Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Tuesday Mini-Reviews

Ratings: 1 to 5, Worst to Great. No "Frozen" review as I still haven't seen it. Please see IMDB.com for details on these movies and check out the reviews. They are more honest than Rotten Tomatoes. I said it.

Recap of some Paul Walker Movies:
8 Below: 4 - Great Disney movie based on a true story. In real life most of the dogs died but this being Disney they changed that around. But still a tear jerker and Walker gives a great performance here.

Takers: 3 - More like an ensemble cast aka Furious. Not as tight as Furious but still a lot of action and turnarounds in the script. Hayden Christian begged to be in this movie. Really! And he gets his. Good for you Annie Skywalker. Still mad at Jumper but that's another review, lol.

Vehicle 19: 2 - Walker in a car with a chick being chased by everyone for 90 minutes. That's about it. If you see the trailer you pretty much get the idea except for the standoff at the end with a twist ending added which made no sense. Obvious cash in on his racing skills but now seems strange after his death.

Hours: 2 - Trying to save his newborn after his wife dies, he gets into all kinds of situations. Dog comes in and the second half but still can't save the movie. While starting off with a good beginning this becomes a slow soap opera. This should have been a one hour episode of Grey Anatomy or some Doctor show as this just drags way too long. And disappointing ending you go that's it? Walker tries hard and is actually quite good but the material fails him. Spoiler Alert! = Baby lives.

Other Reviews:
Frozen: 3 -  Great animation but the story and songs were kind of weak. It doesn't pick up till the Snowman shows up half way thru and then the big fight with the giant.  Plays more like a chick flick than anything else. Nothing wrong with that, but I prefer The Little Mermaid. Better songs sung by the crab.

Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire: 3 - While it plays better than the first one with improve pacing, no shaky cam, tighter writing I still can't get into this. It's like it's playing to the Twilight crowd. And it's a sequel to a movie which is best on a best seller that is a rip off of Battle Royale Japanese Flick. Sorry Hardcore fans.

Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United 3: This was actually pretty funny. The banter between IM and The Hulk had me going at times. Pretty good story. Not one but two villains: Zzzax and Abomination to boot. While most Marvel straight to BR fall short and DC always do great job on their stories, the problem with this one was the animation. It played like a bad video game especially in the closeups. It took a while to get used to the graphics.  But there is a lot of action while still being funny.
Don't forget the cheesecake at the end..

Red 2: 2 - The whole shtick got old quick. Only Mirren with guns and Malcovich being wacky that this film has any energy. And Catherine Jones is completely wasted. Well so much for a Reds 3. Half hour of features with no commentary? For fans of Willis and company a Netflix rental at best.

Saturn 3: 4 - Review based on the Cult classic now playing on You Tube. Old school sci-fi with killer robot which depended on real time effects with little CGI. This worked in the movies favor considering the tight budget the film had.  This was suppose to be Farrah Fawcett big break thru headline role but didn't work out. Her other film role which got her started in movies was Logan's Run. The big deal was her topless scene with Kirk Douglas (16:45 on You Tube cut) which was quick but the BR has another cut featuring her. Also includes features and commentary this is already on my Xmas list. DVDtalk.com has full review about it's details. This would make a great double feature with Disney's The Black Hole. Now where is that at?

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