Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pandas for No. 1?

New Blog Talk Radio now playing. Awards, Reviews, X-files and Legends (second half of show) plus mini reviews bottom of blog.

Saturday Update:
Gives you some answers on what's wrong with the system of voting with Oscar and other awards. This is for tonight's show SAG awards and why nobody made a big deal with this show.

Friday Update:
So they put Episode 5, the stinker of the bunch, as the second to get it out of way so the rest will get good reviews and keep the high ratings. Or am I reading to much into this, as in a conspiracy to control the viewers mind as to want more episodes or even a new movie. My brain is fried. I need a break.

Everything points to a great box office weekend and this will break the "boring leftovers for January curse" that the month brings. With Star Wars winding down (that's right I said it!) The Revenant and that bear being old news, these Pandas will get much love. Check out the video interview with the cast. Kind of cute. But the one with Dustin Hoffman. They actually had in mind a Graduate 2? Yikes. Glad that never happened. "Are you trying to seduce me Mrs. Robinson?"
PS loved the first two with some great graphics in the second one. This should be fun.
Yep another award show this Saturday, one of which has little to due with the outcome at the Oscars. But the usual suspects are going to win here like Leo and Sly, Brie and Kate for the acting categories.
But two others categories should be fun. Cast ensemble for Spotlight or Big Short and the other is
the Stunt Ensemble witch Mad Max should get. Really who thinks of these categories anyways? Rest of the show? zzzzzzzzzzzz.
Wow, how much back end did Han Solo get for doing Star Wars? Hosting a Disney special is not Harrison Ford's style. He didn't even want to be associated with Star Wars after the trilogy was done.
Well now we know whatever figure it was, it was plenty of bucks. Still looking forward to the special tho.
Finally saw "Amy" and I wasn't to impress even tho it got the nod for Best Documentary. While I haven't seen most of them, the other I did see is "What Happened Miss Simone" the better of the two "music" documentaries. More on the Radio show. But Director Kapadia is very good in covering details with his subjects and with Scorsese on board this should make for an interesting film. Will it do good, probably not. If there's no chase scene with cars it's pretty much dead. Remember the Coppola and Lucas film "Tucker"? Look it up IMDB, excellent film on the making of the "Perfect Car" which the car industry shut down cause it was that good.While it starred Jeff Bridges, Tanked at the box office.

5th Wave: 1, Cool big wave covering London Bridge at the beginning of the movie, the rest was as boring as you can get, a filler to get to a sequel that hopefully will never happen since the movie tanked.
Ride Along 2: 1, If you saw the first one, which was funnier, then you saw this one. A few laughs but mostly a cookie cutter script. Been there, done that.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

X-Files Leading The Charge?

New Blog Radio Show coming tomorrow before somebody else drops.
Argument on the start of Nostalgia tv making the X-Files as an example of leading the charge. As pointed out in the 3rd paragraph no one wants to take a chance of doing anything original. Even tho cable is leading the charge aka Amazon and Netflix and getting the awards too. As Ricky Gervis said NBC was hosting the Golden Globes and didn't have one show nominated. Ain't it funny but at this year at the movies, the biggest hits in the top 5 were Jurassic World and Star Wars and as the internet quoted "What year is this?"
The running joke was he past away every few years and now that he is actually gone, its hard to believe. You could always find him jogging near central park and was always nice. Never met him but some of my friends did and spoke highly how cool he was. Godfather is one of my all time favorite films and Barney Miller was a great comedy back in the day. He was one of the best things from the shows. Note: Gallery included of 13 people who have past already this year. Jeez, 13 too many.
Actually never paid intention to this category but most of the years favorites have made it here. There all very behind the scenes technical nominations with Mad Max, Martian, Jurassic World, Ant-Man and of course Star Wars. But the big curious one left out if Furious 7 for some strange reason. If any movie belongs here it's that one for all the stunt scenes but Southpaw and Sicario are in which make no sense. Just are just punching and shooting so what gives?
Is this the final nail in the coffin for Terminator? We know James Cameron will get bck the rights and can reboot the damn thing. So maybe Arnold can wait for that since the studio yanked it off it's schedule. But this is the way to go and get th
My only question is how hard is it to write a Wolverine script. There are tons of comics on this character and they never run out of ideas for him. And let's face it, the last two films sucked so I'm like, lets get this over with. And we all know if this was in Marvel's hand then.....well enough said.
How working with Bowie helped him with his acting. All interesting reading for us Bowie fans on the show Lazarus. But Dexe comes up and we still might get another series on the character, a rumour that has been floating around since the last episode where Dexter winds up as a Lumberjack, !?!?!?! WTF!!!. They even include a clip from that final scene. One of cable tv big Fkups!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

More X-Files, Star Wars & Marvel Coming

New Blog Talk Radio Show coming this week: X-Files and January recap.
While the article states that the series is back on track, I found this boring as heck. Give me Roswell any day as the first episode while heavy on talk did give me my greys and spaceships. With the ratings doing good of course there's talk of another season or another movie. Either way it's on!
And I won't be around when I drop? Well that's a little unfair. But then again by that time it will be nothing but remakes and reboots as they already doing with Spiderman. But Bob Iger says the audience wont get tired on any of this. Or will they? Disney knows something we don't/
That double dip is finally is on it's way. When the first BR release came out where were some of the behind the scenes that various video magazines were showing and Miller himself talked about releasing the BW version. Well that got the fans again which means I have go out and buy the damn thing again. Well I don't have to but if your fan like me then......damn I hate when they do that, lol.
What happened to the musical? Was anyone asking for this and it looks just as cheesy. Actually the original with a 6 pack and a doobie and it's one of the best comedies out there. What a waste.
So where is Micheal Bay when you need him. If anyone knows about blowing shit up well...
But the cool idea that New York is finally going to get it's due in the franchise is so cool.
Live robots with SFX aka Spiderman on Broadway. Wow, would I like to see that go south. Somebody get's crushed in the front row and falls on the first few rows. Ten watch the whole place blow up aka Bay. Count me in, I'll be watching from across the street. I mean really?

George Lucas on the influence of Kurosawa and how The Hidden Fortress inspired Star Wars. This is from the BR Criterion collection filmed back in 1991. Little he did realize at the time that what he create is now going to last forever after he's gone thanks to Disney. Who knew?
Only 7 days to see this before it's not available for free.

Monday, January 25, 2016

The X-Files Are Back

"We're Baaaack"

New Blog Talk Radio Show coming this week: X-Files and more.
The show didn't start here until 11:30 pm where I am at and after a couple of beers from watching the game it was kind of hard to follow on all the conspiracy theories near the end. Wow, that was a lot of exposition at the end. But still fun as heck. Yep the show is back.
A follow up to the above article since that was posted earlier in the day. Mix reviews and some the the nit picks I have to agree with aka "clunky scripting". They could have left some of that for the next episode but then again maybe they did, lol.
Will somebody make up their minds. It looked like "Spotlight" would be the frontrunner but the PGA awards for the most part have been predicting the Oscar winner for the past several years. Sorry, but while it deserves a nod it is not a Best Picture winner. I'll give that to The Revenant.
Knocked off the top stop by a time traveling Samurai drama. Well that will do it. It's so over for TFA internationally now that it has to rely on U.S. repeats to keep on going to break Titanic World Wide.
A visit to that world and a reboot/remake and no redo of The Goblin King. So far so good. And the idea this was talked about before David Bowie passing is even better. Let's not forget The Dark Crystal remake has also been talked about for years now but still in puppet form. Do this with CGI and it's back to watching old Gumby episodes for me.
Now we're talking. Rock should go after them big time. I figured they would have him on hold and be careful with his dialogue but that's what the Oscars need to put some fire up it's ratings ass.
Trek convention coming to New York in September. 50 Years already, and we still get a trailer that sucks for the new movie. We trekkers can't catch a break can we.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Legends The Hit Of Tomorrow?

New Radio Show Now Playing: Legends of Tomorrow and Batman: Bad Blood Blu-ray review(at end of show, 4 outta 5), Critics Choice Awards, Oscars, Star Wars & China.

Friday Update:
Most watched Thursday in the past three years. Well it is a hit for the rest of the season. The rating stay on course we'll have another year to be announce soon. For the premiere show itself, love that time travel to the 1970's with President Ford (whom I saw in person) and Earth Wind & Fire soundtrack whom I saw in concert in their hey day. So far so good for the show and doesn't that ship remind you a little bit of The M Falcon?.
Talk about head kill and musical chairs at the same time. So now Avatar is getting out of the way? What is up with that? To close for comfort for that all time international Box Office considering Avatar got its ass kicked in the U.S. market. Sure makes for interesting news.
Latest update via Twitter with news, articles and videos for the past week. Lots to look at.

How can they screw this up? They got the production team from The Flash and Arrow working on this and with that introduction on setting up the show, it's pretty much a hit already, unlike Agent Carter, while good reviews, had not so great ratings.
These switches don't mean a thing. Best example: The last Transformer came out a weekend before July 4th and earned $100M and ON July 4th weekend it lost most of it's boxoffice at $30M. So nothing guarantees these special dates.
Never mind that the movie was a disappointment but getting replace by a lousy tv show remake is an outright embarrassment. Baywatch wasn't all that. Well at least Arnold has Celebrity Apprentice to look forward to and Cameron getting his franchise back.
Wow, what a stretch. If you really start getting really deep into something you start believing it. All these are standard cliches in animation and fantasy aka the village idiot, the town drunk etc. But they sure make it fit tho.

Filmmaking 101:
The two editors talking about putting the film together and some of their favorite scenes to work on. But I like the last line in the article where they mention about cutting out some jokes in the final edit. Hopefully those will be on the Blu-ray.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Star Wars Rebels and Super Heroes

New Blog Talk Radio Show coming this week. So much to cover.
They got both Yoda and Vadar with Princess Leia added to the mix. What's there not to love. Oh yeah that stupid Light Saber from Daddy Issue himself Kylo Ren. Man that character annoys me. PS did anyone count how many times the main title theme was played in TFA, considering it was a theme originality written for ST A New Hope. Talk about promoting from within, lol.
While I wasn't big on The Arrow, that Flash/Arrow combo episode really hit an all time high. And with the introduction of Legends of Tomorrow. Which just adds to that big mysterious question of the cosmos. Why does DC get TV right when Marvel can't. That Agent Carter did not do good in the ratings. But that's another story.
Three are included here. Talking about DC, now is the scary part. Marvel has this right, will Warner's who own the rights to justice (no pun intended really) to the material and it's roots? And did Keven Smith look wired like heck doing the special last night. Pretty funny wasn't it. But man what a treat it was that's for sure. But Wait! there is
I am not sold on Squad yet as it looks like an extended tv episode, not its a bad thing. But it looks like there's something missing. Or hopefully the trailer is not showing everything like they usually do. And can someone please get Green Lantern right for a change? How difficult is it to....oh never mind, I'm tired of knocking my head on the wall with this character. But those Blu-ray look great on the TV big Screen.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mad Max and Tom Hardy Are Ruling The Awards

New Blog Talk Radio Show coming this week. Talk Shoe Radio Premiere show now playing.
Wow, Mad Max for Best Picture, Miller for Director and Tom Hardy for 4 films! Great for Tom Hardy to finally get recognized. From being in a Star Trek stinker ST:Nemesis to having his face covered in Batman to winning for 4 films. And getting that Supporting Actor Oscar Nomination from the Academy to top it off. Way to go Tom!
No good news at all in China. It won't even come close to beating Furious 7 for the all time $399M record. One more week and  it's all over taking over the #1 Spot of all time World Wide.
Now I'm looking forward to this if he can pull it off. Zack got his hands full and it's time to pass on the franchise. Affleck is a comic book fan, he's both an Academy award winner in Writing and Directing. And we get to see an older Batman like the DC Animation films which are great by the way,. Good direction to go in. And far away from Man of Steel the better. Aw, C;mon that film wasn't all that.
Smart. Let's get away from the awful friggin trailer and let's go behind the scenes on the set. And at least the cast have a great sense of humor. Yeah baby sell this thing or that TV show will take over for good and the studio says goodbye to this movie franchise. Let's face, while I love the cast, I've yet to see them in a Billion movie.
Way too many in such a short time and it's only January. Is this the year we are going to have. See Glen Frey video below. He was at the time of his game writing the songs for soundtracks especially for Beverly Hills Cop. A Top 10 film in 1985. I mean it was huge!

Filmmaking 101:
Click on the link for the full article after the pictures. Strange that the top 2 sci-fi films nominated for Best Picture take place in the sand. Worked for Star Wars since A New Hope.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Critics Choice Awards - Mad Max Wins 8!

I'm keeping it short today and will add more tomorrow in a new blog along with another new Blog Talk Radio show. This past weekend we premiered Talk Shoe Radio with my co-host Mark. Mostly Star Wars and some Oscar talk as the end. So you can hear his point of view. You've been warned, lol.
...And the winner is Mad Max in 8 categories! Well this is what is going to happen at the Oscars. Which means the others like Star Wars, The Martian, The Revenant won't have a chance of winning mainly all the tech awards. Most of the awards for the Oscars are going to be obvious so we know what to expect. But The Revenant is going to be an embarrassement if only it gets 2 awards for Leo and Cinematography out of 12 nominations. Yikes! And Spotlight with very few nods gets Best Pciture. Go figure.

Mad Max getting 8 awards the 2 best being Hardy and Theron for Best Action, something that the Oscars doesn't acknowledge. Another reason why the Oscar categories are boring.
George Miller, Director with the ladies from Mad Max accepting on his behalf. Way cool.
"See You Again" for Best Song. The Big Fck Up that the Oscar screwed up!
Sly for Best Supporting Actor. This should be a shoe in for the Oscar.
Morricone for Best Score. Another shoe in at Oscar time.
Jacob Tremblay, the little kid stole the whole show. Cuteness overload.
Head Scratcher: Ex-Machina, nice if you like your Sci-Fi really boring.

Overall the show is in the right direction, like the Golden Globes by combining both movies and tv,
and have a lot of the awards handed out ahead of time and mentioned to save time. Something the Oscars should do. The other best part is everyone is at the dinner tables but they need to get drunk. Let's face it seeing Mel Gibson and Tarantino completely wrecked is so much fun.
Being formal like Oscars are so boring. The Academy should take note and hey, that's how the Oscars were back in the hey day, at the dinner table. And pass that booze around!
Complete list of winners of photos from each category to represent the winner. Pretty cool for easier reference since most people have avoided these films like the plagued.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Force Was Weak With The Oscar

"I don't get it, 5 nominations but not for Best Picture?"

New Radio Show now playing: Awards, Star Wars and other sad news. Mini-review list of Oscar nominated pictures below links in the Special Feature section. Also included is The Script Page of all the movies in PDF format nominated for the Oscar. Premiere of Talk Shoe Radio now playing. Please see widget.

A list of the biggest moneymakers who won Oscars for Best Picture. Then a 2015 list of this years nominees with The Martian and Mad Max on top of the list both with a combined total of 17 nods. Yikes! Not bad for Sci-fi. Yeah that should get Star Wars fans pissed off.
All the best tweets with videos, pics, links to toher news and more.

WTF? The academy is allowed to vote up to Ten films and they couldn't squeeze in Star Wars?
But the Martian and Mad Max are in as far as Sci-Fi goes. Cool,no problem but as far as those 5 nods those are going to either The Revenant and Mad Max. TFA will lucky to get at least one. Sorry fellow Jedi's, that's the truth. ButI have to admit Mad Max with 10 nods, love the film and I still don't get it.
Special Note: The ratings for the Oscars have been awful, if they want people to tune in from ALL ages they should have included TFA just on that alone. Max and Martian can only go a lone way. I mean what, Bridge of Spies when you don't nominate Speilberg to begin with. And what happen to Jurassic World, Furious 7 and Avengers Ultron for SFX. But Revenant gets the nod? For what, moving a of trees and mountains around? Jeez.

Biggest disappointments: Star Wars, Ridley Scott, Tarantino
Biggest surprises: Tom Hardy, Shaun the Sheep, Stallone
Biggest WTF: Jennifer Lawrence, Again? WTF she's no Meryl Streep or Cate Blancett. So there!
Double WTF: Writing on the Wall? Really? And no See U Again, song from Furious 7?

What's with this damn number anyways? My favorite roles were Hans Gruber, the villain in Die Hard 1, Spock like Alien in Galaxy Quest, The Sheriff of Nottingham was a hoot and of course as Professor Snape in the Potter franchise. But a very under rated film called "CBGB" about the famous NYC club where he played the owner Hilly Kristal about how the club first started and introduced  The Ramones, Talking Heads, Blondie and many others. His last role will be as the caterpillar in Alice Wonderland 2. Damn now I gotta watch that.

Bowie, Rickman and now Rene. All from Cancer. Ironic that Obama's speech talked about this on finding a cure. What are they waiting for. Rene was incredible on helping Celine Dion's career and of course she won the Oscar for James Cameron "Titanic"

Special Feature Section:
All the nominated films are here for you to read. Great way to learn for you future screenwriters.
My reviews of all the films that got nominated for the Globes and Oscars plus a few extra. I will update this and retype this to include  in a new blog next week but for now here it is.
I changed the title to Christmas Record as Star Wars started breaking records left and right at this time. I rarely go back and change things, just update and add, but this day was different.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Oscar Nomination Predictions

Radio show coming after Oscar Nods anouncement tomorrow. This blog is in progress for more later.
While most of these are predictable let me mention just one and that's for Best Picture. The Force Awakens was not picked. BUT Inside Out was. The one frigging picture that should NOT be nominated for anything! (much anger in me).And if it does get nominated it belongs in the Animation category and nowhere else! (don't worry the hate is already there). So...take out Inside Out and there is you placement for Star Wars on this list. Now if for some reason some other crap like Sicario makes it then the Dark Side wins  here as there is not much hope for these bone heads who nominate these films. Remember: Both Slumdog Millionaire and Crash both Won for Best Picture. 2 films that should have not been nominated in the first place. But that's another discussion all together.
PS. Every other category is fine with me. But jeez no TFA?
So we thought that she's Luke daughter or just adding for rumours to the fire. Don't they have enough questions to answer from No. 7 as it is. Or whatever. Our two questions for now are;
1. When is it going to pass Titanic for No. 2, cause if it doesn't forget about all time boxoffice and
2. Will get the nod for Best Picture and it doesn't how many for the other categories?
They all deserved what they get. But looks like the got a boner for Adam Sandler. Twice in the acting category and worst acting combo with Sandler and any pair of shoes for The Cobbler. Sandlers and his shoes, funny, but so is Depp and Keven James for their glue on moustaches. Even funnier.
Trivia: The Cobbler was directed by Tom McCarthy who went on to direct Spotlight which is being considered by the Oscars.  How the FCK is that possible? Well at least Sandler got his Netflix deal. Bazinga!
Here we go again with another reboot. These movies were not all that to begin with an okay audience boxoffice count. Like these are going to be much better?
Was anyone watching this. Well I was for a while, just the anime chick who went into the video world. Everything sucked! And even after that I gave up, waiting around just for that chick made no sense. Oh well it was fun, for that little part, so see ya!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Oscar SFX Preview

New Radio Show coming this week. Oscar Nods this Thursday. Will Star Wars get some?
This used to be a guarantee to get an Oscar nod from here but the past few years it hasn't been the case. Like last year the tide is turning and nothing is set in stone. But hopefully Scott and Miller would get their due for a nod this year.
Posted late but this is one category to loogk out for as this will be the heaviest competition Star Wars will have to go against. And if Force Awakens does get it nods it will have Mad Max as the one to beat.
Overall review on Bowie's films. I'll be making a review on these on the next radio show.
The whole idea of China buying Legendary studios who own the rights to Pacific Rim, the chances look better now. If only somebody can make up their mind on making this in the first place.
Way to many adn most will agree this will turn out to be no more than a bunch of cameos. You figure they would learn by now but that's okay, go ahead and ruin and see what happens.
If there was one actor to show up in the obituaries, it would have been this guy. If you have to give him all the credit in the world for not given up on life. Really, not joking no matter how funny this reads. He was only doing his job as an actor and had to listen to Lucas (yep his fault again). At least we know we'll never this this character again on the big screen.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Golden Globes and David Bowie

"The Goblin King"

New Radio show coming: Globe winners, Bowie, Star Wars in China. Three Bowie clips included below links. So what do the Globes and Bowie have in common? The Martian, how ironic.
Big surprise to all of us fans considering he just came out with a new album. And many were hoping for a tour. I saw him at Madison Square Garden, NYC during the Let's Dance tour (the whole show on Youtube) and Glass Spider Tour at both MSG and Giants Staduim. And a very underrated actor which most of us remember him as The Goblin King. The final tribute was his song Starman on the soundtrack of The Martian. Great sequence with Damon tearing a spaceship apart. So cool.
Well I picked 8 winners out of 15 if you look at last weeks blog. Well The Martian won me bets with Picture and Actor for Damon. Yes, he was a nice guy when I met him on the set of Bourne Ultimatum. So good for him. Great for Stallone, let's see if he gets the nod for the Oscars and win!
But there some WTF moments:
Lawrence  Best Actress for Joy? Writing on the Wall 007 for Best Song? Steve Jobs for Screenplay? Alexandro for Director instead of Miller or Scott? Winslet was cool tho for Suppt Actress.
Congrats to Oscar Isaac for Show Me a Hero and Star Wars, well somebody had a good year, lol.
Highlights: Seeing both Tarantino and Mel Gibson drunk out of their minds. That is so much fun.
And of course Han Solo giving out the Best Picture award for The Revenant at the end of the night.
Ironic since Force Awakens is still No. 1 at the box office and Leo's came pic in at No. 2.
Well that's nice but what about No. 2 beating Titanic and will the China boxoffice last for it to be No. 1 of all time. That's what everyone is looking at. And so is James Cameron, lol.

David Bowie's Starman from the soundtrack of The Martian, originally released on the LP Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. Classic Album from 1972 and one of the best of the decade.

Bowie as the Goblin King in Labyrinth Classic Jim Henson's cult film from the 1980's.

And as Nikola Tesla in The Prestige with Hugh Jackman. Does anyone remember that?

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Is The Force Strong With China?

"OK China, I'm looking at you" 
Video Bonus Surprise: Plastic Galaxy (free subsription)
Also Radio Show now playing: Star Wars, Golden Globes Predictions. My picks listed below links. Next week the Big Star Wars show as promised as soon the China's numbers comes in.

Saturday Update:
Big opening on Saturdayat $33M in China but still behind Furious 7 for single day gross. The race is on.

Friday Update:
Star Wars got 3 nods, my Minions along with Shaun Sheep got Animation and Mad Max got the tech awards but dissed for Picture and Director. Besides that a boring show.
Spectre totally snubbed for everything. What an embarrasement. Remember Skyfall got for a few nods a few years back. It's all that song fault by Sam Smith. Where was Sir Paul when you needed him? He wrote Live and Let Die,considered one of the best bond songs ever.
Great colection of tweets of all thelastest news. My favorite: Ford becomes highest grossing actor over Samuel L. Jackson. But deleted from article was Jacksons's response: "That Mother-F*cker!"

All eyes on China this weekend and even they're not to sure what's going to happen. The fact that the Menace sequels didn't clear $20M is scary for Disney. That Mouse is shaking. And it has to clear Furious 7 at $390M all time high in China. And predictions have it at No. 2 all time. Not good.
Well at least Furious 7 won, Diesel made a speech to make you cry and my Minions won. I'm good. BUT! Did you notice that everyone who won was there and the losers stayed home. How did they know? Well I guess it saves the Award show money for hotel accommodations.
Cuba would be different adding to Atlanta and New York but they should take a hint from James Bond and stop with so many locations. Fans are more interested in the actors and the cars with stunts.
It figures. All this talent and it doesn't even try to be funny for the audience. But they must have had a ball doing this. Share the fun next time guys.
This was a film that Cameron himself was going to direct over 10 years ago and with technology today it's perfect for a remake. Now that Pacific Rim is put on hold why not. Unless China buys the studio that owns Pacific Rim and that would be a total game changer.

Golden Globes Predictions: My choices first then (The Globes with options)
Director: George Miller (Ridley Scott)
Picture: Mad Max  - (The Revenant)
Actor: Leonardo Dicaprio
Actress: Brie Larson (Cate Blanchett)
Picture Comedy: The Martian (Trainwreck)
Actor Comedy: Matt Damon (Al Pacino: Do you Think I'm Sexy)
Actress Comedy: Amy Schumer (Melissa Mccarthy/Mirren/Tomlin)
Actor Suppt: Sylvester Stallone
Actress Suppt: Jennifer Jason Leigh
Screenplay: Spotlight
Soundtrack: Ennio Morricone, Hateful 8 (Sakamoto, Noto 'The Revenant')
Song: See You Again, Furious 7
Animation: Tie: Shaun Sheep, Peanuts (Inside Out for crying out loud, uuggh).

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

The Force Awakens Finally Gets That No. 1 Spot

"We finally did it, now about that international box office....."
New Radio Show now playing: The Force and Golden Globes. Pic of Cameron included below links.
Finally the No. 1 of all time for U.S., lol. It kind of drag there for a while. But it doesn't look like it will hit the international all time as stated in this article. China really needs to cough up some serious money for this to hit all time and no one is to sure how that's going to work out.
Well not so fast, lol. While this article was posted earlier it's Hollywood Reporter with the latest news. But here they adjust for inflation and surprise, TFA is actually No. 21 with Gone with the Wind as all time and Star Wars New Hope at No. 2. Who does the math around here? Force Awakens is No. 1 U.S. and we'll leave it at that.
Leo should tie this up with no problem as TFA has already run it's course. Even tho $8M a day is nothing to sneeze at but with no more holidays and repeats already a done deal The Revenant will get it's due. Still a 4 out of 5 just for that Bear scene, CG and all.
StarWars: TFA did not make the cut but somehow Sicario did, a way overrated film. But my Minions did for Animation as did The Peanuts Movie but somehow Shaun the Sheep did not. Doesn't matter as Inside Out is going to get it which is THE most over animation of the year.
While I can see why they did't include Rey, most of the original board games, original trilogy had Princess Leia so why not, meaning she's one of the main characters that should be there. Good for little Annie to write that letter.  The force is strong with her.
The breakdown on how this works. So 19 out of the past 26 went to win Best Picture and the last eight won the Oscar. Well so much for Star Wars.
Again the usual suspects have been nominated with Trainwreck by Amy Schumer was a surprise, with Sicario get much support for some reason.
Batman Returns sucked big time! But the idea of the father giving away Penguin was an interesting angle even tho you didn't see much of Paul "Pee Wee Herman" Reubens so him to play the father on the show is so cool. Again it's these little touches that the show does adds so much for the fans.

Coming tomorrow:
My prediction list for the Golden Globes as there was no room in today's blog.

You know I'm still this far ahead internationally at No. 1, don't you?

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

There is a Great Disturbance In The Force

"Did BB8 and The Force run out of speed at the Box Office?"
New Radio shows are coming this week and links to to other news than Star Wars finally.
Internationally it has taken out both Avengers and F7 as predicted but has not moved up that much. It should have taken out Jurassic World also. And at the U.S. Box office it still needs $8M to be No. 1, something which should have be done by this morning. All signs that it's finally slowing down big time and with no more holidays and all the repeats done there's nowhere else to go but blu-ray.
Note: At this rate TFA needs another $1 Billion to beat Avatar and the highest China grossing film was F7 at $390M. Not looking good.
Like India, Japan didn't exactly jump on the bandwagon when it came to Star Wars. Remember Japan went nuts over Avatar when it first came out. So while India and Japan won't make that much of a difference in the All Time box office outcome it does raise a flag about beating Avatar's all time record.
That's what he says until he makes No. 6. Jangle that money  carrot in front of t of anyone's face and they change their tune. Since he knows he'll probably never get a Oscar in his lifetime can you blame him?
Voltron was on the boards to be filmed live action after the first Transformer movie was a big hit. Budget and other politics,it never got made. Good to see the property coming back to life but a re-imagining could be a sticking point with fans. And Del Toro keeping busy with Trollhunters. Whatever, where the hell is Pacific Rim 2?
A preview of what's to come this weekend. Who even remembers most of these movies. Well Earthquake was a favorite but that was just a sign of the times.
Who ever she is, she's a cuty tha'ts for sure and of course we have Laverne Cox as Frank-N-Furter. That alone is worth watching for. She's going to be great in the role. And all live, while The Wiz was a good try let's hope it won't be another Peter Pan, Man that's was awful.
wow they are thinking to hard on this one. Just have Jordon fight another opponent. If they go back in time like Jordon said bring out the CGI. Full Time! they are going to need it. Another related article in Variety stated Stallone is done with Rambo. Heck he's got a hit, might get an Oscar nod for Supporting Actor, another sequel to Creed, who needs Rambo.

Special Note from Yesterday:
Next to hearing the Disco version of Star Wars in the late 1970's on the radio, we also got the Bee Gees Saturday Night Fever. But it was STigwood company that released the Soundtrack to the "Emprie Strikes Back" double disc LP with booklet. So much care went into the product. Thanks Robert!

Monday, January 04, 2016

The Force No. 1 All Time U.S. Tomorrow

Two radio shows coming this week: TFA celebration and The Golden Globes coverage.
Great way to start the New Years with TFA taking the No. 1 U.S. All Time Box Office tomorrow.
Now we have to wait after it opens in China this coming weekend for the big challenge internationally.
Let's not forget China was very cold to the Phantom trilogy and maybe they won't forget that. But then again everyone on the planet hated that trilogy and TFA is kicking ass so it looks good.
Best Film Editing nomination from American Cinema Editors, ACE, is no joke. Who ever wins this award usually gets best film except last year which doesn't count since the Oscars had their head up their ass. Birdman didn't get a nod for editing and it wasn't for the editing there would be no movie!
Great nod for Star Wars for sure.
Behind the scenes of previous footage but this is how the Part 8 is going to start with poor Rey still holding that stupid light saber. Man her arm must be tired. Plus 101 pics from previous articles.
Every actor from Connery, Moore, Brosnan always said they quit only to come back with a raise increase so no surprise there. But it would make sense for Waltz to come back now that they started that whole SpectreeBlofeld and keep it at one actor for that role. But that whole daddy issue still sucks and hopefully there'll drop that and just concentrate on Blofeld trying to hole the world for ransom for...wait for it......1 Million Dollars. Couldn't resist, lol. C'mon sounds better than Cuckoo!!!
Could there be information on these disks? They are not saying but Roddenberry was a visionary and he wasn't happy with the direction of DS9 so maybe he did create other things but wouldn't his wife informed on this before she died and left directions? The mystery continues...
Sorry but people are right, those eyes are too damn creepy. But did anyone notice the color scheme of his skin with grey and red? Sort of Dark Grey and Orange of Godzilla Destroyer when he's on fire.

Friday, January 01, 2016

The Force Takes Out Titanic's Box Office

Two New Radio Shows coming next week. One with The Force and the other Golden Globe coverage.
Special Edition Blog since I usually don't post holiday weekends but this is so special, lol. Stay tune for more. See James Cameron's comment about the boxoffice below links.
Bonus video included of Daisy in different sexy outfits, followed by more videos of the cast. Wow, only $20M away from No. 1 in taking out Avatar this week. Internationally it's taking Furious 7 and The Avengers leaving only Jurassic World for the No. 3 spot. This is happening way too fast, lol.
Besides the official announcement about the previous films now early prediction for Avatar as early this coming week. Wow that is very close. World Wide? Took out Potter and Ultron's around the corner and counting.
Duh! The Force sinks Titanic at the boxoffice. That's right I said it ! Now it only needs $100M to take out Avatar. Damn so close and... well so close. lol. Meanwhile....
PS update: now Variety is using the "sinks" pun, you;re welcome Variety.
How about apologizing putting Princess Leia in a slave outfit too while your at it. So he gave up the property and made tons of money for that. He is still getting a nice profit since he owns the merchandising rights which Disney is exploiting like nobody's business. Oh well old age, what do you expect.
Alol the tweets for pics, videos, artwork and more all on one article. Very cool.

Below: How James Cameron really feels about the boxoffice.

"No, wait there's a mistake in accounting! Don't believe everything you read. No it's not true, it's not...
NO !!!....................................."