Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday's mini-reviews and links

Ratings: 1- 5, Bad to Good. No movie reviews this week. Just some Blu-ray's.
More on the BTR which is now scheduled for Wednesday Dec. 11 at 8pm.

For us Godzilla fans. This is looking good so far.

Fast and The Furious: 5
Note:  Full review of the commentary on the live show tomorrow.
This picture sure takes a different tone since the death of Walker with the subject of family
especially the ending where everyone is at the table holding hands.
Which leads me to the extras on the disc:

First Look at Fast 7: How the hell are they going to pull this off without featuring Paul Walker?
The funeral scene of Han (Asian dude) leaves you with that question. One of them says enough with funerals, and Vin says one more, his, meaning the villain. Real strange since in real life it was Walker's funeral.

PIP: This can be seen seperated from the movie as it's only 21 minutes long. But Vin does mentioned it's the last of 2 trilogies?! And they recognized back to the beginning with everyone holding hands at the end of Fast Furious 1. Michele pops up and asks who wants to settle down after going Fast all that time. Paul does show up explaining the stunts. He says something which is pretty funny. This ends with Director Justin showing the Statham clip and looking forward to seeing how will this next trilogy go in a different direction. Guess he knew he wasn't coming back.

The rest of the features have mini sections within themselves and don't have a "play all" which I found quite strange. But they are the basic "making of" in detail and  deleted scenes (3 only) just add up to less than 2 minutes. You not missing anything there. The two most important I listed above and will have the full details of this disc  on the show tomorrow as I just picked this up today.

Giant, East of Eden, Rebel Without a Cause: 5
Some have compared Actor Paul Walker to James Dean with dying young and with the cars.
But by coincidence Warner's has release his 3 pictures in Blu-ray format. All 3 have the features
from previous DVD special issues plus new supplements in a digibook format.
For details go to dvdtalk.com. Since I haven't seen these new BR's they are on my Xmas list.
The 5 is from the 2-disc special editions and for me this is worth the upgrade with the supplements
and books included.

Mary Poppins: 5
Strange that actor Dick Van Dyke was involved in a earlier car fire and this gets released.
Just thought that was strange. Anyways, all previous features have made it to this BR but gets an extra new feature with an interview with the composer of the film as he is features in the new Tom Hanks Disney feature. Way cool. Another on my Xmas wish list as the 5 is from the DVD Special Edition.

Despicable Me 2: 5
Another picture about family. This disc plays like the first film with extra features, Commentary by the filmmakers and with mini-videos.

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