Thursday, December 05, 2013

Wednesday's Leftovers: The Sequel

Blog Talk Radio postponed till tomorrow to put in some last minute news.
The Film? "Takers" with Paul Walker and Idris Elba whose new film Mandela is now playing.
And let''s not forget Morgan Freeman performance as Mandela in Invictus.
So tribute to both Walker and Mandela will open the show. In the meantime here are some tidbits:
Very nice but a shame it doesn't cover his other films by other studios. Still very cool.
Note: Follow the first link and after the video are more interviews with the cast from the first Spidey movie.
2nd page link describes the hints and breakdown  in the video.
Not one but 2 videos about the best films of 2013. Thanks to Miguel and David for doing these.
Great job gentlemen ! Considering that the Oscars are around the corner.
Talk about the Oscars...
By request, I posted this the other day by the original fan edit director since I didn't know how long this would be on You Tube before it would be taken down due to Sony's copyright. But It looks like it's still playing. So here is the link. Note: Most of the changes are down in the first 30 minutes. You can tell by the original footage shown in grainy off color VHS Tape quality and B&W film stock.

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