Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesdays Movie News Links

New Live show on Youtube and New Radio Show, both now playing.

Sooner or later it was going to happen. Yes video games make lousy movies aka Battleship with many others but they keep tapping onto these as to find their own brands and franchises.
And of course the obvious is that all the stars and talent ar going to tv/cable.netlfix. Duh.
Again It's Hollywood pushing all the talent away and saving money with those huge salaries the stars were asking, $20M plus points. So this shouldn't be a surprise.

Lets face it, he needs the money, but hell why not? He deserves it for all those years sluggin it out in this business. And to say he has his trilogy is a good investment for his career for which he will be remembered as one of his best roles besides  the tv show Sons of Arnachy. And besides I want to see this happen, damn it! Come on Del Toro, this is your boy make it happen.

No Rush Hour? Good, these movies suck. Cris Turker made lots of money on these, no problem.
He took some of that cash and help kids from the street for a better life. Good for him. Jackie Chan
is producing a lot of Chinese product and deserves bettter, And Ratner is a hack to begin with.
Remember he did ruin X-Men. So he is the last one to deserves this. Send to TV to get it cancelled and been done with it.

Oh boy now he's really pissed off, killing his wife. Simple plot. Really do we need more than that?
Just give the body count, that's all. Besides at least it'll be better than Tombstone.ZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Links Plus New MNN and Radio Shows.

New MNN show now playing on Youtube. Just go to Sundays Blog for the clip.
New Radio Show now playing: "Who Are Those Guys?"

They should have made this into a movie. This had all the best qualities from both shows.
My favorite was seeing Bob Burgers (love that show) in the plane and seeing Cleveland crashing to the ground.
Clasic. 2nd favorite: Stewie at the very end by the blackboard. That was so sweet.
Best cameos were James Wood and Alien Roger. so cool.
And fo course the mandatory chicken fight. You can never get tired of that.
Next: Futurama and Family Guy. Bender out to kill Stewie. Another classic.
Now how about that crossover movie featuring all 3? Yep all 3 of them. Box office gold.

That Marvel skit nailed it. If you've been reading this blog on a regular basis you know I mentioned
Disney as "The Big Nothing" from Neverending story. It just sweeps the land and Disney owns it.
As always there are skits that just plain sucked. But my biggest peeve no Cecily Strong on the weekend update. That sucked. Even tho she showed up as conversation girl I hope she gets the was annoying. But Update will need to jell to make it stick.
2ND best skit. The He-man segment, event tho a little ackward it was in the right direction.

Will somebody make up thier mind already! But glad he's on board with Nimoy. Nice way to wrap up the trilogy. After that time to get Star Trek back on TV where it belongs. TV is big now and all the best actors and writers are they now and this would help a lot to make those classic episdoes like the ones we grew up with.

Whether you like him or not it's the damn writing which made Man of Steel a train wreck. And how many Bats and Sups have we had in the century? How about worrying about the story.......

Which direction will the story head into? Bad Superman or Good Superman?. But got to admit it is an interesting angle. Again hope the writing doesn't blow it.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

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We have 2 shows left In October as I'll be hitting the road in November. The radio will take it's place.
More details coming in the coming month. New Radio coming next.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Movie Link News

New show on MNN tomorrow at 5 pm. Then the radio show for Sunday.
Again with the double dipping? And this hasn't even come out yet on BR. You figure they wait after the release then tell everyone. Well least I can thank them for saving me money, I'll wait for next yr.

Wow, first Roger 007 Moore gets to visit the James Bond set and now the STar Wars set. Is he or fan or "'its good to know the right people in this busines". Hmm A fanboy at heart, so cool.

Great merchandising angle. Collect all 12! Got the originals, got the Menace ones, now lets add the chrome ones. They don't miss a beat do they? Well neither do I. But it does look cool tho.

Man they are moving fast on this one. And for the better nothing worse than sitting on a franchise for too long and then when it comes out nobody cares aka Sin City 2. Hey Are you listening out there
Godzilla Sudio Heads?

Note: Had to do overtime so that bit me in the ass so MNN show tomorrow and hopefully
a new rado show, then 2 back to back for next week to get ready for creature feature month

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday Movie News Links

New radio coming before the weekend. New MNN show this Saturday.

I'm all for Blade Runner but no Alien and they are going to concentrate on the Engineers?
Looks like I'm staying home or the beach when that comes out. The last one kinda sucked. Big time.

While this sounds swell and all but too many stars like Mcfarlene's western could be a bad omen.
But heck this has to be funny either way. Well I hope. Talk about Liam....

Actaully this title makes sense because nobody is kidnapped or taken. Liam is the one being chased.
They could be worse titles than this so the 3 makes sense. Just leave it alone and release the damn thing. Nothings worse than over thinking and over kill unless it's a body count of course, lol.
And this has to be better than his last film Walk Amoung the Tombstones. God what a yawner!

Who cares? Arnold and Cameron are not together for the reboots which should crash big time.

Remaking a classic and one of my favorite films is not a good idea. But going back to theroots of the story like Seven Samurai is the right idea. I'm looking forward to the other six myself. Glad to see Denzal in this, why not Jamie Fox who is a cowboy in real life. That was his horse in Dhjango.
And what happened to Tom Cruise who was attached to this for a while. Oh MI4, I forgot. lol.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links

Latest Radio Show now playing. New one later this week.

Those DVR'd numbers are sure making a difference. And glad that Gotham got the ratings it needed considering what competition it has. Blacklist was a given but shame about "Forever". Good premise and I saw them filming a scene right here in Chinatown. So another on location show for NYC.
But these studios are tough. Lets see who hangs in there till the mid-season this winter.

Behind the scenes filmmaking 101 on the creation of Gotham.  Note: As mention as the bottom of the article The Brooklyn Navy Yards was an actual Navy yard for ships. It has been converted to a studio amoung other things in the neighborhood. Type in Steiner Studios in Yahoo to see the map.

wow, how things have changed over the years. When the ending of the original trilogy was about to play out, nobody knew that Leia was Lukes sister, thebig redemption of Darth Vadar and how silly those eowks looks besides being overly cute on beating the empire. Now with all those leaks and I'm sure JJ is getting a kick out of it since he posted some pictures himself. But if they wanted tosecrecy they should have filmed inside a soundstage completelysecured from the outside world. But then again someone from the inside would have leaked that himself anyways.

Double dumb ass to everyone. No Shats, ok then give us the damn Klingons. No Klingons? Then keep the damn frnchise to yourselves and put Star Trek back on TV where it belonds!

Why not? Everyone picked on him for turning down Speed 2. Even his co-star from Speed 1 "Dennis Hopper" said that was a dumb idea from a interview. With good reviews coming in or John Wick it's time he get back into the action genre. But it sure is funny how they change their minds, ain't it?

Reminder: new show this Saturday on MNN since I missed the last show spot.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday's Movie News Links

Latest Radio Show now playing. New radio show coming later this week. In the meantime.....

A throwback to my younger years as I grew up with Star Trek in syndication and Apes week on Ch.7 Afternoon Movie Week. A great crossover idea that finally getting it's release date. Talk about...

He should have been in the first one. Some say it's gimmicky and what ever you thinkof the Shats he is the Captain and it would be great to see him in the alternate universe. Hope they don't screw this up.

This sucks. You as an actor make a cameo at the end of X-Men:Past and in the next film you get replaced anyways. But it does make sense as far as the age factor does play a lot in this. A note to other franchises.

There is one reason they left out but apparently they are not paying attention. You do not put a fanboy show against a huge hit like Big Bang Theory, a friggin ratings buster. They should move this to a Wednesday or Thursday. And to heck with 2 seasons, with all the classic villians Gotham has to offer this could easily last 5 seasons at least. Right away I love this show, They got the tone right with the look and feel of Gothom.
Note: This is filmed in NYC at actual location with some CGI to make up the background.
The fist fight between Jim Gorden and Big Man Pepper was filmed at (Nicknamed) Piss Alley, right next to the Williamsburg Bridge where they film Blue Bloods for certain scenes, As matter of fact the rooftop chase was also next to the bridge. All a few blocks from where I live.

This is the show I worked on for that one day at Coney Island. Since we were not told what was the show about we had no idea we would be working on show number 2. But this is the show where Berlin and Red meet up at a bench at the boardwalk. I already recognize some of the fellow background actors in the scene as we worked together for a good 5 hours to do this one scene.
I will be talking about this in next weeks show as they are spoilers to be mention, now that I now how the scene goes down. The other scene is where Red is at the shooting gallery, More on that coming in this weeks blog.
This will week be a big catch up show then next week with the Ray Harryhausen tribute along with Skull Island King Kong review. Which will lead to our creature feature for October.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Mondays Movie News Links

New Radio Show now playing, click on the widget: Godzilla BR Review, Skull Island and other news. Some things mentioned are related to some of the articles below.

From 007 Roger Moore himself. This is what I am talking about, screw the rumours and show us whats actually happening with the film. To me it's all teasers on how this unfolds.

And more on the set pictures like this. And it's not CGI but on location with real props. Well JJ kept his promise when he said it would be more hands on with live shooting. There you go.

Great choice. Star Trek all the way. If you listen to Orci's commentary on ST:The Voyage Home Blu-ray you can hear he is a total Star Trek geek and the best person for the job at this point.
They should get Micheal Bay to do Power Rangers. It was the style he ripped off to begin with.

None of these except maybe Doomsday Machine but not for 2 hours. And City on the Edge of Forever. Is a classic and after that Khan ripoff they should stay from it. BUT if they go to the original script which was hell of a lot darker then that would be interest. Look just go bck to the Klingons and call it a day. It's a no brainer and we already had Romulans. Maybe the Gorn could do a cameo tho.

One of the topics I mentioned on the show that once he signed on to Skull Island all bets on Loki hanging on the franchise is pretty much over. Listen to the show, whose ahead of whom, lol.

As Spader is telling Jimmy Fallon from Friday Night Show. It was a great experience working on the set of the Blacklist with Mr. Spader. The Next Blacklist show is the Coney Island shoot I was at. More on this in this weeks coming radio show. Plus back to MNN this coming Saturday.

Friday, September 19, 2014

New Radio Show Now Playing This Weekend.

Season 3, Episode 6: Godzilla Blu-ray, Skull Island and Preview of October Creature Feature Shows,
shoutouts to the Godzilla Community Page.
Mothra is the given as the easter egg in the movie with the aquarium. But will they follow the storyline when Mothra, Rodan fought King Gidorah. More on that on the Radio Show this weekend.

Actually we were looking for more easter eggs than this one as was posted by fans on Youtube.
While the BR does explains the opening sequence it did not explain the eggs that posted during the summer. Of course it will be on the Directors Cut.

Note: While it says Episode 6 by their record, it's actually show No. 2 to let you know you did not missed any shows..The first 4 episodes were actually test runs.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday's Movie News Links

Cool video which ends with a cameo of the Batmobile. I gotta admit I'm getting a kick out of these crossover ideas. I'm still waiting for the Planet of the Apes and Star Trek comic book series to come out at the end of the year. And yes that is official. I did say I wasn't going to put up that many Star Wars stuff because all those rumours flying around. But is such a cook joke.

This video is a tease as Quinto mentions at the 30 seconds. But at least it's just another 6 months instead another year. They have to deal with Star Wars now since before there was no compeition for Space movies until of course Gaurdians came out so both of those other franchises had their fix. I know it was for me. Now I have Star Wars-Trek and Gaurdians and still can't get enough.
Spoiled I am, Fascinating it is, cause Yo Soy Groot, LOL.

Good Luck. I like Dan Aykroyd but he's got to let it go. He's trying to cover evey angle he can and I don't blame him. I wouldn't mind seeing a franchise out of this but it's been so long now.

Does anyone remember "The Neverending Story" with the big flying dragon dog? The rocker eater tells the kid it's the "Big Nothing" that istaking over the land. Well that's what Disney reminds me of taking over all thes franchises and basically the Box Office. And the still have TV and Cable. Yikes.
And they wont'b be happy till they have it all. Mark my words: They will own Spiderman.

Note: Radio show coming ths weekend. Godzilla and Mothra BR with Skull Island recap.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links

Radio Show Premiere now playing. Click on the Widget on the right to hear the show. A new show with Godzilla BR review will be posted before the weekend.

Click on poster and it will take you to a promo page, scroll down for 3 mini vids which you probably seen before. But it looks cool.

It psoted this before but scroll down to the comments about the 7th comment someone posted the timings of Godzilla showing up in all of his movies.
For me the first part Monarch explaining the origins was cool as it was mash up for the opening credits. Over here they make it like news reels and actually what happens with the events leading up to the movie. The second part Legendary Godzilla are just 4 part teasers on the making of. And all of the behind the scenes making of before the movie came out are not here. It is the same info but told in different takes. If this doesn't bother you then you should be good. Me? I'm friggin furious! You got the kitchen sink, then throw in there for crying out load! It's the idea of the double dipping when they re-release this again as the rumours there will be a Directors cut. But yes I have it and will talk about it on the radio show which will be posted before the weekend is out.

Special Note Blooper: Godzilla crashes through the San Fransciso Bridge. A scene later the Muto is flying away and the bridge in the background is intact. Last scene Godzilla in diving in the water and the camera follows him, in the background again the bridge is intact. And where are all the battleships in the Bay?

Includes a B roll video on the making of. Great stuff. This BR will be in my collection as this is still on my top 10 Favorite pictures of the year.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday's Movie News Links

Premiere Radio Show now playing. This week a new show with Godzilla BR review with King Kong

They are not wasting time to make this, are they. Well it makes sense. We all know this is heading toward a Godzilla Versus King Kong feature. But a new Godzilla will take at least 3-4 years since Director Edwards has to do that Star Wars Solo Film. So in between why not start setting up King Kong with his own feature: King Kong Versus Loki. Sorry it's cory but I couldn't resist.

Not much of a plot is it. Just another teaser on a slow news day. But Downey says he has a surprise tomorrow. Sorry but Loki during King Kong is better what ever the news is.

Douglas Trumbull had a lot to do with the "Original Trilogy Star Wars" movies and made the classic Sci-fi "Silent Running" with Bruce Dern released in 1972.  This could the  tech angle where Peter Jackson failed on the Hobbit Trilogy. But never mind the tech, will the movies be any good?
All the tech in the world cannot makeup a lousy script. That is still in the writers hands.

Listen to the studio politics that Fincher explains. As I said on my Radio Show Premiere, it's another example of Micro Management where a star can sell tickets in a foreign country instead of making a good movie. Making money overseas is really being a serious

As the songs goes "Moneychanges everything" Hate that shaky cam but still better than that last spinoff with Jeremy Renner. That was so boring beyond belief.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday's Movie News Links

Premiere Radio Show Now Playing. Click on the Widget. Godzilla Blu-ray Review will be the next show coming this week.

Man, were they wrong on their predictions. And these are suppose to be the experts. But it goes to show you that audiences are getting tired of these type of movies, sequels, reboots etc.
I like that they gave themselves and "F" For How To Train Your Dragon 2, which did not cross
over the $300M mark and Guardians of the Galaxy which Did crossover the $300M mark.
As that famous line from Oscar Winner Screenwriter William Goldman (Princess Bride, etc):
"Nobody Knows Anything"

HE deserves he's own movie but he needs to be surrounded by an new ensemble, some charcters that are not part of The Avengers but part of the Marvel Universe. Planet Hulk would be a good story that can be made. Either way after the2 previous failures he needs a stand up movie on his own.

Not a great video but at least it's in action. After seeing more picks than the first ones that showed up I took a liking to the new Batmobile, more slicker. Let's see how it looks on the big screen

Obi-wan with his own moive? Well the polls suggest that's what the fans want to see. If anyone has notice I haven't posted that many things concerning Star Wars lately mainly becausse of all the rumours on what's going on. What's real and what's not can be very frustrating so like this article and the above if it happens it happens, until then "Just the facts Ma'am".

Blu-ray review already. Yep its a disappointment. 1 hour of features and that's it.
Where is the Commentary, Deleted scenes, Gag Reel? And from all those features that where on
the internet, where are those. And last but not least we know there's easters eggs relating to the sequels.  Well you know what that means? Yep The Double Dip! They are getting us fans again.
Will I get this anyways? Yes. Will I get the Directors Edition? Yes. Am I a SAP? Yes!
NOTE: Scroll down on the comments section below the review. He's name is Tony and he has marked down the timings in which how long it took for Godzilla to all the Godzilla to show up!
Thanks for the info Tony.

Major Note: New Radio Show coming this Wednesday for Godzilla BR Review
Can't believe how much better it sounded than the previous show. Now I'm looking forward
for more shows for you guys. Thanks for listening everyone!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Season 3 Radio Show Premiere

Season premiere finally! Just click on the Talk Shoe Widget for Videoland Express to hear the one hour show Premiere. Movies and TV news and reviews. Lots of things mentioned here.

Our live show on MNN was cancelled at the last minute..Sorry about that. Got rained out so to speak.

Next week will be a new Talk Shoe Radio Show Starting with a review of Godzilla 2014 on
Blu-ray and other news I didn't get to on the premiere show.

See You There. Thanks everyone!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Salute to Richard "Jaws' Kiel

Update: 9/5, 5 video clips on some of the projects he'd done.

Everyone's favorite James Bond villain Jaws and the only villain to be in more than one bond film. First he was in The Spy Who Loved Me then Moonraker.And he almost was in "For Your Eyes Only" until the producers thought it was time for Bond to go back to a more serious tone.

007 Moonraker Parachute sequence, closeup Kiel, flying by stuntman. More Behind the scenes of Bond on our Youtube page by the way.

I remember first seeing him as the Kanamit Alien in the Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man"
known for its famous line "It's a cookbook!" On the Blu-ray: Season 3, Episode 89, Disc 4.
So ever since I was a kid I always look forward to seeing him in so many shows then in various movies. He starred with Capt. Kirk Willaim Shatnner in the Barbary Coast TV Show, along side with Han Solo Harrison Ford "Force Ten From Navarone", The Villain Jaws in the James Bond Franchise and even in beginning clip of the TV Show "The Incredible Hulk" even through he was replace by Lou Ferrigno since the producers didn't think he had the muscles even if he had the height.
But he still got paid for 2 unproduce Hulk movies. By his quote from his Bio:
Making It Big In The Movies, the autobiography of Richard 'Jaws' Kiel with a forward by Roger Moore. 
 Trivia: I got his book autograph by him! But I never met him. Huh?
I brought it used on Amazon by someone who sold it cheap, it wasn't till Igot it that I realized
it was signed by him. It was signed "To The Vines" or soemthing like that. I wonder why would they sell it. But man I'm glad I held on to it all these years.
My favorite The original Longest Yard with Burt Reynolds "I think I broke his fuckin neck!"
and everyone's favotie Happy Gilmore.

Gilmore clip included.

He beat Arnold Schwarzenegger for the Hulk role only to have Lou Ferrigno replace him.
But Arnold? Never knew that. He didn't even mention that in his Bio. Good read by the way.

New Update: 5 video clips to highlight some other things he was part of.. They had to mention
Eegah. His only actual leading part. And look how small that chair is on Letterman show.

More on the live show this Saturday on MNN.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links

Trailer of the Live Movie Version included on 2nd page of link below.
Wonder if Guardians of the Galaxy has anything to do with that. DUH! You know that whole psace theme thing. My only problem is the damn title: Star Blazers? Really? That is so Saterday Morning Cartoon Soundish. Geez anything but that. Goods news is they have somebody who is a fan
ad MCquarrie did a great job to MI5, well compare to the precious versions which all sucked.

This looks like crap! All the money there are spending on this and this is what they came up with.
Well that's one model kit I'm not buying. Then again nothing beats the classic 1966 Batmobile.

This is so funny. They really nailed it good on this one. But one thing they failed to mention is how
much time was given to the MUTOs. And there was 2 of them which made it more fun. But I love the idea of the 3 crossovers. Wouldn't that be great? And put Ken W in all 3 so he can stare some more.

The possibilities on this are endless. This could be so funny. Freeman can get nasty with the salty language with the best of them. Hopefully MacFarlane gets back on track from that cowboy mess.

Shame the studio system gets away with this crap. It's bad enough when they hire and fire writers and bring in multiple rewrites and some of them don't even get the credit at the end.
For more horror stories like these watch the film and read the book:
Tales From The Script
Visit IMDB for more info, well known writers tell their stories and behind the scenes of writing.
Love that picture of James Caan from the movie Misery. It says a lot, lol.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Tuesday's Movie News Link

Video clip of Terry Gilliams Lost In La Mancha included in reference to one of the articles.

What hit me here is the the new BR will be 100GB. That means all those box sets that we have now, are we going to double dip with the 4K. Meaning for example, Star Trek TNG Season 6, 6 disc set will now be just 3 discs but the price of course would be higher. So let's see how this goes:
VHS-DVD-BR-4kBR just like LPs (album)-Cassette-8track-CD-SACD-Virgin Vinyl, etc.
How many more frigggin time am I going to own Dark Side of the Moon? And don't get me started with Star Wars. 20th Century Fox who still owns the rights to THE Original SW is going to love this.

Talk about Kaching. They finally put all those extra features for ST Darkness that was spread all over the galaxy from "Target sores to God knows who else" with constant dipping to get all the goodies.
But I must admit they must of seen me coming because I am  the kind that loves all those bonus features and commentaries and STD has an Enhanced Commentary Track! Running at 167 Minutes! While I got both films on BR I didn't double dip to get those features and hated I had to download the commentary from itunes. But the commentary is worth it. JJ does a great job explaining the movie. Of course I have to see the Enhanced version.Being a Trekkie and collector looks like they got me. So let's see my resume: Multimedia producer, musician, composer, SAP!

I thought it was because she had over 60 nude pictures of herself posted all at once on the web.
Funny how she was crying about her privacy when was she ready to do nudity for art sakes in the movie Killer Joe with Matthew McConaughey. That role eventually went to Juno Temple when funding took too long and  JLaw was offered to do X-Men First Class.
A little trivia from William Friedkin Bio, Oscar winning Director of The Exorcist, French Connection, Killer Joe and and the highly underrated Sorceror with Roy Schieder, Sheriff Brody of Jaws. 
But like I said in the  previous logs Hunger Games 3 will be huge. There's no competition besides those friggin Hobbits. Don't be surprise if HG3 comes close to $400M.

What a shame this never came to be. But I swear Terry Gilliam is cursed. Quite a few of his pictures don't get made or have troubled productions. This article does not mention that Williams also worked with Gilliams on The Adventures of Baron Von Munchausen. He played "King of the Moon" but in the credits he's listed as Ray D. Tutto, a role originally for 007 Sean Connery. Go figure. They mention here Lost In La Mancha on DVD which is highly recommended. Here is a clip from our Youtube page.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Monday's Movie News Links

One of the many things to look forward this fall season. Simpsons meets Family Guy and Futurama.

2 articles, same info but with slightly different details. A dream come true for us animation fans of these shows. It was so obvious for the longest that it made sense. But the next article blows my mind.....

Besides making everybody involved in creating The Simpsons Billionaires, the royalites alone, we can know expect a Simpsons Imax 3D movie thans to good ole China. Again great for us Simpsons fans. Another movie is overdue and animation 3D is the only reason I would go.

Film business 101 but this is what Hollywood doesn't want to admit. People are staying home doing thier Netflix binging instead of going to the cinema since there wasn't much out there.
Good for Guardians fans as that is going to break the $300M mark. They just dont get it.

Lets face it, No. 2 and 3 sucked. They need to give this character a break. I wouldn't mind another one but I'm afraid the writing would be horrible like the last 2. Like Batman and Superman they can replace the actor with someone else much younger. Regardless if you like the actoro not Father Time is not that kind.

Why? I liked the first one but once is told it'll be a been there done that. But at least they got Hugh.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Thursday Movie News Links

Remember this pretty face? Nope there's no story about a Dick Tracy remake but Pacino loved Guardians.
Pacino was a hoot and got a well deserved Oscar Nod for Supporting Actor for Dick Tracy.
And with all that makeup he could easily fit into the Marvel Universe. I would love to see that.
Brando did Superman, Nicholson did Batman as the Joker and even recently Robert Redford did
Captain America, Hail Hydra! Hell Pacino was in a Adam Sandler movie. Yo Marvel give Al a call!

Regardless whether you liked her or not she was a pioneer as being one of the first comedians to push the envelope. I met her at a record signing for one of her albums and she was sweet and so polite to her fans. I Still have that Album too. Check out her best TV moments here:

Very underrated Director who did some of my favorite movies. Wild Geese with Roger 007 Moore and Richard Burton. Ffolkes with Moore and Anthony Perkins from Psycho. And of course Western classic with Jimmy Stewart and hte Duke himself John Wayne. Watch a clip from Ffolkes here:

Cool behind the scenes feature. This I'm looking forward to. Pitt visited WW2 before so this should work for him. And he's in good hands with Director David Ayer, who did Fast and the Furious.

Can't believe people are falling for this. Another gimmick for me not to go to the movies.
Check out the comments and feel the hatred. Yes I am a member on this site and put my 2 cents in:
"Another reason to stay home" lol.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Wednesday's Movie News Links

Chips The Movie! Back to the 1970's. I thought they were done with scrapping ideas from the 70's.

Oh oh, does that mean they might reboot Charlie's Angels? Oh no! How about making things lik never have reach the big screen like The Love Boat? I'm only kidding but Hollywood is not. By the way there was a movie early 70's based on California Patrolmen called Electric Blue with Robert Blake.

I'm melting, I'm Melting!, said the american box office. Shrinking is more like it. That means cable tv like Netflix is going to expand even bigger since Anericans couldn't care less about the foreign box office. Lets face it as we said before, if they stopped giving us reboots, sequels and the like we mightshow up more often. Look at Guardians of the Galaxy which had a built in cheat being a Marvel franchise but did anyone even know what the heck was a "GROOT"?

Damn the hatred on this movie doesn't stop. And you thought I was bad. Really I moved on.
I didn't even bother with the BR even with 2 hours bonus features and commentary. Just let it lie.
But man I love these videos, LOL. Man they nailed it good.

Guess that Hercules thing didn't work out after all. Oh well next franchise.

3 reasons why this is going to tank:
1. Nobody knows of the first movie regardless of Director Edwards Godzilla tie in.
2. Same scenes repeated over and over featuring the monsters to suggest there's no budget.
3. The desert? How exciting, zzz, not to mention what is actually happening over there in real life
in the desert part of the world. This picture would be the last thing I would pay for after seeing all the news on the internet just to remind me how depressing the desert over there is. Got it producers?
4. Bonus round:
This wouldn't have even gotten made if Director Edwards Godzilla bombed in the first place.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Tuesday's Movie News Links

Does anyone remember this show? And it's goin to be on Amazon too?
Warburton is very underrated. And this was a cute show. Why not, it worked for Futurama.
getting cancelled, re-uped, station move, the whole works...

Like I said on yesterday's post, Guardians is now moving to $300M and Hunger Games will come very close if not cross the $400M mark. Besides Hobbit 3 and Museum there's not much of a season.
But there's always one surprise that nobody sees coming, we shall see.

Jeez another gimmick. 3 screens? I remember that. It was called Cinerama where 3 screens where stiched together togive it tht paranomic look. 2001 Space Odyssey, How The West Was Won and a few others were filmed with this technology. And it failed! Look up it up at Wikipedia for the history back in the late 1960's.

This is on our top 10 movie of the year, regardless what else comes out this year, a BR keeper.
But surprised it cross the $100M mark. Is still playing in theaters somwhere?
Anyways like it mentions in the article his last big one was War of the Worlds and that Sucked!
And I can never get tired of a alien invasion movie but this was worst than a B movie.

Shame on the House of Mouse. Didn't they have a studio setup with a different name thatshowed Rated PG-13 and R movies? But is sacred having Stan flipping the finger. But a machine gun crazy racoon is okay for the kiddies What bull crap. They could have Stan do something else instead.

With "The Boxtrolls" coming at the end of the month here is a salute to Stop Motion Animation.
When your movie makes the cover of AFI the industry pays attention. There's a sidebar of the greatest of moments of SMA that includes King Kong, Star Wars and my favorite Jason and the Argonauts. This was originally posted in the King Kong community site on Google Plus earlier today in case you missed it.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Fall Movie Predictions

Talk about Predictions:
As stated by ours shows and this blog, I will show you the art of eating Crow:

1. Gaurdians of the Galaxy: Like I said..We all needed our Star Wars fix and Marvels fans will unite for this to beome  huge at the Box Office. Still No. 1 and will clear at the $300M Mark.

2.  Godzilla hopefully will cross that $200M and that $500M intertionally, which of course it did,
with sequals announced.

3. As per my shows and the blog I stated earlier this year I predicted only Hunger Games Sequel will be the only film to gross over $300M.
Shall we say $400M, and dont tell you these pictures have nothing to do with it.

The scandel: Really?
I will leave it as that, Thank you Jenn we all love you........

damn those pictures are hot.....

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