Friday, April 18, 2014

The Facts Ma'am, Just The Facts

Quote from famous 1950's show "DRAGNET" which was made into a movie with Hanks and from Akroyd. (Don't ask it, was awful, see IMDB).

This is strictly a business point of view and nothing else. But with all these Allegations on Singer will it hurt the X-Men Box office? Already the studio got nervous and cancelled some of his appearances.
Will this matter when the film comes out? Will the bad feedback help Godzilla's Box Office as he has only one weekend to make it big. If the reviews for X-Men are mixed then it can open huge then die out quick and have the same fate as Man of Steel. After 4 weeks Sups was on the bottom of the top 10. Then Godzilla will have a few weeks to make good at the box office. Same with the International Box Office. And the bottom line is the film is good enough, will you go see it again. Repeat performance along with 3D, Imax are all part of the grab bag.

And the other thing is the timing of this. Why just a few weeks before the film opens up?
Personal vendatta against someone, sabotage at a film studio cause of competition, etc.?
I know it's a stretch but it is Hollywood and Hollywood is a strange land.
Remember Woody Allen and the Oscars with Cate Blanchett Nominated, who won after all.
And now with the Documentary. You wonder the timing of this coming out now.

My take:
I'm a film fan, that's it.
I just have a platform to give an opinion on what I like and don't like especially when I plunk down $10 bucks or more to see something and it sucks.
I want to see Godzilla to do huge mainly because he finally has the budget and SFX to bring him to the bring screen like he desreves to be seen. THEN we can get the sequels like Rodan, Mothra and the rest of the gang. And personally how many more times are we going to see Wolverine anyways?
He was in Japan and he didn't do any justice to that country. It looked like it was filmed at a studio to begin with. Give Japan back to Godzilla where he belongs.
PS After seeing that X-Men Trailer of the opening I think we saw the best part. Just saying. lol.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Movie Reviews

This week I put Theatre releases along with BR/DVD/RB/VOD together for review.

Rio 2: 4 - Way better than first one which I liked alot. Good story with multiple subplots which tie in nicely for the end. Very bright and colorful but the music is way much better and adds so much to the movie. My Favorite part overall is how they concentrate on the forest without going much to the city. Something the first movie relied on too much and the animation on those parts weren't good.

Joe: 3 (VOD) - Cage puts on the subdued character mode on big time. Strong but laid back. Yep no crazy loco overtop Cage here. Which he has been doing with some straight to DVD lately and for the better. The story? Well it does play like MUD and Out of the Furnace that it builds up to the big showdown at the end. But there is a few action scenes in between to keep the movie moving.

The Nut Job: 3 (BR) - Cute cast keeps up with a really busy story with multiple subplots which gets a little crazy to keep up. They must have been looking at the clock to fit in as much as they could within the 90 minutes. So this winds up with chuckles instead of full laughs but still had a lot of fun with this with a cool ending to wrap up the 'Whodunnit" story.

Philomena: 3  (BR) This is strictly for the acting as I couldn't get into the story itself. You kind of
figure out what happens at the very beginning. But this is to cheer Mame Judi Densch Oscar Nod.
And she deserves it. And special nod to Steve Coogan who does great by her. THIS is acting!

Secret Life of Walter Mitty: 1 - Stiller's lucky I'm a fan, Museum, Thunder, others but man...
This really Sucked! This has nothing to do with the original comedy classic with Danny Kaye, that was 5 Stars. (see IMDB). The story here is really plain awful. I saw them filming this by Rockefeller center and all I can say is he and Wiig are both really short. Shame, a big budget on absolutely nothing. Oh I forgot this was suppose to be a comedy......I didn't laugh.

Note: I was going to review a buddy cop movie but after a certain remark about Paul Walker on the MTV Movie Awards I said fuk 'em. So There. It would have been a 1 anyways.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Movie News Links - Film School 101

I'm saving the movie reviews for tomorrow as I reviewed most of them when they first came out. Todays links fall under Film School 101. A sort of behind the scenes on the business of movies.

Now that these films are here, they are going full promo in the marketing department.
This one has 3 vids on X-Men with behind the scenes and interviews.
Is this Actor Andrew Garfield in the suit? Talk about heavy promotion in the flesh. I wonder when he walks the streets he's thinking "Another milestone on my way to that Oscar" Sorry, but in NYC these guys are a dime a dozen especially Times Square where you can see all kinds of characters. lol.
Forgot Filmmaking 101, this sound like Wall St. LOL. Got to lisen to the Shareholders:
Bats Vs. Sups: In all my years I never thought I see this sentence. Paragraph 4 last line:
" Unfortunately, they've got a massive hurdle to climb: they'll be opening up against Captain America." Holy Marvel, really Captain America has put the fear in DC. This cracks me up.
Spidey: Once they unload the villians there's no where else for Spidey to go except DISNEY!
X-Men: Same thing, once they unload the Mutants we haven't seen yet how many more times can we see Wolverine. Oh Oh, a young Wolverine...Reboot!
Guardians Galaxy: Sci-Fi fans can break this if only because they are waiting for their Star Wars fix.
F4: Is anyone going to care by then? People are going to get tired of all these superheros. Hardcore fans are not enough. Make "The Thing" the highlight of the movie, the others have boring powers we will have seen already with the X-Men franchise.
Wolverine: Even Jackman said no more. What happen? He lost his Oscar so another go round with this F.U. Money then back to Broadway and get another Tony. Well his resume looks great.

My take: I have no problem with the studio making these. But how many are going to have a grand slam at the Box Office until people get tired of Superheros. 2 more years and I'll be fed up!
So you thought DC vs Marvel is going to be rough, check out Spidey overseas this year. Yikes!
I can tell you the winner right now: Godzilla and not because I'm a huge fan and I started a community page on Google dedicted to the Big G.
Simple: The other are going to cancel each other out as superheros. Those who are not hard core would rather see something different even if it's a big giant creature mad as hell at the world.
Replace GZ with Star Wars, same thing. When the time comes people are just going to say:
But I already saw a superhero movie, I want to see something Different: (Insert Godzilla Roar Here)

My Take:
 "Yo, Spidey, your last box office wasn't all that. What are you going to do?
"I'm going to DisneyWorld!.....Where do I sign?"
Still to short but our Snookie is back in. Included is a cool video Q&A at the bottom of the page.
What ever it takes to save this franchise but without being cynical I think it's cool that they brought in his brothers to help out. Giving that family vibe. Plus their working. Nothing wrong with that.
I like that that article in the box. It does give it some sincerity nad meaning to the project instead of Hey, lets replace him with CG and be done with it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Movie News Links Part 2

Lots of news to cover this week. Movie reviews later this week. Not much there anyways.
Very nice video. Just to let you know I went by the list that was posted afterwards on who the winners were. Cause of time issues I figured some catagories were mentioned  during the commercials. Grammys has done this a lot lately just to present the music. Who knew of the video by Vin? And they cut that out? How about cutting out those awful groups and present all the catagories instead. It's about the movies, not the music. Or maybe they thought it was to much of a downer. It know what was a downer. Listening to those damn awful jokes and intros. Who writes this shit?
Blade Runner, Yes but what happened to Indy Jones? He sure got quiet on filming that besides mentioning his accident. But I do love that Greedo response.
Great long interview which answer a lot of questions. His biggest influence? 2001:Space Oyssey.
Best Advice: Roger Corman, "Always sit down" (He worked for Corman of course). Old School stuff
Arnold gets no love. Translation: Arny can't sell shit so who needs him. Good luck with T-800 movie
Wait a second, wasn't the middle of Thor 2 a Flash remake? Never mind. This one deserves a reboot, not because the 80's was bad. Got the Blu-ray. Lorenzo Semple who just past away and wrote Batman tv series and Flash did a great interview on the movie. And he said himself they going for the fun of it. This could use it for todays SFX but hopefully not depressing like Man of Steel. Let Marvel remake this, they know what they're doing. That's right DC, I said Marvel!
And Nick Fury sang: "I'm here to save the day..." What, don't trust Willis to bringing in the fans?
$10M advance for a Steve Jobs movie? Are you kidding me? What a waste of money. We already had a Jobs movie that nobody cared about and Social Network was so overrated. A picture that did not deserve of those Oscar nominations. About that other Social site. (I'm writing on a Google thingy)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Movie News Links

First my predictions on the MTV Movie Reviews then the usual movie news:
My favorites This is the End, We are the Millars, Wolf Wall St. got their wins, which gave me
8 out of 17, check out last weeks blog of Thursday, April 10 for the predictions.
But I forgot about the fan base of Hunger Games and Divergent. This is what the fans picked
and while may argue how legit this is, when my personal picks of Scared Shitless: Brad Pitt and Best Cameo: Rhianna, I really can't argue myself, LOL.
Conan was good but probably still pissed on how he was passed over all together with the Late Night wars. How soon people forget. Yep the Best Part was Mark Wahlberg with his speech. He knows it's all bullshit but goes along with it. Hutcherson tribute to Hoffman was nice but no comparision in acting skills, sorry Josh. And Leto doing his speech on Aids. Sincerity goes a long way.
Now that we over these awards I can go ahead with a special Blog Talk Radio show before the month is over. An update on that will be posted here. And now the rest of the links:
.....Doom "Guardian of the Galaxy"? Hell no! Fans are eating this alive. And you got Vin Diesel as a Talking Tree. Why not? He was the voice as the Iron Giant, an underrated classic.  Check out the video on the bottom. Intereting interview. Note: it's just 8 minutes not 38 minutes as listed.
Phase 4?!!! We didn't even get the end of Phase 2! But it will give them time to get a new younger Iron Man. Even Downey said it himself. Jackman started Wolverine much younger so Jackman has that advantage for a few more.
Can't they at least wait to see if this is going to bomb at the B.O?. Oh hell, who are we kidding.
Dumb movies, huge moneymakers, extend trilogy, repeat....
"Greed is Good" Name that film. Thanks for the warning movie studio. They got away with with it on the Potter films now everyone is going to do it. For me?  2 less films to review. Yeah......

Have some Avatar news but I'm saving that for later this week as I got some to say about that.
Yep even more opinions on that whole thing. And I'm a Avatar fan, lol....

Friday, April 11, 2014

Godzilla Vs. King Kong, King Kong Escape BR Review

Tradition. That's the way it was back in the 1970's til 1985 when Ch. 9 in NYC would show the King Kong marathon on Thanksgiving. It would start with KK, Song of Kong, Mighty Joe Young and most of the time it would end with KK versus Godzilla.
And of course there would be Monster week on Ch. 7 at 4:30- 6pm. Sometimes they would show Apes week where they would show Planet of the Apes, Beneath...Escape..Conquest. all cut up beyond belief to make room for commercials. Other weeks would be space movies like Conquest in Space, When Worlds Collide, War of the Worlds, etc. or Giant insect week like Them, Black Scorpian, Tarantula, etc., well you get the picture. This was B.O. (Before Oprah) and it started with watching the original Dark Shadows at 4 pm.
But if never saw these films in the theatres you would never know how much was missing from these movies, heavily edited and pan & scan, not letterboxed. Only with cable later on did you see these films in the entirely but often P&S and VHS hazy quality. Well with that said....

Note: This is mainly for the Quality of the Blu-rays and not the movies themselves for as a GZ fan obviously I'm not going to fault the films. A bigger review of that will happen when the other films get release in May.

King Kong Vs. Godzilla: 4 (Quality)
Yes it the American version and not the original Japanese version.  Since I never saw the original I was glad to see this version on BR. Of course these films are dated somewhat for the time they were made that has nothing to do with the total outlook. But my main problem with this new transfer is the look. A good example is the blue screen used at the time for the Octopus scene. When the villagers throw the flares, the effect was awful and very noticable. The natvies were surrounded by a bad outline that superimpose them over the main scene. While they manage to fix that for all the scenes they processed the film kind of dark where you can't tell what's going on. The native mother grabbing her kid and running away from the Octopus can hardly be seen. It starts being grainy which you get use to very quick and the outdoor scenes are all bright and colorful where you do see some scratches frs across the screen but not much of a distraction. But the night scenes suffer and are very noticeable. Guess it's a give and take for this method.
But what you see is what you get so if you're thinking of picking this up with KK Escapes, like I did, see this first as the quality is slightly less better than KK Escapes. Hopefully if they release the remastered original we won't have these little drawbacks.
Update: By request, yes you can freeze frame at 1:24m mark and see the only stopmotion used in the movie. I moved it with my remote control frame by frame and it was VERY clear.

King Kong Escapes: 5 (Quality)
Yes I know, stuntman in a very bad Kong suit, those plastic eyes. Sometimes the arms are long or sometimes short. The toy boats, the plastic submarine and the remote control helicopters if not hanging by a thread and of course the mandatory plastic tanks. Great Cheesy Fun!!! I was surprise on how this look. Very bright and colorful, very few scratches (film is old y'know) and the blue screen actually works! Only one scene at the very end where Kong picks up Blondie before the big Robot fight is where this techniques fails at 1:20minutes mark. Most of it worked great. It was so annoying seeing this on TV and on VHS. They really worked on this and the quality shows. Considering when this was made I couldn't believe how great this looked, bright and fresh. This was a real treat for the memories this brought to me.

My favorite part:
The end with Blondie yelling:
Schlong! Schlong, come back Schlong, you forgot to give me your Banana!
KK: Nag Nag Nag, I'm outta here. Gonna keep on swimming till I can't swim no more......

Final note: Regardless of my nick picking it's great to see these on BR with no frills, not even a trailer!
But considering how old these are, just the thought of fixing these the best they can, I can't wait for the other releases coming in May. Time to make room on the shelves and blow out my bank account.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

MTV Movie Awards 2014 Predictions

So what's with me and these damn award shows. For the most part it's all in fun with my friends to see who get it's right. Except the Oscars, that I'm damn serious about! LOL. But I did win $20 bucks.
We haven't done a live show since the Oscar predictions and going to bounce off of that to lead into the next live show and start with the weekly shows.
Anyways I'm going to pick my predictions, see the show this Sunday and have a full show next week. So who's going to win? Who the hell cares. But I will say this much, this is more fan base
so it should be fun even tho everyone who wins is there at the show and the losers know not to show up.
  "ME? I WON? OMG! I can't believe it! Glad I showed up when nobody else did."

Movie: Wolf of Wall St.
Male: Leo
Female: Sandra
Scared shitless: Brad Pitt
Breakthrough: Will Poulter
Screen Duo: Vin - Paul Walker
Shirtless: Jennifer Aniston
Fight: Anchor Man 2
KIss: Jlaw & Amy
WTF Moment: This is the End...but Leo was great too.
Villain: Bakhad Abdi - this guy still scares me
Musical Moment: This is the End
Comedic Performance: Jason Sudeikis, really..
Screen Transformation: Jared Leto, he's in a band?
Cameo: Rhianna (Freak!)
Hero: Thor
Fav Character: Loki, by vote he's losing.

No American Hustle? Wall St. plays way better on TV for some reason and I did say in other blogs,
if Matthew was not nominated Leo would have gotten it. He carried the whole movie.
Oh well, we see on Monday who won and who the hell cared....