Monday, December 09, 2013

Monday's Links

The Big Mishmash show will be put back on schedule for Wednesday as some news is getting old already
and I'm waiting for the new Godzilla news and making an announcement on the rest of the schedule for December.
Waiting for the new trailer and getting news for Pacific Rim 2 and my year is done!

The film this is telling me is the one I want to see the most "47 Ronin", so I'm not taking this list to heart.
One I do agree on is "Secret Life of Walter Mitty" as I saw them filming this at 2 locations in NYC. Where I worked at the time and near where I live. A big production for a remake of a classic film with Danny Kaye.
All I can say is I couldn't believe how short Stiller and Wig in real life. Just saying.
Nominations will be announced this week and I will make my predictions after that. I will make some comments on that on the Wednesday show on BTR.
Individual circles already calling out the films as the winners. 12 Yrs and Gravity leading so far.
Look at the numbers they are talking about on Sony's money problems. Mark my words and I've been saying this for a good year now since "The Avengers" Disney will get this property. After getting Lucas
Indy Jones franchise, they will own Spidey franchise.The mouse ain't fucking around.
Final talk on this. Ford won't do Star Wars unless he does Indy Jones. They are going to tell him to do
Star Wars or Indy will be a reboot. Disney plans to have Indy back on TV. Expect a reboot.
Like Spidey 2 aka Spiderman 3 with Venom and Batman Forever Clooney with Batgirl, there are going to be to many characters and villains. This spells trouble. They don't learn do they?
But where is Wolverine in this new mix?
Saved the best for last,. Woman Power! But Warner's should be a shame of themselves.

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