie. Last but not least talk about miscasting. Ok I'm done.

Compare to other Marvel titles this should have done better, but since nobody was actually asking for this, it's lucky it made what it did. But this will die quick since July does have Johnson and Cruise to contend with. And internationally? Well.......

Wow, reeks of desperation. Way too late to save the trilogy that it won't matter. But it should be a cool cameo. Yep, cameo. Did anyone see him on Dancing with the Stars last year? He could barely stand up never mind trying to dance. Cue oxygen tank off screen. So KK still got a job? I'm surprised lol.

There goes re-doing that third act gig again. Does anyone read these scripts? The more I hear about this movie the more disappointing it sounds like. They never got any of these right since the original even tho A vs P was the closest to the Dark Horse comics version. But that screamed of a budget of $150M at that time and was never made. So we got the watered down PG version of it.

This and Avengers are the big titles to look forward to. Lots of great material here and hopefully Avengers not only have the extra footage but have a commentary with some of the actors included. Reynold did a great commentary on the first DP, which should set an example for the producers of Avengers to follow.

Monday, June 25, 2018

When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth

There will be a repeat on MNN this Saturday June 30. New shows with Mark will premiere in July.
This weeks blog has many movie reviews and backlogged articles to catch up on the past few weeks.
*Update: New articles posted Thursday 6/28/2018. See below after movie reviews.

Mini-reviews: 1-5, Bad to Great
JW Fallen Kingdom: 3, Mixed bag to say the least but mostly covering The Lost World including 2 Dinos grabbing a villain and play "lets make a wish" and splitting him in two. Zoo under the mansion was dumb for the second half but the showdown finale still works. JW1 was still way better.

Jurassic Games: 1, Hunger Games with Dinosaurs rippoff. At the end the corporation brings back a new improve game with Dinos carrying machine guns on their backs. Sound stupid? That was an idea Speilberg had after JP3 believe it or not and still mentioned in JW as a military plan. Now why do they think this is a cool plot to begin with? Yikes!

Incredibles 2: 3, way overrated. Jack the baby steals the picture but the rest was a big MEH. The main story just dragged on too long with a lame villain.  We don't need a 3rd sequel.

Oceans 8: 2, All that talent and this is the best they can come up with? Not fair to the talented ladies involved. I like the role reversal but the script really lets them down with most nothing to do. Shame.

Hereditary: 0 Yep ZERO!!! The worst picture of the year so far. This Horror is the new Bore! zzzzzz.

Escape Plan 2: 1, Stallone and Batista are hardly in it. This could have past for an Asylum picture since this had a next to nothing budget. After Guardians why did Batista do this anyway?

"Don't let the door hit you on the way out". Wow, no one wants this position. If they get rid of someone who's been in the business like forever, whats going to happen to the second banana who takes over. One mistake and they're out. Nice business, eh?

One more time: Specter Sucked big time and is one of the worst Bond films. So lets get the next one out of the way already, say goodbye to Craig and Hardy with Chris Nolan take over the franchise already. Whats ironic it's Brosnan giving the OK considering that he also had one of the worst films in the franchise. Even Halle Berry couldn't save that one. But it did have Madonna. How wonder it sucked.

Catching Up Articles:
Would somebody make up thier mind? Stand alones are cancelled or not. After Solo who cares? Even tho Obi-Wan should have been the first one to be made. But now it shows how nervous Disney is by bringing in force ghosts Obi-Wan and Luke. And Billy Dee Williams' Lando to make a cameo.  It shows you how afraid they are that No. 9 might get rejected aka Solo. The fans have spoken.

Already prdictions are going for the $1Billion mark. But it won't be from the U.S. box office. Incredibles 2 lost over 65% audience in the second week and JW2 will do the same once the fans start with the mix reviews. But that won't stop with JW3 from coming out.

Man Disney really wants those Marvel titles don't they. They keep outbidding and outbidding lol.

Finally, To boldly go ahead instead of going in the past with that crap Discovery. Like Star Wars 9 with those damn cameos (now I'm getting tired of hearing about in less than 24 hours) they bring out Capt Picard to launch a new series. Which is not a bad thing, just gimmicky. But revisit Wrath of Khan story. Jezz thats plain sad. Leave that alone already. Kelvin timeline buried that for good.
While they're at it cancel Discovery and just move forward. Something I've been crying for a long time.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Star Wars Solo Tanks !

Next show with Mark will be on June 1. This blog will be back in 2 weeks after getting on a plane.

Mini Review:
ST Solo: 3 out of 5:
Great action scenes, but what was the point of  introducing characters just to kill them off half way thru the film? Pushing the action figures again? The big miscast was Lando not Han. And that Darth angle at the end was so lame. A character from the worst entry of the series? Lazy Writing, courtesy of Deadpool screenwriting 101. lol.

Wow, where did all the hardcore fans go to save this? In the meantime a Studio Executive at the office is Praying: "Please Lord I don't want to lose my job" Lolol..

Ouch that's got to hurt Disney. A rated R movie out of all things, lol. And check out the comments and who they would like to see get fired. Yep that studio executive, lol.

Lets face it. When your Disney and your franchise film opens at No. 3 in China, it's pretty much over.
At least it didn't buried DP2 which is the better movie anyways. But lets face it. Solo is just an iconic character that audience was not going to accept a young actor doing it. Simple as that.

Now we know who to blame lol. The main problem wass the script. It's so lazy and hardly any imagination. AT least the action was great. But of course that cameo and Solo talking about Jabba the Hut deal for another sequel which at this time doesn't look it's going to happen.

"Low ratings? I'm outta here" Talk about jumping ship. Yeah give the lead to Norman, who's the fans favorite  anyways. But lets face it, that whole Neegan plot is burned out already, him and that stupid bat.

Update: It's James Marsden, former Cyclops and Westworld star who got he lead.
Thanks to Rampage doing huge overseas this gets a pass. But this could work. Yeah always was a sucker for the game.

Thanks to Jumanji now we get this? Sad this is the best Hollywood can come up with.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Avengers IW Top 5 Of All time

New show on MNN this Saturday May 19 at 5pm. I'll be back to Co-host the show this time.

It would take another superhero movie to take out Avengers. At least it won't be a downer aka DCU.
Yeah I had to say it. Then we have Solo which is getting Goods reviews. Hopefully the hate won't be strong in this one, lol.

Wow, that was quick. Thanks so China, the land that shows no love to thre Star Wars Franchise. Now where in the top 5 will it land? It has to break the $2 Billion mark to compete with the Top 3 including Star Wars, Titanic and Avatar. While the Force and the Boat looks like a done deal, the Blue Monkeys looks like a stretch.

Fan dream waiting to happen. While all the promo clips are on the money and no doubt DP2 will be huge while at the same time not taking away from IW, this just adds to another franchise waiting to happen with Hugha nd Ryan. Lets face it. All the fans want that first encounter to go away with the Woverine movie. Man how they got that wrong. If for any other reason is that to make it happen.

So is that the better part of the movie considering those have seen the preview says that 30% of it sucks.

Well that makers sense. Where else can it be? They already did the Clone Wars and Rebels covered other ground. So thats a lot to play with. At least it's in good hands with Favreau. I'm not counting Jungle Book by the way. I completely ignore that one.

Best news of the year for us at home. But man that is alot seasons to watch. Then there is the repeats. How can you watch an episode with so much trivia and easter eggs in one episode. Bring back the Pickle !!!

"Who would want to see a bunch of creatures that can't see it's prey but can hear them instead?"
said the network executive who doesn't go to the movies. DUH!!!
It's an old premise that never gets tired. Just ask that husband and wife team with thier movie this past spring, lol. How some executives get thier positions is beyond me. God know theri cretively empty inside to begin with.

So lets see. No future Capt. America and no Alien sequel with Whipley. And this is so suppose to be good news about another disaster picture? Well I actually I like disaster pictures but this is kind of a bummer, lol.

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Avengers IW Heading to Top 10 All Time

Next show on May 17, Saturday at 5 pm. Hopefully I can make it for the next show.
And by request this weeks blog will be short and sweet lol.

And more records will be broken. At this point all that it matters is where in the top 5 in the U.S. and top 10 World Wide10 in the all time charts its going to land. While the U.S. is given with the repeats, how is China going to figure in all this for the final countdown. Now the fun part begins.

Well Agent 009 (aw c'com its gotta happen) is saying goodbye to one franchise. Gotta admit, he's come a long way since Thor 1. All he needs is his all franchise and he's good to go. PS Dark Tower doesn't count. Cue Bond music.

A movie nobody was asking for especially after the last boring one. Well RDJ got the remake of Dr. Doolittle coming up soon so I guess he's trying to fill up his plate after his stint with Avengers is done. Or is it? lol.

DUH! Worse kept secret since Disney brought the SW franchise. Well they are going to get their wish. Hardcores hated Last Jedi that they will make this a hit aka Rogue One regardless how miscast Solo is. Lets face it. Lando will be stealing the show anyways so who cares.

This is so excellent! But who talks like that anymore. And while I love time travel wouldn' these guys kind of dated. And also.......aw screw it! bring it on. Great to see Keanu back to his comic roots.

Wow is this really necessary? The story is mostly about her hiding as a man. Did they see the original? There wasn't that much fighting going on to need a budget that high. Well guess Disney has a few coins to toss around after SW and Avengers, eh?

Monday, April 30, 2018

Avengers Infinity War Biggest Opening

Live Show premiere for the new season this coming Saturday May 5 at  5pm for our 30th year.
Note: No spoilers in this blog accept the one article mentioning who got killed off by ***

Mini-Review: 4 out 5
Great film. I agree it's sort of Marvel's Empire Strikes Back with that big cliff hanger. My only complaint and it's minor was the editing at the beginning with some of the action scenes. And the love story with Gomorra. I know, it was part of the story but it kind of dragged the middle of the movie. That's it. I can't believe some of the complaints from critics. Did they really see the movie?
More on the next live show this coming Saturday.

Cute video about the actors comlaining about thier customes. With those huge paychecks, really?

Well at least it beat that train wreck of The Last Jedi for the top spot in the U.S. And out of all films with that stupid submarine Fast Furious. All without China! That will take care of the top 10 of all time internationally. Now all that matters if it's going to beat Avengers 1 for top 5. Well it comes down to repeats, repeats and repeats. This should be no problem at all it's worth it.

This is an update with a video included on what took IW to beat all the competition so far.
$258M. Sweet lol. But the other big surprise was how Black Panther moved up back to the No. 5 at the box office. Another first not even Disney saw coming as mentioned in the article.

Mind you this is one persons opinion and you have to take it for what its worth BUT........
Main problem with this list? Iron Man 3. That is the worst. Manderin is an Actor? FK YOU!
Captain America Civil War should be in that place. Everything else? Well......

The one that blows my mind is the dude from The Office. No offense but he's a better Director than actor. Then again look where Chris Patt came from. And he's also fighting dinosuars. Go figure.
And poor Emily Blunt. But at least she's got Mary Poppins sequel and that will be HUGE!

***Note: minor spoilers on who died.
1. Nobody dies in these movies. Didn't Superman come back to life?
2. Practically everyone are signed up for sequels, so how the hell can they die to begin with?
3. ok I'm done.

Bonus: Early Thursday morning to pick up the tickets. Yeah kinda strange that only 2 out of 6 was reserve for Avengers.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Avengers Infinity War Preview

New show premiering May 3 for the summer season celebrating 30 years on the air.
In this blog I'm keeping it short and quick. Just too much typing, lol.

2nd Update:
The Cast singing the Marvel Bunch aka Brady Bunch on Jimmy Kimmel. Well at least RDJ can sing.

$225M record breaking opener beating Star Wars and Jurassic World? Why not? And it should.

Really? That's a lot of greedy nerve if you ask me. If Alden succeeds no problem, if he doesn't watch them push the Lando character just to keep that timeline going and to keep the other self solo movies aka Boba Fett.

This was fun seeing all this going down live. All two hours plus now being repeated.

Could it be bacause Black Panther beat Titanic on the top 10 all time U.S. Box Office to take the No. 3 spot? Naaaaa..... Imagine what he would say if it beat Avatar? Oh wait thats for Avengers IW, lol.

It's not going to change crap if they keep giving us crap like sequels and reboots nobody is asking for.
Didn't they learn from 3D and how the theatres were dropping that this summer in favor of Imax?

This article gives you some stats on what people want to see. Action and Comedy lead along with Superheroes. Some in the industry want to kill this which I think is stupid. TAke out Panther and no film has yet crossed the $150M mark this year. Heck even Female Ghostbusters last year crossed that and man did that get panned big time. Can't depend on Tentpoles all the time like Avengers and Solo. Especially when you have MEG for your mi summer fill. C'mon did that trailer looked bad or what?