Friday, August 29, 2014

New Live Show This Saturday

New live show on MNN tomorrow at 5 pm. Please see website for links and all.
Best of the summer films and our favorite moments from the films.
But since it's Labor Day weekend we are going to do the live show first then do the Radio Show
on Monday to wrap up the past week and all the news from the summer. It will be a huge show.
Update on that on Monday's links. Until enjoy the live show.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday's Movie News Links

Godzilla in 4k Ultra HD ? Yes!
8 pictures behind the scenes gallery of the technology process of the 4k.
The Black and White 1954 release and the sequels getting a makeover with 4k. A few years ago when classic media and Criterion collection said this was the best they had to master and it would cost to much even if the technology existed back then. Well now it's a dream come true to finally clean up the masters. I'm sure $500M at the box office didnt hurt and then there's the BR/DVD release sales.
A dream come true of us Godzilla fans. Not bad for a guy in a suit. Who hell is laughing now?
Never mind some of the comments. Their are idiots that walk amoung us..
PS shout out to Stella Y from our Godzila Community on Google plus, for the heads up on the second article. Your the best.
Hey ho, lets go! Another one from old school and agroup I grew up, being a Nu Yurker of course.
This is in gret hands Marty being a New Yorker himself and music fan. Remember he was one of the editors on the film Woodstock. I met these guys and they deserve a bio pic from the master himself.
The Shatner of course is in the middle. Great selfie, shame Micheal Dorn is mostly cutout.
I tell people I worked on the show and a lot of people still haven't seen it. Well that looks like that's going to change. Day of in a life of a Background Actor will premiere in September when the damn radio show premieres. Hopefully this weekend.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links

Oscar Nods Already?
Love this picture, it's on my top 10 for the year. Tilda Swinton deserves the nod for Best Supporting Actress, she was that good. I didn't even recognize her? I mean who can miss David Bowies clone?
Well the voice of The Iron Giant finally comes ful circle with having the biggest hit with the fewest lines (line?) and having  Dancing Tree merchandise selling like crazy does not hurt either. But where's the Dancing Tree T-shirt? Shut Up and Take My Money!!! lol
2 great videos. Lotsa eggs and they still got the story right. While Spidey 2 had the eggs but screwed up the story. Looking forward to getting theBR while I walked right by the Spidey BR in the aisle.
Well he made it up by screwing the first trilogy didn't he. Icould understand why Lucas didn't want a Muppet voice for Yoda but then again he did the voices for The Dark Crystal. Go figure.
Yeah who was that guy? But the article was right, the death of Alcide was a waste but then again
so ws the whole season. Read the comments, again Dexter gets mentioned. Bad ending.
Yeah another publicity angle for the new season awareness but really who the hell cares.
I just want more zombie body count. I mean damn it, pile it up Big Time!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesdays Movie News Links
I posted this info already but I loved the idea that it bumped Ninja Turtles the the turtles bumped the Guardians. Ironic ain't it? And there's still Japn and China for that $1B  goal. Maybe they can bumped Transformers 4? Now that would be sweet. And now the latest announcement is there are finally releasing The Musical Dancing Groot Tree as seen in the movie, well at least that's what the
guys at Midtown Comics told me. Tried to get the Pop Bubblehead but completely sold out.
Well it sure ain't hurting the movie at the box office. A small dancing tree, Hey Autobots roll out on that!
Talk about trees! Vin goes green and it so cool. Yeah I'm of those whose down with the earth,
saving the whales and all that, bla bla bla but I like the idea you can address more than one issue.
We all know this has been happening for years. And with Iron Man 3 especially catering to China for that box office, it is hurting the U.S. box office. Remember non of these years movies are crossing over the $300M mark like theold days with the 3D Imax prices added to boot.
But the real answer? It was in the opening monologue at the Emmys. That's why people are staying home and ratings are going thru the roof for TV/Cable/Netflix. etc. C'mon, did you run out saturday nite to see Sin City?No! You stayed home to make sure you didn't miss the new season premiere of Doctor Who.Well....that's what I did, lol.
I won't get into this much but when you have Breaking Bad winning and Game of Thrones getting all those nods, it goes to show you where all the talent went. It's all the acting and writing.
Not CGI, SFX, Green Screen and Micheal Bay blowing shit up.
Forget about Prometheus 2, the first one was just a remake of theoriginal Alien anyways. He should just concentrate on Blade Runner 2 before Harrison Ford breaks something else on his body.

The new radio sow will premiere tomorrow as I'm going to put everything for one big show.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Movie News Links
This did worse than Expendables 3 when it premiered. Holy crap people stayed away. Actually I was disappointed myself as the script was week. Wait for Netflix, review coming tomorrow.
Good article explaining what went wrong or theexcues the studio are using to cover their tracks.
But the other big surprise that The Guardians were No. 1 again. Again selling that Dancing Groot didn't hurt either. Damn that thing is cute. On my shopping list by the way.
We alI remember him in Jurassaic Park and his 2 Oscars for directing and producing Ghandi. But I recommend "A Bridge To Far" as my favortie film of him directing. An all star cast including
Anthony Hopkins, Sean Connery, Robert Redford, Micheal Caine and more. Based on an actual event in WW2 abot a mission that was considered a failure. SEE IT on Netflix or whereever as this a a classic film and a great history lesson. FIY. Dont bother with the Blu Ray as they really screw that up big time. Lousy transfer all around. The special Editon 2 disc version has a whole bunch of features including Oscar Screenwritier William Goldman (Pincess Bride) commentary.
I would have loved No.3 but lets face it. No. 2 wasn't all that. The first one was unique and the second couldn't bring it up a notch. Just like Ex.l 3 and Sin City 2. And it's not the pirates who are doin harm like Moretz. Remember Ex. 3 was pirate was most watched overseas  but in the meantime it tanked here big time. It's the fans that care for the genre. Hell some went back to see GOTG again.
First True Blood went out with a wimper. That last show sucked (pun intended). No spoilers but
I thougth I saw a commercial trailer for New Blood, what the hellis taht about. I loved this show but once Sookie went Fairy theshow went out the window. Like Dexter another lousy ender.
Second Doctor Who: Lets face it, we all do it. I prefer the last Doctor this Doctor stinks.
The premiere was great I thought and he fit right in. The show started of great: Minor Spoiler:
Dinosaur in old England and brand new Credit sequence with updated music score. Fantastic.

Note: More links tomorrow and that new Radio Show will premiere part 1 and 2 as I decided
to include the Emmys and the Tribute of  Robin Williams for the show.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday Movie Links Plus Sneek Peak Of New Dr. Who Credits
I love when Millar trashes Hollywood like most writers of his profession. I hope this picture does good or we are not going to see the rest of the books done. Shame it took this long to get this made.
How about addressing the issue of Hollywood blowing all this money on overbudget movies that are mostly mediocre to begin with. But a Billion for a trilogy is nuts. Man that is a lot of popcorn.
This is going to be messy. 20th Fox can do whatever they want at this point. I already have these so how many more times am I going to double dip? When it happens then I'll think about it but for now, whatever happens, happens. I'm just looking forward to the next trilogy.
Helen Mirren would be perfect as the Doctor. What are they waiting for? Can't wait to see the new Doctor. Even when some people say he's too old, he's fits with the old school classic Doctors.
A sneek peak of the new Credits. Good for him. Looks pretty cool and fits the show nicely.

Note: New Radio Show will premiere this weekend before Billy Crystal honors Robin Willaims on the Emmys. Promo now playing on the new widget. Click on the arrow for the dropdown list.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links
Funny recap on the first movie. The narrator seems to forget some of the scenes, I wonder why, lol.
Would someone make up their mind? Well its good his work is saved but doesn't one hand know what the other hand is doing before waving both of them in the air?
This is funny as hack seeing Cruise getting trashed with ice water. Now where is that Star Wars vid?
I remember getting this while waiting on line. Once we got this me and my friends looked at each other and knew this movie is going to suck.

Note: We switched Radio Stations as TalkShoe is now our main channel.
As you can tell by the widgets TalkShoe Radio has been moved up and Blog Talk Radio will be a monthly Show. All the specials aka Godzilla will be on TalkShoe for September.
Our official website has also beeen updated to show these changes.

Note 2: A New Test Run is now playing on Blog Talk Radio to show that change.