Thursday, October 20, 2016

Creature Features On MNN

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While this is great news for us Giant Creature fans and building a franchise out of this, why on earth did they hire these guys.  While Krampus was not a bad b-movie, it had it's moments based on the Xmas mythology, this is a bit of  a stretch for the KKvGZ universe. They must have come cheap. But when they are setting up a writer's room it's a win win for us fans.
So the rumour on the internet that this clip is better than his latest film. Well I thought the first Jack Reacher was a fkin bore I'm def not interested in the new one. But wow, Corden rocks it with this montage. And Cruise looks like he does have a great time doing this. Even better.
Is it me or does this look boring. It seems like the whole movie is explained in the trailer. Both Jackman and Stewart look like they want to be back on Broadway instead of being in this film.
Why? Well at least they mention Ray Harryhausen which is the best adaption. But there were so many others not mention in this article so why bother?
Didn't they learn from Burton last try at this? And where can they take this. Once you get the Golden Ticket that's it. Unless they find a new breed of spoiled brats. Wait, that sounds like Hollywood.
Wow what a let down of a review. Well in defense Fox studios where going to remake this as a major feature. But instead decided to ride the "Live on TV" aspect. In a way that's good cause let's face it, it's cult classic and remaking this would be a disaster. So let's take this angle and be done with it.

Bonus: By request, some like when I add this so here goes regardless of subject matter:
This covers the top ten on both Blu-ray and DVD sales and rentals. At first look it can be a little bit confusing but it does show fans taste on their movies. But Ghostbusters? who knew? And I actually like it. Who knew? lol.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Batman No. 1 Again

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See Mickey Mouse cartoon below links. That explains the Disney article, lol.

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4 videos of behind the scenes so cool I decided to added to this blog.

Batman does it again, I mean Affleck, at the box office considering what a slow Fall season it's been.
A Kevin Hart does it with 3 wins this year especially with "Pets" hitting the top 50 of the year at the box office. Shame can't be said for Max Steel. Who? Exactly.
Already renewed and we still don't know who gets the Baseball bat. This article does mention the comic book where Negan beats Glenn to death but they have been changing some of the concepts from the comic compared to the show. So who knows. And didn't they 'killed of Glenn" before?
All I know they kill of Needus this show is over, lol.
While we have Disney braggng about this, they still don't that much hope for RogueOne, which is really strange. Or that they know it can't compete with Force Awakens as far as the money goes. But if anyone should be concern with this should be Sony and Fox with their X-men and F4 franchises go. Disney one day will own all this so don't be surprise kiddies.
Translation: Emmerich was hoping for this franchise to last and so know he's talking about tv/cable like War of the Worlds? I backed ID sequel and was pissed off how bad it was. I'm still having problems with HBO Westworld so ID and War Worlds can both take a break as far as I'm concern.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

New Rogue One Trailer News

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Wowo over $30M in reshoots just to get this right.But is it worth it What, with a cameo by Darth Vadar? Hell Yeah! Still don't get Disney actually not having faith in this with that statement it's not goin to be as successful as Force Awakens. Man that is troubling to say the least.
This includes 69 screenshots broken down from the trailer. Great to choose from for you gadgets, I know I use them too.
CAn Batman save the boxoffice this weekend. Only if he wears the cape. And to think that over 2 years ago his name was mention and the internet was going to hell in a hand basket.
 "Affleck as Batman? Noooooooooo!" How things change. Now do we want to see him as an accountant. Well if anyone can pull it off it's Affleck. If the material doesn't fail him that is.
With Shin Gojira playing in theaters now (nope haven't seen it yet) it figures they try to tie this in somehow with the American Godzilla and King Kong. More of a tease than anything else as it barely mentions how they are going to have to giants fight it out. But it's good to know it's coming our way down the line.
For crying out loud the film hasn't even come out and already they jumping on the franchise band wagon. I hope this crashes and burn and leave the studio broke. It's this very obnoxious point of view is why they are losing theater goers. Ain't JK rich enough? Back to Netflix binging is all I can say.
Why? Only the original from the 1950's is the true classic and even if Spielberg did put alot of things in from the book in his remake of the film, it still sucked compare to the classic. And forget about a tv series. It's been done along with other remakes and they still screwed it up. Something so simple by HG Wells and still can't get it right. The desperation just reeks from milking the title alone.

Bonus: So you made it down this far below the links. In case you missed this from the last blog:

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Supergirl Super Ratings

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Hey! Look who else is a Supergirl fan! Scroll down below links for bonus picture, hee hee.
Guess having Superman on the show didn't hurt.. And moving to CW didn't matter with the hardcore fans either. Great start for the new season. And CBS was complaining on spending $3M an episode.
Good move by CW for having the last laugh. (well they could spend a little more on that green screen, it still looks terrible but still a fun show, hear that Agents of...oh never mind).
The little fish that could. The second biggest from Pixar behind Toy Story. And both Disney and Pixar didn't want to go ahead with this for years. And who has another last laugh?  Ellen Dory! LOL.
Everything is pointing to Hanks getting an Oscar nod for the movie. Well he deserves it and the movie should get a Best Picture nod also. A few months ago "Birth of a Nation" was getting all the raves butthe audience turned it's back on that big time due to the controversy and tanking at the box office didn't help matters either. But then again there is still no film out there that's worth Oscar. And with only 2 months ago it looks like we're going to get another boring Oscar show. s
The comments all the internet are screaming at this one: No Robin Williams and this is not going to work. Watch the comedian Aziz take over the role. Ritchie should do Sherlock 3. And last enough with these Live action from Disney. Man, the internet is tough.
Interesting quote: sharing the proceeds 3 ways for the characters. Well another last laugh for Campbell. Ash got renewed for a third year. "Who's laughing now?"
They should just give up on this all together. All 3 reboots sucked with Nightmare, Friday 13th,  Halloweenand Texas Chainsaw.  Even if Englund has a good idea the studios would find a way to screw it up like they did with the rest of these. They all belong in a time capsule. Let it be. And let's not start with Saw Part 56 or whatever. They still want to go ahead with that one. Jeez.
Teh Fraggle are back but what happen to the movie? Guess after the last Muppets movie tanked that idea was cancelled. Shame. But we get Live Disney right?

Bonus Picture:

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Thursday, October 06, 2016

DeepWater to Battle 3 Flops This Weekend.

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Above poster from the Original Classic film starring Yul Brynner and James Brolin . See video below in the bonus section to see Brolin auditioning for James Bond.
With rumours of 30 to 60 minutes cut from the film we just get 13 extra minutes. Watch out, here comes the double dipping for the Exclusive Premium Directors Ultimate Super Extended Cut (but not the last edition). With 6 different cuts quoted from Director Ayers himself. Expect the studio to milk this for the next 5 years. Well they have to make up for the money lost not having the film release in China.
A follow up ot the last article I posted on the last blog. It mentions other shows that also carry big budgets. How wonder the studios are nervous with the ratings matching the the price tags on these shows. The big surprise is at the bottom of the article where it states the two part of Star Trek Voyager pilot costs $23M back in the 1990's. That's a lot of money for a show that had a bad concept to begin with.
Why does all point toa movie that's going to suck. Unless there's a surprise twist to continue this franchise with Jackman or a complete reboot no what X-Men has gone to TV. But I wonder how much Stewart is getting for him to come back. That's my question since it's obvious he's done with all this.
They should have thought about releasing this for the Holidays. Besides Doc Strange and Star Wars, is there anything else toreally go out and see this season?
So how many monkees on the laptop it took to come up with this title. At least we don't get dumber titles like BR: The return of electric sheep, The sheep are dreaming again, well you get the idea if you know Philip K Dicks original story.
A miss opportunity since Prince was picky on what projects he would work on that he was not in control of. But it would have been interesting to say the least. One of many things he had plan butwill never see the light of day. Well maybe some things eventually.

James Brolin Audition as James Bond.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Deepwater Horizon: The Better Picture At The B.O.

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Deepwater Horizon: 4 out of 5.
Miss P Home for P Children: 1. One of Burton's worst film ever. Boring as hell.  Full trashing review on the radio show.
Storks: 3 out of 5, while it had some funny parts, the wolves stole the show,.And while it did have a lot of action, it was way too noisy and loud in some parts
Westworld: 3 out of 5 mainly for the actors who looked more bored than I was watching this.
This is right up there with Sully. A great double header for a Saturday night. And this should get a few nods with tech awards when Oscars come around next year. Director Berg and Mark make a great team. Check out the underrated "Lone Soldier". (4 out of 5) You know the story but still tense as ever. As far as the film itself, every penny is up on that screen. See Bonus below for article on the making of.
This was pretty much a let down. I doubt they can last more than 2 seasons before people get bored.
My main problem was The Gunslinger (played by Yul Brynner in Magnificent 7 then in The Movie Westworld is human. Not a robot. What!??? And the young couple are the robots. Why change the concept. And already in the first episode they come up with a virus in the upgrade with therobots. They should have showed the wonder of Westworld and all that it offers then slowly introduce whats goin wrong in future episodes. Didn't the writers watch Jurassic World? Same concept. They introduce the amusement park then "Where did that dinosuar go?" Oh-oh...
What, no Joker? Finally! With Affleck behind this and a new villain hopefully this will make up the the past two failures this year BvS and Squad, two big miss fires for sure.
Another live remake that nobody was askig for. Besides this has been done better By Director and Actor Barbra Streisand with Yentl. While it wasn't based on a true story it's a concept done before. But this goes out to all of Disney's remakes. Only James and the Giant Peach should get the remake as the original didn't have the budget for the stop motion needed for the film.

Great article on behind the scenes making of on the film Deep Water Horizon.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Burton vs. Walhberg at the Box Office.

Extra video included in our bonus section. New Radio show coming next week.
Check out the 4th paragraph: "Nobody seems to be in the mood to go to the movies". Well with all the new tv/cable shows premiering and binging habits that come with that, its hard for movies to compete. Especially after a crappy summer, its hard to have bi numbers at the box office. Lets face it, besides the next Star Wars, is there anything else to run to the cinema to see?
What, no Star Trek sequel? lol, well at least he won't get his hands on that franchise again. While a fun film those camera angles got me sick. But no word if there will be a ST 4 and with the TV show being push back, the franchise remains in the air.
Another classic ruined. While I'm glad Favreau has got another hit, just the idea of making these live action doesn't work for me. Jungle Book was a total bore compare to the animation and is so overrated. How the hell did it make that much money is beyond my guess.
This is a strange looking cast so far. For a family nobody looks alike what so ever. But forget that. Who is going to be Dr. Smith and what about that robot? Let's not forget, who have people behind the camera who produced and directed, Godzilla, Pacific Rim and Games of Thrones. A lot is riding on this.
2 actors who won't make a dent at the box office. Depp needs Pirates and Michelle goes back to Catwoman. Ouch. While Branagh is a great director, do we need a remake on this. Director Sidney Lumet did right the first time. See Youtube video on the making of the Lumet's movie from our website below in the bonus section. Also our last live show is also posted there.

It's an old article but I waited for a follow up to this and if Squad hasn't open ip by now then it's all over. Squad needed that extra $100M from China to beat Deadpool, which wasn't release in
China and still landed at No. 7 and BvsS which landed at No. 5 which was released in China. So Squad will remain at No. 8 until Rogue One comes out and move all the movies down a notch. But who knows where that's going to land since even the studio doesn't have high hopes for Star Wars.