Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wednesday's Leftovers

To all those who are waiting for the show, thank you for your patience.
I will meet my deadline tomorrow as I have those announcements to mention.
That includes an updated website, other social networks expansion and that music thingy.
I am also finishing the BR of Fast Furious 6 and Pawn Shop Commentaries, 2 of Paul Walkers films:

So what's up with all these links? Well if you listen to the BR commentary of Fast 6, there is a wrap up on this 2nd trilogy. And I do mention all this on our past shows as Film Making 101. More will be explain on the next BTR show.

All Godzilla: That Godzilla Special will happen before the year ends:

My choices for the best of the year:


More on this tomorrow....

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