Thursday, April 30, 2015

Avengers Big Opening Weekend.

Avengers Ultron complete Review on the Radio Show this weekend. 4 out of 5.
Saturday Update:
Teh big question now will this have legs? Meaning any repeat performance to put it in the Top 5 of all time? Furious 7 is now officially No. 4 of all time. Can the Iron Man Gang beat that?
Also included here 5 articles on top about Mad Max, FFour and Spiderman Finalists. Wow, this saved me time with extra links. And how do you get fired from a Star Wars movie anyways?

Huge spoilers so read this after you see the movie, but it does explain a lot of things as I was left scratching my head at the end of the movie. The first one was better 5 out 5 while this one I give 4 out of 5. It's still a keeper on Blu-ray. I just didn't like Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver was a wasted character. Still fun as heck with Iron Man and Hulk fight being the highlight. More on the show.
They should have left him in. The one thing this film had were cameos from the other movies, as seen in the trailers, but now we have to wait for the Blu-ray to see it. Nice bonus tho.
Huge. At this rate it looks like a Top 10 All Time Boxoffice. But will it catch up to F7 in the Top 5?
Lol, is the Hulk Green? Duh! And it is going to be a crowded top 10 for the year.
Awww, so cute when he schocks her. This never gets tiring on her show. The guests fall for this all the time. Second video shows how modest these 2 actors are. No primas here.
Video with a couple of behind the scenes pics. This and Star Wars will be huge for the end of the year boxoffice. Hunger Games not so much, already old news.
Talk about bad timing. The Rock can't get a break on his solo releases. Hercules was not so mighty at the Boxoffice and this will not be a huge take considering it's release on Memorial Day weekend.

This will be updated tommorrow instead of a new post as this will save me time for the new radios I'm working on.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New Radio this weekend: Blockbusters, Roll out!: F7 recap and Avengers 2 review.
4 Minute video with Spader and Olsen with Johnson., in which they explore the actor dynamics with working with a 8 foot tall robot. Then 91 pics in the Gallery! Nice.
From Hugo to Enders Game to this. This kid has his acting chops in place. Working with Scorcese is no hack job. And he handled himself great with Ford and Kingsley. Well they're are a few young actors that can make this work but I really liked him in Enders Game. Check out that film if you haven't. 3 out of 5. It should have had a bigger budget but still a good film. And of course Hugo with Kick Ass Gril. You go Chloe!
I haven't said much on this due to the many rumours flying around. It drives me nuts. But with Afleck on the set the mystery deepens. Will he be in it. It sure helps in the publicity department. Everyone is bringing their game on now that a movie about macho guys and thier cars is in the top 5, All Time.\
Total fail. Even audiences got tired of him in Pitch Black 3, not a big blockbuster. He needs cars and mano a mano with Stathams and Rocks. Not a friggin witch. Just keep on doing F8 thru 21. Then retire.
Did anyone notice how this news all of sudden pops up now that there will ber at least 4 movies in the All Time Top 10 this year with Star Wars 7 ready to take the top spot of all time? F7, AV2, 007 Spectre being gaurantee (yes, F7 got it already). So Avatar and Titanic being bumped off the Top 2 looks like a sure bet. Is the JC worried, does he cares, will his Ego be bruised? We'll know the beginning of 2016, thats for sure. Lets face it if F7 is in the top 5, SW7 has it. Lucky 7?

Note: New show before the weekend. F7 and Avengers leading to Star Wars for May 4th.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New Radio with Avengers review before it opens Thursday along with F7, SW recap.
Check out the poll on the second page of this article. 26/30% to see 2D and 3D. But 33% not watching it to begin with. WTF are they doing here in the first place? Now that's funny. Me? I gave up on 3D after Godzilla. It just ain't worth the price or the headache.
More on his interview about filming The Avengers 3,4. Some of the details are repeated from the article from yesterday.
This is getting a lot of hits on the internet but there's really not much to see besides some blue paint.
So imagine when the good stuff comes out with full set pictures.
Hey one is named afer me! Cranky Frank. Wonder if they are going to sell these at Forbidden Planet of Amazon? Cool looking cars but the question is, will the Fast Furious fans be there and will this get buried by the Avengers boxoffce?
Can't believe they are going ahead with this after so many years. So it looks like it's goin to be a straight drama and no the comedy that had both Jim Carrey and Chris Rock attached to this at one time.  Better hurry up in making this or this is going to be the Six Trillion Dollar Man.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Avengers:Ultron Coverage

New Radio Show This Week Plus Review of Avengers 2. Previous related post:
Avengers 2 opens with $201M. Still chump change. Wait till it hits $1B. Will it take out Furious7 in the top 5. Speaking of which F7 is now No. 5 with just $20M needed to take out Harry Potter. Great way to start the Blockbuster year. Now will Star Wars 7 take out Avatar and Titanic. DUH!
Note: Due is given to F7 since besides Titanic (not counting re-release 3D) its the only 2D to claim the top 5 without that 3D ticket price cheat. Of course the other is 007 Bond Skyfall at No. 10. See:
4 minute Video interview plus 79 pics in the gallery!
Big spoiler alert on this article. If the picture above is too much information avoid this one.
The actor was in "Priest" a Mad Max style picture. Very underrated sci-fi flick. 4 out of 5.
Notice the last 2 lines of the article. Full cast is unconfirmed. So who will be in Avengers 3-4?
Avengers 2 drops a big hint. More infomation is also related on the article below.
Details concerning the making of the film. Again the cast returning is in question. Also see the related articles on the right, the first one on top about both parts being filmed at the same time.
More rumours on what that title is. But check out the poll to see what the fans think it is.

I'm reposting my old blog relating toworking as a background on James Spaders Blacklist tv show.
I'll repost the radio show on which I talk about that work experience tomorrow

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

Note: New Radio Show rhis Monday celebrating F7 top 5 win, Avengers and recap of Star Wars.

Update No. 3:
Is the mouse being a little greedy? Like $45M opening weekend worldwide is chump change. Jeeze.
FYI: Warning the bootleg is already on the internet missing the first 10 minutes as rumoured. I can wait.
Duh! We all know it make as much but at this point who cares? F7 is close to taking out Avengers for the No. 3 spot this weekend. Thanks China! But it will have company as 007 Spectre and Star Wars will both hti the top 10 for all time box office. (My prediction) then the show down for the top 5.

Opening huge overseas already. A sign of things to come. A big year for this years boxoffice compare to last years.
Heck why wait, bring it on. Top 5 of all time and we didn't even get to the BR/DVD sales yet. Yikes!
Already reviews are coming in, mostly good some saying been there been that. Does it matter at this point? Foreign release first which means bootleg here in the U.S. before it's stateside release. Really?, Even the bootleggers can't touch this. Iron Man Hulk Throwdown on the big screen, I'm there.
Movie Poll on which picture will make the most money this year. DUH? The mouse has last laugh again. Doesn't he ever get tired of that? Avengers got the leftovers and everyone else got pennies.

Here are the following sites giving thier predictions on the big moneymakers for the summer:
This includes their Top 20 countdown. But looked who they picked as No. 1 instead of Avengers. Talk about a long shot but it is on my list of films to see.
32  pics for their gallery on this summers blockbusters. In order of release dates.
I like their title: "35 Movies You Need to see" Not that many for me that's for sureMost of them at home on Redbox or Netflix. Are they kidding?

For me?
The big surprise will be "Minions" internationally. They don't speak any known language.
That's perfect for the big screen as everyone on this planet can relate with actions, not words.
Second place would be "Inside Out" Disney Pixar is back with an original, about time.
The big bomb will be "Pixels", Sandler is going to be so glad he has Netflix to bail him out. Well at least we won't get Cobblers 2, god that was awful.

Note: This will be the last blog for this week, even tho I will update this one for convenience. I'll be back on Monday with our regular posts along with new Radio Shows.
Below: Original Kenner release back on 1977. More ancinet artifacts coming to Flickr.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News
Bit of a stretch but it couold come close but then again everyone is sscratching thier heads over Furious 7 so who the hell knows. Can it cross the $2 Billoin mark? Only by repeated performance. But fans can turn fast. After Menace :Attack of the Clones: took a beating with Return of the Jedi ending on a ZZZZ.
While this looks cool, is this the money shot? CAn these stunts help at the box office after Furious 7, the same action crowd is going for? While the picture looks like fun will it all add up. F7 is a tough act to follow for most of the action films this summer. And that HBO special doesn't help either. By the way, which was boring, more on the show. Won't waste my time here with that one.
Only the international box office is saving this franchise. Remember the second weekend at the box office on July 4th. Previous weekend was $100M (numbers which they got caught lying about) then on the Big $th only $35M on a 4 Day Weekend? With no competition no less? The writing is on the wall. Now they are going to take this to the box office grave.
1. Nobody was asking for this
2. Peter Pan the TV Musical tanked.
3. Hugh Jackman is Not playing Wolverine.
End of story.

Note: New BTR coming before I get on that Plane, lol.
BElow: Original DV casing for the action figures. Yes it's that old.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday's Box Office Plus Movie News

"I used to sell Lightbulbs on the Phone, how do you like me now?" New BTR show this week.

8 days total of $250 Million in China alone. And Still Counting! But what's interesting is that they want to pull the picture for making to much money cause it hurts the other picture. WTF are they thinking?
Weekends boxoffice. Scroll down to the second half of the article "Around the World Roundup". That explains how well F7 is doing internationally. It's going for that top 5 for sure no matter how good Avengers:Ultron does.
I still don't understand this. I think it's better than the Clone Wars, that animation style drove me nuts, and this season we have Darth Vadar so what's the beef fellow Jedi's?
Bullshit or not. Either way it looks cool (for a bootleg) but it does make sense. And who cares who's the actor? It's all about Spiderman first then Parker or whoever.
It will happen. They'll see the sales on the comics and figure there's a gold mine to be made.
That Mouse, the force is strong with this one.
Great video showing the new Batmobile. Very sleek. Another one added to the collection. The outfits look boring and dull. Well at least no underwear or nipples are showing.

Bonus round:
I grew up with the Genesis System and its about time they bring back Sonic. This concept can work great. At least it's better than the 3D games which were all over the place, and all the other crap that came afterwards. This explores the original levels with details. Works for me.

Some websites are showing their must see summer lists. I'll be posting this on Wednesday as that will be my last post for the week as I'm leaving to New York this week.
Tomorrow a new Blog Talk Radio show will be posted for the week also:
SW:Force with F7 Boxoffice win; Top 5 of all time, Yikes! That was fast.

Coming soon: New Pics will be posted on Flickr: Toys in the Attic: My Star Wars collection.
These are the original releases, note the bottom says Kenner.
Here's a preview:

Thursday, April 16, 2015

SW: The Force Awakens Celebration

New Blog Talk Radio Show coming this Monday. Furious 7 talk is now playing. See ***1&2 below.
Trailer and Reunion videos posted with SW:TFW. Full 1 Hour Panel included.
"Chewie, we're home" What a cool way to end the trailer. "And big friggin tease, lol.  Ok, how many times have all of you seen this already? I lost count by now since I first posted this.
Note: At the end of the trailer, it has clips from the SW HD collection for those who didn't download yet. Also see *** below.

This is their top 10 breakdown of the trailer. Descriptions with pics of the scenes. More speculations.
52 photos all together. Some repeats but wish there was more shots of the Falcon. Yeah, spoiled.

Breakdown on the trailer. Basically a shot by shot explanation with speculations on what's happening.

Full 1 hour Panel included. Note: Fast Forward 30 minutes for the start of the panel. Fast forward to 1:22 to see the original cast including Daniels, Fisher, Mayhew and Mark Hamill.
Complete breakdown with Q & A with the cast and a gallery of pictures from the reunion.
Nice breakdown for those who still have their heads in the sand. On the right hand side of the article are more breakdowns for the movie.
I posted this just to put my 2 cents in. What was with the hate on this little guy, BB8. Just the idea that's its an actual working droid and not a CG effect is cool enough. Must be the same haters complaining about that stupid Saber and don't get me started about the brother in a stormtrooper outfit.
Nice behind the scenes shots. What surprises me is the "On Location" pics" and no Green Screen anywhere to be seen. Guess JJ kept his promise on keeping with the style of SW:New Hope.
Nice gallery of the main villian according to the article. Enough to annoy those who hate that Light Saber. I still don't see what's the big deal. I'm just hoping the movie doesn't suck aka Phantom.
There's a few of these videos to give you an idea what's on the HD collection. Some argue they are very short but I look at these as updates to the whole collection. I know, sad excuse for dipping again.

And now the Dark Side:
With all this great news today there had to be some headkill in there somewhere.
Worst casting ever. Talk about an overrated actor and him being is this just ruined it for me. And Scott not directing this is another headkill. Then why bother doing this? For a Ford Cameo? You know he's not in this alot, you know that right?

A little show on this considering it's already No.7 (nice pun) and already beat Skyfall for non 3D.

New Radio Show this Monday with a brand new gallery of my Star Wars collection on Flickr.
Furious 7 talk now playing on BTR. With an update also on Monday:
Wow that was fast, Top 5 all time by the time Avengers Ultron comes out. More on the next show.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio show now playing: Furious 7 talk. Please see Widget.
Teaser tomorrow and full length on Monday April 20. But I guess they don't have faith in Mad Max for the premiere if thier putting this online. Not a good sign. That shows a very nervous studio.
Great montage of the whole franchise. Road Warrior is my favorite Post Apocalypse theme movie and one of my all time favorites. If the marketing was smart they need to go after the Fast Furious crowd. Speed and Cars getting smash. What else do you need?. But already the studio is going show BVS before the Mad Max premiere. No faith in good old Max? 
Funny video, you look out your hotel window and you see the Big G. This is the prototype look they should have in the new Toho version. Have to visit this hotel for sure. One of these days that is, lol.
Yikes!!! Not the idea, I mean what else is new but check out the price tag. With all the merchandising available out there do they really need to spend over $105M on this, on top of the $80 as is?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio show now playing: Furious 7 & Ultron
Lots of pics and videos all on one page. Good looking out CS. Family Feud skit was funny but they shouldn't have bothered with questions from the audience, whats up with that college thing/
More vids and pics. You're killing me here CS, you're killing me! lol.
Universal still owns the rights and won't let it go for a solo movie. Wow, that sounds so familiar. Don't worry, Universal has Furious Franchise, they got enough green, pun intended.
There's a mouse laughing his little tail off right now, going "What would they do without me?"
Love this show especially Roger the Alien and Patrick Stewart (Picard) as Stan's boss. Glad this went back to Comedy Central as all the cursing is left in as Fox edited the crap out of the show. Good move.

Note: As mentioned on our Radio show, "What is old is new" Holy crap they weren't kidding!
Let's see I own the Aerosmith guitar and game, AC/DC and Beatles was the last game I brought.
It was fun while it lasted and a pain to play at times. It easier to play the real thing, my Les Paul Guitar. Guess what the theme should be? Yep: Let It Go! Black Death Metal version!
I had to admit, this was some funny shit. Have Mickey Mouse beating up all the other studios to take over their properties. They wouldn't have a chance. Too many to remember but the boy bands getting shredded were the best. Check out the Madonna & Micheal video, who knew?
When your career needs a reboot, do the Christain Bale. Good one Jimmy Kimmel. Yo Dennis,
Zombies make money, don't knock it. Look at iZombie, someones watching that. Which is by the way a ripoff of Warm Bodies which was funny, with future X-Men Nicholas Hoult (Beast) and Corddy (Hot Tub Time Machine) who was very funny in this. HTTM 1 was funny, HTTM2 not so, had its moments tho, a 2 for Tuesday.

That New Radio is coming this week for sure. Tech problem but it will premiere.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday Movie News

NewRadio show this week: Furious Talk and Ultron.
F7 is going to be in the top 5 of all time and with no 3D to boot. Only two other films have that to their credit and that's Titanic and 007 Skyfall. No small feat. And Spectre is the film to watch to break it's own record with no 3D. Ultron will top that But with the 3d cheat. But hell it works.
Vin singing a song for Pablo (Paul), Rock promoting San Andreas (bomb) and Avengers giving RDJ his award (cool). Love that speech, "Keep your nose clean" He must have burnt out his copy of Scarface by now.
They wouldn't pay him enough for the next 3 sequels? Translation: He didn't die in F7 and neither did his on screen brother Lucas (Boswell) who's signed on for 2 more. Place them in China/HK, Russia and back to Japan (real revenge for Han) and there goes F8, 9, 10. Screw Transporter.
Speed sucked and even their going to have a sequel in China. Doesn't matter, that is going to suck as well. But F9 has to go to China, that's for sure.
95 second video included. With an opening like this how is the rest of the movie is going to look like?
Know it looks interesting, if not a reboot out of all things. Couple of videos and a whole lot of gallery stills. 31 in all.
No more rebooting with his damn past and stick him in the next Avengers already. Jeez, what's the problem.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

Blog: Greedo Still Shoots First! New Radio this weekend. Furious Talk plus news.
Apparently these are the Special Editions released on Blu-ray a few years ago. Guess we'll get hit with the original masters before SW8. Got to give it to that mouse, he's sure a dirty rat ain't he?
The boxoffice is not even dead yet for Furious 7 and already they're talking about Ultron. Sign of desperation in the publicity department. aren't they. Guess $175M is not good enough.
Cast photo without the main star, Leto as the Joker? Well that makes no sense. Whatever the excuse.
Notice how Will Smith is blended in the shot and no mention of him like the big star he once was. Reminds me, what did happend to his last picture? Doesn't matter, it sucked anyways.
Wow, Vin is really stretching out here. Well at least he played a soldiers before (Ryan, we don't talk about Pacifier), but with Chris Tucker and directed by Spike Lee? Guess that Pitch Black dead franchise is really hurting him now. And nobody is talking about that Witch picture either. Same with Tucker, what happen to Rush Hour 4,5,6,7,8?
Ok, The mouse is hell bent on punishing us with these live action. But here is the thing. The first one is a classic so how are you going to top that, especially with all the other movies done on the subject. Remember Academy Award Winner Roberto Benigni's Pinocchio? It won The Razzies for worst picture of that year 2002. See IMDB for the dirt. Noe Del Toro is doing a darker version. Is anyone asking for this? Yo mouse, let it go, Let It Go!

Scroll down to filming and vehicle stunts for actual details on the making of. While some behind the scenes are included on the dvd/blu-ray, it doesn't include all these behind the scenes details are far asth actual locations in which they were filmed. Type in Furious 6 to see those details and in the future you can type in Furious 7 when that gets released on dvd/br,
Furious 6 and all the changes done between the theatrical and the dvd/br releases. Type in Fast Five to see those differences. This also falls under Director's Cut, Unrated, alternate versions, etc. mostly comparisons between both versions You can type in any movie in the search bar if you know a particular movie has changes done to it. You be surprise most of the home releases just have a minute or two of difference just to slap on the Unrated label as a selling point. So buyer beware. I use this all the time before I consider buying a special edition.

Note: New Radio show on Furious talk then the last 2 specials from PR before I head back to NYC.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Wednesdays Movie News

Free Hulu movie link with Paul Walker Cameo included. Scroll below.
So that's how they did that! lol. Another tease on what's going to be on the Blu-ray feature bonuses.
They talk about the cars being destroyed, how about the cameras? Lots of POV camera work here.
That's a lot of cars. What's interesting is that they destroy these cars afterwards as not sell them 2nd hand cause of lawsuits. They could also fetch alot on Ebay but they don't mention that. Also note another article on the side of Paul Walker leaving the franchise at one time. At that time they couldn't blame him but people forgot that Vin left to do XXX and when that bombed he came back. What's ironic is he now doing another XXX according to IMDB. Guess that Pitch Black franchise didn't work out afterwards. Note below: Link to a Hulu movie with Paul Walker cameo***.
Another crossover with Star Trek. I still have to catch up wth the Planet of the Apes crossover. But with publishing hey can do anything. My biggest surprise is still X-men Zombies, so what the heck.
"Nobody Knows Nothing" ***. Fun idea that the majors passed, Spike picked it up and now it's a hit. Just seeing The Rock doing Saturday Night Fever is worth the show. Gotta give it to Dwayne, he knows how to have fun, great sense of humor and can kick ass in the ring and on the screen. Yeah, they have to bring him back for F8: The Rock in NYC. Now that's a title.
This is friggin sad. Why not just do the Gumby movie? Oh no, did I just write that? Oh oh.

Saturday Matinee after seeing Furious 7 at Caribbean Cinemas in Aguadilla, PR.
"70% Latino Audience went opening weekend" No shit.

Free ! American Breakdown: 1 out of 5. Short skits, actors wasted, horrible filmmaking. Go to appx 45 minutes (commercial breaks included) and you'll see Paul Walker in a cameo, in the meantime he's featured on the poster. You'll also see Scott Caan (Hawaii 5-O) in this short which last 5 minutes. Fast forward to 45 minute mark fro cameo. Man what a waste. For the die hard curious only. Like me. lol.
Hidden Gem: Eight Below with Paul Walker. 4 out of 5. Based on a true story, this is great for the whole family even tho it's a little sad at the end. This link only includes clips and trailer. Maybe Netflix or somewhere else but if you get a chance check this out.

*** Famous words from AcademyAward Winner Screenwriter William Goldman, All The Presidents Men, Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, Princess Bride. Listen to his commentaries on the dvd/blu-rays. He wrote a few books on the industry including the book 'Nobody Knows Nothing; see Hollywood doesn't change or should I say refuses to change.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New Radio show this week. Blog: Star Wars, Avengers, Logan's Run, Statham video..
Aw c'mon. How many times are they going to release this? First it was the tapes, then the DVD's then...ok I'll shut up. Yeah I'm going to get it too. Who are we kidding? Another sap lining up.
Um but is the excuse? The extras! yeah that's it, gotta own because I have to make my collection complete, yeah that's
Cool list but where's Luke? The next trailer featuring him would be the obvious. Now that's even cooler.
Stay up late then get up early morning. This is going to kill me, lol. But worth it. Let the fun begin.
So there're officially signed. After what they did with Caps 2 I really can't think of anyone else dong this. These guys are like what the Wachoski Brothers were in their day with The Matrix. And we know what happen from then on. Speed Racer, yikes! While some might disagree this will work.
This is so mean and so funny. I didn't even realize Dr. Who companion was in Capt. America until hte second time seeing it. Glad I'm not one of these actors. Looks good on the resume but to pick up a chick: "I was in the seen where.....".."Gee I don't remember that" Uggh.
Just to follow the trend this is going to suck. Not the problem with a female lead but the studio with no imagination and following the Jones. Yep this is going to suck. The TV show was great either.
The movie is a 70's classic along with Westworld at that time. Hopefully that will work out on cable.

Bonus: Check out Jason at 1:35, green shirt, side profile and don't blink! His only spot.
Tomorrow: Announcement and Paul Walker Lost film link.
Then the radio show.

Saturday Matinee: $6:00 bucks each. Cheap! That's a small popcorn in NYC. yikes!

Monday, April 06, 2015

Monday's Movie News and Furious Updates

New Radio Show coming this week: Furious Talk
Welcome to the $1 Billion Club. With China, Japan and Russia still to open in the next 2 weeks we'll see those numbers as they going to open before Avengers in May. And it has 3 weekends to clean up as this has no competition until May. Way to go. Paul would have been proud.
The video has been blocked by Universal, well at least in this article but fans are going fast and furious (yep pun) reloading this all over the internet. Lets face it, its a great send off. At least a nice gallery is included here.
"Hispanics, the most frequent moviegoers in the U.S.. DUH! Well if studios would wake up and stop kissing China's ass and concentrate on the audience here they wouldn't get lousy numbers like they did last year. Duh!
One big omission. The Title was from a Roger Corman film in 1955. Universal studios brought the title as Racer X would have been a bit confusioning as that was the brother of Speed Racer.
FF Fav character Poll: Well they better sign him up for the rest of the franchise.  Vin is lucky he's got this gig since he's not the number one fav. Wow.
I loved the first two for being what they are, just plain crazy. Guess he has to do something in between while waiting for another FF in case they call him up for another one of those. Spoiler!
Then again Wild Card, his latest release at Redbox really sucked. 2 action scenes and lots of yak.
"It's just good weed man" The best part of SNL besides Micheal Keaton's monologue with Beetlejuice and Batman references. The rest really sucked. Shame, the past shows have been pretty good. Hope that Cookie's show next week will be good.

Bonus Round: Here is a music video with Jason Statham before his breakout roles.

It's Silver Man! lol. Erasure had 17 Top 10 on the British charts. So getting this gig to be in a video meant exposure to his career. Translation: This was no bullshit! Yes ladies, those are silver shorts.

Lines for the 6 and 9 pm showings. Glad we to the 3 pm with pre-paid. You never see long lines at this theater, More pics tomorrow.

Note: New Blog Talk Radio show this week, lots of Furious talk and another video link for Paul Walker tomorrow. Also don't forget to check out our Flickr page. More Albums to be added.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

Check out Making of Video below, the Parachute Cars Sequence.
AS per this article we all know F7 ewill be in the years Top 10 money makers along with the usual suspects: Avengers, Star Wars, Jurassaic World, Bond, Hunger Games, MI5, etc considering they are all franchises. The one's to watch out for are the first timers like Inside Out (my bet for the year). And there's always that dark horse that barely gets a mention and bolts out of the Box Office. So which one will that be? That's the big question. The rest are so obvious. PS Adam Sandlers Pacman will be a bomb. That trailer looks horrible. Ghostbuster wannabee. Ugghh. And yes I could have brought a yacht with the damn quaters I spent on Space Invaders, ah the good old days.
Cool Video on Behind the scenes, making of the Free Falling Cars sequence. Kick ass Second Unit  putting it all together. Look Ma, no CGI! Seems like something that should be on the Blu-ray release. And the movie hasn't even come out yet. What a tease, lol. wow it's all good.
Well that's nice and all, check out Michelle's pic with that dress. Pretty sexy.Well she stay a tomboy forever. Hey next time have full shot will ya...
Will somebody tell Disney to cut this out. This is not funny anymore. Winnie out of all things. You can blame that Paddinton bear for this. While I have to admit that was a cute movie, does Disney really have to turn their property's to live action. If the first few bomb that will take care of that. But if not, uggghhh.
They finally got this off the ground. With other shows of the genre like Walking Dead and American Horror Story, this is a great place for this franchise. And Bruce sure does have his fan base. If theygot the right writing behind it, this can't lose. Better than bringing it back on the big screen.

New Radio Show next week with all Fast Furious talk.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New BTR (Blog Talk Radio) show now playing: To Boldy Go... please see Widget.

Double directors is the right way to go, look at Lego Movie and Captain America lately.
But that recent Titan video was the perfect tease for this, and of course  Neon GE, you just can't go wrong. Now the 2 questions. Suit or CG and who is he going to fight? "Let them fight!"
Great news to us fans, with that long wait for US GZ we are really forward to this.

All this means is extra cash grab at the box office. At least it's not a 3D cheat and those stunts should be fun in Imax, digital remastering experience bla bla bla....Stunts and Michelle kicking ass in a hot red dress. Jeez what else can a fan want? Well.....oh never mind then that would be rated R. Oh Behave....

Hamill was great on this. Great to see him back. Now how about more of him working with other villians. Don't want to overkill his character with too much appearences. 

Another great show even some of comments are comparing this between Batman 66? and Dark Knight. This show is on itself as far as I'm concern. Same trailer, 2 different cuts. But at the end at other promos including Flash, and Izombie. (saw premiere, have to see more for review but reminds me of Forever, working at the lab)

Well this was kind of obvious like Star Wars needs this.But its a great plus for to see before the movie. This will be a great summer starting with F7 and ending with SW. What a year this is going to be.