Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Movie Reviews

A Combination of last week and this week premieres. If you don't see the film listed here it means I avoided it like a disease (Haunted House 2),  did not get dragged to it (Heaven is for Real) or I'm still pissed of at the Actors last film (Lone Ranger=Transcendence).

Draft Day: 2 - Who's idea was to release a topic on football in the spring season of Baseball and not even show any Football for the hardcore fans. Poor man's Moneyball and that annoying splitscreen to cover the film weaknesses did not help. Love Costner but he couldn't save this. He should wait to make another Baseball movie. Moneyball 2?

Oculus: 1 - Nope, I was not dragged to this. The Ginger red head from Dr. Who was in this so I was curious to see this. Total waste of time. She bites it at the end. Big spoiler, so what. Total yack fest of a bore. No thrills, no scares, nada. The end was funny tho. Want to see a movie about mirrors?
Rent MIRRORS with Keifer Sutherland (IMDB). Solid 3 for its type, spooky, good scares, and a damn good twist at that end you don't see coming. See that instead.

Railway Man: 3 - Solid drama based on the book of a true story. The end credits show you the real guys on whom this story is about. What works is the flashbacks involving the Japanese prison camp in WW2. Excellent drama. But the movie gets weak  in present day when Actor Firth goes to find his tormentor from the camp who he finds out is still alive. It ends on a quiet note.
To find out more about the making of the railroads in Burma at WW2 is an Oscar winning picture:

Bridge on River Kwai: 5 - Blu Ray Collector's Edition.
While the movie itself takes certain liberties on actual history it does give a an insight on the surfering the men of WW2 went through on making these railroads. This edition gives you a few documentaries on the acutal events and the making of the film but the highlight is the trivia track that explains the details between real life events and the film. I couldn't recommend this enough. See this and then rent Railway Man to get the full impact of the events.

Raid 2: 3 - Good but overrated with its long dialogue scenes and too fast quick cutting action scenes.
Film was way too long and the action scenes, while cool, suffer from shaky cam. Half the time you didn't know what was going on. But there is Tarentino inspiration all over especially with Hammer Girl and Baseball Bat Man aka Kill Bill. Brutal to say the least with a great bloody violent body count is what makes this film. Better than the first film as its not a redundent and lets see if Raid 3 will be shorter this time.

Extraction: 3 (RB) - 2 for Tuesday B-movie action flick which delivers on the action and then some. With Vinnie Jones being the usual bad villain but with more screen time than usual. What's interesting is this was produced by the Crackle network for about $1 Million (kind of shows) and was available for free for a while on their channel. Sort of VOD.  For its type the film delivers and they should make more like this for the channel. Rounding out the cast is Danny Glover who is doing quite a few of these low budgets an Sean Astin (LOTR) out of all people. He also did Cabin Fever 3 (which sucked big time). Makes you wonder who the hell did he pissed off in Hollywood.

Death Do Us Part: 1 - (RB) Group rents out a cabin to celebrate a couple getting married. So they go to the cabin and yack for the next 45 minutes of the movie. Then the last 30 minutes (short film) the body count starts. It's the ground keeper doing the killing until HE gets it. There's were the twist comes in, just a bit to late for you to care. This is how not to do a so called slasher flick film school 101. Actually the big twist was the 2 main characters were also the writers and producers on this. Well that's one way to keep the budget small.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday Movie News LInks

Today I concentrate with news on Spiderman, Apes and of course Godzilla.
PS Notice Hollywood is keeping quiet about those Allegations

The following basically all repeat the same news but have different elements added to the articles.
Note: Read the comments from the fans. Are the producers really listen to the fans?
Nice art work.
This has a 3 minute  video from IGN.
Couple of pics from Spidey 2.
More pics from Spidey 2.

My Take: Hollywood in a nutshell ran out of ideas a long time ago. Hence why they go to old properties and reboot the damn things. The studios might own the individual properties but Marvel has the final word whether they like it not or don't want to omit it. Let's fact it, what are they going to say? They know there's people like me who are saying screw your Spidey 4 and Sinister Six and I'll wait till Spidey goes to Avengers. While they say that's never is going to happen, I'll be saying then to hell with seeing Spidey 4 and anything else you got for that matter.
Final note on ideas: The had the villain "Vulture" ready for Raimi's Spidey 1 with Ben Kingsley and again for Raimi's Sidey 3 with Jonh Malkovich. Both cancelled for Venom? Lizard was setup throughout Raimi's trilogy and never used. When they do have ideas they screwed up anyways. Goes to show you they have a property with no clue on how to use properly.
Avi Arad was a former Marvel Executive. Now that he's at Fox this is he's bread and butter. Of course he doesn't want Spidey to go anyway. He would be out of a job.
And last, Disney always get the last word. Don't FK with the House of Mouse. If Mickey wants his Spider, he will get it and no studio will stop that no matter how big the studios think they are.

Damn Dirty Apes:
Good interview but with some spoilers. The movie really benefits from the advance technology. And nobody better than Andy Serkis  f bringing this to life. He will get an Oscar Life Time Achievement award for his work.
How can you not have him included. I was really impress with him in the first movie.

It's an image from a moniter screen but you get an idea what it looks like.
Toys R Us got the pics of the toys on the website.
More of a promo since most of this has been floating around the internet pluswhat you've seen in the trailers.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Movie News Links

News from Wonder Con about Godzilla are being posted today on the Godzilla Community page.
Those links will be posted here tomorrow along with Dawn of the Apes and more Spidey news.
Reviews are mixed already. Main problem its way too long and not enough action. It's all in the trailer. And that's coming from Rotten Tomatoes who swore on crap fest Iron Man 3. It will do huge on opening weekend but Godzilla and X-Men will take him out. Will it last at least 4 weeks on the Top 10 or disappear like Man of Steel. That will be the test.
The final word is Marvel owns everything and wants to make sure these 2 studios get their shit together. They are not Disney. Even tho Paramount actually made The Avengers, they did not have the marketing strong arm that Disney's had promoting the hell out of it. Also Pararmount and Disney shared the Box Office profits for the final take. And Fox has been known to do this throught out the yers. Back in 1970's The Big Disaster Flick "The Towering Inferno" was produced by Fox and Warner's as a way to cover the big budget at that time.
(Trivia: Why do I use the colors Blue and Yellow for the logo and other signs. The end credits of Towering Inferno and my other big Favorite The Poseidon Adventure from 1972 had a blue background and yellow lettering. It's my nod to those films and others from that time period that used that color scheme.)
It also doesn't help when an International movie star like Johnny Depp tanks at the Box Office.
Too many articles about he days are over. He always does good overseas. So what's the problem.
Who wants to see Depp on a moniter screen and sitting stationary for 2 hours? Subject sucked.
Also it didn't help that people didn't forget Lone Ranger. But the main problem? Just because you
have big Brands like Superheros, Godzilla, Apes and some comedies doesn't mean Box Office Gold. How about all the other crap that gets lost in the shuffle. The big ones have to cover the little ones and the big stinkers. If the big ones bomb one after another, Netflix and others will get bigger......
...But the little ones are getting other alternatives and who else but somebody like Whedon who made the studios happy with The Avengers with Billions can pull this off. Again other choices for audiences and movie makers. Speaking of which......
At this time is being confirmed that the movie will get greenlighted. We need Sci-fi out there.
Well hell, I do anyways. And hopefully Jim Henson productions will be part of this considering that Muppet movie didn't do all that well. By the way has anyone seen that Syfy show that has the freaky chick from Farscape hosting it? No that the blue one, the one with the tail. Surprise to see her there but also cool to see old school puppetry from the makers of Dark Crystal and Labyrinth, 2 films that were supposed to be remade. Those wouldn't be the same with the CGI and all.

Note: More links tomorrow and Movie Reviews on Wednesday. Quite a few I must say.

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Facts Ma'am, Just The Facts

Quote from famous 1950's show "DRAGNET" which was made into a movie with Hanks and from Akroyd. (Don't ask, it was awful, see IMDB).

This is strictly a business point of view and nothing else. But with all these Allegations on Singer will it hurt the X-Men Box office? Already the studio got nervous and cancelled some of his appearances.
Will this matter when the film comes out? Will the bad feedback help Godzilla's Box Office as he has only one weekend to make it big. If the reviews for X-Men are mixed then it can open huge then die out quick and have the same fate as Man of Steel. After 4 weeks Sups was on the bottom of the top 10. Then Godzilla will have a few weeks to make good at the box office. Same with the International Box Office. And the bottom line is the film is good enough, will you go see it again. Repeat performance along with 3D, Imax are all part of the grab bag.

And the other thing is the timing of this. Why just a few weeks before the film opens up?
Personal vendatta against someone, sabotage at a film studio cause of competition, etc.?
I know it's a stretch but it is Hollywood and Hollywood is a strange land.
Remember Woody Allen and the Oscars with Cate Blanchett Nominated, who won after all.
And now with the Documentary. You wonder the timing of this coming out now.

My take:
I'm a film fan, that's it.
I just have a platform to give an opinion on what I like and don't like especially when I plunk down $10 bucks or more to see something and it sucks.
I want to see Godzilla to do huge mainly because he finally has the budget and SFX to bring him to the bring screen like he desreves to be seen. THEN we can get the sequels like Rodan, Mothra and the rest of the gang. And personally how many more times are we going to see Wolverine anyways?
He was in Japan and he didn't do any justice to that country. It looked like it was filmed at a studio to begin with. Give Japan back to Godzilla where he belongs.
PS After seeing that X-Men Trailer of the opening I think we saw the best part. Just saying. lol.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Movie Reviews

This week I put Theatre releases along with BR/DVD/RB/VOD together for review.

Rio 2: 4 - Way better than first one which I liked alot. Good story with multiple subplots which tie in nicely for the end. Very bright and colorful but the music is way much better and adds so much to the movie. My Favorite part overall is how they concentrate on the forest without going much to the city. Something the first movie relied on too much and the animation on those parts weren't good.

Joe: 3 (VOD) - Cage puts on the subdued character mode on big time. Strong but laid back. Yep no crazy loco overtop Cage here. Which he has been doing with some straight to DVD lately and for the better. The story? Well it does play like MUD and Out of the Furnace that it builds up to the big showdown at the end. But there is a few action scenes in between to keep the movie moving.

The Nut Job: 3 (BR) - Cute cast keeps up with a really busy story with multiple subplots which gets a little crazy to keep up. They must have been looking at the clock to fit in as much as they could within the 90 minutes. So this winds up with chuckles instead of full laughs but still had a lot of fun with this with a cool ending to wrap up the 'Whodunnit" story.

Philomena: 3  (BR) This is strictly for the acting as I couldn't get into the story itself. You kind of
figure out what happens at the very beginning. But this is to cheer Mame Judi Densch Oscar Nod.
And she deserves it. And special nod to Steve Coogan who does great by her. THIS is acting!

Secret Life of Walter Mitty: 1 - Stiller's lucky I'm a fan, Museum, Thunder, others but man...
This really Sucked! This has nothing to do with the original comedy classic with Danny Kaye, that was 5 Stars. (see IMDB). The story here is really plain awful. I saw them filming this by Rockefeller center and all I can say is he and Wiig are both really short. Shame, a big budget on absolutely nothing. Oh I forgot this was suppose to be a comedy......I didn't laugh.

Note: I was going to review a buddy cop movie but after a certain remark about Paul Walker on the MTV Movie Awards I said fuk 'em. So There. It would have been a 1 anyways.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Movie News Links - Film School 101

Todays links fall under Film School 101. Studios doing their summer push with heavy marketing.  A sort of behind the scenes on the business of movies.
Now that these films are here, they are going full promo in the marketing department.
This one has 3 vids on X-Men with behind the scenes and interviews.
Is this Actor Andrew Garfield in the suit? Talk about heavy promotion in the flesh. I wonder when he walks the streets he's thinking "Another milestone on my way to that Oscar" Sorry, but in NYC these guys are a dime a dozen especially Times Square where you can see all kinds of characters. lol.
Forgot Filmmaking 101, this sound like Wall St. LOL. Got to lisen to the Shareholders:
Bats Vs. Sups: In all my years I never thought I see this sentence. Paragraph 4 last line:
" Unfortunately, they've got a massive hurdle to climb: they'll be opening up against Captain America." Holy Marvel, really? Captain America has put the fear in DC. This cracks me up.
Spidey: Once they unload the villians there's no where else for Spidey to go except DISNEY!
X-Men: Same thing, once they unload the Mutants we haven't seen yet how many more times can we see Wolverine. Oh Oh, a young Wolverine...Reboot!
Guardians Galaxy: Sci-Fi fans can break this if only because they are waiting for their Star Wars fix.
F4: Is anyone going to care by then? People are going to get tired of all these superheros. Hardcore fans are not enough. Make "The Thing" the highlight of the movie, the others have boring powers we will have seen already with the X-Men franchise.
Wolverine: Even Jackman said no more. What happen? He lost his Oscar so another go round with this F.U. Money then back to Broadway and get another Tony. Well his resume looks great.

My take: I have no problem with the studio making these. But how many are going to have a grand slam at the Box Office until people get tired of Superheros. 2 more years and I'll be fed up!
So you thought DC vs Marvel is going to be rough, check out Spidey overseas this year. Yikes!
I can tell you the winner right now: Godzilla and not because I'm a huge fan and I started a community page on Google dedicted to the Big G.
Simple: The other are going to cancel each other out as superheros. Those who are not hard core would rather see something different even if it's a big giant creature mad as hell at the world.
Replace GZ with Star Wars, same thing. When the time comes people are just going to say:
But I already saw a superhero movie, I want to see something Different: (Insert Godzilla Roar Here)

My Take:
 "Yo, Spidey, your last box office wasn't all that. What are you going to do?
"I'm going to DisneyWorld!.....Where do I sign?"
Still to short but our Snookie is back in. Included is a cool video Q&A at the bottom of the page.
What ever it takes to save this franchise but without being cynical I think it's cool that they brought in his brothers to help out. Giving that family vibe. Plus their working. Nothing wrong with that.
I like that that article in the box. It does give it some sincerity nad meaning to the project instead of Hey, lets replace him with CG and be done with it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Movie News Links Part 2

Lots of news to cover this week. Movie reviews later this week. Not much there anyways.
Very nice video. Just to let you know I went by the list that was posted afterwards on who the winners were. Cause of time issues I figured some catagories were mentioned  during the commercials. Grammys has done this a lot lately just to present the music. Who knew of the video by Vin? And they cut that out? How about cutting out those awful groups and present all the catagories instead. It's about the movies, not the music. Or maybe they thought it was to much of a downer. It know what was a downer. Listening to those damn awful jokes and intros. Who writes this shit?
Blade Runner, Yes but what happened to Indy Jones? He sure got quiet on filming that besides mentioning his accident. But I do love that Greedo response.
Great long interview which answer a lot of questions. His biggest influence? 2001:Space Oyssey.
Best Advice: Roger Corman, "Always sit down" (He worked for Corman of course). Old School stuff
Arnold gets no love. Translation: Arny can't sell shit so who needs him. Good luck with T-800 movie
Wait a second, wasn't the middle of Thor 2 a Flash remake? Never mind. This one deserves a reboot, not because the 80's was bad. Got the Blu-ray. Lorenzo Semple who just past away and wrote Batman tv series and Flash did a great interview on the movie. And he said himself they going for the fun of it. This could use it for todays SFX but hopefully not depressing like Man of Steel. Let Marvel remake this, they know what they're doing. That's right DC, I said Marvel!
And Nick Fury sang: "I'm here to save the day..." What, don't trust Willis to bringing in the fans?
$10M advance for a Steve Jobs movie? Are you kidding me? What a waste of money. We already had a Jobs movie that nobody cared about and Social Network was so overrated. A picture that did not deserve of those Oscar nominations. About that other Social site. (I'm writing on a Google thingy)