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Live Long and Prosper...A Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

RIP Leonard Nimoy. To bodly go...
New Talk Shoe Radio show now playing: Tribute to Leonard Nimoy.

Update: New Link:
He almost didn't do ST: The Motion Picture which started the movie franchise. Gives a good insight why the movie was a mess script wise. Both Nimoy and Shatner fixed the third act!
The thing I admired Nimoy was he made a good director which he hardly got credit for. This article covers that while most acknowledge him mostly as an actor and as the Iconic Spock.
Nice collection of quotes from all over.
NY Times video tribute. A nice montage. Short but covers a lot.
His last tweet. Guess he knew for quite a while but kept it low key.
Includes The video: The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins. Who knew?
More tributes for Nimoy through the weekend.
Old video from 1979 for ST:The Motion Picture on Opening weekend. Blast from the past.
At the end of the video it stated that it won't make much money. This is followed by another video from 1991 with an interview with Nimoy on Good Morning America.

All time classic scene from Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan.

Mark Lenard & Leonard Nimoy (Sarek & Mr. Spock) on Mission: Impossible.

Trivia: Below, Name this long time running tv show with guest Leonard Nimoy and Micheal Ansara.

Micheal Ansara and Leonard Nimoy and many other from Trek first guested on many tv westerns.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

New Radio Shows now playing on both Widgets. Another Talk Shoe Special coming this weekend.
So forget sequels 3 & 4? Yeah, why not, those stories were wacked to begin with. They killed her off then brought her back as a clone. WTF! Love Blomkamps work so far so this is in great hands. WE all love Aliens 2 (as I like to call it) then to kill off the little girl and the commando was not a good way to start off No. 3. And lets not even go there with the damn shaved head. Ugghh...
Another behind he scenes making of on Bond. Looks like these will be part of the dvd/br for the home release aka Lord of the Rings with Peter Jackson web blogs. At least I know what I will be getting since they saw be coming a long time ago.
This works for me with Rocky as a trainer this time with a tragic turn for him of course. As long there's no fighting in the streets. Everyone agrees Rocky 5 sucked big time. But this character still works.
This Japanese trailer is the best. Short, sweet and to the point. Not much spoiler plot alert in a friggin 4 minute trailer that spills everything. And the film looks crazy as it is. And Director Miller is a stickler to filming these scenes for real with minimal CG. He employs lots of stuntmen and they love him for it. Hardy as Max is a gret choice. So far all good. Well it's has to be than Thunderdome. Wow, that really sucked!
At least they are keeping all the major characters from the original series but added a Female to update the crew aka Power Rangers I guess. So far all good. But here is a trivia note:
Did you know one of the original puppets was based on the actor James Garner who looked just like the puppet! Garner starred in the classic The Great Escape with Steve McQueen and an all star cast.
He also starred in Space Cowboys with Clint Eastwood starred in the TV series Rockford Files and the original Maverick. Great Autobiography book if you ever get the chance.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New Radio shows now playing on both Blog Talk and Talk Show, both Oscar Show reviews.
New Talk Shoe radio show posted yesterday, new show coming Sunday March 1.
While the story sounds like a reboot, once they complete this trilogy the good news the rights go back to James Cameron. Is that why he's doing those Avatars sequels back to back? He gets those out of the way hecan start with a Terminator series and we know those are going to work since he's theone whostarted the whole thing.
PS did anyone see Arnold on Two and a Half Men: his stint as a cop and goofing on how stupid the show was classic. If you get the chance since most I know hate this show. He's in the last half hour. Also check out the clay animation with the goat. Man that was funny. Finally a good episode after all these years. What a waste.
If this doesn't point to Spdierman news then he shouldn't bother, nothing is going to beat that.
Why does this make sense? She is perfect for this series for some strange reason. Can she pull it off? Oh yeah, maybe now she can put those tatoos to use on the show. Is she going to sing any Bowie songs tho?
Why not? Since they are not doing the sequel to the Lego Movie, they can put theri talents behind this and it makes total sense for these to for a crossoever. But where is the comic series to this?
Some other TV Director dude is doing it and I'll wait until that comes out for my verdict.
Is he friggin kiddin us? Didn't he learn his lesson. Dude! You lost big time at the Oscars. Call it a wrap and move on. Someone needs to see a Disney movie and Let It Go!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio Show now playing: Post Oscar Review. New Talk Shoe Radio soon.
Danny Glover was on the Today Show this morning and it seems he's in the running. Couldn't confirm but didn't deny either when asked. The article mentions latino but no names hae been brought up but Glover's name is all over the place. Well they wanted diversity and they are going to get it.
First Yoda (well his voice), Lando and now Vadar.  The more the better. Still don't get the hate on this even tho it has cooled down a bit now they got the original characters making cameos.
Big time spoiler alert if you haven't seen the show yet. Man I love this show but didn't see this coming. Well there was a hint when you had Mr. Reanimator himself, Jeffrey Combs, (love that movie) on the show Also known for Star Trek:DS9 for the funny looking big year alien working with the dominians and for ST:Enterprise for playing the Andorian who says "Pink Skins" way to many times. Once he showed up something strange is going to happend and it did. Total gross out.
Wow, Gotham can get nasty. They should keep her charcter on as now it adds a new dimension to her charcter. Boy is she really going to be pissed off now.

Note: 2 more radio shows on the Oscars are coming which relate to the 2015 movie releases.
Oscars Leftovers:
Something I addressed on my Radio show with both The Spirit Awards and The Oscars. I did forget who made the comment on at Spirit, Dan Gilroy, Director/writer of Nightcrawler and of course Jack Black in the opening Oscar number. Sorry but both had a point. Gunn is protecting his job of course to speak out cause for now that is his bread and butter (and sequel). Everything goes in circles and everyone should chill out. After the end of Phase 3 of Marvel and DC gets Justice League on screen, then what? Reboot the whole friggin comic book universe.
Pages and pages of videos. All behind the scenes, interviews,  making of, relating to the Oscars and much more. My favorite is 2nd row, third from left on film editing. They show a clip from Whiplash. How did they know? lol. Most of the videos run from 5 to 10 minutes. Great to see on a tablet, to and from work.
So did happened to that statue? Apparently that's not the only statue that made it's rounds. Lat year one was made with the theme on Heroin. And no I was not going to post that one up. Too sad.
What did I say the Radio Show? Highlight of the evening. Right? I would like to thank the Academy, Twitter and Facebook for agreeing with me. Only kidding folks. I should get the Oscar as being the one who actually saw all 8 films nominated. Really, not even the critics by their own admission seen all of them. Just saying.

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Oscars Wrap Up

New Blog Talk Radio Show: The Post Oscar Show. 30 minutes, going solo this time.

This review is pretty much on the money. All I can say is Neil has to go back and host the Tony's.
Adn mind you he has won a Tony, Broadways most prestiged award and instead does a Birdman Shtick in his underwear. Hopefully the writers didn't give up thier day jobs for this gig.

So the Academy wokeup at the last minute and gave it to Birdman instead of Boyhood. I'm good.
But look at the surprises. Whiplash was my favorite with sound editing which makes sense when you see the movie. And the snubs? My favorite for those who have been listening to our shows: Boyhood getting wiped out. So funny. But the real snubs started with the nominations. More down below.

And these are supposed to be the experts. Look at how many they got wrong.
And if you look at the previous blog from Thursday you can see Variety Magazine predictions and were off the mark. It was a wacky year for predictions and that started with the nominations or the lack of that put everything in a spin. You don't nominate Lego Movie for Best animation but gets a nod for Best Song. Everything points to Dragon movie and Big Hero 6 wins instead. Really?

What do they expect? Celebrating films that no one saw, except American Sniper which had no chance of winning. And Again Neil belongs back on Tony. The format of the show is too strick for his Tony Award show antics.

For me the highlight was Lady Gaga, I mean she nailed it to the floor. First Tony Bennett and now show tunes? Yeah it's about time to get rid of that pop crap. She has the talent and the voice with the piano playing to boot. Way to go Ms. Gaga. And the other performances, all good but I got a kick seeing Devo's Mark Mothersbaurg with his plant hat on stage performing Everything is Awesome.

Read the excuse, what bullshit. Complete disrespect. And Richard Kiel was the other WTF moment.
Other names included in this article should have been in the video. I'm into behind the scenes making of and recognize alot of the editors, writers, camera, etc which was nice to see butto the normal movie fans leaving these names is just plain wrong. Time limit? Move the video faster, don't spend so much time on one face and you can squeeze everyone in.

Keaton won with this group and was cool to see but to see him winning here along with Boyhood and not winning at the Oscars had to hurt. I mean hurt really bad. I can't imagine how that feels. Just watching a 3 hour show is painful enough and that's just being a film fan. Ouch.

The big WTF Moment at the Oscars: "Euuuu, get him away from me..."

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thursday's Movie Links Oscar Talk

New Talk Shoe Radio Show now playing with guest host Mark: Business of Filmmaking 101.
New Blog Talk Radio Posted. Final Oscar Talk and Best All Time Pictures.
Instead of me posting my full list I used the above article as a lead in since it's pretty much written on who's going to win, But I'm posting below a few exceptions of what I think will win instead whats in the article. But it save me a lot of typing time.
Picture: Birdman (as mentioned) but don't be surprise with all the news lately for American Sniper.
Actor: Eddie Redmayne (as mentioned) but Micheal Keaton should get it instead.
Director: Linklater
Editing: Whiplash
Soundtrack: Budapest Hotel (yes the music was that good)
Animation: Dragon but they might go old school with Princess Kayuga.

UPDATE: 2/21/15
As mentioned on the show the academy votes for Best Picture without even seeing it? Yep as staed in this article with Lucas being right this time. No cats mentioned tho.

The other big news for the day is:
Quick video interview with the director and film footage from Alien. Finally they got this off the ground and with the right director. And Ridley has been making her rounds lately saying she was interested in being part of the project. And how would she fit in. Who the hell cares. Remnember when Spock died in SW2:Wrath of Khan and came back in ST3: Search for Spock. Nobody dies in Sci-fi unless they ask for too much money for the sequel. So there.

Oscar trivia:
Jimmy Fallon Tonite Show Pros and Cons of the Oscars. Like the joke, the movies no one saw.
Can you name the picture with the poster shown? Cool trivia test. Some were tricky with their drawings.
The year that most movie fans reference to including yours truly. They all deserved the nominations and some weren't due to space on the list.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News Links

2 New Blog Talk Radios Shows Now Playing. New one tomorrow.
3 bombs in a row and a co-starring role as a wolf that no one remembers (Into The Woods) and he needs this. And how wonder he's back to picked up his guitar lately and jamming with everyone to the point he has joined the Hollywood Vampires, Alice Cooper's new Supergroup. So about the Plot, who cares, here's a video peeked at that supergroup with members of Aerosmith. Yeah I'm there.
Good for her since SNL dumped her from the Weekend Update segment which now sucks big time.
Having a part written for you in a movie is a great nod on the resume. Just ask Samuel Jackson in this clip:
Jackson with Fallon with Tarantino's story.
The casting to this and The Flash just keeps getting better. But compare to Gotham which some recognizable faces these two shows are getting names which fan boys know form the genre. And Jones playing a villain in this is a good stretch. I mean he is just a likeable guy. He was in a recent Face Off episode a few weeks ago, the one with UFO Alien creatures. Nice guy on a fun show.

Note: One last Oscar show on Blog Talk Radio tomorrow but this will celebrate not the winners but the ones that should have one. Raging Bull and Goodfellas anyone? Fuhgedaboudit!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News Links

2 New Blog Talk Radio shows now playing from the weekend. One more coming before the Oscars.
One on Oscar talk and the second on SNL 40th Review. See extra link at bottom for bonus.
Mostly teases of unbuilt sets but you get the idea. But no ship besides the drawing but this should look awesome on the big screen. Justhaving Singer aboard is good enough to what he ever brings to the screen. But at least give him a bigger budget, it would be in good hands cause man those Sentinals look really cheap.
They don't quit do they. First telling everyone to see the movie again to see what you missed the first time around (it's called good storytelling to avoid this) and now for 12 minutes of BTS feature that yu can see on the br/dvd when it comes out. You do get a free ticket for someone else but how about a discount ticket toward your purchase of the br instead. That is what pisses me off about this movie.
They still can't stop selling it for something that's way over rated.
I won't say he didn't do a great job on the film for the first half that is. I still feel Cumberbatch did a better a job for Imitation Game, who did do Hawkins in a previous movie "Hawkins" in 2004.
Screw it give to Micheal Keaton and call it a wrap already. (I like saying that don't I?).
I think this was a good choice. We all know how it ends is the reason to see this to begin with. And there's always the deleted scene section on the br/dvd. And the book goes into detail about those final moments anyways. The real footage that was shown at the end was the right choice.

Oscar Nominated Films: Filmmaking 101.
While I'm not big on movies that need flashbacks to tell a story this article gives a good insight when done right with editing it can work to move the picture along.
While I thought the movie was way to long and that thrid act too much like 2001, still love space crafts and robots, reason I went to see it in the first place, Nolan or no Nolan. He missed fire here as far as I'm concern. The article does mention Star Trek and 2001 obviously.
Bonus: Make sure to click the link on the bottom of the article as it takes you to another post that talks more on Interstellar. More great read.

Bonus Video: Jimmy Fallon describing after party with Prince. Sounded better than the show itself.
Please note that I am a Fallon fan and Mark is not as mentioned on the Radio show. So whatever side you take remember these are just opinions of ours and hopefully does not reflect on our future employment in this industry. It's hard getting work as it is. Thank you. LOL.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday's Movie News Links

New Blog Talk Radio Show Now Playing with Guest Host Mark and his Predictions on the Oscars.
2nd New Blog Talk RadioNew show added: Review of the SNL 40th Show.
The best thing about the show was the opening and it was all down hill from there. The clips from the past were cool but way to short compare to the time wasted during the live part, way to many to mention here but Simon ending the show with Still Crazy but with no Turkey suit like he did in the 70's was a real downer. What a way to end the show. A real big disappointment all together.
And don't even get us started with Eddie Murphy........
This video runs at 5:11, which 3:40 is spent on Chris Rocks intro for Eddie. All that ass kissing and the bit wasn't even funny.And yes this ad was paid for by Chase. No shame.
13 video highlights of the show. Note: Check out the last video with Wayne's World. At appx 3:00 minutes they mention musicals guest inlcuding Beck then go to No. 5 with telling Kanye Sit Down.
This video does not cut to Kanye's face like the telecast. He was part of the bit of course and even smiling. But here you don't see it. Well that's strange.

Oscar Talk: All this week behind the scenes and making of articles before the Oscar show:
Well the final catagory awards before the big Oscar show this coming Sunday. Budapest and Imitation Game get the screenplay awards. A good sign on who's going to win those big awards on the big show.
The one movie that should have been nominated for Editing and wasn't makes no sense at all. This shares the big WTF award with the Lego Movie. For that was not an awesome animated movie for an Oscar but the theme song was. Go figure.
As a big time saver included  re the Oscar nominated films for VFX. These can be found in the right hand column for Interstellar, Guardians, X-Men Future Past, Capt. America Winter Soldier.
My personal favorite that should win but the way the Academy is thinking who knows who could win. But they should give Andy Serkis that Lifetime Achievement award already and call it a day.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday's Movie News Links

New Blog Talk Radio Show Now Playing: Oscar preview with Guest Mark M. Please see Widget.
Short behind the scenes is more of a tease than anything else but it's still looks so cool. With quick interviews with the cast. Oh yeah he's back. They need more of these for sure.
Bautista is perfect for this role which was made famous by Clancy Brown. But why mention Brown in Sponge Bog instead of his other classic roles? He's now in TV's Flash, Drill Sgt. in Starship Strooper, Cowboys & Aliens, and the all time classic Shawshank Redemption as the prison guard. Look at IMDB and this guy Works big time! As far as the Connery role besides Butler someone mentioned Robb Stark from Game of Thrones in the comment section, actually many from that show could fit that bill. Give it to Tom Hardy, after the new Mad Max he would be the choice. Always loved the original. The best part? The Soundtrack by Queen of course. Great double listen with the soundtrack to "Flash ! Ah-ah......"
Long time rumoured now can be said that they didn't forget him after all. It would have been nice to be in SW7 but just for him to be back in the SW universe is cool enough. Let's not forget it wasn't easy for him being on Dancing with the Stars, he is older than the original stars. So for him to be part of Star Wars in any form is a blessing in itself. Good for him.

Note: We are pushing back Blgo Talk RAdio till next week for Oscar week and get more info
on the Spiderman reboot. Who is going to be the new Spiderman. Instead we are going to do a test
run on Talk Shoe Radio this weekend.

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Wednesday's Movie News Links

New Radio Show coming tomorrow. Quick Oscar predictions.zzzzzz. and Spidey talk.
PS Bonus free movie bonus link down below. Godzilla in Destroy All Monsters on Hulu.
Another take on the issue but explained much simpler. But I love that last paragraph. Marvel setting things up to finally take over Spiderman or for Disney for once and for all take over Sony. Cause we all know what franchise Disney would love to have. 007. Sony's Goldmine. Now would be funny.
Why? The House of Mouse always win. That's why.
And even more details on the casting. Give it to the kid from Fury, Percy Jackson, and that Wallflower movie with Emma Watson if they want to stick with the Parker storyline. Or go for something different with the Morales storyline. Either way will work but.........
This article has it right. Spiderman can be anyone. So the hell cares who gets cast. But going the younger route and back to school is where his character belongs. And what about his background?
At this point it doesn't matter except for the publicity department. Ain't Superman British? What I like to know if Spidey is going solo who will be the Villian. I'm still waiting for Vulture after Ben Kinglsey and John Malkovich both tested for the role and never made it to the big screen.
Somebody is trying to get his career back. And it took his long to get him back on SNL. No one is asking for BH Cop 4 so I hope he's got Plan B. That reggae singing ain't exactly selling like hot cakes either. Well he could do a sequel to Dave. Remember that one where he played a spaceship?

BONUS: Here it is: Destroy All Monsters with Godzilla and friends. They are all here including Mothra, Rodan, Gidrah and more. Rumoured remake is based on this 1969 feature. FREE !!!!!!

From 1 to 5, four fails and one hit. With Sniper still doing huge at the Boxoffice.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News Links - Spiderman's Back!

What have I been saying for 2 years now? The House of Mouse always win!
Latest Blog Talk Radio Show now playing, awards talk. New one this week with Spidey talk.
Nobody believed me but after 25 years of doing this (bragging rights) you think I would know
how these executives think (20 years At Wall Street didn't hurt either). Well I leave at that.
Great article which explains a lot but at the same time sure opens a lot other questions.
By the way there's a little mouse laughing off his tail.....again.
So that whole big announcement a couple of weeks ago about the Marvel calendar went right out the window. New dates are listed here for the updates.
Why? Six just got lost in the shuffle. With all the news pointing Spidey returning to Marvel and showing up on Cap America to boot, you think anyone's interested in the Six, Maybe hardcore. Sony just doesn't get it do they?
Did you see last night's episode? Where the heck do they get these actor's. Yikes without the makeup he looks like the Joker. What a way to end the season, all good.
This would have been dumb and wouldn't have fit even tho Depp like these weird scenerios aka 21 Jump Street and Tusk. This is coming to BR/DVD next week for those who haven't seen it and can jdge for yourselves if this is better than Boyhood. I'm waiting for Whiplash on BR then I can kiss 2014 cause at this point I couldn't care less who wins.

Well the above last link is what I promised on the Radio Show for filmmaking 101. More will be added the next couple of days until the Big Oscar Show....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
And a new Radio show with the final award wrapup (5 minutes) then Spidey talk. Yes!

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Monday's Movie News Links

Latest Blog Talk Radio show now playing. New show coming later this week.
Common, who doesn't love Spaceballs, Still funnier than most crap out there now.  While CAndy and Rivers are not around they can still find actors close to thecharacters to pull it off. But the main stickler here is Moranis himself has semi-retired since his wife died many years ago to raise the kids.
And he still has mucho FU money from Honey I Shrunk The Kids, remember that franchise. This can still work even after Family Guy did their take. Lets face it the third one sucked even for Family Guy.
When VAughn did X-Men First Class we knew it had that Bond feel to it and should have gone to Direct a Bond film. But now it looks like we getting a new franchise for us Spy fans. Short video tho.
Talk about X-Men. Can somebody make up their mind? These guys are in or not? With Mckellen doing his Magneto over in Apocalypse and Stewart with W3. Hey it's better than not appearing in anything at all But it can sure drive some fans crazywith this casting merry go round.
This show has good producers. That's all I can say. It just keeps getting better and better and this is just the first season! Remember the critics said this and Gotham wouldn't last? Ha Ha Ha....
Everything is not awesome! This doesn't make sense at all and it's a big slap in the face. They don't nominate LM for Best Animation at the Oscars but best song? They even won at the Bafta's Awards! Still don't get it. BUT........
Great diss by the directors and good for them. Look at the Lego made Oscar. Hysterical!
I left this near the end as this has spoilers if you still haven't seen the episode yet but isn't there a rule that says "The person that saves kids doesn't die in a episode?" Wow what a head kill. Again another sad EP.
Talk about sad. Dead kills a likeable character. Bafta's were predictable and boring (more below) and after AC/DC opened up the Grammys the show went downhill and was boring with some of the most boring music heard in a long time. And these are the hits? Oh Prince showed up at the last minute and by that time it was too late and he didn't play! WTF?
Did anyone see the Bafta's which I talk about on my latest Radio Show (Widget on your right)?
While Boyhood won Best Picture and Best Director, the DGA wins means that Birdman might be the winner for the Oscar. Let the showdown begin between Boyhood and Birdman or is Sniper going to surprise everyone and win for Best Picture. Which is heading to take out Games and Guardians as the big boxoffice winner of 2014 topping oever $300M.
So does anyone care who wins? Is anyone going to see the Oscars? Is anyone going to listen to my Radio Show? Well one more show on the Oscars but with previews for the new season with our show. Also a whole a lot of movie reviews for the new year so far.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Thursday's Movie News Links

New Blog Talk Radio Show: Bafta Award Preview and Predictions !
Took long enought for this. But first they had to wait until people forgot about Jar Jar and that Menace movie, Buy SW from George then do the new trilogy with the spin offs. OK now that we got that out of the way, who's going? And let's face it the can charge whatever cause who wants to miss this?
You figure they would jump on the bandwagon a while ago but they are not missing a beat. They have suh a huge catalog now it would never end besides their channel and other spinoffs.
Why? With all the spinoffs on TV and Cable wouldn't people had enough of this? I mean this is no Star Trek. And that last Star Gate was horrible and what's the cheap way out. Remake. Ugghh.
And this is going to be a highlight at the Oscars. And this would be he's fourth time! Now that's what you call having a great manager. While he is perfect for Kung Fu Panda and  he did deserve his Golden Globe Nod for Bernie his career has had it's up and downs. Or maybe it's his agent?

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News Links
While the animation was done back in 2009, they are going ahead with a live action feature. AFter the poor boxoffice of Paddleton they might think twice about this. Even Charlie Brown is going straight animation. And that looks great. But will the fans be here for this. That is the big question. They weren't for the animation film that's for sure hence no sequel.
Wow, he's coming out with these one after another. Besides Tombstones which was a boring wreck and Taken 3 while weak still had a great body count he's got to bring it back up a notch. Both Unknown & Non-Stop were fun as heck this has a great cast to back him up. The only problem is Liam is going up against Fast 7 which is going to be Huge at the Boxoffice even after 2 weeks playing. Now that should be interesting.
One big weekend for all the horn dogs out there, like Showgirls, everyone is going to say it sucks then it'll disappear the next weekend. And advance tickets for this is the Bible Belt, now thats funny.
Is ther anything NOT coming out on Lego now. After that huge Carrier from CAptain America nothing is off limits. But I do like the idea of Wall-E stuff coming out. Always love the message in that movie.
Nice video montage of the Oscar nominees since the awards are just 3 weeks away. Apes all the way.
Cool video interview. Listen near the end about his and Benedict nickanes from their fans.
And if you read the interview not one mention of Jupiter Ascending. He is avoiding press on that like crazy. No reason to hurt your chances on getting that Oscar right? And it looks like he might get it.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Tuesday's Movie Links News
Well with the show going into season 2 now they can get to the other villains they promised.
But to end the season with the Joker is such a tease and worth the wait. And the casting with this showhas been great. Who are they going to get for this role?
Mixed results to say the least but the fans are there. And having the writer from X-Men Future Past
on this has to work. Get this one in the can and get to that crossover already. That's the goldmine.
From Thoery of Everything and Spidey. Will this make her a house hold name cause even tho she's nominated for an Oscar nobody is putting two and two together. Not does it matter if this is going to be the Boba Fett movie. The jury are still out on these stand alones yours included.
Still haven't read issue one but the crossover idea is just great. And they could make this into a animated film. I think die hards would look forward to this then the next ST3 Alternate Universe with Chirs Pike as Capt. Kirk. But then again I grew up with the original generation of Trek and Apes so what do you expect from me? Forget ST3 have Trek back on TV/cable? YES!
Ending of the game, the commercials, hte movie trailers and after all said and done it all comes down to this. That stupid shark. Really? Check out the video. Someone had nothing better to do but notice a dancer was out of step? Really? I mean really?

Note: BAFTA Awards are this weekend. The British side of the Oscars.
That will be the Radio Show: BAFTA Award Predictions

Monday, February 02, 2015

Monday's Movie News Links
February releases are here. So on this list which is the one you want to see the most? The comments say it all: The Kingsman. A nod to James Bond, I'm there. Jupiter A? Train Wreck. I'm there.
Everything else is for Netflix.
After winning all those awards with an Oscar on it's way, Hosting SNL, highlight being that goof on Casablanca, joining King Kong Skull Island with Micheal Keaton, Loki lol, this would be an added plus to the Spidey Franchise. He can call it now and they can use it.
Talk about Spidey, now Fox is seeing what a disaster Sony has on thier hands and the only way to compete with Marvel is taking these two and having a crossover. How many more X-Men can they pull off? And this would be huge, if they don't screw up F4 that is.
Arnold as the T-800 making a cameo on the show. This was the best thing about this show.
Did anyone stay up for this, not beer induced that is, lol. I Saw it this morning instead. All fun tho. And talking about the game....
Most were lame like the commercials but the best was seeing F7, sports cars going thru buildings. What more can you ask for? And talk about commercials...
My favorites were:
Snickers Brady Bunch: Marsha Marsha Marsha! As Trejo wasn't enough you had Buscemi. Classic.
Squarespace Dreaming with Jeff: It's The Dude man, like man, it was Jeff, man, Wow, man.
Esurance Say My Name: Bryan Cranston still milking Breaking Bad. Why not he owns it.
Clash of Clans: Liam Neeson and his threats. It never gets tired. Cause he also owns it.
Budwesier Lost Dog: How can you not love this? All at once everyone, awwwwwwwww.

Kim: Self Indulgent is suppose to be funny, yeah we get, now go away and take genius with you.
Nationwide: Actually excellent commercial, wrong place wrong time.
C'mon how can you show this over massive beer intake and Buffalo wings. Serious it doesn't mix.

Note: So where is that radio show? I'm including SNL and SB into the mix. Trust me.