Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tuesday Mini-Reviews

And the winner is.........American Hustle..That is my prediction for Best Picture.
Sorry but as good as 12 Years a Slave is, it is still a remake. That was Solomon's Northup Oddessey
Starring Avery Brooks as part of Amercian Playhouse Theatre back in 1981. Check IMDB for details.

Just 3 reviews for now as the rest will be posted next week after the holidays.

American Hustle: 5 -The picture that Scorcese should have done. This will win the big Oscar.
Director David O Russell pulls this one off with a great cast and soundtrack which I should mention
does not have not one Rolling Sonte especially Gimme Shelter which winds up in every Marty movie.
It evens has a cameo from one of the cast members from Casino showing up. Less said the better.
More on the show on MNN this Saturday.

All is Lost: 3 - Oscar nod for Best Actor for sure. Basic survival story but it's Redford performance that gives this picture it's hook. Besides on word said, think of "Noooooooooo" you basically read his face throught out the whole picture. While a bit long this still kept my attention all they way through. Note: and not a spoiler, a lot of the action takes place on a boat and rubber raft. So don't let the poster fool you. There's a lot more going on than you think.

Walking With Dinosaurs: 2 - What a mess. Yes, it has great graphics and the actors voices are cute but the story is all over the place. It tries to be educational, funny, cute, suspenseful but it'sall in the wrong places.
Strictly for the kiddies, under 10. This movie apparently forget to the 10 year old in me.

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