Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Black Panther Box Office

Note: Repeats now playing on MNN until we go back live in May for our 30th season.
More Oscars preview in our bonus section since 3 Billboards won at the Baftas, the British Oscars.

Wow, nobody saw this coming besides Disney of course with all their marketing pull. Now the question is will this have legs for the rest of the month going into March. While a great looking film and a great cast, the hype couldn't compete with the story which was dragging all over the place. 2 big scenes, car chase and ending, and the rest was a total bore. And what was up with that damn train at the finale? And poor Andy Serkis. Another character setup from a previous film only to be wasted half way thru in the next. What's up with that?
Mini-review:  3 out of 5. Even tho Wankanda reminded me of Thor, they could have shown more of it. And yes the Bond influence was obvious, no problem there but can we get to Infinity War already?

But the Soul Stone was not mentioned in Black Panther so what gives there? But a good catching up article for those who got lost in the shuffle. Yeah I bookmarked this myself before Infinity Wars, lol.

LOLOL. the man who's back to directing the next Star Wars going full retard. Really J.J.? When was the last time you had coffee with James Cameron? Think he'll beg to differ. Ok, now the next Star Wars is in really big trouble with his attitude...

Oscar Preview:
The Force of Sound - Star Wars
30 minute of making of the sound for the Star Wars Franchise. Some of us know the tech behind it from previous editions aka dvd's etc, but this is the latest updated version of how this is produce which includes a lot from The Last Jedi, the film that everyone loves to hate on, lol.
Note: Star Wars always get nominated in this catagory for some reason more than others aka SFX.

3 Billards is the major winner. I'm good with this and most of the awards. As this will tell who's going to win at the Oscars which works most of the time.
I finally caught up to all the films except for Mudbound. The last of the bunch to watch was
I, Tonya in which Allison Janney won for Suppt Actor. I mean she nailed it. She was funny as hell, even better than Margot Robbie. Scene with the shotgun "this never happened!" is a classic.
To be honest all the Suppt Actresses were just as good especially Spencer (Shape of Water) and Metcalf (Lady Bird, Sheldons mother lol)

Hopefully Oscar will wake up. 14 nods and still no win. WTF. Shame its on Blade Runner and not his previous efforts. Skyfall anyone? Don't matter he deserves it no matter the film.

Monday, February 12, 2018

The Big Catching Up Blog

Bonus: https://pmcvariety.files.wordpress.com/2018/02/marvel-class-photo-1920x1080.jpg
Awesome photo, now that's a wallpaper to show off. Link included for our own use.
Also see screen shot below of The Enterprise on ST: Discovery. Talk about surprises!

Now look what happens. I take a break and all hell breaks loose at Disney. Talk about bad timing lol.
So here are a few links for us to catch up on on the news. MNN shows are now being repeated.

This is so cool. Shame DC can't match this on it's success. I know.. it hurts lol.
Imagine how the 20th and 25th anniversary is going to look.

Star Wars: aka WTF happened when I took a break. Holy crap. Did Disney go ballistic or what?
Out of all people, didn't see this coming. So will this include naked female jedi's? Oh it's Disney. Never mind, why bother, lol.
At one timne Lucas had over 20 scripts written for a tv series but it would've cost to much at that time, back in the 1900's I believe. So this is finally happening. As of more than one show, heck Star Trek had V, Ds9 and the movies so why not. Just have good writers like Rebels.
If Solo sucks, say goodbye to these. But then again with a such a strong fanbase which Last Jedi proved as the movie was the most hated and the 2nd biggest SW money maker, I don't they are going to have a problem with this.
So in the long run, I can see Luke Skywalker with his cow saying:
"That's right I'm milking this like nobody's business, how do you like me now bitches."

Big deal. Spielberg did that scene with Anakin and Obi-Wan at the Molton Lava scene and man did run for way too long. And you couldn't even tell by the style that Steven directed it. But it's a cute trick for the publicity department.

Other news:
Talk about goose bumps for an ending. So now, how are they gong to explain this as partof the canon without seeing Spock from the original time line. Got to admit, this got interesting.

From the studio that brought you the original Star Trek. That's right Desi Arnez (cuban, latino) had faith in Rodenberry's dream and produced the show. And who ever the business man is, it's great he's continueing the tradition and bringing back another classic from the 80's. Less mention of that tv series spinoff the better. AND we don't talk about V the TV Reboot that starred Morena (what a shame and waste) but now is on Gotham to our benefit lol.

Bonus: 2 great screen shots for the day. Can't better than that. Is this an awesome shot or what?!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

...And The Winner Is....

Our MNN special is now playing on Youtube. This show and our Hano Solo show will start going into repeats for February and March. This blog will take a 2 week break as I am traveling to PR.

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight:  4 out of 5. DC gets it right again for direct video.
12 Strong: 4 out of 5: While it drags in places the action in between and the ending make up for it.
Den of Thieves: 4 out of 5: great build up to an intense last half hour. While the twist at the end is a bit of a ripoff from another movie, you don't see it coming. Critics got this wrong of course, lol.

2 great movies and they can't bump one of the worst movies of 2017. What an embarrasement. Again for me?  I'm looking forward to Avengers, Solo Star Wars, Jurassic World 2, and not much else.

Oscar Nods:
I'lllmake this short since I already hadve said this in the past:
Stop nominating 9-10 films. Go back to the original. 5 Best Pictures, 5 Best Directors. That's it.
Only 2 films belong on this list. Dunkirk and 3 Billboards.
And where the hell is Wonder Woman? There was a 10th spot open and they couldn't put it there?
Now as much as I love Shape of Water, it's Del Toro's love letter to his childhood of monster movies from the past. I can't believe it got this many nods but it will get all the technical wins. But Del Toro should get the Director award. Now he should go direct a Godzilla movie and we're all good.
While I supported Dunkirk from the get go, 3 Billboards will probably get the Best Picture award.
 ...and I got no problem with that as all the acting in this was top notch. Both Woody and Sam betting supporting awards. But it would be nice to see Dafoe get his due, he was that good.
Well Creature features, horror, Sci-fi and comics got their due even tho Wonder Woman got look over:
Shade of Water almost broke the rules as getting the most nods for a single picture.
Get Out got some nods, god knows why but still a plus.
Last Jedi, Apes and Kong, Guardians all got for VXF
Logan for Screenplay
Blade runner for cinematography, lets face it Roger Deakins never won considering how many times he's been nominated so it be great he gts his due. Shame its for a picture that just plain stunk.
And finally The Greatest Showman got its show tune nominated but Coco has this one.
Well that's it.
Final Tally:
Shape of Water, Director and all tech awards.
3 Billboards, Picture and acting nods except..
Best Actor: Gary Oldman

Well if you came this far down, just want to thank everyone for tuning in and supporting the show.
Remember, this is a non profit show/blog done for our fellow movie fans, and with that...
NO Nods for Wonder Woman...WTF !!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Best and Worst of 2017

Lastest show now playing and we have the comment section open. Let us know what you think !
Our special is now playing on Youtube before it airs on MNN in February. Latest reviews (including Godzilla Monster Planet) and what films we are looking forward to in 2018, for our 30th year on the air. New blog this week after Oscar Nods announcements.

From the films of 2017. There is a lot missing on this list since last year really sucked ass! At least 50 Shades, Transformers, and Baywatch made the list. I would add more but I'm just glad we made it thru the year. Now we can look forward to more useless sequels, remakes, reboots and movies nobody are asking for. Oh well more time on the beach this summer it is.

Ok that is a lot for one film but how much screen time can they have? If there's one film that deserves an extra running time it's this one. Over 2 hours? Hell yeah, bring them all on!

Over 40 just for one scene? Really? Hopefully it'll be a long ass scene to do it justice. Hell yeah.

Preview: My picks for 2018: Avengers, Solo, J World. More on the MNN Special.

For 2017:
Best: (no particular order)
Wonder Woman
Despicable Me 3
3 Billboards
Kong Skull Island
Greatest Showman
Thor 3
Lego Batman

Worst: (one of the worst years ever) and to many to mention so here is:
The most overrated:
Get Out
Lady Bird
Beauty and Beast
Cars 3
War Planet of Apes
Transformers Knights
Blade Runner 2
Alien Covenant
...and way to many more.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Last Live Show For The Season

New Live Show this Saturday on MNN at 5 pm which will be out last for the season till May.
In the meantime there will be specials and repeats to fill in the gaps for the rest of the season.
Movie reviews on the live show and complete list on this blog next week.

OUCH! China pulls the plug on thebox office. They didn't even give it another week. That kills its chance to enter the top  of all time when it can even clear $50M where both Pacific Rim and Coco clears $200M. The Force wasn't strong in the country, lol.

More reshoots? Really? No matter how good this turns out, there's one country it's not matter either way. And that China who just pissed on Last Jedi. Opening Gross? It couldn't even clear $30M opening weekend which got beaten bya comedy made in China. Now that's sad. And because of that it killed Jedi at the all time Box Office. More on the show.

Lets face it. Most of these we can wait for Netflix or some other outlet. And how many more sequels and reboots?remakes do we need? Another Jungle Book, it's not even 5 years> Nobody was asking for this.

While this is goods new the truth is this should have more subscribers. If you read the comments most people agree it's a great price but how many pictures are you willing to go out and see when most are just bleh to begin with.

Streaming kill the dvd/br business. And all those perks and bonuses on the discs don't matter anymore. So much of that you can see on the internet. Well that takes care of that.

Again what Hollywood doesn't get. Internationally countires are making their movies. Netflix is making their own pictures while saving Will Smith career. And the indies are hotter than ever making it better for anyone to do thier projects and they their feet in the door.

Award Shows:
Hopefully The Oscars will notice this and nominated this for Best Score like they did with La La Land. Written by the same composers and this being a better soundtrack than La Land zzzzzzzzz.

What a depressing show. I thought I was watching an Italian funeral with all that black. (relax I'm
 half Italian) One thing I did like was watching a room full of hypocrites trying to make a statement when they know what's going on to begin with and what's been going on for how long. Jeez.
But the one thing I did hate was Lady Bird getting for Best Picture in the comedy/musical catagory.
Hatred leads to Anger, Anger leads to not recommending pile of crap to anyone.

My film 3 Billboards is getting all the rave. At least Lady Bird didn't get Best Picture Nod which it got at The Globes. One of the most overrated Picture of the year. What a Fking Yawner.
But our boy Del Toro's Shape of Water got the most nods, more than Dunkirk and Darkest Hour, both British productions. Wow, a mexican director honored by the British, talk about open minded.

Funny about Tommy. Bullshit artist to the end. And now the truth comes out. But yeah who wants to admit you directed one of the best stinkers of all time?

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Last Jedi Heading to Top 10 All Time Box Office

Now Playing on Youtube: Last Jedi extended Edition including a shout out to Godzillafan.
Next show will be Jan. 13. Golden Globe Predictions listed in the bonus section.

Yep they pulled it off. Did all that hatred pushed this inot being the second biggest Star Wars movie. Itsure didn't hurt that's for sure. Well now it's just a matter of where its going to land in the top 10 World Wide. And it looks like it's going to break the top  in the U.S. Usually the second in a trilogy doesn't do as good as the first one. This one broke the rule.

At first I didn't think this would be a good idea as it might be too heavy dialogue driven then heavy cursing and over the top bloody violence. But after seeing Netflix series Black Mirror (see next article!!!) this would be the right direction to go. And I wouldnt mind seeing Sulu go ape shit with his sword and piled up up a nice body count.

 5 out of 5 !!! Seth McFarlane better watch out. If this gets it's own series this will be a huge hit. The series itself is like the Twilight Zone. A different story each episode with a totally new cast for each show. But this one episode called USS Callister is a kicker and a half. This had everything. Parody, self aware, mysterious, suspense, funny as hell with some salty language and a very cute Lead who goes up against a complete jerk. Perfect. Enuff some me. SEE IT!

Sounds like somebody is pissed off that their not in a superhero movie. Even tho Jodi has done some Sci-Fi, the big gig to get nowaways is being in a superhero movie. She should be made not being in a Sat Wars movie, she's earn it with a few under he belt.

Golden Globes Predictions (you know the part you couldn't give a shit about, lol)
Best Drama: Dunkirk
Best Actor Drama: Gary Oldman
Actress: Frances Mcdormand
Director: Chris Nolan
Comedy/musical: Greatest Showman
Actor Comedy/musical: Hugh Jackman
Actress: Judi Dench
Animation: Coco
Best song: This is me -TGS
Score: Zimmer - Dunkirk

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Last Jedi To Cross $1B For New Years

 This Saturday: New Live Show on MNN: December 30, 2017. Past shows now posted on Youttube.
This will include Jedi wrapup, massive movie reviews and some news.
Bonus section: Pictures of me on the set of The Greatest Showman.

Here is another example of a big divide between fans and critics. But ti does show that there's an audience at home for this and they are going for a sequel. I actually like this film except that extra long ending aka Suicide Squard, Kill the villian already! It's Alien Nation meets for LOTR for sure.
Will Smith as back. 4 outta 5.

The Greatest Showman: 4 outta 5. The film needs love at the boxoffice. Jackman works hard as do the cast and the songs were great. I'm in the movie, watcha think I say? lol.
Jumanji: 1: Cast was good but completely wasted. Video games as movies still suck.
Downsize: 1:  Only for the speech at the end which was the only funny thing. Saw the trailer? You saw the movie. A complete ripoff. See Honey I Shrunk the Kids instead.

Like I said before the contraversy didn't hurt but helped this picture? Well the jury is still out.
This is one for the books, never saw this happened with a franchise like this. But for the record I hope it beats Beauty and the Beast for the No. 1 spot for 2017, U.S. that is as it stands as No. 2 for now.

AW C'mon make up your mind! Talk about not getting the memo:
"You know you can come back as a Ghost Jedi" "I can?" "If you change your tune" "oohhh"

Is anyone buying this shit? A whole article making excuses on why things turn out the way they did.
But there is one paragraph stating JJ is going to save the day by having the Rebels winning, First Order destroyed and everyone goes home happy. As far as their concern they failed this trilogy. Time for a reboot and leave the friggin Skywalker family out of it. The most dysfunctional family in outer space.

Nobody saw this coming. The highest money maker than all the other Pixar combined. So DUH?!
Even the stupid article states no one knows what China and a Mexican story have in common. Well?
Ghosts and Spirits. Simple as that. China is huge on that which is why Coco is so well embraced. Now Disney is looking at this and wondering why China doesn't give the same love to Star Wars. Which by the way will do OK...zzzzzzzzzz as in no love for TFA. Now thats funny.

Me? Better movies that are not reboots, remakes, sequels, prequels, retreads, franchises and especially making movies our of video games..looking at you Jumanji, you piece of crap.
Hello Netflix.......

Welll it didn't work for Last Jedi with critics saying it's one of the best then having the hardcore fans trashing it beyond belief. Look at how many times this site has been sold and look whoowns it now, Comcast out of all corporations. What you think now? Besides it's always been about the fans and now paid critics anyways.

What a great intro to the new Doctor and  hopefully she'll put some much needed energy to the show. No offense to Peter Capladi who was great as the Doctor but even he looked tired from the lame scripts that the show was given.

Rehearsal with one the Academy Award composers of the soundtrack. They won for La La Land.

The sequence that made the final cut into the movie. While chalk outlines me on the upper left.