Monday, June 30, 2014

Mondays Movie Link News
T4 at over $300M world wide including China with $90 making it the biggest opener over there.
Remember Pacific Rim making $100 overall. Jeez that's scary. It's all about the foreign market now
as the Domestic movies are not even clearing $300M like a few years ago. I predict only one will do that is Hunger Games. Besides that? It's Dead Jim...
Nice cool pics included here.
Good for Serkis, hope he gets his hands on everything. Still piss he didn't get a special Oscar for his contribution for LOTR as Gollem. And now everyone is turning tohim for his advancement for Mo Cap. Guess just have to wait until he gets Honorary Oscar down the road. Unless the Director career takes off then you never do, will we, lol?
As most of you know I'm a HUUUGE Planet of the Apes fan. Yep even got the monkey head from the special edition DVD set from a few years ago. Pic on that coming soon. But its great to hear the reviews on this. Glad they didn't screw up this franchise like they've been to some of others lately.
James Bond Brosnan in Expandables 4. Oh yeah, bring it on. Now about that Seagal think tho...

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Transformers 4: Autobots, Lets Roll!

Links all related to T4. Full review next week as I will talk spoilers but for now 3 out of 5! I will say this about the cast: Walhberg, Tucci, Kelsey Grammer, John Goodman, Ken Watanabe brought a lot to the game.
Opening Friday report it beat Godzilla big 2014 weekend. Well maybe if there was more Big GZ?
Yep T5, T6, etc etc etc.....
Great breakdown because thanks to the Editing crew on this one like the others you do get a little confuse but this makes it easier. But will have to say thevehicles to get a lot more screentime than the other movies.
Some cool pics included here and how cool Wahlberg is.
Some minor spoilers as it breaks down the movie on what goes on but the big surprise here is those
DinoBots don't show up till the end? Well if you think about it the contruction bot (whatever the proper name they were given by Hasbro) were also put in at the last minute in No. 2.

2nd Minor Spoiler: After you see this you will get a deja vu...
Pacific Rim, Jurrassic World and of course Godzilla....

Well this will make my Monday Links are a lot easier to post.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fridays Movie News Links and Reviews

2 reviews and the rest of the weeks news. But I will start with one of my favorites of the Year:
Snowpiercer with Captain America's Chris Evans. For those who say he is not a big deal of an actor.
Well this should change everyone opinion.

Update: Saturday June 28
Transformers 4: 3 - Got to give it to director Bay. You get your money's worth since every Penny they spent on this is up on the screen. This is strictly for Robot fans since this is about dumb fun as the last one. But Walhberg makes this journey. Now about that editing.........
I saw this back in PR thanks to someone sending me a promo copy back in April. And been speakly
highly of this film since. It was even a highlight on our last live show on MNN now palying on Youtube:
Well the above Rolling Stones article explains what the films is about. I loved the Director's film
The Host so his footprints of action and sci-fi is all here. And lucky we are getting the getting the full 2 hour plus cut cause this is one film that DOES NOT need to be cut down. An arguement I've been saying for the past months. Well now its up to you. Enjoy the film. Can't wait for the Blu-ray.
I give this film a 4 out of 5. Wish they had subtitles for the Japanese actors is my only glitch.,manual,manual,manual#!4r2x4
A follow up to a previous post as the most expensive films ever. This is a top 20 list and yep,
Spidey 2 is there like I thought. While Pirates might be the most costly but it did get over $1 Billion at the box office. Unlike theother films which are are barely breaking even or just make a few million.
Remember this: That few million they make goes into making the next film of their choice. These movies don't turn a big profit they can go out of business.
New Godzilla Game coming to the US. You can play as different Godzillas from 1954 to Present.
Now thats cool. But it sofr PS4 and not Xbox. Well Sony does own the rights to most GZ films.
How he is going to pull this off should be interesting. But then again he ruined Iron Man 3.
Manderin is a WHAT?

Unsung hero if you ask me. There is a great bok I mentioned a few months back and its called:
"The True Adventures of the Worlds Greatest Stuntman: My Life as Inidan Jones, etc by
Vic Armstrong. He talks about all the same films as TerryRichards as they both worked together and he is mentioned quite a bit in the book. They both worked on the same films together.
It's great read and some really cool stuff on behind the scences.

We are doing another live show next week for July 4. Lotsa goodies to talk about then
the ig specials like I promised.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesdays Movie News Links
Cool video on the making of with visual effects. There's a second video behind that one also on behind the scenes. This is the next big one I'm looking forward to after Transformers.
While Eastwood himself is a musician this should have been directed by Martin Scorcese especially with heJoe Pesci connection. (Goodfellas)  Scorses has done The Last Watlz (The Band, Neil Young) Shine a Light (Rolling Stones) Living in a Material World (George Harrison, Beatles) and he started as an Editor with the Woodstock film. And now he is producing a Rock & Rool show for HBO.
Anyways I guess Clint a badass himself and musician does makes sense but he is a Los Angelas badass and Scorsese....well he is a East Coast Badass..what can I tell you...Fuggedaboutit!
And this the reason why the other studios are so busy rushing getting Justice League, Sinister 6 and others out there. Not good film planning if you ask me.
First if anyone read the books like George Lucas has you would know that Star Wars ripped of a lot from the Carter books along with Flash Gorden, since he wanted to make Flash but got turned down.
I always defended this film and got flack for it so it would be great if this would happen. And the timing would be perfect with all the SCi-Fi that is getting produced now.
Well it worked for WWZ and now that's playing on Netflix in its unrated version and people are seeing it twice to see what they missed the first time around. And there's always the unrated version on Blu-ray so it doesn't matter anyways. And if it's that good you would want to see twice for the fun of it. For me I would like to see a Part 4 and 5. Shame Seagul is still a no show.
But this needs a rest. Love the RAmbo movies but now he would be a consultant on warfare and
not actually engaging the enemy. At least not as a solo action hero. Now thats over the top.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Movie Links News

New shows are now playing on Youtube and Blog Talk
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First let talk Box Office:
My question is why release this in the summer. If anything it should have been released for July 4th if they wanted a summer spot. Or right move would have been to release it for the Xmas Holidays as a contender for Oscar since the Academy loves Clint. Oh well for the summer, Wipe Out!
My question is where is Amazing Spidey 2? That's right the studio is keeping hush. Over $250M plus $150 marketing or that is the rumour. And he's not the only one. Caps and X-men are also up there. And all these made JUST $700M appx. Not much of a profit especially when the last 2 Pirates did over  $1 Billion each.
AS of this week looks like The Big G will clear the $500M mark. But the curious question by how much more?
Read the comments as Big G are given Batman references My favorite is Mothra to Catwoman and King Gidorah to Joker. Gotta love it.

Leftover from last week and one nobody saw coming:
Who? While I love time travel stories no matter how silly I just don't get this connection.
And many people hated Looper so how this is going down is beyond me?
This is a subject about talk shows that I've been asked and didn't have a chance to mention on the shows. Thanks to this article now I will. I mean I have to being a Nu

Our live show on MNN

And click on the Blog Talk Widget for our last radio show.
???? Found this by mistake. Surprise the heck out of me...
Look at the 1:00 and 1:50 Mark appx.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

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Friday, June 20, 2014

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Top 10 of the year so far and lots of Godzilla talk...

And New Live show on MNN tomorrow at 5 PM.

.and I still haven't got thru half the list of what I wanted to say...
ummm...ype more shows needed, lol.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Movie Links News & Musicals?

Now before everyone thinks these ideas are weird, remember back in the 1960's there was a
Superman Musical on Broadway.(See link below). Recently Spidey closed down in NYC after 2 years and even Planet of the Apes musical was on The Simpsons or what was that Family Guy.
Hey this guy can sing as he proved on Sound of Music which was huge hit on NBC. And Annie got an Oscar for the Piano and it worked for Wolverine when Hugh Jackman did Boy from Oz on Broadway and got a Tony Award!
Well what's next?....
YEAH why not? X-Men The Musical featuring the hit song: "They call me Wheels"
And don't get me started with Wolverine's solo song: "Fuck Off"
Kinda cute but check out the behind the scenes making of. Very inventive. Good for them.
But I still prefer the Family Guy SW Trilogy. Ok Return Jedi sucked but still.
This will be use as reference for my Godzilla 2014 "Big Hit in China" Review.
Also check out the commentary on Godzilla 2000 DVD as there is a reference to that too.
Which leads me to....
We all love to see this happen but how does everyone feel about that Destruction Porn Josh was talking about. WHO THE HELL CARES! I can never get enough of seing Tanks flying over my head.

Really, you think I make this shit up?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuesday Movie News Links with Videos

All of todays links have videos attached beginning with 4 Avengers Ultron Videos with Thor, Caps, Iron Man behind the scenes. Actually the last 2 are recuts showing Thors use of the hammer. But still cool either way. Also new Blog Talk Radio Promo!
Original article where the video came from.
This will have 2 fanboy groups, the superheros fans and the Star Wars Fans.
And it has Troma's James Gunn directing this I can't see this failing at the boxoffice.
But then again who the hell knows nowadays.
Apes ready to go apeshit. I'm a huge Planet of the Apes fan so I'm going to be behind this all the way.
Well the first one worked. Just hope this franchise will contine. Thye did drop a lot of easter eggs in the first movie about that so lets see how this goes.
Is there too many stars in Expendables 3. Look at X-men there's always someone not getting enough screen time. Just up the action and nobody would be able to tell.

A new promo for The Big Show is now playing. Listen to Big G roar! Nice reverb, lol.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Mondays Movie News Links

"It's all your fault! You and your Sinister 6 got me bumped. That's why I'm not your friend!"
Great article on the state of Hollywood. And of course Johnny depp gets trashed. Well who told him to make Transcendence and Lone Ranger. Oh I forgot he's making Alice in Wonderland 2. Never mind.

Which leads to these 2 articles:
Everyone is so busy pushing their version of Avengers and they are losing their concentration on why to make these damn things to begin with.
We kind of knew who most would be the 7 butI wasn't expecting Sandman. Oh well.
It's going to suck anyways. They just can't get it right can they?
For all the trashing I gave Spidey 2 I still might get this just for thecommentary on what Webb was trying to achieve. Even through we all know it was studio sticking their nose where it didn't belong.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Movie News Links

Trying to catch up on some news for the week but for us Sci-Fi fans and animation its been fun.

Big Surprise:
It took them that look to make this. And no disrepect to "Make It So, Number One" Director Frakes but now we can a real Thunderballs movie..

Star Wars Fans:
Here is my bragging rights of 24 years. Not only I've met Mr. Hamill but had the honored to interview him while he was promoting Wing Commander and at that time trying to push
his comic version of Black Pearl to the big screen. That tape is still in the box and hopefully
I'll put that up on Youtube soon. But I can can you this. HE IS THE REAL DEAL.!
Harrison Ford hurting himself. Lucky it wasn't worse. He did do a lot of his stunts in the last Inday film and didnt get hurt. He did say he wanted for Solo do die in the franchise but not this way, lol.
This is so cool as a fan of Worlds End and much more he should belong in EP7. Enuff said.

Sci-Fi Fans:
I love this filmed while I don't recommend reading this article until you see the movie first, I'm putting this out there because it's that good and  i stand supporting it on my blog. Bookmark and save after seeing the movie.YES It's that GOOD!
Lets face it, this film looks like crap, while a smart film like Edge does badly at the box office they feel they have to protect a film that just looks this stupid to begin with. Where's the justice?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New Links and News For The Week.

Time for us to cach up with old news and future news. And after the Lego Movie I have no problem visiting the past to see these on the big screen.
And it's about time Sonic and crew got their due.
This would be a lot of fun and a step up from the animation series.

A lot more links coming but in the meantime lets check out the results on the Box Office Results
for this year. And te interesting thing is that Box Office Mojo are the experts even they got the numbers wrong. Pick your favorite movie and compare between the 2 lists.
What it comes down to that the Box Office numbers is off by $50 Million give or take.
This report is thier predictions for the summer blockbusters.
And for this week these are the actual numbers on how much these movies have made in the USA.
Best example look at hte numbers for "Million Ways to Die in the West" way off. Ouch!

This is no way to say that the folks at BO Mojo are wrong in thier expertise.
This is just to note that the audience are so picky nowadays its hard to say what they want.
There will be a follow up in July and at the summer.

Of the famous quote from Oscar Winner Script Writer William Goldman who wrote the following
Princess Bride, All The Presidents Men, Bridge to Far....and more:

"Nobody Know Anything"

Monday, June 09, 2014

Live Show Now Playing on You Tube

Part 1 of  our live show from June 7 is now playing. We catch up with our top 10 best of the year so far, Godzilla talk and a big shout out to our Godzilla Community page on Google Plus.

Due a tech problem so  I had to split the show into 2 15 minutes segments. Part 2 will be posted tomorrow before a new Blog Talk Radio Show premieres this week.

Also the latest news for us Kaiju fans is that Del Toro has announced that  he is working on a new Pacific Rim 2 script.

And we are still waiting for Godzilla to open in China and Japan to open to get the final box office figures on that.

At Times Square, NYC after the show. That is the famous Red Steps behind me in which Spiderman  fought Electro in the big fight scene in the middle of the picture.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

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Godzilla and X-Men.

And a shut out to the Godzilla Community site.

Note: The Big Godzilla show will be on Blog Talk Radio as I'm not stuck with a 30 minute format.

Thanks to everyone for tuning in!

Friday, June 06, 2014

Brand New Show on MNN

3 mentions at the last minute:

We are  having the summer premiere show on this Saturday on  MNN for the 2014 season.
Specific time and hour will be posted tomorrow at noon time with link.
Check out the comments...and what do you think? This will be addressed on our Radio show.
OK understood,  I'm not not part of this fan base on how "Fault in our Stars" could relate to fans  of the books aka Twlilight and bla bla bla. but I one of my fav sci-fi's keeper this year:

Movie Review!!!
Edge of Tomorrow: 4 out of 5

Cruise control all the way!
Gears of Wars....Yes!
Starship Troopers..Yes!
Matrix squigley looking Aliens Yes!
Game Over Man Dude..Yes!
Anime Hot Military Hick with all the brains and answers? Hell Ya...
Reboot "He slimed me, aka I won't do Ghostbusters 3 but proud of Groundhog Day" Still works.

Godzilla, X-Men and Tom's good so far.....Next The Apes!

Thursday, June 05, 2014

We're Back Live!

We are back live this Saturday on MNN, our grass roots for over 24 years, this Saturday at 5 pm. with brand new shows for the summer. Then back on Blog Talk Radio next week.
With new topics. Yep GZ and X-Men...
Old? Already? Like Transformers 4 is something new to look forward too...

In the meantime:
Mays month at the Box Office is so bad,  how is the rest of the summer is going to look like?
Note: No one is going over the $200M mark so far and the only film that going to cross
the $300M mark this year will be Hunger Games and maybe those damn Hobbits.

Thanks to everyone for your support