Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Wednesday's Leftover's

Links and reviews catch up on that I didn't get to on Mondays and Tuesdays.
The production had insurance to cover things like this? With $200M production I can't blame them.
This article also includes a video at the bottom which I didn't realize about The Social Network trick.
Some interesting movies with Heath Ledger, Natalie Wood, Brandon Lee but Marilyn Monroe, Aaliyah in the Matrix Reloaded and Roy Scheider of Jaws fame? Talk about filmmaking 101. Trailers have been added to the page but this does included a full 37 minutes of Marilyn Monroe lost footage!

Interesting is how Universal is trying to save a franchise at all costs. Considering the examples above is how they are going to approach this and chose the right resolved

Pawn Shop Chronicles: 3 - Another Cast ensemble with Paul Walker playing a kind of Redneck. Yep he was trying to stretch his acting chops but then again so was everyone.. Brenda Fraser as an Elvis Presley impersonator? Toby Mcquire continues playing a sick puppy?  Matt Dillon going sick white boy lunacy. It's all hear.  Schocking Nude Women at 1:05. What was this cast thinking? See IMDB for list of cast but this plays as a poor man's Pulp fiction as 3 different stories all add up at the end. And that's not a bad thing. PS the running time is almost 2 hours and didn't feel like it at all.

The Wolverine:Extended Edition 3 - We all love Hugh Jackman but damn, this was so boring, understated, non original (enemy in giant robot suit aka Iron Man), Bullet Train all CG and the movie crew went to Japan to film what? Does this call for a frigging 4 disc set at a high price? This supposed has the unedited version but I doubt it makes a difference compare to WWZ. It  does include a commentary but I can wait.

Smurfs 2: 3-  First of all, I hated those annoying toys. The Saturday morning show didn't help matters. So..
Well I actually liked both these movies. But this one knows it's chessy by all the puns. And the cast helps out a lot. Hank and Neil really bring up their game and Katie's voice is so cute. Short on the features and no commentary is a big no-no but I let it go on this one. Kids will still love it.

Serpico: 5 - Al Pacino should have gotten an Oscar for this one. Everything from the Special DVD is on this.
This clip has Director Sidney Lumet doing commentary. From our main page on You Tube.

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