Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

New BTR Radio show now playing.: Star Wars and Trek talk with Ridley Scott News.

Saturday Update:
A lot from Twitter updates and other social networks all on one article. Pretty cool. Many in which I missed myself.
Well here comes the fall releases. AT least this looks like it will have more features than Avengers Ultron who are being cheap with only 45 minutes of goodies. Top 10 of all time and thats all we get?
China to the rescue as usual. But I would like for them to finish this trilogy then let Cameron takeover.

Friday Update:
If that name doesn't tell you what thatship is about then you don't the enemy to begin with. Gotta love it.

57 shots new and old. The little guy finally gets a cover. Can't wait for the full blown remote controlled aka R2D2
Again more people are putting thier 2 cents on this. Duh! That Imax does nail the figure down pretty much. but this whole planet has to be in Sync to have this beat Avatar. And it will come down to repeated performance. That will be the major factor and only that.
"In a galaxy far far away" Look at that, it was in our solar system all this time, lol. But something just doesn't feel right about this rover. Who knows what pictures this thing is taking that NASA is not telling us about.
Short but nice clip of seeeing Nimoy in that vulcan make up.
Not much to look at but it reminds me of the paparazzi across the street with huge telephoto lenses trying not to get caught sneaking these shots, lol. Just a set with green screen. This can be anything.
Well this was based on Star Trek to begin with so it be cool this will be on internet tv. Iwonder who the cast will be since everyone in this film are old already. Beside Weaver of course, she always looks good, besides she does movies as we waiting for Alien 5. Speaking of which....
Good the sooner the better so we can get Alien 5 going. Remember, even tho he's not directing A5 he is still and executive producer on the project with some sayon the proceedings. While nobody is asking for P2, we are looking forward A5 even to see how it's going to fit with the rest of the franchise.
Great movie even if Vin really doesn't say much but it is his voice. Old animation style but thisis really going to look great in blu-ray as previous versions were all grainy at best.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New BTR show coming very soon. Star Wars and Music announcement special plus lots of reviews.
The disney Promo Machine is at full force here. Pun intended. eez this sounds more important than the movie. But then thats how Lucas managed to buy land to grow grapes to make expensive wind. He said himself it was the actions figures that brought him all that land. All I know is that Hasbro is bringing back the Mivro Machines series back. I still have my Hoth set from Empire. Aw the memories. I'll be posting those pictures soon by the way.
This is the deal that should guarantee for this film to break Jurassic Worlds record for the No. 3 spot of all time unless, like I said, it has to be Phantom Menace bad but with JJ directing and Kasdan writing how can they miss?
One problem with this. What happens ifthere's reshoots, where practically every moive nowadays has them? If that's the case then he will have to wear a wig after all.
2 outta Compton to star in Skull Island. Not bad, now its getting interesting. Plus one from Fantastic Four.
Take My Money! Sounds corny if your not a trekkie/trekker but ust the idea goin to an isalnd toget to all these festivies with the original cast is such a blast.
3 out of 5. Very different film indeed but damn interesting even through it does drag a bit in the middle before getting to the bum out ending. No spoilers but its about battle and like people die in those things, lol Cusack was good in this but check out his other film "Love and Mercy", 4 out of 5, in which he plays the elder music legend Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys. He was perfect and that and again Paul Giamatti playing a scumbag like he did in Straight Outta Compton playing the sleazy manager.
One of my favorite bands of all time. I remember seeing this film as a kid. wow 50 years went by fast.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New BTR show coming this week
Take out Hunger Games and put in Peanuts. Runner ups: Hateful Eight.The Walk. eez not much left and what happened to the Oscar contenders. I dont recognized anything. Oh well last years Oscars sucked so who cares.
And people were saying that Zombies was getting to be old news. For me one Walking Dead is enough.
More teases for the movie. Now where is that Luke trailer for crying out loud?
Well at least we got a title which compares to Conquest and Battle in the original 5 part franchise.
Will they go to the original premise of a group of astronauts landing on earth to find the planet taken by apes? So far there's no hint except if the first movie of a mission launchby Nasa. So who knows as this pay homage to the original, this series is leading its own path.
Besides that Mario Movie done so long ago, we had Wreck it Ralph which proved you could have video games represented nicely on the big screen. Then of course we had Pixels with the budget going to Sandler and not the video game figures. This would be a crap shoot, but I wouldn't mind for them to give a try. Again it's up in the air with this.
Cute litel take off on the Star Wars parody but what a strange release date.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday's Box Office Wrap Up

New Blog Talk Radio show finally coming this week. Star Wars?trek and Summer wrap up.
Star Wars catalog link reposted again posted below as Bonus.
Now we have to wait for the director's cut that includes that beatdown Dr. Dre did on that female. Hopefully it won't be a deleted scenes section included on the br/dvd release but a full 3 hour cut.
Why not? They brought Chekov and Tuvok back for Star Trek Renegades. That's the new one that Tim Russ directed (Tuvok from Voyager) which was funded by Kickstarter. Admiral Cekov is 140 yrs old and yes that is Walter Keonig reprising the role. More on the radio show this week.
It figures but as the Compton film proved that there was so much to tell tht it had to be edited down, there is a bigger picture to tell from that era. I could see this work big time.
Funny !!! Scroll down to the very bottom and see how Sony did at the boxoffice. This article breaks down all the studios and how they did this summer. But that Sony, Ouch!
This should be interesting in seeing the cast from STTNG and how they aged. So far the show works, seeing Capt. Picard going nuts. Let's see if it gets funnier since Macfarlane is involved.
Remember Diesel walked away from the Fast Furious franchise after the first film  to do this and Paul Walker kept the franchise going. After xXx did ok but not compare to the FF franchise is when he returned to FF. SO..why return to this one? And what happened to Kojak? One thing for sure and you have to give him credit is that he's not sitting on his ass and collecting FF money. He's making one movie after another at such a pace. Good for him.
It' a shame this needs to depend on China to get the sequel going. Especially in the US nobody cared about Arnold coming back to an iconic character. First they should forget about the tv series then forget about the trilogy and just do one more just to wrap up the storyline. It's obvious nobody cares.
I like the subtitle Avengers 2.5. As soon as all the characters were announced I asked why call it Captain America and just call it Avengers Whatever.Butat least we're getting Spiderman where he belongs.
Is it me or are these filming fast?. As soon as these were announced already their finished and heading to post production work. These studios need these big hits to make that money and not taking their time with them.

I postd this on Thrusdays/Friday updated post. But in case you missed it. But where do they expect for you to put up this stuff. Addict? First trilogy. Basement? Second trilogy. Garage? Wife's car and she don't want to hear shit. Now what?

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

Due to tech problem new radio show postponed till Monday.

Saturday Update:
Well that settles that. Compton is No. 1 again. AndHitman is No. 4 for the weekend. And you wonder why I didn't post a poster of thatfilm, lol.
63 pages of the catalog on what's going to be release so far. Fall agenda: Clear shelf space and get a second job.

Friday Update:
Cool covers with the new cast. Like the article says whenare we going to see the new Luke?
Talk about geek heaven, both Star Wars and Star Trek news. Can't get enough. But boo the video as it was blocked because of copyrights. Scrooges.
George Miller of Mad Max? Hell no! He's got todo another sequel for Max. And didn't they skipped MOS 2 for thestart of Justice League. Make up your in guys! Oh I forgot again, Corporate thinking.

While Compton is passing the $100M mark, any other film coming out is not going to matter. WE got just a few weekends of Beach weather left and lets not forget JWorld is coming out again for a week for those repeaters.
Sounds like a cheap Saturday morning cartoon from the 1980's. But todays tech and the money that Jurassic World did, they can go back to this. Just the merchandising alone!
"It was the right decision to make the movie better." Now that sounds bad. How wonder they are postponing the release date. Not a good sign, Reminds of reshhots aka Fantastic Four and we know how that turned out.
Didn't he die? Oh I forgot, nobody dies in Sci-fi. Si the question is, how many characters are in this?
Maybe this is the reason they have a problem with this. It mightbe too convoluted and is too busy being a setup for Justice League and that usually turns into a mess in itself.
Didn't even see this coming. From the guys of Robot Chicken. But ain't this style of language and animation past it's time? Curious to see if the audience shows up for this one.

Note: Had a tech problem so a new Blog Talk Radio  will premiere tomorrow. Tune in tomorrow as todays blog will be updated tomorrow as usual.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New Radio show tomorrow before the weekend is out.
I grew up with this so many memories here. Shereally added something with this custom and looking very hot on a motorcycle. And she almost got her own spinoff as Batgirl. On the Blu-ray Batman tv series '66 there is a 10 minute pilot for executives where she goes off against the Mothman, Batman and Robin make a quick cameo. But this was at the third season and ratings while starting to go downhill. Shame, we got to see her in her own series but at least we hvae the Batman tv series. And yes she did many others shows and movies, nothing can beat seeing here in that outfit. She even named her book "From Ballet to the Batcave andBeyond" and she was cool with it.
This has a gallery of 18 photos from =here career including a shot of her on Star Trek playing the Green Girl in the third season. Remember that one?
This article does a good job of breaking down the actual details included with the link provided of the original article. Fron what ti reads, its just much too cluttered. It would have been a mess. Again doesn't anyone read these scripts before green lighting the project to begin with. Meaning Pre-pre-production. How about reading the treatment first (outline wthout most of the dialogue).
Red flag! 3 writers and now another writer added? Too many cooks in the kitchen but at least they got themselves someone who knows about giant creatures roaming the earth.
I like the last line: Indiana Jones meets James Bond. Man, does producer Askarieh has it wrong. Speilberg got turned down to do a Bond flick. That's when Lucas told Speilberg, never mind those guys. We have our own Bond character. It was Lucas who invented Indy for Speilberg to direct. So this guy is producing Johnny Quest? Yikes. At least Rodriguez is directing this. He sounds like a die hard fan since he's going to base it on the original, something I grew up on. The new one sucks. And co=writer is Terry Rossio who has done Pirates and the original American Godzilla 1998: Godzilla vs. The Gryphon. A creature from outta space that morphs into different animals found here on earth. Yeah I know, where the heck is that film?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New Radio show coming tomorrow. I moved that widget up by the way and added Soundcloud below the other radio widgets.
Now that the summer movie season is basically over, the networks are now pushing thier fall tv shows. And one of my favorites is raising the stakes with more villains on "Gotham". Some hate this show and I thought myself this would be a bomb, like where's the Batman? But this has a great cast and just so over the top that it's fun.
As you know Roger Corman owns the original title of The Fast and the Furious. Look it up on You Tube, The whole movie is there. Universal paid him to use the title but only the first movie. Vin explains this on the commentary for Furious 6 why each movie is titled different. So, after Fast 8 what other titles are they going to use. Well, that should be interesting.
Another hour that was cut? Then this should have been an HBO special of sorts. But this would be interesting to see more details on what went on behind the scenes especially the ending as it feel a bit rushed and a quick wrap up. Still worth it to see. Interesting note about speical features on br/vd dying out like the new Avengers Ultron with only 45 mins of features including. For a top ten movie of all time that's all we get?
Like I ssaid before, whatever it takes to get this right. The first two were total misfires.
Talk about deleted scenes. Why bother filming this then dropping it all together. No wonder the films is a mess. More on the radio. Way to much typing to be done here on what a rip off all this is.
Why are thye bothering for a film nodoby is asking for and delaying the film that everyone wants to see. Oh I forgot, corporate thinking. Never mind.
Just what we need, another retelling of Frankenstein. Only reason to see this is both McAvoy and Radcliffe sharing the screen together. But who knows, maybe the monster steals the movie.