Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday's Movie News Links
Why not? Even tho The Joker charcter should be saved for an actual Batman film and that's why
Leto is re-thinking this. Just like Sinister Six, besides the hardcore fan boys, is the general audience going to care to se this. The only reason Avengers worked is we got to know the individuals aka Thor, Caps, etc. Hell, Their even throwing the kitchen sink into Bats Vs. Sups. For the actor himself,
Leto has proved he can pull it off, not only with the Oscar but with other roles, aka Depp who spent 10 years on his "Craft" before becoming a big box office draw. Personally it doesn't matter which actor gets this role. Whoever it is should wait for the next Batman Trilogy or VS. Sups for the lead role. Suicide Squad seems like a waste aka Sinister Six.
Sorry, no Cruise control here. He's back getting his game on but the character should be at least
European aka Scottish, British, etc. Get someone from Game of Thrones for crying out loud.
Come on, would you want James Bond come from LA, California?
Wow, Prometheus 1 sucked and now you're really pushing me to stay home and wait for this on Netflix. Well, done deal. I'll pass. No original Alien, no film. I'll stick with SyFy originals. Ughh..
I remember playing this at a friends house. Nothing but dots, awful. Eventually my friend sold his atari console and games and got a Sega which I eventually I got one myself. Aw, the good ole days.
Direct link down below to see the documentary. You need your Microsoft Account to sign in.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links

Still the best animation movie of the year. And now news of the spinoff. I liked Big Hero 6 but fell short compare to the Lego Movie.
What works for me here is they are going to cover Batmans history. More than enough for a plot.
And while I question the script writer of Lincol Vampire Hunter to write this, it does have the original crew of Mckay directing and Miller & Lord as Producers. So far so good.
Concentrating on the parents? Talk about filler. While it's a cute idea but how far can they take this?
While the article has only been up for a couple of hours there still no comments from anyone.
Guess nobody cares. Still love the show regardless of it taking liberties with the storyline.
Selina asking a very young Bruce asking if he's ever been kissed in the last episode. Creepy.
Read the second paragraph and it shows you how mess up the thinking of this movie studio is.
Again covering their asses on a big embaressement this pass summer. It wasn't so musch the budget of the movie but how much they spent on the marketing. Basically throwing shit money after shit money. Hence why the final tally was huge. Will they ever learn. Well there's a mouse that knows.

Note: Slow news day and mostly rumours to different movie like the casting offuture X-Men.
Cast them already and then I'll talk.
Due to family drama I'm still trying to find a time frame to do the next radio show. But the next two parter will be condense into one as I need to get to hose Godzilla Specials this month.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday Movie News Links
From the company that did Ice Age and Rio franchise movies which I love. Bright but simple animation without being cluttered. And this makes for a better 3D experience. The peanut gang is in good hands. Wish this came out this year. I would rather go se this than some of the other crap coming out this season.
Great news. Now how about some better scripts. Some were lame, whacky and the usual WTF?
Capaldi reminds me of the earlier Dr. Who and these shows are not reflecting that. And I hope they get out of that school scenerio. That did not fit at all. Still looking forward for the Xmas special tho.
I'be been saying this for years on my live show. Bring back Spectre and Blofeld and to hell with that Quantum organization crap. It never worked to begin with. Now even if Waltz did not do the Blofeld character he still plays the hell out of a villian. It would still be fun either way.
The second biggest viewed trailer of the year after Avengers. Who cares what it looks like, just the idea that it's a dream come true to finally see this after all these years.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday's Movie News Links
This is the stuff I grew up with. He was a legend and the fondness of the memories will always be treasured. And out of all the shows, all of which I watched and loved, my favorite was of course Battlestar. Shame it was only for one season and even if the budget shows it stills holds up to this day. And by way the new BG sucked! Cylons were human form? Screw that. Note: I worked for a courier service back then and the company delivered the Cylons customes from La to NY for a ABC market presentation. Of course one of the boxes fell out of the back of the track and tore opened. We sealed and delivered it on time. Not before we looked inside to see how the costume looked. It was all plastic and black nylon stockings. And the head had a simple LED light to go back and forth. Cheapo Supremo! But man it looked great on the television for its day. Oh the memories.
This what the opener a blast. Better than what probably written on those cards to begin with. Then after that the usual happen. The rest of the show sucked. Does anyone watch til the end?
Reminder: This will be the big moneymaker of the year passing Guardians, but then again we all know that don't we. Having JLaw surprise cameo didn't hurt either.
Well this is funny but what else is new. Drunk is Drunk. But where the hell did this awards show come from. While I get into some awards from a fans point of view (I agree most are self serving crap) I didn't even hear of this until Sunday. But what he was introducing was the documentary by Mike Myers, Austin Powers himself who did a great job directing this: Supermensch the bio on Shep Gordon, best known as manager of Alice Cooper. But you have to see all the star that he knows. Man, it's alot. A solid Doc, 4 out 5 for those who can remember the 70's-80's period.
Are they kidding me with this sh*t? Really? How friggin desperate are they with this crap. I'm hating this film more and more as the weeks go by. First Nolan says you have to see this a few times to get the message. Strike one. Now this, Strike two. Can't wait whats next for strike three.
Strike three...what bullshit. He screwed up and now he's saying it's on purpose. Or maybe he did do it on purpose to hide the fact the dialogue is tht bad. I wanted to like this film so much but that third act really sucked. But this monopoly on it's audience is really pushing it.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday's Movie News Links

Here are some filmmaking 101 articles now that The Academy Awards are around the corner.
What can I say, it was a slow news day. Here are 3 Oscar contenders for review.
Long article but has some great behind the scenes with photos and comparison to the comic book.Still haven't seen this but I loved the idea that it beat Interstellar with all the hype for that film. This is getting the push for Best Animation, well at least it doesn't have Frozen to compete with.
This article was published before the film was released. They projected $66M opening weekend. Well that didn't happened did it. I admire he wants to preserve film but next time make a shorter film with a more cohesive plot (next time bring in an outside writer). Like the first 2 acts and the 3rd sucked and besides nods for SFX this does not deserve the nod for Best Picture.
For Gone Girl I'm surprise how much VFX was used for a mystery like this one. That should be interesting for the Blu-ray. While this should get nods for Directing, Writing, and Cinematography, once you see this there's no reason to see this again once you know the twist. But the big surprise is the man behind the camera, for he did this.................(next article)
Really? Got me on this one. Many photos on behind the shoot. With this kind of talent behind the camera she should sweep the MTV Awards. And she doesn't have to show her booty, here that Kanye?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links

Congratulations to our Godzilla Community as we reached over 1000 members this week.
A few more things added to this but goes back to the previous trailer. New pictures included here.
Cool behind the scenes video. A lot of on location scenes and few green screen shots. Cool.
Long article with a breakdown on Ultron including art work from the different comics and the original trailer on the bottom of the article.
These guys don't learn do they? One thing to change things to make the story comtemporary but change the simplest things when it doesn't need to is just plain dumb. Typical Studios.
Can this get any worse? Wow, talk about mismanagement and they're in the movie business?
"Minnie tell them to stop, I can't take anymore, it hurts. I can't breathe, hee hee hee hee hee."
"Oh Mickey stop laughing, you drama queen"
"Diamond Luxe Edition" also known as the "KACHING!!!" version. No score?, 3 new featurettes that probably add up to only 15 minutes on 2 discs with outrageous price. Yep the holidays are near.
PS can't wait for the platinum edition. No Clooney, just Sandra on wires in front of a green screen.
Great point of view article. Also included are some cover art from different issues.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday's Movie News Links
Another franchise going to cable. I'm for it before it got the dreaded reboot/remake with no imagination produced by Micheal Bay productions (sorry Micheal but Texas Chainsaw was a failure). The great thing about this is that the original team are behind this especially Sam and Bruce.
Gimme some suger baby!
She was hot in Wolf of Wall St. and if she can get that voice right she be perfect. This is a good start for cast hiring. Now about that Joker part. Well Leto did get an Oscar and has done the makeup thing before in "Mr. Nobody" spending almost 8 hours in the makeup chair as an old man. That film was not a big deal, only for hte curious sci-fi fans. A 2 for Tuesday.
The Nerve: Translation: Spend another $20 (NYC prices) on something I didn't think was a big deal to begin with? Who are we kidding? All because their boxoffice was a disappointment.  I'll see this again on BR with the making of bonus features, rental of course but that's it. This will get Oscar nods for SFX but that's it. If you didn't like Gravity you will hate this. If you loved Gravity you will say "WTF, almost 3 hours?"
Let's face it. Joh Cusack plays great villians even tho they tend to be B-movies lately.
But a Roman? Remember Kiefer Sutherland playing a Roman in Pompei? Or even The Duke himself John Wayne playing a Centurion in "The Greatest Story Ever Told" 1965 (about the crucifixion of Jesus) and we won't even talk about Wayne playing Genghis Khan in The Conqueror 1956, Yikes!
Poor John but at least this will be funny and Brody? Let's quit while we're ahead. Chan needs Rush Hour 4 and retire, this is getting embarrasing.