Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Godzilla, King Of The Monsters

Sorry everyone, really back logged with the different projects I am working on. Soon you will see.
Next Live on MNN will be on Feb. 25 just before the Oscars. Hopefully a radio show before then.

Oh never mind all that. Who is he going to fight? Edwards wanted Mechagodzilla and Toho already gave the rights for Rodan, King G and even Mothra had an easter egg in  Godzilla 2014. So why not the mention. To hell with spoilers, I like to know!

Something to hold us over until both King Kong and Godzilla films come out, including the big showdown between both Icons. But hopefully it won't go the way of Cloverfield. One of the most overrated Big Creature Rampage ever done.

I know nobody cares especially with abunchof movies that are so overrated that its a joke now. And it will be one of the lowest rated Oscar show in years. That will be fun part to see how low those ratings will be.

At this point the movie can be directed by Bozo the clown and have a washed comedian (take your pick) as Batman. Warners just doesn't have a clue. And with Avenges Infinity around the corner it will be pretty much a wipe out.

Ironic that the pilot of the M Falcon has so many accidents relate to flying, ain't it But have to admit at 74 he still gets on a plane and flies it. Personally I would get on the same plane with this guy. Why take chances? aww c'mon fuzzballs laugh it up.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

For The Week Ending February 10

Duw to heavy workload this will be the only blog for the week. Live on MNN will be a repeat this coming saturday. And a new Radio show will be posted next week.

Talk about a busy poster. And a way better looking one than the U.S. version. And you can't say that the poster reveals too much since the trailers have already done that.

And talk about Japanese. Well this makes sense. But I am surprise somebody would remember this as this goes way back. And a proper American release

The ironic thing about this is that the Star Wars franchise has pretty much tanked in China and Pacific Rim is starting a brand new franchise thanks to China after cleaning up at the box office. Yep ironic.

So is this is what replacing the traditional circur. Actually there are so many other arena type tours available that the circus has been passe for many years.Who doesn't like to see car crashes and wrecks by the dozen? It works for Monster Turck type of shows so why not. They should have as special guest Mad Max or even they could have their own tour.

Was it me or did most of the trailers had beenthere done it feel to them. Not to exciting that's for sure. But this tells the whole story until the final showdown. And it looks pretty boring until then. Well at least Arnold has Celebrity App until Cameron decides to redo the Terminator series and help his friend out on this.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

King Kong Skull Island Special

Due to a heavy workload (yeah that musical production by a former X-Men, but worth it!)  the next blog and radio show will be posted next week.  But in the meantime...

Ironic. Rouge One was Edwards tribute to Apocalypse Now ( which at one point was going to be directed by Lucas himself). So now here is that reference point to Kong and Godzilla. More on this reference on the radio show.

Lots of goodies on the production. This also leads to other articles relating to the production.

I have to admit, this should be interesting from a different point of view. If you listen to the commentary (you guys know how much I love these no matter how bad the film is) by Coppola, he pretty much says it all. But to see it all come alive is definately a challenge.

Nice cover up. All this promotion and they still keep delaying the release date later into the year..

Perfect ! I mean look at that mug. But I have to admit Grint (Potter fans wake up!) would take it to anothe lever. The others? Well Some I know some I don't so I won't be the judge here. But I hope the new show runner will bring more imagination than previous. And boot up the Budget already for crying out loud!

Yikes ! this should be boring to the max. David Lynch versions was a mess. Here is the link to the best version that was never made:
Jodorowsky's Dune

This is so cool considering how much each actor have progress in their career to come back and take a pic. Yes, they were all part of a big picture but now all are involve in different projects in their point of their career. Some move on and don't look back regardless of the project and I just don't get that.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Hidden Figures Surprise Win

Live on MNN now playing on Youtube: the Oscar Nominations Edition. Radio show coming soon.

This what happens when your film tanks at the box office no matter if you have an Oscar or not. Many years ago this wouldn't have mattered. But with so much as stake DC/Warners are taking no chances. Shame, I think he would have done a good job.

You go girls. If you listen to the past Youtube and radio shows, my money was Denzel and Viola for the acting catagory. Didn't see Ali get it but still cool. But my favorite film of the year so far got the big ensemble cast win so that was sweet. But the other big surprise was Affleck got beat by Denzel. Double sweet as I thought both the acting and picture were both overrated. So there.

Other big surprise seems like La La Land is losing stream and Westworld lost. Why Westworld was it nominated in the first place is beyond me. Overall just an overrated year all together. But my girls got the win. Just remember that SNL skit this past weekend when both pictures was mentioned. That says it all. Note: Even tho Emma Stone won best actress, it did take away from Natalie Portman in Jackie, another oeverrated performance. Streep should have won. So there, lol.

Still haven't seen Stranger Things which also won Cast Ensemble at the SGA Awards. And now being in the new Godzilla. All this at only 12 years old. Talk about luck at an early age.

If you watched our latest Youtube show(Live on MNN) I got on Sony's case about being the the film busniess. Ok who is watching whom? As I said that as a side bar (while alos mentioning Disney and ESPN) that they should get out while they can. And this article nails that or should I say I nailed it first. LOL.

Chewbacca is back, character from Force awakens and Thrones' Emilia Clarke is rumoured. Man this is getting better and better with more info.

Capaldi should stay for another season now that showrunner Steve Moffat is leaving. He just ran out of ideas and that budget didn't help either. They used that same hallway for half the shows. Shame.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Rogue One Tops $1 Billion

Updated to include a New Radio Show now playing with Oscar nods and reviews. Live on MNN this Saturday at pm. Please see Oscar updated list below links in Oscar Bonus. Last update for the week.

Update: Mini-reviews:
Silence: 3, Great looking film but way too long but Andrew proves himself again.
XXX: 3, not that bad and a fun ending that Cruise should rip off next time he's on a plane.
Live By Night: 2, Boring. No suspence, thrills, low on action, just one big meh.
Monster Truck: 3, underrated for the little ones. E.T. goes Octupus cute.
Monster Calls: 2, Beware ! Not for the little ones, way to depressing aka The BFG.
Nocturnal Animals: 3, Shannon was great as the sheriff hunting down the bad guys. This would have gotten a 4 if it wasn't for the story within the story was so awful. The Amy Adams part was useless.

While it's simple enough the question is what is Pt. 9 going to be called? "General Leia has gone missing?" How are they going to fix that episode with Carrie Fisher gone especially since they stated they are not going the CGI route.

Rogue One Hits $1Billion according to Box Office Mojo
Well it's about time. But where will it land lasts. It took a while to break the top 40, now it floats around the top thirty. Will it break the top 20? $50M away it should but its slowing down all over so maybe in two weeks we'll find out.

Even tho I had probelms with the first half of BvS, the second half rocked so why is this on the list. Zoolander 2 made my list of crap last year so that belongs here for sure. It's all tongue in cheek with the razzies but there was a lot more crap in 2016 that should be on this list than BvS.

Read the very last line of the article: "..so who do we have to talk to...." simple. Disney. Just give the properties to them for the very last line and get out of the superhero business. Fox blew it.

Oscar bonus:
It's official: La La Land is the most overrated movie of the year and Deadpool got totally dissed.
But Hidden Figures is in with Octavia Spencer representing Supporting Actor. Good enough.
While Hanks also got dissed, Micheal Shannon got the nod instead of Aaron eh (Quicksilver, Godzilla, yeah him). And Amy Adams did not get a nod, neither should Arrival but another story.
Scorsese "Silence" got Cinematography at least. Denzel and Viola got thier nods.
Mel snuck in as Director for Hacksaw Ridge which got Best Pic nod. Cool.
Both Rogue One and Deep Water Horizon both at least got SFX and Sound nods.
But lets face it, half the nods for Best Picture dont even deserve it,  Arrival..really?

Hidden Figures is in my top 10 foir the year. Great way to start 2017. Nods for both Cookie and Kevin would be sweet.
Scorsese for "Silence" while a bit long he should get recognized for this. Andrew was great in this. Smart move getting rid of Spiderman. PS 3 out of 5. More on the radio show.
Hanks got dissed at the Golden Globes. Hopefully Oscar recognizes this and makes up for dissing him for Captain Philips.
Again: Both Denzel and Viola for Best Actors. Jeff Bridges for Supporting Actor.
Hacksaw Ridge Best Pciture and Director for Mel.
Last but not least: La La Land, Manchester, Moonlight all over rated for Best Picture. My nod?
Deadpool for Best Picture !!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New Movie Reviews For The New Year

Live on MNN now playing on Youtube. No MNN show this weekend. Radio shwo postpone till next week to announce the Oscar predictions then other movie reviews.

Hidden Figures: 5 out of  5. Great story with an excellent cast all around. Definately a feel good movie.
Patroits Day: 4. Producer Wahlberg should be proud. Wait, is that Supergirl as the terrorist wife?
La La Land: 3. Homage to the old musicals of the day. But best picture? Bit of a stretch.
Fences: 4. The Oscar for best actors belong to Denzel and  Viola Davis. Hands down.
Moonlight: Brave and couragest for its topic. All the actors do a great job. But best picture?
Underworld: ZERO!  What they couldn't afford light lulbs? It was hard to see anything. Editing didn't help either. And man somebody loves the color blue. uugghh.
Collateral Beauty: 2; Will Smith needs Bad Boys 3 now. Wow what a misfire. Didn't anyone care in making this? It was not that bad but Lazy comes to mind as the movie is just a total Meh.
Great Wall: 2, Starts of really great, slow middle then gets redundant in the last half hour. Kind of dissapointment, no fault of the cast which try but it runs our of steam by the end.

Ouch. Rogue One tanks in China. Well so much for hitting the top ten of all time International. The final nail in the coffin. And out of all films it was another space opera that takes the no. 1 spot. Ouch.

A better scene at the bar than the others and this gets cut. And how come this wasn't included in the deleted scene section on the blu-ray that also........oh never mind, its a waste of time....

Wow, everything I don't want to see and I'm going to save mucho bucks and less to review. This is so sad, this is what they haven't learn from the past few years. These films are not all that to ask for sequels. But then again anything that makes  a 99 cents profit gets a sequel. So Sad.

I have to admit. The trailer sucked. This movie has no connection with the tv show besides the title. While not a fan of Jump Street I have to admit the second was actually kind of funny and had its moments. Chips Well I'm going to save some money, lol.

having on this show will be great since who knows we are going to see this character on the big screen. And it makes sense with a proto-Joke(?) being involved. But can't wait for Croc, that will be cool. This show just keeps getting better.

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Rogue One International Box Office

New Radio Show now playing; Rogue One Intl Box Office. This Blog is posted early due to a heavy workload this coming week. The next blog will be before our first show for the new year next Saturday: Live on MNN.

So Rogue is goin to land at either No. 6 or 7 in the top 10 of all time. As far as the top  it needs another $100M and the picture looks like it's slowing down big time at the B.O. Well at least it beat Phantom Menace in the top 10. But Intl the picture has barely hit the top 40 of all time. But at least it's going at full speed overseas so now it's a matter of a couple of weeks where it will land in the top 20.

It's bad enough that China wasn't very big with Star Wars as the original trilogy was never shown in China on the big screens. And now this whole big pollution thing going on in the country which is affecting everything across the board. Well that doesn't help the box office does it?

In other words they are panicking. While some have taken to the CG used on dead actors and a young Leia, other fans hate the idea. Also her being cut out of the script will be a big sin. Soon we should find out how they are going to screw this up  handle this situation. For more on this CG technique check out the article below.

Cool 7 minute video on behind the scenes with the CG Actors. Once people get used to this they can go ahead with Carrie Fisher on EP. 9. She already gave them the nod for a young Princess Leia so why not. I'm sure her daughter wouldn't mind. And her daughter should the a bigger part with lines in EP 9 while thier at it.

This would be so cool. And why not. She's already has the title. But my question is how come Carrie Fisher didn't have a Walk of Fame in her honor. What's up with that?

Famous picture that was shown all over and never used. That and that damn Tie Fighter on the plank.
No matter what anyone says why is that mentioned in the Novelization on Page 300? While the b Novel follows the movie after the reshoots and new script, the Tie Fighter is still mentioned. So,,,
What's up with that. Check the book out and see what you think.

Fustrating ain't it. So many things missing and the studio is like "you'll never going to see this". But you never know, lol.

Here is my take on what I would like to see win. I usually predict what the Globes will pick but this year is different as some I couldn't care less, no hurry to see and what I like to see win instead of them.
Drama Section:
Picture: Hacksaw Ridge
Director: Mel Gibson
Actor: Danzel Washington
Actress: Anyone but Amy (sorry I love Amy, she's done better)
Suppt Actor: Jeff Bridges
Suppt Actress: Viola Davis
Note: "Fences" had the best acting period along with a great ensemble cast. 4 out of  5.

Picture: Deadpool
Actor: Ryan Reynolds
Actress: Meryl Streep (yes the singing was annoying but she sold it)
Note: Screenplays is whoever wins Best Picture in their category.