Monday, July 28, 2014

Comic -Con Final Day

Above: From  old collction aka 1990's. Press the red button to hear King Gidorah roar. Not anymore.
Well that got my favorite Kaiju in there so it's all good. That's what this franchise needs, bring back all the old classics Kaiju's since thye all going to get a complete makeover due to size and CG. But like the other news yesterday with bringing back King Kong will Andy Serkis be part of that and how will that effect a hopeful Godzilla Vs King Kong. Let''s face it the original also needs a makeover.
So we got Edwards Godzilla Franchise, Peter Jackson's King Kong, and Del Toro's Pacific Rim all run by Legendary Pictures, what are the odds for a Mish Mash aka The Avengers. You know the studios are all thinking of it.
While Hercules didn't do all that good openingweekend The Rock has to look at other franchises and  this makes sense. Unfortunately that EX3 bootleg is all over the internet, shame it will kill this franchise as Pierce Brosnan says he wants in, The Rock would like to join and we are still waiting for
Seagal to changehis mind to join and of course Jackie Chan. There is still juice with franchise.
Can't wait to see this and then that Futurama crossover episode. Great season to look forward to.
Great video but man this has spoilers. They do tell quite a bit for the year. Wish they stop that.
Evil Dead for TV? Why not, they screwed up rebooting the franchise and then Raimi got in that lawsuit so I'm glad for all of them. Wish they still would go ahead of Army of Darkness sequel tho.
SAy goodbye to the cast, shame they blew it with that fairie crap a few seasons ago as they are grying to get back to the first seasons basics. But I agree it's time to call it as this season is dragging.

I haven't mentioned to much on Sups vs Bats mainly cause I laugh to hard at this train wreck everytime I post something. Like this disaster:
Everything is wrong with this. A short clip then Ben and Henry show up with no talk or q&a with the audience. Then they show this dreadful pic of Wonder Woman custom. This is NOT Wonder Woman. I dont know what the hell is that. Maybe Red Sonja or Conans sidekick but not WW.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Comic-Con Surprises

King Kong Sequel? Nobody saw this coming! Well it official, a new wave of big giant creatures are coming to the theatres. Reminds of the old glory days 1950's and Ray Harryhausen pictures. Of course that includes Godzilla and his buddies, Mothra Rodan, King Gidorah for his sequel.
Scroll down to video #4 for introduction of the new cast for AVengers 2. Hey they got 2 actors from Godzilla 2014 in this. Way to go! And my personal fav From the Black List, Spader! YES!
Now that annoucement has been made finally and getting King Kong to boot where they hell is...
GAMERA?  WTF? Left out in the cold. Hoping we get a reboot of GZ vs KK here is a dream
that hs never been done: GZ vs. Gamera. Damn Legendary your that close with all this, get the rights for Gamera. He needs love to you know.....
5 minute Video interview. Near the end at 4:00 he mentions Skull Island and this is the first time he's hearing about it and how he's busy thru 2017. HOLD ON!!! Del Toro is Best Friend with Peter Jackson who is a certified King Kong NUT! He did the remake right? They both worked on Hobbit trilogy until DT quit. But still got writing credit and he never heard Skull Island. Yeah Right.
There are probably producers of this with someone else directing. Who the hell cares. Make the dman movie and get KK to fight Godzilla already. And will someone give Gamera a call....
A sequel already? Yeah why not, anthing to bury DCs League, poor bsterds don't have a chance.
This too? umm what happen to machete 3? and what happens if a copy leaks out like Expendables 3?
that is a sitting duck. People already telling me they saw the filmm, luv it of course, but no reason to see it in the theatres, there goes Ex4....I would be nervous as a studio thats for sure...

More to be added tomorrow. Then on to that GZ shows on Blog Talk Radio.
Now I got a lot to talk about, LOL......

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Highlights of Comic-Con 2014
Now that is a busy poster. A lot more pics including below.
A wrap up so far on the past few days with a lotmore coming for the rest of the weekend.
Whovians are really waiting where this is going to go and with Peter Jackson directing a episdoe?
Hell yeah, and a cinematic release, well it's all god. Looks like August is going to be a busy month.
What's with the diss? This film needs the break for the old fans and new ones to show up or we won't get an EX4. It wasn't bad enough that they had to tone it down to a PG-13 to get everyone in for the boxoffice. Looks liek somebody was pissed and wanted to sabotage this. Seagall was that you? lol.
Still going to be there regardless, most bootleg copies are terrible and have scenes missing anyways.
Taken was bootleg where before it open in the US and did did huge. So let's see.

What ever I didn't catch today I'll post tomorrow to continue with the Con events.
Don't forget to catch the previous posts as I posted the second half of our last live show.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Live Show on MNN Pt. 2 Now Playing

The second half where we talk about the rest of the summer movies and give thanks to everyone for supporting us for the past 24 years as this show marked our anniversary.

Note: Becuase of the delay on posting these shows due toa coding error which took time to correct, I missed our Planet of the Apes show on Blog Talk Radio. I will catch up with that when the Blu-ray comes out.
So I'm going ahead with the Godzilla 60th Anniversary show this coming week to celebrate its final release in Japan this weekend. More details will be on the Radio show next week.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Links Including Comic-Con Highlights

Note: Live show now playing on You Tube. Please see previous Blog. Comic-Con Scroll down.
The Expendables behind the scenes video shows a lot more now but if this keeps up there be nothing left to see, lol. But seriously for much screen time can every one have. It's more like cameos than anything else. Like that is going to stop me. This is old school and I am so there. It should be fun.
Talk about no faith in your own property. Sinister 6 is going ahead and Spidey is left behind. Ouch.
At this point no studio is going to catch up with Marvel. And Disney will get Spidey. Simple as that.
Not much to look at but they need every gimmick to save this train wreck. And about that date?
Yeah I agree Bat Sups will move their date. CAPS is way too solid to mess with.
7 ? Damn talk about milking it. Well why not, they screwed up Clash of the Titans and Percy Jackson did nothing with that franchise. At one point Spielberg wanted to revisit Jason and the Argonauts mythology.  Ray Harryhausen did some of this with his films going into the history of the different countries and their folk stories.
Never mind the car chase. Where Spectre and Blofeld? They got the original characters like M, Q and Ms Moneypenny back in the fold so they're almost there. Also don't forget the Volcano and Bond going into outer space. Hell, Lady Gaga is going in real life (one way ticket we hope) so why not Bond. Remember Gravity did a shit load of money and we do have a space station up there.
"WESTWORLD: Were nothing can go wrong" I remember seeing this back in the 1970's as a kid as was always a personal favorite. Arnold ShweThey finally got this off the Ground.

Comic Con News:
CBlend always do a great job on covering CC. Check them out for the rest of the weekend
for complete coverage. They don't miss a beat.
Over 250 pictures Name it its in here, even Godzilla...
Pacific Rim" Jaeger Pilot Preview
Alien: Isolation. How many variations have we played over the years. I even had Alien on Sega Game Gear at one point. Anyone remember that hand held system. But with the original cast included this time I have to check this out, a trip down to memory lane.
What a ham! Gotta love it. Video surprise announcement.

Note: Recap of Comic-Con throughout the weekend.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Live Show Now Playing On You Tube

This is the first half of the show as we had a problem with the coding in the second half.
Apes and all other films from the summer so far. Then the Radio show before the weekend is out.
Thanks for watching everyone.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday Movie News Links
New video With James Gunn explaining his doing with the Imax Process. So Cool. Did everyone see the cast on Jimmy Kimmel Monday Night? That was fun. Of course they wouldn't dare go up against that little girl. Man she Owned Them! LOL. Really looking forward to this. This will take care of my Star Wars fix until that film comes out.
Who loves you Baby? Vin is keeping busy these days. But looks like Fast Furious will be on hold.
Talking about that Star Wars Fix I'm mostly looking forward to No. 7. This animation is better than nothing but been there, done that. Where is that live action tv show Lucas promised us? Oooops,
never mind, I don't think The Mouse appreciates that, oh well.
Glad they didn't use this idea. More on the Radio show later this week on the subject.
So Sandler last film sucked big time. What else is new so he needs this. But this should work.
I loved Leog Movie and Wreck it Ralph and it's a throw back to our younger years and with Chris Columbus behind it with a great supporting cast like Peter Dinklage YES! this can't go wrong.
Now about that Sapce Invaders, hold on a second does anyone remember Battleship?
There is a fine line to these properties what can work and cannot work.