Tuesday, August 30, 2016

End of Summer Wrap Up

Live on MNN: Suicide Squad review Pt. 2, the lost episode now playing on Youtube.
New radio show with tribute to Wilder and his films. More updates coming.

The first time I saw Wilder was Wonka which played as a double feature with Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger. What a billing. And those Loompas eh? But of course hewent thru Blazing Saddles and his masterpiece Young Frankenstein. And of course the films with Richard Pryor, now there was a team.
Much more on the radio show. But my thing is, who is that out there to replace these legends? Jonah Hill? I couldn't even remember his name on the Live show. But that's another story.

So many excuses and they dont' get it. And I'm tired of repeating myself with this. You give the audience what they don't want and they won't show up. Don't these guys watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and the rest? That's where their audience is. Give them something original.

And this is what Hollywood has to worry about. Being left out of the equation. China is already producing movies here like the superhero movie that was film at Wall st. this past summer. They used american union staff but China is funding is leaving the U.S. studios as distributor only. Meaning less cash and profit for them for amercian studios. Well that's what happens when you don't listen to he audience.

With Affleck behind this, how can this fail? Remember when Affleck took over SvsB nad said the film will fail and he turn out to be the best thing about it. And a brand new villain to boot. A win win on both ends.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

End of August Special Edition

Today's blog extended from last week. New Blog coming tomorrow along with a new radio show.
Live on MNN now playing on Youtube.

Monday Update:
While Breath made $26M all the others made less than $7M. A total wipeout with so many movies out there and they couldn't get the audience to the theatres. Read the very last paragraph, that says it all: reboots and sequels, Not!

War Dogs: 3 out of 5. This should be called a dramedy at best. Not a comedy like the trailer suggests. The actors are good, it starts off great then the film lacks punch at the last third act.  This would have been handled better with a more dramatic director at the helm. But what would expect from the director of Hangover, one of the worst R rated comedies of all ticharactersme.

The Mechanic 2: 3 out of 5. Way better than the first one is why this gets a 3.  Jason uses his swimming skills really good here. Alba cute as ever with still no acting skill what so ever. But who the hell cares? She's CUTE! Good for Netflix or two for Tuesday. Standard script tho. For Jason fans only.

Hologram for the King: 2 out of 5: Made last year but finally released this year. No wonder. Really surprise for Hanks to have a C movie here after all this time. He's always good but the film fails him big time. You just don't care about anything in this movie. What did he see in the script? For Hank fans only, (I don't know about that one, but I did see it didn't I, lol)).

Sausage Party: 3 out of 5: Funny as hell at the beginning but then it starts losing steam fast. But it does give a new outlook on what a Food Orgy is. Wya over the top at the end. And again Rogen starts questioning one believe's in heaven and all that like "Paul" the film where he played an alien.

Breath to take out Squad bu then again everyone is getting to the beach or barbeque so this last two weekends really don't add up to much. That's why every publication out there is already putting out theri fall lists of movies to see. Thye just gave up on the summer

I'll make this simple: Star Wars Rogue One. There's not much to go out of my way then to wait and see it on Netflix. Even Dr.Strange, not one of my favorite comics.

What's cooking in da house? Smackdown! Then again ain't Hollywood one big stunt gone bad?

More updates later this weekend....

Monday, August 22, 2016

Squad and Sausages Both 1 and 2 at the B.O.

New radio show later this week. Also Live on MNN this Saturday at 5pm.

Maybe now they've learned their lesson? Nope, they'll think of something else to trash all over again.
Look at the link below on some of the worst remakes that were done.

Excuses and more excuses. 5 reason without the most obvious not mentioned. Yeesh:
"You do not remake a movie that won 11 Oscars including Best Picture. Like its going to be better?"

While some of these were not necessary, not all of them were that bad. Pink Panther being one of them. His french accent alone being a highlight. There is a lot worst than some these but there's not enough space on this blog that list.  I'll leave that up to you guys what should be on the list.

A classic in the making? I agree that today's movies have gone way out of hand with these running times. 3 hours for a comic book? Really? Someone said at least your getting your moneys worth. Not if your ass falls asleep and your looking at the clock on your phone. But times are changing and when it comes to epic films, cable is where they should l

They are going for full throttle already for the promo even tho is not official but it's obvious the studio don't want you to forget with all the Squad news lately.

Behind the scenes about the box office and how they mess with the numbers. And Squad is mentionted here even tho it doensn't mention why does it need to make $800M to break even.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ben Hur To Out Tank Them All

"Hold On! We're going to crash.....Big Time!

Due to heavy workload this blog will be extended thru the weekend. But nothing new really, Squad and Sausages will claim the No. 1 and 2 spot beating all new comers with Ben Hur taking the big summer beating. Next week new radio show with Saugages review. Seeing that this weekend.

Toho is now on a roll. Another missed opportunity from Hollywood. All good as long as they don't have Godzooky. Just saying that name makes me cringed.

$100M plus marekting costs out the window. Well what were thinking to begin with when the  original won 11 Oscars including Best Picture and for Actor Charlton Heston (It's a mad house, a mad house!). Maybe they learn their lesson after this? Probably not. See the article below.

Even they can't tell what happen this summer. Simple: audience had enough of B-movie material.
And these are the experts.

Wow, he sure made that list quick. But it does make sense. Guess Fox has the budget now cause he don't come cheap, lol.

For us die hard fans of the original tv series. Yes we do exists and proud to say it. Which either way it's got to be better than Killing Joke. Less said the better on that.

Wow, talk about double dipping again. So what happens to all the previous editions that the fans brought? But I have to admit this set does look great. Depends how good my Xmas bonus is this year.

Note: Workload meaning working on Orange is the New Black: Catching a 5 AM bus to New Jersey working a 12 hour day and getting back home by 10 pm. A very short day.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Suicide Squad Still No. 1

Giant Cardboard Poster in Lobby at AMC Lincoln Square, NYC. Youtube show to be posted tomorrow.

While they were both neck and neck on Friday, Squad wins the weekend but man that was close.
This week will see the Squad break the $500M mark and there are still markets that it hasn't open up yet. And as far as the rest of the month it has no competition besides Ben Hur and Stathams's Mechanic.

Well that was quick decision. But heck bring it on. All these movies are getting boring with being so politically correct that we need something to rough the edges, families be damn. Here that Disney?
Only kidding Disney, like I need Stormtroopers knocking down my door.

Just a snippet. How about the full outfit. What a tease, like it's going to make a difference. This one will need to break big time to break even as this will be the most expensive out of the DC movies.

Fascinating: While some Trekkers are so glad that Trek is back on TV, there are some Trekkies who have a problem that it's set before 10 years before The Original Series. Like "Enterprise" wasn't all that welcomed to begin with. Some would have liked the show to be continued from The Next Generation and Voyager. I wonder who some of those are. cough cough.......

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Squad Battles To Stay At No. 1

Live on MNN this Saturday at 5 pm. click on  mnn.org New radio show now playing: Squad review.

Look at the articles posted today and this is what's wrong with Hollywood nowadays. The people in charge are making all crazy money for making poor decisions. And they wonder where did the audiences go. I didn't even realize myself until I put this blog together. Jeez what a mess.

Saturday Update:
The Sausages are beating the Squad to take the top spot. Harley andf riends are looking at a 67% drop! Yikes. Ultimate edition, here we come.

$300M total costs for Squad? Check out third paragraph (2 below picture). That's insane and they still couldn't get it right.
Shows 7 key moments with pics. Love the last one: "mic drop moment" oh yeah.

Squad to fight talking sausages, a big dragon and a singing diva. Well at least it makes for an interesting weekend not that it has that much of great competition. This is  the weekend which signals not only if the Squad has legs or not but how much will the other films bite out of it's box office take. Remember that drop? Ouch.

Are you kidding me? How wonder the film is a mess. This is just plain lousy film making. It should never get this out of hand. But damn 6 cuts? Really

The only film to do it right with Flashbacks was "The Godfather 2". But when a film has this many flashbacks of course it's going to be confusing to the audience. It just takes them out of the movie itself. And as Robbie said herself, it doesn't push the movie forward.

Well this is different and hysterical. Have to admit, there was so many things in the trailer that didn't make the final cut fo the movie and some scenes got changed like Will Smith "Are we good?" funny in the trailer, completely doa in the movie. Hope the fan wins, lol.

Is anyone surprised? This not being released in China was the final nail in the coffin. This should be a big reason to reconsider these "female" reboots. See below. But Hollywood is one deaf fck.

They didn't learn from Ghostbusters did they? The problem here is that it's too much in your face "Gimmicky". So plain obvious as the only reason to make the remake to begin with.
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is a comedy classic mainly because of the complete opposites of Micheal Caine and Steve Martin. And Martin plays it to the hilt without coming off silly. Rebel? Silly.
Splash: Magic Mike is a merman. Skip. Big time. Can it get any dumber?
The Rocketeer: Yes you can't get  any dumber than this.
Ocean Eleven: Clooneys remakes weren't all that to begin with So this is going to be better?

Why does sound like a re-visit of Voyager and Enterprise. Another female captain been there done that and a gay crew member which was rumoured to be the british guy on Enterprise. Klingon commander? Something Worf should have had status with in the movies. Oh whatever..

And in another part of the galaxy, it's double dipping time again. So there goes JJs commentary. More deleted scenes, what no room on the previous release and so on and so one. What makes me mad I know I'm going to pick this up no matter how many times I say "What a rip-off!" Man, they see me coming.

Bonus: I put this here as this is a real long article if you time to read this.
This is one huge big mistake. You do not do a remake when the previous film got 11 Oscars including Best Picture of the year. And whose idea was this. Maybe in Europe it will do OK since it's part of their history but here as far as "sand and sandels" spectables this is going to tank over here.

Monday, August 08, 2016

Squad Breaks August Record

New Radio Show coming this week before Live on MNN including Squad review. 3 out of 5.
Thanks to this film it gives today's blog quite a few articles. Ultimate edition? You bet.

Update: Due to workload yesterday's blog will extend till Thursday.
Why not? But it will be strange to see Harley without the Joker as his character has not come fully into play on the show.

While breaking records the fans had final laugh on their favorite Squad. But check out the 10th paragraph as to explain why the movie needs to clear $800M to break even. How much more of "10 of millions" was spent on reshoots besides the already budget of $175.

Poor word of mouth. Not the Olympics? lol. Wow they just don't have a clue do they. So called experts, ugh? The mistake they made was the trailer. You expect all the fun and laughs aka Deadpool but instead they got that same dark tone like previous DC films which is getting very tired. So they lied with their trailer and it bi them in the ass. What did they expect?

If you read between the lines,  the director looks like he's trying to talk his way out of this one.
Directors cut indeed. More like studio intervention more than anything else.

Wow, that is a lot of deleted scenes, most of which deserve to be cut but it did leave the the film a bit of a mess. And those flashbacks were annoying but in this case I could see why it was necessary to pull the film along. Either way here comes that Ultimate edition down the line.

So it took Squad to be a hit to give a go ahead for the Sups sequel. Another reason why Warners got it;s head up its own ass.  But I do like the idea of giving Sups another round WITH a different director. It needs new blood. Snyder has to give it a rest.

The Big G still has it at the box office. Toho should have thought about releasing this worldwide. Even they didn't think it would get this big of an audience.