Thursday, March 31, 2016

BvsS Leads The Weekend Again

New Radio Show Now Playing!. The Big Batman VS Superman Review Part 1.

New Update:
Holy Fired: Sack Zack actually happened! He's out and George "Mad Max" Miller is the new Director! $15M intake on Friday was the final nail in the coffee. Which mean less than $50M for a second week. And yes China helped that nail too. But with Miller in, shit just got real. Somebody WAS thinking by having him as producer on board  just in case. But man that was so fast.
Well I did say somebody was going to lose their job, who would think it be him?

Saturday Update:
Holy Crap, Batman. Down to No. 4 already in it's second week in China? And you thought I was over the top with the article below in Friday's update. This basically kills it's over the $1Billion mark at the international boxoffice. Now it depends on the repeats but as far as legs even that doesn't look good at this point. See next article below. Ouch.
Sure it will lead this weekend because of no competition but...Dropping 65% on the second weekend is alsonot good news. Hey don't mad at me. Blame the professionals in this business who think they know everything and somehow like Star Trek Wrath of Khan: "..But you keep missing your mark!" Last update till Monday when the smoke clears and the body count starts piling up (somebody will get fired, lol)

Friday Update:
The key word here is Juggernaut in the second paragraph. It even hasn't cleared a $100M in China yet which F7 did in the same amount of time. Like China remembering how bad Phantom Menace trilogy was which might have effected TFA, they probably remembered Man of Steel. They are not too forgiving it seems and easily hold a grudge, lol. How else do you explain "Mermaid" being the biggest money maker in China. While the environmental message was great and the villain found redemption, two cool plot points, the film wasn't all that. Not with 3 superheros fighting a bigger than life creature to the death.
Now this is scary, even the expects are throwing caution to the wind. Well I did mention the repeats will keep this going the movie should have legs but when B.O. Mojo says lets see what happens, I'm glad my future career is not at Warners.

While crossing over that mark, it looks like it's not going to break any new records. This weekend will tell all once the numbers come in on Monday. And the big letdown is that it already opened in China and doesn't have that to look forward to and those sales are meh as it is. Just like Star Wars.
Dozing off are we? Well the way I felt with the first hour after seeing it a second time. Still get a kick out of the second half tho. Got invited a second time so why not? And I'm still getting the Blu-ray wich ever rated edition is. Here's hoping for a commentary.
This has been going on for a week now. But to late considering that Zack is ready to do JL back to back. But one thing I like to see are the solo Batman being directed by Affleck himself. He did pull it off with Argo, and Oscar winner and he himself is a two time Oscar winner. So why not? Can it be any worse. And maybe we can get a great chase scene in the daytime. Those nighttime scenes are a killer on the eyes.
What, it doesn't pay off that good anymore. Never kill your bread and butter. Of course he wants to be taken serious and do some heavy drama and the like. Well it work for Danny Elfman so why not?
Massive spoilers involved. But already there's talk of the series coming to an end. With all the movies coming out that might be a problem with some other franchises. Btu ti works for both MCU and DC and with all those Iconic characters like Darth Vadar showing up on the show this can go on for much longer than they have planned.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

BvsS: More Let Downs at the Box Office

Radio show coming tomorrow: Final review on BvS and all DC talk.
Today's blog is an update from yesterday which was posted very late.
What? Not clearing the $1B mark? That over 50% drop coming this weekend is not helping matters.
And if you read the links below, not opening at No.1 in China and Japan is putting a nail in the coffin.
So all that bragging for breaking records for Easter is not adding up to much. Don't forget, these are two giant icons and it should be clearing way over those predictions.
Bragging rights already? Not with the news above. Read the second paragraph:
 "We are so proud......." translation: I still might get to keep my parking space, said the suit.
They have to explain to the stock holders why this has not made even more money especially on what it cost to make. Again: Deadpool. Sorry for bringing it up, lol.

A big disappointment. And this is the way Star Wars started and it was all downhill from there. While the U.S. box office looks great, this needs the foreign box office to make help reach that $1B and this is not helping matters. And Japan is not helping either, see below.
Opening at No. 3 is an embarrassment. It took 3 weeks before Star Wars could take over the No.1 spot. Could DC make it to No. 1. Even then, when Japan China and India failed at the box office with The Force Awakens, it couldn't top Titanic for the No. 2 spot.
While Deadpool broke The Matrix record for biggest Rated R grosser of all time, BvsS broke another record. Biggest drop in one  weekend. Not good at all as this could be a reflection on next weekends boxoffice take. Somebody is sweating at Warner's.
Finally happened and have to admit this was a cool episode even tho was screaming more budget!
All these shows need more crossovers to keep up the pace. Villain of the week can get pretty boring after a while.
How sad to make up a day so they can make it an obvious cash grab on a franchise. I mean look at this list. Really, look at this list. New action figures, Ripley sneakers, Pinball game. I mean c'mon. I can't afford all this. Star Wars left me bankrupt! Looks like I'm going to need a second summer job for this collection. How did they know? lol.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Batman Vs Superman Box Office Weekend

That Radio show is coming this week as Promised! Everything related to the movie and DC.  Still gets a 3 out of 5, not a perfect film but love that third act.
Only $166M instead of $170M and now No. 7 down from 4. While this is still damn impressive in my book, lets be realistic here. These are 2 icons should have done better in the USA. A first time event and it does fall short. And throw Wonder Woman in there, who was no cameo and kick some major ass, and this should have been at least in the top 5 of all time. But at least it did huge World Wide at over $400M. Justice League here we go.
Short 45 second scene. Would this scene have mattered? They could have deleted a lot more scenes than this. But the question remains. How many more scenes were cut? Especially that first half hour. Way to many jump cuts. (editing term which would not come up if I didn't notice them). Well the next article goes into details about all this.
July 16 release date. Just before Suicide Squad. Makes sense. This explains a lot on what happened in the editing room as a lot of these scenes did not make sense. Especially that beginning. See the film a second time and all this sticks out big time.
While this was from the original DC comics it really wasn't necessary. The crowd I saw this with were very quiet when walking out. They were not happy. Same crowd that cheered at Star Wars at the end. Not much of a spoiler here but Zacks answer is kind of lame.
100 Pics included. Best thing about this article. Spoiler! While I notice Pa Kent, Kevin Costner cameo and Chris Pine photo cameo, twice by the way, I did not notice this guy.
Quick video included. More of a Review of the movie with an angle with mention of Deadpool.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Batman Vs Superman Reviews Are In

New Radio show this coming week: B vs S review, Pee Wee and more. New Radio promo now playing on Youtube, also posted below links. Note: Today's blog will expand thru the weekend.

Great opening weekend for DC at $425M internationally. But while it brags as being the biggest superhero debut it still ranks behind Potter, Jurassic World and Star Wars for the No. 4. Dinosaurs, really? Behind by a $100M? Now there's something wrong with that picture. See below link:
No. 4 Biggest opening. But behind dinosaurs. Now that is funny, even tho it's not suppose to be. But regardless it killed the critics for saying this was going to be a bust. So wrong they are again.

Saturday Update:
So who are going to believe? While the first article states at $160-170M the second has it at $180M.
This also has the international box office and so far so good.
These guys are really crossing their fingers with this figure. While these figures should be bigger compare to Star Wars, DUH! this is far from a wipe out opening the franchise for Justice League.

Friday Morning Update:
Their prediction for this weekend. While they give a number they're still not sure what the outcome is going to be. We'll find out sure enough, lol.
Well looks more like they are trying to catch up with MCU. Even if the box office is not kind to Batman and Superman they have to go thru with this just to save face.

As I said on the show, the movie should have a big weekend but after that will it have legs and all that depends if the audience lets the bad reviews get to them and will the hard core give it repeats. This article expands on that notion. Really it's a no brainer. You want to see it or you don't.
If you go to Rotten Tomatoes the split is almost in the middle but more reviews are still coming in.
Fans are loving it and the critics are doing the usual and being misery. What else is new?
Great job if you can get it. Traveling to all these places, paid for of course, to premiere your movie knowing damn well the critics are tearing it apart. Got to admit, Wonder Woman does look hot in Red.
Lwets face it, those who want the film are going to buy it. And those who pirated couldn't care less, it's cool to download to show off to friends and buy it anyways for the bonus features or they wouldn't buy it in the first place. But the comments on different sites say the same thing. Screw Disney. Now thats funny.
Breakdown of the scenes that most of us know already. This and the making of is the reason fans will buy this and never mind the pirate sites. I have a bootleg DVD copy myself (sue me disney bitch!) and seen the movie twice. And yes there was the out of focus pirate copy on the internet. Bottom line, fans will buy the Master BR copy and there are those who wish Disney would burn in hell. What can I tell you.
Cool 3 minute video included. All for charity which is a nice touch. And while all this noise with DC and Star Wars here come Guardians with a change of pace. Nicely welcomed.

Below our new Promo on Youtube:

Mark and I go a preview on Batman vs Superman. Beware of loud 2 second intro, lol, as this is also a test run. Thanks for listening. Short 10 minute promo.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Batman Vs Superman Box Office Preview

New Radio Show coming soon. B vs S prediction wrap up and the return of Pee Wee Herman on Gotham. Also review of China's The Mermaid, the biggest money maker in that country so far and even Batman is mentioned at the beginning at the movie. A good sign for the Duo perhaps? Article link below. Note: New Radio promo playing on our channel at Youtube.
Just $150M opening?  And of course it's gets compared to The Avengers along with Jurassic World as far as opening weekends. And yes Deadpool is also mentioned again. This could be an embarrasement if it doesn't clean up big time as the previous films but a backlash could happen like with Star Wars in China where it failed to get big numbers. And the studio can't predict was is going to happen World Wide which makes it even more interesting. Can't wait for the numbers next Monday.
Video on the Imax angle and over 100 photos in the gallery. Nice collection and a fun build up to the film.
The little film that could and then some. Before it was Monster Hunt about a cute little cabbage baby and now a Mermaid. Disney is scratching their head on that one. And F7 is the biggest american release in which the studios can't figure out. And this is what the studios are looking at and trying to figure out on howto cash in on China's box office. Not all of them can be winners that's for sure.
But yes, mention of Batman and a wax figure of him is shown at the beginning of the movie. That and chicken wings for ears. Chinese humor that is. Full review on the radio show. 3 out of 5.
Still having the last laugh on all this it seems. 2 clips from the show on Star Wars and Indy Jones.
AT his age he still has a great sense of humor especially about those deleted scenes.
The one film no one asking about. Especially with Justice League, Star Wars, MCU and other major franchises, this is so dead in the water. Us die hards are just waiting for Cameron to take over and see what happens from there. Arnold should just concentrate on Conan and see how that tanks does.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Batman VS. Superman Reviews Already?

New Radio show this week: Wrap up on B VS S predictions and other news.
Either this can be taken with a grain of salt with fans in denial, studio plants to go against the upcoming negative reviews of the critics or movie goers actually liked this. I'm a fan of Zack regardless of his missteps aka Man of Steel ( I do owned the BR believe or not), older Batman played by Affeck (he won me a $20 Oscar bet for Argo) and who hasn't been waiting for this to happen.
either way this will be huge opening weekend and hopefully it will have legs at the box office.
Nice collection of photos but how come we weren't invited? Here hoping for a winner.
You know who's ready this? Yep Warners and hoping B VS S can make some of chump change. Even Disney is amazed on Zootopia making this kind of money considering there wasn't that much of a marketing push like Star Wars. And I still never heard of the Mermaid which has made over $500M in China alone! And that's why Warners is nervous. Very nervous.
Total fail. Never saw Star Wars and your auditioning? I backed this guy up since Whiplash, forgave him for F4 and he pulls this shit? Then he wonders why he won't get it. It wouldn't be funny ifhe does get it anyways. OK not funny. Strike that.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

More Batman VS Superman Predictions

New Radio show now playing. S vs B predictions and RIP nods, working on "The Family."

Friday Update:
Great pics from the promo junket. Love the Batmobile pics, nicely detailed.They are not fooling around with the marketing and advertising with this franchise, that's for sure. 

Nice wrap up all from twitter. Some of which I didn't hear of. Boyer visiting the hospital for the kids is a nice touch so see. Good for him and the little ones.

3 post credits scenes? With hype like this how can DC compete? Too soon to say but who is going to win the superhero status at the box office this spring?

So $400M spent and $800M needed to break even. Guess I wasn't to far off on my radio show. They are very nervous about this. But further down the article it states it needs to go over $1B to make to please the studio. Yikes. Of course Deadpool didn't help much did it? LOL.

A bit harsh on the franchise but I have to agree that Ford is too old for this and like James Bond franchise which this is based on, just hire another actor. That and forget about those damn aliens.

Great behind the scenes video. Hopefully more like these will be on the BR release. But my wish is a commentary by Reynolds how he stuck to his guns on getting this made.            

Now we are getting these pics on a daily basis but don't really reveal much. But good promotion for the BR release coming out in a few weeks.

Burt Reynolds had the second biggest picture of the year after Star Wars in 1977. After that he started doing knockoffs. This was one of the better ones. Why it took so long after films like F7 is strange, but look at the comments as no one is asking for this. While the original was funny at the time, now its quite dated.

Another remake no one is asking for. Again with the massive CGI overload and "300" cash in which has been played out years ago. The original with Charlton Heston was the real deal no CG and real stuntmen doing all the action. So why remake this? Well they are dumping near the end of August so that tells that story. a daily basis

That's me on the left hand side right under "12 minutes left" working as a background actor.
This was filmed  on 9/11 of last year. Holding a candle felt very strange that night as I knew someone who died at that tragedy.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Countdown For Batman Vs Superman

New Radio Show now playing: B VS S predictions, RIP Martin, Emerson, Ken Adams.

Tuesday Update:
No surpirse there, with Star Wars out of the way now h can concentrate on this franchise. Now the question is will it be better than the "Crystal Skull". well that film was so bad anything can be better than that, lol.
A much better trailer as it hints at everything in the movie without giving big parts away, even tho they kind of ruin that already with the big fight to begin with. At least they left Doomsday out of it this time. Well this is the week we've been waiting for. Lets cross our fingers and have fun. We hope.
Nobody saw this coming. Wow, this is huge for an overrated movie. Yep I said it. While it's a cute who dunnit, it's really not all that. 3 out of 5. It reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood in "Hoodwink" very original in concept which I thought was more clever. While the sequel did match the first one, the original is still worth a watch. And yes I got the message and all that but after a while even that get tired quick. But I did love the Godfather sequence, now that was funny.
Remember, money talks. One big fast paycheck and he'll do another one before the Big Infinity Wars pics. Squeeze one more  in there, call it a day then get a new actor for a rebooted Iron Man and here we go again. They did it we Spiderman so why not. And if there's a Nol 4 it has to be better than No. 2 and 3. Man they sucked. Manderin was an actor? WTF insult.
Nice art work all around. But I'm glad they decided not to have Han Solo with the beard. He's got grumpy look as it is. And let's not forget the promo clip for the Blu-ray release. So how many millions of copies is that going to sale. But there will be a problem with that. Everyone else coming out on BR is going to fall short in sales in comparison. Hell, Amazon is still backlogged with AMS3 in sales. They can't give that away.
The reason for Speilberg wanting this is his last couple of movies were threaten to be released on cable. The major one being "Lincoln". That was Sooooo close to being on Netflix. So what is wrong with this? Look at the Oscar nods, most of the those pictures did not clear the $100M mark. People could just wait for it on Redbox then cable. Only the big tentpole aka Star Wars might be cool to see at home but those are made for the big screen and that's the way fans want to see them. If a big tentpole movie sucks in that first weeekend nothing is going to save it and again, people will wait for home release. Good try but good luck.

For us Beatles fans, this is a most. But over 150 people interview but have been some under taking. cool.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spiderman's Back

New Radio show coming this weekend; Captain America, George Martin (Live and Let Die), Ken Adams (Bond, bonus link below), Zootopia. Nighthawks with Stallone, sdtk by Keith Emerson RIP bonus link below.
Trailer and slides included. There might be a slight spoiler in the trailer as the rumors of someone dying could be revealed here hence what starts the civil war to begin with other reasons. But the big thrill is the appearance of Spiderman. Talk about chills. Something the fans have been looking forward to for a long time. As I predicted on my show any years ago. Money talks no matter the business. It's going to be interesting which one will be the big Superhero winner of the year at the box office is going to be. DC or the MCU. Bets on Marvel of course.
Looks like they took the MCU lesson to heart and not screw up like DC with their franchise. Being very careful to make sure the whole Star Wars universe works together
Sure a big name that she is now is good for the reboot but lets not forget the flack that Wonder Woman (whats her name?) got for being to skinny. Just look at the comments all across the internet about how wrong she is in filling out the costume. They must rely on her true acting talents. Did anyone see the trailer? Yikes! Bring the doubles DD's. Wrong? Even the ladies are complaining, lol.
You can translate this two ways. Its a coup aka Beasts of No Nation that a second life on Netlflix with a bunch awards along the way or that Adam Sandler western disaster and Warners had no fate in the movie to begin with. I'll let you decide. Me? Hee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaw!
Are they crazy at those prices? Look at the movies coming out this summer, besides a chosen few, very few, most don't warrant this at all. They don't get it. Not everything is Star Wars gold.

Friday Update:
The genius who designed the famous Volcano in "You Only Live Twice" one of my favorite set designs of all time. Old school when they built the sets for real before Green CGI like nowadays.

"Nighthawks" in 10 Minutes. Excellent Cop thriller with Stallone, Rutger Haur, Blade Runner, Billy Dee Williams, ESB highlighting the soundtrack by Keith Emerson from ELP Prog Rock Band from the 1970's. RIP Keith, my personal favorite from the band was Fanfare for a Common Man. YT it.
Cool B&W for its time. Does anyone recognize the resemblence to one of his other videos based on the portrait of Dorian Gray? Answer:"Look Back in Anger".

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Chewbacca and Solo Again

New radio show coming soon: More Oscar posts, Spectre song, Box office S VS B.
Can't be a a Han Solo movie without a Chewbacca would it? It wouldn't be that much fun without him. As who is going to play Solo, I'll but my chip on Teller. He proves he can hold his own in Whiplash and is good in a sci-fi movie aka F4. Sure that script sucked along with everything else, but they have Kasdan, writer of Empire, writing this one. And he did a good job with TFA besides that 2 minute ripoff with Luke at the end.
Fun photos for behind the scenes. But man this studio is nervous as hell about the film. You can thank Deadpool for that, lol. A conversation to long for this blog. Radio show will cover more on that.

Updated Link:
Read the comments and that pretty much sums up what people think of this. We live in a 4D world to begin with. Being a New Yorker, I go into the theatre to smell the popcorn and enjoy the A/C in the summer to Get Away from the funk, stink, humidity, rain, smoke, smog and everything else my city that never sleeps offers me. Now I gotta pay for the shit? And I don't give a crap who the superhero is.
It's movies like these is why Disney wanted Star Wars TFA to make over that $2 Billion. Luckily Zootopia it's getting doing greatto everyone's surprise. Review coming on the next radio show.

He was the Fifth Beatle to us hardcore fans of the Beatles. Of course besides he's legendary status as producer for the band, his one major accomplishment is being the producer of the Best James Bond, "Live and Let Die" Written by Sir Paul and wife Linda McCartney. While the new generation might argue with that saying Skyfall is the best one (No Way) the combo of Martin and McCartney doing a Bond song is what Legends are made off. Don't like it,? Well bug off you bloody wankers as the british would say, lol.
PS compare Writing on the Wall to Live and Let Die, so what do you think? A no brainer of course.

Monday, March 07, 2016

Zootopia's Crazy Box Office

New radio show coming this week and today's blog updated for tomorrow.

It Figures. All thanks to Deadpool even tho it's mentioned, but obvious, this gets it's own sequel. It took this long to get it on board cause, lets face it, they didn't know what to do with the property to begin with. Maybe now that they may be more focus on it they can turn this into another franchise.
Besides the hardcore fans, is anyone asking for this. Only Deadpool fans have that answer, lol.
What a shame. This would have been a nice tribute to him on the TFA home release. Maybe on the next release he will get his due. But at least he gets his mention as many do not now how many creative people behind the scenes were involved in getting Lucas film to become reality.
For a non holiday weekend this was a surprise and even a bigger surprise overseas as this was getting that much of a push from the marketing and advertising department. Unlike Frozen when that film was pushed down our throats. And China is another story all together. Never even heard of Mermaid and Disney is going "Didn't we have a movie with Mermaid in the title?" But it didn't earn that kind of money, that''s for sure.
Why not? He's no stranger to the superhero universe after his stint on Spiderman in the MCU. Now he's batting for DC. And let's not forget he's stop over on Skull Island in the King Kong universe. After so many years in this business he's earn it big time. And always a great character to see. But Hiddleston?......
Hiddleston as Bond is a stretch. Tom Hardy is mentioned and he would be a better Bond. Another actor that earn his stripes with an Oscar nod to boot and being in a 6 Oscar win picture with Mad Max. And Alba? Still sticking with 009 the spinoff. As far as Craig he should do one more with Waltz as Blofeld just to make up for Spectre. Or just say screw it and reboot everything all over again like they did with Spidey.
Another why not? Since Terminator is kaput until Cameron reboots the damn thing and we're still waiting for the Conan Barbarian movie, this would be a good move. Hopefully it won't be a cameo but maybe a consultant traveling with a new team on a expedition to find the Predator. I can see him say the link when the team asks him about it: "Yes it's true, it's all true from long ago" um, that sounds familiar.
While all the right people are coming on board for the series, adding the family name won't make a different is there's no support from the fans. They are just too pissed off by the obvious that the scam that CBS is doing. Sure there's bit torrent like Game of Thrones, but one miss step like Enterprise and they can kiss this goodbye.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Star Wars:TFA Home Release Date

Post Oscar show now playing on Blog Talk Radio, new show coming next week.
Now that it's official TFA is the third biggest movie of all time with No. 2 highly unlikely, we have the release date with no less than 5 different packages to collect. Talk about milking a cash cow. While it has great features like the Full documentary and deleted scenes, having extra content only on the Target release is a real blow to the fans. Maybe an ultimate release down the line will have all the content in one package. I mean I really can't see the hard core fans going out of their way *cough cough* to collecting all of them.  As for me the first packaging is fine for me *cough cough cough*
Either way this will be a great  to add to the collection.
AS this article states, it will open as the fifth biggest superhero of all time at the boxoffice. Are you kidding me? This should be the biggest opening and it should be at least in the all time top 5 boxoffice crossing that $1Billion mark. Lets face it. These are the 2 biggest icons of all time including the Justice League setup with Wonder Woman. Anything less would be considered a disappointment. It might be too much to ask for but look at the others films especially Spiderman 3 and Iron Man 3. Even the die hards say those are overrated compare to what they made at the boxoffice.
Wow this does look bador what. I like the idea of an all female team and these ladies are funny but man, this looks just plain awful. What looks better is the trailer that follow with Edris Alba in Bastille Day. While it looks like a Liam Neelson role, this could be a preview for James Bond  film. It's got that European look to it.
The big mistake was doing romantic comedies and serious small films. He should have one action after action movie. Same thing happened with  Liam Neelson  with comedies and dramas and turned down James Bond until he got talked into Taken. And now that's all he does. But even Gods turned out to be a bomb overseas. Now that takes some doing.