Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio show coming tomorrow.
I can't see these two battle it out at the box office. It should be more like a 3 way tie with JWorld and Inside Out. But then again look what Pitch Perfect 2 did with ticket sales. Arnold needs this to succeed or he's really in trouble with his career. At least he'll have Conan sequel to back him up. As far as Twins 2 both Arnold and Eddie Murphy need that as a hit.

Video and 92 pics from the movie. Clarke is adorable that's fo sure. Can't believe it's the same actress with those dragons. That hair color sure throws me off, lol. Hope fully this will be a big hit for her. If not how about as a companion for the Doctor? Another big tv/cable hit be good for her career. Look at her responses abouther future career. A female James Bond? Really?

Col video clip with 59 slides. Looks good so far. But will it be huge? This summer season you just can't tell.

Not much a big deal but howfast this is moving. With Pegg behind the writing so far there's hope it won't be like the last two depending on past stories and actors to move this forward.

3 minute video with behind the scenes. Looks crazy and fun.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Boxoffice Wrap Up

New Radio Show this week: 4th of July Showdown.
Dinos lead the charge for thethird week in a row. Again the question where in the top 5 of all time is it going to land in the next 2 weeks. Ot depends on Terminator Genysis this 4th of July weekend. Already with mixed reviews if it turns out to be "Phantom Menace" bad, JWorld will take it with leftovers handed out to Inside Out. Look what happened to Ted 2, Total wipeout. Poor bear. But look what Amanda Seyfried has said about Ted 3......

Someboy wants to keep this franchise goingand keep a job, lol. While not as funny as the first one I wouldn't mind one more for the heck of it. Hopefully it won't be heavy on the message and be so damn serious in certain parts and have more fun with the material.

Murphy is back to comedy and this idea works. But will idea be enough for a sequel or will it be a one note joke. But seeing these 3 together is enough for me. The first seemed to be a one note idea but turned out pretty damn funny, Can magic strike twice? Now about that Beverly Hills Cop sequel....lol.

A team shrinks to fight bugs. Forget Ant-man. This is The Incredible Shrinking Man meets Fantastic Voyage. See IMDB. As a matter of fact James Cameron was going to do Voyage but instead chose to do Avatar instead. Good move, lol. AS a matter of fact the FX series "Archer" covered this movie at the end of its 2 parter season finale. And that was funny as hell. Either way with today's CG this should look great.

2 Parts? That's pretty ambitious fora foriegn film to put out here in the U.S. Either way these filmmakers are going to make the next Japanese Godzilla while we wait for theU.S. Godzilla to come out. By the looks if it it looks like the franchise is still in good hands.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Box Office Preview - Ted 2

New (6/26) Blog Talk Radio Preview Show now playing, testing a new system. Also new album uploaded on Flickr from the Bourne Ultimatum film set.

Saturday Update:
Poor Ted. It won't even clear the $50M that they predicted. If this doesn't do good overseas we won't get aTed 3. Now it's between Jworld and Inside Out to be No.1. This should be interesting.

DUH! A breakdown from the studios point of view and how future releases are looking up.

Friday pdate:
Well that's different. I uploaded a new album on my Flickr page (icon on our website) from the "Bourne Ultimatum" film set. This pics were taken in April 2006 to complete the chase scene that was set in the Winter. Notice there's no snow or ice on the ground in this scene as there was plenty in the chase scene.

Previously from Thrusday:
Ted 2 doesn't have a chance. It will do good but going against dinos and a 12 year girl with 5 mood swings is a tough act to follow. But it should be close. Regardless I'm going to be there aS ted 1 was on my top 10 of the year.

Man he's smart. He's heard of the reviews already and seems to think that the writing is on the wall.
Let's not forget, he's great friends with Cameron as he was the one to think of having an older T800 model fit in the storyline. And if this flops the studio just waits until the rights go back to Cameron and let him do the trilogy. Arnold still have a few good years to pull this off so it can happend.

They are making sure they have him signed up a nd has his scheduled open before he goes on to other projects or at least making time for F8. Now the plot is going to have 2 brothers going against theteam. This is going to be a riot.

This is so funny. They hate the idea about another reboot, he's too young and too White?!?!?
Great way to reboot the franchise Sony. Know what are you going to do?

Pics and video on the new set. There are pushing this pretty quick to make that anniversary. As far as thestory goes hopefully it won't be a redux of a former episode. Enough is enough.

The soundtrack coming out in Vinyl is so cool. I remember getting Albums just for the artwork and getting posters & booklets with some special editions. Pink Floyd even indluded postcards along with thier posters. This soundtrack deserves recognition as the composer did a great job incorporating John Williams score with his own.

Taken at the South Street Seaport Candy Store last year, lol.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

No. 3 Picture Of All Time

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Great article explaining why the fans are behind this and other franchises. It's all about family and the characters the audiences love. But for me? The film finally did it. No. 3 of all time. But it won't last foever. Jurassic World is doing exactly the same fast business that Furious did and at that rate it will hit the Top 5. We also have to see where both Bond and ST7 is goin to land in the top 5 with everything pointing to ST7 taking out Titanic. Which ever way you look at it The Avengers got their ass kicked this year.

Great interview wih Cameron on working with Horner. But we got robbed since Horner didn't get a chance to start on the Avatar sequels. So who is going to replace him on this project?

A great break down on some of his earlier film scores. 6 scores that you can listen to. But notice how similar ST:Khan and Battle Beyond Stars they are. If you get a chance check out Roger Corman Classics DVD special editions they both have behind the scenes making of features. Battle Beyond The Stars talks about how closely Horner worked with the editors on the film. Humanoids From The Deep has an actual interview with him explaining why he wanted this film and how he scored it.More on the radio show tomorrow.

While this is really cool and I dont' have a problem with Affleck doing this, it's a shame that DC/Warners have to depend on Batman for guarantee boxoffice. Maybe if they didn't screw up Superman.......

Another studionervous with their properties. F4 hasn't even come yet and thier betting thier hunches. So sad. Just give all these francises to Marvel and let them sweat it out. They make winners.

These are basically shots from the special and afterwards on the set. At least you get to se how that selfie at the nd looked like.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday's Independence Day News

Next BTR Radio Show: JWorld BO & James Horner dedication.
Update: Furious 7 is now officially the 3RD biggest picture of all time taking out The Avengers. Yes!
Fun to watch but you couldn't help to wonder who this would be if Will Smith was there.
Includes 30 minute video and a few shots shots from the new ships in the film. Now that Jeff Goldblum has this going again, he's has to get back to Jurassic World as he was mention with that book cameo in the control room. Good to see him onthe big screen with majors instead of duds.
Watch for Brent forgetting Judd Hirsh name. And Jeff copping out on the Aliens or Dinsaurs question.

What a shame. At least we have 3 more soundtracks to look forward to. My first time on hearing him was on Battle Beyond the Stars (Remember I'm a huge Roger Corman fan?) and of course Humanoids from the Deep (personal favorite) and ST:Wrath of Khan which featured music from Battle and of course Titanic. He is one of my favorite composers next to John Wiliams and John Barry. More on the next radio show with a dedication to Mr. Horner.

They weren't kidding when they said they wre going younger but I have no idea who this kid is. Let's hope they don't screw this up like they did with ASM2.

Here there go again. Video Games to film. But it looks like they are betting on Pixels on being a big hit.While I like the concept and don'thave much hope for the execution of the film. But I loved this game at the arcade and even have the Wii version with 9! new monsters, lol. Time to play the game again.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend Boxoffice Wrap Up

New Radio shows both on BTR and Talk Shoe coming this week. MNN Live is now playing on Youtube.
Well it's official. It crossover the $1 Billion mark and now it's just a matter where in the Top 5 this is going to land. It just needs $350M to beat Avengers Ultron. In China it needs $390 to beat F7 and JWorld is at $160 and it just opened last week! Yikes. And we still got Japan to open next month. History in the making until Bond and Star Wars and we'll have 5 new all time Top 101 ever.

Over 7 minutes of behind the scenes making of especailly on the action scenes. Fun stuff.

It's a trap. No way! Bring them all back except that Meesa no wanna die! frog. And don't forget Lando and tell him to leave that bottle of  colt 45 at home.

So Vinny, just in case th at Witch thing don't work out you can start this Franchise right? Remember when Samuel Jackson redid Shaft and that tanked. And they tried a remake with Ving Rhames and that was cancelled after a few shows. I don't think anyone needs this. But a Furious 8 to 15, why not?

Nicely complicated when it doesn't have to be. Typical studios. And that's why Hulk is screwed.

Goes to show you that Sony has no idea what to do with poor old Spidey. And if you listen to the commentary on the ASM2 you think Arad's Ego knows what he talking about like he's the director, producer, writer and everything else. And this is the guy who owns the property, Yikes.

More links tomorrow leftover from the weekend as I'm trying to ctch up including that Dino List.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Weekend Boxoffice Predictions

Live on MNN now posted Youtube. New Talk Shoe Radio show coming this week. Top 10 list will also be posted this week.

Sunday Recap:
Wow, everyone came out to the movies this week. Final tally won't be settled until tomorrow but either way we have winners with JWorld $20M short of the $1 Billion mark. Man, that was fast.

Saturday late afternoon update:
2 sbige hits for Father's Day with Jworld ahead of Inside Out. Just one big happy family at the Boxoffice. We have to wait till Monday for the international score but one more weekend and it'll break the $1 Billion mark. Wow that is fast.

Saturday Update:
At least Inside Out will get its due and not get buried by the Dinos. The word on this is fantastic. My only question as far as animation goes who is going to be the winners, these mood colors or those adorable Minions. And did anyone forget about Jaws 40th Anniversary with the re-release this Sunday? I'm surprise they didn't do it in 3D like they did with Jpark.

The first summer blockbuster ever. Why is Spielberg still working?. I would've retired by now, lol.
Favorite is No. 39 about blowing up the shark. They'll believe anything after 2 hours.

Yep, it doesn't look good for The Avengers at this point. Practically every record that Avengers had , JWorld is breaking them. And it;s even going to break this weekends record of Avengers Ultron by biggest grossing second weekend ever. At least the movie is worth it.

Spoiler if you haven't seen the film. I usually have a problem or two with these lists but this one is pretty much Dead On! Actually there are more moments but I'll save that for the next radio show.

This gang is going up against the Dinos this weekend. Wow this should be interesting.

Original Theme song back on the charts? After all these years. Well that's different. but poor composer Giacchino doesn't get a break. I felt he did a good job mixing his score with William's theme to create a whole new soundtrack. The clip presented here is not the best of them. They are better themes like ht opening of the park. Included here are 3 videos of songs.

Here is the full soundtrack to listen to for free on Spotify.

From Cinema Sins, here is the first Jurassic Park which is very short compare to the other two which I posted below.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

New Blog Talk  Radio show now playing: When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth and MNN live this Saturday.

And guess which other film gets a mention in this article: Beast of 20,000 Fathoms with with Tchnical Efects by  Ray Harryhausen as listed on the DVD/BR disc. A film that has not been put on Dinosaur lists on the internet. *See below in the bonus section.

Jeez, the movie just came out and now they have a preview of the Blu-ray gift set. Man they really thought this out a long time ago didn't they, lol. But it sure looks cool tho. Time to make room on the shelf.

First time hearing about this. Sounds like nonsense but heck, its Variety magazine so what thehell do I know.

This is so funny and way cool. He stands still as a wax model and scares the crap out of people. But the best is at the very end (last 6 seconds). "Who's this girl?" What a diss, lol, made my day.

The dude from Walking Dead finally gets his due.

*Bonus Section:
Why is the remake of "The Lost World" here? Those are iguanas not dinosaurs. And Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend was about a baby Brontosaurus and that's it. No multiple dinos are here.

Both Meet the Robinsons and Super Mario Bros don't belong here. Carnosaur & Journey to the Center ot the Earth remake are honorable mentions.

Wow they both got this wrong big time. My top 10 Dinosaur list will be posted tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

Radio Show tomorrow and Live on MNN this Saturday. Youtube video included at the bottom.

Well this was a time saver for my radio who. They must of the eggs right from what I can tell and even mention the military raptors and human/dino breed. One that wasn't mentioned was when the military lands on the beach Danofrio brings in his mercenary's. They show up in Lost World and at the end of JP3.

I remember reading this book over 20 years ago. This was written as a ripoff to Jaws and JP. And this idea has been sitting on the shelf forever. Well now that JWorld is huge it figures they go back to this. The only good thing about this is Director Eli Roth. It's time for hin to move to the big leagues with a movie with a huge budget.

Who? Never mind. This is not the right time to do this when the Franchise is up for grabs. No reason to rock the boat. Give Craig a raise and hold on to this franchise and don't wait to long for the next film. As far as the others up for the role, hey not so fast. Roger Moore did the longest run at 7 films.
Craig should do at least 5 to 6 films.

Why? Since Tomorrowland bombed they had to go with the past sutf again. But they won'tmake Tron right?

Why, everything points to a stinker according to that trailer. Already thinking of a franchise before they know they got a hit. Kind of desperate on thier part? Vin is big with the Fast Furious franchise but will his fans want to see him as a hunter. They gave up on him with the Riddick character.

Dude builds his own Star Trek Building in China. Cool video shows you the inside of the building.  If I had the money that's what I would do after I built my 1966 Batmobile of course.

Branagh is perfect for this remake which I have no problem with as I like to see what kind of an ensemble they would cast. Below is a making of video from Sidney Lumet Oscar Winning version. This is from our Youtube Channel.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Jurassic Boxoffice Countdown

2 New shows coming this week. BTR and Live on MNN this Saturday.

Biggest opening ever beatingner The Avengers. Sweet. Wow, nobody predicted this outcome.
Now where in the Top 10/5 this is going to land? If Furious 7 can land at No. 4 this should land at least by no. 5. Now it depends on the repeats as the 3D will bounce this over the $1Billion Mark.

This answers the question how much is 3D prices are part of the Boxoffice intact. This chart explains the different countires which make up the bulk. Internationally it's a lot! But China is just plain crazy with those numbers. Man, Bond & Star Wars are in the money. Top 10 for sure.

34 more slides some of which were posted yesterday near the end of the slide show. But it's still remarkable how much actually made it to the big screen.

This is so funny. Pratt gets his due by one of his own, a dino. But has a good sense of humour too.

One of the big laughs in the movie. There were many but that's who that guy was in the above cartoon as a scene in the movie when the Pteranodons attacked the park's Main Street. Yep the pun was he's song Margaritaville. It's good to have friends in the business, lol.

The other film that will join the All Time Top 10. Good behind the scenes video about the opening sequence. All actors and no CG. That is so cool.

She looks aweful. Either that or it's a bad photoshop pic. I don't believe this at all. She should be a reitred Princess if anything else. When I see the next trailer then we talk. In the meantime ..bull.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Huge Jurassic Weekend Boxoffice

 New BTR Show coming this week: Dinosaurs! Also new MNN show on Saturday.

Again no one saw this coming. Well I did say there was the new generation that missed it the first time around and Olders like me to relive the original. So Double boxoffice. Wait till Bond Spectre and Star Wars comes out. All in the all time top 10 (maybe 5?)

Spoilers! It was pretty obvious when one villain got away on the helicopter and was never seen again at the end of the movie. And Speilberg won't leave alone that Military idea about the raptors since 2007 when it was first proposed. That idea is getting tiring since first hearing about. But I still loved the movie. See the comments posted on this article on people think. See below for EXTRAs to see links related to Spielbergs idea. This will be talked about on the shows this week.

15 stills are included here. Pretty damn close to the movie. usually because of budget some of the sets are strip down from the original concept as you can see in the last pic with the big fish jumping up to grab the shark. Look at the stands. This pic had the stands with an overhead not seen in the film.

What the body count happened? DO NOT READ if you haven't seen the finale! Too many spoilers.

With this many cameos are they going to have any screen time for the Sharks. I mean that's a lot of cameos. One particular is Bo Derek. She got her leg bit off in "Orca" a rip-oof of Jaws.  Check that one out, 3 out of 5. Fun and cheesy.

At this point it doesn't matter who they pick but Sony should have stayed away from the casting sessions. So what theypicked Garfield. They can't get their act together in the first place. Thanks to them Butterfield is out. And the main reason I picked him is his work with the fantasy elements in Enders Game and Hugo. Lots of Green screen work. And lots of imagination to sell it. Oh well.

New Blog Talk Radio show either Tuesday or Wednesday before the Live MNN show on Saturday.
2 horrible ideas that Speilberg had in mind for Jurassic Park 4. Oh hell no to either one. Plain stupid:

I'm sure Laura Dern was glad this didn't happened. Neill had enough of the franchise at this point.

UUGGGHHH. What a stupid concept. My question is what drugs were they taking when they thought of this idea.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio, now playing: Tribute to Sir Christopher Lee and horror legends.
New BTR show coming this week: All J World and Dinosaur talk including a top 10 list.

No one saw that coming. Especially for a non holiday weekend. And forget the critics. People love theri dinosaurs. And like I said it help for a generation that didn't see the first one on the big screen.

J World is going to take in at least $180M tthis weekend. Universal has got a hit. Now for JW2.
Update: 4 out of 5. Critics don't know what they are talking about. Loved this. Pratt for Indy!

Very nice. So cool for him to write this. It's a shame you can't replace these icons from the past. More about this on the Radio show.

"House of Long Shadows" (1983)
The only film where all four horror icons, Lee, Cushing, Price and Carridine Starred in the same film.
While they took turns starring in each other films like Lee and Cushing who did 24 together, they never got a chance to make more as a group. Scroll down to the Trivia section for more details on this page for more info.

"Screamand Scream Again" (1970)
While the credits say Lee, Cushing and Price are in the film, Cushing filmed his scenes in one day while Lee only had a scene or two with price at the end of the film. This was mostly a Vincent price film. They used the actors names for Marquee value. A real big missed opportunity.

Looks like this will be Universal's other big film for the year next to Furious 7. And the mouse got stuck with Tomorrowland. He must be a real mean rat by now, lol.

Cute behind the scenes from the original film. More articles filmmaking 101 coming next week for Jurassic World.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

 Blog Talk Radio Show now playing dedicated to Sir Christopher Lee.

Over $24M in one day at the international Box office. Yep at this pace looks like it's going to break the $1 Billion mark.

Nice long interview if you have ime. They sure have a cool sense of humor on the movie.

Another legend that I grew up with. Dracula, Bond, LOTR, Star Wars and so many more. Now that's a resume. But the fact he was married for over 50 years is the most I'm impress with. Something you hardly here about nowadays. More on the radio show this weekend.

He did a lot of old school classics from the 1970's including Raging Bull and The Right Stuff.  And he is still getting credit for the Rocky spinoff "Creed". And the latest was Ender's Game with Harrison Ford

He almost became Dr. Who. Well that's a shame. Classic star for his time but Oliver is best known as one of the worst pictures to win an Oscar for Best Picture. Actaully Moody was the only good thing about the film and he didn't win. Typical.

Better than J World? Now that's funny. Actually a modern day ripoff from Ray Harryhausen's The Valley of Gwangi. Check it out the video below. This site is a spinoff from Videoland Express produced by my former hosting partner Santos G. He as since retired from the show. Thanks for helping on the show buddy, it was a great 20 years.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New BTR radio show postponed for tomorrow with surprise news coming.

Great to see the original crew involved in this. Especially Phil Tibbet for all you Star Wars Fans. So looking forward to this film. Yeah we know a lot of nods to the First film but remember. We never did see this park come alive so to speak. Mix reviews are coming in but screw the critics. They are probably pissed off theri parents never took them to see this when they were young in the first place. Either that or why as kids we fell in love with dinosaurs in the first place. Yours truly, creator of the first Godzilla community site on G+. So there.......

Wow, opened in China at only $20 Million. Now that's embarrasing. Even the mouse has to learn, you got away of turning of theme park and turned it into a Billion Dollar Franchise aka Pirates of the Caribbean. Lightening didn't strike twice of another theme park ride. And it has nothing to do with original content. It was a them ride for crying out loud and Tron has to suffer for that?

Another better look of the wheels that is worthy of adding to my collection. It does look cool

Another sequel nobody is asking for besides the real die hards. But the again haven't they move on already? Again playing to a new generation that didn't see the original when it first came out.

Finally got to see the final episode of the season where Daredevil actually puts his suit on. And this makes perfect sense of the white suit. Again another TV show DC has gotten right. Now Ihave to go back and review the season.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

New BTR Radio coming tomorrow. New video project is posted below links.

Time to go in Jurassic mode for the week. Great long interview which covers his past work and how much him and Speilberg worked closely through out the years getting this picture ready. Safety Not Guaranteed is a 4 out of 5. With no budget it has great imagination to pull off a time travel movie or is it? It does have a twist so you have to find out yourself.

While not as strong as the John Williams score it does complement the movie very much. Full review on the next radio show.

Why kill a successful franchise? Didn't they get enough from the merchandise products tie-ins? 
Hey why not go ahead and make Tomorrowland 2 and see what thefans think of that. Looks like the House of Mouse screwed up big time on this one. And I still want to see a John Carter 2 Mars movie.

How many times has he said this? We all know money talks when it comes to a bigger pay raise. Then again there's always the broken hip, the warning your body gives you telling you're to old to play this shit. Cute video included from hte Kelly and Micheal Show.

Director was saying he was goin to finish off the trilogy with a theatre release. But fans really hated the second one so maybe to keep his cash cow alive, going to TV was the better choice.

This was such a waste of a time to post. Nothing new here that the fans don't already know. I hate the desperation on the producers part to keep this fresh in peoples mind.

Note: Live on MNN can be seen on the previous blog. Here is the other project that I worked on for Joe recorded at MNN studios. A fellow producer whom I hd the pleasure to meet on the set of The Blacklist. Is this a new Site on outube? Yes, this is where I will be showing other projects including my music vidoes directed by me and my friends. Coming soon this summer.

PS this is only a 30 minute show, not a hour show as its shown.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Weekend Box Office News

Live on MNN now playing on MNN. Clip is below the links. Included is my shoutout to the Godzilla community page. New BTR coming this week.

Spy should have done better considering how Kingsmen did and people are waiting for the next Bond. The Rock has broken the $100M mark so good for him. I hated Insidious 1 & 2 so no way I'm going to review that. And forget Entouage the movie nobody was asking for no matter how many cameos are in it. Mini Review: Spy 3 out 5, hit and miss on the jokes. Hopefully the reboot Ghostbusters will be better.

Truth or Bullshit? Let's not forget, another couple of years all rights to the franchise goes back to James Cameron. And he's got Friends to the end buddy Arnold so of course he's now praising this reboot. And look at Cameron's schedule: he's filming Avatar sequel back to back, just in time to free up his schedule to take over the Terminator franchise. Truth or Bullshit?

He hears the complaints and still wants to do this? And by putting Carpenter and Russell is still not a goo idea. Remeber many years ago Carpenter started remaking some his films and the results were disasters like "The Fog" and "The Thing". The Halloween reboots don't count by Rob Zombie by the way. The Rock should just do San Dreas Part 2 (joke folks) and forget Carpenter all together.

Have to agree with this one. "Collect them all!!!" Change the look and you have to have it in your collection. AS far as the plot, who cares? I'm just glad the original characters are all here for the most part, sorry Lando.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Thursday's Movie News

New Blog Talk Radio show now playing along with a new Talk Shoe Radio Promo. New MNN Live coming this Saturday at 5 pm. on mnn.org

Friday Update:
Funny that Statham talked about wanting to be the next Bond. And he didn't want to play a villian of any kind. The main problem with this are two things. First, can they afford him? He gets a Movie salary which pays more than a TV salary. Second, does he want to do a tv series to begin with, a weekly grind for a few months? I be very surprise if he takes this. But check out the poll. Fans want to see this happen.

Oh hell yes. Stupid as heck but still a lot of fun. A lot more fun than Tomorrowland, ugghh.

Well the writing was on the wall. It just happened to get here a lot faster than anyone thought.

He went on line earlier today and is really pushing for this now that Sons of Arnarchy is a wrap.
The last one was a hit went it first came out compare to nowadays like Tomorrowland which is a total bust. (That's one pissed off mouse by the way). Loved both movies and they should complete the trilogy. At this point Del Toro has given up. Doesn't matter if they can get someone wo loves the Genre they will be all right.

Lin directing, New aliens instead of depending on the Klingons and others we've seen already, and Pegg being a trekkie himself writing something original. But what I love about this is the article on the right about Pegg killing off 45 pages. So lets see:1 page of script is equal to 1 minute of screentime and $1M from the budget. Which means we won't get a bloated film running over 2 hours with meaningless exposition and useless subplots. But what Pegg said is the best. It's going to be like a western next to being a thriller. Rodenberry had to sell the show by telling the executives the show was about "Wagon Train to the Stars". Wagon Train was on of TV highest rated shows in the 60's by the way.

I remember this when looking outside my window and seeing a wire spread across the two towers and seeing a tiny tiny real tiny little figure walking on it. Whose the nutjob? I thought. This might be interesting in 3D just to see those towers come alive. Many memories come to mind as I worked
at these towers for 2 years and lost a friend on that day of 9/11 so this would also be a tribute.

On a positive note included here are 19 different posters for the movie. Good grief!  That's all? lol.
Something from our children hood that was always fun.  This and Bond 007 for November. Sorry Hunger Games but that is so over already.

Note: Slow news day so maybe more links tomorrow on this page.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Wednesday's Movie News

New Radio Show now playing. Disaster Movies, Bond News, TV coverage.

He's been pushing for this for the longest. And he was perfect as Obi-Wan. I'll be looking forward to this one instead of that Rogue movie. That is just a plain waste of a story, no matter who is directing it. I usually don't go for articles based on rumours, but like I said, It's been McGregor who has been pushing for this. This would be a shame if it doesn't happen.

Two good choices for Star Wars that i agree with. But checkout the comments, especially the 8th one down. A big diss to Kevin Smith, lol. Now that's funny. That Tusk movie was awful. Beware of Johnny Depp Cameo in that movie. Man, he needs Pirates sequels.

Wow, there are not taking any chances with this one. The Director with one of the the biggest film of all time, F7 at No. 4, is getting a big paycheck for this one.  While I'm not a big Aquaman fan I would like to see his underwater Kingdom on the big screen. That would look so cool.

How about he is in too many movies as it is. Every other month there's a movie with him in it. The latest one, a direct to video, where he plays a president whose Air Force One goes down and bla bla bla. We need a break dude. But he needs Marvel. It's a huge cash cow for him. For that I have no problem with that has he owns that character and has earn it after that Star Wras Trilogy disaster, no fault of his. He'll be back for the Avengers for sure.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Tuesday's Movie News

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Talk about bad timing on losing a franchise. Spectre is going to be huge and any studio would be dumb not to try to put in a bid for this. Sony's recent train wreck with Spiderman and Seth Rogen's comedy doesn't help matters. Even through looks like Warners might have an edge, I believe a certain mouse ear's just gotten bigger  upon hearing about this. You never know.

Cute Jason, real cute. But don't think so. Just to well knwon and getting a little bit old. He still has another Fast Furious film to do and has that Expendables franchise going with a No. 4 being setup.
I wouldn't mind seeing him as Bond myself but he's too much Statham playing Statham if you know what I mean.

That would be a bad remakem, one that should be left alone. He's better playing Snake in Escape From New York without the eye patch. Fighting supernatural is silly. Just ask Arnold when he went up against the Devil in End of Days. And Vin Diesel chasing Witches. Big no no. These guys need to stick with mano a mano macho movies. Escape would make better sense since NY Island is an actual prison and Snake has to go in and get out while kicking ass in between. Yep that's The Rock.

Sounds like their trying to cash in on that Games of Thrones show. And let's not forget this is the Director that gave us Battlefied Earth. Remember that stinker?

Well this came out of nowhere. And coming this year no less. With a list price is just $119 you would have to buy sepearte units for each franchise. Star Wars and Frozen being sold seperately. That can get costly in the family household after a while. But will it be fun or will these be sitting on the shelves?

Monday, June 01, 2015

Weekend Box Office Report


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San Andreas at $53M. Again nobody predicted for this to make that much for a none holiday weekend. Hear that Tomorrowland? I went Sunday night and the theatre was two thirds full which is usually the norm for a big hit at this cinema. At least I wasn't alone, lol. Good for The Rock. He can open a film by himself. Guess not being much in F7 people wanted to see more of him without a long wig and a stupid looking lion head on top of that (Hercules that is, 3 out of 5). The big surprise is that this only costs $100M while it look like at least a $150M movie. SA gets a 4 out 5. Good Fun!

Well they screwed this up big time. What should be No.1 is not even on this list. The big mother of all time is The Poseidon Adventure 1972. The remakes, quite a few, don't even count. This is the movie that started it all. Even tho Airport 1970 can be considered the grand daddy that gave Producer Irwin Allen the idea for TPA. And what is Contation and Alive doing here? Screwed up list.
Quick top 5:
The Poseidon Adventure 1972
Towering Inferno
Earthquake (which SA got the idea for the dam to break)
Airport 1970
Airport 1975 (The stewardess is flying the plane!)
For the rest: Titanic, 2012, Deep Impact, Day After Tomorrow, Twister.

The movie with legs. Still hanging in there with word of mouth. And doing great internationally considering it's taking forever to be released in many countries. ATthis pace we'll hopefully get another sequel.

I know, who cares but...some interesting choices were announced, and there are:
Most exciting new series: Supergirl made this list along with Muppets and Scream Queens amoung others.
Reality Competition Series: Face Off. Love this show and guets included Rick Baker, Doug Jones and that girl with the tail fom Farscape.
Animated Series: Archer! Love that last 2 parter with it's Fantastic Voyage theme. Funny as heck.
Actress in a Dramatic Series: Cookiiiiiiiiiiiieeee! Taraji P. Hensen for Empire. You go girl!

Note: I'm im the middle of editing another show, hence why the Radio is delayed. This week for sure.