Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

2 new Radio shows will be posted this week. F4: DOA?

MI Rogue is going to do great for the rest of the month since there's no competition. F4 is going to do Ant-Man numbers but worse. Good but not great.  And that other Spy movie. Why go for a second rate title (unless you remember the original tv seires from the 1960's) when you have a given like MI Franchise. Read the article below and it gets to the point.

Straight to the point and it even shows how Actor Teller is trying to cover it up with the mixed
reviews. Yep the beach and barbecue sounds really good now for the month.

Dinos, Vin, Minions are the new record holders for the $1B mark. Even tho Minions STILL hasn't open up in China yet. Yikes! or should I say BANANAS! MUCHO BANANAS!!! Even better all 3 are in my top 5 for the year. What are the others? O the Radio Show I will tell, lol.

A no brainer here. At this point which I said quite a few times on the shows, t just a matter of taking out Titanic and how close to Avatar. If it Phantom Menace bad, not so close. But either way there's nothing besides James Bond and since that has an early start in November it should be out of the way for Star Wars to take it all since there's no competition besides Films lookinf for Oscar bids and most never make past $100m anyways.

So Simon has MI, Trek franchises in his corner. So called Cameo in Star Wars. Not to bad.  As far as this list goes which is basically a no brainer with everyone it seems like he has  Phantom and Clones reversed? But

Great behind the scene making of in what I think is the best part of the movie. This whole act in the first half of the movie had the tense edge of your seat action. While many are saying McQuarrie shold direct the next Jurassic World,  I would like to see him direct the Fast & Furious franchise. He would bring that whole franchise up a notch. More on the Radio show. PS after the video there's another making of "End of the Tour" with Jesse Eisenberg and Jason Segal.

Ming the Merciless joins the cast! Along with Ian Mcshane, best known as Blackbeard in the Pirates franchise,  this will make the next season even more exciting unless they plan another banquet dinner and kill off the whole town this time with a Black Death Speed Metal playing in the background.

Funny video with the characters. While it looks interesting most people will have Star Wars on thier minds. And if notice I haven't posted anything to do with Prometheus as many of us where not asking for a sequel. Why they bothered?

Note: 2 new radio shows will posted this week with a full hour with Talk Show on Saturday taking requests. More details will be posted here on Friday since there will be no MNN Live show this weekend.

Monday, August 03, 2015

Weekend Box Office Wrap Up

MNN Live now playing on YouTube. See Video below. New radio shows coming this week.

Great summer fun. 4 out of 5. The Cruise is back. Everyone ignored all those bad writeups and went to enjoy the movie. And all those stunts that he did himself paid off. See article below. Full review on a new BTR show coming this week.

You couldn't pay me enough. That's what stuntmen are for. Why take a job away from them? I'll be in my trailer if you need me.

The movie just opened up and already we got deleted scene for the Blu-ray edition. Well it usually happens.

Peggs role really stretch out for MI5, so good for him. He was great in the role. While we're still not exactly what the cameo he has is, he does have a point about waiting. It is only 4 months away and it feels like yesterday that they were going to do a 7th Star Wars film. Time has move way to fast. But heck the sooner the better anyways.

It's Kevin trying to get away! Cute. 2 pics included. And so far Minions is up to $850M World Wide and still has a few countries to open. $1B looks good. Not bad for a $85M to make flick.

Well the most obvious was Dr. Wu who left with the brief case with Dino DNA so he ca go to the highest bidder. And with so many Billionaires on the planet today thiscan become a hobby for their ego. So now we can have Dinos all over the planet. At least we're not stuck on a island again.

New Toho Godzilla will resemble the the original 1954 design. Good move. He was scary when first seeing this back in the 1970's on the family black and white TV. Yep good ole B&W.

What else is new? If you don't have the guywho did the Lego Movie this should suck like Pixels.
I'm still waiting for Candyland Board Game, the rated NC-17 version "No one gets out Alive!"

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio show now playing for this week. Live show this Saturday on mnn.org at 5 pm.

Saturday Update:
Looks like he's got a hit for a non holiday weekend. Poor Arnold. Guess all that bad press some of the journalists gave him this past week didn't hurt him at al.. People want to have summer fun on the big screen. Give them that and people will forget all that other crap.

Friday Update:
This includes a 13 minute video recently taped just last week! Great interview which includes that Hulk Hogen thing and a story with Andre the Giant. but he did look tired. But still at 61 is a friggin shame. Top 2 films: They Live and Hell Comes to Frogtown now playing on Hulu Plus.

Again another angle on picking on Cruise. How about talking how good the movie is. High ratings at Rotten Tomatoes. It did good on Thursday with $4M opening, not great but not DOA either. And he has already mentioned of another sequel. Have to admit he does great overseaswith this franchise, even Edge of Tomorrow did good considering how bad it did over here.

I just don't understand with costume thing when fanboys start bitching. To quote Wolverine in the first X-men: "What did they expect, for us to wear yellow spandex" what looks great in comic books sometimes just doesn't look right in the movies with colors and tones. Look. Superman is wearing his underwear outsie no more, so that's a good thing. He still has the cape so that's cool enough.

At this point nobody cares about Cruise and his Scientology. thwy just want to see a good picture.
MI5 is getting great raves so that won't hurt him at the box office. What amazes me is none of the major magazines are talking about the film which I find strange. The documentary Going Clear is mostly about the organization and it's founder and the people who have taken over since. Cruise and Travolta is mentioned briefly with behind the scenes with Cruise partying. No big deal if you haven't seen it.

They're not releasing this for the Holidays for Oscar consideration? Not a good sign. And Depp needs a hit fast. He can't be making Pirates sequels forever bu then again....

I loved the Bundy's and like for them to pull this off. Kelly Bundy with 9 kids. Thatwould be funny. But Ed O'Neill deserved better than Modern Family. One of the worst comedies on tv. Why and those friggin awards. Don't get me started.

Really? ACtually Ms. Doubtfire would get my vault as they guy to dress as a woman to protect his kids. But still a good choice compare to Boogie Nights. Really?

The I-rex is on the cover when you click the link. Great magazine that goes behind SFX making of
these movies. In this issue you have JWorld, San Andreas, Mad Max and Avengers 2. Very technical and pricey at 12.99 but worth it.  Publish quarterly so it covers a few movies in that time period.
I have quite a collection myself., I don't subscribe since not every issue is a winner like the last issue with had Chappie which I hated! But yep I do own most of the Star War issues. These are not to be confused with Empire and other movie mags. Again strictly for the SFX crowd. Check out the back issues for most of the covers.

Note: That second BTR would have been a bit much so that be postponed till next week.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

Another Blog Talk Radio Show coming tomorrow; The Catch Up show part 2.

Excerpts from Empire Magazine interview with a few pics. But the next article has the goods:

More details when this article was posted later this afternoon. 33 pics also included. This thing is sounding a whole better then when it was first announced.Here's crossing the fingers.

Right of the bat his role reminds me of The Fugitive. Not that's a bad thing. It adds dimension to the picture while some of us might think do we really need another one?with Jones in it I give it a chance.

I could go for this. I loved this movie even through it went over most people's heads. I put a coll spin on the alien attack theme. Not like Pixels which had a good idea and blew it. Heads up to writer Christopher McQuarrie as he wrote and directed the new MI5 which is getting gret reviews.

Cool 15 minute video included with the filmmakers. A little talky but covers alot of ground.

Safari Park. Really? How original. But who caes. I always loved this franchise. And good to see Michael Gross in this as he  is a survivalistin real life which adds a nice touch overall. Even through it's a straight to BR release it has some bonus features which I always get a kick out of. Cool for Halloween.

Note: 2 Radio show are now playing with another BTR to finish  the month before I go back live on MNN this Saturday. And the music show will be posted before then also.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

Mark Hamill: The Lost Interview now playing on Youtube. Or see below.
This past weekend Talk Show Radio show now playing. Please see widget on the side.
New Blog Talk Radio now playing: Pixels review and Sandler's downhill career.

Based on the Graphic Novel by Alan Moore. This, his work on The Flash, The Kingsman and Star Wars 7. He sure knows how to keep busy. Check out my interview with Mr. Hamill down below.

Translation from Netflix: Did we make a big mistake going with Sandler on this one? Directors were backinghim up because Sandler was their bread and butter when nobody hires them. More on the new Blog Talk Radio show.

This article states on my main problem when I reviewed this film last week. And it was to muchexposition which boged the middle ofthe movie. Big time. That and the unbalance of the script due to the rewrites once thye booted original director Edgar Wright. It was to noticeable.
Ant-man 2? Why? Micheal Douglas was the movie.

Anyone remember this theme song? While not a great song listening now, this was a huge hit back then. Moral of this story. None of the Labels wanted this song, lol. And it turned into a huge hit followed by the Album. Sounds like today studios. Nobody knows anything. Or to quote from Brian Grazer (Ron Howard's prodducing partner, the one wih the funny hair who produce Beautiful Mind among others)  in his book "A Curious Mind" P.171: "No one in Hollywood really knows what a vood idea is before a movie hits the screen. We only know if it's a good idea after it's done."

How bad was this? Anyone remember Can't Stop the Music, The Village People movie. No? That's okay you're not missing anything. Unless you love Cheesy movies you love to hate.And if you do remember your probalby in denial and don't admit you every saw these. I like cheesy sometimes they can be fun. But Last Dragon tried to hard. Yikes.

I liked this to a certain extent jut for being different even through it was a stretch being an alternate universe. 3 out of 5.  I'm a huge Dexter fan so it was cool to hear Michael C. Hall as Batman. I used this site when is comes to Blu-ray releases and box sets especially when they were releasing Star Trek TNG. These guys go a great job on reviewing these disks and recommend this alot.

My interview with Mr. Hamill while he was promoting Wing Commander 4 and in developement The Black Pearl, a screenplay he was working on at the time.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Box Office Weekend Wrap Up

New Talk Shoe show playing from this past Saturday. 45 minutes of me and Mark with Pixel review.

So much for a sequel. All the news programs and magazines are talking about Mission Impossible and basically brushed this off all together. The only news is their mentioning of the end of Sandlers career. Nowthat's funnier than the movie itself. 2 out of 5. Big disappointment but we knew that already didnt we?

...Final nail in the coffin of Sandlers career. While trying to be positive on his career, if youread between the lines the author is taking every jab he can at Sandler even when at the last paragraph he maintains a positive attitude. All I can say after Netflix, don't be surprise of sitcom hell for him. Wow, now that's mean, lol.

Great article covering the anniversary at London comic-con. We didn't really cover time travel on the radio show since Terminator Bombed. But thanks to this I will continue to finally cover that on the next show.

The best: Live & Let die, Sir Paul Mccartney. The Worst: Die Another Day, Madonna. So there.
No more bands. They posted Radiohead. The worst, overrated and never liked them.
Give the females a break. Give the guys a shot. Need a Thunderball aka Tom Jones so....
Sam Smith it is..smooth stylist and the best fact is He's British. Now that makes sense.

The sequel nobody is asking for. Drones? And he's worried about getting real jets. No no CGI policy is noble but I think he should be more worried about his next move.

Cool idea. Not bad for a first episode. For impersonations they got it pretty close. A little bit funnier and they got a good skit. But that thinkg with DeNiroand Sandler was hysterical.

This week I will be having multiple shows before our Next MNN show on Saturday which might also be a solo show. Next show will be tomorrow with premiere of the Music show finally.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Jurassic World 2 Is a Go!

New Blog Talk Radio show now playing: Jurassic World No. 3 All Time. Surprise ending at the end of the show by the way, about the original ending of Jurassic Park from the script itself.
Also New Talk Shoe Radio now playing recorded earlier this afternoon.

Saturday Update:
Sad they have to go to these lengths to try to please China aka Iron Man 3 and that sucked big time.

Friday Update:
While the studio knows that Pixels is going to tank this weekend Rotten Tomatoes is hitting this hard, Sony goes and bid on this? Minions they're not. Haven't they learned from those other movies mentioned in the article?

Yet another Johnson movie coming to us. And question remains: Yo Rock, what happened to Big Trouble in Little Chiba, lol?

Wow that was quick. As soon as it hit No. 3 all time, it takes the weekend before July 4thweekend. Now which other franchise is dumb enough to go against this on July 4th. Well it sure won't be Terminator since that didn't work the first time around on July 4th, lol.

Short video interview but also included is long ass Q & A with the director but it does have some spoilers.

Ouch! Put down on Sandler but they don't mention comparisions with Ghostbusters even through it's so obvious. It's got some of my favoritefames I grew up so I'll be there no matter how bad.

While this was mentioned yesterday I waited for today's blog to post this. As they are depending on the success of Pixels when it comes out this weekend. While they mention a lot of other Johnson's projects the one Not mention is Big Trouble in Little China. Yo Rock! What happend with that?

Larson is on for sure. Now it's up to Crowe if the knew script is updated. But what amazes me is how many times Godzilla is mentioned on thebottom of the article with the credits listings. King Kong VS Godzilla around the corner?

 Behind the scenes Video interview on the making of Terminator with pics and scenes from the movie. Filmmaking 101 fun.Now this is a shame. With talk all week about the end of the Terminator franchise, China has to save this or everyone will wait until Cameron takes over.

Besides Star Wars 7 is going to benefit from this, what they don't mention is how this is going to help Bond Spectre has this won't have th 3D cheat at the U.S. boxoffice, But that didn't stop F7 in being in the Top 5 of all time.

Note: If you made it down here, thanks! lol.
I might put another BTR show tomorrow due to todays news, so todays blog might be repeated or a new post to reflect the new radio show. Today I'm working on the premiere of the music show. Hopefully thisweekend. Busy week ain't it?