Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New Blog Talk radio show  on Friday. Link of Bourne Ulitmatum on the set pics and video on my flickr page.
Early predictons already? Buthte reviews have been killer. But so have some of the other movies like The Walk and Steve Jobs. Now competition between Oscar nod movies instead of the summer junk for 2015.
Check out the video: It's HBO not Porn. Funny! Even thought the show is taking the idea to an extreme, if anyone remembers the original movie the part about having sex with a robot is mentioned butnot shown. Here we will get the real deal. As far as me working as a background actor would I ever consider doing this? Hell No! Not with this beer belly.
So called beginnings of the Joker clip. Can't wait for the Joker and The Penguin then the fireworks ae goin to fly. Season two is off to a great start so far.
Too fast, too soon. By third year if they are not careful there will be a burnout on this. Remember this is not a show about Zombies aka Dead.
This will take you directly to my Bourne Ultimatum on the set pictures. I live across the street and
just walked over to the set and was allowed to take pictures. Included is the video of Damon in action.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tueday's Movie News

Slow news day but there will be a new BTR show later this week. Lots of reviews.
Two videos included. Pretty much traight forward. At least it's not a mes like Prometheus 2 or Alein Paradise or whatever the hell the next film is called from the Alien Franchise.
Check out the comments on this. Interesting on what people say. for me keep at it is. Lke the article said some of these episodes are hit and miss as it is. Add extra episodes will degrade the quality so keep as is it is along with the Xmas special.
Everyone is still crossing theri fingers on this. Butnow is postponed all because o fthe budget. Del toro has to stop thinking big and just concentrate on a smaller script and get rid of those subplots. Those characters were not that intersting to begin with.e
45 second tease for thenew BR trilogy. New documentary, the cartoon series and a book. Now I feel ripoff on my original BR tirolgy set. But at least the original bonusfeatures make it worth it

Taken a few years ago at Time Square and Broadway. This is the model that visits different states through out the yearsponsering Micheal J. Fox charity. More pix can be found on my flickr page.
You can go to our website or just click on this link instead:

Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday's Movie News

Top 10 of all time Baby! New Radio show coming later this week. Last MNN show below links.
Like I said on the live show, Minions made it to the top 10 of all time and took out Transformers for the No. 10 spot becoming the Second biggest animation of all time. Thanks little guys for winning my bet.
Seems like the studio is nervous on the next director and putting pressure on Deisel to make sure it's the right director. Again the studio wants to make sure that F7 was no fluke. But to wrap up the franchise with a trilogy? That also sounds like it could be the franchise can be headed to cable where it would cost less with new characters. As far as they are concern is all about the cars and not the story.
Predictions already? Well most of these have not been seen yet but there's talk about how these nods are cmpare to last year. Most of the pictures from last year did not deserve to be nominated to begin with. The one catagory to look out for is the Best Actor. They all deserve to be nominated. Even tho Redmayne won last year. But then again Tom Hanks won back to back for the Oscar so who knows.
But Cranston needs to win it. Just for being Cranston
So a web series it is. But each segment is only one minute long. Who wants to watch that? And how much info can that up to. And don't forget you have to put with with ads along with that. A waste of time.
Who cares. worst kept secret. But if you really want to come out, why not say it. The show has lost it's comedy. It's boring, except for House of Horrors episode. Even the comment said said the same. How about coming out with the nex tmovie and wrap up the series.
Cool 4 minute plus video on behind the scenes making of. Shame the video is more exciting than the movie which was a let down. 2 out of 5.

Our last live show on MNN on Sept. 26 with 3 more to go before we take a winter break but there will be a Star Wars pre-tape show. MOre on that later this week.
PS the last 3 shows have been reposted on Youtube for better clarity. It's the best we can do.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio Now Playing. New show Live on MNN on Saturday at 5 pm at

Wow, what a let down. Falsefetto and Bond just don't mix well that's for sure. And where is the punch out Chorus to this? Not bad songwriting but just not memorable. At least it's not Madonna bottom out bad.
Wow, that's a lot of viewers. But will the show keep up the momentum? Already there's a backlash against this show and Fallon's paroday isn't helping as people are enjoying what a joke the show can be. Well it is over the top like I said. And let's see those cameos is the only thing viewers are tuning in for.

Disney is looking at this and wondering how Avengers Ultron is going to do in home sales. Hencewhy they are pushing Force Awakens down everyones throats especially since Tomorrowland was such a bust in Disney's face.
Interesting video even tho it does remind me of the Pod Race from "Menace". but at lteast we got better things to look at instead rocks.
Numbers, numbers and more numbers. Hunger Games over Bond? Really? Remember, nobody knows anything. If they did they would have predicted that Jworld would have been in the top 5 of all time.
That would have been way over the top. Besides he would have been placed in solitary confinement and away from the rest of the prisoners. I'm ust surprised he lasted only one episode. Oops spoiler!
HBO should do more than ust show the movie. Have a brand new documentary with new interviews before people start dropping like flies. Look how many people we lost this year. That's a lot.

Note: leaving early to work on Elementary which is why I posted this early. More updates tomorrow plus the radio show.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

 New Radio show coming tomorrow and Live on MNN on Saturday at 5pm.
Cool behind the scenes video. Real stunts, real action. Better than Furious 7. Yep this will land on the top 10 of all time international box office. And Craig has to do another one. All these other names are being mentioned and as far as I'm concern, if it ain't broken don't fix it. And bring back Mendes since he's proved he''s such a Bond fan.
Why would anyone leave a franchise this big especially if the studio is willing to give a huge check to keep doing the series. That is a lot a FU Money to walk away from. And to go back to a horror film. You go forward not backwards no matter how hard the next job is or how difficult the stars can be.
But the next one does need a solid director to prove that F7 was not a lucky 7. Vin can always direct down the line.
Like we're dying to see Prometheus 2 to begin with. Now we have to wait for No. 3 or 4 for the Alien connection. So what was the ending to Prometheus with that Alein was to begin with. What rubbish.
With an all star cast like this you figure the trailer would be a lot funnier. This looks disappointing
Crazy show it is. That's what makes the show so much fun. Sure it's over the top but there is some truth in behind the scenes thinking of the music industry even tho portrayed with such exargeration.
Have to admit, while it's great seeing the muppets back on TV, this behind the scenes gimmcik can get tiring after a while. But the show did have it's jokes. A variety show like the old school would have been a better idea but either way it's good to see the gang together again.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New BTR show comng before Live on MNN this Saturday.
From the creators of Ice Age movies, which I love everyone of them, this movie is in good hands.
ust to see the Red Baron in 3D is worth the ticker.
Not much to go on but it does have that old classic sound from the old days with the orchestra feel.
It's got to be better as Sam is a good songwriter and a great singer and BRITISH! We'll find out this Friday for sure.
Well that's different. This guy needs a break.While he was not great in the role I blame the lousy scripts that made everyone look kind lf foolish. Good article with some minor spoilers.
There is so many directions they could go to. But one thing for sure, get off that damn island. And fix that mistake with P2 by going to San Diego. Australia would be fun and so many other places.
Real long article with some spoilers but it's interesting how the show is growing with it's married couples. Totally different from 2 nerds and a blond girl premise. But at these salaries don't be surprise the show is gone in 2 years. And why did they put thisshowback on Mondays instead of Thrusdays? Oh never mind. See the next link for find the answers. Keep all the fanboys all in one place I guess.
New footage from Season 1. As I reviewed the pilot episode at thebeginning of summer, I have the show a 3 out of 5. Too rushed of a story for one hour and some of the effects in the second half were syfy channel bad. But it does haf premise and is more light hearted than Arrow and Flash. And yes it does follow Big Bang Theory. How wonder they moved it to Mondays.
But they had no problems with Kermit and Ms Piggy being a couple in the movies and their original Muppet show over 30 years ago. Hellooooooooooo.? I just hope its funny enough. We'll find out tonight.
I'm surprise this is getting a sequel since this was totally ignored in the US. Again the international boxoffice saved it.This was a great movie and you should check it out when it comes out on BR and online.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday's Movie News

BTR show will premiere this week. Emmys, Movie and Blu-ray reviews and more. Live on MNN this Saturday.
This has the complete list on the nominees and winners in all catagories. Both Dinklage and Hamm both won and of course Viola Davis great speech. This was a great show. Way better than the Oscars.
My only complaint was Veep for Comedy. Really? Well at least Modern Family didn't win. The most over rated comedy there is. More on the Radio Show this week for sure.
Lots of Video clips highlighting the best and worst of the show. Even the worst is better than the Oscars, lol.
Kaching! I'm not surprised. Disney is taking no chances on the cash in. Remember when Lucas said the original negatives were damaged or some excuse like that then released them on DVD special editions. So what else is new?
Long commericial but worth it. Can you guess how many references are from past movies including a villain, even tho I don't know how they got permission for that. SEE BONUS below links for more Bond.
Did anyone notice the TV Batman series played during Ben's entrance? I sure didn't. Back to the playback.
Well, someone sure changed their mind. Guess Bill and Dan talked him into it. Well he deserves to be in it anyways. Shame
He did cameos on ther superman shows which I didn't realize. And the show ran for six years but could have last even longer if it wasn't for Reeves death. That's how popular the show was.

A cute fun guide for those suffering from Amnesia of movie franchises. Note: It says License to Kill was a misfire and leads to say because of this there was no more Bond until 1995. This was based on a short story by Fleming and Dalton was signed to do more films. But that whole biding war between UA, MGM and Sony let to a stand still until the rights to the franchise were figured out. Dalton got tired of waiting (as he was losing work due to this) and split from the contract.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

New Radio show postponed until Monday. No MNN show this weekend as it's not scheduled.

Friday's Post:
Shame that shehad to leave. She was one of the cutest companions the Doctor had Well at least we get River Song for the Xmas Special. Yeah Yeah I know, I got a thing for her too, lol. Enjoy the premiere.
So Del Toro has spoken. Have to give him credit. He sticks to his guns to make the films he wants to make. But he should do the Micheal Bay and make crap and some FU money to become rich so he can the movies he wants AND get them made. He's going to the long way about it and some things just don't get made in this business.

SWill somebody makeup their mind again? It started production but Toho hasn't acknowledge it. What is that about? Just get the damn hing finished already. And who is the other monster he's going to fight.
So he shows up in the third act in No. 7 and is in No.8. Apparently this location has a lot do to with the story overall since it's spread between two films. But no mention of Han Solo and the others. Umm.
5 minute video behind the senes and preview of the second season.  Looking forward to the new characters. It looks like fun. I love this show and still don't understand the backlash from some fans.
Check out the making of video. Remember Durabont was responsible for Walking Dead, bringing back Godzilla and writing the best Indiana Jones script that was never used. Lucas chose instead to make Crystal Skull script. How wonder Disney turned your ideas down for SW7,8,9. Very underrated movie with a surprise ending not even Stephen King saw coming. The special edition has the movie in black and white which works great like old school tv.If they can pick the right angle this can work. Well they got Kings blessing so thats a good start.
A movie franchise nobody is asking for. Of course they're pushing this just in time for the new Xbox game. And who is asking for that?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New Radio show coming before the weekend.
More studio politics. How Universal let King Kong publick domain is beyond reason. Now with alll this shuffling of Kong and tying in with the "Monach" idea tie in with Godzilla, other projects are getting affected. Now their saying Pacific Rim 2 is on hold now. Would somebody make up their mind?
More news about size and both teaming up no fight another creature. Why are they making thingsmore complicated than needed. Aren't they getting ahead of themselves. Just get Skull Island and the Godzilla mashup with King G, Mothra and Rodan done already.
This is an expansion on the news of PR2 being put on hold. Since I'm a fan member with I picked them for an opinion on the matter. Remember, It's Del Toro who has to put out an official announcement on the future of PR2 getting made. Cross the fingers.
Killing off a fan favorite was a big no-no. And a schocker to end the season. At least his contract is still good. So how are they going to bring him back. I mean he lost a lot of blood there. But then again this is the land of dragons so anything is possible, lol.
Doesn't matter who directs this. Nobody is asking for this. Check out hte comments on the trashing of this. Yep, sony just doesn't get it. And never mind 007 Bond. That was a franchise in the making already. All they got it's the rights and have no part of the process of making it.
Pictures and trailers included. While the rating are slowing down for Fear of the Walking Dead, people are looking forward to the original Dead. The problem with Fear is that it needs to pick up on the action and needs more intros of zombies. But it does have a good cast so hopefully it will get better.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New Radio show coming this week with Furious BR and Monster Hunt review. Hint: Both get a 4 out of 5.
They finally adjusted this post to show the true placement of both Furious 7 and Avengers Ultron. But by the end of the year it won't matter as Bond and Star Wars are going to crash the Top 10 and re-adjust those numbers anyways. But it's nice to see F7 above Ultron. I know me and these boxoffice numbers. But c'mon who doesn't want to see Star Wars as the biggest film on this list?
So the big question based on what JK Simmons said before he left the film. It takes place around 1971 in Detroit of all places. So the whole story gets a different timeline. How would that fit with the Godzilla time line? But by having a different time line, it will make it easier for Kong to be bigger so their sizes would match up.
It sucks getting old. And accidents are a part of life. But it hard to believe Hamill is 63 already. Time sure goes fast and just glad that these films are getting made to begin with. But...The Hunger what? Who cares. And in case you missed it don't forget to check out my interview with him from 1993 on our channel on Youtube.
So Missy is going to start the new season. Of course I'm waiting for the Daleks. Can never get tired of those guys. They always coming back with some new look added to them. Now that's fun.
Have to admit. Woody sure knows how to play a villain as in previous roles like th nasty cop in Rampert. Not a great movie but his performance was crazy. In real like a total different guy. I met him on the set of Anger Management (Yankee Stadium), he shook hands with fans and signed autographs while taking a break from filming. Even through that experience left a bad expression on me as working as a background actor. Something I mentioned on the radio show a while back.
Is this really necessary? Well if the material is coming from the books then it could work but will the audeince be interested in revisting the family? It depends on the cast who need to be likeable. But at the end it's more rehashing on old properties.
Finally the BR treatment. What surprises me is how much material they uncovered for this release if you go to Amazon for the listings.
Well this should help MIcheal Jordon's career after Fantastic Four derailed that. While you know how the movie is going to end, the journey itself looks exciting. Not like Southpaw, while Jake gave a great performance, the film itself was a by the book setup. Boring. This movie should surprise at the boxoffice.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday's Movie News

New BTR show coming this week.
Second biggest behind Frozen all thanks to China's Box Office. Also making it in the top 15 of all time. So close for the top 10. Not bad for a bunch of rascals talking minionese.
The movie that broke Furious 7 record at China's Box Office. Movie review on the next Bog Talk Radio Show coming this week.
Nolan is the wrong person for this. While Micheal Bay is a another no-no, someone like Del Toro who understands anime would be perfect for this. And while a trilogy is a bit fo a stretch the story could benefit for the backstories from what I can remember when first seeing this. And of course it's a nice cash grab forthe studios as usual.
So what happened to Terminator Genesys 2? Is that a writing on the wall? But this would be funny if he had those famous movie lines of his included. "You Are Terminated" "You won't be back" and so on. I watch theshow to begin with so having Arnold would be a plus.
They should have done The Incredibles 2 a long time ago instead of Cars 2. Hopefully people haven't got tired of superheros by the time this comes out. And why are they doing Cars 3 for? Oh yeah merchandise, jeez...
Wow, another production moving fast. The faster the better with some of these before the audience loses interest especially with so many superhero movies coming one after another, people mght get tired of these like everything else.
What's cool is they got most of the people involved in the movie for new interviews. Which leads to the next article.
They should have made this into a movie. but that would have been a franchise nightmare. But look at the cast listng in the trailer. Both MIcheal J Fox and Chirstopher Lloyd are playing thier Back to the Future roles. Peter Calpadi as Dr. Who and all the other

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio now playing. Sorry but there are some hiccups during during the that was byond my control. Live on MNN this Saturday at 5pm..

Saturday Update:
Wow that escalated quickly. Now all 3 franchises are involved. Well we have to thank Jurassic World for this. If it wasn't for that big Irex hitting No. 3 All time box office, this would have been on the slow burn. Better for us.
umping on the Marvel band wagon? Why not? Fans get a kick out of these and would work great with the Star Wars universe.

Friday Update:
Looks like someone woke up behind the desk. What took them so long? This was a no brainer from the get go.
Check out the comments on this news. Most are worry about the size between these two. Skull Island is in a different time line to start with so they can branch out in any direction. More on this on the next radio show.

This doesn't get a feature in Variety site unless it's a big deal and according to them, this is a big deal.
While they don't have an exact number for sales, it does give an idea how future releases like F7 and world are going to do. To get an idea from the article, see link below...
While a few weeks old, (this need an update big time) this gives you an idea on the the numbers on sales. Look at "Home" release and it has sold $17M back at this date. Now Mad Max has done 10 times these numbers and the overall numbers Mad Max is doing. My point is? This guarantees another sequel that the fans are waiting for. Amazing Spidey 2 topped at $20M on Blu-ray sales and that's what killed the trilogy that was not meant to be.
Sam Mendes and his love for Live and Let Die is kind of obvious here with the man with the skull face and top hat. That's a nod to Geoffrey Holder who played the original part in the voodoo scene.
Did anyone catch that? LaLD was Mendes first 007 film he saw when he was a kid as he has said himself.
For a small 30 seconds spot it sure does include a lot of footage never seen before. I still say Blofeld shows up in this even if its a cameo or the big reveal that it's Chris Waltz character after all. 
I wish somebody made up their mind. So he is in it. Ok, but as a ghost. They should never have had killed him in the first place. He would have been a great villian to show up every now and then in the sequels to give Superman a hard time. But what we get again. Lex Luthor. And man that gets old.
The team behind Edge of Tomorrow, a film most did not get in concept but I thought it was one of the best films of last year. Hopefully the studio won't pull the plug and go ahead with this.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New shows coming including Live on MNN this Saturday.
Four choices to pick from. Gotta admit they all look cool but B88 will be my first choice.
Ok some of us are tired of this franchise. But the mention of Beast Wars got me curious. And it would be cool to see more of Optimus in outer space. But lets face it. Erase the storylines and you can cross these films and miss nothing as far as the plot goes.
If you read between the lines it suresounds like there are nervous about this and superheros franchises all together. Remember these are corporate studios who running things to the ground. Strking while the iron is hot. And everything goes in cycles. A franchise or brand can take a break and can always make a comeback. PS Westerns are not dead. They just moved to a new parking spot: Internet TV.
They couldn't give her a better remake? The first one wasn't all that. But maybe they could make it better and fit her character for this. But Road House?
This is so funny but the film is playing to film festivals overseas and already there's talk about Oscar. I thought this was just another space movie. Not that is bad but Ridley did Prometheus and that still pisses me off.
Left over from yesterday but the trailer is just one big tease up coming up for the new season. Zygons are back and more Daleks. It all looks good.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Summer Box Office Reports

New shows coming this week plus Live on MNN this Saturday.
As far the release dates go, United Arab Emirates will have their premiere on Dec. 15. Why them? You figure they would want China to open up first to get that big push (money grab) first. Go figure.
Some of these pics are from Topps Trading Cards which is nice too see. And watch those 100 days go by fast. 007 and Star Wars and this year is over, lol.
Surcharges on Ticket Price for Star Wars? Whaaaaa? The article talks about the summer big pay off but the main reading is at the 8th paragraph (next to the picture of Johnny Depp) and how they want to experiment with tickets prices with Star Wars. Like the friggin picture is going to clear and $1B is not enough? Because Disney was disappointed by The Avengers Ultron figures? Disney or not, this is corporate greed at it's best. Unreal. See next article below about those numbers....
2Nd paragraph: The four mention are Avatar, Titanic, JWorld, Furious 7 and No Avengers Ultron which is actually No. 5. But accordingly to Boxoffice Mojo it's the other way around with Ultron and F7. Variety has been around way longer and is the major account to look at. Apparently Disney has a hold on BO Mojo and won't tell the truth.
Top 5 including F4, Pixels, Man from Uncle, Aloha the last one kind of strange since it didn't cost alot to begin with. It wasn't that bad, just a snooze fest, oops wrong film that belongs to Man from Uncle.
Talk about the top 5 international hitof all time. Preview of what's to come on the BR edition. Or you can get the 7 disc collection for about $65. And that's a lot of features!
A good British Singer fits perfectly. Now it's just a matter of how good the song is going to be. Will it be Live and Let Die good or a Madonna train wreck. A lot of people are not happy with this but he will be first British singer since 1965 so this makes sense in the traditional sense.
One big tease, lol. But already in production which is great news. These are the guys behind Attack on Titan which I recommend jus to see the special effects done on the film. I gave that 3 out of 5. Pretty gross for a giant monster movie, weak middle but one hell of a ending no matter how over the top it was. And this was just part one, lol.

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

New Radio show coming Labor Day.
Cool collection of tweets from the past week. My favorite: If the film stinks, JJ will be known as Jar Jar Abrams. Wow, that's mean, lol.
Here is CNET coverage of the of the STar Wars merchandise. Gallery included.

Well here it is. Millions sold. But whose got the space for all this stuff? See the link below for the 4 hour video. And as you can tell with the pciture above my favorite collectible in the Star Wars universe is the M Falcon.
Includes pics and the 4 hour video highlights from all over. Well I was working late so I didn't see this till this morning.
Now that Benecio Del Toro has mentioned the date and his role we still in the dark with the plot or at least give us a tidbit or some crumbs. But at least this moving fast on schedule.
Spielberg leaving Disney, looking at Back to the Future and Jaws remakes and now dissing Superheros. What's with all the publicity? Does he have a new movie out next week? Look at the comments below. Some are pleased with his comments. Everything comes and goes in cycles but it's not people will get tired of Superhero movies. Its the bad ones that people get tired of and ruins it for everyone else. Hear that Fox and DC?
Long story short: "Nobody Knows Nothing" All this talk about tracking and they still missed the mark to the point that both companies declined to comment. It's all about the fans of cinema and thier love of movies instead of corporations and suits.
Let's face it. Put in Hulk and Thor and you might as call it Avengers 3 instead of Civil War. So while we know Thor was never considered to be in Civil War, having Hulk it this, it would not be a Captain America movie even through the line is so close. Hulk needs to be given he's own movie again and hopefully they'll get it right.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

Early post as I'm going to work this afternoon on tv Elementary. More on the radio shw coming soon.
Now that's what I'm talking about. Will the Oscars acknowledge this? Na, they're are to give it to a film that no one is going to see as usual.
Behind the scenes with cameras and more cameras. Hopefully the Oscars will give this film for its technical achievements aka camera, editing, sound. etc. That would be nice.
One of my favorite characters on the show. Glad to see her back and on a Xmas show on top of that. Should be interesting.
Here is something interesting. Spielberg goes back to Universal to reboot Jaws and Back to the Future? Director Zemekis said himself the Future franchise will Not be remade. And Jaws doesn't need to be remade either. So what the heck is that about? And Speilberg got Paid a Huge Director's fee Jurassic World then paid Trevorrow? Never heard of that arrangement.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New radio show coming later this week. Big movie review show for Labor Day weekend.
DUH! Really? You think? ok I can go on and on with this but this is just to obvious. Look at Menace and how many people hated the film and it still sold Millions in merchandise. But the thing that got to me is how much Disneys Cars did and that is one of my least favorite Pixar movies.
The blu-ray dropped today and is still one of my favorite films of the year. Now we have the game.
Something for us die hards until we news for another Max film. Gotta bring back Hardy for more.
Pics and video included. Stunt doubles doing the work since they did the major wrapup a few weeks ago.
Pegg is really having fun with this. Hope this transfers onto the film. But the thought behind this was a great idea. Wonder who the winners are.
Who loves their animation? These guys make predictions betting who is going to be nominated aka Las Vegas. For Minions and Shaun the Sheep. Third spot I'm saving for Peanuts and Good Dinosaur when they come out.
Now this is funny. Nobody cares. Look at the music acts. Most you couldn't care about, tired of hearing the same old acts who have over stayed their welcome in the news or just plain boring doing theri same routines. Other wise nothing new to write home about. Nothing new & exciting> Even Miley boobs are getting so routine.