Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Beast Beats Kong And Logan, Really?

Lots of news to report: No MNN Live this weekend due to workload with TGS so an encore of Logan will be repeated.  A new radio show will be posted next week. And the Website has been put on hold.

Update: Quiz: What does Logan (Hugh Jackman) and Godzilla 2014 (G. Edwards film) have in common?
Ps a fellow bkground actor on The Greatest Showman told me this and got me good.
pss Waiting for China Box Office numbers for Skull Island after this weekend then the radio show.
Jeez this is nuts. While all 3 films are doing great, Logan & Kong,  at the World Wide Box Office, Beast had the edge of because of the Potter fans. At this point the summer box office as we know it is pretty much over. It doesn't matter when a film will premiere at what season anymore.
One of the easter eggs points to Frankenstein Vs. Baragon while it's actually a nod to KK Vs GZ. Wow, did they miss this point? While at least they remembered the Frankenstein version as that is more of a cult movie and not a major selling point.
While no one is asking for this, it actually makes sense with having Fishburne as the center of the film. And lets not forget it was a very young Will Smith who turned down the role before ...took over. Now a very young Jorden will take over the role who has proven himself he can adapt to sci-fi with Fantastic Four and do drama so he would be perfect for this.
They actually pulled this off even tho it was a stretch. Anyone remember Buffy Vampire. Uggh.
But this was a good show  Never saw the twist coming. The villain was actually... oh spoiler, never mind.
So again, lets make a movie that no one is asking for. And let's face it, Eddie Murphy for his time nailed it as a remake. But then again, Hollywood is going back to the books for inspiration for franches aka a new Willy Wonka, uuggh another one?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Kong Is King at No.1 Box Office

Latest Live on MNN now playing on Youtube: Logan and Skull Island reviews. New radio show comng soon with my review of Skull Island. Also in the bonus section: Godzilla 1994 that was never made but written by Terry Rossio who will be the head writer of Godzlla vs King Kong.
So far $151M world wide. This should be a little bit higher but still it's not a wash up and that's a good thing. We still have Australia, London, Japan and China in the coming weeks then we'll have a clearer picture what's going to happen with the sequels and of course the big showdown.
4 out of 5. They got most it right. But it did answer a lot of questions. And that opening credit scene with a giant turtle was a good catch for who ever caught it. I blinked and I missed it. Full review coming soon on the next radio show.
This explains who the writers are for the developement of this franchise. Of course the big question was why the head writer Terry Rossio, co-writer of The Pirates franchise got this gig. Go to the bonus section and that will explain everything. Also being the highest paid writer in the business today doesn't hurt either.
So that is the actor who played Kong with Serkis as his mentor. Great gig if you can get it.
Actaully anyone who died can comeback as a ghost as proven at the end of Return of the Jedi. And you also heard the voices of Obi-Wan And Que Jin in Roce Awakens so this makes sense. It would be great to see all of them in #9 in the trilogy. I mean why not?
A post credit scene for Infinity War would be nice. But just the idea this would make that much money is plain crazy. And having that Baby Root doesn't hurt either. Merchandising sales alone on that will be huge.
Ghost Jedi's is one thing but a ghost Gladiator? Wow, that is just desperate. He should have made this sooner. Just to much time in between for anyone to care.

*Bonus Section: The Script for Godzilla 1994 that was never filmed:
This includes last minute changes to go with the budget cut. If Toho got more money this would included King Gidorah instead of The Gryphon.
This tells the story of the studio making that big mistake of turning down this version and go with Director's Emmerich version which turn out to be Godzilla 1998. Again headless making the wrong decision.
This includes the beginnings of translating the unused script for a graphic novel.
Godzilla Graphic Novel 1994, at the time of publishing only 78 pages were printed.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Logan's Wolverine No. 1

New Live on MNN this Saturday. New BTR radio show now playing. Logan, KK, GZ talk.

Kong battles the Wolverine at the box office for the No. 1 spot. To be honest this will be a tought one.
As the article states, even the studio didn't think Logan would be that huge opening weekend. And those who were dissappointed in the previous 2 entries and were not goin to see this are now going.
Then of course we have the other side of the spectrum. We Godzilla fans want to see this one be a huge hit so we can to the biggest showdown between two icons. Then we have Disney's powerhouse Beauty and the beast arond the corner. Here is my question tho:
Why the hell did they release these 3 during March when they could've taken Memorial Day and July 4th by storm. So what do we get? Another Transformers movie for Indy Day..ZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
Check out the documentary on Youtube. It's cut up into 4 pieces last time I saw it tho.

So they got a world wide hit. And Jackman swears he won't do another one. First of all remember, no one really dies in sci-fi/fantasy/comic book movies. We all know Superman is coming back right?
Second, also mentioned in the article below, the studio has new management and are willing to make  "R" movies. Pay him enough and he could do a Deadpool movie. So many options here and no dead ends.
Some spoilers but this includes Hughs screen test and how he got the part. That poor other actor tho, lol.
Cool video seeing Jackman screaming his head off, lol. Even tho its only a snippet, the rest are scenes from the movie, it gives you a good insight of what he does in the booth for overdubbing.
For Best Picture and Director no less. Way to go big guy! Guess the other awards were for effects.
But the funniest thing was the best foreign picture which went to Sully, a film that was ignored at the Oscars. Then again what do they know? They couldn't even get the best pciture catagory right, lol.
Who? Oh him from the Harry Potter series. That's right, thye got themselves an English dude for a captain. Kind of makes sense. That had a French captian so why not. But what kills me is he was born in LIverpool. Yep the same place as The Beatles came from. Now that's cool.

Monday, February 27, 2017

And The Winner is...?

New radio show coming this week: Oscar wrap up and news. New Live on MNN posted on Youtube.
Update: 2 new videos posted below in the bonus section: Paxton with a Kong and music video star.

Not a good sign. All across the message boards and internet, everyone agrees on 2 things: Postponing this means they got a problem on their hands. And again why are they going backwards in the timeline. Remember? To boldly go where no one has gone before like to the future? And nobody is crazy about paying for this either. Losing all around.

Previously this week;
No the title has nothing to do with KK vs Godzilla. That's about the Oscars But that's below.
Well thanks to the trailer we now know what the first half of the movie is about. It's pretty easy to figure out. And Kong still gets the girl as in all the Kong movies do. But the ending will be different from all other movies as if he doesn't get off the island and climbs a tall building. Or does he? lol.
Includes video of highlights from the show but as mentioned on our Live showJust look at all the films nominated that few people saw. How are you going to attract an audience when they couldn't care less who wins. But I do love the idea that La La Land lost. So damn overated. Still can't believe it got that many nominations.
The rest of the winners were predictable. And Denzel lost. And all my other ones I wanted to win also lost. This year was a wipe out. Well at least Suicide Squad got it for Best Makeup out of all things. For me the winner was Jimmy Kimmel. He was spot on with his comedy. And he should come back. Best part ? Bus load of tourists crashing the awards. I'll have more of a review saved for a new radio show this week.
So this is what happened. Like the last paragraph said "They had one job" in giving out the envelope and they screwed that up. Now that's funny.
"Game over man" Wow at 61 too, what a shame. But he did leave a grat bodyof work. And his family can say he was in one of the top  pictures of all time with Titanic. My favorite. The marine in Aliens.
"Why don't you make her in charge, man?"

Yep Paxton did he's own Kong movie with a remake of Mighty Joy Young. Trivia: Ray Harryhausen put down Godzilla saying it's only a guy in a suit. In this version, some scenes it's CGI  but in scenes with Joe Kong in the park (jail) it's a guy in the suit ! Yes perfomed by legendary Rick Baker.

2nd bonus
 Paxton the singer. This was the only muscic video that James Cameron ever directed. And if you look closely you will see some of the actors in Aliens in this video.
Note: Also check out "HowCan The Labouring Man Find Time For Self Culture" video which should show up in the Up Next column. He was really into music and videos for the MTV generation.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Lego Batman No. 1 for 2 Weeks

New show Live on MNN this Saturday and hopefully a radio show before then. In the Bonus section Videos of Oscars nods for SFX of Rogue One, Dr. Strange, Fantastic Beasts included.
5 out of 5. This movie had everything. Great sense of humor, something DC totally lacks. And the mishmap of concepts was perfect. This should have gotten a May release instead of getting dumped in February. More reviews coming this week.
4 out of 5. Brutel, violent, high body count. Loved it. Bring on No. 3. In another interview he expressed interest in a Matrix 4 if only the W Brothers would do it. Those guys haven't done anything worth while since Matrix 1-3 and only Matriz 1 was good, 2 was horrible and  was a suck fest. Forget all this Keanu. Just stick with Wick, a brand new franchise wortha couple of sequels.
So we are getting that extra scene at the end credits. But read the final paragraph which Patrick Stewart says Jackman is just saying he's kidding to promote the movie. Common we all want to see him do Deadpool, right?
Speaking of which. The one day I didn't work on the film and this happens, lol. That would have been interesting. This is one of the reasons I haven't been posting as much due to this workload. I also signed an agreement which is one of the reasons I can't talk about it for now.
More of a tease than anything else. Well at least there's no mention of Mechagodzilla. Which Director Edwards wanted to do. With Classic opponents like Mothra and King G why deal with Mecha? No wonder he went to do Rogue One.
Screw this. Where's the director cut? The one where Ms. Jones goes head on with that Tie-fighter on the plank. That's the one the fans want to see. Well got to settle with this one. Which ain't a bad thing.

5 discs, then 4 disc set then finally a 3 disc set, all with different features and covers. How is a fan suppose to chose? Or are they taking advantage of us fans that we're going to buy all different packages at once? robbery just plain robbery! and no I haven't decided which one I will buy first, lol.

Bonus One:
3 films nominated for SFX at the Oscars. My nod goes to Rogue One.

And another video for SFX:

Bonus Two: Oscar Predictions

Thsi article pretyy much says it all. At least Denzel and Viola will get their dues.
Still with Jeff Bridges as Suppt Actor, Mel Gibson as Best Director. Actress? Who cares.
Best Picture: First Hacksaw Ridge but now that Hidden Secrets got the nod I'm going with Secrets.
Everything else? For the first time in 27 years I give up. It's not fun anymore.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Godzilla, King Of The Monsters

Sorry everyone, really back logged with the different projects I am working on. Soon you will see.
Next Live on MNN will be on Feb. 25 just before the Oscars. Hopefully a radio show before then.
Oh never mind all that. Who is he going to fight? Edwards wanted Mechagodzilla and Toho already gave the rights for Rodan, King G and even Mothra had an easter egg in  Godzilla 2014. So why not the mention. To hell with spoilers, I like to know!
Something to hold us over until both King Kong and Godzilla films come out, including the big showdown between both Icons. But hopefully it won't go the way of Cloverfield. One of the most overrated Big Creature Rampage ever done.
I know nobody cares especially with abunchof movies that are so overrated that its a joke now. And it will be one of the lowest rated Oscar show in years. That will be fun part to see how low those ratings will be.
At this point the movie can be directed by Bozo the clown and have a washed comedian (take your pick) as Batman. Warners just doesn't have a clue. And with Avenges Infinity around the corner it will be pretty much a wipe out.
Ironic that the pilot of the M Falcon has so many accidents relate to flying, ain't it But have to admit at 74 he still gets on a plane and flies it. Personally I would get on the same plane with this guy. Why take chances? aww c'mon fuzzballs laugh it up.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

For The Week Ending February 10

Duw to heavy workload this will be the only blog for the week. Live on MNN will be a repeat this coming saturday. And a new Radio show will be posted next week.
Talk about a busy poster. And a way better looking one than the U.S. version. And you can't say that the poster reveals too much since the trailers have already done that.
And talk about Japanese. Well this makes sense. But I am surprise somebody would remember this as this goes way back. And a proper American release
The ironic thing about this is that the Star Wars franchise has pretty much tanked in China and Pacific Rim is starting a brand new franchise thanks to China after cleaning up at the box office. Yep ironic.
So is this is what replacing the traditional circur. Actually there are so many other arena type tours available that the circus has been passe for many years.Who doesn't like to see car crashes and wrecks by the dozen? It works for Monster Turck type of shows so why not. They should have as special guest Mad Max or even they could have their own tour.
Was it me or did most of the trailers had beenthere done it feel to them. Not to exciting that's for sure. But this tells the whole story until the final showdown. And it looks pretty boring until then. Well at least Arnold has Celebrity App until Cameron decides to redo the Terminator series and help his friend out on this.